TODAY'S TOP STORY: Getting a bit bored of the old "when does inspiration become infringement?" debate following that recent run of high profile song-theft lawsuits? Well, how about the good old "when is a cover version not a cover version?" debate? That sounds like fun doesn't it? American rock band Blind Melon are suing singer and Miley-Cyrus-friend-and-YouTube-collaborator... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: It's been a while since Lulu James has released a single of her own, having been pretty busy with other acts. She featured on tracks by artists including Jon Hopkins and Lane 8, and toured as vocalist for Gorgon City. But now she returns solo with new single 'It's The Time'. Described by James as "melodramatic 21st century soul", the song is given a light touch... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Blind Melon song-theft case could test parameters of the cover version
LEGAL Dropped Cliff Richard sexual abuse case under review
LIVE BUSINESS Larmer Tree Festival to take a year off
MEDIA New Welsh radio station to share veteran DJ shows with Thames Radio
Gilles Peterson to launch new online radio service
ARTIST NEWS Pink Floyd exhibition to open at V&A in 2017
RELEASES Black Eyed Peas re-record 'Where's The Love?' with celeb buddies for charity
Martha Wainwright announces new album
ONE LINERS Capitol, 7digital, Music Glue, more
AND FINALLY... "Harry Styles is great", says Cillian Murphy on 1D star's new Christopher Nolan movie role
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Blind Melon song-theft case could test parameters of the cover version
Getting a bit bored of the old "when does inspiration become infringement?" debate following that recent run of high profile song-theft lawsuits? Well, how about the good old "when is a cover version not a cover version?" debate? That sounds like fun doesn't it?

American rock band Blind Melon are suing singer and Miley-Cyrus-friend-and-YouTube-collaborator Mandy Jiroux over her recent track 'Insane', which they say is a rework of 'No Rain', what is probably their best known song from way back in 1993.

Actually, no one is denying that 'Insane' is a rework of 'No Rain', and that's exactly how Jiroux has been talking about her record. The dispute is over whether or not the singer and her team had permission to rework the rock band's song.

Now, in some countries there is a compulsory licence for straight cover versions, and even when that's not the case covers can usually be licensed through the collective licensing system. Which means you don't need specific permission from the writers or owners of the song you are covering providing you do the required paperwork.

But the compulsory or collecting society licences usually only provide permission to record and distribute a version of an existing published song, not to adapt that song. Adaptations require a direct deal with the original rights owners, not least so a discussion can occur on who, exactly, owns the derived work that results from the adaptation, in which there will be a new copyright.

Of course, whenever artists record a version of someone else's song they are going to rework it to an extent so that it is appropriate for their own personal 'sound'. The question is, how much reworking do you need to do before what you've done is an adaptation.

There is a compulsory licence for covers in the US, and it says that that licence "includes the privilege of making a musical arrangement of the work to the extent necessary to conform it to the style or manner of interpretation of the performance involved, but the arrangement shall not change the basic melody or fundamental character of the work".

Simple, right? Though, as many a judge has mused to him or herself over the years, "what the fuck does that mean?" And depending on how Team Jiroux decide to defend themselves in this particular legal dispute, that's the question another judge may well have to ask.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in their legal filing reps for Blind Melon outline a string of conversations that took place between their management and that of Jiroux. The latter's manager Kenneth Komisar first got in contact with the band's manager Keith Isola in May, and he subsequently approached Blind Melon guitarist Brad Smith, who has a controlling interest in the 'No Rain' song copyright.

Smith, who knows a thing or two about music rights, informed Komisar via Isola that if Jiroux was just going to do a cover version of his song, then his permission wasn't required, and the manager just needed to make sure that the formalities of the compulsory licence were complied with, as set out in everyone's favourite: Section 115 of the Copyright Act.

However, conversations continued, during which Blind Melon realised that Jiroux's record changed both the lyrics and the beat of their song, and was going to be released under another name.

Being more informed about the singer's intentions, the band's management told Komisar that they now considered his client's record not to be a straight cover, therefore a bespoke licence would be required, and they weren't persuaded to grant such a licence.

Team Melon allege that, even after telling Komisar that they would not grant permission for the adaptation of their song, the manager continued to correspond as if a deal had been done and 'Insane' had or would get their approval.

When the band's reps explicitly stated permission had not been granted one more time, Komisar expressed surprise at this news, referencing earlier emails in which the band seemed to be OK with Jiroux's record. Though Blind Melon argue that those emails were from very early on in the conversation when the band thought the singer was just going to put out a straight cover version.

