TODAY'S TOP STORY: Oh, look! We have a brand new collecting society joint venture to enjoy, with US performing rights organisation SESAC announcing an alliance with the Swiss songs society SUISA. And this joint venture has a neat name too: Mint Digital Licensing. Do you remember the bad old days when digital services had to license publishing rights via collecting societies... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: A member of Maximilian Dunbar's band Lifted, Joe Williams goes solo with new project Motion Graphics. His debut album under the name, also titled 'Motion Graphics', will be released through Domino on 26 Aug. The first single from the album, 'Lense', was released last month, followed by its video this week. With one of the LP's main influences apparently... [READ MORE]
CMU TRENDS: We all know the digital pie debate, but there is another discussion to be had about the way streaming income is shared out, focused less on how the stakeholders in any one track divvy up the money, and more on how streaming monies are shared across the music industry. Start-up SupaPass brings this debate to the fore. Find out why in this free-to-access sample CMU Trends article. [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES SESAC announces joint venture with Swiss collecting society
LEGAL Simon Fuller submits motion in bankruptcy of Idol company
Justin Bieber's former neighbours must submit to psychological examination to prove emotional distress claims
Lil Wayne's Universal lawsuit put on hold pending separate Cash Money action
DEALS Chrysalis Records signs label services deal with Kobalt
BRANDS & MERCH The Roots write ode to Stella Artois
MEDIA Netflix to follow Beatles-based kids show with Motown-soundtracked series
BBC Radio Cymru to launch bonus station for 40th anniversary
AWARDS Mercury Prize 2016 shortlist announced
ONE LINERS Marathon Artists, Robomagic, Ariana Grande, more
AND FINALLY... Morrissey didn't receive a warm enough welcome at Sydney Airport
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SESAC announces joint venture with Swiss collecting society
Oh, look! We have a brand new collecting society joint venture to enjoy, with US performing rights organisation SESAC announcing an alliance with the Swiss songs society SUISA. And this joint venture has a neat name too: Mint Digital Licensing.

Do you remember the bad old days when digital services had to license publishing rights via collecting societies on a country-by-country basis, with each society only providing licences in its home territory?

Well, no more, thanks to the wide range of direct, multi-territory, hub and joint-venture licences now available, which means you can license some songs over here and some over there, some from the publisher, some from the society, this licence for these territories but not those territories, this licence for here but not there but here, and maybe here, if it's an indie publisher, but only for this half of this song, though you might get the other half of that song too, and some mechanicals may be included along the way, or not, though do work that out or you might be sued. It's all so much simpler these days.

The launch of Mint Digital Licensing means that from next year digital services will be able to get one licence covering the shares in the songs repped by both SESAC and SUISA. And they'll even throw in some mechanical rights too, SESAC now also owning the mechanical rights focused Harry Fox Agency in the US, of course.

It's the "first transatlantic alliance" between two PROs which work for songwriters and publishers, reckon the new business partners, though the recent deal between French society SACEM and Canadian PRO SOCAN was sort of an "alliance", even if it didn't actually set up a new entity like this deal will. But whatever, "starting in January 2017, [SESAC and SUISA] will work closely together to license and administer the rights to use musical compositions in online music services under a joint venture".

As with all these joint ventures in the collective licensing domain, the aim isn't just to make it (possibly) simpler for the licensee, but also to make the processing of digital data and royalties faster and more efficient, benefiting songwriters and publishers too. And Mint Digital will do exactly that, say the two societies.

"Mint Digital Licensing represents the first step in SESAC Holdings' plan to build a multi-regional licensing platform at scale", says SESAC boss John Josephson. "The key to our success will be an unrelenting focus on our customer's needs, access to the most comprehensive and accurate data available in the market and a best of breed technology solution. Like SESAC, SUISA is a leader in technology as well as a dependable and experienced partner. Together, we will significantly improve online licensing for creators, copyright owners and digital service providers".

Meanwhile SUISA chief Andreas Wegelin adds: "This partnership allows SUISA to expand its position in the online arena and remain autonomous in the long term in this competitive market. Furthermore, we will benefit from significant economies of scale in terms of data and IT infrastructure. In recent years, SUISA has invested heavily in updating its IT infrastructure to be better positioned for the challenges of copyright licensing for the distribution of online music".

Simon Fuller submits motion in bankruptcy of Idol company
While we were busy focusing on Robert FX Sillerman's dance music company SFX working its way through chapter eleven proceedings in the US earlier this year, the entertainment industry veteran's previous business also applied for bankruptcy protection. So that's fun. And that company's attempts to make its way to the other side are being made more complicated by another veteran of the industry, Simon Fuller.

