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Tuesday 7 January 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: The all-new HMV will shut nine stores this month, new owner Hilco having seemingly worked out, since acquiring the entertainment retailer last April, which shops are viable long-term, and crucially which landlords can be negotiated with on rents. At least some of the stores now being wound down were earmarked for closure after the HMV Group went into administration a year ago, but were... [READ MORE]
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TOP STORIES HMV closes stores where more favourable rents not available
LEGAL Warner tries to settle digital royalties class action
DEALS Inspiral Carpets sign to Cherry Red, ready new albums and re-issue
LIVE BUSINESS SFX partners with Clear Channel
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES New music partnerships boss for YouTube
MEDIA BBC 6music announces African music weekend
OBITUARIES Phil Everly 1939-2014
ARTIST NEWS Morrissey working on LP, book and (kind of) Bowie reconciliation
Ke$ha, Matt Cardle enter (separate) rehabs
Eurythmics to reunite for Grammy Beatles tribute, for some reason
Jack White working on second solo album
GIGS & FESTIVALS Ed Sheeran lists new headline dates
Festival line-up update: Sonisphere UK, FM4 Frequency and Desertfest
AND FINALLY... Avicii endorses NJOY e-cigarettes for American squirrels and naked Europeans
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HMV closes stores where more favourable rents not available
The all-new HMV will shut nine stores this month, new owner Hilco having seemingly worked out, since acquiring the entertainment retailer last April, which shops are viable long-term, and crucially which landlords can be negotiated with on rents. At least some of the stores now being wound down were earmarked for closure after the HMV Group went into administration a year ago, but were kept going after the Hilco acquisition.

Amongst the shops to be closed - according to local media reports - are Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington, Newport, Kettering, Islington and two in Edinburgh. Where HMV has provided comment to local newspapers, inflexible landlords have usually been blamed for the need to close these stores, Hilco having been frank from the start that the new HMV would need to secure better rent agreements than those enjoyed by the old HMV Group.

Though the owner of the Newlands Shopping Centre in Kettering has hit back, telling the Northamptonshire Telegraph that it had been very flexible with HMV, but couldn't comply with Hilco's ultimate request, allegedly zero rent. Mark Robinson of Newlands owner Ellandi said last month: "I want to make it clear that we are disappointed to be losing HMV. We supported the firm during their last restructuring by reducing their rent and also giving them a rent-free period. [But] we have got good interest in that unit from a number of national retailers and we will be making an announcement in the new year".

The closure of the Islington branch has got the most attention, partly due to the London-centric nature of the national press, though also because that store led the way after bosses at the old HMV announced they were stepping up their focus on tech products and gadgets. Hilco revealed plans to downsize the gadget departments expanded by the firm's previous management last month, giving the floor space back to CDs, DVDs and games.

Warner tries to settle digital royalties class action
Warner Music submitted a proposed settlement to its ongoing digital royalty disputes over the Christmas break, which the courts will now consider.

As previously reported, there has been much debate in the US music community as to how digital income - mainly from downloads to date - should be classified when it comes to paying royalties to artists with record contracts that pre-date iTunes, and which therefore make no specific reference to digital sales.

Many labels, including all three majors, have treated download income as 'record sales', but many veteran artists say that digital revenue originates in 'licensing deals' with iTunes et al, so should be treated as 'licensing' or 'other' income. It's an important distinction, because most record deals pay the artist a much bigger royalty on licensing revenue that record sales money.

The landmark case in this, of course, is the one successfully pursued by FBT Productions against Universal Music in relation to the early Eminem recordings in which they have a stake. Since the American courts agreed that FBT was due the higher royalty on digital income a plethora of heritage artists have sued on this issue, with all three majors facing litigation, including class actions.

It's a class action lawsuit that Warner is trying to settle, hence its proposal needs court approval. According to Billboard, the mini-major is proposing a two-part compromise to artists with record deals that pre-date 2002.

