TODAY'S TOP STORY: Whether or not dance music peddler SFX would be worth acquiring as a going concern is highly debatable, but securing the rights to the EDM firm's story - maybe to turn it into some kind of balearic beat, electro swing, 2-step, deep house opera - that'd be worth a punt. What with all the ups and downs (OK, mainly downs) that the company has been through in the last year... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Ekkah spent 2015 in a perpetual 'ones to watch' status, thanks to attention gained by their 2014 'Last Chance To Dance' EP and some strong word-of-mouth buzz from their live shows. And that was helped further when they finally decided which of the many interested labels to go with, settling on Sony's RCA. They are Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington... [READ MORE]
CMU PODCAST: CMU's Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business, including David Bowie, Universal finally doing a licensing deal with SoundCloud, Spotify's mechanical royalty disputes in the US, and Songkick suing Live Nation. The CMU Podcast is sponsored by 7digital... [LISTEN HERE]
TOP STORIES SFX confirms new financing as consultants consider its future
LEGAL Kickass hit by DDoS as latest Pirate Bay domain is blocked
LIVE BUSINESS Glastonbury admits sewage leak, Emily Eavis talks 2016, Emerging Talent Competition opens
A Greener Festival unveils revamped awards programme
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Apple to phase out iTunes Radio
MEDIA BBC to shift blame for terrible UK Eurovision entry to the public on 26 Feb
EDUCATION & EVENTS CMU Insights partners with Music 4.5 ahead of YouTube focused event
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Tributes paid to Celine Dion's husband and manager, Rene Angelil
ARTIST NEWS David Bowie dominates UK charts
ONE LINERS 7digital, The Box, Weezer, more
AND FINALLY... Metallica license logo to tribute act for $1, waive fee
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SFX confirms new financing as consultants consider its future
Whether or not dance music peddler SFX would be worth acquiring as a going concern is highly debatable, but securing the rights to the EDM firm's story - maybe to turn it into some kind of balearic beat, electro swing, 2-step, deep house opera - that'd be worth a punt. What with all the ups and downs (OK, mainly downs) that the company has been through in the last year, not least founder Robert FX Sillerman's two failed bids to take the firm back into private ownership.

The struggling dance music festival promoter and Beatport operator continues to search for a way forward after a very tricky 2015 which saw the company's share price tank, reaching a mere eight cents a piece at one point last week, compared to ten dollars plus in 2013.

As previously reported, having asked bankers Moelis & Co to investigate restructuring its approximately $300 million in debts late last year, earlier this month SFX confirmed it had appointed FTI Consulting to evaluate and assess "various restructuring and strategic alternatives, including working with management to analyse and optimise operations and financial performance".

That statement also admitted that FTI's recommendations might include applying for bankruptcy protection, which contributed to a further drop in the company's share price. Though it was the news that the firm had defaulted on a $10.8 million loan, by missing a 4 Jan interest payment, that resulted in the record low of eight cents last week.

There was a glimmer of good news on Friday though, when the company confirmed it had raised $20 million in extra finance "for itself and certain of its operating subsidiaries, obtaining capital for its working and general corporate purposes".

No more information about that financing was provided, though an SEC filing should reveal more once made public. The monies will presumably enable operations to continue while the FTI bods get busy working out the best way forward for the company, which still has some strong assets within its portfolio of EDM brands, but may struggle to find a buyer for the business outright. Though there's always that house opera.

Kickass hit by DDoS as latest Pirate Bay domain is blocked
Now, you often find us sitting here in the Legal News section reporting on downtime over at The Pirate Bay. But we all know that you, as a responsible CMU reader, aren't really concerned when the infamous file-sharing platform goes offline. Because you get all your nicked music and movies from KickassTorrents. Sorry, I mean, you respect copyright, and the creative and commercial investment artists, actors, labels and studios make to entertain your minds, and would never dream of circumventing a web-block and doing some piracy.

Anyway, in recent days it has been KickassTorrents - the world's most visited torrent site (apparently, I don't know what a torrent is, I get all my entertainment from legit suppliers like Sainsbury's) - that's all wobbly. The site was offline on a number of occasions because of one of those fashionable DDoS attacks. The piracy service's operators confirmed to Torrentfreak that its DNS servers had been targeted by the attack, adding that they were busy trying to resolve the issue. The service is seemingly back online this morning, though has gone back up and then back down again since the DDoS began.

Meanwhile, back at the old Pirate Bay, its latest domain has already been suspended. As previously reported, having had all six of the domain names it activated last year blocked by the respective domain registries, the Bay made its primary address earlier this month. The Montserratian domain registry responded by blocking it almost immediately.

