TODAY'S TOP STORY: Setting a precedent for the first time, in the UK at least, that operating an online file-sharing community can equate to running a bootleg CD factory in your garage, two men linked to a defunct forum called Dancing Jesus were respectively sentenced to 21 and 32 months in prison yesterday. As previously reported, Kane Robinson operated Dancing Jesus while Richard Graham was a... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Shamir Bailey grew up opposite a pig farm. I'm not sure this is really relevant to his music, but it's in his biog, so there you go. I guess the point is that, although he hails from Las Vegas, he's not a bright lights and casinos kind of guy. Though, while it's still quite early in the nineteen year old's career, I reckon he could put on a fun show in a casino ballroom. Something to think about. Anyway, Bailey... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Significant jail time for former Dancing Jesus file-sharers
LEGAL Insurers seek information about Mick Jagger's late partner over cancelled gigs payout
Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde out of jail
LA court blocks Frank Ocean name-change
DEALS Round Hill Music ties up with Big Loud Shirt Industries
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Dickon Stainer promoted to global classical overseer role at Universal
MARKETING & PR United ties up with ITG and Outside to relaunch social agency
RELEASES Midge Ure and Bob Geldof announce new ebola-focussed Band Aid single
GIGS & FESTIVALS Take That confirm 2015 tour
AWARDS UK Music Video Awards handed out
ONE LINERS Taylor fucking Swift, Liverpool Sound City, Mark Ronson, oh and probably some other stuff
AND FINALLY... Russell Brand has made a music video that utilises recent changes in the law to rework the Blur that is known as... PARKLIFE
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Significant jail time for former Dancing Jesus file-sharers
Setting a precedent for the first time, in the UK at least, that operating an online file-sharing community can equate to running a bootleg CD factory in your garage, two men linked to a defunct forum called Dancing Jesus were respectively sentenced to 21 and 32 months in prison yesterday.

As previously reported, Kane Robinson operated Dancing Jesus while Richard Graham was a prolific user. The site provided thousands of links to unlicensed content - included pre-release music - stored in cyber-lockers like Rapidshare and Filesonic. The two men were subject to a private prosecution led by record industry trade body the BPI after an investigation by the City Of London Police.

Robinson pleaded guilty to copyright crimes before trial, though Graham initially planned to fight the charges until seeing the evidence against him and changing his plea at the last minute. Of the 8000+ tracks Graham shared via the Dancing Jesus site, about two-thirds were pre-release.

The jail terms - four years five months collectively - are pretty severe, and are the kind sentences you would more commonly find in criminal copyright convictions relating to the manufacture and sale of bootlegged CDs or DVDs.

Most of the early legal battles instigated by the music and movie industries against the operators of file-sharing services were civil litigation rather than criminal actions, even though there is a criminal element to copyright law that was traditionally used in the CD domain against those who prolifically infringed copyright, especially if for commercial gain.

The problem with civil action is that if defendants are of limited means they are unable to pay damages, and even if successful litigation forces a service offline, because new services can be launched with nominal investment there is always a new platform to replace those shuttered through legal action. The threat of civil action never seems to be a deterrent.

The record industry, presumably, will be hoping that the threat of a custodial sentence will do more to deter potential infringers. The last time a UK file-sharing service was targeted with criminal action - the Oink case - it sort of backfired when the main man was charged with conspiracy to defraud rather than straight copyright infringement, resulting in acquittal because the case for fraud was never very strong.

There have been some other convictions resulting in jail time for the operators of file-sharing operation elsewhere - most famously, of course, the three men behind The Pirate Bay when tried in Sweden - though the handful of similar cases in the UK and US have centred more on the file-sharing of movies and software than music.

Commenting on yesterday's sentencing, David Wood, Director of the BPI's Copyright Protection Unit, told reporters: "Today's sentencing sends a clear message to the operators and users of illegal music sites that online piracy is a criminal activity that will not be tolerated by law enforcement in the UK or overseas. Piracy - particularly pre-release - can make or break an artist's career, and can determine whether a record label is able to invest in that crucial second or third album".

He went on: "In this day and age with so many quality digital music services available offering access to millions of tracks through free and premium tiers, there is no good reason to use pirate sites that give nothing back to artists and offer a sub-standard experience for consumers. Speaking as a music fan, it just doesn't make sense to help criminals when you can support artists".

