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Monday 7 April 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: An appeal court ruling in Rome could slow down the issuing of web-block injunctions in Italy, a country where the forced blocking of copyright infringing websites has become the norm of late, and where communications regulator AGCOM has been given powers to instigate future blockades in a bid to tackle online piracy. But one site that was targeted by a recent wide-ranging web block order... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Having released a trickle of singles since the beginning of last year, lo-fi pop duo Candy Says release their title track of their debut album, 'Not Kings', today. The album is then due to follow on 5 May. For all its lo-fi (recorded in a garage) charm, 'Not Kings' is actually a very well constructed pop song, with an infectious synth line and stabs of acoustic guitar beneath singer and guitarist Juju Sophie's... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Rome ruling could slow down web-block campaign in Italy
LEGAL Bieber fined over missed deposition
Lost MegaUpload data sitting in a Virginia warehouse
DEALS BMG buys Skint
Lower sign to Matador, announce debut album
STIM announces new acting CEO
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Two new live music mobile apps launch
EDUCATION & EVENTS Annie, Tinie and Metronomy give clothing to Rumble In The Jumble sale
RELEASES Release Round-Up: Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, Bishop Nehru & DOOM, Austin Mahone, Machinedrum and Timber Timbre
GIGS & FESTIVALS Johnny Rotten to tour US in Jesus (anti)Christ Superstar
Rolling Stones' Australian tour back on
Festival Line-Up Update: Montreux Jazz Festival, Sunwaves, Home Coming and more
AND FINALLY... Pop Dog News Round-Up: Miley Cyrus, Ray J, Alanis Morissette and Ryan Hemsworth
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Rome ruling could slow down web-block campaign in Italy
An appeal court ruling in Rome could slow down the issuing of web-block injunctions in Italy, a country where the forced blocking of copyright infringing websites has become the norm of late, and where communications regulator AGCOM has been given powers to instigate future blockades in a bid to tackle online piracy.

But one site that was targeted by a recent wide-ranging web block order issued by the Public Prosecutor of Rome - which told Italian internet service providers to block 46 torrent, streaming and file-sharing services - took the matter to the Italian capital's Court Of Appeals, where it received a sympathetic hearing.

Whereas a number of the sites targeted by this latest web-block order seemingly threw in the towel more or less straight away, legal reps for took the matter to court. And appeal judges ordered the blockade against the video sharing site be lifted on the basis that the site-wide blockade resulted in legitimate content on the platform from being blocked too.

The logical conclusion of that ruling is that web-blocks should be issued against specific copyright infringing content, rather than against entire sites where unlicensed music and videos are available in amongst some legit files.

Though if that principle is now to be applied across the board in Italy it greatly reduces the power of web-blocking, because rights owners would have to issue much more detailed complaints listing specific URLs. And they would likely find that, as soon as they had one set of URLs blocked, the same content would pop up on the same site at different addresses, so that new web-block orders are required again and again.

Basically resulting in the same situation that already occurs for rights owners issuing takedown orders under the American copyright system against sites that inadvertently host infringing content via user-uploads or automated-aggregation. That it's impossible to issue site-wide takedowns to, say, search engines like Google, against online services that exist primarily to aid infringement is a frequent complaint from the music and movie industries.

The appeals court also said that web-block injunctions should only be issued against sites which are clearly profiting from the infringement they commit or enable, a requirement that has come up in various European jurisdictions before in the ongoing legal battle against file-sharing.

Whether the ruling will have wider implications in Italy, and what it may or may not mean for the web-block orders due to be issued by AGCOM, remains to be seen.

Bieber fined over missed deposition
Justin Bieber has been fined $11,500 for failing to appear for a deposition relating to his alleged ordering of a bodyguard to attack photographer Jeffrey Binion two years ago.

The singer was scheduled to attend the hearing in LA on 23 Jan, but at the time was actually in Miami. Which we know, because that happens to be the day he was arrested for DUI.

Bieber's team actually made it known the day before that their client would not be able to attend, though this was apparently not notice enough, as Binion's lawyer Mark DiCowden had already made the trip. The singer has now been ordered to pay $7500 in legal fees, and $4000 in travel and food expenses to DiCowen. Which seems like a lot of travel and food, but apparently Bieber's seems thinks it's alright.

Bieber's legal rep Roy Black told Gossip Extra: "We agreed to pay a reasonable fee for [DiCowden's] time in LA because Justin didn't appear at the deposition. Justin was otherwise detained at the time. Nevertheless the lawsuit is without merit. The plaintiff admits in his deposition that he suffered no injury beyond so-called 'emotional distress'".

