TODAY'S TOP STORY: Access to The Pirate Bay has been unhindered by most UK internet service providers for possibly a few weeks now, it has emerged, most likely because of changes behind the scenes at the always controversial file-sharing platform. As much previously reported, so called web-block injunctions have been available under UK law for some time now, allowing the music and movie industries... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Rolo Tomassi have released the first track from their upcoming new album 'Grievances', which is due out on 1 Jun. Titled 'Stage Knives', the track marks the band's tenth anniversary and their first new material for three years. And the good news is, the band have lost nothing of what always made them so great. They deftly balance shifts between heavy and ambient... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Pirate Bay blocks fall after SSL switch
LEGAL Tool conclude lawsuit, re-focus on new album
Snoop Dogg on the Blurred Lines ruling
DEALS SoundExchange agrees terms with American public radio broadcasters
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Collecting societies propose concessions to smooth through Euro-alliance
Blue Note partners on a Blues Brothers record label
LIVE BUSINESS Live Nation switches cola allegiances to Pepsi stateside
MEDIA Iggy Pop to return to BBC 6 Music
RELEASES Proto-punk band Death to release new album
GIGS & FESTIVALS Kanye West to headline Glastonbury
AWARDS Two new prizes adds to Artist And Manager Awards
ONE LINERS Mondia Mix, Courtney Barnett, The Vaccines, more
AND FINALLY... UN crowdsourcing the world's happiest playlist
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Pirate Bay blocks fall after SSL switch
Access to The Pirate Bay has been unhindered by most UK internet service providers for possibly a few weeks now, it has emerged, most likely because of changes behind the scenes at the always controversial file-sharing platform.

As much previously reported, so called web-block injunctions have been available under UK law for some time now, allowing the music and movie industries to force ISPs to block access to websites that judges agree exist primarily to promote and enable copyright infringement. Numerous file-sharing sites are now blocked by the major British ISPs as a result of such injunctions.

Though file-sharing services keep popping up at new locations, or proxies emerge designed to circumvent the blocks, and content owners and ISPs need to keep track of all the changes in order to ensure the blockades stay in place.

But seemingly Pirate Bay blocks recently stopped working on at least the BT, EE, Virgin and TalkTalk networks, most likely as a result of The Pirate Bay switching to an SSL service provided by US company CloudFlare, which made the HTTPS version of the Bay site (rather than the HTTP version) the default.

The operator of a block-dodging TPB proxy explained to Torrentfreak: "I believe [the unblocking is] because of how CloudFlare works. Simply put, when you enable HTTPS Strict on CloudFlare, they remove the HTTP Header from the request during HTTPS connections, thus when [the ISPs] try to inspect the header to a list of 'banned' websites it won't register. So any site that uses CloudFlare, has a properly configured and signed SSL Certificate, and enables HTTPS-Strict under CloudFlare should be able to evade the ban that's imposed by Virgin and perhaps other providers".

So there you go. It seems that Sky's web-blocks have been in place throughout, which possibly suggests it monitors changes on the file-sharing sites more closely. Given tha Sky is able to keep its blocks in place, presumably the other ISPs will make some changes and the web-blocks will return. But this wobble shows again that web-blocking isn't just about scoring a one-off injunction in court, keeping the blocks in place requires constant refinements.

Tool conclude lawsuit, re-focus on new album
Tool guitarist Adam Jones has said that the band are finally in a position to focus on recording a new album, following the conclusion of a long-running lawsuit.

As previously reported, the multi-layered legal problems stemmed from a claim by a former employee over ownership of some artwork. The band's insurance company then refused to underwrite the legal costs in the dispute, resulting in a lawsuit and countersuit, which is what has now been resolved.

"It got really ugly and shameful", Jones told Yahoo! Music. "This is a real simplification of the matter, but imagine paying auto insurance, getting into a wreck, and expecting the insurance company to cover you. And they come back to you and say, 'Well, you drive an SUV and we don't consider that an auto so we're not going to cover you'. And then they turn around and sue you because you want them to cover you. It's crazy".

