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Monday 28 April 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: With unpaid internships in the music business having been under the spotlight in both the UK and US in the last year, a class action lawsuit in the States could now put the focus on the use of volunteer labour at music festivals, something many large scale music events depend on. According to, the lawsuit is aimed at Live Nation and its festival promotion partner Insomniac... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Sometimes in life, it's nice if things stay simple. Simple like Scottish trio Tuff Love's new single 'Sweet Discontent', which is, as its title says, a lightly-spun (if unrequited) love song, darkened by minor chord yearning. Granted, that's nothing terrifically radical, though the band's 'The-xx-fronting-Veronica-Falls' schtick is so tacit, so natural, that you wind up falling for it with all your heart by the time... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES US lawsuit to put the spotlight on festival volunteers
DEALS Lenny Kravitz signs with Kobalt Label Services
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Cooking Vinyl announces new Head Of Sync
STIM announces new CEO
LIVE BUSINESS Rob Hallett leaves AEG Live
Ultra Music Festival granted licence in Miami for 2015
Viagogo comments on parliamentary ticketing report
BRANDS & MERCH Pharrell Tipps digital Bic/bear book
DJ Rashad dies
30 Seconds To Mars "free" as major label deal expires
Mariah Carey shocks in shock 'non-shocking shock LP' shocker
RELEASES Release Round-Up: Slayer, Neil Young, Tiësto, Mushroomhead and Cloud Boat
GIGS & FESTIVALS London Contemporary Music Festival unveils 2014 listings
Festival Line-Up Update: Radio 1's Big Weekend, Visions, Exit and more
AND FINALLY... Microsoft's attempt to buy Sub Pop revealed
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US lawsuit to put the spotlight on festival volunteers
With unpaid internships in the music business having been under the spotlight in both the UK and US in the last year, a class action lawsuit in the States could now put the focus on the use of volunteer labour at music festivals, something many large scale music events depend on.

According to, the lawsuit is aimed at Live Nation and its festival promotion partner Insomniac Events, and has been brought by someone who volunteered at the Californian edition of dance music festival Nocturnal Wonderland. The plaintiff claims that the event's organisers violated America's Fair Labor Standards Act by recruiting volunteers to "carry out the work of paid employees".

It seems that volunteers at the event worked in return for free access to the festival - a pretty common practice in the music festival sector - but the litigation claims that the work done by the volunteers meant that they were in essence proper employees - however they might be classified by the festival's promoters - and are therefore subject to employment law. This includes rules that cover minimum wage payments, overtime and break entitlements.

It's not clear whether the lawsuit is suggesting that the 'payment in kind' approach is in itself illegal, or if it is rather suggesting that, while a 'tickets for work' system is allowed, promoters must treat its 'volunteers' as employees and ensure they receive benefits equal to minimum wage for the hours they work, plus other employee rights.

As a class action lawsuit, if this claim against Nocturnal Wonderland is successful it could have much wider implications, in that anyone who has volunteered at an Insomniac or Live Nation promoted festival in the US may be able to claim wages for their past work. It would also likely force a rethink on the way volunteers are used at festival in the States, possibly bumping up the manpower costs at these events, and likely resulting in a ticket price hike too.

All that said, part of the lawsuit against Nocturnal Wonderland is concerned with specific commitments that event made to the plaintiff, which were allegedly not delivered on, including 'internship-quality training' and guaranteed time free to enjoy the festival as a punter. The plaintiff seems most angry that the experience of being a volunteer at the festival was misrepresented during the recruitment process, so it may be that the outcome of this lawsuit will be more an overhaul of the way such volunteer opportunities are communicated.

Live Nation and Insomniac Events are yet to comment.

Lenny Kravitz signs with Kobalt Label Services
Lenny Kravitz has become the latest artist to sign to Kobalt Label Services. The company will lend a hand with the worldwide release of Kravitz's new album, 'Strut'.

Kravitz said of the partnership: "I am looking forward to my partnership with Kobalt. They have a passionate team that share a high artistic view. I am confident they that are the right partner to carry out my creative vision for this album".

