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Thursday 30 January 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: While the copyright legalities of MP3 resale service ReDigi remain very much in the air, the digital start-up has secured a US patent for its "copy-less" digital transaction technology. As previously reported, ReDigi allows users to resell their digital content, making it an online version of the second hand record shop. But the record industry is pretty certain that such reselling of MP3s constitutes... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Having released her debut album, 'Movement', through RVNG Intl in late 2012, experimental electronic musician Holly Herndon has returned with a new release for the label, a single called 'Chorus'. Despite having featured her in the Approved column once before, I should nonetheless admit that not everything Herndon does grabs me. But perhaps that's the nature of music by someone so... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES ReDigi secures patent for "copy-less" digital transfer technology
Topspin makes "significant" number of staff redundant
LEGAL Bieber charged for striking limousine driver
DEALS Ministry Of Sound extends video partnership with Base79
LABELS & PUBLISHERS One Direction most successful recording artists in 2013, so take that America
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Ellen DeGeneres to front Beats Music's Super Bowl ad reinstates on-demand streaming through Spotify partnership
EDUCATION & EVENTS BBC Radio 3 to run radio production workshops at Southbank Centre
ARTIST NEWS Slowdive reunite, confirm London show
RELEASES Gruff Rhys digs up American Interior album, book, film and app
Wye Oak to plant new LP
GIGS & FESTIVALS Lady Gaga announces UK artRAVE dates The Cure, Suede, Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini to play in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust Blood Orange to rep Converse in free London show Festival line-up update: Iceland Airwaves, Rewind, Parklife Weekender and more
AWARDS BRIT Awards to broadcast live on YouTube
AND FINALLY... Reznor gets apology from Grammys
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This two-hour evening session on Monday 3 Feb provides an introduction to how music licensing works, looking at what copyright law says about licensing, why rights owners might license direct or collectively, and when and how collective licensing works in the UK.

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Ministry Of Sound are looking for a new Digital Content Editor and Copywriter to launch their brand new website. Ministry Of Sound, established in 1991, has grown from a world famous nightclub in London to become the world's biggest dance brand. With the club, international live events, record label and millions of compilations record sales across the world, Ministry Of Sound truly is the home of dance music.

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Mute are looking for an International Marketing & Promotions Manager to join their West London based team. Candidates for this role should have previous experience building international marketing plans for a wide range of artists using traditional and digital methods.

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INgrooves is looking for a talented Operations Manager to manage all aspects of the production of physical releases outside of North America, as well as being the in-house physical distribution expert, and assisting the label management team with any client queries relating to physical distribution.

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ReDigi secures patent for "copy-less" digital transfer technology
While the copyright legalities of MP3 resale service ReDigi remain very much in the air, the digital start-up has secured a US patent for its "copy-less" digital transaction technology. As previously reported, ReDigi allows users to resell their digital content, making it an online version of the second hand record shop. But the record industry is pretty certain that such reselling of MP3s constitutes copyright infringement.

In the US much of the debate has centred on the so called 'first sale' doctrine, which specifically allows consumers to resell CDs. But the record companies - and in particular former-EMI-now-Universal division Capitol, which has led the legal action here - insist that principle doesn't apply in the digital domain, because when CDs are transferred no copying takes place, but that's not the case with MP3 transfers.

Except ReDigi insists that its technology means that no copying actually takes place when digital files are moved from one PC, over the net, to another via its system. And said system ensures the seller won't have a version of the sold track on their computer post-transaction. Though all that possibly depends on your definition of "copying". And either way, last year, after initially failing to secure a summary judgement on the matter, EMI got a court ruling in its favour.

Judge Richard Sullivan said: "ReDigi facilitates and profits from the sale of copyrighted commercial recordings, transferred in their entirety, with a likely detrimental impact on the primary market for these goods. It is beside the point that the original phonorecord no longer exists. It matters only that a new phonorecord has been created".