Ironically, when Bieber did turn up for the rescheduled deposition, everyone wished he hadn't.


Lost MegaUpload data sitting in a Virginia warehouse
Many of the servers that previously hosted MegaUpload are currently gathering dust stacked up in a shed in Virginia, according to Torrentfreak, which has been checking in on the status of files once stored on the now defunct file-storage platform

As much previously reported, when US authorities shut down the often controversial MegaUpload without warning in early 2012, in a bid to close an operation that allegedly enabled and profited from rampant copyright infringement, any users who stored legitimate files on the platform also lost access to their content.

Various efforts have been made to help said users regain access to their files - with one affected video maker leading the campaign with assistance from the Electronic Frontier Foundation - but no agreement has ever been reached as how that might happen. Legal reps for MegaUpload and its founder Kim Dotcom suggested that they buy the servers off the company which actually owned them, Carpathia, and work out a way of reconnecting former users with their files.

But the US Department Of Justice and legal reps for the US movie studios objected to that proposal. The former has generally been unsympathetic to those who lost their files as a result of the MegaUpload shutdown, simply pointing out that the file-storage company's terms and conditions instructed users to keep local back-ups of their files. The judge who heard the EFF-led legal case for those former users who had lost files with no local back-up was much more understanding, though has so far only ordered that all parties work together to find a solution.

But no solution has been forthcoming and, according to Torrentfreak, organising the reconnection of old users with old files will now be even harder, because it's thought the old MegaUpload servers are no longer in racks connected to the net, and are instead gathering dust in a storage facility rented by Carpathia. Although, unlike the European server firm used by Dotcom et al, the US company is yet to actually delete the old MegaUpload files and repurpose its hardware.

Torrentfreak says that it is very hard to get any comment from Carpathia or any other stakeholders in this story regards the status of the lost MegaUpload files, though Dotcom's legal rep Ira Rothken is always on hand with an update, albeit limited to what information he himself has been provided by the US government and the courts.

Rothken told Torrentfreak last week: "In separate written requests in the past year both Carpathia and MegaUpload have asked Magistrate Judge Anderson - who was appointed by Judge O'Grady to mediate the cloud storage server data issue - to preside over follow-up negotiations on data preservation and consumer access. The US DOJ has shown little interest in such negotiations and the judge has not been inclined to set any additional meetings".

BMG buys Skint
BMG has further expanded its recorded music operations by acquiring Brighton-based dance labels Skint Records and Loaded Records, which includes the worldwide rights, excluding North America, to five Fatboy Slim albums. Other classic recordings from Loaded and Skint by artists like Xpress 2, Freemasons and Lo Fidelity Allstars are also part of the deal.

Confirming the acquisition, BMG Chrysalis UK EVP Alexi Cory-Smith told CMU: "Skint and Loaded are among the most influential and successful UK independent labels and we are delighted to add them to our growing international catalogue of recordings. There is significant potential in particular in the peerless Fatboy Slim catalogue and we will ensure it gets the attention it deserves".

Meanwhile Loaded/Skint co-founder JC Reid added: "We're really proud of the legacy of the Skint and Loaded labels, the last 24 years have been exhilarating and we're now looking forward to new challenges".


Lower sign to Matador, announce debut album
Danish punk quartet Lower have signed a new deal with Matador to release their debut album, 'Seek Warmer Climes', on 16 Jun.

Frontman Adrian Toubro said of the album: "Every song on the record deals in some way with personal development, be it emotional or cosmetic. How to act in different social contexts, and to acclimatise oneself into a given situation without losing face".

So, with that in mind, check out first single, 'Lost Weight, Perfect Skin' here.

Vivendi sells SFR
Universal Music owner Vivendi has announced that it is to sell its flagging telecoms business SFR to media company Altice, in a deal worth up to $23.3 million, reports Billboard.

As previously reported, the French conglom has been expected to offload its telecoms business for a while, and confirmed that it would do so last November. Having also sold off most of its stake in gaming firm Activision, it leaves Vivendi with just Universal Music and French TV firm Canal Plus in its portfolio of companies.

The deal still has to gain regulator approval.


STIM announces new acting CEO
Swedish publishing rights collecting society STIM has announced Alfons Karabuda as its new acting CEO. He takes over from former acting CEO Helena Woodcock who is returning to her position as STIM's General Counsel. She took up the interim post in February, following the departure of former CEO Kenth Muldin.

Karabuda has been Chairman of the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers And Authors (SKAP) since 2007, and well as sitting on STIM's board of directors. He will step down from both roles while he holds the temporary CEO role.

