TODAY'S TOP STORY: The family of Marvin Gaye have submitted their summary judgement papers in the ongoing dispute between them and Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and all the corporate misogynists involved in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of the pop morality vacuum that was 'Blurred Lines'. As previously... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: A pretty fresh entry into the Arbutus Records database, composer-singer-producer Lydia Ainsworth apparently began toying with solo tracks as a hobby to her day job writing film scores. It follows that, with her career as an artist now really taking off, her music has carried with it a sense of the cinematic... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Gayes hit back in 'Blurred Lines' dispute with a mash-up
LEGAL Aussie ISPs launch 'follow the money' campaign to tackle piracy
Booking agent sues Lily Allen
Canadian prosecutors drop Bieber charges
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Twitter trialling buy button
Spotify launches two new video-based ad products
ARTIST NEWS Calvin Harris passes one billion streams on Spotify
RELEASES One Direction detail by-the-numbers new LP
Korn talk 'dirty' forthcoming LP
These New Puritans releasing Expanded live LP
ONE LINERS Sony/ATV, Warner Bros, Sam Smith, Foo Fighters, and more
AND FINALLY... Cyrus displays her Dirty Hippie
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Gayes hit back in 'Blurred Lines' dispute with a mash-up
The family of Marvin Gaye have submitted their summary judgement papers in the ongoing dispute between them and Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and all the corporate misogynists involved in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of the pop morality vacuum that was 'Blurred Lines'.

As previously reported, the Gaye family allege that lyrical crimes aside, 'Blurred Lines' also ripped off their famous father Marvin, and in particular his track 'Got To Give It Up'. The matter went legal last year, with legal reps for Williams filing a motion for summary judgement in his favour in July just gone, claiming that the family jumped on comments made by Thicke about him being influenced by Gaye, and that "the defendants smelled money and rushed to make their infringement demand".

It's true that the Gaye family's own summary judgement motion, submitted this week, does rely to an extent on comments made by both Thicke and Williams about them being heavily influenced by Marvin. Though the legal papers make much of the fact that it was Thicke and Williams who went legal first in this dispute, after hearing the Gayes had alleged 'Blurred Lines' borrowed heavily from 'Got To Give It Up'.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Gayes' submission says: "Not only was it, therefore, Thicke and Williams who actually 'smelled money', but it was they who then played the role of bully by suing Marvin Gaye's children when the Gaye children had the temerity to question why their father was not credited, or why 'Got To Give it Up' was not licensed, betting that the Gaye children would not have the will or resources to fight this battle. Thicke and Williams bet wrong, and they will now have to face the consequences of their misjudgment and their blatant copyright infringement".

The Gaye family have also provided a mash-up to the judge hearing the case (hearing it quite literally in this regard). On the tape, according to the Gayes' legal reps, the judge will hear the vocals of 'Blurred Lines' played over the instrumental of 'Got To Give It Up' and vice versa. "This material sounds like a perfect, natural match because it blends sonically" says the memo attached to the submitted mash-up.

A decision on the summary judgement applications should be made this Autumn. If the case proceeds to a full court hearing, that is scheduled to begin next February.

Aussie ISPs launch 'follow the money' campaign to tackle piracy
While the web industry at large is busy hitting out at proposals for new anti-piracy laws in Australia, internet service providers in the country are trying to reorder the debate by taking the lead in a 'follow the money' campaign similar to that advocated by Mike Weatherley MP and the City Of London Police in the UK.

As previously reported, lawmakers in Australia are considering proposals to introduce a three-strikes system and/or web-blocking to help content owners battle the illegal distribution of their content online.

But many in the tech sector argue that a better approach for tackling online piracy is to try and stop those websites that assist with the illegal distribution of content from generating any revenue, either via advertising or donations. To be fair, the content industries also support such measures, though often in addition to three-strikes and/or web-blocking.

Citing the success of 'follow the money' initiatives in the UK, John Stanton of Aussie ISP trade group The Communications Alliance told reporters: "We are hopeful that a very broad coalition of companies - not just in the telecommunications sector, but right across the economy - will join the strategy and make real inroads against infringement".