President of Kobalt Music Group, Richard Sanders, added: "We are thrilled to be working with Lenny and his Roxie Records team. Lenny is in peak creative form, writing and recording what we believe is some of his best material yet. We look forward to working closely with him as part of the Kobalt family to create more unforgettable Lenny moments around the world".

'Strut' is due for release on 23 Sep.

Cooking Vinyl announces new Head Of Sync
Cooking Vinyl Group has appointed Verity Griffiths as its new Head Of Sync. She joins the company from Ministry Of Sound, and will report in to Cooking Vinyl Publishing MD Paul Kinder.

Kinder told CMU: "We're very pleased to welcome Verity to the Cooking Vinyl Group. Her expertise in all areas of sync licensing is going to be of huge benefit to our artists and writers, and I can't wait to start seeing the results from that".

Griffiths herself added: "I'm really excited to be joining Cooking Vinyl. The company has such a diverse roster, and I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into the wealth of back catalogue and forthcoming releases including Embrace, James and The Prodigy".


STIM announces new CEO
Swedish publishing rights collecting society STIM has announced the appointment to its top job of Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen, who will join from Nordic copyright management organisation NCB, or Nordisk Copyright Bureau. He will replace acting CEO Alfons Karabuda, who took on the role earlier this month.

Says Dyhrberg Nielsen: "I have been offered the opportunity to lead an organisation which faces crucial challenges, but also is in a unique position to meet them. While I regret having to leave NCB after a great experience of six years, I am excited about the chance to further develop STIM, a well-established and influential copyright management organization. I am grateful for this vote of confidence from the STIM Board of Directors, and look forward to start working in Stockholm".

STIM Chair Kjell-Åke Hamrénadded: "Karsten is the ideal candidate for this job. With his vast knowledge of the rights' management business, combined with his widespread international network and long-time leadership experience, he is the right person to continue the establishment of STIM as a modern organization with a central position in today's digital, cross-border music economy. We look forward to welcoming Karsten to Stockholm".

Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen will take up his new role in August. STIM's previous permanent CEO, Kenth Muldin, stepped down in February.

Rob Hallett leaves AEG Live
AEG Live's President of International Touring Rob Hallett departed the company somewhat suddenly on Friday. Leaving with immediate effect, he had been with the live firm for a decade.

In a statement, AEG Live said: "Rob Hallett, AEG Live's President of International Touring has ended his relationship with the company with immediate effect. Hallett who founded the UK and International touring activities of AEG Live ten years ago, during which time he was responsible for three Bon Jovi stadium tours of Europe, global tours for Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, 21 nights of Prince at The O2, Barclaycard presents British Summertime at Hyde Park, and Capital Radio Summer Time Ball amongst many other projects, now feels the time is right to explore other opportunities within the live music entertainment space".

Well, he'll possibly need a break first to recover from reading out that second sentence. Hallett has not yet announced his plans for the future.


Ultra Music Festival granted licence in Miami for 2015
The Ultra Music Festival will be able to return to Miami next year, after the Miami City Commission voted four to one to allow it to keep its current site in the city.

As previously reported, Miami mayor Tomas Regalado was highly critical of the festival's promoters after a security guard was seriously injured at this year's edition when non-ticketholders pushed over part of the event's perimeter fence. The mayor initially said that he would block Ultra's application for a licence for 2015, though backed down after the event's organisers defended their security provisions.

The festival still faced another hurdle though. The Miami City Commission met last Thursday to decide the future of the event. According to the Miami Herald, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff was particularly keen to see it gone. Showing photos and a video in the meeting of apparent drug taking and nudity amongst some of its attendees, he argued that Ultra was bad for the image of Miami.

His fellow commissioners did not agree though, voting against him to keep the event running. Commenting on one of Sarnoff's videos, which showed a partially clothed woman seemingly trying to have sex with a tree, one of those commissioners, Keon Hardemann, said: "There are people who have had sex with worse things than trees". His colleague Francis Suarez added that "it really does put Miami on the map" - Ultra, not tree sex. Though that may now change.

The approval of Ultra Miami 2015 does not come without conditions, however. Organisers will be required to set up mental health and drug advice tents, staffed by medical professionals, and will have to install substantially stronger fencing. It will also be required to hire extra police officers, who will replace the private security guards previously used to patrol the fence.

