TODAY'S TOP STORY: Most ticket touting regulations considered or implemented in the US have so far happened at a state level, but yesterday Congress approved a bot ban at a US-wide federal level. According to the Associated Press, the House Of Representatives yesterday approved proposals to define the use of special software by touts to hoover up large quantities... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Young Juvenile Youth last appeared in this column a year and a half ago. Now seems like a good time to check in with them again, particularly as new single 'Youth' sees them collaborating with another CMU approved producer, Erik Leubs, aka Magical Mistakes. Since last year, their output has not been prolific, but it remains high in quality. 'Youth' - a double A-side... [READ MORE]
CMU PODCAST: CMU's Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including the BBC's Sound Of 2017 list and whether it matters, the future of artificial intelligence and other new tech in music, and the distressing news that Kate Bush is (possibly) a massive Tory. The CMU Podcast is sponsored by 7digital. [READ MORE]
CMU TRENDS: The story of the music industry is one of regular technological leaps that change the music-making process, the consumer experience and the business, meaning that just as everyone gets used to one set-up, something comes along that changes everything. We review the tech about to have a significant impact on the music industry. CMU Trends articles are available to premium subscribers... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES US Congress passes ticket tout bot ban
LEGAL Prince siblings can't agree on permanent administrator for his estate
Web-blocking back in the Swedish courts
LIVE BUSINESS SFX rebrands as LiveStyle
Eventbrite and Bandsintown announce partnership
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES "A billion dollars ain't enough, mate", IFPI tells YouTube
MEDIA Complex magazine to close print edition
ARTIST NEWS Viola Beach did not suffer but reason for fatal crash remains a mystery
ONE LINERS Sony/ATV, Universal, Deezer, more
AND FINALLY... No Grammy feud between Rihanna and Beyonce, move along
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US Congress passes ticket tout bot ban
Most ticket touting regulations considered or implemented in the US have so far happened at a state level, but yesterday Congress approved a bot ban at a US-wide federal level.

According to the Associated Press, the House Of Representatives yesterday approved proposals to define the use of special software by touts to hoover up large quantities of tickets from primary ticketing sites as an "unfair and deceptive practice" under the Federal Trade Commission Act. That would empower the FTC to pursue cases against people using such technology. The Senate has already passed the proposals, meaning the legislation will now go to President Barack Obama for approval.

As previously reported, a similar bot ban is currently being considered in the UK parliament as part of the Digital Economy Bill. Government ministers were initially down on the proposal, mainly because they said they thought that such software might already be illegal under the Computer Misuse Act. But following a fiery select committee in Parliament last month where reps from Ticketmaster and StubHub were grilled, a specific ticket bot ban now has considerable support amongst MPs and the government has indicated it could well back the move too. Officially speaking, the likes of StubHub have also endorsed such a ban.

In the US, some states have already sought to regulate or limit ticket touting, or scalping as they still insist on calling it. New York State has been most prolific on this front of late, and just last month it ramped up its efforts against the bloody bots, with a new law soon to come into effect that will criminalise the use of such software, so that people employing the bots could face jail time as well as fines. North of the border, the Canadian province of Ontario is also expected to outlaw ticket bots next year.

Though, of course, the bot ban is just one step towards limiting the rampant resale of tickets at massive mark ups on the secondary sites. First, someone needs to enforce the ban to make it effective. Mike Andrew of the UK's National Trading Standards' e-Crime Unit recently told the BBC that budget cuts make it hard for trading standards officials at a local level to invest time into enforcing rules on things like ticket touting.

Then, of course, bots are not the only way industrial-level touts access tickets. Some have teams of people manually logging onto primary sites buying up tickets as they go on sale, while others get tickets through sources within the music industry, who supply chunks of tickets to touts in return for a cut of the profit, or for upfront cash, or to reduce the risk of having unsold tickets for a show. Or often all three.

Still, most people in the anti-tout lobby see securing a bot ban as a good first step as part of a wider bid to try and regulate and restrict the resale of tickets for profit.

Prince siblings can't agree on permanent administrator for his estate
The Minnesota-based wealth management company that was made the temporary special administrator of the Prince estate following the musician's death earlier this year has confirmed that it's only interested in performing that task on an interim basis.