And then 'Insane' was released. And Jiroux told iHeartRadio of the record: "I was in the studio with one of my producers, and we were thinking of what we could do that's super cool and different, and single material. So, he picked up a guitar and just played that classic 'No Rain' guitar riff, and I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, I love that song'.

"Everyone else in the studio felt the same", she went on. "Then I just kind of said where I think we should take it, and, hopefully the Blind Melon guys would let us use it. And it turned out that they loved the song so much, I'm the only artist that they've ever let use that classic hook. It was super natural, super easy, and that's when you know it's right. It felt really great, and I just felt very honoured, because they were so huge in the 90s, so it was really just a big honour".

Presumably Jiroux feels less honoured to now be sued by the band for all the profits from her record and actual damages because, says the band's lawsuit, "this publicity and unauthorised use has done significant damage to 'No Rain' and has severely damaged the copyright, by now essentially eliminating any prospect that a major artist will actually license it for a major release".

Blind Melon, who are represented by Richard Busch, last seen representing the victorious Gaye family in the 'Blurred Lines' copyright case, are also seeking a permanent injunction against Jiroux's record.

It remains to be seen quite how Team Jiroux respond to the lawsuit (although the song has been removed from her YouTube account), and whether they'll present a different version of the conversations that took place between Komisar and Blind Melon's management. Though if Jiroux does decide to rely on the compulsory licence in her defence, we'll have that lovely situation of a song-theft lawsuit where it's the defendant rather than the plaintiff trying to prove just how similar the two songs are.

See, told you it would be fun.

Dropped Cliff Richard sexual abuse case under review
The decision not to prosecute Cliff Richard over allegations of sexual abuse is to be reviewed, after it was challenged by one of his accusers.

As previously reported, Richard's Berkshire home was searched by police in 2014, in relation to accusations that he had sexually assaulted a boy under the age of sixteen at a Christian faith rally in the 1980s. Subsequently, three other men came forward, accusing the singer of offences dating back to 1958. He was questioned by police a number of times, but never arrested or charged.

In June this year, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that there was "insufficient evidence" to proceed further with a prosecution. Richard, who had firmly denied all accusations throughout, called for the identities of those accused of sexual crimes to be kept secret until they are charged.

The CPS said yesterday that it had received an application under the victims' 'right to review' scheme earlier this month and that a review of the case is now underway.

Cliff Richard has not yet commented.

Larmer Tree Festival to take a year off
Organisers of the Larmer Tree Festival have announced that they will be taking 2017 off, in order "to fully refresh both creatively and personally".

Launched in 1990 at the Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire, the 2016 edition of the five day event took place last month, headlined by Jamie Cullum, Caro Emerald, Tom Odell, The Stranglers and Calexico. The festival has remained independent throughout its 26 years, and has no corporate sponsorship.

The festival's founder James Shepard said in a statement: "There's no doubt that it's the passion and care of such a fantastic team that makes Larmer Tree Festival the truly unique event that it is, and will continue to be".

The dates for the next Larmer Tree Festival have already been announced for 20-22 Jul 2018 - a week later than normal, and also shortening the event back down to three days.

Here's a video from this year's event.

New Welsh radio station to share veteran DJ shows with Thames Radio
A new national radio station is launching in Wales which will share some programming with Thames Radio, the London-based station that launched earlier this year with a mission to recreate the sound of Capital Radio circa the 1980s and 1990s, partly by hiring some of that station's former DJs for weekly shows.

New Welsh station Dragon Radio will take over the slots currently used on various local DAB digital radio networks in Wales by Nation Gold, which is a sister station to Nation Radio, the service that took over the Xfm channel in South Wales in 2008 and which has since also spread out across the rest of Wales via DAB (as well as becoming a bit more pop).

Dragon Radio will play music from the 1970s through to today, and will share weekly shows hosted by Tony Blackburn, Pat Sharp and Neil Fox with Thames Radio, which is also operated by Dragon Radio owner Nation Broadcasting.

Given the Capital Radio nostalgia fest that runs throughout those shows, it's perhaps ironic that the new station is called Dragon. The main Cardiff FM station was previously called Red Dragon FM, but it was rebranded as Capital in 2014 as part of Global Radio's strategy of realigning all its local stations under a small number of nationwide brands.

As Radio Today notes, there is actually a student radio station in South Wales already called Dragon Radio, and a Cardiff-based digital station called 100% Dragon Hits. Because they love dragons in Wales, and no Global Radio brand harmonisation strategy will keep those dragons off the airwaves forever.

