TODAY'S TOP STORY: Plenty of eyebrows were raised in the music industry when it was announced last month that often controversial streaming music platform Grooveshark was now officially available for use on Google's wifi-TV system Chromecast, given the issues that had previously surrounded the digital music... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: There aren't/haven't ever been many real 'savant' pop artists (though you would probably count the late Arthur Russell and Syd Barrett, the live R Stevie Moore and John Maus), but in little lo-fi-pop lord Ariel Pink's case I'd say the cap fits. The serrated weirdness to even his sweetest-tasting hits, the innate 'knowing' shown... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Grooveshark removed from Chromecast
DEALS TGE and Music Glue announce artists submission tie-up
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Warner creates global business development operation
LIVE BUSINESS Certain artists still unpaid as Guilfest declared insolvent
BRANDS & MERCH Jack Daniel's takes over The Macbeth
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Apple's launches: A watch, a bigger phone, and some free U2
MEDIA Headlines
RELEASES David Bowie releasing hits compilation with new single attached
Keith Richards solo LP arriving in 2015, maybe
Like Swimming showcase debut long player at DigSin event
GIGS & FESTIVALS Dan Le Sac on Bestival
ONE LINERS BASCA badges, Sound Women, Paul McCartney, TALA, Daft Punk and more
AND FINALLY... Ryan Adams publishes infomercial with new record
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Grooveshark removed from Chromecast
Plenty of eyebrows were raised in the music industry when it was announced last month that often controversial streaming music platform Grooveshark was now officially available for use on Google's wifi-TV system Chromecast, given the issues that had previously surrounded the digital music company's efforts to distribute its mobile app via Apple and Google's proprietary stores. So it's perhaps little surprise that the Grooveshark Chromecast app has now been withdrawn from the Play Store because of 'terms of service' issues.

Grooveshark's rocky relationship with the music industry has been well documented. Although it has secured some licenses from music rights owners over the years, and did a deal with the biggest of the music publishers last summer, most of the wider sound recording catalogue remains unlicensed. But, because it allows users to upload MP3s to its platform, the labels who control that catalogue are obliged to monitor the Grooveshark servers and issue takedowns every time recordings they own appear on the site.

Grooveshark argues that, because it accepts and deals with those takedowns, it is operating within US copyright law, and given most interpretations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the American courts, it's probably right.

But the labels accuse Grooveshark of exploiting a loophole in American law, knowing that within minutes of unlicensed content being removed to comply with a takedown request, one of the firm's users will have reuploaded it. And while Grooveshark routinely compares itself to Google's YouTube, it hasn't invested in a system like the video site's ContentID which tries to make the takedown process easier and quicker.

Litigation is ongoing, the majors having sued Grooveshark several times, though the ongoing legal cases rely on technicalities where the digital firm arguably can't rely on the protection provided by the DMCA. Meanwhile the record industry's lobbyists are trying to get American law amended, so start-ups can't build businesses around what the rights owners consider to be a loophole.

Concurrent to all this, and despite the fact the legal debates around Grooveshark are far from clear either way, the labels have put pressure on Apple and Google to not distribute official apps for use on their respective operating systems. Which is why the launch of Grooveshark on Chromecast was a surprise. And its subsequent withdrawal was not.

Though an annoyed Grooveshark does seemed surprised by the latest development, given they had seemingly worked closely with Google ahead of launch. Confirming its app had been removed from the Play store, the company said yesterday: "After a jointly approved press release from Grooveshark [launching the app], we were notified by Google [that] our app was suspended for Terms Of Service of compliance".

According to TheNextWeb, the Recording Industry Association Of America's intervention is behind the removal of the app, with the labels group insisting Grooveshark continues to infringe their copyrights. Noting that, Grooveshark said that it found it "interesting" that Google would rule its 'Terms Of Service' to be breached because of the RIAA's copyright arguments, given that YouTube has similarly disputed the record industry's interpretation of the DMCA (albeit while concurrently working to placate the labels).