The Bremer Trust told the court overseeing the estate that it only ever intended to take on the special administrator role until 2 Jan next year. Though it seems that the star's siblings can't agree on an alternative.

His sister Tyka Nelson has proposed New York-based Fiduciary Trust Company International as a new special administrator and eventual executor of the estate, with Michigan-based Comerica Bank as a second choice. It's not known what alternatives Prince's other siblings are proposing.

To that end, a legal rep of the Bremer Trust told the judge this week that, while her client was expecting to step down next month, there was no need to rush a decision on a replacement, so to ensure all presumed heirs can present their preferences.

Elsewhere in Prince news, court documents have shown that Jay-Z's Roc Nation did try to win the gig to manage the musician's musical assets in the weeks after his death. The legal papers making that claim are linked to the previously reported litigation in which Prince's label and publishing business accuses Jay-Z's streaming service Tidal of making big chunks of the musician's catalogue available without the proper licence.


Web-blocking back in the Swedish courts
The music and movie industries are having another go at getting web-blocking underway in Sweden, hoping that a new specialist court might find in their favour this time.

As much previously reported, web-blocking, where internet service providers are forced to block their customers from accessing websites that rampantly infringe copyright - or facilitate copyright infringement - is a popular anti-piracy tactic of the entertainment industry. It has limited effect, because proxies quickly pop up via which people can still access blocked sites, though rights owners reckon it still performs a useful function, at least educating consumers as to which sites infringe copyright.

Whether web-blocks are an option depends on local copyright law. In some countries specific new laws have been passed to allow web-blocking, while in others - including the UK - the courts have decided blockades are possible under existing rules. Whenever web-blocking is being considered for the first time it proves controversial - with most ISPs objecting - though once underway in a country it usually quickly becomes the norm, and some net firms in those countries now back the anti-piracy tactic.

Howver, when the major record companies and reps for the film industry tried to get a web-block injunction against The Pirate Bay in Sweden last year, the District Court Of Stockholm sided with internet firm Bredbandsbolaget, which argued it had no obligation to block the infamous file-sharing site.

Now the music and movie outfits are having another go, taking the matter to the Patent And Market Court Of Appeal, a new IP-focused entity that sits within the Svea Court Of Appeal. Bredbandsbolaget continues to argue against the web-blocks, while the music and movie industries are again countering that the net firm should be obliged to put in place measures to reduce the amount of copyright infringement conducted over its network.

SFX rebrands as LiveStyle
SFX Entertainment has emerged from bankruptcy like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. By which I mean it's changed its name. Because, as I'm sure you all remember, caterpillars are always called Karen whereas all butterflies are called Betty. And the creepy crawly SFX is now the beautiful LiveStyle Inc. Which might actually be one of the worst company names ever concocted. But, hey, at least it sheds the association to founder Robert FX Sillerman.

Now led by former AEG Live boss Randy Phillips, the dance music focused company actually officially came out of bankruptcy last week. SFX, of course, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February, following former CEO Sillerman's disastrous attempt to take his publicly listed entertainment company back into private ownership.

Discussing the rebrand, Phillips told Billboard: "Every time I said the name 'SFX' to someone, I got this negative reaction - people would make the sign of the cross".

The problem, he said, was that under Sillerman's direction, the company had launched and grown too quickly, hoping to capitalise on the EDM boom and secure an IPO.

"The problem was that it was put together too quickly", he said. "It was based on doing an IPO. [Sillerman] sold a story about sponsorship. But sponsorship has to be the icing on the cake - not the cake itself".

As well as 'SFX', LiveStyle is also shrugging off its other three key letters. Don't call it an EDM company anymore whatever you do. It's "a music company that specializes in electronic music" now. Because it's going to be all about AMCTSIEM in 2017.

Phillips added that there are no more plans to sell off any of the company's assets in a bid to build a cash pile - a strategy that had its ups and downs during bankruptcy. Rather, the new boss's aim for his new company is to "clean this up, make it function, and grow it".

So, tough talk from the new SFX, sorry, the new LiveStyle chief. Although he starts on a slightly unsteady footing. As the company came out of bankruptcy last week, it was announced that one of its festivals, Tomorrowland Brasil, was being cancelled in 2017. This follows the cancellation of its US sister festival earlier this year.


