TODAY'S TOP STORY: The City Of London Police's National Coordinator For Economic Crime, Steve Head, has bigged up his force's IP Crime Unit, or PIPCU, and called for more co-operation worldwide to tackle intellectual property crime. Head spoke at the snappily named International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference in Vietnam, an event co-hosted by Interpol (not the band, obviously), and told delegates... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Anushka is/are Brighton-based Victoria Port and Max Wheeler, and 'Broken Circuit' is the record the pair released earlier this year via Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings. In many ways, 'Circuit' is totally not a 'fashionable' LP. It isn't cold, or impassive, or especially 'hard to get'; nor is it deliberately abstract, or iced over with the off-time drill-bit beats that so many of the acts on labels... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES City Of London Police commander celebrates PIPCU, calls for more global collaboration on tackling IP crime
LEGAL High Court refuses Ukulele Orchestra's Ukulele Orchestra injunction request
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Sony/ATV announces new joint venture to provide one-stop-shop licence for Europe
LIVE BUSINESS 'Cursed' Hop Farm Festival discontinued
Cat Stevens cancels New York show over local ticketing regulations
BRANDS & MERCH Sohn calls out Audi for 'borrowing' from one of his songs
ARTIST NEWS Jason Orange leaves Take That
The Horrors' horror at Labour party song pick
RELEASES AC/DC announce first album without Malcolm Young
Idris Elba releasing Mandela-inspired LP feat James Blake and Mumford
GIGS & FESTIVALS London's first ever music documentary festival starts tonight
ONE LINERS Iceland, Aston, Hackman and more
AND FINALLY... Britney launches lingerie collection
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City Of London Police commander celebrates PIPCU, calls for more global collaboration on tackling IP crime
The City Of London Police's National Coordinator For Economic Crime, Steve Head, has bigged up his force's IP Crime Unit, or PIPCU, and called for more co-operation worldwide to tackle intellectual property crime.

Head spoke at the snappily named International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference in Vietnam, an event co-hosted by Interpol (not the band, obviously), and told delegates from around the world about the work PIPCU has been doing, both in the UK and beyond, since the specialist unit was launched a year ago.

Listing in particular successes achieved in targeting individuals and groups who profit from copyright and other IP infringement online, Head urged other countries around the world to consider specialist IP crime teams, who could collaborate to target online infringing operations which usually transcend borders.

Speaking to reporters after his speech, Head said: "PIPCU is a pioneer in the way it is tackling intellectual property crime, moving away from traditional policing methods to embrace new and innovative initiatives to disrupt and dismantle the criminal networks responsible for causing huge damage to legitimate businesses".

He went on: "This work includes close collaboration with private sector organisations inadvertently supporting IP crime either through advertising or allowing payment provision on websites that are providing illegal access to copyrighted material. At the International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference I urged delegates to support and engage with PIPCU and to look at its strategy for policing IP crime as a potential way forward for themselves and partner agencies".

High Court refuses Ukulele Orchestra's Ukulele Orchestra injunction request
The High Court has refused to grant the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain an injunction against the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra ahead of pending trademark litigation.

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain, based in the UK, claims that the more recently formed United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, based in Germany, will cause confusion for consumers when the latter group begins its first tour of the UK next month. Moreover, they reckon the German outfit are infringing their trademark.

A trial to consider the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain's trademark claim is yet to receive a start date. However, with the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra's tour due to begin in a matter of weeks, the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain sought to gain an injunction against the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, barring them from performing in the UK, while the trademark litigation is still waiting to go ahead.

But the judge hearing the case said that the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain had launched its case too late in the day to allow for an injunction to be granted. Doing so now would force the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra to cancel an already booked tour, costing them tens of thousands of pounds.

Speaking outside the court, Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain founder George Hinchliffe told the BBC: "We have issued proceedings against a German-based musical group for registered trademark infringement. However the court didn't grant [an initial] injunction. It's really not a policy of ours to comment upon litigation while it's still going through the courts. And we're a bit busy at the moment as we're just about to start a tour of China".

I hope you followed all that. A court is expected to decide whether or not you did later this year or in early 2015.