But fighting on, ReDigi immediately said it would appeal that ruling, and anyway it now had a new version of its technology to which Sullivan's judgement shouldn't apply. And that technology has now been patented in the States. ReDigi says that its patent covers "a method for atomic transaction: a cloud-based mechanism that instantaneously transfers an 'original' good from one owner to the next, without making a copy".

According to Computer World, the patent also covers a "verification engine: a mechanism that analyses each digital media file that enters the ReDigi system to ensure that it is legally eligible for resale" and "a removal and monitoring mechanism: a digital management application that helps sellers identify and ensure personal-use copies of the sold media are removed".

Confirming his company had now secured patents for its content-transfer system, ReDigi founder John Ossenmacher told reporters: "ReDigi's technology is significant and readily corrects early industry issues that have plagued digital retailing, including piracy, and opens new opportunities that allow consumers to use their digital media as currency for funding new purchases, in some ways transforming digital media analogous to digital bit coins. We are committed to ongoing innovation and ensuring that all parties, including consumers, copyright holders, and those who create the content have the opportunity to benefit greatly from the multi-billion dollar market in digital media that is owned by the consumer".

The big question now is: if the patent system recognises the existence of "copy-less" technology, is that enough to circumvent copyright rules?

Of course, given that Sullivan explicitly stated that the aforementioned 'first sale' doctrine does not apply in digital in his ruling last year, the labels could argue that the terms and conditions of download stores don't allow MP3 buyers to transfer ownership of the content they buy, oblivious of whether or not any copying takes place. Though while that would put the punters in breach of contract, it wouldn't necessarily make ReDigi liable in the same way a copyright infringement would.

It remains to be seen what lawyers at Capitol or elsewhere in the music business do next.


Topspin makes "significant" number of staff redundant
LA-based direct-to-fan specialist Topspin made a number of employees redundant yesterday, with the cuts being described as "significant".

The firm confirmed to Gigaom that staff cuts had occurred, but there has been no official word on quite how many employees were axed. Rumours of "major layoffs" stem from Twitter, where some axed staff indicated as many as half of the company's workforce may have been for the chop.

Topspin was, perhaps, the highest profile start up in the direct-to-fan space, as artists and labels first began to appreciate, about five years ago, the potential of proprietary online retail set ups, selling content, tickets and especially merch and premium releases direct to core fanbase. And direct-to-fan arguably remains the domain of most opportunity for the music business.

Though, despite being a leading player in a booming strand of the industry, Topspin is also operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace, with numerous other start ups around the world gaining momentum, while some labels and distributors build their own in-house platforms, and the risk remains that Amazon could swoop in and take the top end of the market. And, in the early days at least, Topspin was often quite a bit more expensive than its competitors.

Which isn't to say Topspin isn't doing good business, and it continues to strike up high profile partnerships, such as the recent alliances on merch sell-through on the Spotify and Beats Music platforms. Though yesterday's news suggests the company knows it needs to become ever more efficient to succeed in an increasingly competitive sector.

Bieber charged for striking limousine driver
I once got briefly hooked on a silly little typing-test-meets-Asteroids game after Justin Bieber mentioned it in an interview, such are the lengths I go to in monitoring the pop tyke's life. That admission probably tells you I'm not very discerning when it comes to gaming. So could someone who is please recommend a videogame that we could hook Bieber on to that would let him fulfil the needs of his "inner twat" in the virtual world? Then he could get on with the business of singing songs and staying out of everyone's way in the real world.

Though I suppose we should stress that the Biebster is denying the latest police charges he is facing, these in Toronto relating to an incident last month. The popstar, having taken some time out since his last run in with the law in Florida last week, reported to a police station in the Canadian city yesterday to be charged with assaulting a limousine driver.

Police say that Bieber and five others were picked up outside a club in the city on 30 Dec by a limousine. They continue: "While driving the group to a hotel, an altercation occurred between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine. In the course of the altercation, a man struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times. The driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police. The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived".

