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Tuesday 22 Jul 2014

TODAY'S TOP STORY: Tulisa Contostavlos's trial on drugs charges dramatically collapsed yesterday, after the judge called into question evidence The Sun's Mazher Mahmood, aka 'the fake sheikh', had given in a pre-trial hearing last month. In a statement yesterday, Judge Alistair McCreath accused Mahmood of "serious misconduct to the point that the integrity of the court would be compromised by allowing... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: So, as you may already know, over the summer we're holding a series of live events at The Roundhouse, where I - that's Andy Malt - get together with a panel of clever and funny people to talk about the latest news and trends in the music industry. The first took place last month and thankfully went very well. We discussed the independent labels' battle with YouTube, Amazon's new music service... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Tulisa drugs trial collapses due to "serious misconduct" by Sun's 'fake sheikh'
LEGAL Sony's move to have 19 lawsuit dismissed covers file-sharing legal battle loot
Ultra Records suing YouTube star Michelle Phan
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Former Sony man joins Baboom
Spotify boss says IPO not imminent
MEDIA Controversial US Aaliyah TV movie gets new star
ARTIST NEWS Kanye may release new music soon, is a blowfish
RELEASES Johnny Marr announces new solo album and tour dates
Evy Jane announce debut Ninja Tune EP
Duologue to release second album in September
GIGS & FESTIVALS Jessie Ware announces big church shows
Ella Eyre announces October tour
Banks announces November UK tour
iTunes Festival to return to The Roundhouse
AND FINALLY... George Harrison tree killed by beetles
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Tulisa drugs trial collapses due to "serious misconduct" by Sun's 'fake sheikh'
Tulisa Contostavlos's trial on drugs charges dramatically collapsed yesterday, after the judge called into question evidence The Sun's Mazher Mahmood, aka 'the fake sheikh', had given in a pre-trial hearing last month.

In a statement yesterday, Judge Alistair McCreath accused Mahmood of "serious misconduct to the point that the integrity of the court would be compromised by allowing the trial to go ahead".

Mahmood was asked late last month about his knowledge of comments made by Contostavlos about her "disapproval of drugs" overheard by his driver Alan Smith. At the time he denied any knowledge of these comments, though when they came up again during the trial last week he gave testimony "entirely inconsistent with his earlier evidence".

McCreath continued by saying that there were "strong grounds for believing that Mr Mahmood told me lies when he gave evidence to me on the 27th of June" and that there were "also strong grounds for believing that the underlying purpose of these lies was to conceal the fact that he had been manipulating the evidence in this case by getting Mr Smith to change his account".

He added that "armed with the knowledge that I now have ... this case cannot go any further". The result is that, not only has Contostavlos's case been entirely thrown out of court, but so too has that of Michael Coombs, aka Mike GLC, who last week pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine to the undercover reporter.

Had the trial gone forward, McCreath explained that the defence would have said that Contostavlos had only agreed to procure drugs for Mahmood because she believed that appearing to be "a street-wise woman, familiar with and to some extent involved in drugs" would help her to gain a lucrative role in a Bollywood film, which she believed she was in line for. However, she had never actually intended to go through with the deal, but found herself trapped in a role as Mahmood continued to ask her to carry out her promise.

Coombes, it would have been argued, only completed the deal "out of a misplaced desire on his part to help her out of her dilemma", and Contostavlos had not been aware that this transaction had taken place.

In a statement outside the court, the singer said: "Let me be perfectly clear. I have never dealt drugs and never been involved in taking or dealing cocaine. This whole case was a horrific and disgusting entrapment by Mazher Mahmood and The Sun On Sunday newspaper".

Explaining her defence further, she said: "This case only happened because Mahmood and his team tricked me into believing I was auditioning for a major movie role. They targeted me at a time when things were going badly for me and they had no mercy. Mahmood got me and my team completely intoxicated and persuaded me to act the part of a bad, rough, ghetto girl. They recorded this and produced this as evidence when I thought it was an audition. It was a terrible thing to do".

She added that her life had been "ruined for the last year", in part because she has "not been able to work", and urged "both the police and News UK to investigate Mazher Mahmood and his team and to put an end to his deceit in pursuit of sensational stories for commercial gain".

Following the events in the courtroom, it was announced that Mahmood had been suspended from The Sun, a spokesperson for the newspaper saying in a statement: "We are very disappointed with this outcome, but do believe the original investigation was conducted within the bounds of the law and the industry's code. This was demonstrated by the CPS decision to prosecute. The Sun, of course, takes the Judge's remarks very seriously. Mr Mahmood has been suspended pending an immediate internal investigation".

Although Judge McCreath did not comment on this in his statement, it has also been suggested that Mahmood could now face perjury charges.