Stanton's remarks came ahead of a forum in Sydney to discuss the Australian government's anti-piracy proposals, and are likely an attempt to persuade legislators that tactics to cut off the income of piracy operations are better than any of the other proposed piracy-tackling initiatives, or at least they should be employed first.


Booking agent sues Lily Allen
London booking agency EC1 has reportedly sued Lily Allen for allegedly breaching a 2012 agreement that would have seen the company and its director Alex Nightingale plotting the singer's 2013 and 2014 touring activity.

According to the Mail On Sunday, Nightingale claims that Allen broke her contractual commitments when she switched allegiances to rival booking agency CAA, supposedly because she'd been told the bigger agency could secure her "higher gross fees" from promoters.

EC1 had already begun work on Allen's proposed tour when it was told she was moving to CAA. The company is now suing for £100,000. But a spokesman for Allen has denied the allegations made against her, saying that the singer's lawyers "will be defending the matter vigorously".


Canadian prosecutors drop Bieber charges
Prosecutors in Canada have said they are dropping an assault charge against Justin Bieber, but before you start thinking this relates to that paparazzo altercation last week, you need to get your mental list of Bieber charges in order.

No, this relates to that chauffeur altercation that took place in Toronto last December. Remember? What do you mean your mental list of Bieber charges has merged into a messy blur of tedium? Anyway, prosecutors reckon that, despite claims the pop brat hit a limo driver several times in the back of the head, there is insufficient evidence to secure a conviction.

A legal rep for JB, Brian Greenspan, cut and paste the 'charges dropped' section from his much utilised 'Bieber Charge Response' sheet, and told reporters "it was the right decision based on the evidence and we're pleased".

The brat is now due in court on 29 Sep to deal with those more recent charges.

Twitter trialling buy button
Trials are beginning for the much mooted 'buy' button on Twitter, it was confirmed yesterday, with a limited number of users of the micro-blogging platform - including a number of musicians - being able to insert a button into their tweet that will allow a commercial transaction direct from the message.

Twitter said in a blog post: "This is an early step in our building functionality into Twitter to make shopping from mobile devices convenient and easy, hopefully even fun. Users will get access to offers and merchandise they can't get anywhere else and can act on them right in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS; sellers will gain a new way to turn the direct relationship they build with their followers into sales".

Twitter has developed the sell-through functionality with a number of partners, including music industry direct-to-fan business Musictoday. Tests of it will initially be very limited before any roll out gets underway.

Even then, Twitter wants celebrities, businesses and brands to use the sell-through option carefully. The firm's Head Of Commerce Nathan Hubbard told Billboard: "There's a self-regulating process that happens on Twitter, which is if you're alienating your followers, they're going to leave. It's the same approach that Twitter has taken as a whole with native advertising; we had to find ways to bring advertising into the platform in a way that enhances the experiences, and doesn't detract from it".


Spotify launches two new video-based ad products
Spotify yesterday unveiled two new ad products available to brands which will appear on the streaming music platform to freemium users. They are notable because they incorporate video. Coke, Ford, McDonalds and Universal Pictures are among the brands set to use the new channels at launch. The new promo options will allow brands to have video ads on the Spotify desktop client, or to partner on sponsored video-based sessions on mobile.

Confirming the new products, Spotify's Chief Business Officer Jeff Levick told reporters: "Our audience is incredibly engaged so we are delivering an advertising experience that enhances their time spent on Spotify and connects them to the music and brands they love. These new ad formats are perfect examples of the kind of high quality, high value experiences we want to offer our brand partners and our audience".

  Approved: Lydia Ainsworth
A pretty fresh entry into the Arbutus Records database, composer-singer-producer Lydia Ainsworth apparently began toying with solo tracks as a hobby to her day job writing film scores.

It follows that, with her career as an artist now really taking off, her music has carried with it a sense of the cinematic, with singles like 'Malachite' and 'White Shadows' (released circa earlier this year via Lydia's 'Right From Real Part I' EP) playing like they might fit easily into a Lynchian-level eerie silver-screen dream (or sci fi getaway) sequence.