Bieber's legal rep denied the charge to the media on the popstar's behalf, and said the case should be treated as a summary offence. The singer is now due to appear in court in Toronto on 10 Mar.

Meanwhile back in Florida, where Bieber faces charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired licence relating to that alleged drag racing incident last week, the singer's lawyers formally filed a written not-guilty plea yesterday. The same legal reps said it hadn't been decided if their client will personally attend the previously reported 14 Feb court hearing relating to those alleged offences.

In other Bieber news, a petition on the White House website calling for the star to be deported from the US back to Canada because of last week's charges has now reached over 100,000 signatures (just under 180,000 at the time of writing), which means it must receive an official response. Like with all these things, when the statement comes it'll most likely say something along the lines of, "Don't be so silly". You never know though, do you? Though it's worth noting the White House doesn't actually have that power anyway.

Anyway, back to more important matters, I'm thinking Pacman for this video game. Though I read somewhere they've released games more recently than 1980.

Ministry Of Sound extends video partnership with Base79
Ministry Of Sound has renewed its deal with online video company Base79 for a further five years. Having worked together since 2009, Base79 now manages sixteen YouTube channels for the clubbing brand, and is looking to increase the firm's audience and revenues on the Google-owned video platform as the deal continues.

Base79 is one of the largest companies of its type, managing YouTube channels for over 100 partners in music, including Tiësto, Richie Hawtin, Gilles Peterson, Black Hole Recordings and RAM Records, and apparently generating over 300 million views per month.

Chief Content Officer at Base79, Patrick Walker told CMU: "Ministry Of Sound has been a valued partner of ours for four years and continue to be pioneers in this space. Their long term commitment to YouTube and focus on audience development has created a template for dance music labels to follow, and we are privileged to ride shot-gun with them on this journey".

Meanwhile Martin Kummer, Ministry Of Sound's Head of Digital Channels & Group Marketing, added: "Exponential growth in video has become one of the big opportunities in music and Base79 has been instrumental in significantly growing our audience and monetising our content. We are excited to continue our partnership with Base79 and to fully leverage the synergies across our businesses".

One Direction most successful recording artists in 2013, so take that America
One Direction were the most successful recording artists in the world last year, which we probably knew already, but it's been confirmed by guys at the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, who've spent most of the last month counting.

And that's counting every last CD sale, every vinyl transaction, every download and every single stream, to work out which artists enjoyed the most record selling, downloading and streaming action in 2013. Which is an awful lot of counting. I'd imagine Team IFPI could now do with a day focused exclusively on words instead of numbers, an away-day poetry seminar perhaps. Maybe focused on One Direction's literary gem 'Best Poem Ever'.

So, here they are, the ten biggest recording artists in the world. And while the Americans might dominate overall, hey, take that America, none of your hip hop stars, pop innovators and singing ladies could top our boys. And screw you Barbados, Canada and France, cos your top stars couldn't beat Team 1D either. And you know what, we set up One Direction as a joke. How does that make you feel?

So, compulsory patriotism over, here's the top ten.

1. One Direction
2. Eminem
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Bruno Mars
5. Katy Perry
6. P!nk
7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
8. Rihanna
9. Michael Bublé
10. Daft Punk

Pleased as punch with our national team's victory, we got on the old dog and bone and asked the 1D boys how they felt about this achievement. And they responded thus...

Niall: "Incredible news!"
Zayne: "Wowser!"
Liam: "Yowser!"
Louis: "Who were The Wanted again?"
Harry: "Motherfucking cunt of God, this is darn swell news".

And at least one of those quotes is real. See if you can guess which one.

Ellen DeGeneres to front Beats Music's Super Bowl ad
Ellen DeGeneres will appear in the Beats Music advert due to be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, the US talk show host announced on her programme yesterday. The advert, which she aired in full on the show, features her as Goldilocks dancing with three bears. And a wolf, for some reason.