After years of delayed and rescheduled dates, the matter was apparently quickly settled once it finally reached court. Jones explained: "I had a real feeling that things were going to go in our favour because the day the trial was supposed to start, the venue was changed on us. We moved over to a North LA courthouse and we had a brand new judge, who was fantastic. You know what his name was? Randy Rhodes! I knew the power of metal, and my appreciation of metal, was someday going to be like a guardian angel. But he was great. He came in and took over, and he's the reason the whole thing is finally over".

On the new music that the band have been busy working on, he continued: "Some of it's really heavy, some of it's complex and some is more atmospheric, but it's definitely Tool. I think having this lawsuit out of the way should really speed up the progress of getting the album done".


Snoop Dogg on the Blurred Lines ruling
So, it seemed like pretty much everyone had an opinion on last week's 'Blurred Lines' ruling. I know I did. "But what does Snoop Dogg think about it all?" That's the question I think we were all asking this weekend. I know I can't let a complicated copyright infringement judgement lie without first hearing from the former Lion.

So praise be to the Lord himself that Yahoo! managed to ask Mr Dogg how he had reacted to the week's big court ruling. It caught up with the rapper as he arrived at the latest gathering of pop's greatest minds, aka the recording of Comedy Central's 'Justin Bieber Roast'.

"I have mixed emotions", he mused of the judgement. "Because, you know, I love the sound of Mr Marvin Gaye and I love the sound of Pharrell Williams and it's delicate because I don't know what happened. I wasn't in the studio when he created the song. I know that I worked with Pharrell and he's a very original and creative guy and whenever I worked with him he never listened to old music. We always made fresh music. I don't know how to say what's right, but I do know that I love and appreciate both artists and both musicians and I just love music".

Hmm. But the verdict sets a really worrying precedent for the future of music making, right? It's got you worried, hasn't it Mr Dogg? "No, because we as hip hop artists, we don't do what's been done to us. There's a ton of people who took my material and used it and made money off of it, and I never said 'You owe me' or 'Pay me'. I just looked at it as you got respect for me, and a lot of times even the people from back in the days they forget that we're inspired by you, so if we're using your music, it's not to steal from you. It's to keep your music alive because some people might not even know who you are, but through me I'm keeping your spirit alive".

Right. Well that was all slightly confusing but ultimately rather sensible, wasn't it? What the hell Snoop Dogg? If you're going to start giving sensible answers to questions about the big news stories of the day, then consider yourself fired.

SoundExchange agrees terms with American public radio broadcasters
SoundExchange, the US rights body that licences online and satellite radio services on behalf of record companies and recording artists, has confirmed that a new deal has been struck with NPR and the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, covering the webcasting operations of public radio stations Stateside.

As much previously reported, radio licensing is different in the US than Europe, in that AM and FM radio stations aren't required to get licences at all from the record companies for the music they play, and while online radio services do need to pay royalties to the labels, a compulsory licence operates, so that labels are obliged to licence via SoundExchange.

The rates paid are ultimately set by the judges that sit on the Copyright Royalty Board. When digital services and SoundExchange can't agree (as is often the case with personalised radio services like Pandora, which are also covered by the compulsory licence), both sides bicker in front of the judges, who then make a decision on what should be paid. But sometimes all parties arrive at the CRB with previously agreed proposals, as is the case here.

Confirming the new deal with NPR and CPB, SoundExchange CEO Michael Huppe told reporters: "We always prefer negotiated solutions with digital services, provided that they ensure appropriate payment to artists and rights holders. We are pleased that we have again reached an agreement with NPR and CPB. This agreement recognises the unique circumstances and missions of these organisations, and compensates the creators of the music used in their programming".

Meanwhile Pat Harrison from CPB added: "The Corporation For Public Broadcasting is pleased that we, together with NPR and SoundExchange, have reached an agreement on internet streaming of sound recordings by public radio stations funded by CPB that recognises the unique nature of public radio and the vital service it provides to the American people".

And if you were holding out for a quote from NPR CEO Jarl Mohn, here it is! "We are pleased to again collaborate with SoundExchange to come up with a framework for royalties that provides artists and rights holders with fair compensation while recognising public radio's distinctive public service and non-profit operating model. The agreement is a testament to public radio's significant contributions to musicians, artists, audiences and cultural programming in today's dynamic music environment".

Assuming the CRB accept the proposed deal, which it probably will, the new rates will be in effect from 2016 to 2020.

