TODAY'S TOP STORY: So, Warner has finally arrived at the Vevo party. Six and half years late. I can't help thinking all the sausage rolls will be gone by now. And the crisps will certainly have gone stale. But hopefully they'll remember to bring a bottle of something with them, and we can all drink that. Music video platform Vevo, of course, is owned by Sony and Universal, though it has long licensed... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Since Clipping released their last album, 'Clppng', in 2014, frontman Daveed Diggs spent a year playing the roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in the hit Broadway hip hop musical 'Hamilton'. Shortly before his final performance in the show last month, the group returned with new EP 'Wriggle'. If Diggs becoming a theatre star had any effect on Clipping, it was only... [READ MORE]
CMU TRENDS: We all know the digital pie debate, but there is another discussion to be had about the way streaming income is shared out, focused less on how the stakeholders in any one track divvy up the money, and more on how streaming monies are shared across the music industry. Start-up SupaPass brings this debate to the fore. Find out why in this free-to-access sample CMU Trends article. [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Warner signs up to Vevo
LABELS & PUBLISHERS IMPALA criticises European Commission's Sony/ATV ruling
LIVE BUSINESS TuneCore announces partnerships with three live music platforms
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Creditors to take hit in Guvera settlement, as rumours emerge about streaming firm's Indian operation
Hip hop and dance fans are better digital music consumers, new survey reckons
PledgeMusic appoints new marketing chief
MEDIA OfCom criticises Key 103 over Heartless Hotline feature
ARTIST NEWS Portishead man to score 'Black Mirror' soundtrack
AWARDS Nominees announced for AIM's awards
AND FINALLY... Ikea not interested in Kanye West collaboration
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Warner signs up to Vevo
So, Warner has finally arrived at the Vevo party. Six and half years late. I can't help thinking all the sausage rolls will be gone by now. And the crisps will certainly have gone stale. But hopefully they'll remember to bring a bottle of something with them, and we can all drink that.

Music video platform Vevo, of course, is owned by Sony and Universal, though it has long licensed in content from other labels too. Warner Music, however, has always been a hold out, opting not to provide videos to a service controlled by its rivals.

That was in no small part because, at the outset, Vevo was primarily established to manage music video content on YouTube, with the major-label-controlled business, rather than Google, selling the advertising in the hope it could secure higher rates. Warner, rather than joining Vevo, either as licensor or shareholder, instead struck up its own deal with Google so that it could sell the ads on the YouTube channels that it manages.

But there is more to Vevo than the YouTube channels, of course, and for management at the company those proprietary platforms, especially the Vevo mobile apps, are the priority. And it was with that in mind that, when current Vevo boss Erik Huggers joined the company last year, he let it be known that securing Warner content was a priority.

And the long expected licensing deal between Vevo and Warner that was announced yesterday only provides for the mini major's content to appear on the video service's own website and apps. When it comes to YouTube, Warner will continue to manage its own channels directly.

Confirming the deal yesterday, the aforementioned Huggers said: "Today marks an important milestone for Vevo as we forge a new relationship with Warner Music Group based on a shared vision of putting artists first and creating a platform that does justice to the music. We're excited to partner with Warner Music and bring their artists' content to life through our new mobile and web experiences and across a range of our programming".

Meanwhile Warner Music boss man Steve Cooper added: "Erik and his team continue to evolve their service and bring to life a new vision for Vevo. We're pleased to have built a flexible and mutually beneficial relationship that will bring additional creative and commercial possibilities to our artists and songwriters. This partnership is the latest in a recent series of deals that are helping us explore ways to unlock the true value of music videos in attracting and engaging vast audiences".

IMPALA criticises European Commission's Sony/ATV ruling
Somewhat unsurprisingly, pan-European indie label trade group IMPALA yesterday slammed the decision made by the European Union's competition regulator to green light Sony Corp's deal to take complete ownership of Sony/ATV without further investigation or any remedies being proposed.