The streaming service also aired an advert during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, featuring a voiceover by the company's Chief Creative Officer, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. But the Super Bowl calls for something special - a talk show host and some dancing animals.

Watch DeGeneres' ad, and her introduction to it, here.

-------------------------------------------------- reinstates on-demand streaming through Spotify partnership has announced that it is re-instating on-demand streaming on its website, via a new partnership with Spotify. turned off it's own on-demand streaming service in the last remaining territories where it was available - the UK, US and Germany - in 2010. Never the most user-friendly streaming service in the first place, instead provided links to other places for on-demand listening purposes, including Spotify, MOG, Hype Machine, We7 and Vevo.

Though those links all involved users leaving the website. This new deal will bring Spotify-hosted tracks into a player built into the site (for people with a Spotify account), rather than sending them away somewhere else. This is something Daniel Ek said he'd like to provide with at an OpenMusicMedia event in London back in 2009. Better late than never.

In a blog post explaining the partnership, said: "We've teamed up with Spotify to bring their entire catalogue, on demand, to the world's leading music recommendation service. Whether it be your own profile page, artist pages or album pages - if Spotify has it, you can play it and control it on via the Spotify playbar at the bottom of the screen. Using your Spotify account (premium or free) you can listen to any track simply by pressing the play button. This will load all tracks on a page as a playlist in Spotify".

Last week, also announced that it was testing changes to its personalised radio service to source music from YouTube videos, rather than tracks hosted by the site itself. Moving entirely away from self-hosted tracks would presumably mean substantial cost savings for the loss-making website, which may or may not placate current owner CBS.

BBC Radio 3 to run radio production workshops at Southbank centre
BBC Radio 3 has announced that it will run a series of radio production workshops in March, as part of a residency for the station at London's Southbank Centre. The residency will also see a temporary studio built in the Royal Festival Hall, where members of the public can come and watch shows being broadcast.

A free, open session called 'From The Concert Hall To Your Radio' will run on 23 Mar and 29 Mar. In this talk, BBC technicians will discuss the process of a broadcasting a live performance, with a look specifically at the complexities of recording the organ. There will also be one-on-one sessions with BBC sound engineers to build a multitrack recordings.

For those less technically minded, there will be a concert featuring young classical musicians on 23 Mar, as well as free lunchtime performances from clarinettist Mark Simpson on 21 Mar and saxophonist Trish Clowes on 28 Mar.

The events were announced yesterday as part of Radio 3's spring season, which will also feature a new series from Norman Lebrecht about the relationship between music and Jewish identity, a day of music in celebration of Ravel's birthday, and a new series of interviews with composers in their workspaces.

  Approved: Holly Herndon - Chorus
Having released her debut album, 'Movement', through RVNG Intl in late 2012, experimental electronic musician Holly Herndon has returned with a new release for the label, a single called 'Chorus'.

Despite having featured her in the Approved column once before, I should nonetheless admit that not everything Herndon does grabs me. But perhaps that's the nature of music by someone so experimental. However, I'll always eagerly hit play on any new music she puts out, because when she hits that biting point, it's glorious. And 'Chorus' is one of those tracks that bites down hard.

Beginning as an abstract collection of noises, 'Chorus' quickly draws itself together, building into a thrilling six minute sonic ride of carefully woven beats and vocal samples. Check out the Akihiko Taniguchi-directed video here.
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Slowdive reunite, confirm London show
1990s noise-pop longhairs Slowdive have, with minimal hoo-hah, confirmed their first shows in 20 years. They will, as fans might've noticed, play this year's Primavera festival in Spain on 30 May, and one other date at London's Village Underground on 19 May.

All five Slowdive originals - Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Christian Savill, Simon Scott and Nick Chaplin - are involved, and they have said that the gigs are designed to finance the release of a brand new LP, the band's first non-compilation since 1995's 'Pygmalion'.