Collecting societies propose concessions to smooth through Euro-alliance
European music publishing collecting societies PRS For Music, STIM and GEMA have proposed some concessions to the European Commission in a bid to smooth through the proposal to combine some of the three organisations' back-office operations, basically expanding on the existing ICE collaboration between PRS and STIM.

The EC announced it was launching an in-depth investigation to consider competition concerns raised by the alliance back in January. According to Reuters, the EC has now extended the deadline of that investigation to 26 Jun to consider the three societies' proposals.


Blue Note partners on a Blues Brothers record label
Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's widow Judy are setting up Blues Brothers Records. It's a joint venture with Universal's Blue Note Records, and will seek to sign, develop and distribute both established and brand new blues acts.

And, while Blue Note President Don Was will lead on A&R, Judy Belushi will have a hands-on role as Creative Director, while Eric Gardner, whose company manages the Blues Brothers brand, will head up the admin side of the label. The team seem to hope that they can use the Blues Brothers brand and its existing online channels to help build a new audience for the blues genre.

Commenting on the latest spin off from the Blues Brothers franchise, Gardner told Billboard: "Danny has been a beacon for decades for the blues, one of the most challenging [genres] to get into the commercial marketplace".

He went on: "In the digital age a lot of labels don't have the wherewithal or the financing to have strong digital strategies and I think that has led to the paucity of strong blues labels. We're almost thinking of this as a public service for dedicated blues enthusiasts".

Live Nation switches cola allegiances to Pepsi in the US
OK, so the big news today is that I've not had a sip of Coke or Pepsi, or any fizzy drink for that matter, for 72 days. Which you might be thinking is no big brag, unless you've met me, in which case you'll know that that's a major lifestyle change.

Because Coke with a capital 'c' had always been my main vice. I used to drink litres of the stuff every week, sometimes every day, but no more. Oh no. It's all water and fruit juices for me now. Yesterday I even drank some carrot juice. Juice from a carrot! These are crazy times, people. And I'd better get an extra six months of life at the end of all this, otherwise what was the fucking point?

But, here's the thing, I may no longer partake in the black syrup of the Gods, but I still consider myself an expert of the various recipes and brews that exist in the cola domain. And it goes like this: canned Pepsi is better than canned Coke, but bottled Coke is better than bottled Pepsi, though if it's on draught, it can go either way.

Also, if the can of Pepsi doesn't have a GB logo on it somewhere, be suspicious. I mean, I don't want to get all UKIP on your ass, but each country has its own recipe, and taste and gassiness differs a lot around the world. And if the ingredients on the side of the can are written in Turkish, throw that can as far as your syrup-fuelled muscles will allow. No offence Turkey, but your Pepsi tastes rank.

Anyway, I mention this because Live Nation in the US has just announced a multi-year partnership with PespiCo which will see Coca Cola products banished from the live music major's arenas and bars faster even than I would dispose of that can of Turkish Pepsi.

Under the deal PepsiCo will become Live Nation's official "carbonated soft drink and bottled water", which is a claim to fame Pepsi execs will surely be sharing with their grandchildren for decades to come. That also means Live Nation venues stateside will be flogging Mountain Dew too, instead of whatever Coke's crappy water brand is these days.

As well as 'pouring rights', Pepsi will also run a series of promotions with Live Nation artists, including meet and greets, sound check access and festival tie-ins, basically all the text book music-brand partnership malarkey. But whatever you think about all that, it's certainly going to elevate Pepsi's robust music platform to new levels.

Or in the words of Pepsi's VP of Consumer Engagement Adam Harter: "Our partnership with Live Nation elevates our robust music platform to new levels". See, told you. "For decades, Pepsi has been a leader in music and has always focused on providing fans with unparalleled access to great music and their favourite artists. Live Nation will play a dynamic role in our new 'Out Of The Blue' music campaign as we deliver new and exciting music experiences in a way only Pepsi can deliver".

Let's just hope a ready supply of Turkish Pepsi isn't part of the deal.

Iggy Pop to return to BBC 6 Music
Iggy Pop is good at talking. We know this because everyone who heard his John Peel Lecture last year said it was amazing and inspiring, but we just read the transcript which made no sense at all. So we'll make a note to listen to his new 6 Music show, rather than reading transcripts of it.

