TODAY'S TOP STORY: Spain last week passed some controversial new copyright laws that will come into affect in the new year, which include new rules about the removal of links through to copyright infringing material, something of interest to the music industry, which reckons search engines and other aggregators should be more proactive in removing links through to unlicensed material. Though the... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: NYC-based cad and sax-pop dark lord Adrian Knight's latest item on show is 'Pictures Of Lindsey', a brilliantly oozy, woozy, boozy collection of nighttime stories and synth-slimed 'sex jams' he released via the Galta label a bit earlier this year. Disciples of Ariel Pink, and/or Sean Nicholas Savage, and/or R Stevie Moore, and/or slow-like-honey pop songs, and/or natural... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Controversial new copyright laws passed in Spain
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Grooveshark to use streaming data to book live events
MEDIA TeamRock launches new subscription package
Box TV launches new featured track programme
EDUCATION & EVENTS Final CMU Insights course of the year announced, music rights fully explained
ARTIST NEWS Acker Bilk dies
Wayne Static dies
Shin Hae Chul autopsy initiated, following calls from fellow South Korean musicians
PETA takes out ad in Hollywood Reporter to criticise One Direction
RELEASES Union J to give it all with new LP
ONE LINERS Flashback Records, EDM conferences, Bob Dylan and more
AND FINALLY... Spider discovered living in Katie Melua's ear
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Controversial new copyright laws passed in Spain
Spain last week passed some controversial new copyright laws that will come into affect in the new year, which include new rules about the removal of links through to copyright infringing material, something of interest to the music industry, which reckons search engines and other aggregators should be more proactive in removing links through to unlicensed material.

Though the element of Spain's Ley De Propiedad Intelectual legislation to get the most coverage has been new rules specifically governing news aggregators, of which Google News is the most prolific. Such services generally only link through to legit (ie non-copyright infringing) news content, but also pull through headlines, photos and introductory paragraphs from the news sites they monitor.

The big newspaper groups complain that by pulling through that content Google gets a free news-monitoring and headlines service that brings lots of lucrative traffic to the web-giant's platform. Google counters that it then sends millions of users onto the original sources of the news stories it lists, helping newspaper groups drive traffic to their own sites and in doing so sell advertising.

But the Association Of Editors Of Spanish Dailies lobbied hard for a change in the law forcing news aggregators like Google News to licence the content its pulls through, paying a royalty to the publishers from which the headlines and copy originates. Failure to do so in Spain could now lead to a fine as big as 600,000 euros.

Critics of the new law say that the newspapers need Google more than the web giant needs Google News, and that the law could force the firm to shut down the news aggregation set-up in Spain, which would primarily hinder the news firms that enjoy traffic via the news-specific search engine. In Germany where many newspapers were removed from Google News as a result of similar lobbying by the news companies there, some titles subsequently asked to be re-listed by the web giant.

Google itself said it was "disappointed" that the new laws had been passed, adding: "We believe that services like Google News help publishers bring traffic to their sites. As far as the future is concerned, we will continue working with the Spanish publishers to help increase their revenues while we evaluate our options within the framework of the new legislation".

There are critics too for the new rules that extend the obligation of website owners to remove links to infringing content, rules that cover not-for-profit operations and those companies providing hosting and payment services to offending sites. Opponents to those new copyright laws argue that the new system - if fully enforced - will create fear amongst website operators, and in doing so limit their freedom of speech.

Grooveshark to use streaming data to book live events
In its latest bid to convince the music community that it can be a help, rather than a hindrance, and with the record industry still out for blood, Grooveshark has now turned its attention to the live business, with a new programme of live events, called Grooveshark Presents.

Announced last week, the company reckons its streaming service of dubious legality can help reduce risk for smaller acts looking to tour, by employing Grooveshark's data to ensure they only play where there is an audience for their shows.

In a statement, Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino said: "With Grooveshark Presents we are removing the significant risks promoters take in booking talent, simply by combining the intelligence gathered from our streaming platform with our unique ability to communicate with our listeners. Live events are in our DNA, as our heavily millennial listener base consumes music online, but spends on music offline. This is a significant step in how Grooveshark organically bridges artists and fans with technology".