Speaking to The Quietus this week, Halstead explained: "The initial impetus was the idea of doing some new music. It seemed easier to do that because it's not so public. But then we thought it would be good if we could raise a bit of money to make the record, and doing a couple of gigs would enable us to do that. And that's the way it shaped up - while we're rehearsing we can see if we've got another record in us".

He added: "We want it to be fun for us, but we also want the people who are into Slowdive to come and see the band and enjoy it for what it is. I'm not interested in any critical reappraisal. I meet a lot of kids who got into the records after we split up and they say, 'I'd love to have got the chance to see Slowdive play live'. So for them, this is a nice opportunity and I hope they come out and enjoy it".

Read the entire Quietus interview here.

Gruff Rhys digs up American Interior album, book, film and app
Super Furry pop auteur Gruff Rhys has announced an album, a book, a short film and an app, all at once, and all about an eighteenth century farmhand.

That is to say, all four parts of the venture, titled 'American Interior', draw in various ways from the story of one of Gruff's ancestors, a John Evans, who in 1792 journeyed from his home in Wales to the US, looking for a long-rumoured Native American tribe called the Madogwys. Who, he'd heard it said, could speak Welsh.

What follows involves all kinds of wild creatures, capers, and coups, volcanoes and map-making, and a path Rhys himself retraced in 2012, taking an 'Investigative Concert Tour' over north America in search of Evans' grave.

Gruff writes on his Gruffington Post blog: "Evans was last sighted in New Spain in 1799 under a new name: Don Juan Evans. Did he find the tribe he was looking for? What became of him? What is it that sends men and women to the ends of the Earth in the vain pursuit of glory?"

So since that's largely unanswerable at this stage, I'll move on, to the goods. The LP is out via Turnstile on 5 May, and was written partly whilst Gruff was on the tour. The book, a "historical travelogue" on both Evans and his own adventures, is published later that same month. The app is a sort of collage of over 100 pieces of animation, artwork, prose and audio clips.

Meanwhile the film, which charts the trip, is due via Soda Pictures on 9 May. This is its trailer.


Wye Oak to plant new LP
Baltimore folk rustics Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, known as Wye Oak, will on 28 Apr cut loose a new LP to follow 2011's 'Civilian'.

Constructed and co-produced by the duo and Nicolas Vernhes of the Rare Book Room studio in Brooklyn, 'Shriek' is, says its blurb, their "most personal" record to date. But then, they all say that.

Look here for the LP's first single 'The Tower', and here for its tracklisting:

The Tower
Sick Talk
School Of Eyes
Despicable Animal
I Know The Law
Logic Of Color

Lady Gaga announces UK artRAVE dates
Lady Gaga's ARTPOP ball is to heave its giant, slippery, artRAVE-y mass, like it's The Blob or something, on top of lots of Euro arenas in October.

Of those based in the UK and Ireland, The Gaga Show (and all that jazz) will pause for 'Applause' at the following:

17 Oct: Dublin, O2 Arena
19 Oct: Glasgow, SSE Hydro
21 Oct: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
23 Oct: London, The O2

Tickets will hit the open market on 8 Feb via, or, alternatively, Little Monsters linked to O2 can bag passes earlier (on 5 Feb) via

This is an advert - kind of like that one Beyonce did, only not so good - advertising that last 'promotion'.


The Cure, Suede, Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini to play in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust
Roger Daltrey has chosen his fave bands The Cure and Suede, and, um... his grandkids' fave acts Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini and OneRepublic, to each headline a show as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust's yearly charity gala, which has been a (very beneficial) thing since the year 2000.

Co-curated by TCT patron Daltrey and Noel Gallagher, the line-up will all play live at London's Royal Albert Hall from 24-30 Mar, a span that includes a night with stand-ups Jason Manford, John Bishop, Micky Flanagan, Patrick Kielty, Rob Beckett and Hall Cruttenden on 25 Mar.

