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• Courts rule in favour of BPI against easy web company,
• Ozzy’s Pepsi ad online,
• Government scheme to support unemployed actors extended,
• Police post pics of G’n’R rioting fans on the web,
• 50 Cent gig Ýso popular it was cancelled,
• Review: Tosca – Dehli9,
• Peppe denies causing Zoe / Norm split,
• Nelly and Kelly to perform at Grammys,
• Midweek chart update,
• Radio Caroline returns,
• MTV follow Snoop Dog,
• Virgin Radio hope ad campaign will turn things round,
• Rock the Vote award musicians for their political work,
• Dirty Vegas announce live dates,
• Coral reschedule UK tour,
• Review: Clearlake – Almost The Same,
• EMI plan Ice Cube reissues,
• Grandaddy on new material,
• BBC axe charity fights after boxing association protests,
• Big Brother girl not dating any pop stars shocker


What word did MTV feel the need to edit out of Eminem’s 'Without Me', which the EMAP music channels left in? And why?

Answer tomorrow


The high court reached a decision on the Easyinternet / BPI copyright infringement case yesterday – awarding in favour of the record labels who claimed the Easyjet internet cafes infringed their copyrights by allowing customers to burn illegal MP3s to CD in their stores in return for a £5 fee.

The long running disagreement between the BPI and the Easy group stems from a time where the webcafes offered a CD burning service. Easyeverything went for the Napster plea – "we simply provide the technology, it’s not out fault if customers abuse it". But the courts ruled in favour of the BPI saying that because it was Easy staff who actually burned MP3s onto the disks, and because they charged for the service, the company, as well as its customers, were committing copyright violations.

The courts will now decide how much compensation the Easy group must pay. The BPI are asking for a million pounds. Though a little optimistic, any payment is likely to be considerably more than the £80,000 Easy groups founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou offered last year in return for a out of court settlement.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson, commenting on the courts decision, told reporters: "We are delighted that we have won this ruling, which sets an important precedent in support of authorised licensing (music distribution) services. Illegal copying jeopardises the livelihoods of artists and song writers, as well as putting at risk the thousands of jobs directly and indirectly created by the recording and publishing of music."

Needless to say Stelios will appeal – he told the BBC yesterday that he believed the judge sitting in the case had ignored a defence just because it would "open a can of worms" for the music industry.


The much talked about Pepsi ad featuring The Osbournes, which was premiered to much hype during the Superbowl last weekend, is now online for all to see at As reported last week the ad features Ozzy dreaming that his kids Jack and Kelly turn into Donny and Marie Osmond. Awaking from his nightmare he turns over to see the actress who played Carol Brady in seventies sitcom The Brady Bunch in place of Sharon. So, as audience figures fall for The Osbournes the reality TV show, how long before The Osbournes the sketch show?


The government has announced a scheme offering unemployed musicians support and training will be made permanent following a successful trial. Part of the government's New Deal programme the scheme recognises the importance of musicians in society, and aims to help find unemployed musicians work in a relevant field that will aid their musical skills.

Announcing the £4.5 million scheme Work and Pensions Secretary Andrew Smith told reporters: "From the Beatles to Ms Dynamite, the music industry is the UK's third highest exporter, bringing in millions of pounds every year. It is vital to our economy and provides many jobs. New Deal for Musicians provides the support needed to help young, unemployed musicians to access the specialist training and advice they need to make the first step into a very competitive industry."

The scheme is open to instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, songwriters or DJs who are eligible for New Deal programmes (people under the age of 25 who have been unemployed for more than six months). Each project usually lasts for six months.

Press info on the scheme from the DWP Press Office -


If you were rioting outside the GM Place venue in Vancouver last November there’s a chance your picture is now online. Canadian police have put online pictures of 47 fans they suspect were involved in the riots that took place after a Guns n Roses gig at the venue was cancelled at the last minute.

As you’ll remember the launch date of G ‘n’ R’s North American tour was cancelled after Axl Rose was delayed getting into the country. The venue blamed Rose for the cancellation, Rose in turn accusing the venue of over-reacting, saying he would have made it to the venue on time if they hadn’t cancelled the show. Either way, a riot began when the fans waiting outside were told of the cancellation.