Contostavlos, meanwhile, is due to hear the ruling on separate assault charges later this week.

Sony's move to have 19 lawsuit dismissed covers file-sharing legal battle loot
If it gets to court, the legal battle between 19 Entertainment and Sony Music could result in some judicial consideration being given to a number of ongoing royalty debates in the music industry. Though it's emerged that the major filed a motion to have the case dismissed last month.

As previously reported, 19 Entertainment, suing on behalf of various 'American Idol' winners who scored Sony Music record deals via the show, says it found "systemically incorrect calculations" on two separate audits of royalty payments made by the major, adding that the record company then failed to allow 19's bean counters to access all the data they required to do a full audit.

The 19 litigation also includes disputes over the way digital royalties are calculated, including the much debated issue as to whether labels should be paying lower record sale royalties or higher licensing revenue splits on download and streaming income. As much previously reported, a busload of veteran artists have gone legal on this issue already.

Meanwhile, in a review of the litigation, The Hollywood Reporter notes that 19 Entertainment also raises a web-related royalty gripe that almost pre-dates the debate over how much of iTunes revenue should be shared with artists. And that's whether the majors are obliged to share with their acts damages received from successful file-sharing litigation.

Sony deals with that argument in its motion to dismiss, arguing that it isn't obliged to share with artists the multi-million damages stemming from general file-sharing lawsuits - such as the long-running LimeWire legal battle that resulted in a $105 million pay off for the majors - unless recordings from said artist are specifically included in a lawsuit.

But according to the Reporter, lawyers for 19 have already responded to that, arguing that, by their interpretation of the recording contracts signed by Idol winners, the artist is due some kickback from successful catalogue-wide anti-piracy litigation. "Sony has multiple ways to bring suit" they argue. "The manner in which Sony brings suit is of no consequence as to 19's right to receive a portion of any money which is attributable to artist's masters".

It is by no means assured any of this will actually reach court, but if it does, it could result in some clarification on a number of royalty issues raised across the artist community, in the US at least.


Ultra Records suing YouTube star Michelle Phan
Sony-affiliated EDM label Ultra Records is suing YouTube star Michelle Phan for using tracks owned by the company in her videos without permission. The producer of one of those tracks, Kaskade, however, has distanced himself from the legal action.

According to Reuters, Ultra's recordings and publishing divisions are jointly suing Phan, whose make up tips videos have clocked up over 150 million views. In the lawsuit, Ultra says that Phan had been warned that she was infringing copyright "and yet continues to wilfully infringe in blatant disregard of plaintiff's rights of ownership".

The lawsuit identifies multiple alleged instances of copyright infringement, and seeks an injunction to force Phan to stop, and the maximum statutory damages for each infringement of $150,000.

One of the tracks used by Phan is '4am' by Kaskade, a producer who recently spoke out against takedowns of mixes he had created on SoundCloud. The Ultra-signed artist also criticised his label, when it appeared that one of the tracks that had triggered a takedown on his account was some of his own original work.

After news of the lawsuit emerged, Kaskade tweeted a message to Phan, saying: "You're awesome. You've turned millions of people on to my music. Which, ironically, I cannot say for my label".

He added in messages to all of his followers: "I'm not suing Michelle Phan and Ultra Records isn't my lapdog. I can't do much about the lawsuit except voice support for her. I find that Michelle Phan has great taste in music *ahem*, and knows secrets on how to make my eyes really POP. What's not to like?"

All this, of course, raises the question of why Ultra hasn't actually issued takedown notices through YouTube against the offending videos. Though Phan is repped by one of those Multi-Channel Networks, FAWN, which often complicates even further music licensing on the video platform.

Former Sony man joins Baboom
Perhaps in a move to convince potential investors that Kim Dotcom's past and current squabbles with the mainstream music industry won't hinder his latest venture's development, direct-to-fan firm Baboom has hired a former major label exec to be its Chief Financial Officer.

Tony Smith spent four years as Director Of Finance for Sony Music in Australia and New Zealand, and before that worked at both BMG and Polygram with stints in both labels and publishers, so is a music rights veteran through and through.

As previously reported, Baboom is the latest business venture from controversial MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom, which aims to go into beta later this year. A recent investor prospectus noted Dotcom's continued legal battles with Hollywood and the major labels over his former business venture, but insisted that Baboom could still succeed as a service provider to the music community.

Confirming his new role, Smith told reporters: "Baboom has assembled an extremely talented and experienced team and I am very excited about the opportunity to join them and contribute to the vision and success of the company".


Spotify boss says IPO not imminent
Spotify boss guy Daniel Ek last week played down speculation that an IPO at the company is imminent, telling a Fortune Magazine conference in the US that "the primary thing for us is just growing the business".

