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Thursday 13 February 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: Ten people have been charged with negligent manslaughter in relation to the stampede that occurred at Germany's Love Parade festival in 2010. The festival, which was originally Berlin-based, but began travelling to different German cities each year in 2007, was taking place in Duisburg in 2010. The free event was always well attended, and though turnouts had fallen in the few years prior to 2010... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Still probably best known for her vocal contribution to Sub Focus's 'Falling Down', Kenzie May makes her next play for solo recognition with new track 'Skeleton Key'. Following on from the previously approved 'Hide & Seek', which came out last summer and remains a regular feature in my headphones (I mean I listen to it quite a lot). 'Skeleton Key' maintains a similar sound to that laid down by 'Hide &... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Ten charged over Love Parade stampede
Weatherley working on Google paper, clarifies position on piracy penalties, as full line-up for Maximising Music Rights at The Great Escape confirmed
LEGAL Irish labels sue again to force UPC to enact three-strikes
Sunde has another go at avoiding Pirate Bay jail term
Tulisa in court on assault charge
DEALS Hyperdub signs Fatima Al Qadiri
LABELS & PUBLISHERS IFPI chief calls on to stop the infringement and embrace licensed music
MANAGEMENT & FUNDING Twitter's Head Of Music gives more details on 300 partnership
MARKETING & PR Transatlantic music PR firm Major launches
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Music Week reveals its 30 Under 30
RELEASES Release round-up: The Smiths, Conor Oberst, Major Lazer and Chet Faker
GIGS & FESTIVALS Aidan Moffat plots Scottish trad folk shows
Damon Albarn adds London solo dates
Festival line-up update: Truck, Slam Dunk, Hop Farm and more
AND FINALLY... AA Gill takes prize for savaging Morrissey
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Ten charged over Love Parade stampede
Ten people have been charged with negligent manslaughter in relation to the stampede that occurred at Germany's Love Parade festival in 2010.

The festival, which was originally Berlin-based, but began travelling to different German cities each year in 2007, was taking place in Duisburg in 2010. The free event was always well attended, and though turnouts had fallen in the few years prior to 2010, it was estimated by investigators that almost half a million people had attended that year. The site's capacity, however, was 250,000.

Despite the large number of people attending, crowds entering were funnelled through a single underpass, which quickly became crowded. On the Saturday morning of the event, there was a surge in the crowd, which caused panic in the tunnel followed by a stampede that left 21 people dead and hundreds injured.

According to Reuters, six of the event's organisers and four city workers have been charged with negligent manslaughter and bodily harm.

Discussing the lengthy investigation into what happened at the final ever Love Parade, Duisburg prosecutor Horst Bien told reporters: "Something happened on 24 Jul 2010 that should never have happened. We weren't looking to see who was morally or politically responsible but instead focussed only on who was criminally liable".

If convicted, the ten people charged could serve up to five years in prison each. All deny any wrongdoing.


Weatherley working on Google paper, clarifies position on piracy penalties, as full line-up for Maximising Music Rights at The Great Escape confirmed
Mike Weatherley MP, IP Advisor to David Cameron, has revealed he is working on a paper on Google's possible role in protecting copyright online, but says he sees the web giant as having an important information and education role, rather that wishing the search engine to become the policemen of the internet.

Speaking to CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke in an interview last week, Weatherley said of the music industry's recent calls for Google to do more to help crack down on online piracy: "I am doing a paper on this shortly and would prefer to wait until I have gathered all the evidence [before making any firm commitments], but I am not comfortable about asking Google to be the policemen - it is not them who are distributing the illegal content - but they do have a role to play in directing people to legal sites and should be part of the informing and educating agenda". Despite frosty relationships between Google and the music rights business on this issue, he added that he was still hopeful a voluntary arrangement could be reached between the web firm and the labels and publishers.

The MP - who is also co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music - also spoke about a recent parliamentary debate on IP issues, after which he was accused of talking up custodial sentences for online pirates. He said: "There was a lot of misinformation on this subject. But theft is theft. We do need penalties and these should range from initial contact and explanation - everyone's preferred option - to fines, graduated depending on frequency and scale, and, in extreme cases where the person has no regard for law, removal of internet access".