Talking about the 47 supsects Sarah Bloor of the Vancouver City Police Department told reporters: "We believe all of these individuals participated in crimes ranging from causing a disturbance to taking part in a riot, criminal mischief, and breaking and entering. The website allows us to go to a wider market internationally and nationally and might allow people from British Columbia or Alberta to help us identify these individuals.” The pictures are taken from media coverage of the riots, which were obtained after police served warrants on local media outlets to get the footage.

Barely a month after the Vancouver debacle there was another no show by Axl, this time at the Philadelphia date on the tour. After that the rest of the band’s tour was cancelled, causing many to question the future of the band, of which Axl is the only remaining founder member. However a spokesman last week confirmed the band were back in the studio continuing to work on their long (long, long) awaited next album ‘Chinese Democracy’.


Talking about riots, well ‘nearly riots’, a 50 Cent fan was arrested for inciting a riot in San Francisco yesterday after thousands of fans were turned away from the rapper’s sell out gig at the Kelly's Mission Rock club. So many non-ticket holders were trying to get into the club (some eye witnesses reckon three fans without tickets for every fan with) that 50 Cent himself couldn’t reach the venue and the show was called off! The thousand fans with tickets got a refund. Police told reporters that, apart from the one arrest, the fans were dispersed peacefully once told the gig was cancelled. Now, that just not rock ‘n’ roll is it?


REVIEW: Tosca – Dehli9 (!K7)
Tosca is the new project from ex-Kruder & Dorfmeister, Richard Dorfmeister and his old school friend Rupert Huber, and it’s quite a stylistic departure for both. The new project is a mellow journey through a number of tempos and genre-styles: from reggae to bossa and 4/4, and features the talents of people like Earl Zinger, MC Tweed – an MC from Birmingham and the Viennese Sugar B. Most of Richard’s music, whether it be with Peter Kruder or working alone, has been of a downbeat bent, and this is a real digression from that paradigm - it is clear that Richard has more in his box than chill-out beat-shapes. The album comes as two CDs: the first a smooth ride through a number of tempos and styles, and the second a conceptual journey at the keys of a grand piano. This project is set to open the doors for conceptual heads everywhere, with it’s beautifully executed mellow exploration of beat-speed and style, not to mention Rupert’s hauntingly serene piano excursions. JG
Release date: 24 Feb
Press contact: Excess [CP, RP, NP] K7 IH [CR, RR, NR]


DJ Dan Peppe has told the Sun he isn’t the reason Zoe Ball and Norman Cook have split up. "I knew there were problems in the marriage and I helped her, but I wouldn't say I was the cause of those problems. We were friends and it has developed and now we are closer than just friends.”

Zoe, who is taking a week off her Xfm show, yesterday made a statement admitting her relationship with Peppe had "developed" but asked for her and her family to be treated "graciously" by the media. "I am trying very hard to conduct my personal life away from the eyes of the press, but this is proving impossible - I hope that you will now give me some time and space."


Chart toppers Nelly and Kelly were confirmed as being among the acts to play at this year's Grammy Awards yesterday. The duo are nominated for Record of the Year for ‘Dilemma’ – though Grammy producers were tight lipped on what track they will perform on the night. Nelly is up against Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Nelly and Norah Jones to be the big winner of the night – all five artists are up for five awards – in Nelly’s case Album of the Year, Best Male Rap Solo Performance, Best Rap Album and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and the aforementioned Record of the Year. The awards take place in New York on 23 Feb.


Well, it looks pretty likely that everyone’s favourite Eastern European lesbian pop duo will be number one on Sunday – yep Tatu are currently the best selling act in the UK with ‘All The Things She Said’, even though the duo have had to cancel TV appearances while Julia has an operation on her throat. Say what you like about the girls, but at least they didn’t come out of a reality TV show.

Kelly Rowland's new single ‘Stole’ is likely to be number two, with current number one, David Sneddon's dull ditty ‘Stop Living The Lie’ pushed back to number three. Jay Z and Busted should take places four and five respectively.


