TODAY'S TOP STORY: CMU Insights @ The Great Escape is putting the spotlight on mental health in the music community next month as part of the full-day conference strand 'What has the music industry ever done for you?', with Help Musicians UK and Vice among the organisations confirmed to take part. Help Musicians UK CEO Richard Robinson will kickstart the proceedings by discussing... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: An engineer at West London's Samurai Sound studios, Sh?m has been building a reputation for himself with his own music in the last year. Last summer he released his debut EP 'Symphonies Of Love & Destruction' through Joker's Kapsize label, and this week he follows it up with the new EP 'Mob Boss'. The title track of the new record may already be familiar... [READ MORE]
CMU PODCAST: CMU's Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business, including the key stats from the IFPI's latest Global Music Report and what they mean, Facebook's new Content ID system, the legal battle to prove that 'We Shall Overcome' is in the public domain, and Gene Simmons' attempts to prove that NWA aren't rock n roll. The CMU Podcast is sponsored by 7digital... [LISTEN HERE]
TOP STORIES Help Musicians UK and Vice join CMU to put the spotlight on mental health in the music community at The Great Escape
LEGAL Tidal and Kanye West sued over 'never never never' tweet
DEALS Rob Thomas sticks with Sony/ATV
Blue Raincoat Songs allies with Kobalt
LABELS & PUBLISHERS UMTV appoints Simon Barnabas as new MD
LIVE BUSINESS Chinese indie label Modern Sky takes equity stake in Sound City
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Sony/ATV expands SoundCloud licensing deal to Europe
"YouTube is the devil", says Metallica manager
Revelator to demo new mobile app at Music Connected
EDUCATION & EVENTS Schedule announced for CMU:DIY x The Great Escape
ONE LINERS PledgeMusic, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, more
AND FINALLY... Kanye's original Life Of Pablo lyrics were flushed down the toilet
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Help Musicians UK and Vice join CMU to put the spotlight on mental health in the music community at The Great Escape
CMU Insights @ The Great Escape is putting the spotlight on mental health in the music community next month as part of the full-day conference strand 'What has the music industry ever done for you?', with Help Musicians UK and Vice among the organisations confirmed to take part.

Help Musicians UK CEO Richard Robinson will kickstart the proceedings by discussing the charity's work in supporting the health and wellbeing of people in the music industry. He will then be joined by Sally Gross from the University Of Westminster to introduce new academic research into the mental health of music professionals, which will inform a wider debate between artists, managers, music execs and healthcare professionals on how the industry could better ensure the good health of its people, both on and off the stage.

Meanwhile Vice Head Of Music Alex Hoffman will present highlights of a number of original documentaries he has commissioned for Noisey as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, which coincides with The Great Escape this year. The short films feature three artists - Bill Ryder-Jones, Rob Harvey and NoLay - discussing their personal experiences with mental health issues. NoLay will then join Hoffman on the TGE stage to expand on her experiences, while Ryder-Jones' manager Ellie Giles will discuss the role of management in supporting artists when they face mental health challenges.

Confirming his organisation's involvement in this particular CMU@TGE strand, Robinson told reporters this morning: "In a recent survey, nearly 70% of professional musicians told Help Musicians UK that they'd suffered from a psychological issue. No one in the industry should have to sacrifice good mental health in order to keep making music. HMUK take the wellbeing of the music community seriously and ask that the industry as a whole join us to tackle this issue".

As previously reported, CMU Insights @ The Great Escape sits at the heart of the new music festival's convention programme, and unlike most other music industry conferences focuses on just four key issues, presenting a whole day of content around each theme, with a mix of presentations, case studies, interviews and discussions. This year's strands are looking at data and transparency; CDs and merch; YouTube and video; and diversity and health.

More information has also been announced this morning about the strand 'CDs! Vinyl! T-shirts! Who the hell is buying this stuff?', which is supported by the BPI. While the headlines around the latest IFPI stats pack last week were all about digital, 39% of global recorded music revenues last year - and 44% in the UK - still came from selling physical discs, and primarily CDs. But who is buying all these CDs in 2016 and why?

CMU's Chris Cooke will review the CD and vinyl markets worldwide, tapping into recent research by both the BPI and Entertainment Retailers Association, before discussing the future of physical and the opportunities that lie in premium CD and vinyl products. Attention will then turn to merch, with Chris Carey from Media Insight Consulting presenting his company's consumer research and outlining what it reveals about those fans that spend beyond records and tickets.

CMU Insights @ The Great Escape takes place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May at Dukes @ Komedia in Brighton. TGE delegates get access to it all, plus everything else happening at The Great Escape this year, with passes available here.