The piracy site has switched to numerous new domains in recent years fearing its original .se and .org web addresses would be seized or blocked. Though ironically pretty much every domain except .se and .org has been taken, with those two still operational.

Glastonbury admits sewage leak, Emily Eavis talks 2016, Emerging Talent Competition opens
Glastonbury Festival has admitted causing a drop in water quality in a stream close to the festival's site, after a sewage tank sprung a leak during the 2014 event. Michael Eavis and the festival's Operations Director Christopher Edwards both appeared in court last week, after a prosecution was brought against the event by the Environment Agency.

Although accepting that "significant" harm had been caused, they denied the levels of damage claimed by the Environment Agency - and in particular the death of protected brown trout. They also disputed that a fine of up to £300,000 should be levied, based on a turnover of £37 million that year, saying that the festival's profit was actually £84,000 before tax.

In a statement, the festival acknowledged the 2014 incident, and also a further incident in 2015 relating to festival goers urinating in ditches, which has long been a problem for the event.

"The festival has also worked closely with its major charity partners, Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid, since the 1980s, to raise awareness of global environmental issues and highlight innovative and practical solutions", organisers said. "Regretfully however, during the last two festivals (in 2014 and 2015) some pollution has unintentionally made it into the stream running through the site, due to issues including a faulty tank and through festival goers urinating on the land".

They continued: "With the causes already identified and analysed, Glastonbury Festival continues to work with all stakeholders, including the Environment Agency, on ways to prevent and safeguard against any problems in the future. Substantial improvement work on the site's infrastructure has already begun and will continue over the coming months. At the same time, the festival will again work rigorously with all of its contractors and staff to raise awareness of the environmental issues involved and the importance of preventing further incidents".

In more positive news, Emily Eavis has said that an emphasis is being placed on booking more female acts for this year's festival. This follows increased criticism of the disproportionate number of all-male to all-female acts across all festival bills, particularly following a 2014 study that found that 67.3% of acts across six major UK festivals were all-male bands or male solo artists.

"We are strong on women this year, I have to say", Eavis told Noisey. "There are loads of great female MCs coming through this year which is quite exciting. Little Simz and Lady Leshurr and people like that".

She also revealed in the same interview that the site of the John Peel Stage will move this year, saying: "We're moving John Peel, which is quite a dramatic move. It's going to go into a field that was previously hospitality camping. Next to that there's a woods where we're going to be doing a light installation. I think the centre of gravity [on site] will change again, because every time a massive stage moves it shifts the dynamic. From John Peel you'll be able to walk straight to the Pyramid stage".

And one more bit of Glastonbury news: this year's Emerging Talent Competition has been declared open. New acts will battle it out to win a slot on one of the festival's main stages, as well as a £5000 bursary form the PRS For Music Foundation. Two runners up will also receive £2500. Applications opened this morning, and will close again at 5pm on 25 Jan. So you'd best move fast. Details on how to enter here.


A Greener Festival unveils revamped awards programme
The team behind A Greener Festival have revamped their awards programme, and have introduced associate membership of the organisation to enable wider industry participation.

A Greener Festival, which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary, exists to help and encourage festival operators to run more environmentally friendly events. Its awards scheme isn't yet another back-slapping bash for music types, but a kite-mark type programme where festivals are assessed on various criteria, and awarded for developing and employing more eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

The awards programme took the 2015 festival season off to review its own operations, and following that review, various changes are now being made. The self-assessment process undertaken by festivals seeking an award will now reflect the requirements of an 'environmental impact assessment'; repeat applicants will build on initial assessments, rather than submitting new applications each year; and a new formal training programme is being launched for the scheme's 'environmental auditors', who also assess each festival's operations and practices while the event is in full swing.

Commenting on the evolution of its awards programme, A Greener Festival co-founder Claire O'Neill told reporters: "When A Greener Festival began ten years ago we were trying to raise awareness about how to reduce the environmental impact of festivals. The new process for the awards goes beyond promoting best practice and events successes, but also helps organisers to understand, plan and improve their entire event's sustainability".

She adds: "The awards may be more challenging as a result of the additional requirements, but we feel this is coupled with a more valuable service for participants who stand to gain not only recognition for their achievements, but also a framework for understanding, managing and improving the sustainability of their events. The overarching objective is to lower the impact of events, adapt to the changing environment, and raise the skills of the people within the industry to achieve that goal".

The associate membership scheme will allow both individuals and companies in the festival sector to support and benefit from the A Greener Festival initiative. Successful award applicants will also become associate members of the organisation.