The security guard who was crushed when this year's fence was broken down, Ericka Mack, is now recovering at home from her injuries, which include a broken leg and a fractured skull.


Viagogo comments on parliamentary ticketing report
Secondary ticketing firm Viagogo has joined its rival Ticketmaster in hitting out at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ticket Abuse's previously reported paper on the secondary ticketing market.

As previously reported, the newish APPG, led by MPs Mike Weatherley and Sharon Hodgson, published its paper on the ticket resale market last week, revealing plans to table amendments to the upcoming Consumer Rights Bill in a bid to make new regulations for the secondary ticketing market law.

The resale division of Ticketmaster quickly criticised the proposed new regulations, arguing that the APPG has ignored its input into the Group's secondary ticketing investigation, concluding: "With its raft of recommendations, the APPG is only serving to harm the secondary ticketing industry, and more importantly, the fans".

Noting those comments in CMU's report on the APPG's paper on Friday, Hodgson, a long-term campaigner on this issue, tweeted: "Disappointing response from [Ticketmaster] to [the] report on CMU - our [recommendations] would build confidence in their service".

But another key player in the UK resale market expressed similar concerns over the weekend, with Viagogo's Oliver Wheeler telling reporters: "We completely support the need for consumers to be protected from fraud and from having bad experiences with ticket resale. However, we don't agree with many of the APPG's recommendations because they would make it more difficult to use secure resale platforms. That would just drive people back to the black market, where there's no consumer protection and legislation can't be enforced".

Wheeler added: "We don't believe anyone should interfere in a voluntary transaction between two parties. In fact, both the last government and the present government have concluded that regulation is not needed because safe, secure and guaranteed platforms like Viagogo are the best solution for consumers".

It remains to be seen how Weatherley and Hodgson's fellow MPs, and the relevant government ministers, respond to their proposals to sneak secondary ticketing regulations into the Consumer Rights Bill, but I think it's fair to say lobbyists for the ticket resale sector will be out in force to try and keep their business out of the new legislation.

Pharrell Tipps digital Bic/bear book
In one of the most (b)ironic bi-brand link-ins of all time, backwards-aging hip-pop M A N Pharrell Williams has teamed with biro-maker Bic and biro-unmaker Tipp-Ex on a new 'social book' thing. That's right granddad/grandma, reading is no longer a solitary activity. It's social. I mean, come on, Facebook isn't called Facebook for nothing.

Anyway, back to P's 'book'. Titled 'Inspiration', it is first available to read in bits online, only with lots of words missing, words that have been Tipp-Exed out by a bear. Because, apparently, the bear is keen to keep the text a secret until 'Inspiration' is officially released. On the bright, Bic-based side, fans can have a go at guessing which words go in which gaps by filling in the blanks online, 'Blankety-Blank'-style. Those guessing right will be credited in the physical copy of the book, as and when that reaches the shelves.

Since I don't think I'm explaining this very well, interested readers may instead wish to find direct 'Inspiration', and have a go at filling in Pharrell's blanks by checking out the website, and deciding if they want a) to 'protect' his book, or b) not protect it:

  Approved: Tuff Love
Sometimes in life, it's nice if things stay simple. Simple like Scottish trio Tuff Love's new single 'Sweet Discontent', which is, as its title says, a lightly-spun (if unrequited) love song, darkened by minor chord yearning.

Granted, that's nothing terrifically radical, though the band's 'The-xx-fronting-Veronica-Falls' schtick is so tacit, so natural, that you wind up falling for it with all your heart by the time 'Sweet Discontent' is through.

Tuff Love will give the single, and their new 'Junk' EP, a live send-off with a show at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on 2 May. 'Junk' comes out the following (ie next) Monday, though if you order it now in advance you'll win a copy of 'Tough Love' right away.
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DJ E-Z Rock dies
DJ E-Z Rock, real name Rodney 'Skip' Bryce, has died, aged 46. The news broke on social media yesterday, and was later confirmed to Rolling Stone by E-Z Rock collaborator Rob Base. The cause of death is not yet known.