The news here, should you have missed it in that ironically waffly intro, is that Iggy Pop has been given a new show on BBC 6 Music, having previously filled in for Jarvis Cocker in his Sunday afternoon last year.

From 10 Apr, Pop will host a new two hour show on Friday nights from 7pm. In doing so, he'll bump the start of Tom Ravenscroft's show back to 9pm. Who loses out though? Well, fans of the 6 Mix guest slot, that's who, because that's being cut from the schedule to make way for the changes.

Says the Pop man: "Having sat in for Jarvis Cocker last year on BBC Radio 6 Music, I found myself realising how good it was for me. I hope it was good for somebody else too. So I'm gonna do it again this year, on early Friday evenings; what we call in the USA the 'happy hour'. It's kind of an edgy point right at the end of the designated work week, and I'll try to play quite a bit of music that's new and stimulating mixed with very old classics from the blues and jazz masters of the 1920s through 50s that are a little more moody. I'm gonna think of myself as a kind of atmospheric bartender. I'll try to do my very best".

That would have been much better if you'd heard him say it out loud. Something I think 6 Music's Head Of Programmes Paul Rodgers agrees with. He said this: "It's wonderful to be able to welcome back Iggy Pop to 6 Music. Iggy did great work on Sunday afternoons, fast becoming a new favourite for the 6 Music audience and I'm confident listeners will be every bit as appreciative of his new Friday evening slot. I've seen some of the music he's planning to play and it's really exciting".

  Approved: Rolo Tomassi - Stage Knives
Rolo Tomassi have released the first track from their upcoming new album 'Grievances', which is due out on 1 Jun. Titled 'Stage Knives', the track marks the band's tenth anniversary and their first new material for three years.

And the good news is, the band have lost nothing of what always made them so great. They deftly balance shifts between heavy and ambient sounds, fierce roaring and gentle singing, complex riffs and simple melodies.

The band's James Spence says of the track: "For me, this [song] captures the more cathartic side to 'Grievances'. This particular song was written about moving away from somewhere that had effectively shaped who I was as a person and what I'd left behind".

Listen here.
CLICK HERE to read and share online

Proto-punk band Death to release new album
Proto-punk band Death are set to release a new album, 'NEW', on 21 Apr though Drag City. The record is their first LP of new material for almost four decades.

As previously reported, the band was formed by three brothers in 1973 and recorded their debut album, 'For All The World To See', two years later. However, it proved a difficult sell to labels, not least due to their absolute refusal to call themselves anything other than Death.

The album was eventually shelved and forgotten until their lone seven-inch single became a sought after collectors item. When the surviving brothers were tracked down, leader David Hackney having died, the album was uncovered and finally given a release 35 years after it was recorded. The story was captured in 2012 documentary 'A Band Called Death', which concluded with the band reforming and beginning work on new material.

Speaking to FACT, the band's Bobby Hackney said of the new music: "What we really wanted to do was to capture that same magic that we got at United Sound in Detroit in 1975, and we were true to that. So we went into a state-of-the-art studio, we recorded the album as a band - as opposed to, say, the drum track being laid down and us building layers on top of that. We recorded it just the way we did at United Sound".

He went on: "We loved the spirit, the vibe of the record, because what you hear is a performance of us really playing. When you hear the bass, the guitar, and the drums, the foundation of the album in every song - that's all of us playing together".

Listen to the album's lead single, 'Look At Your Life', here.

Kanye West to headline Glastonbury
I had a pang of sadness about not going to the Glastonbury Festival for the first time in several years last night, when it was announced that Kanye West will be this year's Saturday night headliner. That's going to be some show. And I'll have to watch it on television. Oh well, at least it's not being shown on ITV.

Emily Eavis said that she was "thrilled" at the booking. Not everyone was though. Predictably, someone launched a petition demanding that the set from one of the few musicians in the world big enough to headline the festival be cancelled and a "rock band" be scheduled instead.

It's not clear if these people realise that the Foo Fighters have already been booked for the Friday night of Glastonbury. I'm not sure there are any other rock bands left who could do the big headline slot other than them. I mean, they had to get bloody Kasabian in to do it last year. These are challenging times.