Various moves by the streaming music company in recent months have led many to assume that a flotation on probably a New York stock exchange was now on the agenda, to deliver early investors their kick-back from their involvement in the loss making music venture.

But Ek, probably rightly, noted that the time is not yet right for Spotify to be subject to quarterly scrutiny of figures and revenues by City types. According to Yahoo Finance, he mused: "I personally don't understand the quarterly capitalism of Wall Street. I don't think it's good".

All of which means an IPO will probably be announced tomorrow.

Elsewhere in Spotify news, the company's VP for Europe, Chris Maples, has departed. He joined the digital firm in 2011, initially as UK MD running the London office and its sales and marketing operations. Having previously worked for Microsoft's advertising business, Maples was a key player in helping the streaming service foster relations with the advertising sector which helps fund the freemium version of the music platform.

Controversial US Aaliyah TV movie gets new star
So, the controversial Aaliyah biopic being made by Lifetime in the States is back on. Following the departure of Zendaya Coleman in the lead role, Nickelodeon actress Alexandra Shipp has stepped in to play the late R&B singer.

As previously reported, production of the TV movie was halted after Disney star Coleman pulled out, stating that she "felt the project wasn't 100% there". This followed legal action by Aaliyah's family, attempting to stop the film from being made at all. The family is annoyed that they weren't contacted about the movie before it was greenlit. They're also concerned that it'll be a bit shit and not the sort of production befitting someone of Aaliyah's stature.

But seemingly nothing can bring this thing down. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Alexandra Shipp is now in place to play Aaliyah, with filming due to restart shortly, before the film's premiere in the autumn. Bradley Walsh is directing. No, not that one.

  Approved: CMU live at The Roundhouse
What's that? Why yes, I am 'approving' my own thing. But it's going to be really good, I promise. Look, just stick with me, OK? We're friends, right? OK, cool.

So, as you may already know, over the summer we're holding a series of live events at The Roundhouse, where I - that's Andy Malt - get together with a panel of clever and funny people to talk about the latest news and trends in the music industry. The first took place last month and thankfully went very well. We discussed the independent labels' battle with YouTube, Amazon's new music service, streaming data being included in the singles chart, and then finished off by insulting Gary Barlow, amongst other things.

Highlights of all of that can be heard in the 30 minute podcast we put out afterwards, but if you weren't there, then you missed out on some great chat. All that Amazon stuff, for example. Not in the podcast at all. And it was really interesting too. Plus, there was a great audience Q&A, which also stayed in the room. And you missed the bit where the air conditioning blew all the doors open. It was a veritable thrill ride.

Don't make the mistake of missing out again. This month there's a brilliant panel lined up: Andrea Leonelli from Digital Music Trends, Claire Southwick from Transgressive Producers, artist and producer Dan Le Sac and Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music.

So, please come and join us on 29 Jul at 7.30pm. Tickets are available right now from The Roundhouse website for £10 - or £5 for subscribers to the CMU Digest (check last Friday's email from the discount code, if you're one of them).

Here are those edited highlights of what happened last month.
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Kanye may release new music soon, is a blowfish
Kanye West has done his first magazine interview for, oh ages, with GQ. And amongst the revelations of the lengthy piece is the news that he's probably going to release some new music "in the next couple of weeks". Maybe.

Actually, he was a lot less willing to commit than that brief quote suggests. What he said was this: "I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September. I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November? When Beyonce was working on her last album, she took a while. I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like 'Yeezus', and just kill it for the summer. But then I'm like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child".

He also said: "I don't have fangs. I'm a porcupine. I'm a blowfish ... I'm not a shark, I'm a blowfish".

So there you go. Read the full interview right here.

Johnny Marr announces new solo album and tour dates
Johnny Marr has announced that he'll be releasing a new solo album this year, following on from 'The Messenger', which came out last year. This one will be called 'Playland' and will be out on 6 Oct through Warner Music.

Marr says of the new album: "When 'The Messenger' came out I kept on writing. I liked that the band had a momentum going on tour and a connection with the audience, and I thought that energy would be good to capture on the new record. It's important to sound like your environment and on this record that's London and Manchester. The feeling of the cities and the people make it into the music".

So, how about that? The former Smiths guitarist will also be heading out on a UK tour following the album's release. Dates here:

13 Oct: Lincoln, The Engine Shed
14 Oct: Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
15 Oct: Bexhill, De La Warr
17 Oct: Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
18 Oct: Cardiff, Great Hall
20 Oct: Bournemouth, Academy
21 Oct: Cambridge, Corn Exchange
23 Oct: London, Brixton Academy
24 Oct: Bath, Pavilion
25 Oct: Manchester, Apollo
27 Oct: Glasgow, Academy
28 Oct: Newcastle, Academy
29 Oct: Leeds, Academy


Evy Jane announce debut Ninja Tune EP
Having signed to Ninja Tune back in April, Evy Jane have announced their first EP for the label. It's called 'Closer' and it'll be out on 25 Aug.