Ainsworth is nearly ready to release on 29 Sep the latter half (ie 'Part II') of mini-LP-in-waiting 'Right From Real', as features the windswept digi-classical shapes of new singles 'Hologram' and 'PSI'.
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Calvin Harris passes one billion streams on Spotify
Ladies and gentlemen, Calvin Harris DJ is officially the biggest dude on Spotify. Bigger even that Bruno Mars, who maybe a dude, but he's no Calvin Harris DJ. Bigger too than that Pitbull guy, who, dude-like though he may appear on first sight, is not, we can exclusively reveal this morning, any kind of Calvin Harris DJ.

Yes, Harris is the biggest dude on Spotify. Well, Drake is bigger. And so is Katy Perry. And Avicii. And David Guetta. And Rihanna. Oh, and Eminem of course, he's much bigger. But Harris, let it be known one and all, is the biggest Brit on the uber streaming service.

Well, he's not as big as Coldplay. But Calvin Harris DJ is definitely the biggest solitary Brit on Spotify. And you just try denying that fact. Go on. You can't do it can you? Because Calvin Harris DJ is the first ever British solo artist to pass one billion streams on the Spotify platform. And he'll probably be the last, given I heard Britain is due to be abolished a week on Friday.

That's one billion streams.

To put that in perspective, if every one of those streams contained 3.6 gallons of water, that would be equivalent to the amount of fluid the Amazon pumps into the Atlantic Ocean every minute. Which actually, makes it sound like a very small amount, doesn't it? The Amazon is a very big river though remember. Very big. Anyway, I probably shouldn't have brought up Amazon in a conversation about digital music, that'll only confuse matters. Plus the Daily Mail would like you all to know, these aren't real streams.

Anyway, here's Spotify's Steve Savoca with a quote. "We would like to congratulate Calvin Harris on reaching the huge milestone of a billion streams on Spotify, conclusive proof if any were needed that he is one of the most popular artists on Spotify".

Meanwhile Mark Terry from Harris's label Columbia said: "This is a landmark achievement for Calvin and deserved recognition that he is in the elite tier of global artists. His recent level of success has been extraordinary and something that all of us here at Columbia are very proud to be part of".

Harris will be doing some kind of live playlist thing for Spotify at 8pm tonight to celebrate the undeniable truth that he's not quite as mighty as Aubrey, Katy, Tim, Dave, Chris, RiRi and Marshall. Or The Amazon for that matter. Well done Calvin. Many happy returns.

One Direction detail by-the-numbers new LP
'Lizard Princess K-Middy pregnant again' news aside, yesterday's main headline was surely this: that pop's littlest scumbags One Direction have spawned a new LP.

The band's fourth longform record in only three years, aka half their lives, the imaginatively-titled 'Four' will be released on 17 Nov, which I'm hoping - nay, insisting - will be made a national - nay, international - holiday.

'The boys' apparently, or so they claim, "worked incredibly hard writing and recording 'Four' whilst we've been on the road" and "couldn't have done it" without the support of their many fans. At least that's what it says in the generic statement they've made via their website.

"As a special thank you for everything you guys have done for us", add 1D as 1: "We wanted to give you 'Fireproof' - it's a track from the album and you can get it for free right now. You'll be able to download it for free for the next 24 hours. We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait for you to listen to the album in full. Thank you, you guys mean the world to us".

How nice. So come on you guys, go and get 'Fireproof' - which by the way is co-credited to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, as well as three mainstay 1D songwriters John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta - whilst it's still hot, here.


Korn talk 'dirty' forthcoming LP
Korn have got stuck into making a follow-on to 2013's 'The Paradigm Shift' LP, that being the band's first in a while to have sometime original guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch playing on it.

And hey kids, guess what. The early signs are that it's going to be "a bit dirtier" than its antecedent, with Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer hinting via Pop-Break: "Head and I were talking about how we really want to keep the melodic element of what we captured on the last record - but really expand on the heavy riffs and get a bit dirtier".