He went on: "For commercial entities who undertake theft on a huge scale, we cannot rule out custodial sentences in the same way that criminal gangs are held to similar account for tangible goods. Please note that no one is suggesting a fourteen year old will go to jail for file-sharing, but as for all stealing, from shops or wherever, there do need to be consequences on an appropriate basis, typically, after explanation and graduated fines, as for tangible goods".

Mike Weatherley will head up a half-day strand at the CMU Insights-programmed Great Escape convention in May year, and Cooke spoke to him as the full line-up for that strand - which was first announced last year - was revealed. PPL CEO Peter Leathem, Kobalt Neighbouring Rights MD Ann Tausis, Featured Artists Coalition co-CEO Crispin Hunt, BPI Head Of Internet Investigation John Hodge and Muso co-Founder and Director Andy Chatterley will also take part in a strand that will cover neighbouring rights, tools for protecting content online, and all the key issues affecting the music rights sector in 2014.

With the full line-up of Maximising Music Rights now online, the next half-day strand taking place at TGE this year will be announced next week. Meanwhile a very limited supply of early bird delegate passes at just £145 are still available in the TGE website here. Rooms are also going fast at the official delegate hotels, The Queens and myhotel.

Read the full interview with Weatherley here.

Irish labels sue again to force UPC to enact three-strikes
While the Irish record industry has successfully secured web-blocking injunctions against The Pirate Bay, the labels there still want the internet service providers to participate in a three-strikes type system, sending out warning letters to suspected file-sharers.

As previously reported, Ireland's biggest tel co Eircom reached a voluntary settlement with the country's record industry to set up a three-strikes style system to target file-sharers. Despite a challenge over the legality of the scheme, the anti-piracy programme is still ongoing.

After reaching its deal with Eircom the Irish record business pledged to pressure the ISP's competitors to introduce similar schemes, though in that domain it has been a lot less successful. Ireland's second biggest net firm UPC hasn't been especially willing to play ball, and has fought legal efforts to force it to introduce three-strikes, arguing such measures would require a change in Irish law.

UPC prevailed first time round, but according to the Irish Times the labels are having another go, believing that it now has the country's political community on its side. According to the newspaper, Irish record industry trade body IRMA monitored UPC customers during November last year and reported 7757 copyright infringements to the net firm. The (slightly paraphrased) message from IRMA: do something about this you bastards.

But UPC still argues that ploughing ahead with a three-strikes programme would raise a "serious question of freedom of expression and public policy and demands fair and impartial procedures in the appropriate balancing of rights". That, Team UPC say, would require a three-strikes law to be introduced.

The new legal action has been filed with Ireland's Commercial Court, with a hearing in the case scheduled for April.


Sunde has another go at avoiding Pirate Bay jail term
Proving that it's not just the record labels who can be very persistent when it comes to pursuing legal action on piracy issues, Peter Sunde, co-founder and former spokesman for the once hilarious (when Sunde was writing the press releases) Pirate Bay is having another go at having his copyright infringement conviction overturned. He really doesn't want to go to jail. Even though, if he got jailed with some hackers, he could do some valuable research for his newish encrypted messaging platform Hemlis.

As much previously reported, in addition to approximately 11,309 civil actions against The Pirate Bay around the world, the three founders and a key funder of the Bay faced criminal action for their involvement in the piracy-enabling venture in Sweden. And they lost the case. Twice. And then the country's Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal. Meaning Sunde faces jail for his role in the copyright infringement The Pirate Bay enabled.

But Sunde has successfully put off prison pursuing various routes of appeal, including trying to fight his case in the European Court Of Human Rights, and appealing to the Swedish authorities for clemency. Now, according to Torrentfreak, he is having another stab at Sweden's Supreme Court, hoping that a "changing legal climate" in the European Union will aid his argument that, as an enabler of infringement rather than an infringer himself, he shouldn't be jailed for copyright crimes.