Announcing his new position, Karbuda said: "In my new role of acting CEO, I look forward to keep promoting the interests of rightsholders. During a time of intense business development, STIM is in need of Helena Woodcock's judicial competence as General Counsel. This is why the change has been made".

Two new live music mobile apps launch
Two new live music focussed mobile apps have launched this week - London gig discovery tool Gig Sq and event planning app Gig Buddy.

Gig Sq - the easier of the two to explain - helps users to locate live shows of interest in London through a mixture of editorial curation and location tools.

Dave Grenfell of live firm Feedme Music, which is a launch partner on the app, told CMU: "This is definitely a chance to rewrite the entertainment rule book for new music discoverers".

Gig Buddy, meanwhile, provides ticket sell-through, as well as offering help with planning transport, accommodation and pre-gig dining. There will also be content from artists too - though at launch only Universal Music is signed up to this - which will provide exclusive content and the ability to buy tour merch. It will apparently also help you to "capture and share moments from the show itself", which I think means encouraging users to take photos and make videos at the gig, thus meaning we can't condone its use at all.

Nick Gallon, Head Of Mobile at Gig Buddy developer RE:SYSTEMS says: "Gig Buddy presents a really exciting opportunity for music lovers of any description to hear about, plan, attend and enjoy gigs from their favourite artists. At RE:SYSTEMS, we are delighted to have developed a cross-platform app that encompasses many layers of functionality and the latest mobile technologies from supporting partners - to deliver a seamless user experience".

Those supporting partners, in addition to Universal, are See Tickets, Paypal, D2F platform Sandbag and restaurant bill-paying app MyCheck. See Tickets does not own the app, as has been implied online, a rep confirmed to CMU.


Annie, Tinie and Metronomy give clothing to Rumble In The Jumble sale
Annie Lennox, Arcade Fire, Suede, Tinie Tempah, Florence Welch, Pro Green and lots of other too-rich pop/rock artists and bands have donated clothing to the third edition of Rumble In The Jumble, The Music Circle's yearly charity thrift-sale in aid of Oxfam.

Going down at London's Oval Space on 26 Apr, this year's Gemma Cairney-hosted drive will feature a bank of one-of-a-kind bits of designer apparel and pop memorabilia, and brand new items from big high-street brands for knock-down prices.

An offshoot of Annie Lennox's The Circle organisation formed in 2011 by Everything Counts PR's Emily Cooper and Real Life PR Laura Martin, The Music Circle is a group of industry figures and female artists working with Oxfam to fight poverty and inequality. Profits from Rumble In The Jungle will go to help women living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Find details of this year's event here.

  Approved: Candy Says
Having released a trickle of singles since the beginning of last year, lo-fi pop duo Candy Says release their title track of their debut album, 'Not Kings', today. The album is then due to follow on 5 May.

For all its lo-fi (recorded in a garage) charm, 'Not Kings' is actually a very well constructed pop song, with an infectious synth line and stabs of acoustic guitar beneath singer and guitarist Juju Sophie's vocals. It shows a real honing of a sound that arrived pretty well formed with previous singles 'Favourite Flavour' and 'Melt Into The Sun'.

Candy Says will be heading out on a short tour this week, supporting Chrysta Bell, with a headline show at Holywell Music Room in Oxford on Thursday (10 Apr).

Listen to 'Not Kings' here.
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Release Round-Up: Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, Bishop Nehru & DOOM, Austin Mahone, Machinedrum and Timber Timbre
Ed Sheeran had his many fans in a right tizzy last Friday, when he confirmed via Instagram that his new single, 'Sing', will have its first official play tonight on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.

Pop bird-of-paradise Lana Del Rey has revealed the title of her real new single, which will lead in her latest LP, the Dan Auerbach-produced 'Ultraviolence'. And it isn't 'Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight', by the way. Tweeting Prefix mag in reaction to the 'leak' of a track by that name last week, LDR said that, in fact, she has a track titled 'West Coast' in waiting, saying that she had written 'Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight', an apparent red herring, "for someone else four years ago".

Then she tweeted this 'West Coast' 'selfie', perhaps to give a sense of its aesthetic. Or maybe she was just bored. As blabbed earlier this year by Lana in a carpark, 'Ultraviolence' might be released on 1 May. Or maybe it might not be.

In further quite flimsy info of a release-type nature, it's come to light that 'NehruvianDOOM', teen rapper Bishop Nehru's collaboration with collaborations-mad masked MC DOOM, will in fact extend to an LP, and not, as many had assumed, to just an EP. I know this because on Friday Nehru said of the project, which is due to surface later this year on Lex/Noizy Cricket, this: "Hey Nehruvians NEHRUVIANDOOM is no longer an EP and it's officially going to be an album. K bye". XXL Mag looked in on the duo in the studio back in February, and filmed their findings, which are still watchable on the XXL site. K bye.