Meanwhile check the schedules for each of the CMU strands at these links...

Transparency! Data! Blockchain! Let's make buzzwords happen! - Thursday, Dukes 1

What if YouTube actually is the future? - Thursday, Dukes 2

CDs! Vinyl! T-shirts! Who the hell is buying this stuff? - Friday Dukes 1

What has the music industry ever done for you? - Friday Dukes 2

Tidal and Kanye West sued over 'never never never' tweet
In what is possibly my favourite pop lawsuit of all time, Tidal and Kanye West are being sued over the latter claiming via the tweets that only place you would ever get access to his new album 'The Life Of Pablo' would be via the former. That promise, of course, didn't entirely hold up.

As previously reported, the release of West's new long player was, it's fair to say, rather confusing, with the world mainly relying on the rapper's Twitter feed for updates. But what became clear quite early on was that Tidal had the exclusive, with the album appearing there first, even before West had actually finished the record, with occasional updates being made to tracks even as they were streaming.

Then came West's tweet that "my album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale... You can only get it on Tidal". It seemed that West - as one of Tidal's celebrity shareholders - was taking the exclusives strategy that the Jay-Z led streaming firm had adopted in the last year to the extreme. And, given Tidal's recent subscriber boost, it seems the exclusive on 'The Life Of Pablo' was a marketing success.

It seemed brave for an artist to only allow users of one streaming service to ever access his new material, even if that service could make such an arrangement financially rewarding. And, sure enough, one of West's new tracks subsequently popped up on the other streaming services. And then another. And then the rest of the album.

What about that "never never never" tweet though, Kanye? Well, that's what West fan Justin Baker-Rhett wants to know, he having signed up to Tidal to access the new record, only to subsequently find out he could have enjoyed that music without ever having to sully himself with a Tidal subscription.

While Baker-Rhett may have subsequently cancelled said subscription, what about the time, and the hassle of installing the Tidal app, and all that personal data the Jay-Z company grabbed as part of the deal? This all sounds like false advertising, unfair competition, fraudulent inducement and unjust enrichment to me. Well not to me, but to the lawyers who filed a class action on behalf of Baker-Rhett yesterday.

Summarising the litigation, the law firm leading on the action, Edelson PC, argue that Jay-Z's business empire and West himself "duped consumers into signing up for Tidal subscriptions - which required handing over troves of valuable personal data including credit card information - under the false pretence that doing so was the only way they would be able to hear 'The Life Of Pablo'. Consequently, Tidal unjustly benefitted in myriad ways from this collection of consumers' personal data and the accompanying increase in its subscriber and streaming numbers".

The lawsuit goes onto allege that Tidal was "near-collapse" last year, basically implying that the West exclusive was key in keeping the service going. And that, the lawyers go on, relied on the 'never never' tweet, which they reckon was "a clear and unqualified representation that 'The Life Of Pablo' would be a permanent exclusive on Tidal", a fact picked up by "countless news outlets".

"A month and a half after releasing 'The Life Of Pablo' on Tidal, West made it available on other platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and his own website", the lawyers continue. "It was even available for free. By that point, plaintiff Baker-Rhett and millions of other consumers had been misled into believing they could only hear the album on Tidal. Had they known they'd be able to listen to the album elsewhere, they would not have become Tidal subscribers".

So, that's all fun, isn't it? Should the law uphold a promise made in a tweet, and a Kanye West tweet at that? It all seems like a rather ambitious lawsuit to me, but one that could prove rather interesting as it proceeds.

We actually discussed whether West could be held to account for his Twitter promise on a recent addition of the CMU Podcast, noting the possible defence that 'The Life Of Pablo' was a work in progress at the time of the 'never never' tweet, and that the version then streaming on Tidal technically 'never never' did make it to the other streaming platforms. Though I'm not here to defend West et al. Well, not without a fee.

In the meantime, popstars of the world, be careful what you tweet now, won't you? I mean, imagine if it turned out that West did in fact let his exes play with his ass. What a class action that would be.

Rob Thomas sticks with Sony/ATV
Sony/ATV has extended its worldwide publishing deal with Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas. He originally became aligned with the company after it took control of EMI Music Publishing, and apparently he doesn't feel the need to jump ship now he has the chance. So that's nice.

"I am so pleased that Rob has agreed to stay with Sony/ATV for the foreseeable future", says Sony/ATV boss Marty Bandier. "I was fortunate enough to have been running the company when he signed his first publishing deal in 1996 and he and his songs have been part of my life ever since then as well as those of all his fans the world over".

