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Wednesday 18 December 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: R Kelly has brushed off renewed controversy about past accusations of him sexually abusing underage girls, following an interview with American journalist Jim DeRogatis in the Village Voice this week. As Kelly promotes his latest album, 'Black Panties', journalist Jessica Hooper interviewed DeRogatis, who is based in Kelly's home town of Chicago and first broke the story about allegations that the singer... [READ MORE]
ARTISTS OF THE YEAR: Each weekday in the run up to the Christmas break, we will reveal another of our ten favourite artists of the year. To see who we've picked so far, check this page. Next up, producer Yasutaka Nakata... We've already mentioned Japanese songwriter and producer Yasutaka Nakata once in our Artists Of The Year rundown, for his contribution to the multi-layered world of J-pop group... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES R Kelly brushes off renewed reports of child abuse
LEGAL Grimes signs to Roc Nation for management
Pharrell signs to Sony
GOOD Music finds Evian Christ
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Legal execs shift around the majors
ENTERTAINMENT RETAIL Arvato says backlog of CDs destined for retailers now cleared
LIVE BUSINESS Ticket commissions back in the spotlight on back of Which? report
BRANDS & MERCH Motorola partner with Live Nation for US EDM activity
MEDIA TeamRock to air final Tommy Vance rock show from Radio 1 archives
ARTIST NEWS Dev Hynes recordings, scores lost in fire
Pixies' Black Francis says bassist swap-ins "ain't that big of a deal"
RELEASES Release round-up: Epworth's U2 remix, Black Lips, Sam Smith, Rustie and Py
GIGS & FESTIVALS Wireless Fest extending to Birmingham
Festival line-up update: Main Square Festival, Hampton Court Palace Festival, Optimus Alive! and more
AND FINALLY... One Direction accused of "ripping off" Def Leppard
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R Kelly brushes off renewed reports of child abuse
R Kelly has brushed off renewed controversy about past accusations of him sexually abusing underage girls, following an interview with American journalist Jim DeRogatis in the Village Voice this week.

As Kelly promotes his latest album, 'Black Panties', journalist Jessica Hooper interviewed DeRogatis, who is based in Kelly's home town of Chicago and first broke the story about allegations that the singer engaged in sexual activity with underage girls for the Chicago Sun-Times almost fifteen years ago.

The interview followed the publication of a number of new articles by DeRogatis about Kelly back in July, which included a detailed timeline of accusations and legal proceedings against the star, and questioned the appropriateness of Kelly headlining the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.

In the new interview, DeRogatis details numerous lawsuits brought against Kelly alleging sexual abuse, all of which the singer settled out of court.

He adds that he spoke to many of Kelly's victims for his various reports, saying: "I think in the end [I spoke to] two dozen women with various level of details. Obviously the women who were part of the hundreds of pages of lawsuits - [there is a] hell of a lot of detail. There were girls who just told one simple story, and there were a lot of girls who told stories that lasted hours, which still make me sick to my stomach. It never was one girl on one tape. Or one girl and Aaliyah [to whom Kelly was briefly married while she was underage]".

DeRogatis concedes that the one time Kelly was tried in court on criminal charges relating to the sex abuse allegations - in particular the alleged creation of a sextape said to feature Kelly and an underage girl - the singer was found not guilty, without testimony from either him or the girl alleged to appear in the tape. But, while some use this acquittal as an indication that Kelly is innocent of all the accusations made against him, DeRogatis does not agree.

"He was tried on very narrow grounds. He's never had his day in court as a rapist", said the reporter. "It's fifteen years in the past now, but this record exists. You have to make a choice, as a listener, if music matters to you as more than mere entertainment. And you and I have spent our entire lives with that conviction. This is not just entertainment, this is our lifeblood. This matters".

As the DeRogatis interview went viral on social media, Kelly was asked to comment during an interview with US radio station V-103. The singer went with a vague response, saying: "Well I feel like I got the football man, I'm running towards the touchdown and stopping and looking back, mess around, I'll get tackled".

Not finished with the metaphors, he added: "When you get on top of anything, it's very windy. It's about holding your balance once you get up there... You have to spiritually be a climber".

Read the full interview with DeRogatis here.