Sillerman launched CKX in 2005, and during the five years he ran the company it moved into various strands of the entertainment industry, though became best known for acquiring Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment and with it the 'American Idol' franchise, as well as taking a majority stake in the company that controls the Elvis Presley legacy and brand. Sillerman ultimately moved on from CKX, subsequently setting up the SFX company that has filled your CMU Daily with all sorts of twists and turns in the last year.

Since 2011, CKX has been owned by private equity outfit Apollo Management, which first rebranded it as the CORE Media Group and then, in 2014, made it a subsidiary of the joint venture media enterprise it formed with 21st Century Fox. Having offloaded various assets in recent years, CORE is now primarily a reality TV business, with 'Idol' and another Fuller creation, 'So You Think You Can Dance', still its flagship shows.

In April, shortly after the final series of 'American Idol' reached its conclusion, the core CORE business applied for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection, seemingly because of a demand for outstanding fees made by Fuller, who continued to consult for the company even after he stopped working for it full time. CORE was already struggling to service significant debts before those demands were made.

Now the 'Idol' creator seems to be throwing a new spanner into the chapter eleven works, by filing an ex parte motion with the bankruptcy court seeking an order that will allow his people to examine more closely the affairs of the CORE businesses, and the firm's relationship with key money lenders.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fuller's legal filing also raises the prospect of future claims "for actual and constructive fraudulent transfers, equitable subordination and disallowance, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty and aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty".

The court papers add: "If the debtors want to expedite their exit from these chapter eleven cases, then there must be a concomitant obligation of the debtors to provide complete and expeditious access to documents and information necessary to evaluate claims and causes of action that may significantly impede the debtors' ability to confirm a plan".

CORE is yet to comment on Fuller's filing.


Justin Bieber's former neighbours must submit to psychological examination to prove emotional distress claims
Justin Bieber's former neighbours must submit to a seven-hour psychological examination if they wish to proceed with their lawsuit against the popstar. Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz allege that Bieber caused them severe emotional distress during his stint as their neighbour.

It was the Schwartz's house that Bieber famously egged during the 'dark times', you know, before he rose again as the greatest human being to have ever lived. The singer is also accused of spitting at Jeffrey Schwartz, while causing general distress for his neighbours via a steady stream of loud parties, druggy fun times and overly aggressive driving.

Possibly because all of these episodes now seem like some kind of unrealistic dream from a mythical age some time in the past - now that Bieber is the ultimate giver of all mankind - judge Holly J Fujie has said that a thorough psychological examination of the Schwartzes is necessary to prove their claims of having suffered severe emotional distress. The couple's lawyers had objected to such an intensive examination taking place.

Bieber did pay his former neighbours in the region of $80,000 for damage caused by the egging incident after pleading no contest to a misdemeanour vandalism charge, but the Schwartzes sued for much bigger damages last year citing various incidents from when they shared a fence with the Bad Boy Bieber of olden times. They want money. And lots of it. But surely the repentant pop messiah could just offer salvation instead?


Lil Wayne's Universal lawsuit put on hold pending separate Cash Money action
Lil Wayne's lawsuit against Universal Music, which also named collecting society SoundExchange as a defendant, has reportedly been put on hold pending the resolution of other litigation between the rapper and Cash Money Records.

As previously reported, following various legal wranglings with Cash Money over his long awaited album 'Tha Carter V', Wayne sued the label's parent company Universal in March over monies made by Young Money, his own imprint with Cash Money and the major.

SoundExchange is caught up in the dispute because Wayne says the society should be paying at least some of the digital income relating to Young Money releases directly to his companies, rather than to Universal.

But, according to Billboard, the Universal/SoundExchange lawsuit, being pursued in California, has now been put on hold by the judge overseeing the case, who reckons that Wayne's legal disputes with Cash Money - being pursued in New York - should be dealt with first.

Chrysalis Records signs label services deal with Kobalt
Blue Raincoat Music has signed a label services deal with Kobalt for the future output of Chrysalis Records, which was acquired in June by the new publishing company, which was in turn recently set up by former Chrysalis Music Group boss Jeremy Lascelles and producer Robin Millar.

This extends an existing alliance between the two companies. As previously reported, having launched in March, Blue Raincoat announced in April that Kobalt would handle worldwide administration of its songs catalogue. Similarly, the label services deal will work on a worldwide basis.

Kobalt Label Services President Paul Hitchman says: "The combination of the legendary Chrysalis catalogue, Jeremy and Robin's deep knowledge of music, and Kobalt's cutting edge technology and services platform is the basis for a very exciting partnership. We can't wait to get started on maximising the potential of the Chrysalis catalogue and working closely with Jeremy, Robin and the Chrysalis team on building the label for the new music business".

