An UnLimited Media Bulletin
Thursday 20 February 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: So, the great, and the good, and the bad, let's not forget the bad, of the pop and rock world amassed at the O2 Dome in Greenwich yesterday for their annual prize giving. Arctic Monkeys and One Direction were the double winners, the former winning two real awards - Best Group and Best Album - the latter the only slightly made up British Global Success Award and the all new Who's Got The Most... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: As a member of Filur and WhoMadeWho, Tomas Barfod has already made some big contributions to the Danish electronic music scene, before you even get to his solo work. But get to it we shall, because this week he releases his first EP for the Secretly Canadian label, entitled 'Pulsing'. A bit punchier than the music found on his 2012 debut album 'Salton Sea', the new EP pre-empts his second LP... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES The customary BRITS report then
DEALS Nicole Scherzinger leaves X-Factor, signs with RCA
James to work with both BMG and Cooking Vinyl on new album
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Warner Music Group to launch new label with Shazam
Reggae reissue label resurrected via VP alliance
Two new recruits for Universal's metal label
STIM chief steps down
MANAGEMENT & FUNDING Music Export Growth Scheme provides more funding to internationally minded indie artists
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Facebook buys WhatsApp in mega-bucks deal
Omnifone reveals some stats about emerging markets
Vevo release some stats
MEDIA Rolling Stone loses more staff, reports Billboard
RELEASES Release Round-Up: Pharrell, John Frusciante, Bo Ningen and Honeyblood
GIGS & FESTIVALS Apple to take iTunes Festival to SXSW
Gigs & Tours Round-Up: Ronnie Spector, Camera Obscura, Sky Ferreira and Ja Ja Ja
Festival Line-Up Update: End Of The Road, Roskilde, Rock Werchter and more
AND FINALLY... Bowie uses BRITs speech to ask Scotland to stay in the UK
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The customary BRITS report then
We're famously obedient here at CMU, and we are both thrilled and delighted to confirm that this report from last night's BRIT Awards is fully sponsor-compliant.

So, MasterCard the MasterCard great, MasterCard and MasterCard the MasterCard good, MasterCard and MasterCard the MasterCard bad, MasterCard let's MasterCard not MasterCard forget MasterCard the MasterCard bad, MasterCard of MasterCard the MasterCard pop MasterCard and MasterCard rock MasterCard world MasterCard amassed MasterCard at MasterCard the MasterCard O2 MasterCard Dome MasterCard in MasterCard Greenwich MasterCard yesterday MasterCard for MasterCard their MasterCard annual MasterCard prize MasterCard giving.

Arctic MasterCard Monkeys MasterCard and MasterCard One MasterCard Direction MasterCard were MasterCard the MasterCard double MasterCard winners, MasterCard the MasterCard former MasterCard winning MasterCard two MasterCard real MasterCard awards - MasterCard Best MasterCard Group MasterCard and MasterCard Best MasterCard Album MasterCard - the MasterCard latter MasterCard the MasterCard only MasterCard slightly MasterCard made MasterCard up MasterCard British MasterCard Global MasterCard Success MasterCard Award MasterCard and MasterCard the MasterCard all MasterCard new MasterCard Who's MasterCard Got MasterCard The MasterCard Most MasterCard Fans MasterCard On MasterCard Twitter MasterCard Prize. MasterCard Well MasterCard done MasterCard both.

Elsewhere MasterCard Beyonce MasterCard won MasterCard the MasterCard Have MasterCard A MasterCard Quick MasterCard Sing MasterCard And MasterCard Then MasterCard Exit MasterCard Prize, MasterCard Nile MasterCard Rogers MasterCard beat MasterCard Prince MasterCard to MasterCard the MasterCard Old MasterCard Cool MasterCard Guy MasterCard In MasterCard The MasterCard Room MasterCard Award, MasterCard James MasterCard Cordon MasterCard delighted MasterCard the MasterCard crowds MasterCard by MasterCard confirming MasterCard that MasterCard this MasterCard was MasterCard his MasterCard last MasterCard stint MasterCard as MasterCard host, MasterCard and MasterCard we MasterCard all MasterCard discovered MasterCard that MasterCard Bastille MasterCard and MasterCard Rudimental MasterCard actually MasterCard sound MasterCard better MasterCard when MasterCard merged. Good Times.

And here are the winners...