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock are best known for their 1988 single 'It Takes Two', which heavily sampled Lyn Collins' James Brown produced 'Think (About It)'. The track went to number 24 in the UK singles chart, and 36 in the US. In the intervening years, it has retained a status as being important to hip hop's transition into the pop world.

The album from which 'It Takes Two' was taken went platinum in the US, but the pair failed to maintain the momentum, with subsequent singles fairing less well. E-Z Rock did not appear on a follow-up album in 1989, but reunited with Rob Base in 1994 for the long-player 'Break Of Dawn'.

Watch the video for 'It Takes Two' here.


DJ Rashad dies
DJ Rashad, real name Rashad Harden, a pioneer in the Chicago footwork scene, died on Saturday, his label Hyperdub has confirmed. He was 34.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Harden's body was discovered by a friend in a Chicago apartment on Saturday morning. Police said that the suspected cause of death was a drug overdose, with drugs and drug paraphernalia reportedly found near the body. A post-mortem was scheduled to take place yesterday

Harden had been scheduled to perform in Detroit with DJ Spinn and DJ Godfather on Saturday night. Godfather initially broke the news on Twitter, while Spinn told the Chicago Sun-Times: "It's just a tragic loss of a great musical genius".

At the end of last year, Harden also toured with Change The Rapper, who tweeted: "Music lost a legend today. And he was my friend. Love you DJ Rashad. RIP".


30 Seconds To Mars "free" are major label deal expires
30 Seconds To Mars have left Virgin EMI after nine years with the label (originally signing to Virgin Records in the US while it was still a division of the old EMI), frontman Jared Leto has confirmed to Billboard.

This comes four years after the band were sued by EMI for failing to deliver two of their five contracted albums, following the band's attempt to end their US deal early under California labour laws. The band eventually agreed to deliver two more albums to the label, while the dispute was documented in the film 'Artifact'.

Speaking about the band's new unsigned status, Leto told Billboard: "We are free and clear and excited about the future. It's the most wonderful place to be".

Watch the trailer for 'Artifact' here.


Mariah Carey shocks in shock 'non-shocking shock LP' shocker
Gasp! Mariah Carey is going to 'do a Beyonce', and shock-release an LP. And soon, too. Shhhh, though, you're not meant to know. It's meant to be a bolt from the blue. Like 'Beyonce' was, you know?

Only slightly* (*totally) spoiling the whole 'shock' tactic thing by going and revealing the plan to Billboard, a not-so-sly Mariah said she'd be releasing the body of the LP, and all its side trappings - title, artwork, tracklisting and the like - all on the same day, at the same time, via TBA 'digital partners'. With a physical copy of it coming out the following week.

"I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title", Carey told Billboard, adding a hint that the LP's name is a "personal possession of mine that's part of an entity that I've had almost all my life".

I'm trying to think of bits of 'entities' that Mariah might've had nearly all her life. I can't think of any, apart from maybe like car keys or a Barbie's head. So you'll all have to just wait, and/or speculate, until the thing comes out.

Release Round-Up: Slayer, Neil Young, Tiësto, Mushroomhead and Cloud Boat
Slayer are back slaying again, by which I mean they're releasing an LP later this year, and have released a new track titled 'Implode' as evidence. Their first since 2009's 'World Painted Blood', the still unlabelled album is to come out via a new imprint set up just for the band by metal indie Nuclear Blast. Which means this record signals an end to Slayer's stint on Rick Rubin's American Recordings.

Speaking on that fact, vocalist/bassist Tom Araya says: "Rick has played a huge role in our career, we've made some great albums with him. But today is a new day, record companies don't play the kind of role they once did, and we really like the idea of going out on our own, connecting directly with our fans, and Nuclear Blast is fired up about taking on that challenge with us". Play and/or download 'Implode' (by signing to the Slayer mailing list) via the appropriate links.

Taking time off from playing some kind of iGod with his Pono contraption, Neil Young has given the 'okay' on a CD/digital release of his covers compilation 'A Letter Home'. Originally released on limited vinyl only this past Record Store Day via Jack White's Third Man label, the LP consists of eleven tracks, of songs originally done by the likes of Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Don Everly and Bruce Springsteen, and an intro.