Sony/ATV announces new joint venture to provide one-stop-shop licence for Europe
Pan-European music licensing, that's never confusing is it? Sony/ATV, PRS and GEMA are set to build on the success of CELAS and PAECOL by launching SOLAR to administer digital licensing for Sony/ATV and EMI. Like I said, not at all confusing.

This is basically a follow-on from the acquisition of the EMI music publishing business by a Sony-led consortium in 2012, that basically brought the former under the control of the latter, creating a music publishing powerhouse.

Both Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing had arrangements in Europe that meant their respective Anglo-American catalogues could be licensed by digital services on a multi-territory basis through a single license. These arrangements were designed to overcome one of the weaknesses of the collective licensing system that the publishers initially relied on to handle digital service licensing, which is that any one collecting society was usually only empowered to licence music-using businesses in its home market.

Sony/ATV offered a one-stop-shop licence via PAECOL, a subsidiary of the German music publishing sector's collecting society GEMA, while EMI uses CELAS, a JV between GEMA and UK society PRS For Music. New venture SOLAR involves Sony/ATV/EMI, GEMA and PRS, and replaces the previous set-ups.

Confirming all this, Sony/ATV top man Marty Bandier told reporters: "This agreement not only builds on our already successful relationships with PRS For Music and GEMA, but makes the licensing process in Europe more straight-forward as services will now have only one place to go for both Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing repertoire. It is also great news for our songwriters as we look to continue to facilitate licensing in this rapidly-evolving and expanding sector".

'Cursed' Hop Farm Festival discontinued
It's all gone a bit non-idyllic down on the (Hop) farm right now, kids, with the news that Kent's 'new' Hop Farm Music Festival - ie not Vince Power's 'old' event of the same name - has been shelved.

Confirming he was discontinuing the event for good, the organiser of this year's Hop Farm music event, man-who-isn't-Vince-Power Neil Butkeraitis, described the Paddock Wood-based site as "cursed ground" in an interview with Kent Online this week, adding: "I'm absolutely gutted".

Butkeraitis resigned as director of Hop Farm Music Festival Ltd earlier this month, citing financial disagreements behind the scenes at the fest. The company, which ran the event for the first and only time earlier this year, has also gone into liquidation, with the possibility of a number of Butkeraitis's other companies being taken down with it. Double gutted.

He tells Kent Online: "In ten years in the industry this has never happened to me. The event was delivered under our £3 million budget - what didn't stick up was ticket sales but the festival was part of a three year plan for the site. Even though everyone locally enjoyed the festival and we had some big acts lined-up for next year, now three of my companies look like they will go into liquidation".

So, that's where the new ex-Hop Farm Festival boss is at, what about the old ex-Hop Farm Festival boss? Well, as previously reported, Power vacated the Hop Farm site last year after the 2013 edition of his festival there was cancelled due to bad ticket sales. Power did initially say that he would relaunch the event at an alternative site, weirdly planning to still call it the Hop Farm Music Festival, though that plan never came to fruition.

In addition to that, as was reported last month, Power was hit with a High Court injunction recently banning him from staging live music events in the UK until he settles a dispute with PRS For Music over the fact previous editions of the Hop Farm event seemingly went ahead without the required licence from the collecting society.


Cat Stevens cancels New York show over local ticketing regulations
Cat Stevens - or Yusuf Islam if you prefer - has cancelled a show in New York, basically in protest at local laws governing ticketing which, he reckons, helps the touts, resulting in tickets for his show trading at vastly marked up prices online.

As previously reported, while some states in the US have considered measures to regulate the resale of tickets by touts, especially online, others have got themselves more bothered about so called paperless ticketing, which the live sector sees as a solution for combatting the rise of the touts.

The aim of paperless ticketing is to remove the physical ticket from the equation, making it harder for tickets to change hands on the touting market. Punters gain access to a venue either via an e-ticket on their mobile phone or, more commonly to date (because smartphone usage wasn't universal), by showing or swiping the credit card with which a ticket was bought. Ticketmaster has a paperless ticket system of the latter kind.

But some consumer rights people have raised issues with the credit-card-ticket-based system. What happens if the credit card holder, having bought tickets for a bunch of friends too, can't make the gig? What if a parent wants to buy tickets for a child? What about people who don't have credit cards? Said concerns have led to some US states banning promoters from only selling paperless tickets for shows.

