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In today's CMU Daily:
• Capital station fined for ice trick,
• Lavigne take three trophies at MTV’s Asia Awards,
• Review: Esquire – Brandy & Xanax,
• Ball takes week off radio show – maybe,
• Noel: Oasis will live forever,
• Billy Joel stable after car crash,
• Woolies merge top teams for its music retail brands,
• Chamjam – early line up news,
• Sixties and seventies classics added to Grammy Hall of Fame,
• Blink 182 on the new album,
• Review: Justin Tmberlake - Cry Me A River,
• RI:SE rapped for christianity jokes,
• Timberlake: TOTP and Brits performances,
• Robbie’s open house


Why was the Kinks’ classic ‘Lola’ originally refused airplay in the US back in 1970 – and what change did they make to get it on air?

Answer tomorrow



Singles: Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe (Virgin); Beenie Man - Street Life (Virgin); Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (Source); Supergrass - Seen The Light (Parlophone); Busta Rhymes - Make It Clap (BMG); Turbo Negro - Ass Cobra (Burning Heart); Murs - Def Cover (Def Jux); Stylophonic - If Everybody In The World Loved Everybody In The World (Prolifica); Violent Delight - I Wish I Was A Girl (Warner)

Albums: Turbo Negro - Apocalypse Dudes (Burning Heart); Various - Back To Mine: The Orb (DMC); Erasure - Other People's Songs (Mute); InMe - Overgrown Eden (Music For Nations); Eyes Adrift - Eyes Adrift (Cooking Vinyl), Various - DJ Kicks (K7); Various - Solid Steel Presents Hexstatic: Listen & Learn (Ninja Tune); Various - Friends Reunited The 80s (Universal TV)


The number two spot in the singles charts is looking quite good so far this year – what with the Electric Six two weeks back, our favourite manufactured pop combo Busted last week, and Jay Z’s collaboration with Beyonce Knowles - '03 Bonnie & Clyde' – going in at the ‘nearly top spot’ this week.

I dwell on the number two spot because after Girls Aloud’s residency at the top of the charts Fame Academy’s David Sneddon is stuck there now – yeah, he wrote the song himself – that's why it's so dull.

Needless to say the exciting stuff is slightly lower down the chart. The superb Lemon Jelly go in at 16 with ‘Nice Weather For Ducks’, the equally superb (but not so chilled) Audioslave go in at 24 with ‘Cochise’, CMU cover stars Hell is For Heroes are in at 28 with ‘You Drove Me To It’ and Underworld return to the charts with ‘Dinosaur Adventure 3D’ at 34.

Craig David faired slightly better than midweek indications going in at 10 with ‘Hidden Agenda’ – perhaps his weekend TV performances secured some last minute sales.

Albums wise Justin Timberlake goes back up the chart to number one, presumably on the back of the considerable play upcoming single ‘Cry Me A River’ is getting (I swear there wasn’t a moment this weekend when at least two of the music TV channels weren’t playing it).

Similar single exposure pushes the aforementioned Busted back up to 3, and brings the Flaming Lips’ album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots back in to number 33. For quite different reasons the Bee Gees’ Greatest Hits return into the albums chart at 9.


Capital’s Birmingham pop station BRMB was fined £15,000 on Friday after being taken to court by the Health and Safety Executive over a competition the station ran back in 2001. As previously reported the station got listeners to sit on a lump of ‘dry ice’ (solid carbon dioxide) as part of a ticket giveaway for the Birmingham version of Party In The Park. The listener who sat on the ice for the longest won the “coolest tickets in town” (get it?). But at minus 78 degrees competitors who sat on the ice suffered severe burns – four listeners were hospitalised and three needed ten weeks of treatment. The station was being prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 which requires employers to ensure people not in their employment, but who may be affected by their activities, are not exposed to risks.

After receiving the fine Paul Davies, Operations Director for the Capital Group, told reporters: "We deeply regret the consequences of BRMB's listener competition ‘The Coolest Seats in Town’. It was never our intention to place anyone in jeopardy and we sincerely apologise to the participants and their families for their injuries and distress. Over the past 30 years listeners to Capital radio stations have participated in and enjoyed many high profile station events including Europe's largest open air event, Party in the Park, without consequence. As responsible broadcasters we take the health and welfare of our listeners extremely seriously and adhere to stringent health and safety practices as testified by our exemplary track record to date. We acknowledge that, in this particular incident, mistakes were made. Following our own internal investigation we have worked alongside the health and safety executive and all the other relevant authorities, to put all the necessary steps in place to ensure that a situation like this cannot occur again.”