As much previously reported, Sony's music publishing business has long been a joint venture with Michael Jackson - or now the Michael Jackson Estate - but back in March the entertainment giant announced it had agreed to buy the estate out of the songs business. The deal was subject to regulator approval, but the European Commission - the regulator most likely to intervene - this week gave the acquisition the go ahead.

IMPALA was one of various parties which objected to the deal, arguing that it gave Sony Corp - which will now own out right the world's biggest music publisher and second biggest record company - too much dominance in the music rights market. But a spokesman for the Commission said that "the transaction will not materially increase Sony's market power vis-a-vis digital music providers compared to the situation prior to the merger".

Commenting on the decision, IMPALA said in a statement yesterday: "This decision follows a preliminary investigation during which the Commission examined the views of customers and competitors. IMPALA and others raised concerns that the transaction would reinforce the market power of the world's biggest music publisher, creating serious competition problems, including for online platforms and consumers".

"Despite this", the statement continued, "the EU has found that the transaction wouldn't change the current situation materially. This often happens in cases involving a change of ownership, which typically come under less scrutiny than other transactions. [But] market participants had argued that this buyout is not a simple change joint to sole control transaction. IMPALA described the buyout as 'transformative' and urged the Commission to open a detailed phase two investigation and/or impose tough remedies".

Criticising the EC's conclusion, IMPALA chief Helen Smith added: "This decision is clearly wrong. It goes against the EU's previous analysis of concentration in music, as well as the concerns raised during this market investigation. We will need to read the decision in full when published to understand properly why the Commission has allowed this transaction to go ahead - there is a fundamental flaw somewhere".

TuneCore announces partnerships with three live music platforms
The UK division of TuneCore has announced partnerships with three live music platforms which, it says, will provide self-releasing artists who utilise the digital distributor to get their music into download and streaming services with "a wide range of services to support their live music careers".

Meanwhile the three new partners - listings and tickets aggregator Ents24, emerging talent promoter HotVox and live music marketplace - will all encourage new artists they work with to get their music into the key digital platforms, pointing to TuneCore as a simple way to achieve that. After all, for new artists gigging is the best way to reach and engage new fans, but to take newly engaged fans with you, you need your music to be available on all the key streaming and download services.

Confirming the new alliances, TuneCore's UK Brand Manager Sam Taylor said: "The UK has a rich history of live music and an increasingly buoyant live music sector. While distribution and digital artist services remain the core focus of TuneCore, we recognise that for many musicians playing live is an integral part of their careers. TuneCore UK is committed to empowering artists to grow their fanbase and increase revenue opportunities".

Creditors to take hit in Guvera settlement, as rumours emerge about streaming firm's Indian operation
Former employees caught up in the administration of two subsidiaries of flagging streaming firm Guvera should see all that they are owed as a result of the 'deed of company arrangement' that was passed this week, though other creditors won't fare so well.

As previously reported, creditors of Guvera Australia and Guv Services - the two entities that the Guvera parent company put into administration in the wake of its blocked IPO - have now agreed to the deed of company arrangement, which will stop the companies from actually being liquidated.

According to Aussie tabloid The Courier Mail, under the deal former staff should get the AUS$1.2 million they were collectively owed, though some ex-employees have already expressed concerns about whether those payments will in fact be made.

Other creditors of Guv Services will likely see 6.8 cents for each dollar they were owed, while Guvera Australia's creditors will see no more than 24.8 cents in the dollar. It's thought the Australian taxman will take the biggest hit as a result of the arrangement.

The overall Guvera business will be hoping that the deal means it can now move beyond recent woes. Though that will depend on whether the firm is able to stick to commitments made in that arrangement, while also making good on plans to grow revenues in those emerging markets where the streaming service is still operational following recent cut backs.