Moving forward, it will increase digital payouts to artists by 5% from whatever record sale royalty figure is in their current contract, but with a 14% cap, meaning the deal will favour more the artists with older record deals, whose contractual split of record sale income will usually be smaller (because anyone with a 14% split already will see no benefit). The increase will be less on non-US download income.

In addition to the increased royalties moving forward, Warner will set aside a one-off pool of $11.5 million, to be split between any artists who agree to the deal pro-rate based on their download sales between 2009 and 2012, though at least $3 million of that pot of cash will go to lawyers who have worked on this case.

Anyone accepting this deal will be barred for pursuing further action on the digital royalties point, their contracts being amended to explicitly define digital income.

Given that, if download money was simply treated as licensing income, artists could expect to receive anywhere up to 50% of the money, that makes this arrangement cost effective for Warner, though results in a quick kickback for participating artists, versus long drawn out litigation. And we're still waiting for a test case to reach court that assesses whether the aforementioned FBT ruling sets a wide-ranging precedent.

Sony Music proposed a similar deal to settle its digital royalties class action in 2012, though rumour had it the artists who launched the litigation - the Allman Brothers and Cheap Trick - actually had a separate more favourable agreement.

It remains to be seen if the court backs Warner's proposals and, if so, how many artists take up the offer.

Inspiral Carpets sign to Cherry Red, ready new albums and reissue
The Inspiral Carpets have signed to Cherry Red Records for the release of their first album in 20 years, which will include the singles 'You're So Good For Me' and 'Fix Your Smile', both released since original singer Stephen Holt rejoined the band in 2011.

Although most of the new long player is already complete, the record will likely be released in September, though Cherry Red will oversee a re-issue of the band's original 'demo album', 1989's 'Dung 4', in April, with a limited edition vinyl version for Record Store Day.

Confirming the band's 2014 plans, guitarist Graham Lambert told CMU: "Since 2011, we've steadied the ship and we're sailing on. It's been a breath of fresh air creating new songs with Stephen - his input has given us a fresh impetus. There was no sane logic why we didn't do it a decade ago. Getting home from rehearsals and playing back a new song in the middle of the night is such a thrill. A new album seemed impossible a couple of years ago: now it's a reality!"

Appearing on Desert Island Discs last month, inseparable presenters Ant & Dec revealed that Inspiral Carpets were the first band they ever saw live together. I assume they've already been asked to write new liner notes for 'Dung 4'.

SFX partners with Clear Channel
Funny how things circle around isn't it? Back in 2000, Clear Channel purchased the original SFX live entertainment business, later spinning it off to become what we now know as Live Nation. And now Clear Channel has announced a new partnership with the latest incarnation of SFX. It's the ciiiiircle of liiiiiiiife.

Yeah, anyway, acquisition hungry EDM/EMC/whatever company SFX and mega media behemoth Clear Channel have announced a partnership. I'm basically repeating myself now, but it's good to be clear on these thing. Clear like a, er, channel.

Under this partnership Clear Channel will run a load of Beatport-branded radio programming on various American FM and digital stations that it owns, including a weekly Beatport chart countdown. The two companies are also working on some sort of live event thing too.

As previously reported, SFX bought Beatport last February, before making redundancies last month in order to "adapt and improve" the brand. And here they are doing just that.

New music partnerships boss for YouTube
Just before Christmas, YouTube appointed Christophe Muller to the role of Director Of Global Music Partnerships, according to Billboard. He takes over from Chris Maxcy, who has moved over to a broader role within Google.

Muller has been with the web giant for ten years, most recently overseeing YouTube partnerships in Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In his new role he will manage the video site's global partnerships with its key music partners, including Vevo and Warner Music.

BBC 6music announces African music weekend
BBC 6music is to spend a weekend delving into music from across Africa later this month. From Friday 17 Jan to Sunday 19 Jan, various presenters and guests will play some of their favourite tracks from African artists under the banner 'BBC Radio 6music Celebrates African Music'.