Avril Lavigne moved further towards global domination by taking three awards of the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore on Friday. She won the awards for Favourite Female Artist, Favourite Breakthrough Artist and the Style Award. Linkin Park took the awards for Favourite Rock Act and Favourite Video. In the home country categories Malaysia's Siti Nurhaliza, Singapore's Stefanie Sun, Hong Kong's Sammi Cheng, and the Philippines' Regine Velasquez all took Favourite Artist trophies.

The show itself featured an all star line up including Missy Elliot, Robbie Williams and Blue, who performed 'One Love' with Philippines singer Kyla and Malaysian performer Ella.


REVIEW: esQuire – Brandy & Xanax (Beggars / Rex)
Truck loads of people are doing indie/dance/funk/hiphop/60’s pop combo thingies. Few sound anything more than confused and incongruous white elephants. For some reason, esQuire has got it just right: 60’s psyche-soul/northern soul loops over chunky hiphop breaks is the backdrop for some Q-Tip-esque vocalizing – and it’s a blazing funky party track. Any MC hailing from Detroit would not doing his roots justice if the 10” did not contain a ghetto tech style re-do. So this does – and it’s quite fun. But for me the original mix is just perfect – rocking tempo funk, tough beats and comprehensible refrains. Wicked. JG
Release date: 3 Feb
Press contact: Beggars IH [all]


There were reports this morning that Zoe Ball would take a week off her XFM drive time show after further revelations about her private life in the tabloids this weekend. The latest tabloid rumours suggest Zoe’s marriage with Fatboy Slim has collapsed after she had an affair with underground DJ Dan Peppe. Ball’s agent Vivienne Clore told the Daily Express: "She will not be at work next week but she has not quit her job. She just wants to be left alone."

All that said, as we were sending out the Daily Kevin Greening announced Zoe would be present for the Drive Time slot this afternoon – so who knows?


In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph this weekend Noel Gallagher said that, however fiery his relationship with brother Liam got, Oasis would continue because the band is too "important" to him.

"Well, technically we've broken up quite a lot, but it's never felt like that. Because the band's too important to me - it's what I do. At 35, now, to leave Oasis would be like getting a new girlfriend - it's like I couldn't be arsed, dating. Because the best gig in the world is being me, in Oasis... and I get to sing the two biggest songs of the night, 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Wonderwall'."

Meanwhile in an interview with Jonathan Ross on Saturday Noel talked about his rerecording of ‘Wonderwall’ – reported in the Daily last week. “I rerecorded the track for an NME compilation CD,” he said, “then they’re reporting it as if its some kind of mystery – why have I recorded it, when will it be released – and they now full well why and when!”


Latest reports confirm Billy Joel is in a stable condition after his car swerved off the road and struck a tree on Saturday night. The accident happened on Long Island when Joel lost control of his 2002 Mercedes Benz. A police spokesman told reporters it was not clear if alcohol was involved in anyway.


The Woolworths Group have completed a little restructuring at the top of their entertainments division which will see their two music brands – MVC and the Woolworths stores – being headed up by the same team.

The company’s Richard Izard explains: "Our overriding principle for the new entertainment structure was to create a combined organisation capable of supporting the continued trading and development of the distinct MVC and Woolworths brands. Jim Batchelor, currently Head of Entertainment at Woolworths, becomes Head of Commercial for both MVC and Woolworths. Each format will then be supported by a Trading Manager role reporting directly in to Jim. Below the Trading Manager roles, the product teams for each brand remain intact, reflecting our desire to ensure the continued commercial development of both business propositions".

The central team, which will be based at Woolworth’s Marylebone HQ, will also handle the marketing of the two retail brands.


After the update on the Swiss Snowbombing festival on Friday, now the latest on that other snowboard / music fest – ChamJam, which takes over the French Alp resort of Chamonix from 3 – 9 Mar.

Music wise, Finger Lickin’s Krafty Kutz, Soul of Man and Lee Coombs have all been confirmed for this year’s event, with several more top acts expected to be added to the bill in the next few weeks.

On the sporty side organizers explain the USP of the event: “ChamJam is unique as the only snowsports event in Europe where amateurs are able to compete on a level footing with professional sports men and women. Because ChamJam is so widely showcased in the media it has launched many amateurs into the sphere of professional sports. Once again this year new amateurs will be strutting their stuff against the Big Boys – competing in high-octane events from Skier-X to Jib Jam to Big Air".

More details about ChamJam at or from press contact Verity Bertram on 07968 478 782


Twenty one recordings were added to the American Recoding Academy’s Grammy Hall Of Fame last week, including Led Zeppelin's ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and Petula Clark's hit ‘Downtown’. Most of the recordings added this time round come from the sixties and seventies – organisers sensibly reckoning a certain distance in time is required before a track or album can be deemed truly ‘classic’.