While it's not clear whether Dancing Jesus distributing so much pre-release content was a factor in the length of the sentences dealt out to Robinson and Graham, judge Deborah Sherwin noted that fact in her pre-sentencing remarks. Labels argue that pre-release piracy is particularly damaging, as it screws up carefully planned marketing campaigns as well as resulting in potentially lost sales (or legit streams). Sherwin also stressed that while it's easy to see online piracy as "a victimless crime", it reduces the ability of the record industry "to promote and fund new artists".

Insurers seek information about Mick Jagger's late partner over cancelled gigs payout
Insurers of the Rolling Stones tour that was cancelled after Mick Jagger's partner L'Wren Scott died by suicide earlier this year are seeking evidence about the fashion designer's mental health prior to her death, it has emerged.

According to the Associated Press, The Rolling Stones claimed on their $23.9 million insurance policy when L'Wren's death caused shows in Australia to be postponed. The band and their business partners explained that Jagger was "diagnosed as suffering from acute traumatic stress disorder" after his partner's death and was therefore advised by doctors not to perform for at least 30 days.

The band's insurance policy seemingly included cover for show cancellation caused by a family death, with L'Wren specifically included in that category. However, underwriters have apparently argued that Scott might have been suffering from a pre-existing but undeclared mental illness at the time the insurance policy was agreed, which would, they argue, render cover in relation to her death invalid.

It's emerged that when insurers refused to pay out on the claim relating to the postponed Australian tour the band sued in the London courts. Though the matter has come to wider attention because of legal efforts in the US by the insurers to gain papers relating to Scott's health prior to her death.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune a court in Scott's home state of Utah have given underwriters the OK to gather testimony and documents from her brother Randall Bambrough, though he has told the AP that he is yet to be contacted about the matter directly. The news agency, meanwhile, reckons that similar court filings have been made by the insurers to gain access to documents held by Scott's former PA and the executor of her estate.

None of the parties in the legal dispute have commented on the latest reports. Meanwhile the Stones are midway through their rescheduled tour in Australia, though a show in Victoria had to be pulled last weekend because Jagger had a throat infection.


Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde out of jail
Bad news for fans of all three Pirate Bay founders being in custody at the same time. Perhaps the highest profile of the men that set up the always controversial file-sharing website, Peter Sunde, is out of jail having served more than five months after his 2009 conviction for copyright infringement relating to his role in running the Bay.

Although convicted in 2009, Sunde's jail time didn't kick in until he'd exhausted all routes of appeal. He then avoided prison for a further two years before being arrested in Sweden in May. He was incarcerated in a high-security prison, something he publicly criticised given the non-violent nature of his crimes, though some subsequently pointed out that he had basically spent two years on the run before being jailed, which may have explained the decision to put him in a more secure facility.

Nevertheless, five months in jail does seem to have had a considerable impact on Sunde's health. According to Torrentfreak, he now plans to take some time out with family members before returning to his post-Bay business ventures, in particular Flattr. Indeed, while he seemed to heavily resent his incarceration, having served his time he can now get on with his entrepreneurial pursuits without the threat of arrest always looming on the horizon.

In something of a one-in-one-out scenario, Sunde's release comes less than a week after his fellow TPB founder Fredrik Neij - the last of the men convicted in the 2009 trial against The Pirate Bay to serve his jail time - was arrested on the Thai border. Police in Thailand have since indicated he will now be extradited to Sweden to serve his prison sentence. Meanwhile the Bay's third founder, Gottfrid Svartholm, has already served his time in relation to his copyright conviction, but remains inside because of other hacking charges.


LA court blocks Frank Ocean name-change
Apparently the 'rap vocalist' the world knows as Frank Ocean, who back in March applied to legally change his birth name, Christopher Breaux, to his long(ish)-time alias (Frank Ocean), has had that request denied because of a stack of driving fines and speeding tickets he has picked up lately.

TMZ reports that the singer was given three tickets in the LA area in as many months over one especially carefree summer: driving with an expired license, driving with his headlights off, and most recently, the classic: 'exceeding the speed limit'. In that order. Ocean has also, adds TMZ, had his license suspended twice over skipped court dates.

The upshot of all this is that his name-change application has been placed on ice pending a deep clean of his record. After which 'Christopher' can reapply.

Round Hill Music ties up with Big Loud Shirt Industries
US-based music rights company Round Hill Music has acquired the songs catalogue of Big Loud Shirt Industries, the music publishing company of country music songwriter Craig Wiseman, which owns the rights in songs made famous by the likes of Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood.