Though there is more bad press to deal with, after media and marketing site Mumbrella reported on leaked documents allegedly coming from a May board meeting at Guvera. The site claims that the documents show the streaming firm's Indian operation "is in complete disarray with the division haemorrhaging cash, unable to pay its bills and struggling to make its ad-funded model work".

Guvera, of course, has hit back at critics in recent months by arguing that its business model is different to that of rival streaming music companies in that it is focused on providing ad-funded free services that are particularly suitable for emerging markets like India.

But Mumbrella says the board meeting papers show that Guvera India made a AUS$82,000 loss in April, having brought in just AUS$11,352 in revenues. Perhaps more worryingly, those revenues were somewhat down on previous months, January income having reached AUS$78,365. And even that is a long way off the millions in revenue the firm is rumoured to be banking on in the Indian market to make its business plan work long-term.

The papers also reportedly admit that slow or non-payments to key partners in the Indian market, including labels and other suppliers, are "beginning to affect opportunities", with at least one unpaid partner apparently considering legal action.

All of which seems to confirm widespread concerns about the future of the Guvera business. Though the company's co-founder Claes Loberg - who has taken over as CEO at the company since his fellow founder Darren Heft stood down last month - has told the aforementioned Courier-Mail that he isn't aware of the documents Mumbrella is reporting on, while disputing some of the figures published, including those relating to alleged April revenues in India.


Hip hop and dance fans are better digital music consumers, new survey reckons
Hip hop and dance music fans are more likely to both embrace and pay for new fangled digital music services according to a survey by US entertainment retailer trade group the Music Business Association (aka Music Biz). Or, maybe, those who like to embrace and pay for new fangled digital music services are more likely to be hip hop and dance music fans.

The stats are the latest to come from Music Biz's previously reported consumer research tie up with LOOP. Having profiled the 3000+ American consumers it surveyed by genre preferences, LOOP found that 34% of the average dance music fan's 'listening time' was spent with on-demand streaming services, compared to 24% for the overall average music fan. And for hip hop fans it was 31%.

Dance and hip hop fans were also more likely to listen via a smartphone than consumers at large, plus fans of the two genres were more willing to buy music-related products, with 31% of dance fans and 24% of hip hop fans saying that they had paid for a streaming subscription, compared to the overall average of 17%.

Says James Donio of Music Biz regarding his group's latest stats pack: "This report gives Music Biz members key information on how to approach fans of every genre while revealing interesting trends around specific categories of fans. It is encouraging to see hip hop and dance fans embracing new forms of music distribution, and their willingness to pay for music products is one of many indicators that the future of the industry is bright".

Meanwhile David Lewis of LOOP added: "These results confirm that, in addition to enjoying different types of music, fans of various genres also behave differently when it comes to their favourite listening methods, devices, and more. We hope this report will help readers better target fans of every genre to ensure the health of the overall music business".


PledgeMusic appoints new marketing chief
Direct-to-fan platform and pre-order specialist PledgeMusic yesterday announced the appointment of a new globally focused marketing chief in the form of former Sony Music exec Adam Lekach, who was most recently with the Kemado Media Group.

In his new job of SVP Marketing at Pledge, Lekach will "oversee the company's global marketing and campaign management strategy with responsibility for evolving cross-company synergies and driving increasingly better results for PledgeMusic's partner base". And who doesn't love a good cross-company synergy. So definitely evolve more of them.

"Adam Lekach is a highly creative and results-driven digital marketing executive and we are enormously pleased to have him on-board", says his new boss, Pledge CEO Dominic Pandiscia. "He joins PledgeMusic at a pivotal juncture as we begin the process of integrating NoiseTrade and Adam's deep familiarity with the independent and major label worlds will play a key role in boosting our growth opportunities and ensuring we deliver on our guiding premise that there's a better way to experience music".

OfCom criticises Key 103 over Heartless Hotline feature
Manchester radio station Key 103 has been found in breach of two OfCom rules after listeners complained about a phone-in feature whereby one caller would request a sum of money, explaining why they needed it, after which other listeners had thirty seconds to phone in to claim said money for themselves. The contest was called the Heartless Hotline.