Though if a show isn't entirely ticketed with the paperless option, it means touting can continue. Which is what has seemingly happened for Islam's New York show, State law there being down on paperless ticketing. Having been told that tickets for his gig were now being sold for "extortionate" prices by touts, he's decided to call off the show.

Islam told fans: "I have been a longtime supporter of paperless tickets to my shows worldwide and avoiding scalpers [touts]. Unfortunately NY has a state law that requires all tickets sold for shows in NYC to be paper, enabling them to be bought and sold at inflated prices".

So there you go New York, want a bit of Cat Stevens in you, then sort out your ticketing laws.

Sohn calls out Audi for 'borrowing' from one of his songs
Brit synth-pop artist Sohn is all mad at car maker Audi for, in his words, "borrowing" from one of his original tracks in an ad, and not crediting him.

Sohn, real name Chris Taylor, claims Audi has ripped off his song 'Lessons' on a clip promoting its A3 Sportback model.

Tweeting at the brand earlier this week, he said: "Feels like you may have 'borrowed' from one of my tunes... can I 'borrow' one of your cars?". Audi didn't get back to him.

Hear for yourself. This is 'Lesson', which is taken from Sohn's first LP 'Tremors'. And this is the Audi ad, which certainly seems quite similar.

  Approved: Anushka
Anushka is/are Brighton-based Victoria Port and Max Wheeler, and 'Broken Circuit' is the record the pair released earlier this year via Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings.

In many ways, 'Circuit' is totally not a 'fashionable' LP. It isn't cold, or impassive, or especially 'hard to get'; nor is it deliberately abstract, or iced over with the off-time drill-bit beats that so many of the acts on labels like, say, Fade To Mind, Hyperdub, or PC Music have made the fixed traits of their 'aesthetic'. It hasn't Banks' modish blankness, or Kelela's chilly sensuality, or Sophie's erm... whatever that thing is that Sophie has.

Instead, tracks like the wistful, day-dreaming 'Never Can Decide' and sweet-as-pie 'I Have Love 4 U' are warm, immediate, and heart-on-sleeve-happy, even; setting Port's treacly, Erykah Badu-ish cadence as the melting middle to Wheeler's 'new classic'-style arrangements.

In short, 'Broken Circuit' is a rare case of a vocalist and producer working 100% in sync with each other and, probably more importantly, the kind of album that's good to play all the way through, any day. Like now, for instance. It really is that simple.

Catch Anushka live when they play a line of shows (listings and tickets here) starting this Saturday (27 Sep) at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge.

And this is last-but-one 'Broken Circuit' track 'Mansions'.
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Jason Orange leaves Take That
Jason Orange has quit Take That. Boom, there you go, that's your news story. No real dramas here, he's just bored of being in a bankable man band, and who can blame him?

Coming up, long rambling quotes about being sad and thankful and how great and what a shame and this and that and is it lunch time yet? Oh, and the customary Gary Barlow tax joke. That's something to look forward to.

Says Jason Orange: "I want to start by saying how proud I am of what we have achieved together over the years. However, at a band meeting last week I confirmed to Mark, Gary and Howard that I do not wish to commit to recording and promoting a new album. I have spent some of the best years of my life with Take That and I'd like to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey, including my bandmates, who I feel are like brothers to me. Most especially my gratitude goes to all of the good and kind, beautiful and ever-loyal fans of the band, without whom none of this could have been possible. Thank you".

Says Jason Orange some more: "At the end of the 'Progress' tour I began to question whether it might be the right time for me to not continue on with Take That. At the start of this year, and with my full knowledge and blessing the guys began writing new material. There have been no fallings out, only a decision on my part that I no longer wish to do this. I know how much Mark, Gary and Howard enjoy writing and making music, and they know that they have my full support and encouragement to continue on with what is to be another chapter for the band".

Says remaining That-ers Gary and Mark and Howard: "This is a sad day for us. Jason leaving is a huge loss both professionally and even more so personally. We first became aware of Jason's reservations a couple of years ago but had hoped that by giving him the desired time and space he may begin to feel differently. This has not been the case and we now have to accept and fully respect his decision which we know hasn't been an easy one. Jason's energy and belief in what this band could achieve has made it what it is today, and we'll forever be grateful for his enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration over the years".