Says the duo's Evelyn Jane Mason of where their sound is at right now: "Jeremiah [Klein] and I definitely embody a distinctly West Coast Canada vibe... a Californian mysticism meshed with Scandinavian curt weirdness".

But what could that possibly sound like? Oh, well here's a track from the EP, 'Worry Heart', to explain.

Evy Jane are also supporting Inc on their European tour, with a UK date at Oslo in Hackney on 14 Aug.


Duologue to release second album in September
Duologue have announced that they will release their second album, 'Never Get Lost', on 8 Sep. That very same day they'll also release a single from the album, called 'Drag & Drop'.

Vocalist Tim Digby Bell explains how the single fits into the album as a whole: "'Drag & Drop' was one of the first tracks we recorded on the new album, and it's a pretty good bridge between our debut album and the new one. The idea came from the term for moving files and it sums up how the digital age is affecting our relationships. Everything seems more and more disposable and less and less permanent. For all our instant connectedness, it's strange how we can perhaps feel more alone than ever before".

Let's hope he's not alone on 17 Sep, because that's when he and the rest of the band are booked in to headline Oslo in Hackney.

Listen to 'Drag & Drop' here.

Jessie Ware announces big church shows
Jessie Ware has announced what she's calling her 'Tough Love' tour. It's named after the single she's releasing next month though. Hopefully she won't be using the shows to dish out home truths to her audience. Actually, I don't know, maybe that would be fun.

Anyway, she's releasing this single, and then she'll be playing a couple of UK shows in early October, both of with are quite 'churchy'. Very churchy, in fact. Or entirely churchy. The first one, on 2 Oct in London, will take place at St John at Hackney church in Shoreditch, which is a big church. Then the next night she'll play Manchester Cathedral, which is also a big church. So, if she does plan to start preaching to her flock, she's picked the right venues.

Tickets for the shows will be available by ballot, because you know how much Jesus loves fairness. So, if you want to go, you'll need to register at and then start praying.


Ella Eyre announces October tour
Ella Eyre is going to be touring in October, taking advantage of all the popularity she's been building up. Sensible move, if you ask me.

The dates? Oh, the dates. Wouldn't you like to know the dates? Oh, you would. Right, here they are:

1 Oct: Birmingham, Institute
3 Oct: Leeds, Stylus
5 Oct: Newcastle, Student Union Basement
6 Oct: Glasgow, ABC
7 Oct: Manchester, Ritz
9 Oct: Sheffield, Plug
10 Oct: London, Shepherd's Bush Empire
12 Oct: Cardiff, Solus
13 Oct: Bristol, Academy
15 Oct: Bournemouth, Academy
16 Oct: Norwich, Waterfront
20 Oct: Dublin, Academy
22 Oct: Belfast, Mandela Hall

Tickets will be on sale on Friday.


Banks announces November UK tour
Everyone! Banks is coming back to the UK! Imagine! No, don't imagine! Just buy tickets! Buy them when they go on sale on Friday! At 9am! On Friday! Or don't, I don't care.


17 Nov: Birmingham, Institute
19 Nov: Glasgow, ABC
23 Nov: London, Brixton Academy
25 Nov: Manchester, Ritz


iTunes Festival to return to The Roundhouse
The iTunes Festival, eh? That's back again. Lots of big name artists, all playing at The Roundhouse and livestreaming (where agreed) on your iOS devices. You know how it works by now.

Announced so far on this year's line-up are: Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Calvin Harris and Chrissie Hynde.

How could I possibly make this more exciting? How about with a quote from someone who actually WORKS for APPLE? And not just a quote from anyone, no. A quote from the SENIOR vice president of INTERNET Software and SERVICES Yeah, I can do that. I'm going to do it right now. Don't try to stop me. It's coming. Oh God, it's coming. Here it comes...

Eddy Cue said: "The iTunes Festival in London is back with another stunning line-up of world class performers and tremendous new acts. These live shows capture the heart and soul of iTunes and we love bringing them to our customers in The Roundhouse, as well as to the millions of people watching all over the world for free".


George Harrison tree killed by beetles
A tree planted in an LA park in memory of the late George Harrison has died because of an infestation of, you guessed it people, beetles.

The pine tree was planted in 2004 near Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park, with a small plaque paying tribute to the former Beatle, who spent his final days in Los Angeles. The tree grew to be ten feet before becoming overwhelmed by an onslaught of the tree beetle.

Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge confirmed the ironic tree demise to the LA Times, but added a new tree will be planted in its place. And maybe this time those pesky beetles will let it be. Yeah? What a punchline. I'm now off to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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