As an example of what might happen, we can look at one of the editions of the Heartless Hotline that garnered a complaint. Caller one asked for £2000 to pay for a divorce so she could unlock monies from her husband to pay for her family's living expenses. But then another caller called in to claim the money for a family holiday.

Responding to a complaint about this particular call, media regulator OfCom said that listeners were likely to have felt that the competition caused unnecessary distress or anxiety to the first caller.

It added that the fact the two callers were left to debate on air the relative merits of their respective claims to the money for thirty seconds without presenters Mike Toolan or Brooke Vincent intervening "would have increased the level of offence caused to listeners, because the station allowed this confrontation to occur in the first place and then let it continue uninterrupted".

But the station's owner, Bauer, defended both the feature and that specific edition, arguing that "it is vitally important that commercial radio creates interesting, emotive content, including competitions, that engages listeners with not only [this] station but with radio as a medium, so long as due care is taken". The media firm also noted that only one person had actually complained about that particular phone in.

And as for the poor caller who failed to secure the two grand to pay for her divorce, well, Bauer told Radio Today: "Following the call from a listener who was seeking to win money to cover legal advice for her divorce, Key 103 put her in touch with a legal firm who offered her £2000 - the equivalent value - of advice free of charge".

Somewhat ironically, given Toolan's lack of intervention was criticised in the first complaint, the other complaint upheld against Heartless Hotline related to the DJ blocking the studio's phone lines after one emotional caller said she needed £1000 to pay for a debt so she could receive her mother's ashes. Toolan felt that caller needed the cash so much that he didn't want to risk a 'hearthless' fellow listener from nabbing the money, though in doing so he broke the rules of his own competition.

On that complaint, Bauer admitted that its programming team broke the rules. The company said that "the programming team is aware that on this occasion they made a poor judgement when the decision was taken to block the phone lines during one round of the competition".

However, the media company noted the outpouring of support for that caller on social media, adding that the "level of feeling towards this contestant was overwhelming" and it therefore hoped that "the subsequent feedback - whilst not excusing their decision - goes some way to explain why the station felt they were doing the right thing despite non-compliance with the competition rules".

  Approved: Clipping
Since Clipping released their last album, 'Clppng', in 2014, frontman Daveed Diggs spent a year playing the roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in the hit Broadway hip hop musical 'Hamilton'. Shortly before his final performance in the show last month, the group returned with new EP 'Wriggle'.

If Diggs becoming a theatre star had any effect on Clipping, it was only positive. As the EP's title track shows, they've lost none of their fire or bite during their hiatus. And now they’re preparing to make a full return with new album 'Splendor & Misery' through Sub Pop on 9 Sep.

Keeping things theatrical, 'Splendor & Misery' is a concept album, which tells the story of the sole survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship, and the onboard computer that falls in love with him.

In a reverse of most dystopian tales, the survivor ultimately finds solace in humanity’s insignificance. Underpinning this, Diggs' powerful delivery and the hard, experimental electronic production of Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson make for an impressive record.

Watch the video for 'Baby Don’t Sleep', directed by artist Cristopher Cichocki, here.

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Portishead man to score 'Black Mirror' soundtrack
Portishead's Geoff Barrow has signed on to score the soundtrack to the new series of Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror', which will this time air over there on the Netflixes.

Barrow will work with his regular collaborator Ben Salisbury on the project, the duo having previously worked together on soundtracks for a number of films, including the upcoming Ben Wheatley-directed 'Free Fire' and the in-production Alex Garland movie 'Annihilation'.

On his decision to take the satirical drama series, which previously aired on Channel 4, over to video-on-demand platform Netflix, Brooker recently said: "Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that 'Black Mirror' feel".