Apple to phase out iTunes Radio
When Apple launched its all singing, all dancing, all buzzing streaming flim flam last year, the tech giant's previous effort at streaming music - the free-to-access ad-funded iTunes Radio - remained operational in the two markets where it had previously launched, the US and Australia. It meant that users could continue to get a free personalised radio experience.

But not for much longer, freebie music fans. Apple has told users of iTunes Radio that the service will be turned off at the end of the month. Those unwilling to part with cash will have to make do with Apple's online radio station Beats 1 and - if and when they arrive - Beats 2 and Beats 3 and Beats North and Beats For Tea, and whatever other manifestations of the occasionally listened to radio service may or may not materialise.

Those wanting a personalised radio experience - or a genre or artist based curated-listening showtime - like what iTunes Radio currently offers, will have to upgrade to Apple Music at ten dollars a month and get busy with the playlist functionality within the app.

Confirming all this, an Apple spokesperson told BuzzFeed: "We are making Beats 1 the premiere free broadcast from Apple and phasing out the ad-supported stations at the end of January. Additionally, with an Apple Music membership, listeners can access dozens of radio stations curated by our team of music experts, covering a range of genres, commercial-free with unlimited skips. The free three-month trial of Apple Music includes radio".

BBC to shift blame for terrible UK Eurovision entry to the public on 26 Feb
The BBC has announced details of its previously reported show that will put the selection of the UK's 2016 Eurovision entry into the hands of the public. 'Eurovision: You Decide' will be broadcast live on 26 Feb from The Forum in Kentish Town on BBC Four (Eurovision seemingly not ready to be re-invented as an exciting online-only venture, like BBC Three, which previously aired the periphery elements of the song contest)

The public has been allowed to make the choice before, of course. Usually with disastrous results. But they did pick our last winner, Katrina And The Waves' 'Love Shine A Light'. So who's to say this won't be a great idea, after several years of the UK's entry being picked by a shady group of people who kept the process behind closed doors? Me. I am saying that.

Six acts who have been selected by a shady group who kept the selection process behind closed doors will each perform for the public's approval at the event. Then there'll be some sort of phone vote, resulting in the UK sending some old shite to Eurovision that we'll all find embarrassing. Which, at least, will be a familiar experience.

The selection show will be hosted by Mel Giedroyc, who says: "I am a huge fan of Eurovision and am honoured to be hosting this fantastic event. It's very exciting that the great British public will get the chance to choose who will be sent to Sweden and I know it's going to be an amazing night".

BBC Four Editor Cassian Harrison adds: "I'm delighted that 'Eurovision: You Decide' and both of the semi finals are coming to the channel this year. BBC Four is the home of music on TV in the UK, and as any fan will tell you, Eurovision is one of the biggest music events on the planet and is much more than just one night of TV, therefore it is only right that BBC Four is able to showcase Europe's favourite music TV event right here in the UK".

To temper the wave of shit the BBC has almost certainly selected for us to choose from, there will also be some guest performers on the 'You Decide' show, who will be announced on 22 Jan. We'll all then be able to sit around saying, "Why aren't we sending any of these people to Sweden instead?"

We'll then be trounced by all those other European countries - including fucking Australia - who take this whole thing a lot more seriously on 12 May.

CMU Insights partners with Music 4.5 ahead of YouTube focused event
CMU's consultancy unit CMU Insights announced this morning a new partnership with 2Pears and its renowned seminar series Music 4.5, which explores the intersection between music and technology by bringing together music tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs and investors, academics and musicians, and executives from across the music industry.

Over the past six years, Music 4.5 has explored and highlighted issues that are both current and longstanding in this rapidly evolving music business. For each seminar - held every few months - the Music 4.5 team picks a specific theme, and identifies and unites people, companies and projects that are innovating in that domain, to present and debate.

Under the new alliance, the CMU Insights team will also offer input on topics and speakers, plus CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke will produce a 'story so far' overview for each event. Tapping into CMU's research and daily reportage, he will summarise the very latest trends and developments in the strand of the industry that's under the spotlight.

The next Music 4.5 seminar is the 'YouTube Paradox', which will explore what the music business can learn from the success of YouTube's community of creators, and dissect how the music industry can appeal to a new generation of viewers and consumers through online video.

Cooke will present his first 'story so far' overview at the start of this session, as well as chairing the afternoon's proceedings. The event takes place on 26 Jan at the offices of Lewis Silkin on Chancery Lane - tickets available here.