Grimes signs to Roc Nation for management
Grimes has signed with Jay Z's Live Nation joint venture Roc Nation, the management unit of which will now represent the multi-talented Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and video director.

Briefly alluding to the new deal, Roc Nation tweeted "Excited to welcome @grimezsz to the Roc Nation family!", while Grimes herself, aka Claire Boucher, posted to Tumblr a picture of her making Z's diamond shape hand gesture and announcing "I've joined the X men".


Pharrell signs to Sony
Pharrell Williams has signed a new deal with Sony Music to release his second solo album next year, which will feature recent single 'Happy'. The musician will release the new long player through Columbia in the US and RCA in the UK.

Announcing the deal, Columbia US's CEO Rob Stringer said: "When we excitedly partnered with Pharrell in January of this year, we felt it was his time again. Since then, [Williams' collaborations] 'Blurred Lines' and 'Get Lucky' have defined pop music in 2013, and now we are preparing to launch Pharrell as a global solo superstar in 2014. 'Happy' is just the beginning".

Pharrell's last solo album, 2006's 'In My Mind', was release through Universal/Interscope's Star Trak imprint, the same label that released Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'. This deal aligns him with Daft Punk's label, which is probably better.


GOOD Music finds Evian Christ
UK producer Joshua Leary, aka Evian Christ, has signed a publishing deal with Kanye West's GOOD Music. Leary - who made the beat on West's 'Yeezus' track 'I'm In It' - is set to release his new EP, 'Waterfall', via Tri Angle (who he's signed to as a recording artist) in 2014.

Leary was studying at Edgehill University to be a primary school teacher when his music career took off, and now he's set to move to New York. He admits to Dazed Digital that "it's actually taken me all year to adjust to the fact that making music full-time is what I do now. Uprooting yourself and launching into something completely different isn't comfortable. I've enjoyed it, but it's been weird".

On the subject of 'Yeezus', he says: "Being involved in 'Yeezus' was my first experience of working with super high-level engineers and in-house producers. It was amazing to see the process of upscaling the track I'd initially made to get it ready for a major label record. I want to learn how to do that for myself".

And on plans to make his LP debut in 2014, he adds: "While I was working on 'Yeezus' I was making so much music. I've probably got a hundred beats from this year and I've been giving them out to people. Next year I want to put my album out, but also get in the studio with rappers and singers as much as possible".

So, the boy done good. Now give 'Waterfalls' crux 'Salt Carousel' a spin, if you so choose.

Legal execs shift around the majors
Incoming Warner Music UK chief Max Lousada has made his first key hire it seems, as he prepares to takeover at the mini-major's UK division, having been sharing the CEO role with the departing Christian Tattersfield since September.

And the first hire is seemingly legal man James Radice, previously SVP of Business & Commercial Affairs for the Polydor wing of Universal Music, who insiders say will now become top business affairs man for Warner UK.

Although all this is yet to be confirmed, it's thought Radice will likely take over from Jonathan Cross, who stayed on as VP Business Affairs after the rejig that occurred at Warner UK earlier this year following the integration of its Parlophone acquisition.

The hole at Polydor will be filled by Julian French, who only joined BMG back in September, but who has now been poached by the mega-major, where he will be reunited with some of his former colleagues from EMI, he having spent seventeen years at the British record company before its absorption by Universal.

So, that's a nice little game of musical chairs to get you in the festive party mood.

Arvato says backlog of CDs destined for retailers now cleared
Arvato, the logistics business of BMG owners Bertelsmann, says it has now cleared the previously reported backlog that occurred in its system, which was delaying the delivery of CDs to music retailers around the UK. All three major labels and indie distributor [PIAS] all make use of the Arvato network for getting their physical products around the UK.

The delays meant that retailers were running out of key stock in the all-important run up to Christmas, a situation the Entertainment Retailers Association called a "disaster for labels, artists and fans". But the logistics firm has told Music Week that the backlog has been cleared after the company brought in extra staff over the weekend.

Ticket commissions back in the spotlight on back of Which? report
Which? magazine has thrown the spotlight onto the whole "why the fuck am I paying six pounds to print out my own tickets" thing, claiming that consumers sometimes see the cost of their tickets to theatre and music shows increase by over a third when they get the final stage of the booking process and ticketing agencies add those customary booking, delivery, credit card and 'right to consume air while at the gig' fees.