Eventbrite and Bandsintown announce partnership
Ticketing platform Eventbrite and gig recommendations set-up Bandsintown have announced a new partnership, which will allow gig goers to buy tickets listed on the former without leaving the concert discovery app.

"Concerts and live music experiences have always been an incredibly important part of Eventbrite, and this new partnership with Bandsintown provides our organisers with a super-targeted, direct connection to the most passionate of music fans", says Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz. "We're proud to continue innovating with a best-in-class music partner to create exciting new products that ultimately get more concert-goers to the shows they love".

Bandsintown's Fabrice Sergent adds: "Over 50% of our concert-goers frequently go to see artists they had never heard of before they discovered them on Bandsintown. This makes Bandsintown a fertile discovery ground for Eventbrite's event creators".

Following the integration of Eventbrite ticket-buying into the Bandsintown app, the next stage of the partnership will be to allow users to access their ticket via Bandsintown, so that they only need to use one app.

"A billion dollars ain't enough, mate", IFPI tells YouTube
YouTube was trumpeting the billion dollars it's handed over to the music industry this year earlier this week. "Yeah, and the rest?" is the music industry's perhaps predictable response.

"Google has issued more unexplained numbers on what it claims YouTube pays the music industry", says the IFPI in a statement. "The announcement gives little reason to celebrate, however. With 800 million music users worldwide, YouTube is generating revenues of just over US$1 per user for the entire year. This pales in comparison to the revenue generated by other services, ranging from Apple to Deezer to Spotify. For example, in 2015 Spotify alone paid record labels some $2 billion, equivalent to an estimated $18 per user".

As previously reported, YouTube's Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl wrote in a blog post on Tuesday: "In the last twelve months, YouTube has paid out over $1 billion to the music industry from advertising alone, demonstrating that multiple experiences and models are succeeding alongside each other. And this is just the beginning. As more advertising dollars shift from TV, radio and print to online services, the music industry will generate even more revenue from ads".

Kyncl's talking up of free streams was basically a shot at the music industry, which prefers paid-for streaming, and is busying trying to get copyright law rewritten in a way that would weaken YouTube's negotiating hand, enabling labels and publishers to push for a deal more in line with the one Spotify signed. It was also notable that the YouTube boss was going to great lengths to big up free streaming rather than paid subscriptions, despite YouTube having a paid-for option of its own in the US.

Continuing its statement, the IFPI said: "YouTube, the world's largest on-demand music service, is not paying artists and producers anything like a fair rate for music. This highlights more than ever the need for legislative action to address the 'value gap' that is denying music rights holders a fair return for their work".

Complex magazine to close print edition
American pop culture magazine Complex is to cease publishing its print edition, according to various sources at the media firm cited by Billboard. The magazine, which first launched in 2002, is particularly known for covering urban music and culture.

The flagship Complex print mag has long been a small part of the wider media business that spun out of the title, which operates numerous other websites it launched or acquired, in addition to the Complex-branded online operation that also includes a UK site. Earlier this year that company became a subsidiary of a new joint venture between media firm Hearst and internet service provider Verizon.

It's thought that closing down the print title will result in some job losses in the Complex sales, marketing and art departments, and a small number of editorial roles will go too. Though in a non-committal statement, the media firm implied that while there may be job losses amongst the team linked to its former print operation, there will be hires in its expanding video-content business, which is seemingly now the priority.

The firm told Billboard: "As Complex embarks on a rapid expansion of premium video creation across the company's networks and with a growing list of distribution partners, the company is reallocating certain positions to address its content needs. We're deeply committed to the ongoing evolution of our brand and our long-term plan to be a leader in digital video entertainment. While we're reducing staff in some areas, we plan to increase to meet our needs in others".

  Approved: Young Juvenile Youth
Young Juvenile Youth last appeared in this column a year and a half ago. Now seems like a good time to check in with them again, particularly as new single 'Youth' sees them collaborating with another CMU approved producer, Erik Leubs, aka Magical Mistakes.

Since last year, their output has not been prolific, but it remains high in quality. 'Youth' - a double A-side with 'A Way Out' - joins another two track single release from 2016, featuring 'Hive' and 'In Blue'. Vocalist Yuki drifts between Japanese and English lyrics, as producer Jemapur and Leubs build a tightly wound electronic track underneath her.