Legendary pirate station Radio Caroline is back – though their broadcasts are legit and digital. The station that rocked the BBC’s radio monopoly back in the sixties, and on which we first heard the likes of Tony Blackburn, Tommy Vance and Kenny Everett, is back on air via Sky Digital. It’s been over a decade since Radio Caroline broadcast its last full time pirate transmissions. Since then enthusiasts have resurrected the station for legal RSL broadcasts, and broadcast via Sky’s analogue satellite for a time. Now the station will broadcast 24 hours a day via digital satellite – though they are yet to get a spot on Sky’s electronic programme guide, meaning listeners will have to manually tune in to pick up broadcasts. The people behind the new Radio Caroline, which will be run as a non profit-making organisation, is branding itself "Europe's first and only album station" focusing on what it calls ‘easy rock’.


An MTV show worth looking out for next month. MTV Base have been following Snoop Dogg and the results can be seen on ‘Snoop Doggy Fizzle Televizzle’ on 15 Feb at 9pm. Word is the show will feature Snoop parodying hip hop, pop culture, politics and the news – as well as filming him taking part in a schools programme as ‘Mr. Dizzle’ - who believes that “the system is designed to bring the black man down” – and sensitively deals with such matters police brutality and racism. Should be worth checking out.


Virgin Radio is about to launch a £3 million campaign to promote the stations return to a rock sound. Station bosses reinstated their no-pop music policy last Autumn, courting controversy by branding R&B and hip hop "processed crap". The new ad campaign will concentrate on the stations music policy, but will be a bit more positive, showing CDs from the artists you’re likely to hear on the station – including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay, Pink, The Strokes, Queen, David Bowie and The Clash.

John Pearson, Virgin Radio chief exec, told the Media Guardian: "This advertising campaign is the first part of our drive to communicate our music difference, which appeals to a large audience of album buying 25 to 44-year-olds."

Station bosses will hope the latest marketing campaign will help the struggling company regain listeners and advertising revenue. The Scottish Media Group owned station has been struggling ever since Chris Evan’s high profile departure (as both presenter and director) in 2001.


More music awards – but this time for achievement beyond the music. The Rock The Vote organisation in the US will next month honour those rockers who have dedicated time to political or charitable movements at their tenth annual awards ceremony in New York.

Among those being awarded will be Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, and Chuck D. The latter is being recognized for his continuing work with Rock The Vote, the National Urban League, and various community organizations. Morissette for her involvement in various benefit concerts, including events supporting Groundwork, Music Without Borders, and the Bridge School. While Gabriel is being recognized for his work in human rights, which includes his involvement with WITNESS, the organization he co-founded to allow activists to document abuses worldwide.

Full info at


Grammy nominated Dirty Vegas have announced a series of live dates to promote the release of next single ‘Simple Things’ on 10 Mar. The dates are:

7 Mar: Bristol Academy
8 Mar: Cream, Liverpool
9 Mar: Cockpit, Leeds
11 Mar: Arches, Glasgow
12 Mar: Manchester University
13 Mar: Mean Fiddler, London


The Coral, who have had to cancel their February UK tour after guitarist Lee Southall developed tendonitis, have rescheduled their gigs for later in the year. Confirmed dates as follows:

7 Apr: Manchester Academy
8 Apr: Norwich UEA
10 Apr: London Astoria
11 Apr: Portsmouth Pyramids
12 Apr: Cardiff Academy
29 Apr: Dublin Ambassador Theatre
30 Apr: Belfast Limelight
2 May: Glasgow Barrowlands
3 May: Middlesborough Town Hall
26 Jun: Oxford Brookes University

Fans who bought tickets for the original dates can exchange them for the new gigs. Those not wanting to go to a rescheduled show can get a refund from their point of purchase.

According to NME, Southall is seeing three specialists at present. His problem has developed because of a nerve problem in his neck, which is causing the tendonitis. At present, it is unclear if he will have to undergo surgery or if a simple rest will sort it out.