Thomas adds: "20 years ago I signed to EMI Music Publishing and have so much enjoyed my time with my family there. Now the same family is under the Sony/ATV Music Publishing umbrella and I'm proud to say that I have re-signed with them and I'm looking forward to many more years of working together".

The musician released his latest solo album, 'The Great Unknown', last year. The next single from it, 'Pieces', is due out in July.


Blue Raincoat Songs allies with Kobalt
Blue Raincoat Songs, the publishing company recently launched by former Chrysalis CEO Jeremy Lascelles and record producer Robin Millar, will have its catalogue administered worldwide by Kobalt, it has been announced. And why not, I say.

Lascelles says of the deal: "Blue Raincoat Songs will be a very creatively driven operation, but we know how important it is to have really efficient registration and collection systems in place. Kobalt's reputation in this area is second to none and they will provide a global resource and infrastructure that should be a perfect complement to our creative endeavours. Plus it will be nice having them on our team rather than as a competitor!"

Kobalt CEO Richard Sanders adds: "All of us at Kobalt look forward to adding value to the roster of Blue Raincoat Songs writers by enhancing Jeremy and Robin's creative expertise with our global rights management platform".

Blue Raincoat also boasts the backing of former Chrysalis owner Chris Wright and one time Virgin Entertainment Chairman Robert Devereux, and recently announced its first signing as veteran songwriter Mike Chapman.

UMTV appoints Simon Barnabas as new MD
Universal Music UK's compilations division UMTV has a new Managing Director in the form of Simon Barnabas, who has been poached from Sony Music. He replaces Adam Corke, who is taking up a new role as VP Commercial Affairs for UMG internationally.

Says the major's UK CEO David Joseph: "Simon's energy and innovation will lead the outstanding team at UMTV to even greater success with streaming playlists, visionary brand deals, unique artist projects and targeted compilation releases. I am delighted he is joining us and would also like to thank Adam for an exceptional job in kickstarting the evolution of the label and wish him all the best in his new international role".

As well as whacking out various compilation series on CD - including 'This Is', 'Pop Party' and 'Clubland' - UMTV also now oversees various playlist brands. How very modern.

Chinese indie label Modern Sky takes equity stake in Sound City
Liverpool Sound City has announced a new partnership with Modern Sky Entertainment, after the Chinese indie music firm bought investment set-up Ingenious Media's equity stake in the festival brand.

China's largest independent record label, Modern Sky also runs the Strawberry Music Festival, which took place in 20 cities around China last year and - like Sound City - it also stages a music conference in the form of Sound Of The Xity.

Modern Sky founder Shen Li Hui says: "The city of Liverpool is the birthplace of the music that influenced our growing years. Liverpool Sound City is a hugely interesting and very diverse music festival. Coming in partnership with Sound City is a great first step for Modern Sky venturing overseas".

The company has actually ventured overseas previously, with one-day events in New York, Seattle and Helsinki under the Modern Sky Festival brand. However, none of those were on the same scale as Sound City.

He continues: "The founder of Sound City, David Pichilingi, has a great deal of experience and we can learn a lot from him and his team. We are very lucky to become Sound City's strategic partner. We also believe that Sound City will be a new platform to open the European market up for Chinese music talents".

Pichilingi adds: "This partnership is an exciting new step for Sound City. Shen Li Hui is a truly inspirational individual. He has built Modern Sky into a huge and credible name. More importantly he has done this by working with artists in an ethical and moral way that recognises the ownership and commercial importance of their intellectual property. He has built an amazing company and we look forward to working closely together to increase brand awareness and deliver our shared vision in China, UK and internationally".

Both Sound Of The Xity and Liverpool Sound City are due to take place next month, while Modern Sky and Sound City will also host a co-event at the International Festival Of Business in June.

Sony/ATV expands SoundCloud licensing deal to Europe
It was touch and go for a while, but now SoundCloud just can't stop signing licensing deals left, right and centre. It's a licensing deal bonanza - low, low prices while stocks last! Well, probably not that low.

This latest deal sees music publishing giant Sony/ATV ally with the digital firm in Europe, it having previously partnered with SoundCloud on its monetisation efforts in the US. The arrangement also covers the streaming site's new premium Go subscription service, which Sony/ATV sister record company Sony Music has already signed up to, as has UK collecting PRS For Music on the publishing side.