"The purpose of the hall of fame is to spotlight recorded musical masterpieces that have significantly impacted our musical history," Recording Academy president Neil Portnow told reporters. "This year's selections are outstanding recordings and compositions of social significance that uniquely represent pieces of our country's cultural history."

Tracks from the sixties included: Peter, Paul and Mary's ‘Blowin' in the Wind’, Judy Collins' ‘Both Sides Now’, Henry Mancini's film theme ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ and the aforementioned ‘Downtown’.

Eleven recordings from the 1970s were inducted including: Eagles' ‘Hotel California’, Carole King's hit ‘It's Too Late’, Bruce Springsteen's album ‘Born to Run’, Ike & Tina Turner's version of ‘Proud Mary’, Paul Simon's album ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’, Elton John's double album ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, and Fleetwood Mac's album ‘Rumours’.

Older additions this time round include: Ethel Waters' 1933 version of ‘Stormy Weather’, jazz legend Thelonious Monk's 1949 album ‘The Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1 & 2’, the New York Philharmonic's 1956 recording of 'Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 99’ and the Flamingos' 1959 single ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’.


Blink 182 have been talking about their new album, which they’re busy recording as we speak. Talking to MTV Mark Hoppus said: "I think that the next record will surprise a lot of people, including me. We want to do something really dynamic... we want to try different effects in the studio, try different instruments, try different sounds, different arrangements on songs. Before, we got one guitar sound that we changed a little bit through the record. This time we want to try a whole different set-up for each song."

Meanwhile band mate Tom DeLonge, in an interview with Billboard, commented on rumours the band were to split after they each pursued music projects outside the band: "People are always coming to assumptions that there is some weird thing going on with Blink but there is nothing more than we just wanted to play some different music in our spare time. That's it."


REVIEW: Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (BMG/Jive)
I tend to give teen band stars more slack than most when they finally jump ship (even if only temporarily) and go it alone – solo careers often seeing said teen stars breaking from the pop manufacturers who have masterminded their success, and, if nothing else, having to perform without the security of some cute band members pulling in the crowds with some dance moves – and while the cynic in you might say they deserve everything they get, pursuing a post-boy band solo career must be quite a scary thing to do. After all, for every Ronan, Robbie and George there’s a Gary Barlow and a Stephen Gately. But it is without utilising such slack that I commend Mr Timberlake for his solo offerings, and especially this, the second track off his debut album. Far removed from his Nsync days this is a well produced innovative number on all sorts of levels – ‘pop music’ according to all the positive definitions of the word. And while you might write Timberlake off as a poor man’s Michael Jackson, it’s a comparison which must refer to a time when Jacko was incredibly rich musically, making Mr Nsync’s solo material considerably richer than a lot of what else is out there, including the Jacko of late. CC
Release date: 3 Feb [all]: Jive IH


Channel 4's RI:SE – the old version - has been condemned by TV watchdog the ITC for poking fun at Christian beliefs. In a sketch in December designed to poke fun at the commercialisation of Christmas one presenter told viewers that Jesus did not walk on water after dropping a figure of Christ into a mug. Another host joked that if the head of the doll was pressed, loaves and fishes might pop out. While recognising the show’s intentions the ITC said the comments went too far and broke programme rules.


Justin Timberlake did support The Flaming Lips on Top of the Pops on Friday night – dressed as a dolphin. As reported on Friday, the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne invited Timberlake to play bass for his band’s TOTP set when he bumped into him at Radio 1. Justin took up the offer and if you believe the Radio 1 website the two are now good friends!

Justin, meanwhile, has been confirmed as being among the line up for the Brit Awards next month. Pink, Coldplay, Sugababes and Avril Lavigne will also perform at the awards show. More acts will be added to the bill between now and the 20 Feb – though Robbie won’t be on the list. Even if he wins Best Male he won’t be there in person because of an existing gig commitment in the US.


More Robbie news – Mr Williams has let TV cameras into his £3.5million LA home for an edition of MTV’s Cribs show. According to the Sun Robbie jokes his way through a guided tour of his house. "It would be great if I was handsome and could get girls. I can only imagine," he says while standing next to his king size bed. Instead he claims he has had to make friends with "sensitive" guys from the gay community of West Hollywood. When he reaches his dining room he continues: "I sat at this table to eat my Christmas dinner alone because I sometimes find it difficult to make friends. Which goes to show that money doesn't equal happiness." The show airs on MTV next month.


Answer to Friday's pop quiz:
Two songs, two artists – same song title – which two artists have released tracks called ‘Crazy?
We were thinking of Pasty Cline in 1990 and Mark Morrison in 1995.

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