And now for the Gary Barlow tax joke. "Gary Barlow, what a sanctimonious money-grabbing cunt". Thank you, I'm here all week.


The Horrors' horror at Labour party song pick
It wouldn't be the political party conference season without a band getting annoyed at their music being used to soundtrack one of these events, would it? It's generally being played alongside Conservative politicians that gets bands distancing themselves fastest (Primal Scream so quick off the mark that they once did so without actually being played), but this week it's Labour and The Horrors going head-to-head.

'I See You' from the band's latest album, 'Luminous', was played while party members waited for Ed Miliband to get up on stage and do his thing on Tuesday. Something the world was alerted to by Buzzfeed's Siraj Datoo, who for some reason was live-tweeting the conference's soundtrack.

In a series of since deleted posts on Twitter, the band's Tom Cowan responded: "Fuck's sake, leave it out Ed. Keep your outdated political ideologies away from us. Our colour isn't red, it isn't blue, it's black".

Black, of course, is a colour often chosen by fascist parties. But I don't think that's what he meant.

Venues used for party conferences are generally covered by blanket licences, which mean that whoever is using the venue can play whatever music they like - so long as the artists/songwriters are registered with collecting societies PPL/PRS - without first gaining specific permission. And that's why these things keep happening. See you same time next year!

AC/DC announce first album without Malcolm Young
AC/DC have announced that they will release a new album, 'Rock Or Bust', in December. And it will be their first ever without any input from guitarist Malcolm Young.

As previously reported, the band announced earlier this year that Young was taking a break from the band due to ill health. In his place is his nephew, Stevie Young, who performed on the album and will join the band on tour.

Seemingly confirming that Young's departure is now permanent, the band said in a statement: "Unfortunately, due to the nature of Malcolm's condition, he will not be returning to the band. AC/DC will undertake a world tour in support of 'Rock Or Bust' in 2015. Stevie Young, nephew of founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, plays rhythm guitar on 'Rock or Bust' and will accompany the band on tour".

'Produced by Brendan O'Brien, 'Rock Or Bust' will be released on 1 Dec.


Idris Elba releasing Mandela-inspired LP feat James Blake and Mumford
Actor, singer, rapper, DJ, and all round entertainment hub Idris Elba has enticed the likes of James Blake, Mr Hudson and Mumford & Sons Ltd to feature on a new Nelson Mandela-inspired LP he's made.

Elba felt driven to write 'Mi Mandela' whilst researching the late South African premier in order to play him in not-all-that-good-but-still-admirable 2013 film 'Long Walk To Freedom'.

Enlightening fans a bit in a trailer clip for the LP, he says: "I wanted to understand what music Mandela liked, and so in that journey I discovered the roots of South African music. At the time I had a studio in the apartment I was staying in; a little keyboard, a laptop, and as an experiment to myself I vowed to keep making music".

Vow intact, the eleven-track 'Mi Mandela' will be released on 24 Nov. Cody ChesnuTT, George The Poet, Nothembi Mkhwebane and South African vocal band Mahotella Queens are also on it, as is Maverick Sabre, who is all over its forthcoming first single, 'You Give Me Love'.

In additional news, Elba has co-created a very special Christmas single with Noel Fielding and Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno, aka 'the lads'. And apparently it's a hit!

Explaining what the hell they were thinking via NME earlier this week, he said: "I get this call from the lads and they're like, 'Oi, do you want to rap on a Christmas song? I went to this studio down in Notting Hill somewhere and they played it to me. I'm telling you now, it's a hit. Serge did this sort of funky, 70s, slow disco groove and Noel this singing-rap thing".

Terrific. And then?

Well, then Elba "rolled in there without a rap prepared, so I write a quick Christmas rap. I went to see Kasabian at the iTunes Festival last week and Serge said it would come out this Christmas. It's a big tune".

Well, let's just wait and see about that, shall we? While you put up the tinsel, here's Elba's 2011 solo classic, 'Private Garden', to get you in the mood.

London's first ever music documentary festival starts tonight
London's first ever music documentary festival kicks off at the Hackney Picturehouse this evening, with a four day programme of films - both classics and newer pictures - documenting a number of music greats.