Best British Male Solo Artist: David Bowie
Best British Female Solo Artist: Ellie Goulding
British Group: Arctic Monkeys
British Breakthrough Act: Bastille
British Global Success Award: One Direction
Critics' Choice: Sam Smith
British Producer Of The Year: Flood (Mark Ellis) & Alan Moulder

British Single: Rudimental featuring Ella Eyre - Waiting All Night
MasterCard British Album Of The Year: Arctic Monkeys - AM
British Video Award: One Direction - Best Song Ever

International Male Solo Artist: Bruno Mars
International Female Solo Artist: Lorde
International Group: Daft Punk

PS: If you're one of those crazy people who reckons that award shows - and reports thereof - are better without some big brand being forced down your neck, and if you insist on pushing that outdated leftist anti-corporate agenda down our necks, there's a MasterCard free version of this report here.

PS: We should note it was MasterCard's PR reps making crazy demands of journalists yesterday, and that the BRITs PR team are lovely and charming and would never do anything so silly. Their only demand is that no one point out that the British Global Success Award was made up to ensure One Direction are guaranteed at least one win, and we're more that willing to comply with that one rule.

Nicole Scherzinger leaves X-Factor, signs with RCA
Despite bailing on Syco's sinking ship (well, slightly slipping, but ships don't slip) 'X-Factor', Nicole Scherzinger has nevertheless remained friends with the wider Sony Music family, signing a sweet new deal with the major's RCA label.

Confirming both via Twitter (actually on Valentine's Day), Syco/'X-Factor' tyrant and "squiddly diddly" first-time dad Si-Co said: "Nicole will always be a part of the 'X-Factor' family. Now signed to Sony as an artist. Thank you Nicole for everything".

Sticking with the nice 'family' vibe, RCA President Colin Barlow added this week: "We are delighted that Nicole has joined the Sony family. She truly is one of the greatest singers in the world and we are very excited by the record she is currently making".

Scherzy will bless her admirers (wherever they may be) with a new solo LP, her first since 2011's 'Killer Love', later this year.


James to work with both BMG and Cooking Vinyl on new album
James have confirmed that they'll continue to - wait for it - 'sit down' with BMG for the release of a brand new album - look at that, all night at the BRITs and I'm still producing comedy gold. You're welcome.

Actually, the Manchester band are doing even more sitting down with BMG, though at the same time plan to do a little lounging over at Cooking Vinyl too, which would be a lot easier to communicate if I hadn't started off with this 'sit down' thing.

Basically, James, who did a publishing deal with BMG back in 2012, are now extending their partnership with the firm to cover recordings, though in an interesting arrangement that will see BMG's artist services team work with indie label Cooking Vinyl on the release of the band's next long player.

And, as Cooking Vinyl chief Martin Goldschmidt notes: "On paper BMG and Cooking Vinyl are competitors and that is what makes this a landmark deal, offering James the combined strengths of both companies. We have already started working together on James and it already feels like a smooth, efficient well-oiled machine".

Meanwhile BMG UK boss Alexi Cory-Smith told CMU: "James have delivered an extremely strong record, and in line with BMG's commitment to partnering with the independent sector, we are delighted to be working with Cooking Vinyl, one of the world's leading independents".

And long-standing James manager Peter Rudge added: "We're thrilled that BMG and Cooking Vinyl have joined together to market and release this record. The global assets of BMG combined with the specific expertise of Cooking Vinyl, one of the UK's leading independents, is a powerful combination".

Warner Music Group to launch new label with Shazam
Warner Music Group has announced a partnership with Shazam to launch a new label bearing the music discovery tool's name. The new imprint will use data collected through Shazam's apps to inform both new signings and marketing campaigns.

WMG's COO Rob Wiesenthal explains: "By partnering with Shazam, a brand which is synonymous with music discovery for fans all around the world, we have forged a potent proposition: the first crowdsourced, big data record label. While data and crowd sourced analyses will never be a substitute for the expertise and instincts of our A&R professionals, we do believe the information we obtain for this new label will provide very useful signals that will bolster our ability to find the stars of tomorrow".

The two companies already have a marketing alliance, and have so far collaborated on premieres of 'Come Alive' by Chromeo and 'We Dem Boyz' by Wiz Khalifa. Further projects involved Jason Derulo and Hunter Hayes are also planned.