Sunde told TF: "There are new cases from the EU that have proven that I should not have any responsibility, so my case should be re-opened and I should win the case. Of course I never really had a fair trial to begin with. [But there's now] a chance it will be re-tried, but it's always hard to say. In any case, it's a shot worth taking just to prove a point".


Tulisa in court on assault charge
Tulisa Contostavlos appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court yesterday to enter a plea on charges of assaulting celebrity blogger Vas J Morgan at last year's V Festival. According to BBC News, the singer pleaded not guilty and was released on unconditional bail, but will have to return to stand trial in May.

Writing on his blog last year, Morgan said that Contostavlos had come "charging toward me in a drunken and angry state" as he was leaving the festival. He claims that she accused him of following her, continuing: "Tulisa then punched me in the eye and continued hurling abusive threats which included boasts of being from the streets, knowing gangsters and being worth ten million pounds".

The May court hearing will be something of a warm up for Contostavlos's separate trial on charges of selling drugs to an undercover Sun reporter last year, which is due to take place in July.

Hyperdub signs Fatima Al Qadiri
Hyperdub has taken on Kuwaiti AV artist Fatima Al Qadiri, who now lives in Brooklyn.

Al Qadiri herself has confirmed that Kode9's London-based label will deal with the release of her first LP, 'Asiatisch', on 5 May.

Lacking an advance track from that, have instead Fatima's Sega Megadrive-inspired, Fade To Mind-released 'Desert Strike' EP circa 2012.

IFPI chief calls on to stop the infringement and embrace licensed music
The boss of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, Frances Moore, has called on popular Russian social network - or vKontakte - to seize the moment and become a friend rather than foe of the music industry.

As previously reported, has been on the receiving end of various lawsuits from music rights owners for enabling its users to easily share unlicensed recordings over its networks. The social media firm has, more recently, made gestures towards cracking down on infringement and working with labels and publishers, though the IFPI reckons much, much more needs to be done, and for now the social network continues to hinder the growth of Russia's music market.

The company has just been listed in the US Trade Representative's 'Notorius Markets' report as a serious copyright infringer, motivating Moore's polemic. However, she says, management is being revamped at the Russian firm and new investment is being sought, with a possible flotation on the agenda. Securing investment from international sources will mean assuring potential shareholders that IP matters are in hand, and that - if nothing else - should persuade to act now, says Moore.

She writes: "vKontakte should not wait for an IPO to seize this opportunity. It should act now, take steps to stop facilitating piracy and become a licensed participant in the music business. Working with record companies vKontakte could be a powerful player in a fast-growing licensed Russian music sector. This does not need to mean that consumers would be deprived of free music - there are already licensed free streaming services [in Russia] such as Yandex and Trava. What it does mean is stopping unlicensed music, so that artists and record labels have the choice of how their music is distributed and get paid a fair return as a result".

You can read Moore's full piece here.

Twitter's Head Of Music gives more details on 300 partnership
Head Of Music at Twitter, Bob Moczydlowsky, has given further details on the social network's partnership with Lyor Cohen's 300 record label and artist management company in an interview with Billboard.

As previously reported, Cohen announced the hook up during his MIDEM keynote earlier this month, explaining: "We're going to create A&R tools to find artists early, and help develop them ... If you wanna get signed, I think you have to engage with Twitter ... and we'll be looking and trying to develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilise".

Explaining this idea further, Moczydlowsky said: "We're developing a data set specific to music ... There's a ton of new information and conversations about music that we have never let of out of the building before. Some of that data has to do with timing or geography. This can valuable data for things like targeted marketing and A&R. It has the potential to help the industry figure out how to best invest in artists or how to direct their marketing campaigns".

What the company needs 300 for is A&R intelleigence, says Moczydlowsky, making sense of how this data may be useful to the music industry with a view to signing new artists. 300 has a six month exclusive on all of this data, before it will be made available for licensing to the entire music industry.

He continued: "In six months we will have the data set that anybody can license directly, that's the raw data. In about a year, you should be able to go to a provider and say, 'Hey I want access to that data and I also want it in an interface that you provide' and you know, we'll have a third party by then who will have that data integrated".