FAO any nice girls desperately seeking a cleaner, all-American alternative to Canadian dirtbag Justin Bieber: I have just the boy for you. His name's Austin Mahone, his favourite colour is red, and he has just announced his first album. It's called 'Secret', if you must know, and is out in the UK on 26 May. But if you can't wait that long, this super-fresh clip for Austin's Pitbull-charged new single, 'MMM Yeah' (which doesn't rip off 'Virtual Insanity' in any way), should more than satisfy.

Moving on as swiftly as it's possible to move from that, what say you have a play around with alt-dance gunman Machinedrum's 'Aeolia', a track taken from online retailer Bleep's tenth birthday compilation, 'Bleep:10'. Released on 5 May, the compo will feature similarly one-off songs by Fuck Buttons, Oneohtrix Point Never, Autechre, Nathan Fake, Lone, Gas, Modeselektor, Untold, Dabrye, Nosaj Thing, U-Ziq and Byetone. In the meantime, this is Machinedrum's gift to it.

And now, rising from the thick, dark molasses of Timber Timbre's sticky new LP 'Hot Dreams', which is out right now, is the official visual for 'Beat The Drum Slowly', a prickly, foreboding folk song that does largely as its title suggests. Watch the animated clip, which is the work of none other than approved artist in his own right, Chad Vangaalen, and/or hear its host single played live later this month, when TT visit London's Scala (16 Apr) and the Roadhouse in Manchester (17 Apr), on the last two stops of their European tour.

Johnny Rotten to tour US in Jesus (anti)Christ Superstar
A bunch of US music stars who used to be more famous than they are now (and JOHN LYDON, God save him), are going on tour as part of a 'Jesus Christ Superstar arena spectacular', an American spin-off to the British arena version of the West End show that originally stemmed from ITV's 'Superstar' talent contest.

Destiny's Child's (#poor) Michelle Williams, Incubus' Brandon Boyd and NSync's JC Chasez are to take time away from their respective day jobs - which are, in the main, repping feminine care brands, denying harassing reality babes and managing giant eleven-girl girlbands - to sing in the US incarnation of the touring production that starred Mel C, Tim Minchin, and Chris Moyles in the UK.

Williams will play Mary Magdelene alongside Chasez as Pontius Pilate, Boyd as Judas and John Lydon as King Herod, with British 'Superstar' winner Ben Forster slated to voice the Messiah once again.

The show will shine its holy light on 50 North American cities in all, starting with New Orleans on 9 Jun.


Rolling Stones' Australian tour back on
The Rolling Stones '14 On Fire' tour of Australia, which was postponed last month, is back on course. Sort of. So, that's nice. The original March/April shows, which the band cancelled following the death of Mick Jagger's partner L'Wren Scott, have since been given a time-frame of new alternative dates, ranging between 25 Oct and 22 Nov.

And whilst the exact dates the Stones will play each of the seven cities are still TBA, a statement on the RS site assures fans they will be released "as soon as the scheduling is confirmed".

The note adds: "Australia/New Zealand promoters ask ticket holders to please hold on to their tickets until further notice. The Rolling Stones wish to thank their fans in Australia and New Zealand for their patience and understanding at this time".


Festival Line-Up Update: Montreux Jazz Festival, Sunwaves, Home Coming and more
France's Montreux Jazz Festival has unveiled its oh-so-chic (though, as usual, not overtly jazzy) 2014 line-up, which includes Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Herbie Hancock, Outkast, Van Morrison and a famed great of the genre, Earl Sweatshirt. And Ed Sheeran, and MGMT. Oh, and Robin Thicke. Still, if you cover up Thicke's bit of the bill - which is listed here in full - it's actually quite pleasing to look at.

Stay tuned for a partial preview of that contentious Montreux programme, plus updates to End Of The Road, Global Gathering, NASS and Wickerman, plus initial artist reveals via Lodestar, Southern Fried, Sunwaves, and the inaugural Songs In The Key Of London, the pop-tastic one-dayer raising important cash for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

All of which is structured as follows:

END OF THE ROAD, Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 29-31 Aug: Jessica Delfino.

GLOBAL GATHERING, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-on-Avon, 25-26b Jul: Tinie Tempah.

LODESTAR, Lode, Cambridge, 29-31 Aug: Submotion Orchestra, Little Barrie, Imperial Mammoth, Fickle Friends, Leslie Mendelson, Goldstar, LVLS, The Rocket Dolls, The Shadow Project.

MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL, various venues, Montreux, Switzerland, 4-19 Jul: Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Herbie Hancock, Outkast, Van Morrison, Goldfrapp, Paloma Faith, Robin Thicke, Dr John, Edd Sheeran, Massive Attack, Jamie Cullum, Eels, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Chris Rea, Morcheeba, Damon Albarn, Metronomy, Michael Kiwanuka, Fauve, Lykke Li, Babyshambles, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, MGMT, London Grammar, Agnes Obel, and many more.

NASS, Bath & West Showground, Somerset, 11-13 Jul: Sox, Devilman, Jman v Traumatik, Badness, Skamma, Dizzle Kid, Gravity, MK, Jay Kae, Defenders Of Style, Sleaze, NLP, Big Mikee, Skinzmann, Scruloose, Erbal T, Snoopy Dubz.

SONGS IN THE KEY OF LONDON, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London, 1 Jun: Paloma Faith, Suggs, Ed Harcourt, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Strypes, Nine Below Zero.

SOUTHERN FRIED, various venues, Perth, Scotland, 25-27 Jul: Buffy Sainte-Marie, Steve Earle, Roseanne Cash, John Fulbright, Marc Ford, Cedric Watson.

SUNWAVES, Mamaia, Constanta, Romania, 1-4 May: Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Seth Troxler, Lee Burridge, Raresh, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Wareika, Tale Of Us, Audiofly, Zip, Valentino Kanzyani, tINI, Marc Antona, Bill Patrick _Hector, Nastia, Kozo, Cezar, Praslea, Priku, Piticu, Yate, Dan Andrei, Gescu, Barac, Taimur, Dubtil, Alexandra SIT, Herodot, Cap, Mihigh, Mahony.

WICKERMAN, Kircarswell Farm, Galloway, Scotland, 25-26 Jul: Young Fathers, Hector Bizerk, The Amazing Snakeheads, Neon Waltz, LAW, Tuff Love, Cairn String Quartet, Tijuana Bibles, Colonel Mustard & Dijon Five, Atom Tree, Thin Privilege, Algernon Doll, Call to Mind, Fat Suit, Gastric Band, Pronto Mama, Deathcats, Foreign Fox, Cutty's Gym.

Pop Dog News Round-Up: Miley Cyrus, Ray J, Alanis Morissette and Ryan Hemsworth
There's been quite a lot of pop dog news over the last few days, so we thought we'd pull it all together to make sure you're all up to speed. Let's hope this isn't our last dog news round-up, eh?

First, as you're no doubt aware, Miley Cyrus's dog Floyd died last week. "I wish he would've taken me with him", she wrote on Facebook. Then later that day, she broke down during the soundcheck for a show in Boston as she performed the late dog's favourite song, 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac. Yes, really.

Having wept her way through a few songs already, Cyrus told the small group of fans allowed into the soundcheck: "I'm sure you guys already know, but the reason that I'm so upset is my dog, I shouldn't say he was my favourite but he was my favourite, he passed away. I just wanna do a song for him. We used to always listen to Fleetwood Mac together, it's his favourite song... so I wanna do this song for Floyd".

In happier dog news, US R&B star Ray J was reunited with his lost dog, Boogotti. The Maltese puppy disappeared from the singer's home on Tuesday night, but was found safe after a ten hour search. He had been taken in by a neighbour, who was unable to identify the dog, because he was not wearing a tag. Tag your dogs, people. You don't want to end up in the sort of situation Ray J got himself into, do you?

And talking of situations, let's move on to the sad tale of Alanis Morissette's dog, Circus. The singer and her husband Mario Treadwell are suing their former housekeeper Maria Garcia and dog walker Patrick Murch for $25,000, claiming that they have stolen the dog. In fact, the dog has been living with Garcia and Murch, who are engaged, for over a year, something they point out in a YouTube appeal video attempting to get the lawsuit dropped. Yeah, that's a thing.

They also published a lengthy statement, in which they claim that Morissette asked them to take the dog off her hands "because Alanis was allergic to Circus, he was relieving himself inside the house, and was very food aggressive". They also claim that Morissette said, upon being asked if she wanted the dog back, that it would be "better for everyone" if he stayed where he was. They were then fired and told to give the dog back, which is how we got into this whole lawsuit situation.

I think what everyone needs to do there is to sit down and talk about everything like adults. Perhaps Ryan Hemsworth could entertain the dogs while they do just that. Because it turns out that performing a dog-only DJ set at an event called SXSWoof, which took place during last month's SXSW, was something of a revelation for him.

"I certainly prefer playing for dogs over humans. They seem a lot more into it", Hemsworth told Thump. Watch the interview, and see some dogs not obviously responding to the music he's playing at all, here.

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