"These deals for the US and Europe create the best opportunity for Sony/ATV and its songwriters to maximise the creative and revenue benefits of SoundCloud's multi-territory business", says Sony/ATV CEO Marty Bandier. "We are particularly excited about the launch of the paid-for subscription service, which will provide the best business framework for our roster and allow Sony/ATV to take advantage of SoundCloud's significant user base".

SoundCloud boss Alexander Ljung adds: "Our multi-territory partnership with Sony/ATV means even more benefits for the creator community on SoundCloud, which now numbers over twelve million heard each month. Our agreements with major partners are a significant part of achieving our ambition of allowing all forms of creative expression to live on our platform, while simultaneously ensuring rightsholders' work is rewarded and respected. As such, we're delighted to re-affirm our relationship with Sony/ATV".

As previously reported, SoundCloud launched Go in the US last month, bringing premium subscriptions to the otherwise free-to-access website. For $9.99 a month, users Stateside can get access to a wider catalogue of music, as well as removing advertising.


"YouTube is the devil", says Metallica manager
I don't know if you've heard, but YouTube is the root of all evil. Well, just in case you forgot, Metallica's manager Peter Mensch is here to remind you. "YouTube, they're the devil", he says in a new Radio 4 documentary. "We don't get paid at all".

YouTube is, of course, the target of ever increasing anger in the music industry, thanks to its use of safe harbour laws to protect itself when users upload copyright content that they don't own. By exploiting the safe harbours - labels and music publishers argue - YouTube has been able to negotiate unfairly generous terms from the music rights sector, enabling it to run a free-to-access on-demand service with fewer liabilities than Spotify and Deezer.

As premium streaming services become an ever more important revenue source for the record industry, the fact that YouTube doesn't play by the same licensing rules is seen as a growing problem. So much so that global trade group the IFPI - when publishing its annual report on global revenues for recordings in 2015 last week - all but ignored the industry's return to growth and complained about the so called 'value gap' instead.

Adding a further voice to those complaints, Mensch tells Matt Everitt on 'The Business Of Music': "If someone doesn't do something about YouTube, we're screwed. It's over. Someone turn off the lights. It's hard to make people pay for what they've been getting for free. That's Consumer Behaviour 101".

YouTube CEO Robert Kynci didn't directly answer concerns over safe harbours, but countered that his site pays out loads of money and if Mensch isn't seeing that, then it's all the fault of the bloody middlemen.

"It really depends on what is the flow of the money from us to you", says Kynci. "The artists who are signed up directly with YouTube are seeing great returns. Not everybody, but if you're generating a lot of viewership, you're making a lot of money ... There are middlemen - whether it's collection societies, publishers or labels - and what they do is they give advances and they want those recouped. So it's really hard when there's no transparency for the artist. The people who don't have visibility are generally the ones who tend to be less happy. If you don't have full visibility, you're somehow more susceptible to negative thinking".

Collecting societies aren't giving out many advances, so that's not quite right, though it is true that many record and publishing deals do muddy the waters. And the societies as well as the labels and publishers could be a whole load more transparent to artists about monies and strategies. Though, then again, so could YouTube. Basically everyone is to blame.

Anyway, if you fancy listening to some people having a good old moan, listen to part one of 'The Business Of Music' here.


Revelator to demo new mobile app at Music Connected
Previously reported music data start-up Revelator has announced it will debut its new mobile analytics app at the Association Of Independent Music's Music Connected event in London next week.

Speaking to CMU late last year, Revelator founder Bruno Guez discussed his firm's then in-development mobile app, saying that: "A real focus is mobile. We realise that we're living in a mobile-first economy, people are going to their mobiles before they go to their computer. And artists are always on the go, especially when they are on tour, and want to be able to do more from their phone".

Commenting on the new app this week, Guez adds: "We are proud to deliver a music industry first with our mobile analytics app, it will be a breakthrough toward ensuring full transparency. We are developing more sophisticated functions in the areas of playlist, geographic and social media intelligence, more music industry firsts to bring to market late Spring/early Summer, so that users can get deeper insights and see the immediate impact of their efforts on the consumption of their music".

Music Connected takes place at Glaziers Hall on 27 Apr.

Schedule announced for CMU:DIY x The Great Escape
The schedule has been published for CMU:DIY x The Great Escape, the educational programme that takes place on day three of the new music festival in Brighton next month.

As previously reported, CMU:DIY x TGE is this year focused on 'going live'. New artists need to play live to hone their craft and build a fanbase, and often that means staging your own gigs or club nights. Through a series of interviews, presentations, discussions and demonstrations, CMU:DIY x TGE will talk new talent through the process of staging and promoting gigs, getting other bookings, connecting with the industry, and using the live space to build and capture a fanbase.