Under the deal, Round Hill acquires the existing Big Loud Shirt catalogue, and will work in partnership with the company moving forward on signing new songwriting talent and publishing new songs.

Confirming the deal, Wiseman told reporters: "Our working with Round Hill has felt right from the very first meeting. [The management team] impressed us with their serious passion for creating a modern music company. We are happy to still be independent with our new Round Hill partners!"

Meanwhile Neil Gillis, President of Round Hill, which has been buying up high profile publishing catalogues for a few years now, said: "Craig has nurtured this amazing culture at Big Loud Shirt, which is based on family and creative freedom. It is this culture that has helped generate the unprecedented success the company has attained. It is a privilege and a thrill to be partnering with Craig and the entire Big Loud Shirt family".

Dickon Stainer promoted to global classical overseer role at Universal
Decca Records boss Dickon Stainer has been handed the additional role of Universal's President and CEO of Global Classical. He will report into Universal Music Group International CEO Max Hole, who has previously overseen the company's classical division.

Says UMG's overall CEO Lucian Grainge: "Over the past fifteen years, I've had the great fortune to watch Dickon develop into a first-rate music executive with a unique ability to both manage artists and labels. In this new role he will be able to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities the industry transformation offers to music's greatest collection of classical labels and artists".

Hole added: "I have really enjoyed getting closely involved in the classical business and with our artists, but as classical music transitions into the digital age we need to develop the business further and faster. Dickon will bring new energy and full time leadership to this commercially and culturally important part of Universal's business. He is a rare combination of musician, A&R man and executive who is uniquely qualified for this new role".

Stainer had something to say too. It was this: "It is a great privilege and responsibility to oversee the future and heritage of classical music at Universal Music. I look forward to working with our outstanding artists and my colleagues around the world to innovate and bring new audiences to this unique and diverse art form".

Joining Stainer's new management team is Graham Southern, who becomes Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Classics.

United ties up with ITG and Outside to relaunch social agency
Social media and digital marketing company United has announced an alliance with talent agency ITG and PR firm The Outside Organisation which will see the creation of a new business called Influence Digital.

The new social agency will still be run by United's founders, former major label men Richard Marshall and Gareth Currie, and will continue to work with music, entertainment, youth and other brands on social and digital ventures, but with the backing of ITG and Outside bringing new clients and expertise into the mix.

Says Currie: "Today's world is always on and always connected. The boundaries between content, publishing, PR and marketing have become irrevocably blurred. Brands and talent are all looking at how to capitalise their relationship with customers and fans. Influence Digital, as its name suggests, is here to help clients realise this ambition".

Meanwhile ITG Co-Chair Paul Lyon-Maris said: "The insight and knowledge that Influence's founders bring to the new company put it in a unique position to help its clients realise the huge potential of social media and digital, enabling them to take control of the relationship between themselves and their followers".

  Approved: Shamir
Shamir Bailey grew up opposite a pig farm. I'm not sure this is really relevant to his music, but it's in his biog, so there you go. I guess the point is that, although he hails from Las Vegas, he's not a bright lights and casinos kind of guy. Though, while it's still quite early in the nineteen year old's career, I reckon he could put on a fun show in a casino ballroom. Something to think about.

Anyway, Bailey released his debut EP, 'Northtown', named after the non-shiny bit of Las Vegas, in June through New York label Godmode. Across five tracks it showcased his versatility and, I have to mention at some point, quite feminine singing voice, on tracks like 'I Know It's A Good Thing' and a cover of Lindi Ortega's 'Lived And Died Alone'.

Now signed to XL, his new single 'On The Regular', which came out at the end of last month, reveals a very sharp change of direction into cowbell-heavy upbeat rap. YouTube comments would suggest that this has turned him into something of a divisive character. Assuming that we're putting any stock in YouTube comments. Which we're probably not, are we? Would kind of world would that be?

So, it's agreed then, we all like Shamir. So let's all head down to The Courtyard Theatre in London on 4 Dec when he plays the sole UK date on a brief European tour.

Here's 'On The Regular'.
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Midge Ure and Bob Geldof announce new ebola-focussed Band Aid single
Midge Ure and Bob Geldof yesterday held a press conference to confirm that they will be recording yet another version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

The 30th anniversary edition of the song, its fourth iteration, will raise monies to help fund the fight against the Ebola epidemic that has now killed in the region of 5000 people in a number of West African countries, with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone hardest hit. The famous charity track's lyrics will be altered slightly to reflect the cause, ie providing urgently need healthcare to fight an epidemic rather than famine relief.