On the new development, Shazam's CEO Rich Riley said: "We are excited to enter into a next-generation partnership with Warner Music Group. Every minute of the day, people around the world Shazam over 10,000 songs, giving us incredible insight into what songs are trending and allowing us to discover future hits. Combining Shazam's proprietary data with WMG's A&R expertise will yield fantastic results. We are also eager to use our deep data and advanced promotional solutions combined with exclusive content from WMG to help artists engage with their fans and sell more music".

Shazam recently announced that during this year's Super Bowl, users whipped their phones out to find out what they were listening to 700,000 times. More than half occurred during Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' half time show, presumably coinciding with people shouting, "What is this awful rubbish?"


Reggae reissue label resurrected via VP alliance
US-based reggae label VP Records is resurrecting former British reggae independent Blood And Fire, with the indie's former A&R chief Steve Barrow on board to run it.

Blood And Fire was set up in 1993 by Barrow, Simply Red man Mick Hucknall and his band's management team with a mission to re-release mainly Jamaican recordings from the 1970s and 1980s, most of which didn't receive the attention Barrow et al thought they deserved on first release. The re-releases would usually come with extensive liner notes and photographs about the original recordings.

The company called it a day in 2007 after two of its distributors went under, and as CD sales across the industry tanked. Though Barrow has since said it was a mistake to let the company wind down, so it's not a huge surprise he's back in business via a partnership with an established player in the reggae space.

Confirming the alliance, VP Records CEO Chris Chin told reporters this week: "Blood And Fire presented reggae with premium quality and care as well as revived the careers of many unsung producers and performers. We respect and admire the Blood and Fire brand and are delighted to be working together".


Two new recruits for Universal's metal label
Universal Music announced earlier this week two new appointments at Spinefarm Records, the metal imprint that has been expanding since the appointment of ex-Roadrunner man Jonas Nachsin to the job of worldwide GM last August.

The two new recruits will both be New York based, and are Maria Ouellette, who joins as Senior Director of International after four years running a consulting and marketing firm providing services to metal and hard rock acts, and Darren Dalessio, who joins from rock management firm 5B Artist Management as Director Of A&R.

Confirming the appointments, Nachsin told CMU: "After years helping to grow the careers of some of the most talented and groundbreaking artists in rock and metal, I am truly excited to be leading a label that is expanding and looking to enter into significant new partnerships. With Darren and Maria on board, and more to come, Spinefarm is the destination for artists looking for a truly global home in hard rock and metal".


STIM chief steps down
The boss of the Swedish music publishing sector's collecting society, STIM, has stepped down with immediate effect, it's been announced. Kenth Muldin has been CEO at the society since 2003, having previously been Chief Legal Officer.

STIM Chair Kjell-Åke Hamrén told CMU: "Kenth Muldin is the architect behind the modern STIM and has provided STIM with international collaborations not previously available to the organisation. I am grateful that such a brilliant person as Kenth served STIM for such a long period and at the same time I am looking forward to preparing [the organisation] for new challenges".

Music Export Growth Scheme provides funding to internationally minded indie artists
The Music Export Growth Scheme from UK Trade & Investment and the BPI has announced its first round of funding, selecting fourteen artists signed to small and mid-sized UK labels to receive financial support to promote their music overseas.

Selected from 188 applications, the artists to receive funding are:

• Afrikan Boy
• Beth Jeans Houghton
• Catfish And The Bottlemen
• Drenge
• Filthy Boy
• Fred V & Grafix
• George Benjamin
• Holy Mountain
• Melt Yourself Down
• Public Service Broadcasting
• The Crookes
• The Temperance Movement
• Throwing Snow
• Zara McFarlane

Announcing the latest round of funding, Trade Minister Lord Livingston said: "Last night's BRIT Awards showed the depth of music talent in the UK and why we sell more records around the world than almost any other country. 50 years on from the Beatles arriving in the America, the Music Export Growth Scheme will give more talented young British artists the chance to be successful on the international stage. This scheme is just one of a number of ways UK Trade & Investment helps music businesses to get into the rhythm of exporting".

BPI CEO, Geoff Taylor added: "The very strong response we've had to the Music Export Growth Scheme clearly demonstrates the demand from independent labels for support in boosting their exports. The quality of the applications was encouraging and I'm delighted that BPI can play a role in helping UK indie labels to grow their businesses overseas".