The first event will take place in Grooveshark's home town, Gainsville, Florida, with performances from Autograf, Happy Accidents and Bells & Robes, on 10 Nov.

TeamRock launches new subscription package
TeamRock today launches a new subscription package that brings together its three flagship music magazines, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog.

The new subscription offer, called TeamRock+, will provide readers with online access to all the content appearing in each of the three mags each month, some of it before the publications hit the streets. For £3.99 a month, subscribers will also get extra daily content and selected articles from the publisher's archives.

Premium versions of TeamRock+ are also available offering, in addition, the iPad edition of one of the group's magazines for £4.99 a month, or a print version of said mag for £7.99 a month (£6.99 for Metal Hammer). A 30 day free trial is also available.

Announcing all of this, TeamRock's Editorial Director Scott Rowley said that a key aim of the subscription plan was to reach readers beyond the UK who are already accessing the company's free online content. He told reporters: "For years readers around the world have wanted access to our magazine content. TeamRock+ means that - wherever they are - people can read about their favourite artists on desktop, tablet or mobile".

He went on: "Our audience is truly international yet our mag sales are currently largely domestic. Now with TeamRock+ we have another groundbreaking way for us to get our portfolio to a wider audience. This is not a move away from print, but a way of taking the values of print - the access and insight that comes with great writing - and combining it with the interactivity and immediacy of online".

As previously reported, TeamRock launched in early 2013, acquiring the rock magazines formerly owned by Future Publishing and adding a radio station and online hub into the mix. Like all magazine publishers, the company needs to find a way to make online content pay as pretty much all print circulations in the wider magazine sector continue to decline year-on-year.

With the ad-funded model generally requiring at least tens of millions of unique users, and therefore the kind of content that can generate that level of traffic, most magazine publishers hope there is a subscription model out there that can work, even though most consumer and many trade mags are yet to crack such an approach as yet. Which means plenty of eyes will be on TeamRock's new initiative.


Box TV launches new featured track programme
Box TV - the music telly company co-owned by Bauer Media and Channel 4 - last week announced a new flim flam called The Fast Track, in which one new track will be picked each week which will then get a regular short promo spot across The Box, 4Music and Smash Hits TV channels encouraging viewers to check out the song's full video on the Box Plus website.

The featured video will also be a-listed across the network, which presumably means viewers could just stay tuned into to their Box channel of choice and see the Fast Track video via their telly screen.

But I suppose that would require a little patience, and we're targeting the attention-lite second-screening channel-hop-happy pop-consuming Snapchat generation here. Really we need to beam the video directly into their brains as soon as the slightest neuron activity implies even a passing interest.

Says Box TV's Music Director Mark Adams: "The Fast Track is an evolution ... new music is at the forefront ... our brand new music show ... coming artists". And if you like the sound of that quote, check out the full statement at now!

Final CMU Insights course of the year announced, music rights fully explained
CMU Insights, the training and consultancy side of this here operation, has announced its final seminar series for 2014, a three session programme providing a concise overview of music rights and the music rights sector.

CMU Business Editor and Insights Director Chris Cooke says: "Although declines in the music rights sector have slowed somewhat, stats this year show that many challenges remain, yet there are still plenty of opportunities on the content side of the music business. Successfully identifying and capitalising on the opportunities requires a solid understanding of how copyright works, the ins and outs of licensing, and how the music content market is evolving. These three seminars provide just that; so why not start 2015 fully equipped to navigate the music rights business?"

'Understanding Music Rights - A Complete Overview' takes place on 1, 8 and 15 Dec, with the three evening seminars taking place in Shoreditch. Places on the full programme are just £125. Full info and bookings here.

  Approved: Adrian Knight
NYC-based cad and sax-pop dark lord Adrian Knight's latest item on show is 'Pictures Of Lindsey', a brilliantly oozy, woozy, boozy collection of nighttime stories and synth-slimed 'sex jams' he released via the Galta label a bit earlier this year.