Grooveshark continues to be available on all devices via its web apps, though the Chromecast development is another setback for the digital music start-up.

TGE and Music Glue announce artists submission tie-up
The Great Escape has announced an alliance with Music Glue as the new music festival opens artist submissions for its 2015 event. Artists wanting to put themselves forward to the showcase festival and music conference can do so by setting up a profile of the UK-based direct-to-fan platform.

Confirming the tie-up, Music Glue CEO Mark Meharry told reporters: "The Great Escape and Music Glue have been associated since the inception of both organisations so it gives me great pleasure to officially partner with our long term friends. Both Music Glue and The Great Escape place the artist at the centre of the music eco-system and by working together we can further empower and educate the artist community"

Meanwhile Great Escape Director Kat Morris added: "Music Glue and The Great Escape are an obvious fit and we are extremely happy to be working with a company that is so aligned with our moral compass. We can now add benefit to artists that register to perform at TGE by introducing them to a service that they all should be using, whilst supporting another UK business that is going global".

Information on TGE artist submissions is available here.

Warner creates global business development operation
Warner Music yesterday announced that it is bringing all its business development functions together under one global unit, led by former Sony man Rob Wiesenthal.

Wiesenthal, currently COO, Corporate at the major, will add digital business development to his responsibilities, and will be given the remit of overseeing "the company's mission to forge innovative music experiences and diversify its business". Meanwhile the firm's Senior VP Digital & Business Development Jonathan Dworkin gets the slightly revised title of Executive VP Digital Strategy & Business Development, and will play a key role in the new business development party, reporting into Wiesenthal.

Announcing all this, Warner boss man Steve Cooper told reporters: "By bringing together all of our business development expertise under one umbrella, we will enhance our ability to offer artists a portfolio of innovative services and unique opportunities unmatched in our industry. This move recognises that digital technology is a driving force across all aspects of our business, and that the pace of change - both globally and locally - requires nimble experimentation. Rob's entrepreneurial expertise makes him ideal to lead this effort, and combined with Jonathan's industry acumen, we have created a team that will help put WMG and its artists in a class of our own".

Certain artists still unpaid as Guilfest declared insolvent
The company behind Guildford-based festival Guilfest, which took place once again back in July in the town's Stoke Park, has gone into insolvency. Blaming, primarily, a lack of time to organise this year's event resulting in low ticket sales, organiser Tony Scott also confirmed that certain artists on the 2014 bill, which featured headliners in The Boomtown Rats, Kool & The Gang and The Human League, are still to be paid for their time.

First established in 1992, Guilfest ran every year till 2012, when it went into administration (also thanks to disappointing ticket sales), with its parent company Scotty Events facing debts of over £300,000. Live Nation staged an event in the town in 2013, but Scott announced a keenness to resurrect the festival and, following a social media campaign, his new company Trowfest Ltd was, back in February, given the green light by Guildford Borough Council to try again this summer. Though, with hindsight, that was too late to get everything sorted.

Interviewed by Get Surrey this week, Scott said despite this year's event being "fantastic", Trowfest Ltd had needed to sell a couple of thousand more tickets to cover its costs. He told the site: "Unfortunately we didn't get enough ticket sales to pay all the bills we have got to pay. One of the reasons was that we were a bit short of time to do it all in. We have never done a festival in three-and-a-half months before".

Adding that a bad weather forecast for the (actually nice and sunny, as it transpired) first day of the event possibly kept last-minute-ticket-buyers way, he said: "I feel really gutted about what's happened. There are a lot of people who put in a lot a of work into this particular GuilFest, and GuilFest over the years. It's a very sad thing, what's happened".

An insolvency meeting is set to be held by the end of this week.

Jack Daniel's takes over The Macbeth
Jack Daniel's has announced a takeover, of sorts, at East London venue The Macbeth as part of a new music programme called Jack Rocks.

The drinks brand will be in situ for four months at the Hoxton pub, staging a series of gigs and other music-related events alongside The Macbeth's own music programme. Meanwhile media partnerships with NME and Spotify will aim to promote it all beyond the building, with a space installed within the venue for the purposes of reportage.