Head of Programmes at 6, Paul Rodgers, told CMU: "BBC Radio 6music is a place where presenters can explore their musical passions. Across a range of shows, 6music Celebrates African Music does just that and is the first of a number of opportunities planned for 2014 in which our trusted guides will come together to share insight and enthusiasm for a great body of music".

Gideon Coe, Rita Ray, Tom Ravenscroft, Cerys Matthews and Mary Anne Hobbs will all join in, with Tom Robinson calling on the station's listeners to compile an Africa-inspired playlist on his 'Now Playing @6music' show. The main focus of the run will be a new documentary, entitled 'Mali Music', presented by Gemma Cairney.

Explains Cairney: "When I think of Mali, I hear it. My body starts to sway, it is a soundscape that captures life in sound and colour. Music is the heartbeat of its people. To deny them of such expression and pleasure is difficult to fathom, but due to political unrest in the north of the country, music was banned and many of the musicians fled as it was no longer safe for them to live there".

She continued: "I wanted to find out more about the story of Mali music and where it's at today. My time there was something I never have and probably never will experience anything like ever again. BBC Radio 6music is the perfect home for this documentary as it ignites thought and gets beneath the music. I hope 'Mali Music' does exactly that and makes your body sway too".

The documentary also looks at the project Damon Albarn's Africa Express undertook in Mali where local musicians teamed up with Western artists such as Brian Eno, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner, and Ghostpoet.

Phil Everly 1939-2014
Phil Everly, one half of country rock duo The Everly Brothers, died last week aged 74. His widow Patti confirmed her husband died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Friday.

Phil and his older brother Don performed from an early age, the sons of country and western singers Ike and Margaret Everly. By the age of six, Phil was singing country songs with his brother on their family's radio show in Iowa, and while the duo would become influential players within the emerging rock n roll genre in the decades to come, those country roots were usually present in their music.

As a duo, they rose to fame in the late 1950s, scoring successes after signing to Cadence Records in 1957. Although respected songwriters themselves, and indeed it was through their publisher that they secured the Cadence deal, many of the early hits came through an alliance with husband/wife songwriting team Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. In the years that followed they enjoyed chart success in both the US and the UK, and toured extensively with Buddy Holly in the years before his untimely death.

They moved over to Warner Bros in 1960 and another series of hits followed, with the brothers, if anything, enjoying more success in the UK than in their home country. Though the early years of the 60s were marred by a falling out with their manager and publisher Wesley Rose, cutting them off from the Bryants, and leading to the brothers often performing songs other than their Bryant and self-penned hits, in a bid to ensure Rose didn't earn royalties from their work.

Although the Rose dispute was resolved by the mid-sixties, allowing them to perform their own work and to collaborate with the Bryants again, their success started to wane as the decade proceeded, with solo projects and a label venture not really taking off. And while their 1968 album 'Roots', which heightened the country element of their work, was critically acclaimed, it wasn't a huge commercial success. Meanwhile drug addiction for both brothers caused personal problems, leading to a famous on-stage bust-up in 1973.

Don and Phil hardly spoke in the following decade as both brothers pursued solo careers, with Don initially having more success, though Phil's eponymous album from 1983 being the real stand-out of this era. A reunion followed soon after, with a live and subsequent studio album both enjoying some success.

The two brothers' final studio album as a duo was 1988's 'Some Hearts', though they continued to perform together and apart, and collaborated on numerous projects with other musicians, Phil in particular. Both men also continued songwriting, penning a number of hits for other artists over the years.

Phil is survived by Patti and his two sons Jason and Chris, as well as Don and their mother Margaret.

Morrissey working on LP, book and (kind of) Bowie reconciliation
Pop workaholic Steven Morrissey is on the brink of beginning his first entirely new, entirely solo LP since 2009's 'Years Of Refusal'. Sharing scant info, as usual, via his main fansite True To You, the one-time Smith said - in regal style - "we are about to record our new album", later revealing the title of one of its tracks, 'Istanbul'.