The consumer rights magazine added that in 78 bookings it made for fifteen shows from 20 ticketing firms, only two did not incur extra fees in addition to the advertised ticket price. Of course it's no secret that consumers dislike the 'final screen fees' that are routine in the live sector, though widespread annoyance at the practice will rarely result in fans not buying tickets to see the artists they love, so there isn't really any commercial incentive to sort it out, even though some artists who are selling more of their tickets direct-to-fan have been trying to simplify or remove the unpopular commissions.

But Which?'s Executive Director Richard Lloyd told The Telegraph yesterday that the live industry should nevertheless respond to consumer frustration. He told the paper: "Consumers tell us they are feeling ripped off by the level of ticketing charges and the lack of transparency means it is almost impossible for people to compare prices when booking online. We want to see the ticketing industry play fair on ticket fees, so that all charges are displayed upfront and with a clear explanation of what they're for".

But the most prominent ticketing provider in the UK (and very possibly the most hated brand in music, yep, even more so than the evil major labels and tax-dodging Amazon), told Music Week that "to suggest that ticket fees are hidden is utterly misleading and factually incorrect", because, of course, those extra fees are clearly outlined before a customer actually presses the payment button, even if that information comes several screens into the online booking process.

Meanwhile both Ticketmaster and Vivendi-owned See Tickets, speaking to Music Week and the Telegraph respectively, stressed that the commissions were often their sole income stream on the tickets they sold, and that sometimes the extra fees were also shared with a show's promoter (and, very possibly, the artist too).

Which is all true, the commissions aren't so much an effort by the live sector to screw over the customer, but more the result of the way concert finances are organised behind the scenes. But that excuse misses the point really, ie people don't get annoyed that they have to pay, say, £50 instead of £35 to access a show, it annoys them that that fact is rarely declared up front.

After all, if a loaf of bread is priced one pound on the shelf where you first pick it up, Tesco don't add a 20p processing fee at the till, it covering its own costs in the advertised price. Of course separately itemising commissions in ticketing could make sense if the fees relate to optional extras (eg registered post delivery), or if tickets are available from numerous ticketing agencies who compete on commission prices. But often tickets for events are only available from one primary agent, and the extra commissions are compulsory.

But whatever, it seems unlikely that occasional Which? reports and moanings in political circles will result in any change to the commissions practice in the live space because, as we say, while such fees may be widely unpopular, they rarely result in a lost sale. Though some have argued that overly complicated and unpopular primary ticketing services play into the hands of the often controversial secondary ticketing sites, because consumers expect buying tickets online to be a pain in the arse, and therefore find it hard to distinguish approved from unofficial sellers.

Motorola partner with Live Nation for US EDM activity
Live Nation in the US has announced an alliance with the now Google-owned Motorola that will see the phone maker flog its Moto X device at the live giant's various EDM events in North America.

As part of the partnership, EDM-heads at Live Nation dance festivals will be able to bask in the glory of a six storey high LED Moto X tower and then design their own kandi bracelets at the on-site Moto X Kandi Shop. And I know what you're all thinking, what a meaningful and memorable way for drugged-up bleeped-out David Guetta fans to connect with a retro phone brand.

And you'd be right. Says Motorola marketing man Barry Smyth in the Wall Street Journal: "Moto X and our music accessories are all about expressing yourself, a belief that we believe really aligns and resonates with EDM fans. Partnering with Live Nation gives us the opportunity to connect with these fans in a whole new way that is both meaningful and memorable".

TeamRock to air final Tommy Vance rock show from Radio 1 archives
Newish digital rock station TeamRock Radio has announced that it will re-broadcast the final ever edition of Radio 1's 'Friday Rock Show' as hosted by the late, great Tommy Vance in 1993 as part of its Christmas programming. And it's thought TeamRock's deal with the BBC to enable the broadcast might result in other classic shows from the Corporation's radio archives being available to commercial rivals.

The Vance show, which features Claire Sturgess as co-host, will air at 10pm on 27 Dec, over twenty years after it was first broadcast. The programme will be slightly re-edited for the repeat airing by Tony Wilson, who produced Vance's Radio 1 show and who provided the rare recording of the final edition.