Explaining the rationale behind the venture, Jack Daniel's Senior Brand Manager Michael Boaler told CMU: "Pop ups aren't a new thing, but I feel it's the way you do it that's important. Our ambition is that Jack Rocks The Macbeth is more than a gig space for Jack Daniel's and music fans, but it's also a place that music industry folk and budding legends of the future can go to learn more about the industry. The essence and aura of a real venue, rather than an event space or disused shop, chimes with what Jack Daniel's has been doing for years. Small venues are vital for developing artists to learn their craft, so anything we can do to shine a light on them is fine by us".

On how the Jack Rocks event programme will fit in with what is already happening at the venue, Boaler added: "We're working closely with the promoters at The Macbeth to ensure everything works in harmony, so there will continue to be gigs programmed specifically by the venue. Jack Rocks The Macbeth events will add something extra to what already happens there as we don't want to detract from what has made the place famous".

Jack Rocks The Macbeth kicked off last night with a gig from Moats, while La Roux will play at the venue on Monday.

You can read our full interview with Boaler about the venture here.

Apple's launches: A watch, a bigger phone, and some free U2
"I was so hoping for something more" said one Apple follower. "Great, just what the world needs" remarked another, as the tech giant revealed it's latest product innovation, "all this hype for something so ridiculous". "I think it's just that bit too pricey" a third commentator wisely observed, while another reflected the mood in the room by noting: "I think that Apple is making a mistake by trying to get into this market".

But enough of the comments made when Apple launched its iPod in 2001, what about this here iWatch then? (Or, technically, just 'Watch', presumably named in honour of the British cable TV channel because Apple boss Tim Cook is such a big Dynamo fan).

Because yes, as expected, Apple used its typically hyped and widely tweeted product launch bash last night to unveil it's first 'wearable', as idiots call it. It's a watch. It tells the time. It sends and receives email. It tells the time. It gives you directions by vibrating. It tells the time. It checks your pulse to confirm you're still alive. And it tells the time. Oh, and it comes with a 'digital crown', though you spin that to navigate the apps on the device, it's not another wearable.

Alas no teleportation function, which is surely the main reason you'd want a hi-tech wrist-based device, but perhaps that'll be in the Apple Watch Plus next year. Though actually, the Watch showcased yesterday won't itself be available until next year (gives you time to choose a colour I suppose), with prices in the US starting at a mere $349.

Alongside all the watches, Apple also unveiled the iPhone 6, "the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone", which will be bigger than the five, and even more so if opt for the premium iPhone 6 Plus. But don't worry, no one expects you to wear it. Away from devices, the other big development was Apple Pay, a new mobile payment system.

The exciting music announcement that some hoped might be snuck in, in amongst the wearables and expanding iPhones, didn't materialise. Unless you count a new U2 album free for all iTunes customers as an exciting music announcement. But we'd prefer it if you didn't.

  Approved: Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone
There aren't/haven't ever been many real 'savant' pop artists (though you would probably count the late Arthur Russell and Syd Barrett, the live R Stevie Moore and John Maus), but in little lo-fi-pop lord Ariel Pink's case I'd say the cap fits. The serrated weirdness to even his sweetest-tasting hits, the innate 'knowing' shown in AP tracks that both wink back to, and totally go against, the idea of the pop paradigm, the fact that his alias (and maybe his real self as well) is a conceit of strange contradictions - some likeable, some not so - are all savantish trappings that Pink has in spades.

Anyway, the point is that the LA-based Ariel Marcus Rosenburg is back and, at 36 years old, releasing his first LP as Ariel Pink. It's titled 'pom pom' (no capitals), and features tracks like 'Nude Beach A G-Go', 'Sexual Athletics', 'Goth Bomb' and my fave, 'Exile On Frog Street', in addition to collaborative 'assists' from Pink's long-time band Haunted Graffiti, and also pop auteur Kim Fowley, who "free-styled" the bones of songs like 'Jell-O and 'Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade' whilst in hospital fighting cancer. And why one earth not?