Commenting on the new partnership, Cooke says: "It's no secret that the music industry remains in flux, which is what makes it such an exciting sector to write about each morning. The Music 4.5 seminars always tackle topical and relevant subject matters, and bring together a great mix of people - from the tech sector, the start-ups domain and the more traditional music industry - all of whom are innovating in the way we make, market and deliver music to consumers. It's great to be able to share contacts and insights, and to provide a backdrop to the debate with a 'story so far' overview for future Music 4.5 sessions".

Music 4.5 and 2Pears co-founder Rassami Hok Ljungberg adds: "Chris has been writing about the music business every day for nearly fifteen years, and has closely documented the big shifts we've seen as this industry faced head-on the challenges and opportunities of digital. That gives him great insights and context as he analyses and reports on all the latest innovations. Music 4.5 has always looked to the future, and at the way new technologies, alternative business models and inspiring entrepreneurs are shaping what's coming next. By introducing each of our debates with a very timely overview, CMU will really add further value to the experience of Music 4.5 attendees".

For more information on Music 4.5 click here, and for details of CMU's activity at upcoming events click here.

Tributes paid to Celine Dion's husband and manager, Rene Angelil
There were tributes last week for Rene Angelil, the husband and former manager of Celine Dion, who died on Thursday aged 73. He had been battling throat cancer.

Angelil managed Dion's career for over three decades, famously remortgaging his house to fund the release of the singer's debut album - 'La Voix Du Bon Dieu' - in 1981. Needless to say, it was an investment that paid off.

Angelil and Dion's professional relationship led to a personal relationship in the early 1990s, and the couple married in 1994. Dion took two career breaks to look after her husband when he was diagnosed with throat cancer, the first in 2000. He formally stood down as the singer's manager in 2014 due to ill-health, with former Cirque du Soleil executive Aldo Giampaolo becoming CEO of their company Feeling Productions.

A statement on Dion's Facebook page on Friday read: "Surrounded by the love of his family and friends, René Angélil passed away on Thursday, 14 Jan 2016, on the eve of his 74th birthday. He will be remembered as a gentle man, generous and kind, an unprecedented visionary, a modern Pygmalion, a Renaissance man. All who had the privilege of knowing him and of working closely with him, whether personally or professionally, salute a leader and a man of great intelligence and wisdom".

Recalling his first meeting with Angelil, Vito Luprano, the man who signed Dion to CBS Records - which subsequently morphed in Sony Music - told the Montreal Gazette: "Rene came in to see me at my office in 1986, and the first day I met him, it was like we were old friends, as if we had known each other for so long. With the first handshake we decided we were going to take Celine to the top. And, of course, so much happened after that, and we made so many albums together; there's a long list of memories".

Meanwhile the current President of Sony Music in Canada, Shane Carter, told reporters: "René was a remarkable colleague who over five decades, made a lasting mark on the music industry, on a global scale. He guided the careers of Celine Dion and his other artists with passion and devotion. My thoughts are with Celine and the family".

Meanwhile Paul Farberman, who worked for Feeling Productions for seventeen years, also recalls his first meeting, as a CBS exec, with Angelil, in a statement published by Billboard.

He notes that, from early on, the veteran manager "often said that one day we would work together and, in January 1997, I left my job at 20th Century Fox and became a full time member of Feeling Productions, the management company for Celine. I worked exclusively with Rene and Celine for the next seventeen years and he truly was the most wonderful person to work with. He was brilliant in guiding Celine's career and grateful and appreciative for the support he had from everybody around him. I couldn't have asked for a better boss. He treated everybody with respect and kindness".

As well as mourning her husband, Dion also confirmed this weekend that her elder brother Daniel Dion had died, just two days after Angelil. He had also been battling cancer.

  Approved: Ekkah
Ekkah spent 2015 in a perpetual 'ones to watch' status, thanks to attention gained by their 2014 'Last Chance To Dance' EP and some strong word-of-mouth buzz from their live shows. And that was helped further when they finally decided which of the many interested labels to go with, settling on Sony's RCA.

They are Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington (Ekkah, you see?), and they have just released new single 'Small Talk' - three and a half minutes of fun pop with more depth than is perhaps at first apparent. You can catch them live at Oslo in London to hear more on 7 Apr.

Watch the video for 'Small Talk' here.

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David Bowie dominates UK charts
As expected, following the sad announcement of the death of David Bowie a week ago, fans rushed to stream and buy his records. This resulted in a very Bowie heavy chart on Friday - even surpassing the number of album chart entries Michael Jackson achieved in the week after his death in 2009.