Confirming all this, TeamRock boss John Myers told CMU: "We are delighted to have come to an agreement with the BBC to transmit this programme. It was a complicated deal to achieve but I hope it will be the start of a longer working relationship with the Corporation. We expect to announce further collaborations with the BBC in the near future".

Meanwhile John Moran, BBC Radio's Head Of Business Affairs added: "We are pleased to be working with TeamRock to begin to unlock the BBC radio archive for further broadcast through new partnerships with commercial radio. The digital rebroadcast of this programme shows how gems from the archive can still reach new audiences".

  CMU Artists Of The Year 2013: Yasutaka Nakata
Each weekday in the run up to the Christmas break, we will reveal another of our ten favourite artists of the year. To see who we've picked so far, check this page. Next up, producer Yasutaka Nakata...

We've already mentioned Japanese songwriter and producer Yasutaka Nakata once in our Artists Of The Year rundown, for his contribution to the multi-layered world of J-pop group Perfume. But he more than deserves to be recognised in his own regard. His work as a songwriter and producer this year has been phenomenal.

Although probably best known for his work with the aforementioned Perfume and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Nakata actually first broke into the music industry as one half of electro duo Capsule, with vocalist Toshiko Koshijima, releasing their debut album 'High Collar Girl' in 2001. He began working with Perfume the following year, producing a number of singles for the group but without huge chart success, while Capsule's popularity was slowly rising.

But then in 2007 Perfume released their breakthrough single, 'Polyrhythm', which took them to number seven in the Japanese singles chart and wound up on the soundtrack of Pixar film 'Cars'. The following year, their debut album 'Game' went to number one, bringing forth the distinct techno-pop sound Nakata had designed for them, and continues to develop.

In addition to writing and recording Perfume's fourth consecutive number one album this year, Nakata also released his second album with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in June, which also went to number one in Japan.

A distinctly different act to Perfume, Kyary was originally a model and fashion blogger in Tokyo's Harajuku district, known for its outlandish style. Working with her, he's created another very distinct sound to match her visual presentation - perhaps best displayed in the video for 'Pon Pon Pon', from her debut album 'Pamyu Pamyu Revolution'. Though it's on that second album 'Nandacollection' that he really nailed the songwriting for this new sound, better balancing cute and quality.

In a country where the actual music part of pop can seem like something of an afterthought, Nakata stands out as something of a maverick. And this seems partly down to a continued need to create, rather than sell (though he does both). For many, writing and producing two highly successful albums in one year would probably be enough, but in 2013 Nakata also managed to put together the fourteenth Capsule album, 'CAPS LOCK'. In an interview with MTY Iggy he explained that these days Capsule mainly acts as a project to filter ideas he's not able to use in his more mainstream work.

And whereas he usually gets the singers he works with to record their vocals onto unfinished backing tracks (a process Perfume discussed with CMU earlier this year), before building them up into their final versions, for 'CAPS LOCK' he got Koshijima to record an array of vocal phrases which he then edited into the tracks as he was writing them, using these vocal samples as he would any other sound.

With Nakata on something of a creative high at the moment, and with both Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gaining more attention overseas, so too is he. So far his work with Western artists has been limited to remixing Kylie Minogue and Passion Pit, while director JJ Abrams sought him out to rework a track for the Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. However, Grimes has previously said that she'd like to work with him, and I spotted another of our Artists Of The Year, Charli XCX, at a Kyary gig in London earlier this year, and they'd both be great matches for proper collaborations.

Though when asked about who he might work with in the future earlier this year, Nakata told MTV Iggy: "I'm not the sort of person to initiate these things. But if some overseas artist wanted a taste of Tokyo in their music then they're very welcome to approach me".

So, Western pop performers looking for a studio collaborator, please do. And here, to get you in the mood, is a selection of Yasutaka Nakata's work from 2013...

Capsule - Control

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Invader Invader

Perfume - 1mm
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Dev Hynes recordings, scores lost in fire
I doubt our Artist Of The Year nod will provide any solace, because Dev Hynes' house in Manhattan, New York, burnt down on Monday night, in the process destroying a lot of his scores and recordings... and his dog, Cupid. The cause of the fire is still unconfirmed, but Hynes at least is fine. Small mercies.