Cheering on 'pom pom' ahead of its release via 4AD on 17 Nov is lead single 'Put Your Number In My Phone', a track that posits Pink as both a kind of slimeball who takes girls' digits at Taco trucks then never calls them, and also a kind of sweet and earnest man searching for love, if only by dint of its snowy-white 'Greensleeves'-style simpleness.

Discover a lot more on Ariel and his world views via this probing Pitchfork interview advertising the new LP, and log 'Put Your Number...' if you like, now.
CLICK HERE to read and share online

David Bowie releasing hits compilation with new single attached
In 'great ways to waste nearly eight minutes of your short life' news, David 'Dave' Bowie has confirmed he'll release a really long new single entitled 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)', as a specially-made bolt-on to a new fifty-year-spanning retrospective compilation called 'Nothing Has Changed'.

A 'definitive' multi-disc review of Bowie's most significant doings since 1964, all the way to his present-day LP 'The Next Day', the compilation takes its name clean off a lyric in 'Sunday', the first track on DB's 2002 record 'Heathen', and will be released via Parlophone on 17 Nov. 'Sue' will be available as a digital/limited 7-inch single the same day.

Die-hard Bowie boffins will be deeply (and everyone else only mildly) intrigued to know that the collection will feature the never-yet-released 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' - this dating back to the 'Toy' sessions of 2000/2001 - in addition to so-far-download-only track 'Your Turn To Drive', and Dave's 21st Century remake of 1971's little-known 'Shadow Man'.

Strain your eyes scanning the extensive 'Nothing Has Changed' tracklisting in all its many variations here, and then imagine what the heck 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)' will be like.


Keith Richards solo LP arriving in 2015, maybe
Original don and walking talking anti-anti-wrinkle-cream-ad Keith Richards has revealed that he's made a new solo LP, his first in oh, only like 22 years or so. Written and refined at intervals over the past two years, the still-privately-titled disc will likely, estimates Keith, be released next June once the Stones rolling world tour stops um, rolling.

Though, while having a gas (gas, gas) with the Associated Press earlier this week, K-Richy said he wasn't quite certain when that might happen, explaining: "We've got South America lined up in February, Buenos Aires, Peru. And after that, I know what the Stones tours are like, they tend to get extended".

He added that he and his long-time X-Pensive Winos collaborator Steve Jordan, who's producing the album, "had no rush" with it all, telling the AP: "I think we spent a couple of years [on it]. Steve and I are always working somewhere else, but every month or two we'd come down here [to NYC's Germano Studios] and knock off a couple of tracks. Nearly every record I've made is 'You've got another five days,' but this one we're taking our time".

Highlighting the main difference between what it was like making 1992's solo outing 'Main Offender' and his present day experiences, he said: "Technology. It's changed enormously. I find that some of the technology is very confusing, especially the digital stuff".

Clearly a confirmed granddad, Richards is right now doing the rounds promoting his newest book, a just-published story for kids inspired by his boyhood relationship with his late grandfather Gus. 'Gus & Me' features illustrations by his daughter Theodora, and marks his first 'literary tome' since 2010 autobiography 'Life'.


Like Swimming showcase debut long player at DigSin event
Swedish three piece Like Swimming released their debut album 'Structures' on Monday via their alliance with American digital-focused label DigSin.

They showcased the affair at a showcase hosted by the music company in London on Monday, ahead of which they spoke to CMU's sister magazine ThisWeek London. Of the tie up with DigSin, the band told ThisWeek: "Our management brought them to one of our shows with our previous band and since then we stayed in touch. When we started this project we immediately thought of them. So we sent them three songs as a demo and they jumped right on it. They work very hard on the digital side of the music business, but most of all they're absolutely wonderful to us as human beings and artists".

The debut album is called 'Structures', about which the band said "That's the theme we're exploring. Each song is trying to exemplify, reason with, relate, understand or just criticise different structures in our society that we're all a part of and affected by".