Bowie's latest and last album 'Blackstar' had already been on track to make number one, and did so comfortably. In total, ten albums made the top 40, with nineteen in the top 100. In the singles chart, five tracks made the top 40 - with the most bought, 'Heroes', achieving its highest ever chart position at number twelve. The top 100 featured thirteen of his songs.

In total, over half a million Bowie records were sold in the UK last week, 241,000 of them albums and 167,000 singles. Combined sales and streams (using Official Charts Company metrics) bring the total figure to 623,000. And across all the chart registered streaming services in the UK, the musician's tracks were played nineteen million times.

'Blackstar' also earned Bowie his first US number one album. His previous highest chart position was number two with 2013's 'The Next Day'.

Now, here are this week's UK music charts with all the rubbish non-Bowie acts removed...


1 Blackstar
5 Nothing Has Changed - The Very Best Of David Bowie
11 The Best Of 1969-1974
14 Hunky Dory
17 The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
18 Best Of Bowie
23 Aladdin Sane
25 The Next Day
31 Low
37 Diamond Dogs
42 Let's Dance
45 Heroes
55 Station To Station
59 The Best Of David Bowie 1980-1987
60 Young Americans
61 Scary Monsters
89 The Man Who Sold The World
95 Space Oddity
97 Five Years - 1969-1973


12 Heroes
16 Life On Mars
18 Starman
23 Let's Dance
24 Space Oddity
43 Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure
45 Lazarus
49 Changes
61 Blackstar
62 Ashes To Ashes
65 Rebel Rebel
76 Ziggy Stardust
97 China Girl

7digital, The Box, Weezer, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Digital music and radio services company 7digital has announced Paul McGowan as a new non-executive director of the firm. And yes, that's Paul McGowan who heads up retail restructuring group Hilco UK, which also makes him Chairman of HMV, one of the retailers he restructured.

• Music telly channel operator The Box Plus Network last week appointed Ben Williams to the new role of Digital Director. He'll be responsible for "the strategic direction of all elements of the digital business including editorial, product and commercial". I hope they bought him a map.

• Weezer will release new album 'Weezer' (aka 'The White Album') on 1 Apr. They'll also play Academy 1 in Manchester on 3 Apr and Brixton Academy in London on 5 Apr. Here's new single 'King Of The World'.

Here's another new track from the final School Of Seven Bells album 'SVIIB'. The release of that record has now been shifted to 26 Feb.

• Squarepusher will be performing some dates with his Shoebaleader One band in May, finishing up at Islington Assembly Hall on 8 May. Warp has also announced that it will be re-issuing some classic Squarepusher albums this year.

• Swans' Michael Gira will play a solo show at the Barbican Centre in London on 30 Mar. Details here.

• The Duke Spirit have announced some live dates, starting with one at the Islington Assembly Hall on 20 Feb. Here's new single 'Hands'.

• Shellac will be touring the UK in May, finishing up with a show at Koko in London on 31 May. Tickets on sale now.

• Fufanu have announced some UK dates, which will close at the Sebright Arms in Hackney on 1 Mar. Here's a reworked version of their song 'Ballerina In The Rain', re-recorded with Nick Zinner and DJ Flugvél Og Geimskip.

Metallica license logo to tribute act for $1, waive fee
Last week we reported on a Metallica tribute band, Sandman, who had been hit with a cease and desist letter, ordering them to stop using the band's name and logo to promote their entirely Metallica-related act. And, as you may remember, Metallica themselves were as surprised as anyone and told their doppelgangers to ignore the letter. But it's not as easy as all that to ignore legal letters, is it? Lawyers have a tendency to get all lawyer-y. It's alright though, Metallica have it covered.

To ensure that Metallica's "very overzealous attorney" couldn't come back and start kicking Sandman again, the band agreed to license their logo to the tribute band. Albeit for a fee. Oh, yeah, there's always a catch, isn't there? Though they only charged $1, and then Metallica picked up the tab for that themselves. Which is nice of them

"I just got off the phone with Metallica's management and they and the band had no idea their lawyers sent us the papers", Sandman guitarist Joe Di Taranto told the One On One With Mitch Lafon podcast. "Lars got wind of everything today and was completely pissed that they sent us the papers for something so stupid. They are really sorry about everything and want us to go back to using any logos that we want. They are even going to license us the logo for $1 - which they said we don't even need to pay. So all in all they were really cool and wanted to make sure we know that they fully support us. Pretty crazy. All good though".

So that all worked out well. And maybe there's a new industry to be found in charging tribute acts small fees for the right to exist. I hope so. The lawyers seem to have so far lost out in this story. And that can't be right.

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