Hynes wrote on Twitter the morning after the blaze: "Last night, the unthinkable happened. My entire apt burnt down while I was out. I've lost everything I own, including scores, hard drives, clothes, sentimental items. Everything from my life is gone".

Since news of the fire broke, Robin Urbani, the mother of Hynes' girlfriend, Friends' Samantha Urbani, has launched an online collection for donations to help the musician get back on his feet, which has since brought in over $17,000.


Pixies' Black Francis says bassist swap-ins "ain't that big of a deal"
Black Francis has talked all casually about Pixies' one-in-one-out policy on bass players, which saw founding Pixie Kim Gordon quit earlier this year, having her spot filled by The Muffs' Kim Shattuck, only for Shattuck to herself be gazumped by Paz Lenchantin last week. Shattuck was in the band for less than a year, and recently said that while she didn't bear Pixies any ill will, she felt "shocked" to find - via the band's manager - that she'd been fired.

So, that's the sorry story so far. But what's Black Francis's take on it? Well, sounding much like a man scared to commit, he says to Yahoo!: "What I would say is, just because some shows went well or a recording session went well with somebody, that doesn't mean that now you guys are married and this is forever. It's not really how it works when you're a band. And it's hard to explain to people, especially if they get emotionally attached to one person".

Ouch, that hurts. But hold up with your intrusive questioning, because, adds Black F: "Frankly you don't want to explain it to anybody - a lot of it's personal, private shit. It's like politics and sports and people's personal lives have all been smeared together in this modern world. It's a very presumptuous attitude about a lot of things. 'Oh you're shifting something in your world - we demand a statement as to why'. I'm not the mayor, this isn't the bus service for a town. This is a rock band".

And finally - the Kims will love this: "There's been a shift in the line-up, big woop-dee-doo... as far as we're concerned it ain't that big of a deal".

Release round-up: Epworth's U2 remix, Black Lips, Sam Smith, Rustie and Py
Is there a single thing in this life finer than U2's new Nelson Mandela tribute, 'Ordinary Love', as feature son the score to this year's 'Long Walk To Freedom' biopic? Well, a Paul Epworth 'version' of that same track, naturally. Even Bono thinks the mix is "a very soulful, uplifting one", so see if you feel the same by playing it here.

Elsewhere, having planted the idea of their latest LP, 'Underneath The Rainbow', in fan's minds recently, Black Lips have since made it flesh by streaming inner track 'Boys In The Wood'. Preview 'Boys' here pre the LP's release on 18 Mar 2014.

BRITS Critics' Choice winning artiste Sam Smith has made the timely revelation that he'll release his first LP, 'In The Lonely Hour', on 26 May 2014. Smith will pay forward his first official single 'Money Of My Mind', meanwhile, on 16 Feb. See a trailer for the LP, and give the track a whirl, here.

Because it's Christmas and all, Glaswegian label LuckyMe Records yesterday gave away a new track by Scots electro hotpot Rustie. It's titled 'Terra Star', and is the latest in a series of prizes the label is revealing day-by-day, in an advent calendar kind of style. Single out 'Terra Star' for special listening here, and find all LuckyMe's December-time MP3 gifts here.

Last in this shortlist of topical release newslets is London-based alt-pop vocalist Py, who on 10 Mar 2014 shall place her new single 'Swimming Slow' in shops. Whilst 'on the day' it'll be twinned with remixes by Throwing Snow, Gang Colours, Sweater Beats and Citizen, hear the track in its original form now.

Wireless Fest extending to Birmingham
The team at Live Nation's Wireless weekender have revealed 2014 plans to make it twice the festival it was this year, mainly by staging it in London, as usual, and additionally - not as usual - in Birmingham. So to reiterate, that's "3 Days. 2 New Venues. 1 Huge FESTIVAL", taking place on 4-6 Jul 2014.

The festivals will seemingly share the same artist listings, alternating their acts a la V or Reading & Leeds (or a la Wireless circa 2006/7, when it had a carbon copy edition in Leeds too).