Meanwhile, Lascelles and Millar, for maximum impact, say in unison: "From the outset of our discussions, Kobalt's desire to be in business with us was both flattering and utterly persuasive. In the past, we have seen them as a competitor. We are now THRILLED to have them as a partner. As a company, they are true industry innovators. We expect this to be the start of a long and beautiful relationship".

As also previously reported, Blue Raincoat Music also has the backing of original Chrysalis co-founder Chris Wright, who was placed back at the top of Chrysalis Records following the recent acquisition of the label from Warner, as Non-Executive Chairman.

The Roots write ode to Stella Artois
The Roots have teamed up with Stella Artois for a new single, which is a shame. The release is part of the beer brand's 'Host One To Remember' campaign, which aims to convince people to host summer parties to remember. Not drinking Stella at those parties is probably a good way to start.

The song, titled 'Bittersweet', is meant to enhance the flavour of Stella Artois if you listen to it while drinking the beer. There are two versions, one of which supposedly makes you notice the sweeter notes in the booze, the other to bring up its bitter qualities (again, in flavour terms, I don't mean it'll make you punch someone). It's 8.27am as I write this, so I'm not able to confirm if this is true or not. I can tell you that the aftertaste of the toothpaste in my mouth has got worse since I started listening to the new track though.

Joining Hilary Duff as an ambassador for the overall campaign, the band's Questlove says: "This project fuses two of our passions: music and food. As someone who loves to experiment in the studio and in the kitchen, this crazy unique collaboration inspired by Stella Artois was the perfect challenge. You really have to try it to believe it; it will change your perceptions of food, science and entertainment".

Er, yeah. I'm not sure drinking beer while listening to music can really be described as a culinary experience. Or as science, for that matter. And definitely not food. Whatever makes you feel better about writing a song about some beer though, eh?

Stella's Vice President Harry Lewis adds: "This summer Stella Artois embarked on a mission to leave a mark on the world of entertaining and inspire people to host their own unforgettable moments. Our collaboration with The Roots continues to push us to that next level of creativity - offering people the chance to experience the incredible taste of a Stella Artois in a new, memorable way".

Sure, sure. And so confident are The Roots and Stella Artois that this thing definitely works, they've not even bothered to indicate which track enhances which flavour. Either that or they're hoping you'll drink twelve cans of the stuff trying to work it out. Which probably will lead to you punching someone, after you become enraged that they both sound exactly the same.

Anyway, here's this one and here's that one.

Netflix to follow Beatles-based kids show with Motown soundtracked series
Anyone who has kids and a Netflix account will be aware that 99% of all children's programmes on the streaming service sit in the 'eye-gougingly-awful' category. 'Mother Goose Club'? Fuck's sake. It's like someone intentionally went out of their way to find the most annoying combination of audio and visuals possible. And don't get me started on Maya the fucking bee.

Maybe all that's about to change though, as Netflix delves further into creating its own content for children. The company this week launched new show 'Beat Bugs', an animated series featuring the music of the Beatles. So confident in it is Netflix, that it's already commissioned a follow-up featuring music from the Motown catalogue.

Smokey Robinson is even the executive producer on the as-yet-untitled follow-up series. He says of being involved in the project: "I am THRILLED to be a part of this wonderful new series that will embrace the magic of Motown and present our songs to a whole new generation of fans and their families".

So that's all fun. Maybe this is a show that adults will want to watch too. Maybe everyone will want to learn important life lessons soundtracked by new, extra chirpy versions of some of their favourite songs. Oh sorry, you didn't think they were using the original recordings, did you? Christ no. 'Beat Bugs' - for example - features kid-friendly new versions of Beatles songs, recorded by the likes of Sia, Robbie Williams, Pink, Eddie Vedder and James fucking Corden.

Watch a trailer for 'Beat Bugs' here (eye-gouging tools not provided).


BBC Radio Cymru to launch bonus station for 40th anniversary
Welsh language station BBC Radio Cymru is to get its own bonus channel - akin to Radio 1Xtra or Radio 4 Extra - called BBC Radio Cymru Mwy. Only for fifteen weeks leading up to the station's 40th anniversary though.

The new sister station will broadcast on weekday mornings from mid-September up to 2 Jan 2017 - the day before the actual 40th anniversary, Radio Cymru itself having first broadcast on 3 Jan 1977. The 'extra' station will have an "emphasis on more music and easy listening", according to a statement from the Beeb. There will also be a "lively breakfast show".

Editor of BBC Radio Cymru, Betsan Powys, says: "The name BBC Radio Cymru Mwy says it all - more music, laughter and more choice for BBC Radio Cymru listeners. As we prepare to celebrate BBC Radio Cymru's landmark 40th birthday in 2017, it's imperative that we continue to develop and innovate".