Doc N Roll Festival co-founder Colm Forde spoke to CMU's sister magazine ThisWeek London, and explained the motivation for the new event. He said: "Other festivals have music documentaries within them, but our angle was to stage an event that concentrates exclusively on the genre. It's quite strange - given the heritage of this city in terms of musical output, I'd say it's second to none - and yet there hasn't been a festival specifically focused on music documentaries here before".

He continued: "We were mainly inspired by a music film festival in Barcelona called In-Edit, which I attended when I was staying there. The idea of doing our own event, initially in Dublin and later in London, has been brewing for a while, though we only made the actual decision to do this earlier this year".

Introducing the first ever Doc N Roll Festival programme, Forde continues: "We've hooked up with Julien Temple, an iconic director in this particular genre of course, who made his name with Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols way back when, and our programme includes a retrospective of his work. That includes a particular favourite of mine, the Dr Feelgood film 'Oil City Confidential', plus his Joe Strummer profile 'The Future's Been Written', and the film he put together with the BFI, which uses footage from their archives to document the influence immigrant communities, and especially people from the Caribbean, have had on culture in London".

And as for what makes a good music documentary, while the music itself is important, Forde reckons that the personality of the subjects is also key. "The people in these films all have electric personalities, and we get to see the trial and tribulations they went through, how they ended up where they are, what kind of climax and anti-climax they had in their career".

Forde chats more about the Doc N Roll Festival on this week's ThisWeek London Podcast, hosted by CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke, which also features snippets from and information about theatre, musical and cabaret shows happening in London this week. Check the podcast out here.

Iceland, Aston, Hackman and more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Iceland has been announced as the focus country for next year's Eurosonic Norderslaag festival, which takes place on 14-17 Jan. Acts so far confirmed to perform at the event are Kaleo, Kiasmos, Samaris, and the CMU approved Rökkurró. Full details here.

• Backflipping ex-JLS pipsqueak Aston Merrygold is officially 'ridin solo' nowadays, having recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. He confirmed it via an Instagram post yesterday, to which was stapled the longest caption OF ALL TIME. Merry Christmas!

• Now-trio Portico, who by the way play live at London's Islington Assembly Hall on 4 Dec, have signed to Ninja Tune in order to release a new LP one day. So hip hip yay for that. This is a track from said LP, titled 'Living Fields'.

• The Rumer lady is back after a lil break, and all set and ready to go ahead with releasing a new solo record entitled 'Into Colour'. This here is lead single 'Dangerous' ahead of the big LP release on 10 Nov.

Approved symphonic pop artiste Lydia Ainsworth is streaming her excellent next LP, 'Right From Real', on the internet pre its release next week. Dive into it via this link.

• Ms Marika Hackman of folkish pop fame has detailed her first LP, 'We Slept At Last', which will be available in the world "in February 2015". Go on and watch a live clip of Hackman singing one of its songs, 'Cinammon', now.

• Gloomy-lord-of-movie-scores Trent Reznor has previewed a set of excerpts to his gloomy 'Gone Girl' score. Listen to them here.

Britney launches lingerie collection
Britney Spears has announced a new range of affordable lingerie. Britney's Budget Bras would be the obvious name to give the collection, but instead she's gone with The Intimate Britney Spears. Missed opportunity.

At a launch event at London's Hotel Café Royal this week, Spears said that she would most like to see Kate Middleton and Gwen Stefani wearing her underwear. So that's nice. She added that her personal favourite piece in the collection is one called 'Buttercup', due to the "variety of beiges". And if ever there's a phrase that will have things flying off the shelves, its "variety of beiges".

Anyway, onto this whole thing with the Duchess of Cambridge. Said Spears: "I would love to see Kate wear my underwear designs. That would be splendid! I'm going to send her one of every piece, so she'll have plenty to choose from".

Its not just for pregnant princesses though, CEO of manufacturer Claus Walther Jensen hastened to add, screaming: "We are thrilled to build a global intimate apparel brand with Britney that will offer affordable luxury for every woman. With our expertise in quality and sizing, and Britney's vision for the collection, we are confident there is something for everyone to love".

Britney also added: "I think the sexiest item is probably 'Cherry' because it's red and it really stands out, it's very elaborate and I think it's pretty promiscuous".

Can an inanimate object be promiscuous? Am I being too pedantic? After all, the whole range is apparently inspired by "silk, silhouettes and promises", according to this video.

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