The scheme, which was launched last October, will hand out £2.5 million over the course of two and a half years, helping smaller artists to take their music to the world. The deadline to apply for the next lump of money is 17 Mar. More details here.

Facebook buys WhatsApp in mega-bucks deal
So Facebook yesterday - somewhat out of the blue - announced it had gone and bought popular messaging app WhatsApp, sort of the Skype of text messaging if you're not one of the 450 million+ people using the service. And here's the fun bit: it's paying $19 billion for it. Why? Well, because, as you all know, tech companies these days are valued by a goat in Milwaukee called Terrance. And he's an idiot.

It should be noted most of the $19 billion will be paid with Facebook stock (WhatsApp's founders and investors will have to make do with just $4 billion in cash), and there is some logic to the acquisition. When it emerged that photo-sharing was becoming ever more important in social networking, Facebook bought Instagram. More recently an increasing amount of online chatter has shifted off the social networks onto messaging services, so Facebook buys the biggest of them too.

WhatsApp is also particularly popular in some emerging markets where Facebook wants to further build is reach, and - perhaps most interestingly - the messaging service is subscription-based rather than ad-funded. It's a nominal subscription fee - and capitalises on the fact people are used to paying for SMS messaging, and by comparison WhatsApp is really cheap - but crucially it brings an alternative business model to the Facebook group, which promises it will leave the WhatsApp team to their own devices despite the takeover.


Omnifone reveals some stats about emerging markets
Omnifone, the company that powers various digital music platforms, perhaps most notably the Sony Entertainment Network's streaming service, has published some stats about its operations in non-Western markets, which accounted for 20% of overall streams in 2013, up from 14% in 2012. Streams in these countries were up six-fold in the last twelve months - the firm says - as an increasing number of users in emerging markets opt for legit music services, mainly via mobile.

Says Omnifone boss Jeff Hughes: "The data we report today shows there is a wealth of potentially untapped opportunity for global digital music services in markets where connected mobile device adoption is on the up. Incomes are increasing and local rights owners are more supportive than ever of digital platforms which are creating the right balance of supply and demand".

Though fully capitalising on opportunities in these markets may require refining the product, Hughes added, telling CMU: "Technology aside, domestic catalogue availability is vital for successful expansion into these new markets. Equally important is pricing that reflects the economic conditions in emerging markets. We envisage a new breed of as yet unknown business models will start to emerge as rights owners and digital platforms respond to the financial needs of consumers. This will increase the need for flexible technical and commercial structures around global services".


Vevo release some stats
Music video service Vevo yesterday released its 'UK Music Video Viewership Report' which contains "information regarding 2013 viewership numbers to offer analysis on consumer behaviour trends".

Mainly that 'Blurred Lines' was the most shared video in the UK last year. Which may be deeply, deeply depressing but hey, perhaps everyone was sharing it with the message "what the fuck - why have Universal Music just released an anthem for rape apologists?"

Away from all that, total video views via Vevo in the UK were up 29% to 2.6 billion last year, while worldwide views were up 33% to 55 billion. Meanwhile non-PC-based viewing, so via smartphones, tablets or smart TVs, were up 201%, so that such platforms now account for 51% of overall Vevo-style video watching.

You can download the full report here.

Rolling Stone loses more staff, reports Billboard
According to Billboard, Rolling Stone magazine lost three key members of staff last Friday. Associate editors Mike Ayers and Blaine McEvoy and Director Of Industry Relations Mike Spinella have all departed, the US trade mag reports.

This follows the departure of Executive Director Eric Bates and Press Officer for RS publisher Wenner Media Mark Neschis earlier this year.

  Approved: Tomas Barfod
As a member of Filur and WhoMadeWho, Tomas Barfod has already made some big contributions to the Danish electronic music scene, before you even get to his solo work. But get to it we shall, because this week he releases his first EP for the Secretly Canadian label, entitled 'Pulsing'.

A bit punchier than the music found on his 2012 debut album 'Salton Sea', the new EP pre-empts his second LP, which is coming in March. Title track 'Pulsing' features regular collaborator Nina Kinert on vocals, who slots her voice in between the (appropriately) pulsing synths that lead the track along.

'Pulsing' also comes in the form of an equally intriguing remix from hip hop producer J£zus Million, which slows the track right down, pulling apart and thoroughly examining its component parts.