And another thing. Moz is in the act of writing a book, which - contrary to his last, that 'Autobiography' - will be a work of fiction, only loosely based in reality. Replying to a True To You user's question, he said "yes, I am mid-way through my novel. I have high hopes", adding that, basically, the literary project was a savvy move part-motivated by the realisation that it'll probably make him loads of cash.

In his own words: "In 2013 I published my 'Autobiography' and it has been more successful than any record I have ever released. The actuality is that radio stations will not play my music, and the majority of people have lost faith in the music industry, and it's generally assumed - quite rightly - that the number one chart positions are 'bought' by the major labels, so there really is no passion left in pop or rock music, and I don't think people believe for an instant that the faces we constantly see on television and in magazines are remotely popular".

And: "It's all, now, solely a question of marketing. All success stories are safe and dreary, and you will never be taken by surprise by a hit song that sounds out of place. This is not just my view but the view of everyone I know".

Amongst other topics covered in the TTY Q&A, Mozza also talked a bit about his oft-times sparring partner David Bowie. Steve and Dave's pseudo-'friendship' of course, soured after the latter declined to allow a photo of himself to be used on the cover of a Morrissey single re-release last year.

Suggesting the 'friendship' was already semi-sour back in the era of his 2006 LP, 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors', Morrissey told a TTY fan: "When I made that record, the producer Tony Visconti, who is a very close friend of David Bowie, tried to get both Bowie and I together to do our version of 'You've Lost That Lovin Feelin', with David doing the deep Bill Medley parts, and me doing the Bobby Hatfield shrieks. I loved this idea, but David wouldn't budge".

I guess Rick Astley must've been busy.

He closed with: "I know I've criticised David in the past, but it's all been snotnosed junior high ribbing on my part. I think he knows that".


Ke$ha, Matt Cardle enter (separate) rehabs
Ke$ha, or Kesha Rose Sebert if you prefer, has entered a rehab facility to deal with an eating disorder. She is apparently spending time at the Timberline Knolls centre near Chicago and will, she says, be out of action for a month or so. Keeping it brief in a Facebook post, Ke$ha told fans: "I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but I've found it hard to practice. I'll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder... to learn to love myself again. Exactly as I am".

In partly-relevant celeb rehab news, 'X-Factor' victor-of-old Matt Cardle checked into London clinic The Priory over the weekend, reportedly to receive help for issues with prescription drugs. Cardle shared a handwritten note to fans via Twitter on New Year's Eve, stating: "I want to thank my fans for all your lovely messages of support... I'm getting myself better... I want to be ready to give it 110% on tour... I love you all and will see you on the other side. Happy new year!"


Eurythmics to reunite for Grammy Beatles tribute, for some reason
Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox are to reunite for the first time since 2005 later this month to mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' in the US. Yeah, I don't really understand it either, but I'm sure it'll be just lovely. It's something to do with The Grammys too.

A load of other people will also be performing Beatles covers at 'The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles' at the prestigious Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall on 27 Jan, the day after the Grammy Awards. It'll then be broadcast in the US on 9 Feb in HD and 5.1 Surround Sound. So that's real nice.

According to the press release, as well as performances from artists who have no obvious connection to The Beatles, beyond being musicians themselves, "various presenters will help highlight and contextualise the musical, cultural and historical impact of the group and this legendary performance".

So, as I said, real nice.


Jack White working on second solo album
Jack White has announced that he's working on a second solo album, as one often does after releasing a first. Actually, he'd already said that in an interview with Rolling Stone last year, but he's going to record it this month, which is why it's news.

In a web chat with fans on his Third Man Records website last week, White said: "I'm producing two albums this month, and finishing them. One of them is mine".

White released his previous solo album (which we've already established was his first) in 2012. It was called 'Blunderbuss'. This new one will most likely have a different title. I think it should be called 'Bagpuss'.