Says Nation Broadcasting's Group Managing Director Martin Mumford: "Dragon Radio is a great new Welsh brand that complements our existing national and local radio services. It offers listeners and advertisers across Wales a significant extension in choice".


Gilles Peterson to launch new online radio service
Gilles Peterson will formally launch his new online radio service, Worldwide FM, next week, having run a number of pilot transmissions earlier this year.

The new service will have a similar agenda to most of Peterson's other projects, including his BBC radio shows, which the station itself describes as a mission to "explore and tie together the shape-shifting diversity of global music". Peterson himself and DJ Thris Tian, who was involved in the early days of live streaming service Boiler Room, will be the flagship presenters of the new service, with contributors also lined up to represent different music scenes around the world, including Brussel's DJ Lefto and Tokyo's Toshio Matsuura.

With backing from file-transfer firm WeTransfer, Worldwide FM says it wants to become "THE globally minded, online destination for discovering music", adding that this ambition "paired with an experienced production team, with a track record of delivering award-winning content for both brands and broadcasters, ensures that Worldwide FM is well placed to grow into becoming one of music's most essential online global music hubs".

It'll all be happening at

  Approved: Lulu James
It's been a while since Lulu James has released a single of her own, having been pretty busy with other acts. She featured on tracks by artists including Jon Hopkins and Lane 8, and toured as vocalist for Gorgon City. But now she returns solo with new single 'It's The Time'.

Described by James as "melodramatic 21st century soul", the song is given a light touch musically by co-writer and producer Ronni Vindalh (who's worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, MØ and Avicii). Sparse drums and bass are topped with splashes of synths, leaving plenty of space for James' voice.

Watch the video for 'It's The Time' here.

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Pink Floyd exhibition to open at V&A in 2017
London's V&A museum has announced a new exhibition of Pink Floyd's music, visuals and stage design to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of the band's debut single 'Arnold Lane'. Titled 'The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains', the exhibition was created in collaboration with all of the group's surviving members.

V&A Director Martin Roth says: "The V&A is perfectly placed to exhibit the work of a band that is as recognisable for its unique visual imagery as for its music. Pink Floyd is an impressive and enduring British design story of creative success. Alongside creating extraordinary music, they have for over five decades been pioneers in uniting sound and vision, from their earliest 1960s performances with experimental light shows, through their spectacular stadium rock shows, to their consistently iconic album covers".

"The exhibition will locate them within the history of performance, design and musical production by presenting and complementing the material from Pink Floyd's own archive with the V&A's unrivalled collections in architecture, design, graphics and literature", he adds.

'The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains' will open on 13 May 2017 and run for ten weeks until 1 Oct 2017. Tickets are on sale now. More information here.

Black Eyed Peas re-record 'Where's The Love?' with celeb buddies for charity
The Black Eyed Peas have reformed to record a new celeb-filled version of their 2003 hit 'Where's The Love?' in a bid to bring about world peace. To ensure maximum impact, they've retitled it '#WHERESTHELOVE'.

The song also highlights a campaign of the same name, supported by various charities, which calls for better investment in education in order to reduce violence around the world. Proceeds from the single will go to fund new education programmes, similar to one launched by in the Boyle Heights area of LA where he is from.

"With this new version of 'Where's The Love?' every single dime that comes from this song goes to build more centres like the one in Boyle Heights in other areas around America", he tells ATTN. "Our dream is to take that little after-school programme, where we get inner-city [young people] involved in STEM skills, and spread it all across America. I want to see this programme expand to Baton Rouge, have more robotics teams in Ferguson".

He adds that music is no place to try to make money and that kids should aim to do something else with their lives: "In the hood, you're dreaming about like two things: sports and music. Unfortunately, music isn't the healthiest place as far as a career in the way that Lionel Richie's career was. Lionel Richie said, 'When we went platinum, we stayed home and bought houses'. Nowadays, if you go platinum - if you do - you have to go on tour to pay off one house".

"Look, I'm not complaining", he insists. "Because when you're in the projects, having one house is the dream. So that's still healthy for us. But once you buy that house, you bought a house next to a dentist. Like I did all this dreaming and work, and you're the dentist? You're the manager of that one restaurant that your family started 20 years ago, and you live here, too? There are other ways of making it. And at the core of making it is education".

I'm not really sure if he's saying that being a dentist is a good thing or not there, but I guess his motives are admirable. And that sort of inspirational talk has convinced a lot of other celebs to get involved in this project. Featured on '#WHERESTHELOVE', along with the Peas themselves, are Jamie Foxx, Ty Dolla $ign, Mary J Blige, Diddy, Cassie, Andra Day, The Game, Tori Kelly, V Boseman, Jessie J, French Montana, Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Usher, Nicole Scherzinger, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith and a (non-celebrity) children's choir.