The recording is due to take place this Saturday, with musicians confirmed to appear including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Bono, Chris Martin, Emeli Sandé, Elbow, Underworld, Sinead O'Connor, Paloma Faith, Foals and Bastille. Paul Epworth will produce the track, while Tracey Emin will design its artwork.

The single will be made available on CD and download on Monday, but will not hit streaming services until January. There will also be alternative versions recorded in France, Germany and the US.

Exactly who will sing which lines of the song won't be decided until Saturday, though Bono will probably insist on singing 'his' line again, like an arse. I always think of that line as more Matt Goss and Jason Donovan's though. Here's a breakdown of who has sung what on previous versions.

Take That confirm 2015 tour
It's fair to say that the Take That line-up is looking a bit um... 'minimalist' right now. What with Jason Orange's big opt-out, and the fact that Robbie's been way too distracted, like, enabling the miracle of life to stick with the band, and everything. But STILL... the show must go on, and will do now that Gary, the short one and the hairy one have announced a 2015 tour. So basically, all the worst ones. Only kidding, 'Take That Live' is going to be one wild ride!

Considering this, the now-trio say in one voice: "We've always been very proud of our live shows and are very excited to be touring again next year. Playing live is something we love the most about what we do and we're looking forward to putting on the most amazing show we can. It will have been four years since our last tour so we're really keen to get back out on the road to play some of our biggest songs from the last 20 years alongside our new ones".

All 24 arena-sized dates, which back TT's imminently-released seventh LP 'III', will feature opening act Ella Henderson and a load of stage-filling showgirls and dancing elephant-type distractions (aka "spectacular live production").

And the magical UK-wide trip, tickets for which go on sale Thursday, will go on like so:

28 Apr: Glasgow, The SSE Hydro
30 Apr: Glasgow, The SSE Hydro
1 May: Glasgow The SSE Hydro
04 May: Belfast Odyssey Arena
05 May: Belfast Odyssey Arena
08 May: Dublin, 3Arena
09 May: Dublin, 3Arena
14 May: Birmingham, LG Arena
15 May: Birmingham, LG Arena
16 May: Birmingham, LG Arena
18 May: Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
19 May: Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
21 May: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
22 May: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
23 May: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
25 May: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
26 May: Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
1 Jun: Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
2 Jun: Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
4 Jun: London, O2 Arena
5 Jun: London, O2 Arena
6 Jun: London, O2 Arena
8 Jun: London, O2 Arena
9 Jun: London, O2 Arena

UK Music Video Awards handed out
So it was the latest UK Music Video Awards, complete with the first ever MusicVidFest conference, in London yesterday. And if you thought we wouldn't publish the entire long list of fabulous winners, then you know nothing. Here they are...


Best Pop Video
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Lee Groombridge
Prod co: Somesuch
Commissioner: Dan Curwin for Atlantic

Best Dance Video
Director: Emile Sornin
Producer: Jules de Chateleux
Prod co: DIVISION Paris
Commissioner: John Moule for Island Records

Best Rock/Indie Video
Throne - Tharsis Sleeps
Director: Nicos Livesey / Tom Bunker
Producer: Posy Dixon
Prod co: Lucky Features
Commissioner: Channel 4 Random Acts

Best Alternative Video
Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Exec Producers: Tamsin Glasson / Nathan James Tettey
Prod co: Colonel Blimp / Blinkink
Commissioner: Phil Lee for XL Records

Best Urban Video
Director: Karim Huu Do
Producer: Katie Dolan
Exec Producers: Katie Dolan / Sorcha Shepherd / Louise Gagen
Prod co: Caviar
Commissioner: Last Night In Paris


Best Pop Video
Sia - Chandelier
Director: SIA / Daniel Askill
Producer: Jack Hogan
Prod co: Radical Media
Commissioner: Camille Yorrick for RCA Records / Sony Music Ent

Best Dance Video
DJ Snake feat Lil Jon - Turn Down For What
Director: DANIELS
Producer: Judy Craig / Jonathan Wang
Exec Producer: Candice Ouaknine
Prod co: Prettybird
Commissioner: Bryan Younce for Columbia Records

Best Rock/Indie Video
Queens Of The Stone Age - Smooth Sailing
Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Jason Colon
Exec Producer: Danielle Hinde
Prod co: Doomsday Entertainment
Commissioner: Gabe Spierer for Matador