Brett Anderson of Suede, who'll play their 1994 LP 'Dog Man Star' as a finale to all the gigs (on 30 Mar), says: "It's great being involved with Teenage Cancer Trust again. It's a fantastic charity and we have a proud history of involvement with them. The gig we did for them at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010 was possibly my favourite ever show in 25 years of playing live".

Roger Daltrey sums things up thus: "This is our fourteenth year at the Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust and I'm very happy to be back after handing the reins to Noel Gallagher for a year. The money raised is invaluable in helping young people with cancer, and in return for the public's hard earned cash we put on some very special shows".

And: "This year The Cure and Suede return to play for us. How great to have Paolo Nutini, who was a teenager when we first started these shows. Even nearer to the age group that we serve is Ed Sheeran performing songs some of which were written when a teen himself".

Dates, details and ticket links are via


Blood Orange to rep Converse in free London show
Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, has tied laces with heritage sneaker-makers Converse to play one of those special Converse Gigs at London-based jazz dive the 100 Club.

It's on 20 Feb, and will feature 'special guests', who - given Skepta, Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, and Friends' Samantha Urbani are all 'guests' on Dev's 2013 LP 'Cupid Deluxe' - will likely be really quite special indeed. I wouldn't count on Solange showing up, though.

Hynes appears as a guest of NYC magazine The FADER, which is partnering with Converse for the duration of the show.

As is usual practice with all Converse Gigs, tickets are free, but you'll have to win a pair by applying via this very special link.


Festival line-up update: Iceland Airwaves, Rewind, Parklife Weekender and more
The Flaming Lips will head up this year's Iceland Airwaves, which is very, very cool. As Iceland. As is the rest of the bill as it stands, in that it features East India Youth, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and groovesome twosome Jungle.

As well as that, Ellie Goulding has been given headline billing at the first event confirmed for this year's Eden Sessions, and so will entertain the Eden biodome on 8 Jul. Yay.

But wait, I'm coming over all nostalgic. Which must mean it's time to talk a bit about 2014's trio of Rewind parties, which look sassily back over popstars past, and rightly so. Featuring three line-ups which vary only slightly, Rewinds North, South and Scotland (which is apparently too northerly to class as North) all have the likes of the Boomtown Rats, Rick Astley, T'Pau, The Sugar Hill Gang and Hall & Oates playing in amongst them.

Oh, and Damon Albarn is doing Rock Werchter in Belgium.

The updates in full fall thusly:

CROPREDY, Banbury, Oxfordshire, 7-9 Aug: Fairport Convention, The Waterboys, Steve Hackett, Capercaillie, Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, The Wonder Stuff, The Travelling Band, Churchfitters, Benjamin Folke Thomas, Edwina Hayes, Deborah Rose, Cara Dillon, Treetop Flyers, Reg Meuross, Blackbeard's Tea Party, Richard Digance.

EDEN SESSIONS, Eden Project, Cornwall, full 2014 dates TBA: Ellie Goulding.

ICELAND AIRWAVES, various venues, Reykjavik, Iceland, 5-9 Nov: Flaming Lips, East India Youth, Samaris, Jungle, Mammút, La Femme, Grísalappalísa, Vök, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Tiny Ruins, Muck, Snorri Helgason, Tonik, John Wizards, Blaenavon, Just Another Snake Cult, Highlands.

PARKLIFE WEEKENDER, Heaton Park, Manchester, 7-8 Jun: Annie Mac, Sam Smith, MK.

REWIND NORTH, Capersthorne Hall, Cheshire, 29-31 Aug: Mike & The Mechanics, Billy Ocean, Rick Astley, Jimmy Somerville, Marc Almond, Go West, Nik Kershaw, Bjorn Again, Nick Heyward, The Real Thing, Cutting Crew, Doctor And The Medics, Level 42, Holly Johnson, Tony Hadley, Midge Ure, Heaven 17, Roland Gift, The Beat, The Straits, T'Pau, China Crisis, Toyah, Sonia.