Nominees announced for AIM's awards
The Association Of Independent Music yesterday put out all the nominees and shortlistees and people who should retain some hope at its Independent Music Awards this year, which take place in London town on 6 Sep. And here they bloody well are...

Hardest Working Band Or Artist: Darren Hayman, Kamasi Washington, Martyn Joseph, Run The Jewels, Shaodow.

Independent Breakthrough Of The Year: Christine And The Queens, Father John Misty,
Flume, Neck Deep, Pvris, Stormzy.

Best Live Act: Babymetal, Caravan Palace, Courteeners, Sunset Sons, Wolf Alice.

PPL Award For Most Played New Independent Act: Kda, Sigala, Wolf Alice, Tchami.

Independent Album Of The Year: Arca - Mutant, Brian Eno - The Ship, Field Music - Commontime, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Blossom, Lapsley - Long Way Home, Little Simz - A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons, Press To Meco - Good Intent, Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool, Roots Manuva - Bleeds, Skepta - Konnichiwa.

Independent Track Of The Year: Adele - Hello; Christine And The Queens - Tilted; Field Music - The Noisy Days Are Over; Flume - Never Be Like You; Ghetts X Rude Kid - One Take; Major Lazer Ft Nyla & Fuse Odg - Light It Up [Remix]; Protoje Ft Chronixx - Who Knows; Radiohead - Burn The Witch; Skepta - Man; Roots Manuva - Don't Breathe Out.

Independent Video Of The Year: Darwin Deez - The Mess She Made, Grimes - Kill V. Maim, Kaytranada - Lite Spots, Oscar - Sometimes, Yeasayer - I Am Chemistry.

Best Difficult Second Album: Daughter - Not To Disappear; Fat White Family - Songs For Our Mothers; Melt Yourself Down - Last Evenings On Earth; Money - Suicide Songs; Savages - Adore Life.

Special Catalogue Release Of The Year: British Sea Power - The Compleat Illustrated British Sea Power (Vol 1); Mikael Tariverdiev - Film Music; Slade - When Slade Rocked The World; Various Artists - Ork Records: New York, New York; Various Artists - Leaf 20 Box Set.

Best Small Label: Beatnik Creative, Earth Recordings, Holy Roar, Local Action, Numbers.

Independent Label Of The Year: Because Music, Bella Union, Epitaph/Anti, Moshi Moshi, Ninja Tune.

Golden Welly Award For Best Independent Festival: Barn On The Farm, Beat Herder, Brainchild Festival, Pete The Monkey, Strawberries & Creem Festival.

Indie Champion Award: Chris Bye - Arts Council England / Liverpool Sound City; Jen Long - Dice; Jess Partridge - London In Stereo; Jon Tolley - Banquet Records; Mary Anne Hobbs - BBC 6Music.

Outstanding Contribution To Music: Roisin Murphy

Pioneer Award: Richard Russell, Xl Recordings

Ikea not interested in Kanye West collaboration
Seemingly not too busy in his role as Apple Music/Tidal peacemaker, Kanye West is really keen to move his own brand into furniture design, and that obviously requires a formal partnership with good old Ikea.

You may remember that West tweeted how he had been "super inspired" by a trip to Ikea's HQ back in March. And earlier this week the rapper told Radio 1 that: "I have to work with Ikea - make furniture for interior design, for architecture".

But sorry Kanye, Team Ikea aren't so interested in any tie-up just now. "Although we are really flattered by Kanye West's high interest in Ikea and the speculation around a joint venture, we have no plans to collaborate at this point in time", a spokesperson for the company told CNBC.

But they did meet with West at their Swedish HQ back in March, so what was that all about then? "At Ikea we are constantly curious about different people, companies, artists and events around the world", said the rep. "To have these connections and inspiring meetings is an important way for us to find new ways to create a better everyday life for the many people".

I've no idea what an IKANYEA table might look like, but West and Ikea definitely share a passion for talking pretentious nonsense.

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