She adds: "The pop-up station is an opportunity for us to take advantage of new technology, but more importantly it gives listeners greater choice and the chance to listen to BBC Radio Cymru on new platforms. All this while listeners can continue to listen to the output they enjoy on BBC Radio Cymru in exactly the same way as they do now".

Other digital initiatives are planned in the run-up to the anniversary, including providing more Welsh content to the BBC Music app.

  Approved: Motion Graphics
A member of Maximilian Dunbar's band Lifted, Joe Williams goes solo with new project Motion Graphics. His debut album under the name, also titled 'Motion Graphics', will be released through Domino on 26 Aug.

The first single from the album, 'Lense', was released last month, followed by its video this week. With one of the LP's main influences apparently the sounds of digital menu systems, the record sits firmly at the experimental end of electronic music, with various everyday digital tools sampled and twisted into the music.

However, as 'Lense' shows, there's a strong melodic element to it as well, which makes it also accessible to the listener less keen on music as a test of endurance.

Watch the video for 'Lense' here.

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Mercury Prize 2016 shortlist announced
The Mercury Prize shortlist for 2016 has been announced. After taking about six days to announce it all last year, this time the whole list was all dumped in one go, meaning you can start your complaining right away. I'll start: Why isn't Anna Meredith's album on there? This is fucking bullshit.

In a change to the rules this year, only six of the twelve records will actually be considered for the grand prize. The first of the albums to go on the shorter-still list will be selected by the public. The judging panel will choose the other five and the overall winner, thankfully. I think we all know the sort of thing that happens when you give the general public too much of say in anything.

A statement from the judging panel reads: "This is music to make sense of our unsettling times - heartfelt, angry, thoughtful and thrilling. The 2016 Hyundai Mercury Prize 'Albums Of The Year' are marked by their musical ambitions, unexpected instrumentation and breathtaking arrangements".

Lucky that wasn't at all over the top, eh? Here are the nominees:

Anohni - Hopelessness
Bat For Lashes - The Bride
David Bowie - Blackstar
Jamie Woon - Making Time
Kano - Made In The Manor
Laura Mvula - The Dreaming Room
Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Savages - Adore Life
Skepta - Konnichiwa
The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
The Comet Is Coming - Channel The Spirits

Public voting will open at midday today at, and the overall winner will be announced at the Hammersmith Apollo on 15 Sep.

Marathon Artists, Robomagic, Ariana Grande, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• The co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of London-based management firm Marathon Artists, Philippe Ascoli, is leaving the company, in order to work on new projects based nearer his home in Paris.

• Rob Hallett's Robomagic live company is launching its own record label, Robotunes. Its first release will be an EP from Nova Twins on 19 Aug. From it, this is 'Hitlist'.

• Teasers, trailers, official audio, lyric videos, official videos, live sessions, are we running out of iterations of the music video to enhance #engagement? I don't know, but here's Ariana Grande's new a capella lyric video.

• Banks has released a new single called 'Gemini Feed'. It coincides with the announcement that she will release her second album, 'The Altar', on 30 Sep.

• C Duncan has announced that he will release his second album, 'The Midnight Sun', on 7 Oct. Here's first single 'Wanted To Want It To'.

• Following the release of his 'Security' mixtape in April, Gaika has signed a new record deal with Warp. His first release through the label is new single '3D'.

• Oscar and Girli have teamed up for a new version of his song, 'Breaking My Phone'. They'll be touring together in September and October too.

• The Bigo & Twigetti label has released a new compilation, featuring new tracks from Jim Perkins and Leah Kardos, among others.

• Lady Leshurr has announced that she will be touring the UK at the end of October. Dates and tickets here.

Morrissey didn't receive a warm enough welcome at Sydney Airport
Morrissey continues to make no friends with airport security staff the world over. Having accused a member of staff at San Francisco International Airport of sexually assaulting him last year, he has now said someone at Sydney Airport's passport control desk insulted him and tried to "cause a scene". You know, like they do.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Morrissey said: "When I arrived in Sydney last year the officer at passport control did her best to insult me and to cause a scene when there was no need. I refused to ​take the bait​ because she was so rude, and so she threw my passport at me and looked away in disgust! I thought, 'Wow, welcome to Australia!' They use the ISIS issue as an excuse to denigrate everyone, and they absolutely love it". ​

As previously reported, the US Transportation Security Administration launched an investigation after the musician claimed to have been assaulted during a security check in July last year. It determined that "the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures", which resulted in Morrissey accusing the TSA of being worse than ISIS.

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