Whilst Live Nation is still to confirm the exact sites for either festival leg, the "two new venues" bit of the announcement is intriguing, given the London side of the event only moved to a 'new' venue this summer in the form of the Olympic Park. It's not clear if the 2014 slogan means the London event will move again, or if the promoter is still bragging that the Olympic site is still relatively new.


Festival line-up update: Main Square Festival, Hampton Court Palace Festival, Optimus Alive! and more
So as super-early-bird Lovebox tickets hit the Christmas sales racks, a number of festivals that - unlike Lovebox - have some artists confirmed for 2014 have gone and made some FLUU announcements. Though, despite being sans artists just yet, Lovebox does have a nice new look, and has confirmed that Secret Productions, the Secret Garden Party team already in business with Lovebox owners MAMA via the Wilderness festival, will help programme the London weekender next year too.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer their festival announcements to come with lists of artists, how about France's Main Square bash, which has just added Iron Maiden, The Black Keys, David Guetta, Discloure and MGMT to its line-up? Or Surrey's historic pop picnic at Hampton Court Palace, which next year shall feature the Beach Boys, Jamie Cullum, Jason Donovan and Rick Astley, who between them represent the seven ages of pop, I'd say.

I'd also say that the following is a list of additions to various other festivals taking place as part of that rapidly approaching 2014 thing, because... well, that's exactly the case...

DOWNLOAD, Donington Park, Derbyshire, 13-15 Jun 2014: Volbeat, The Dillinger Escape Plan, SikTh, Lonely The Brave, Arcane Roots, Feed The Rhino, Suicide Silence, Buckcherry, Memphis May Fire, Battlecross, Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel, Thy Art Is Murder, The Amity Affliction, Avatar.

GROEZROCK, Gestel, Belgium, 2-3 May 2014: Brand New, Everlast, Iron Chic, The Lawrence Arms, I Killed The Prom Queen, The Ghost Inside, Bury Tomorrow, Larry And His Flask.

HAMPTON COURT PALACE FESTIVAL, Surrey, 12-24 Jun 204: Beach Boys, Jamie Cullum, Jason Donovan, George Benson, Rick Astley.

LEICESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL, Welford Road Stadium, 25-26 Jul 2014: Union J.

MAIN SQUARE FESTIVAL, Arras, France, 3-6 Jul 2014: Iron Maiden, The Black Keys, David Guetta, Franz Ferdinand, -M-, Skrillex, Stromae, Gesaffelstein, MGMT, Imagine Dragons, Disclosure, Triggerfinger.

OPTIMUS ALIVE!, Passeio Maritimo de Alges, Lisbon, Portugal, 10-12 Jul 2014: MGMT, Imagine Dragons, Caribou, Polica, Chet Faker.

TAKEDOWN, Southampton University, 15 Mar 2014: The Hell, The First, BBlack Futures, The Catharsis, Seasons In Wreckage, Saint The Sinner.

One Direction accused of "ripping off" Def Leppard
Def Leppard are reportedly consulting their lawyers after noticing that the title track of One Direction's new album, 'Midnight Memories', has a chorus quite similar to their 1987 hit, 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'.

An unnamed source told The Mirror: "Music lawyers will routinely scour hits like this one to see if there is any evidence that a band has either copied or cleverly mimicked a Def Leppard song. These cases can often take weeks to sort out because we are not talking about peanuts here - the 1D album is selling millions and if the title track goes out as a single it will generate even more money".

I'm not sure if that source is claiming that all music lawyers routinely scour boy-band songs for similarities with Def Leppard tracks, or if they really mean that legal reps for the band themselves do, though even that sounds like an awful lot of work. Checking out every pop release in case it is ripping of Sheffield's finest. They must have been so pleased when they actually found one that did (allegedly).

The band will be extra pleased to know that one of the co-writers of 'Midnight Memories', Julian Bunetta, recently signed a worldwide publishing deal with Universal. Last year, Def Leppard fell out so hard with the recordings side of Universal Music that they began re-recording copies of their old hits to self-release, rather than giving permission for the label to release the originals on download stores.

Earlier this year, One Direction were also accused of pinching part of The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' on their single 'Best Song Ever'. Rather than go legal though, Pete Townshend said that he was flattered and considered it a tribute. So, maybe that's how Def Leppard will leave it too. Either way, you can compare the two songs here:

One Direction - Midnight Memories

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

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