REWIND SCOTLAND, Scone Palace, Perth, 18-20 Jul: Billy Ocean, 10cc, Heaven 17, The Sugarhill Gang, Midge Ure, Boomtown Rats, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Marc Almond, ABC, Roland Gift, The Selecter, Blancmange, T'Pau, Go West, Nick Heyward, Bjorn Again, Cheryl, Mike, & Jay Of Bucks Fizz, Doctor And The Medics, Steve Augeri, Johnny Hates Jazz, The Christians, Matt Bianco, The South.

REWIND SOUTH, Temple Island Meadows, Henley-on-Thames, 15-17 Aug: Boomtown Rats, Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey, UB40, Mike & The Mechanics, Holly Johnson, Tony Hadley, Bonnie Tyler, Level 42, Sister Sledge, Rick Astley, Marc Almond, Jason Donovan, Wang Chung, Nick Heyward, From The Jam, Martha Wash, Johnny Hates Jazz, Jimmy Somerville, Roland Gift, Howard Jones, Hugh Cornwell, The South, A Flock Of Seagulls, Hazel O'Connor.

ROCK WERCHTER, Rotselaar, Belgium, 3-6 Jul: Damon Albarn.

BRIT Awards to broadcast live on YouTube
This year's BRIT Award ceremony is to be broadcast live worldwide via YouTube for the first time, it has been announced. Viewers globally will also be able to influence the new Best British Video Award. A shortlist for that will be announced in the run up to the show, with votes accepted via Twitter during the broadcast and the winner announced towards the end.

BPI and BRIT Awards chief exec Geoff Taylor told CMU: "The BRITs make an impact around the world, so we are very excited that music fans in all five continents [actually, there are seven continents] will be able to watch spectacular performances from British and global music stars live on YouTube and find out, as it happens, who is going home with a coveted BRIT Award".

Having shunned Australia and Antarctica continents wise (we suspect), he continued: "The live vote on Twitter means that viewers worldwide will decide on the night who made the best British music video. Given the phenomenal success of British music overseas and the huge importance of social media to our artists, it's right that the BRITs should become a truly global, digital event".

As well as the ceremony, in partnership with Somethin Else, there will also be a whole load of behind the scenes content delivered via the BRITs YouTube channel too. Radio 1 presenters Dan & Phil will deliver backstage news, while YouTube c'leb Fleur De Force will cover all the fashion triumphs. Meanwhile, Zane Lowe will be interviewing artists backstage, after Georgia LA has caught them on the red carpet coming in.

All you saddos who still watch things on the telly can catch the ceremony on ITV, with a Red Carpet programme in advance on ITV2 and a behind the scenes thing on the same channel later in the evening.

Reznor gets apology from Grammys
Grammy executive producer Ken Ehrlich has apologised to Trent Reznor for cutting short the TV broadcast of Nine Inch Nails, Queen Of The Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl's finale performance at this year's ceremony.

The temporary supergroup made it all the way through NIN's 'Copy Of A', but during a second song in their mini-medley, QOTSA's 'My God Is The Sun', the credits for the show rolled and the broadcast came to an end before the big finish, the awards event having run over by 45 seconds.

Following the performance, Reznor tweeted: "Music's biggest night... to be disrespected. A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys".

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ehrlich said: "I'm sorry he was upset. I was really thrilled that we were finally getting him on the Grammys. The final jam started with Arcade Fire a few years ago, and LL Cool J last year. I want to end on a high, an up note. I did tell them we'd take it as long as we could. The number was about five, six minutes long, and we got to within a minute [and 20 seconds] of the end. We got as close as we could possibly get".

Well, at least the Grammys has now finally had its 'Adele moment'.

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