Best Alternative Video
Arcade Fire - After Life
Director: Emily Kai Bock
Producer: Anne Johnson
Exec Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Prod co: Iconoclast
Commissioner: Genneah Turner for Mercury / Merge

Best Urban Video
J Cole feat Amber Coffman - She Knows
Director: Sam Pilling
Producer: Sarah Park
Exec Producer: Laura Tunstall
Prod co: Pulse Films
Commissioner: Chaka Pilgrim for Roc Nation


Best Pop Video
The Correspondents - Fear And Delight
Director: Naren Wilks
Producer: Naren Wilks
Commissioner: The Correspondents

Best Dance Video
Friend Within - The Renegade
Director: Craig Moore
Producer: Liam Johnson
Exec Producer: Sophie Brooks
Prod co: Familia / robot
Commissioner: Caroline Clayton for Ministry of Sound

Best Rock/Indie Video
Kid Wise - Hope
Director: Truman & Cooper
Producer: Anthony & Johnathan
Prod co: Chey Eddy / Colonel Blimp
Commissioner: Kid Wise

Best Alternative Video
FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify
Director: FKA twigs / Tom Beard
Producer: Cherise Payne
Prod co: Cherise Payne
Commissioner: FKA twigs

Best Urban Video
Bonnie Banane - Champs-Elysees
Director: Helmi
Producer: Clémence Cuvelier
Prod co: DIVISION, Paris
Commissioner: Jules Cuvelier for Weird Data Music


Best Art Direction & Design In A Video
OK Go - The Writing's On The Wall
Art Director: Ethan Tobman
Director: Aaron Duffy, Damian Kulash, Jr. Bob Partington
Producer: Garrett Fennelly
Exec Producers: Cheri Anderson / Sam Penfield
Prod co: 1st Ave Machine / Warm & Fuzzy
Record company: Paracadute

Best Styling In A Video
Brooke Candy - Opulence
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Director: Steven Klein
Producer: Colin Lewis
Exec Producer: Coleen Haynes
Prod co: Black Dog Films
Record company: RCA

Best Choreography In A Video
Peace - Money
Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Ninian Doff
Producer: Rik Green / Ore Okonedo
Exec Producer: Zak Razvi
Prod co: Pulse Films
Record company: Sony Music

Best Cinematography In A Video
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
DOP: Robbie Ryan
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Lee Groombridge
Prod co: Somesuch
Record company: Atlantic Records

Best Colour Grade In A Video
Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You
Colourist: George K @ MPC
Director: Paul Gore
Producer: Denna Cartamkhoob
Exec Producer: Tim Nash / Tash Tan
Prod co: Somesuch
Record company: Sony Music

Best Animation In A Video
James - Moving On
Animator: Ainslie Henderson / Michael Huges
Director: Ainslie Henderson
Producer: Ainslie Henderson
Prod co: White Robot
Record company: BMG Chrysalis / Cooking Vinyl

Best Editing In A Video
Jon Hopkins - Collider
Editor: Dan Sherwen @ Final Cut
Director: Tom Haines
Producer: Connor Hollman
Exec Producer: Dom Gomez
Prod co: Rogue Films
Record company: Domino Records

Best Visual Effects In A Video
Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine
VFX Artist: Adam Watson / Richard C Thomas / Annie Rowland / Bernardo Varela / Micheal Walton @ Electric Theatre Collective
Director: Nabil
Producer: Claire Oxley
Exec Producer: Liz Kessler
Prod co: Academy / A+
Record company: Infectious

Best Live Music Coverage
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live In Paris
Director: Bartleberry Logan
Producer: Bartleberry Logan
Commissioner: Jordan Berliant
Record company: Abstract Dragon

Best Music Ad - TV or Online
Disclosure - Settle
Director: Kate Moross
Prod co: Studio Moross
Commissioner: Universal-Island Recordings
Record company: Universal-Island Recordings

Best Interactive Video
Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
Director: Vania Heymann
Prod co: Interlude, Walter Pictures, Pulse Films
Commissioner: Sony Music Global
Record company: Sony / Legacy Recordings

Vevo Must See Award
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Director: Rémy Cayuela
Prod co: Able&Baker
Commissioner: James Hackett for Virgin EMI / Ram Records

Video Of The Year
DJ Snake feat Lil Jon - Turn Down For What
Director: Daniels
Producer: Jon Wang / Judy Craig
Executive Producer: Juliette Larthe UK
Prod co: Prettybird
Commissioner: Bryan Younce for Sony Music


