TODAY'S TOP STORY: There's a new bone of contention between Prince's siblings, who have had various disagreements about the running of the late musician's affairs since his death last year. This time two of Prince's half sisters have criticised a decision to move their brother's massive vault of unreleased music from his home in Minneapolis to LA... [READ MORE]
There has been lots of debate around the music rights data problem in recent years, and a number of initiatives are underway to tackle the issue. Though Spotify's mechanical royalties dispute and the lack of songwriter credits on the streaming platforms shows the problem persists. As Music 4.5 puts the spotlight back on all things data, CMU Trends reviews discussions to date, challenges to be met, and where progress is being made. [READ MORE]
Copyright provides creators with control over that which they create, but what happens when the creators themselves don't own the copyright in their work? Artists and songwriters who are no longer in control of their copyrights do still have some rights, sometimes by contract, and via performer and moral rights. CMU Trends considers what the law says about the rights of artists and songwriters after their copyrights have been assigned. [READ MORE]
Rarely a week goes by in the music business news these days without at least one catalogue acquisition. But who - other than labels and publishers - is buying music rights, and why? Are there opportunities for individual artists and songwriters to do deals with professional investors? And how do you even value music rights? CMU Trends reviews the music rights market - past, present and future. [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Heirs unhappy that Prince vault has been moved to LA
LIVE BUSINESS European Union Youth Orchestra to leave the UK
StreetTeam is now Verve, raises $18.5 million in new finance
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Taylor Swift to launch new social mobile app
MEDIA Soho Radio to launch weekly classical show
RELEASES The Go! Team announce new album, Semicircle
Marmozets announce new album, Play
GIGS & FESTIVALS Cornbury Music Festival to make swift return after 2017 finale edition
ONE LINERS Louis Tomlinson, Jamie Hartman, Sufjan Stevens, more
AND FINALLY... Tom DeLonge launches alternative arts and science academy
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Heirs unhappy that Prince vault has been moved to LA
There's a new bone of contention between Prince's siblings, who have had various disagreements about the running of the late musician's affairs since his death last year. This time two of Prince's half sisters have criticised a decision to move their brother's massive vault of unreleased music from his home in Minneapolis to LA.

The bank now overseeing the Prince estate - Comerica - has confirmed that master recordings have been moved from the pop star's famous Paisley Park home and studio complex to a storage facility run by Iron Mountain Entertainment Services.

The bank told the Associated Press that: "After reviewing the storage conditions at Paisley Park and out of concern regarding the consequences of a fire or other loss at the facility, Comerica determined that it was necessary to transfer the audio and visual content to a secure location where all of the original content could be securely stored and digitised as a safeguard against the destruction or loss of any original content".

However, Prince's half sisters Sharon and Norrine Nelson say that they weren't consulted about the decision to move the masters, and that they only found out about the shift when a contact at Paisley Park told them four removal trucks had arrived. Sharon told the AP that hearing that Prince's vault was being emptied of its archive was "just as though Prince passed away again. That's how I felt. I was really devastated by that".

The two sisters say that Comercia hasn't told them exactly where the unreleased recordings have been taken to, nor why the move was necessary. They add that they believe the bank was obliged to consult them about the move, and that they are now willing to take legal action in a bid to get the master tapes returned to Paisley Park.

Comercia denies that Prince's heirs weren't consulted. It said: "In an effort to ensure the preservation of Prince's audio and visual content, Comerica selected the premiere entertainment storage and archive company, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services. On four separate occasions, Comerica discussed the process with the heirs and any suggestion otherwise is not accurate".

As previously reported, there have been various disagreements between Prince's heirs over who should be managing and advising his estate. And also over some of the deals done by the estate, in particular the big deal with Universal Music which included the rights to exploit recordings in the vault, which collapsed when it emerged Warner Music had more rights over Prince's recordings from its most recent deal with the musician than Universal realised.


European Union Youth Orchestra to leave the UK
The European Union Youth Orchestra has announced that it is to leave the UK and set up new headquarters in Italy. The reason, unsurprisingly, is Brexit.

Founded in London in 1976, the highly regarded musical institution invites the best young classical performers from across the European Union to join its ranks. Over 3000 musicians have since received tuition, financial support and the opportunity to perform around the world via the orchestra. And many have gone on to successful careers in music.

After 40 years, the orchestra has announced that it will move to a new home in Italy next year, after accepting an offer from the Italian Minister Of Culture, Dario Franceschini. Italian broadcaster RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana will also become the orchestra's first official broadcast partner.

In a statement, EUYO chief exec Marshall Marcus said: "Today we are announcing the future of the EUYO. Following more than 40 years in London, the new arrangements signal a bold, imaginative and sustainable future for the EUYO, at the same time developing the vision and work of the EUYO's President and Co-founder, Joy Bryer. Our thanks go to everyone who has made this possible, and in particular Dario Franceschini".