REVIEW: Clearlake – Almost The Same (Domino/Dusty Company)
Clearlake only really could be English. Their psychedelia-blended tunes just scream provincial village indie-schmindie - all good if you’re prone to that sort of thing, but I have to say this single is not really up to scratch – in fact they’re a lot better songs on the album ‘Ceders’. In ‘Almost the Same’ the music is not up too much and the singers voice irritates. It’s the vowels see, they’re continually stretched – not in a Liam Gallagher ‘whaaayhaaiii’ - but all over the y’s, o’s, fine’s, and why’s. It’s not ‘oooooooooooooohhhhh’ but ‘ooooaoaoaoaoyyoooaoaoo’. Like the kind of noise you make when a dentist says open wide. All in all, not impressed. DH
Release date: 24 Feb
Press contact: Stone Immaculate [CP, RP, NP] Domino IH [CR, RR, NR]


EMI US label Priority are set to release expanded versions of Ice Cube's first four albums over the next few months. ‘Amerikkka's Most Wanted’ and ‘Death Certificate’ will be released on 25 Feb, with ‘The Predator’ and ‘Lethal Injection’ to follow on March 11. The reissued CDs will be followed by a DVD release – ‘Ice Cube: The Video Collection’ on DVD on 1 Apr.

By “expanded” they mean with added tracks. The 1990 release ‘Amerikka's Most Wanted’, Ice Cube’s first album after NWA, will also feature the seven tracks of the ‘Kill At Will’ EP, also originally released in 1990. ‘Death Certificate’ will have the track ‘How to Survive in South Central’ from the ‘Boyz in the Hood’ soundtrack added. ‘The Predator’, his best selling album to date, will have added b-sides, while the reissue of ‘Lethal Injection’ will feature remixes of ‘You Know How We Do It’, ‘Lil' Ass Gee’ and ‘What Can I Do’.


Grandaddy will be back in June with a new album called ‘Sumday’. Bassist Jim Fairchild has written about the new album on the band’s website, saying: "Two more songs and the album will be done. It will be mixed and mastered, one hundred per cent final, in February. Looks a lot like a June release for the record, which will most likely be titled 'Sumday'. A short, concise title for an album that contains 13 songs that are largely shorter and more concise than what you might be used to from us. As some of you have heard, it will probably be two discs, but not really in a classic double album sense. It's more like one disc's got the tunes people might like to hear during the party, and the other's got the ones you might want to listen to once everyone's gone, dozing off."

He went on to say that the band’s latest studio sessions have created so many new tracks that a series of EPs is likely in the next couple of year.


Anyone looking to seeing former Spandau Ballet front man Tony Hadley in the boxing ring with BBC political correspondent John Pienaar in the follow up to the Ricky Gervais/Grant Bovey fight that was screened over Christmas, well bad news.

The BBC has put its celebrity boxing specials on hold after the British Boxing Board of Control denounced the charity events as “dangerous and irresponsible” – threatening to revoke the licences of the high profile managers who took part in the show.

Frank Bruno's former promoter Frank Warren was among those in the sport to condemn the show: "It's a very dangerous sport and it needs to be regulated properly. You can't just go to the gym for six weeks and think you are a boxer. It takes a long time and a lot of dedication. The brain doesn't distinguish whether it's being hit by a professional or an amateur. If, heaven forbid, something should go wrong, people won't be saying 'let's ban The Office or whatever Grant Bovey does', they'll be calling for a ban on boxing.”

Announcing the decision to halt the show a BBC spokeswoman said: "It is with regret that without the backing of the boxing authorities we have asked our celebrities to stop training, and put plans for the remaining bouts on hold. Our record for safety and working with the best in business has been paramount throughout production of BBC2's The Fight. We are extremely proud of the programmes and our celebrity boxers' contributions to charity”.

The decision is all the more disappointing as the programme’s makers were promising to put Darren Day in the ring for a fight later this year, which really would have been entertainment.


Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler has told Heat magazine she stopped her brief fling with Duncan from Blue from developing into anything serious because he's in a boy band and has got a reputation as a ladies man. "It's really weird now because I know what he's like. He's a very nice, deep person and I like him. I've seen him backstage at a Blue concert but nothing happened. We've both been there and done that. I'm glad I did it though - it was my one celebrity snog."

She added that the rumours of her dating Gareth Gates are completely untrue, although the pair did swap numbers as friends.


Answer to Tuesday's pop quiz:
Which Stones track did the BBC ban in 1967 because it extolled the values of a hippy life?
'Let's Spend The Night Together'

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