This year's CMU:DIY x TGE is supported by TuneCore and will take place at Brighton's Old Courtroom and Lighthouse, with a series of interviews and panels at the former, and more focused talks and one-on-one conversations, plus practical demos of the latest music-making technologies, at the latter.

The day is hosted by Dice's Jen Long, producer/DJ John '00' Fleming and CMU's Chris Cooke, who says: "New artists often read that the music industry in 2016 is all about live, which is often depressing to hear, because it can be hard to make any money at all out of gigging at the start of your career. But those gigs are crucial, because they are where you build your initial fanbase from which everything else - recordings, merch, brand partnerships, direct-to-fan, and future touring activity - all stems".

"But it can be hard getting the gigs when no one knows you or your music", Cooke adds. "So one of the best ways to get started is to put on the show yourself. Or maybe a regular gig or club night that gets itself - and then yourself - some attention. Quite what that means might differ depending on the kind of music you are making, but we'll be covering all the bases with the CMU:DIY programme at The Great Escape this year".

Check the schedule for this year's DIY programme at TGE here. CMU:DIY x The Great Escape is open to all TGE delegates, but standalone DIY tickets are also available for just £25 from this link.

  Approved: Sh?m
An engineer at West London's Samurai Sound studios, Sh?m has been building a reputation for himself with his own music in the last year. Last summer he released his debut EP 'Symphonies Of Love & Destruction' through Joker's Kapsize label, and this week he follows it up with the new EP 'Mob Boss'.

The title track of the new record may already be familiar as the beat behind these Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E, and Lady Leshurr freestyles for SBTV. The track is a great base for their lyrics, but like all of Sh?m's output, stands comfortably alone as an instrumental too.

With more releases in the pipeline, and a growing demand for his work as a remixer, he might need to drop the question mark from his name.

Listen to 'Mob Boss' here.

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PledgeMusic, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• PledgeMusic has appointed Paula Woollatt as Head Of Manufacturing & Fulfilment UK/EUR. She joins from Warner Music. "I'm hugely excited", she said.

• Beyonce is holding an "exclusive world premiere event" on HBO this Saturday. It's called 'Lemonade'. Here's a trailer.

• Ariana Grande's new album will feature guest spots from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Future and, yes, Macy Gray. Here's Lil Wayne track 'Let Me Love You'.

• Tinchy Stryder has put out the video for new single 'Leg Day', featuring D Double E. Watch here.

• Tom Odell has released another single from his forthcoming second album, 'Wrong Crowd'. This is 'Magnetised'.

• The Kills have gone and shared the video for new single 'Heart Of A Dog', so why don't you just watch it here.

• Rømans has released a new collaboration with Mary J Blige. Check out 'Overthinking' here.

• Richard Ashcroft has released new single 'Hold On', taken from his upcoming new album 'These People'. Watch the video here.

• There's another new DJ Shadow track. This one, 'Nobody Speak', features Run The Jewels.

• AlunaGeorge have released the video for new single 'I Remember', featuring Flume. Watch it here.


• Rapper Noah Kin has released a new single, 'The Void', his first to get a proper release in the UK. Check it out here.

• Mac DeMarco's gone and booked in two London gigs back to back in June. He'll play Electric Brixton on 27 Jun, then Koko on 28 Jun.

Kanye's original Life Of Pablo lyrics were flushed down the toilet
There's been a lot of talk about how Kanye West updated his latest album 'The Life Of Pablo' several times after it was released on Tidal. But it turns out he was not the only person with control over the album's creative direction. Prior to recording, his daughter North flushed all the lyrics for the record down the toilet. Everyone's a critic, right?

Actually, she flushed his iPhone down that toilet, which had all of his lyrics saved on it, but that's not as good a story, is it?

"Kanye had every single rap in his iPhone before he really started working on 'Pablo' and then North flushed it down the toilet", explains Kim Kardashian on an episode of her sister's pretty tedious looking show 'Kocktails With Khloe'. "They could not be retrieved. We sent it to like four places [to try to get them back]".

"No Apple Genius was genius enough", laments Kanye, sitting next to her. Though you'd hope someone at the Apple Store would have at least shown him how to back up his notes in the future.

Apparently Kanye "didn't even get mad" at the loss of his work. Let's just hope no one sues him for claiming that the toilet was getting the exclusive on those lyrics if they ever do turn up.

ANDY MALT | Editor
Andy heads up the team, overseeing the CMU bulletins and website, coordinating features and interviews, reporting on artist and business stories, and contributing to the CMU Approved column.
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