You can read the interview with ThisWeek here.

Dan Le Sac on Bestival
Having officially retired Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip at Bestival last weekend, the former will be using a little of the time now freed up to post occasional columns to CMU, considering the challenges and joys and frustrations of making your way as an artist in this here business of music in 2014. Though first, he wanted to share some thoughts on the place LSVP decided to stage their finale - Rob Da Bank's Bestival, past, present and future.

Writes Le Sac: "Let just say Besti is beautiful at every step you take, things that most festivals would deem a waste of money just happen at Bestival. The disco is the details. All this beauty, which, as I understand it, Josie da Bank is entirely responsible for making happen, and all this attention to detail breeds nothing short of glee in everyone who walks through the gates, so when a band like Pip and I walk on stage, Robby et al have already ensured a crowd ready to be won".

But what of recently announced plans by Da Bank to expand the Bestival operation into mainland Europe and the US. Of those plans, Da Bank told the Telegraph: "The deal has been a long time coming. I've never been in this industry for the money but now I'm 40 with three small kids, it's time to get business minded". Le Sac notes: "When any idea becomes 'business minded', most of us are filled with dread; successful business is often about pasteurisation, it's about the sterilisation of something to make it safe for the masses, it's about removing the quirks to protect the bottom line".

So what about the future? Read Le Sac's full column to discover why he's such a bit Bestival fan, and what his hopes are for the future of it.

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers And Authors has announced it will present this year's Gold Badge Awards on 14 Oct to Peter Cornish, Anne Dudley, Gary Farrow, Mo Foster, Bob Geldof, Nicky Graham, Derek Griffths, John McLeod, Alison Moyet, Tim Reynish, Kate Rusby and Jo Whiley.

• Sound Women, the organisation promoting women's involvement in the radio/audio biz, will officially unveil Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 4's Jane Garvey and Magic FM's Angie Greaves as its patrons at a special event at Hispaniola in London on 26 Sep (tickets available here). "It's a huge privilege and in a way a responsibility", says Nightinale of the appointment.

• Tons and tons of artists (like Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson and the great Jamie Cullum) have paid 'homage' to Paul McCartney via a new 42-track covers compilation titled 'The Art Of McCartney'. It's released on 17 Nov, and will also feature The Cure (and Paul's son James on keyboards) doing over The Beatles' hit 'Hello Goodbye'. Have a listen to that here.

• Following lots of to-ing, fro-ing, a signing to Rough Trade and lots of isolated solo shows, ex-Hype Williams oddment Dean Blunt has given a release date to his latest solo LP, 'Black Metal'. In short, it'll be released on 4 Nov. Get the tracklisting and details of Blunt's forthcoming live activity via XLR8R, and click here to see/hear featured track '50 Cent' by itself.

• The approved Ms TALA has moved on from her very excellent three-track 'Serbia' EP with the first inkling of a new EP titled 'Black Scorpio', which is arriving soon via Aesop. Take in the title track via this link.

• Also would you like to watch a clip of a forthcoming film with a pair of actors posing as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, aka Daft Punk, in it? I thought you might. The film's title is 'Eden', it's directed by Mia Hansen-Løve and stars 'Frances Ha' aka Greta Gerwig. It premieres this Sunday at the Toronto Film Fest. Check the trailer and a quick plot synopsis via Pitchfork now.

• Both Avicii and Cher have cancelled upcoming live shows due to ill-health. Avicii has put all upcoming appearances on indefinite hold because of "overriding health issues from a previous surgery". Cher has postponed two shows in the US after contracting an acute viral infection.

Ryan Adams publishes infomercial with new record
So Ryan Adams has got a new eponymous album out, and has issued this public information film to accompany it. Yep, it's a spoof infomercial. But I think the slightly half-assed acting is charming rather than embarrassing. Possibly.

Garry Shandling, Jeff Garlin and Don Was all appear. Alongside some dead parakeets. See it here, ahead of Adams' three UK shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow later this month.

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