Best Producer: Amber Millington
Best New Director: Truman and Cooper
Best Director: Hiro Murai
Best Commissioner: Caroline Clayton
Best Video Artist: FKA Twigs
The Icon Award: Joseph Kahn

Taylor fucking Swift, Liverpool Sound City, Mark Ronson, oh and probably some other stuff

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• You didn't think we'd make it through a whole issue of CMU Daily without mentioning her, did you? Taylor Swift has made the video for her new single, 'Blank Space', available for free for all to watch on-demand, which is surely "completely disrespectful to that superfan who just wants to invest". Whatever. Watch here. And tomorrow our Taylor coverage will be limited to Hanson, Dayne and Lautner (yeah, even though he's not a musician), promise.

• Liverpool Sound City has announced the first three speakers for the conference side of next year's event, and they are Mark E Smith, former Ramones manager Danny Fields and Cream founder James Barton. With the festival side moving from the city centre to the Bramley Moore Dock, the conference is also shifting to the The Titanic Hotel in the near-by Stanley Dock. But we've been assured it won't sink mid-event.

• "The UK's only FREE major music industry networking event" for people "with ambitions of working in the music industry" - apart from all the others, obviously - the Ultimate Seminar will take place at the University Of Westminster on 22 Nov. Details here.

• Pop super-producer Mark Ronson has revealed a new Bruno Mars-featuring track titled 'Uptown Funk', the lead single off of his 'feat' artist-rich next solo (ha) LP 'Uptown Special', which itself features Tame Impala, Hudson Mohawke, Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt and rapper Mystikal. That's released on 27 Jan, and this is that lead single I mentioned.

• Marilyn Manson has detailed his self-descriptive (well, not really) ninth LP, 'The Pale Emperor', assigning it a release date of 20 Jan 2015, and this VERY silly tracklisting. God speed you! Marilyn Manson.

• Aphex Twin has added to an online landfill of experimental tracks and back-dated trimmings as part of part II of his massive 'Syrobonkers' interview with Noyzelab, this following part I, which contained a lot of things 'definitely' written by AT's six year old son. Open this new trove of live recordings, and a pile of modular synth-based samples, via SoundCloud.

• Producer Nightwave has announced a new EP, called 'Nightlife'. The first track off it is called 'Kiss Kat' and features Ashnikko. Listen right here.

• The best-not-judged-on-their-name King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have released the video for 'Satan Speeds Up', the latest track from their upcoming debut album, 'I'm In Your Mind Fuzz'. Have a watch, why don't you?

• The CMU approved Meadow Décor, featuring former members of I Remember Tapes, have announced that they will release a new EP, titled '47', on 24 Nov. And as if by magic, here is a track from it.

• The shortlists for next year's European Festival Awards, which will take place during the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in January, have been announced. Apparently this year there were 1.2 million votes submitted for festivals in 25 countries. See the full breakdown of potential winners here.

Russell Brand has made a music video that utilises recent changes in the law to rework the Blur that is known as... PARKLIFE
Noted political activist Russell Brand became one of those internet meme things last week, when someone noticed that adding "PARKLIFE" to the end of pretty much any sentence to come from his mouth made it sound like it was taken from the Blur song that is also called 'Parklife'. That was a very long sentence, I'll avoid the risk of any more appearing here by letting Usvsth3m fill you in on the full story.

Anyway, Brand ruined the joke pretty quickly, by retweeting someone else and adding "PARKLIFE" to it himself. And yesterday he ensured that the whole thing was well and truly dead in its grave by releasing a reworking of the Blur song with the help of Rubberbandits. It really is awful. Truly awful. Avoid watching the video, if you can.

For educational purposes only - because it's a good example of the new parody exemption recently added to UK copyright law fully in action - here is said video (do not watch it).

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CARO MOSES | Co-Publisher
Caro helps oversee the CMU media, while as a Director of UnLimited Media she heads up the company's other two titles ThisWeek London and ThreeWeeks Edinburgh, and supports other parts of the business.
Email caro@unlimitedmedia.co.uk
Send ALL press releases to musicnews@unlimitedmedia.co.uk - this is checked daily by the whole editorial team meaning your release will definitely get to the right person.

For details of the training and consultancy services offered by CMU Insights click here - Andy and Chris are also available to provide music business comment, just email them direct.

To promote your company or advertise jobs or services to the entire UK music industry via the CMU bulletin or website contact Sam on 020 7099 9060 or email ads@unlimitedmedia.co.uk
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