The single has been released exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes today, and will be pushed out to other retailers tomorrow.

Find out more about the whole project at


Martha Wainwright announces new album
Martha Wainwright has announced that she will release a new album, 'Goodnight City', on 11 Nov. The follow-up to 2012's 'Come Home To Mama', it features songs written by Beth Orton, Glenn Hansard, Merryl Garbus of Tune Yards, her brother Rufus and others, as well as herself.

"Making 'Goodnight City' was the most fun I've had in a long time", says Wainwright. "Thomas (keys), Brad (electric/bass), Phil Melanson (drums) and I would sit in a circle and work out arrangements for these vividly different songs. Recording them live with very few overdubs the focus remains on the integrity of the song and our ability to play together as a band".

On working with so many other songwriters, she says: "Because these writers know me and because I was able to personalise these songs by changing things here and there, I made them feel as if I wrote them myself. Somehow they wonderfully reflect my life and I am so thankful to the other artists for writing them".

For fans of tracklists, here's the tracklist...

Around The Bend
Look Into My Eyes
Before The Children Came Along
Piano Music
So Down
One Of Us
Take The Reins

Capitol, 7digital, Music Glue, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• So, has Greg Marella, recent promo chief at Kemosabe Records, been appointed Exec VP Of Promotion at Universal's Capitol Music Group in the US? That's today's trivia quiz. "Oh yes" is the answer. And how does Marella feel about his new gig? Yeah, you guessed it. Actually he's "beyond THRILLED". What's beyond "thrilled"? Basingstoke I think.

• Music distribution and data crunching outfit Revelator has announced a new $2.5 million in funding in an investment round led by Exigent Capital. Here's founder Bruno Guez discussing his business with CMU last year.

• 7digital has announced a new deal with Canadian 'all-in-one streaming service' Playster. The UK firm will power the music section of a catalogue which also includes books, audiobooks, movies and games.

• Direct to fan firm Music Glue has hired Neil Robertson to be its new Head Of A&R for Australia. "I've always been impressed with Music Glue", says Robertson.

• DJ Shadow will be selling off hundreds of records from his personal collection in LA next week. If you can't make it, it's being billed as 'The First Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale', so you'll get another chance.

• Health have released a new single, 'Crusher', through the Adult Swim Singles Club.

• Machinedrum will release a new album, 'Human Energy', on 30 Sep. Here's first single 'Do It 4 U'.

• Jimmy Eat World have only gone and released another new song. Look, here's 'Sure And Certain'.

• Agnes Obel has released new single 'Golden Green'. Here it is.

Here's the video for Jenny Hval's new single 'Conceptual Love'.

• The Radio Dept have released new single 'Swedish Guns' from their upcoming new album 'Running Out Of Love'.

• Suiyoubi No Campanella have released a new single, 'Matsuo Basho'.

• In October, Immersive Music is putting on a special event themed on David Bowie's 1972 album 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars'. More details and tickets here.

• Crystal Castles will be touring the UK in November.

• Conor Oberst will be touring the UK next February, in support of his new solo album 'Ruminations', which is out on 14 Oct.

• Boris will be touring the UK in December to mark the tenth anniversary reissue of their 'Pink' album.

"Harry Styles is great", says Cillian Murphy on 1D star's new Christopher Nolan movie role
Zayn's released new music already, of course. And Liam's signed to Capitol. Louis is running a label and managing a new girl group. Niall's gone into golf. And Harry? Well, he's supposed to be working on new music too. Though he's decided to give being a Hollywood film star a go first. And his co-star in the new Christopher Nolan film 'Dunkirk' says he's right good at it.

Speaking to The Radio Times, Cillian Murphy says: "Harry Styles is great. I had very few scenes with Harry but we got to hang out and I've got to say he's a great, great kid, and really, really funny".

Yeah, but come on. Harry Styles? "Above all, Chris Nolan knows talent and would have cast Harry for a reason", he continues. "There's a long history of musicians moving over into acting and I come from that world myself, so I'm sure he'll be terrific in the role. I trust Chris implicitly in that".

So he actually ended up not being quite so certain there, didn't he? With his "well, surely Nolan knows what he's doing" conclusion. The film's not due out until June 2017, but we'll see then, I guess. Here's a trailer for it which will tells you no more.

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