It was taped live inside a vintage 1957 Voice-O-Graph booth, like the one in 'Brighton Rock', at Third Man's Nashville HQ. Young bills it as "an unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro-mechanical technology captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever". 'A Letter Home' will be available in normal formats, and as a hand-made boxset with lots of cool extras, on 26 May. In the meantime this is Neil squashed in the booth singing Bert Jansch's 'Needle Of Death'.

Get this: party-time EDM DJ Tiësto is releasing a Las Vegas-inspired new LP, titled 'A Town Called Paradise', on 16 Jun. Predictably, it features a shitload of vocalists, not least Ladyhawke, Icona Pop, Cruickshank and Krewella. It's his first official, original release of this kind (ie not one of his trio of 2011-2013 'Club Life' remix sets) in five years, by the way.

Explaining 'that' title, Tiësto explains: "When I really look at it, it's like this oasis of entertainment right in the middle of the desert, so to me, 'A Town Called Paradise' is a good way to describe Las Vegas. It's been a very special place to me and has influenced the creation of this album".

Yeah, Vegas is heaven. A real special, sexualised, entirely fake kind of heaven. Anyway, take a gamble on the 'Paradise' tracklisting here, and Tiësto's Matthew Koma-featuring new single 'Wasted' (tagline: "I like it better when we're wasted") here.

Metal's #1 fun guys Mushroomhead, from Ohio, have chucked a song online to make known that they're releasing a new album 'The Righteous & the Butterfly', right in the middle of May.

Pray hear its lead single 'QWERTY', which in fact dates back to the early days of Shroom, after you'd read what the band's bassist Dr F had to say to Loudwire on it: "'QWERTY' is one of those songs that is a anything goes, wide spectrum-style tune. From its inception, it was obvious that this would be a fun, creepy, unpredictable one. We wanted to fuse together the fun, dark keyboard driven sounds of the old school with a raw, heavy modern twist. We feel as though we've accomplished this and couldn't be more excited that it became the first single!"

Yay! Now shut up and listen.

And finally, deep-sea pop divers Cloud Boat have confirmed the details of their latest LP, the follow-on to last year's 'Book Of Hours'. It's released via R&S, Apollo on 7 Jul, and will feature a track titled 'Carmine' as its lead single. Watch lots of characters with sad-eyes loitering in a launderette, so basically a standard launderette situation, in the 'Carmine' video, here.

London Contemporary Music Festival unveils 2014 listings
The programme for this year's multi-disciplinary London Contemporary Music Festival, which takes place over a fortnight in May, has now gone live.

Based on top of the multi-storey car park in Peckham - and, for the first time in its two year history (ha), also partly at the Second Home art-space in Shoreditch - LCMF 2014 starts on 26 May with a night banner-titled 'British Underground', at composer/multi-instrumentalist Gavin Bryars, sitar player Poulomi Desai, Consumer Electronics and various pianists, singers and organists will celebrate Brit musicians and composers "who have chosen to swim against the tide".

Hyperdub-signed AV lady Fatima Al Qadiri, American singer Josephine Foster, Japanese auteur Kohei Gomi's 'noise unit' Pain Jerk, Norwegian improv trio Supersilent and violinist Aisha Orazbayeva are also part of the LCMF listings, which are available to look at via


Festival Line-Up Update: Radio 1's Big Weekend, Visions, Exit and more
Soooooo, BBC Radio 1 has signed on Katy Perry to headline its Big Weekend in Glasgow, Also joining the line-up, which already features Pharrell, Coldplay, Rita Ora, Paolo Nutini, and The 1975, are One Direction, Kings Of Leon, and more.

Appearing on Nick Grimshaw's Breakfast Show this morning, Perry said: "Typically I'm depressed on Sunday nights. I'm going to shake it off for this particular weekend. I'm very excited because some of my friends will be there. Rita Ora, Chvrches. I love The 1975. Your Saturday line-up is dope".

With that said, you may move your eyes down this page to look at more line-up updates going on at some other fests that aren't related to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow.

BBC RADIO 1'S BIG WEEKEND, George Square, Glasgow, Scotland, 23-25 May: Katy Perry, One Direction, Kasabian, Tiësto, Martin Garrix.