Read the full interview here.

Transatlantic music PR firm Major launches
A new music PR firm has been launched by Sarah Maynard, formerly of London-based Division PR, and Jessica Giordano, former Head Of Publicity for Epitaph Records in LA. Called Major, the new company will offer campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic.

At launch, the company is representing rock band Night Verses in both the UK and US, while Maynard will handle UK-only press for The Menzingers, The Wonder Years, Alexz Johnson, Idiom and Crooks, and Giordano will represent Irish band Wounds in America.

Maynard told CMU: "We realised that there was sometimes a bit of a disconnect between PR campaigns in the US and the UK and wanted to offer the option to break down that barrier by providing our services in tandem for those clients who require both. Our combined knowledge of markets in the US and the UK will provide a strong facet in any band's team as we begin to work these transatlantic campaigns, as well as taking on clients solely for US or UK representation".

Giordano added: "Together we are creating publicity campaigns that work in today's global landscape. Independent artists are no longer confined to their hometown market, or even their national market, so integrated publicity is more important than ever. Major bridges that gap for artists, media and fans".

In the UK, the company will offer print and online PR, while the US side of the company will also cover TV where appropriate.

More information on the company here.

Music Week reveals its 30 Under 30
Music Week has published its now annual 30 Under 30 list championing music industry types who have managed to combine being young with being rather good at this music business game.

By which I mean, working on the making, marketing, distributing and performing of great music. Not that Music Inc game that was launched last week. There's no awards for being good at that. Well, maybe one for high-levels of tedium resistance.

Anyway, well done to all the following music industry execs. You can read up on each of them at this here link.

Alex Le Roux - Founder, ALR Music
Anya Jones - A&R Manager, Syco
Alex McCloy - Head Of Digital, NOW! That's What I Call...
Ben Rimmer - Senior Label Manager, Believe Digital
Chris Carey - Global Insight Director, Universal Music Group
Colin Roberts - Big Life Management/Founder, Work It Media
Ed Poston - A&R/Creative, Glassnote UK
Hannah Dudley - Head Of Digital, Rhino/WMALS
Faye Donaldson - Senior Marketing Manager, Sony CMG
James Passmore - Founder, Plugged In PR & National Anthem
Jo Horton - Marketing Manager (UK & International), Sony Music
Lizzie Dickson - Music Community Manager, Google+
Lara Baker - Marketing & Events Manager, AIM
James Bessell - Account Manager, PPL
Jamie Osman - Manager, Red Light
Lisa Ward - Label Manager, Fiction Records
Johnny Brocklehurst - Head Of Sales & Marketing, Because Music
Markell Casey - A&R Scout, Virgin
Mike Ajayi - A&R, Infectious Music
Rosie Jennings - Manager, Raw Power
Mikey Malak - Agent, Coda
Sian Anderson - Marketing Manager, Atlantic UK
Sophie Hall - Label Manager, MTA Records
Shahid Khan - Founder, Naughty Words/Hotel Cabana
Summer Marshall - Agent, CAA
Simon Jones - Senior Music Manager, AEG Live
Thomas Willdridge - Artist Services, Ticketmaster International
Will Nichols - Senior Visual Content Manager, Parlophone
Tom Overbury - A&R, BMG
Zeon Richards - Director/Manager, Renowned Management

  Approved: Kenzie May - Skeleton Key
Still probably best known for her vocal contribution to Sub Focus's 'Falling Down', Kenzie May makes her next play for solo recognition with new track 'Skeleton Key'. Following on from the previously approved 'Hide & Seek', which came out last summer and remains a regular feature in my headphones (I mean I listen to it quite a lot).

'Skeleton Key' maintains a similar sound to that laid down by 'Hide & Seek', not exactly fast-paced but still filled with energy, smartly weaving rhythm and melody in the vocals to create hooks that gradually seep into your consciousness. If anything, the production is a little slicker on this new track, and suggest positive things for future releases.