Ed Sheeran lists new headline dates
So, this is the scoop: urban/auburn pop fox Ed Sheeran is doing a UK tour in October, his first since the autumn of 2012. Ah, autumn 2012, it was a simpler time.

Ed, who, it looks like, might even follow up on his lonesome 2011 debut '+' before the tour, enthuses thus of the twelve show run: "I can't wait to tour this new record; it's been a long time coming. Looking forward to touring the UK and Ireland once again!''

Here's the tour broken down and in order:

6 Oct: Dublin, O2 Arena
8 Oct: Belfast, Odyssey Arena
11 Oct: Leeds, First Direct Arena
12 Oct: London, The O2
13 Oct: London, The O2
19 Oct: Birmingham, LG Arena
20 Oct: Birmingham, LG Arena
23 Oct: Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
25 Oct: Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
27 Oct: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
28 Oct: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
30 Oct: Glasgow, SSE Hydro Arena


Festival line-up update: Sonisphere UK, FM4 Frequency and Desertfest
So, the Brit edition of Sonisphere has dialled-up its noise factor (this c/o co-2014-headliners Iron Maiden, Metallica and the Prodigy) by adding Slayer, Alice In Chains, Mastodon and others to its ranks.

Joe of French metallers Gojira, also late additions, confirms his band's booking with the words: "We are super excited to return to the UK to play the Sonisphere festival at legendary Knebworth this year. We can't wait to come and kick your British asses!"

Speaking for prog-rock Aussies Karnivool, guitarist Drew Goddard says: "We can't bloody wait to get back to play Sonisphere UK 2014. Sonisphere Knebworth was actually the first European Festival we ever played a few years ago, so it will be nice to come back and kick some grass and have people know who we are!"

Also kicking ass (and grass), it's details of Skrillex, QOTSA and Blink 182's imminent arrival at Austrian bash FM4 Frequency, and info on Norwegian deathheads Kverlertak's headlining pact with London's Desertfest...

DESERTFEST, various venues, Camden, London, 25-27 Apr: Kverlertak.

FM4 FREQUENCY, Green Park, St Polten, Austria, 14-16 Aug: Skrillex, Queens Of The Stone Age, Placebo, Blink 182, Parov Stelar, Ska-P, Jimmy Eat World, Prinz Pi, Kadavar , Wilkinson, Congorock, Milk Drinkers, The Young Punx, Dubesque.

SONISPHERE UK, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, 4-6 Jul: Slayer, Alice In Chains, Mastadon, Airbourne, Ghost, Gojira, Kharnivool.

Avicii endorses NJOY e-cigarettes for American squirrels and naked Europeans
I don't watch a lot of TV, so I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but it was weird to see cigarette advertising on the telly again over the Christmas break. Of course, now that we live in the future, the adverts are for those tobacco-less e-cigarettes, so there are no laws being broken. You may rest easy.

Also, while you wouldn't see any popstars lending their names to Marlboro for fear of what it might do to their reputation, it seems that electronic fags are fair game. So, following Bruno Mars' investment in the NJOY brand last year, Avicii has now endorsed the company's battery-powered nicotine inhalers too.

The producer has allowed his track 'Hey Brother' to be used in a new TV ad for NJOY's 'Friends Don't Let Friends Smoke' campaign, which tries to convince people that e-cigarettes are super healthy and will help you run around and get into bar fights and stuff. Well, that seems to be the message of the advert, anyway.

Avicii also took to Facebook to promote the campaign, saying: "Watch this amazing Hey Brother sync to a venture that is becoming very dear to my and Ash's hearts #FriendsDontLetFriendsSmoke".

Ash is his manager, by the way. Not the waste product from his cigarettes. Although many commenters did point out that Avicii is known to be a fairly heavy smoker. Whether NJOY (or Ash) has convinced him to stop isn't clear. And, to be honest, I don't really care either way.

Anyway, here is the advert. I'll let you choose between the US version of the advert and the "European version", which is the same except that it features a naked man at the beginning, instead of one dressed as a squirrel. Obviously.

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