Disciples of Ariel Pink, and/or Sean Nicholas Savage, and/or R Stevie Moore, and/or slow-like-honey pop songs, and/or natural and fairly odd songwriting, will like it, and him. And so will everyone else.

Stream the LP via Bandcamp now, and hear several of its tracks blossom anew via Knight's quiet tête-à-tête session with rarities blog and Resonance FM show Dig That Treasure!, the very first digi-pressing on its new online-only label. Go!

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Acker Bilk dies
Jazz clarinettst Acker Bilk died on Sunday, aged 85. The cause of death has not been announced.

Bilk began performing in the early 1950s, and was best known for his 1962 single 'Strangers On The Shore', which was the UK's highest selling single of that year. He last performed live in August last year at the Brecon Jazz Festival.

In a statement, his manager Pamela Sutton said: "He was vastly important to the jazz movement, he could play the clarinet like nobody else, he had a special tone and vibrato - other musicians would tell you that".

She went on: "His life was music and performing. He only gave it up because his age caught up with him and he couldn't perform any more. He was a charming person to be with and he was famous worldwide, especially in Australia. He was a brilliant musician. He had a great sense of humour in every way. He just loved life".

The musician had twice survived cancer and suffered a mini-stroke in recent years.


Wayne Static dies
The former frontman of metal band Static-X, Wayne Static, real name Wayne Wells, has died, aged 48. There was initial speculation that the death was drug-related, though a statement from the musician's family said that he had not used hard drugs since 2009, and that he had died in his sleep.

Announced on Saturday, Static's death came the day after he announced UK tour dates for January, which would have seen him perform Static-X's debut album, 'Wisconsin Death Trip', in full.

Writing on Facebook, Static's former bandmate, Tony Campos, now bassist for Soulfly, paid tribute and expressed regret that their former band's acrimonious split in 2010 would never be resolved: "I'm having a hard time finding the words to express how I feel right now, and it's taken me a long time to even try to write something. I knew Wayne for fifteen years. Some of the best times of my life were with him. I considered him a good friend. It's sad, the way our friendship ended, but even more sad that we never got to settle things between us".

He continued: "Even though we were no longer friends the last five years, I held on to a sliver of hope that my old friend would come back. We were like family: Koichi Fukuda, Nick Oshiro, Erik Fincher, Bruce Reiter, Brandon Webster, Dinkus Maximus, Royal Jensen; we all just wanted our old friend back. Sadly, that'll never happen. I feel so horrible for his parents and his brother and sisters. I can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through. My deepest condolences go out to them. All we can do now, is remember the good times we all shared. Rest in peace Wayne".

Numerous other musicians also paid tribute over the weekend, including Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, and Billy Corgan, the latter of whom performed in a band with Static in the late 80s.


Shin Hae Chul autopsy initiated, following calls from fellow South Korean musicians
An autopsy is to be conducted on the body of South Korean rockstar Shin Hae Chul, following pressure from a number of other noted musicians from the country. The decision comes after accusations of malpractice at the Seoul Sky Hospital where he died following an operation last Monday.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the singer's body had been due to be cremated on Friday morning, but his family gave consent for a post-mortem to take place shortly before the ceremony was scheduled to occur.

Commenting, rapper Psy said: "The bereaved family feels as if the world is caving in. The autopsy is irrelevant to whether or not the family decides to file charges. The family does not want this. It is so that we could know why he passed away, irrespective of possible legal disputes".

Over 16,000 mourners visited a mortuary set up for Shin Hae Chul at the Asan Medical Centre for three days last week.


PETA takes out ad in Hollywood Reporter to criticise One Direction
Oh dear. One Direction have drawn the wrath of PETA, after featuring a chimp in the video for their latest single, 'Steal My Girl'. The animal rights group has taken out an ad in The Hollywood Reporter, disputing claims that "no animals were harmed" in the making of the video.