If there's going to be any cancelling, I think the Eavises should drop all other headliners and just put Kanye on three nights in a row. That or book Beyonce and Beck for the other nights.

Two new prizes adds to Artist And Manager Awards
There'll be two brand new prizes presented at the Artist And Manager Awards when they return next week: Writer/Producer Manager and the Entrepreneur Award.

The former will go to Jackie Davidson, whose management credentials include the likes of Wayne Hector and Ali Tennant.

Meanwhile the Entrepreneur Award goes to Henry Village of Stack House Management, whose entrepreneurial endeavours also include Black Butter Records, a music publishing business and new festival Wildlife.

The AMAs take place at The Troxy in East London on 26 Mar, more info here.

Mondia Mix, Courtney Barnett, The Vaccines, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Universal Music is shopping a subscription-based music app to mobile firms wanting to offer some tunes to their customers. It's called Mondia Mix. It may or may not be basically the same as the music app Universal launched with Samsung in the African market called Kleek.

• Artist manager Guy Oseary and guy-who-does-stuff Ashton Kutcher have launched a new investment fund called Sound Ventures. The pair have previously worked together on A-Grade Investments, which invested in Spotify, amongst other things.

• Daughn Gibson has announced that he will release his third album, 'Carnation', on 8 Jun through Sub Pop. You can read an interview he did with CMU around his last album here, and come up to the present day with a track from the new album here.

• Post War Glamour Girls and Battle Lines have announced that they will release a split seven-inch single on 13 Apr. Hear PWGG's contribution, 'Southpaw Stance', here.

• The CMU approved Courtney Barnett is now streaming her new album, 'Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit', on her website ahead of its release next week.

• The Vaccines will release a new album, titled 'English Graffiti', on 25 May through Sony/Columbia. There's no track to listen to and their upcoming tour is completely sold out, so move along now please.

• P Money has nudged out a video for his track 'Gimme Two Minutes', taken from his 'Originators' EP.

• Björk has released another video - or rather a "moving album cover" - for a track on her new album. This one is 'Family', and you can watch it here.

• Tinashe has 'dropped' a new mixtape, which features collaborations with producers such as Ryan Hemsworth, Iamsu, Legacy and more. Pick it up here.

• Foxygen have announced that they're splitting up. But first they'll be going out on a farewell tour, so please stop crying. Oh, sorry, I thought you were. No, my mistake. Well, anyway, dates here.

• Iamamiwhoami have announced that they will play an 'online concert' on 29 Apr at 11pm (GMT+1). Watch a trailer and find out how you can get involved (or at least that you can get involved) here.

• Azealia Banks' Playboy interview is online now. I thought you might like to read it. There are also some pictures.

UN crowdsourcing the world's happiest playlist
So, here's a thing I've just learned: If you type 'UN happy playlist' into Google, it brings up thousands of playlists of sad songs. So as I write this I'm listening to one titled 'Crying My Eyes Out'.

Why am I searching for such things? Well, because the United Nations is outsourcing its music discovery to the world, with a campaign called #HappySoundsLike that asks the people of the world to "to nominate a song that brings a smile to your face" ahead of this year's International Day Of Happiness on Friday.

In a statement UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says: "On this day we are using the universal language of music to show solidarity with the millions of people around the world suffering from poverty, human rights abuses, humanitarian crises and the effects of environmental degradation and climate change".

Sounds like my tearjerker playlist is pretty appropriate then, but apparently that's not what he wants. He himself nominated 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' by Stevie Wonder, which I would argue is just sweeping the world's problems under the carpet. The organisation also published a video of Ban larking around like he doesn't have a care in the world with Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' playing in the background.

Because 'normal' people can't be trusted on their own when it comes to picking happy songs, some celebrities have also been asked to contribute via the official website for the campaign, with the likes of James Blunt, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Michael Douglas David Guetta, John Legend, Cody Simpson and, of course, Pharrell Williams naming the songs that make them smile.

The project is being run in partnership with MixRadio, the formerly Nokia and Microsoft-owned streaming service sold last year to Japanese tech firm Line. The company's boss Jyrki Rosenberg said: "We hope the general public follow in the steps of the array of global stars and share the track that makes them happiest".

Well, here's something to be getting on with.

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