Watch the video here.
CLICK HERE to read and share online

Release round-up: The Smiths, Conor Oberst, Major Lazer and Chet Faker
Let's get this straight, The Smiths are never ever ever getting back together. It's never going to happen, like, ever. Still, one thing Moz and co have done is let iTunes remaster and re-release all the LPs and compilations they ever put out (ever) in their time as a band. So that's 'The Smiths', 'Meat Is Murder', 'The Queen Is Dead' and 'Strangeways, Here We Come', plus live collection 'Rank', plus comps 'Hatful Of Hollow' and 'The World Won't Listen'. And all because the aforementioned 'The Smiths' is 30 this year.

Having closed the lid on his one-time moniker Bright Eyes in 2011, folk bod Conor Oberst is now due to issue his first solo LP proper. Titled 'Upside Down Mountain, it'll come out on Nonesuch on 19 May, bringing with it Oberst's new single 'Hundreds Of Ways'. Hear Conor singing with First Aid Kit's Johanna and Klara Soderberg on the track, which will apparently be released on seven-inch vinyl on 19 Apr, as a Record Store Day special, now.

And guess what, Major Lazer, aka Diplo and associates, is sounding the 'official announcement' klaxon on its four-track 'Apocalypse Soon' EP. Released 25 Feb via Mad Decent/Because Music, it features Sean Paul, Machel Montano and Mr Fox. And RDX and Moska, who collaborate on a song titled 'Lose Yourself' (which plays in part over the 'Apocalypse Soon' trail here). And, invariably, Pharrell Williams, on the EP's first-to-air single, 'Aerosol Can', here.

And for anyone curious as to what R&B-pop man Chet Faker has done lately, it's this: his debut LP, 'Built On Glass', which is coming out on 14 Apr. It follows the Australia-based partner-of-Flume's 'Thinking In Textures' suite of 2012, and was made on a tight budget in Chet's Melbourne home studio, which overlooks a meat market.

"It's the first time I've ever worked on a full-length and I felt like hi-fidelity wasn't something to strive for working in a room on my own. Lyrically, I wanted to explore how my life directly affected my music - that's the glass, I guess", he guesses. Find details of his springtime trip to Britain here, and stream the LP's lead single 'Talk Is Cheap' here.

Aidan Moffat plots Scottish trad folk shows
Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat will roam Scotland in April, stopping to play five ceilidh-style shows as part of Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme.

Filmmaker Paul Fegan is to shoot the trip, which will find Moffat, his band, and a number of guests, singing traditional folk sagas, drinking songs, and "bawdy ballads", for a doc set to premiere once the Games have closed in August.

The tour is titled 'Where You're Meant To Be', and consists of the following shows, all of which cost nothing to go to (though you'll need to register for free tickets here):

19 Apr: Lewis, Ness Social Club
23 Apr: Helensburgh, Faslane Peace Camp
25 Apr: Aberdeen, Blue Lamp
26 Apr: Echt, Cullerlie Farm Park
27 Apr: Edinburgh, The Caves


Damon Albarn adds London solo dates
Damon Albarn is to play two solo dates, both in London, in April AND May, the appropriate authorities have confirmed. Damo will first waltz into the Rivoli Ballroom on 30 Apr, entertaining freshers at the Great Hall of Queen Mary University on 1 May.

The point of it all is to promote his first LP as Damon Albarn, titled 'Everyday Robots', which is hard-wired to hit shops on 28 Apr. Nice timing. Tickets will go on sale this Friday. Happy Valentine's Day, all.


Festival line-up update: Truck, Slam Dunk, Hop Farm and more
Anyone for In The Woods 2014? I'm talking, of course, about London(ish)-based 'magical anarchic utopia'-in-a-copse In The Woods, whose USP is that it doesn't unveil its line-up until the last minute. This year's festival takes place on 29-31 Aug, and a first release of 1000 tickets to it will be available, at the earliest, on 6 Apr.

With that, it's time to take a look at actual line-ups of actual artists just added to all-day pop-punk bash Slam Dunk, the Brian Wilson-headlined 'brand new' Hop Farm Festival, and all the other following outdoor music dos...