The ad claims that "wild animals used in film and television are routinely subjected to
abusive training methods, such as beatings, electric shocks, psychological torment, and food

In a statement, the organisation singled out Steve Martin's Working Wildlife, which provided the chimpanzee and other animals for the One Direction video.

It claims that "Martin has been cited over and over again by the US Department of Agriculture for violating federal animal-protection laws. He's failed to provide animals with adequate veterinary care and proper shelter from the elements, and he's locked chimpanzees and orangutans in cages for up to eighteen hours a day. He has also denied animals adequate space, clean cages, and proper food".

One Direction have not commented on the claims as yet.

Union J to give it all with new LP
Boy-onic band Union J are releasing a new LP titled 'You Got It All' on 8 Dec, a date that at least explains why it has a cover of 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' on it as an extra track.

Errrrm, what else to say. 'You Got It All', which, if you buy it on 8 Dec, you truly will have, was 'co-written' with the likes of pop hit-writers Diane Warren, Jamie Scott, Red Triangle and Magic!'s Nasri Atweh.

Considering that, the band all intone, tonelessly, as one: "We have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and in doing so have made an album that we are incredibly proud of. We hope that everyone loves it as much as we do".

Anyway stand by for the tracklisting. Here's the official video for UJ's latest single (and clearly the LP's title track), 'You Got It All'.

Tonight (We Live Forever)
You Got It All
All About A Girl
One More Time
I Can'T Make You Love Me
She'S In My Head
Midnight Train
I Love To Watch You Sleep
Central Park
Girl Like You
Get It Right
Song For You And I

Flashback Records, EDM conferences, Bob Dylan and more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• London based retail chain Flashback Records has opened a third shop, this one on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch. Details here.

• Some of those speaker things - people who speak, not amps - have been confirmed for the first ever EDM-fused International Music Summit Asia Pacific, a spin-off from the annual Ibiza-based IMS gathering of dance-heads. Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Richie Hawtin, Ultra Korea's JC Ahn, Zouk Club's Lincoln Cheng and the Association Of Electronic Music's Mark Lawrence will all bring some speaking goodness. The event takes place in Singapore on 11 Dec, more here.

• Collectors of EDM conferences might also want to get themselves an edition of the Electronic Music Conference, taking place in Sydney on 2-4 Dec. Flume, Laidback Luke, Cedric Gervais, Windish Agency's Latane Huges, The Preset's manager Will Larnach-Jones and Laneway Festival boss Danny Rogers are amongst the talking heads at that one.

• Bob Dylan will release an LP titled 'Shadows In The Night' in 2015, confirms a note inside his new cover-all box compilation 'The Basement Tapes'. A source has told Billboard it consists of all covers of Frank Sinatra songs, so now you (probably) know.

• Longhaired psych-rock lords Bo Ningen are co-releasing a dead serious collaborative recording, comprising one single live track lasting 37 minutes, with Savages. 'Words To The Blind' transcribes the Cabaret Voltaire-inspired show the acts first played back in 2013. It'll be available via Stolen Recordings/Pop Noire on 17 Nov. This is its promotional trailer one, and this is trailer two.

• Bring Me The Horizon have released 'Don't Look Down', the track they donated to Zane Lowe's inexplicable BBC re-score of the film 'Drive', as a free gift to fans. It comes with an accompanying note explaining to people who think the song is 'a bit shit' why it, in fact, is not.

Spider discovered living in Katie Melua's ear
She's survived being plunged to the bottom of the sea and having her lyrics torn apart by scientists, and now Katie Melua's latest daring adventure is to become a breeding ground for spiders.

Melua revealed recently that after going to her doctor complaining of a "rustling sound" in her ear, it emerged that she had a spider had set up home inside her head.

She explained that the spider had most likely been living inside a pair of in-ear monitors that she had used as earplugs while on a recent flight. "It was no hassle at all, apart from the occasional shuffling noises", she said.

The spider was removed with a "micro hoover" (not a technical term) "alive and seemingly fine". Which I'm sure is the part of the story you were most concerned about.

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