Watch the video for 'Youth' here.

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Viola Beach did not suffer but reason for fatal crash remains a mystery
An inquest into the deaths of the members of Viola Beach and their manager Craig Tarry in February this year has heard that "none of the young men will have suffered" after the car they were travelling in drove into a canal in Sweden. However, the exact reason for their accident remains unclear.

Post-mortem examinations showed that no alcohol or drugs were in driver Tarry's bloodstream, while the four band members had only consumed small amounts of alcohol, reports the BBC. Before falling 25 metres into the canal, the car drove past waiting traffic and a number of barriers and warnings that the bridge in front of them was being raised to let a boat through. The car was driven in a "controlled manner" before striking the raising bridge and falling into the water below.

All causes of death were recorded as head injuries, apart from bassist Tomas Lowe whose death was recorded as drowning. However, Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg said "none of the young men will have suffered" as they died.

No errors were found with the car, barriers or procedure for raising the bridge. According to The Guardian, Rheinberg recorded a verdict of death by road traffic accident. Calling the incident an "awful tragedy", he acknowledged that the exact circumstances of the crash may forever remain a mystery, adding: "It's not for me to speculate what happened; it may never be known what happened".

Sony/ATV, Universal, Deezer, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Sony/ATV has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Norwegian DJ and music maker Alan Walker. Who knew? We did.

• Jeff Temske is now SVP Streaming Strategy & Research over there at Universal's Capitol Music Group in the US. He's "THRILLED" about the promotion.

• Nickie Owen is now Director Of International Marketing at Universal Music UK. She's "absolutely delighted" with the new job.

• Continuing the trend of streaming services hiring ex-radio types, Deezer has appointed Chris Baughen - previously at Radio X - to be its VP Of Content And Formats.

• Nicki Minaj has released new single 'Ain't Gone Do It' via her mobile game 'Nicki Minaj: The Empire'. So that's a thing.

• St Vincent has provided the soundtrack to Kristen Stewart's directorial debut, short film 'Come Swim', which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

• Tamikrest have announced that they will release new album 'Kidal' on 17 Mar. Here's a teaser video.

• Anohni has shared the video for 'Obama', using the release to urge the outgoing US president to pardon Chelsea Manning in his last weeks in office.

• Six Organs Of Admittance will release a new album, 'Burning The Threshold', two days after playing a show at St Pancras Old Church in London. From the album, here's 'Taken By Ascent'.

• Thundercat will tour the UK and Ireland next March, finishing up at Heaven in London on 28 Mar.

• Rag 'N' Bone Man has been declared the winner of the BRITs Critics Choice Award. And if you have a problem with that, you're going to have to find a critic and criticise them. I met a critic once. I can't remember his name though.

No Grammy feud between Rihanna and Beyonce, move along
So it turns out that there is no feud between Rihanna and Beyonce over their Grammy nominations because OH MY GOD SHUT UP.

The nominations for the 2017 Grammys came out this week. You probably noticed. Beyonce is up for nine awards, while Rihanna is up for a measly eight.

That's eight nominations, when it clearly should have been ten. Why isn't Rihanna up for Song Of The Year and Album Of The Year? Huh? Huh? Conspiracy, right? The shady Grammy people didn't want Rihanna to have more nominations than Beyonce, so they fixed it. Obviously.

This was a theory put forward by a Rihanna fan account on Instagram following the nominations announcement. A post that Rihanna herself subsequently liked. Which everyone took to be proof that she believes the conspiracy theory to be true, because if there's one thing that we can all be certain of in the modern age, it's people intentions when they press a reaction button on social media.

It's alright though, turns out there might be one or two situations where that is not the case. A hoohaa having erupted, Rihanna returned to clarify her 'like', writing: "I never actually read your caption, [just] thought the pic was funny and moved right along! I'm petty as fuck, yes. But this is just unnecessary! I wish y'all would drop this topic and see things from the bigger picture! We don't need to be pitting black women against each other! We deserve to be celebrated, and the Grammy Academy agrees!"

Oh wait, so being a female popstar isn't a competition, and they aren't all spending their days wishing each other dead? Well, this is quite the revelation.

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