Check out a SoundCloud stream of the remix here, and the meaty video (it contains lots of close-ups of raw meat, just in case that’s not your ‘thing’) here.
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Release Round-Up: Pharrell, John Frusciante, Bo Ningen and Honeyblood
Pharrell's hat has made the last minute announcement that the new solo LP from the man under it (aka Pharrell) is titled 'G I R L', and will come out in under a fortnight, in two Mondays time. Just look at him, bold as brass, flaunting various faces, and hats, to the sound of violins, in its accompanying clip. I ask you.

Also with his own solo LP in tow, it's former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, who's just introduced the world to 'Enclosure', the follow-on to 'PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone'. Due to hit shops on 7 Apr, it was, says John, made at the same time as 'Medieval Chamber', the album Frusciante produced for the band Black Knights.

Elaborating, he adds: "As different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process. What I learned from one fed directly into the other. 'Enclosure' is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with 'PBX'". Find more 'Enclosure' info, and download its last track, the funky funky 'Scratch', at this link.

Oh and, Japan's longhaired psychlords Bo Ningen have confirmed their third LP. Bearing a still-secret title and set to be released on a still-secret date in May, we at least have a trial play of its lead single 'DaDaDa' (see here), and this list of the band's live UK dates, the first of which is on 7 May at London's Heaven.

Also, FatCat's one and only Glasgow folk-pop duo Honeyblood have followed 2013's nippy single 'Bud' with particulars on their first LP, also called 'Honeyblood'. Produced with Peter Katis, who's worked for The National and Interpol, in his Connecticut studio, it mirrors "good times" in the Honeyblood girls' lives, and will burst out with the spring on 19 May. Listen to one of the songs inside it, 'Choker', now.

Apple to take iTunes Festival to SXSW
After several years of running its annual month-long iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London, Apple has announced that it will be launching another version of the event at this year's South By Southwest. A festival within a festival, I guess you could call it. But let's not, eh?

Anyway, the festival within a festival will take place over five nights at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas (obviously) and will feature the musical stylings of Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, London Grammar, ZEDD and GRL. Plus some others, who are still to be announced. Pharrell, probably. He seems to be quite popular, and also has an album out in March.

Eddy Cue, Apple's Senior Vice President Of Internet Software And Services, said of all this (except my Pharrell specualation): "The iTunes Festival in London has become an incredible way for Apple to share its love of music with our customers. We're excited about the incredible line-up of artists performing and SXSW is the perfect place to debut the first iTunes Festival in the US".

As with the UK edition, even if you're unable to attend, you'll still be able to watch all the performances through the iTunes Festival apps on your Apple devices. Or say that you're going to do that and then just forget, as is more often the case. For me, anyway.


Gigs & Tours Round-Up: Ronnie Spector, Camera Obscura, Sky Ferreira and Ja Ja Ja
Pop icon Ronnie Spector will bring her 'Beyond The Beehive' show to London next month, appearing in the midst of the Women Of The World Festival on 9 Mar, at Queen Elizabeth Hall. 'Beehive' finds Spector reminiscing on her hits, both solo and with the Ronnettes, telling stories, and showing clips and photos from throughout her life. It should be, and will be, very cool. Info here.

Scottish indie clan Camera Obscura have just this minute noted down six new shows. Running from 25 May (at Belfast's The Empire) to 31 May (at Glasgow's ABC), the tour supports a four-track EP, due on Record Store Day, comprising a live audio session based on the band's fifth LP 'Desire Lines', which came out last year. All the gigs are listed on this page, and the session, taped last summer by CA's label 4AD, looks and sounds like this.

America's anti-sweetheart Sky Ferreira is flying in to London, England again in March, celebrating the strange-yet-apparently-true UK release of her very first LP, 'Night Time, My Time'. The gig is at Oslo in London on 10 Mar. RSVP and find its relevant deets here.

Nordic showcase night Ja Ja Ja has singled out some Scandinavia-neighbouring artists to play its forthcoming edition, a show at London's The Lexington on 27 Mar. And as is always the case, it's an attractive line-up, this time featuring Norwegian psych kids Electric Eye, Stockholm indie-pop types Last Lynx, and rising Finnish band The Scenes.

Click here to get familiar with all three acts, and with the event's key details.