Still speaking, he adds: "Maybe a little longer songs, with longer intros. And a little more math rock. Not prog rock, but maybe some slower grooves and stuff like that".

And: "It's about taking chances and going out on a limb. I really feel like we've gone out on a fucking plank, because sometimes there's no turning back. You have to commit to it - and sometimes it's, 'Uh, I don't know', and you kind of let go and see what happens".


These New Puritans releasing Expanded live LP
These New Puritans will release 'Expanded', a live LP taped at a show they played at the Barbican in London back in April, on 20 Oct. It features a 35-piece band playing TNP's latest LP 'Field Of Reeds' in its entirety, as well as earlier tracks and singles, alongside opera singer Elisa Rodrigues and the Synergy Vocals choir.

TNP leader Jack Barnett, who conceived all the bigger and better new live arrangements, points to 'Expanded' as being "as definitive as the studio album for me", adding: "It's like putting on a Broadway show, lots of people, meetings, plans, schedules. I'm just as interested in that side of it, really".

Looking past the live album, he goes on: "I've had to sort of stop myself from working on new music while we were working on 'Expanded', it's been quite difficult. But now we've finished it and I've had a week off, so I've got bored, so we're starting on new stuff. But first I've got to go through all the dictaphone recordings I've amassed over the last few months, lots of me mumbling an idea at four in the morning, and sort through them and work some of them up, then we'll have a clean slate to work from".

And this is the 'Expanded' tracklisting, and a megamix of excerpts from the LP and, finally, a full play of 'We Want War'.

Intro Tape
The Way I Do
Fragment Two
The Light In Your Name
Island Song
Organ Eternal
Nothing Else But This
Field of Reeds
Three Thousand
We Want War
Spitting Stars

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Sony/ATV has added human man Max Paproth to its Pan-European A&R team. A Senior Manager A&R & Creative at the major publisher's Berlin office since 2013, he will now have a Europe-wide focus working under President Guy Moot, who is confident he'll "bring proven success and a real hunger" to the job.

• Warner Music has appointed Howard Gabriel to the role of Executive Vice President of Marketing for the Warner Bros label in the US, he joins from Sony's RED business. "His tremendous creativity, entrepreneurial drive, and approachable leadership style make him a perfect fit" says Warner CEO Cameron Strang.

As here verified, the Pet Shop Boys will begin making their new LP in November. This November. The end.

Approved one-man-garage-band Ty Segall has peeled off a trippy new viewer-interactive video for the title track off his latest LP 'Manipulator'. Here it is.

• Ventriloquist's-dummy-come-to-life Sam Smith, pop's flavour du jour, has announced a big tour consisting of eight UK shows. It starts 16 Mar. Find listings and tickets here.

• Foo Fighters are going to play three tiny, tiny, TINY gigs in UK clubs this week, linking in with their headlining this year's Invictus Games closing do. And whilst the band haven't said where and when the gigs are yet, it might be an idea to stay alert to the band's Twitter for erm... alerts.

Also approved London band Real Lies have confirmed a local show at The Garage on 7 Oct. Get tickets here, and check RL's new A-side single 'Dab Housing' here.

• It's the Xperia Access Q Awards everybody! Yes, get your iPhones out to vote on who should win one of the music mag's gongs, with shortlists now compiled and the final stage of reader voting underway. Vote here, the awards are on 22 Oct.

• The Saturdays' Una Foden (the Irish one) has revealed she's to bear a royal pop baby, her second child (so far), next year. Making it all 'offish' via Instagram, she said she and her family were "very happy" with the special news. As am I!

Cyrus displays her Dirty Hippie
The always inspirational Ms Miley Cyrus has made some artworks which she'll show off in a collection titled 'Dirty Hippie' because... I have no idea. It'll go on display tomorrow as part of New York Fashion Week.

"I had a bunch of fucking junk and shit, and so instead of letting it be junk and shit, I turned it into something that made me happy", she says in that beautiful way she has of phrasing her feelings.

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