BRADFORD THREADFEST, various venues, Bradford, 23-25 May: Nissenenmondai, Robert Millis, The Witch Hunt, Nadja, Galaxians, Allusondrugs, Cut Yourself In Half, Dean McPhee, Grey Hairs, Chicaloyoh, Cleft, Philip Jeck, Female Band, Rattle, Monty Casino, Koala, Polymitas, Lee Patterson, Snack Family , Cantaloupe , Inspirational Sound.

THE ELECTRIC FROG & PRESSURE RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL, Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland, 3-4 May: Jamie Jones, Andrew Weatherall, Aphrohead aka Felix Da Housecat, Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Moritz von Oswald, DJ Sneak, Tiga, Visionquest, Vitalic.

FOCUS WALES, various venues, Wrexham, Wales, 23-26 Apr: John Cooper Clarke, All We Are, Keys, Kizzy Crawford, Yr Ods, Houdini Dax, Camera, HMS Morris.

HOP FARM MUSIC FESTIVAL, The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent, 4-6 Jul: James Blunt, Caro Emerald, Paul Carrack, Squeeze, The Feeling.

SLAM DUNK, Leeds University/The Foruym, Hertfordshire/Wolverhampton Civic, 24-26 May: All-American Rejects, Goldfinger, Letlive, The Ghost Inside, Zebrahead, Bury Tomorrow, The Devil Wears Prada, Canterbury, H2O, I Am The Avalanche, Crown The Empire, Real Friends, Neck Deep, I Killed The Prom Queen, Decade, Caliban, Fandangle.

SONISPHERE UK, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, 4-6 Jul: Deftones, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Reel Big Fish, Protest The Hero, Alestorm, Truckfighters, Kerbdog, Only Crime, Blitz Kids, Itch, Max Raptor, Hounds.

SPORTBEAT, Oxstalls Sports Park, Gloucester, 7-8 Jun: T he Hoosiers, Reverend And The Makers, By The Rivers, Lucy Spraggan, The Struts, Menswear, Isaiah Dreads, Big Sixes, Shy Nature, George Barnett.

SUPERSONIC, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, 30-31 May: Swans, Matmos, Ex Easter Island Head, Wolf Eyes, Sleaford Mods, Agathe Max, Basic House, Jenny Hval, If Wet.

TRUCK FESTIVAL, Hill Farm, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, 18-19 Jul: White Lies, The Cribs, Peace, Stornoway, Andrew WK, Los Campesinos!, Kids In Glass Houses, Swim Deep, Cerebral Ballzy, Itch, Eliza And The Bear, Lonely The Brave, Darlia, Circa Waves, Flyte, Nothing But Thieves, Nordic Giants, Black Moth.

AA Gill takes prize for savaging Morrissey
Sunday Times critic AA Gill has taken the Hatchet Job Of The Year prize for his critique of Morrissey's 'Autobiography'. Set up by The Omnivore website in 2012, the award is given to "the writer of the angriest, funniest, most trenchant book review of the past twelve months".

Staving off competition from fellow Sunday Times reviewer Donna Tarrt, amongst others, Gill took the crown by describing Moz's life story as "450 pages of what makes Morrissey, but nothing of what Morrissey makes", concluding: "There are many pop autobiographies that shouldn't be written. Some to protect the unwary reader, and some to protect the author. In Morrissey's case, he has managed both. This is a book that cries out like one of his maudlin ditties to be edited. But were an editor to start, there would be no stopping".

It seems fitting that Gill should take the prize for writing about Morrissey, given that both men, while occasionally amusing, are ultimately self-important wankers.

But, hey, Morrissey gets the last laugh, because I'm going to conclude this story by talking about two US shows he's just announced. According to his semi-official website True To You, he will play the Los Angeles Sports Arena on 10 May and Barclays Center in New York on 21 Jun. Singer-songwriter Kristeen Young will be on first at both shows, while support in LA will come from Tom Jones and in NY from Cliff Richard.

Yes, I know that seems terribly unlikely, but we fired off some emails and got this back from Jones's management: "I have no idea about the Cliff date, but I can confirm Sir Tom will be a special guest at Morrissey's gig on 10 May".

So, there you go.

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