EXIT FESTIVAL, Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia, 10-13 Jul: Rudimental, Gorgon City, Jaguar Skills, Sub Focus, Andy C, Adventure Club, Dimension, Dub FX, Fred V & Graphix feat MC Dynamite, Koven Live, My Nu Leng, Pretty Lights, Shadow Child, TC.

FARMFESTIVAL, Gilcombe Farm, Bruton, Somerset, 1-2 Aug: Hot 8 Brass Band, Coves, Romare, We The Wild, Laura Groves & Nautic, Face+Heel, onlyjoe, Polaroid 85, We Used To Make Things, Sounds of Harlowe, Goan Dogs, Towns, Meadowlark, Sam Green & The Midnight Heist, The Lonely Tourist, Kairo‏, Ema Sierra, Georgie Vale, Rhys Coleman, Ralph Lawson, Leo Zero, Richy Pitch, Kyshido, HUGS, Paulo Fernandez, Kat Richmond.

GHOSTFEST, Leeds University Student Union, 28-29 Jun: Stick To Your Guns, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Azriel, Cold Hard truth, Acrania, Trial And Error, Counting Days, Sentenced, Grader.

GUILFEST, Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey, 18-20 Jul: Friction & Friends feat P Money & Linguistics, Gallows.

LIVE AT LEEDS, various venues, Leeds, 2-5 May: Frank Turner.

MELT!, Ferropolis, Germany, 18-20 Jul: Sleigh Bells, Kiesza, Future Islands, Elliphant, Modeselektor b2b Patrick Pulsinger, Addison Groove, Akkord, Ateq & Konstantin, Alex Banks, Petar Dundov, Efdemin, Elekfantz, Fuck Art Let's Dance!, Gardland, Rüde Hagelstein & Marco Resmann & Matthias Meyer, Lake People, nd_baumecker, San Fermin, Sherwood & Pinch, Konstantin Sibold, Tesla286, The Busy Twist, Vril, Don Williams.

ONBLACKHEATH, Blackheath, Common, London, 13-14 Sep: Imelda May, Levellers, Aloe Blacc, Slow Club, Young Fathers, Athlete, Joe Goddard.

SPLENDOUR, Wollaton Park, Nottingham, 19 Jul: Scouting For Girls, Foxes, Ron Pope, The Rifles.

STOCKTON WEEKENDER, Stocton Riverside Park, Stockton-on-Tees, 26-27 Jul: Shed Seven, Hyde & Beast, Laurel, New Electric Rise, Weird Shapes, Red Kite, Dark Bells, Lilliput, Palace.

SUNDOWN, Norfolk Showground, 29-31 Aug: Pusha T, Jess Glynne.

VISIONS, various venues, London Fields, London, 2 Aug: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Perfume Genius, Eleanor Friedberger, Trust, Yumi Zouma, Kiran Leonard, Deptford Goth.

Microsoft's attempt to buy Sub Pop revealed
Dana Giacchetto, a Wall Street broker who has been involved in numerous high profile deals, has discussed his involvement in the sale of 49% of the Sub Pop record company to Time Warner in 1994. Most interestingly, he revealed that Microsoft was one of the other bidders for the label at the time.

"I can now reveal that Universal was the top bidder, $25 million", Giacchetto told Billboard. "But it wasn't the right creative fit. Sony Music bid $5 million. David Geffen bid $8 million - I told him his bid was way too fucking low - and Microsoft bid a paltry $4 million, [which was] frankly insulting. Bill Gates, who at the time considered himself to be 'the future of entertainment', couldn't have been a more dull character. It definitely would have made Microsoft a bit more hip, which in hindsight might have actually made Microsoft a player in entertainment. They're still not".

Microsoft refused to comment, but Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt said of Giacchetto: "Dana was a charming charlatan and a persuasive method actor who never deviated from character. He did pull off a brilliant deal with Time Warner, indeed allowing us to keep 51% of the company".

Of course, with Microsoft refusing to say if it did genuinely bid for Sub Pop, we'll just have to take Giachetto at his word. And can we really trust him? He says Bill Gates "couldn't have been a more dull character" in 1994, but look at this 1994 video of him jumping over an office chair.

Who's dull now, huh?

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