Festival Line-Up Update: End Of The Road, Roskilde, Rock Werchter and more
So, the twilight event to Britain's festival season, End Of The Road, has released the first bit of its line-up, naming Wild Beasts and The Flaming Lips as headliners, and the likes of The Horrors, Gruff Rhys, Perfume Genius, John Grant, Hookworms and British Sea Power as acts also playing its 2014 bash, which takes place in the closing days of August.

More from that announcement, plus others from Croatia's Electric Elephant, inaugural Nottingham one-dayer No Tomorrow, tasty Danish affair Roskilde and Belgium's Rock Werchter, is to come...

ALIVE AT DELAPRE, Delapre Park, Northamptonshire, 18-20 Jul: Simple Minds.

DENOVALI SWINGFEST, Village Underground/Café Oto, London, 18-19 Apr: Porter Ricks, The Haxan Cloak, Anna von Hausswolff, Hidden Orchestra & Lumen, Ulrich Schnauss, Witxes, John Lemke, Thomas Köner, Piano Interrupted, Origamibiro, Petrels.

ELECTRIC ELEPHANT, The Garden, Tiso, Croatia, 10-14 Jul: Derrick May, Francois K, Munk, Emperor Machine, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Kabal, Man Power, 2 Billion Beats, Hustle DJs, Civilisation DJs, Darren Stewart.

END OF THE ROAD, Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 29 -31 Aug: The Flaming Lips, Wild Beasts, 9 Bach, Adult Jazz, Alexis Taylor, All We Are, Andrew Combs, The Barr Brothers, Benjamin Clementine, Bird Courage, British Sea Power, Cate Le Bon, Cold Specks, Connan Mockasin, Deer Tick, Drenge, Eagulls, Ezra Furman, Gruff Rhys, Hookworms, Horse Thief, Houndstooth, John Cooper Clarke, John Grant, John Smith, Johnny Flynn, Juana Molina, Mark Kozelek, Marissa Nadler, The Melodic, Nick Waterhouse, Oliver Wilde, Perfume Genius, Peggy Sue, Pink Mountaintops, The Radiophonic Workshop, Richard Thompson, Rosie Lowe, St Paul and The Broken Bones, Stealing Sheep, Sweet Baboo, Temples, The Horrors, Three Trapped Tigers, Tinariwen, Tiny Ruins, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Wave Pictures, White Denim, Woods, The Wytches, Yo La Tengo.

NO TOMORROW FESTIVAL, Wollaton Park, Nottingham, 7 Jun: London Grammar, Sam Smith, Eton Messy DJs.

ROCK WERCHTER, Leaven, Rotselaar, Belgium, 3-6 Jul: Rudimental, Chase & Status, Gesaffelstein, The Subs, SBTRKT, Trentemoller, Moderat.

ROSKILDE, Darupvej, Roskilde, Denmark, 3-6 Jul: Chromeo, Forest Swords, James Holden, Kavinsky, Moderat.

PITCH FESTIVAL, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5-6 Jul: Massive Attack, The Gaslamp Killer, Joy Orbison, Todd Terje, Ryan Hemsworth, Kelela Moderat, SBTRKT, Mount Kimbie, Little Dragon, Lunice, George Fitzgerald, Howling, Zomby, Snakehips, Slow Magic, Richie Hawtin, Caribou, Darkside, Buraka Som Sistema, Trippy Turtle, Kuenta i Tambu.

Bowie uses BRITs speech to ask Scotland to stay in the UK
And you thought Chumbawumba throwing a bucket of ice over John Prescott was as political as the BRITs could ever get. No, last night Lord High Commissioner Of Pop David Bowie used his acceptance speech - read out for the absent Best British Male by that Kate Moss - to enter the increasingly headline-grabbing Scottish independence debate.

Bowie's message initially noted that Moss was wearing one of his old costumes, and it rambled on thus: "In Japanese myths the rabbits on my old costume that Kate is wearing live on the moon. Kate is from Venus and I am from Mars. I am completely delighted to have won the BRIT for being the best male, but I am, aren't I Kate? [Moss mouthed "yes"]. I think it's a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much".

As a parting line, Moss slurred on Bowie's behalf: "And Scotland, stay with us". And you know, not wishing to deny the Scots their democratic right to decide their own constitutional future based on a balanced consideration of social, economic and other political issues, but Bowie has spoken, and in some countries that would be sufficient.

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