Speaking more candidly to The Guardian, Marcus added: "It makes absolutely no sense for the [orchestra's] office not to be in the EU. You can't ask for EU funding and then not be in the EU. [The UK's EU referendum result] was quite clear: The heart of your operation cannot stay in London".

The organisation also plans to launch a new office in Brussels next year, at the invitation of the Brussels Philharmonic, to assist with the launch of the new Youth Orchestra Of The Flemish Community.


StreetTeam is now Verve, raises $18.5 million in new finance
Peer-to-peer ticket selling platform StreetTeam is now called Verve, so you all need to update your list of 'interesting ticketing things' on your white board of interesting things. Though if it turns out you wrote 'StreetTeam' in permanent marker, meaning you now need a new white board, don't worry, the team at Verve can probably get you one. Because they announced this week that they've just closed an $18.5 million funding round. Good times.

StreetTeam was created by the merger last year of two similar start-ups - The Physical Network and We Represent - and encourages music fans to sell tickets to shows and festivals to their friends via their various social networks, getting themselves some lovely goodies and kickbacks for their trouble.

Now with its new name, Verve says that it "has achieved significant success within the live entertainment industry selling more than 500,000 tickets globally and securing major partnerships with some of the best ticketing companies around the world". The new financing will be partly used to further the firm's global expansion in live entertainment, but also to extend the peer-to-peer selling concept into other sectors too.

The new funding round has been led by Draper Esprit, and also includes some former investors like Kindred, Frontline Ventures and Backed. Name-checking Verve co-founders Callum and Liam Negus-Fancey, Draper Esprit CEO Simon Cook said of the company he's just invested in: "Callum and Liam have built a world-class team who we back with full confidence and we very much believe in where Verve is heading".

He added: "Today's audience is becoming immune to traditional advertising and increasingly prefer to discover through friends and people they trust. Verve has already proven word-of-mouth is a scalable and powerful tool for live entertainment, and we will support them in taking this channel to other markets and sectors".

By the way, if you did accidentally write 'StreetTeam' in permanent marker on your white board, just write over those words with a proper whiteboard marker, then wipe that off, and it should take the permanent marker ink away with it. It's simple. Stop trying to grab Verve's new found cash to get yourself a new whiteboard. You don't need a new whiteboard. Leave Verve alone.


Taylor Swift to launch new social mobile app
Taylor Swift has announced plans to launch a new app, 'The Swift Life', which will seemingly be a standalone, Swift-focussed social network. Details are sparse though, so it might be better than that sounds.

Swift did a deal with app maker Glu last year. Back then, it was touting a Swift-esque mobile game, similar to apps the company has built for the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and, er, Gordon Ramsey. But instead, fans will now be treated to a "deeply social environment where Taylor and her fans are able to better connect with one another", according to the company's CEO Nick Earl.

"We've worked closely with Taylor and her team to bring her creative vision to life", adds Earl, despite this app sounding like the opposite of something creative.

In a short video, also light on details, Swift says: "I think you guys are really gonna like this. I mean, I hope. It would be preferable if you did".

The app is set for release in beta form later this year. Please try to contain your excitement. Maybe a quick game of Gordon Ramsey's 'Restaurant Dash' will help.


Soho Radio to launch weekly classical show
Soho Radio has announced that it will launch a new classical music show later this month. It will explore everything from early music to today's contemporary composers, adopting the online station's 'anything goes' approach.

The show will be presented by Harriet Moss, who day-to-day works in creative roles at classical publisher Manners McDade and classical label Cognitive Shift Recordings.

Station Manager Rachel Bird says of the new show: "At Soho Radio we cater to all the tastes of our wide community and audience, and Soho Classical is completing our roster of shows for all genres, which can be listened to and enjoyed by Londoners and beyond".

Launching with a piano-themed show on 18 Oct, Soho Classical will broadcast on Wednesday mornings from 9-10am.


Approved: Makemake
Makemake is the new solo project from producer Brendan Williams, known for his work with Dutch Uncles, GoGo Penguin and Kiran Leonard, among others. The debut single from the project, 'I'm The Form In The Way', features Everything Everything's Michael Spearman on drums, Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles on bass and Williams' long term collaborator Amalie Briden on vocals.

"I've been making this record between the cracks whilst producing other bands over the last few years", says Williams of the forthcoming Makemake album. "The people I was recording began to influence my own music as we shared ideas, so I guess it was natural that some of them would become collaborators. The individual tracks started out purely as an escape, I wasn't making them for anyone apart from me. There's been no constraints really, I've not had to think about budgets or deadlines".

'I'm The Form In The Way' features a stream of synth and guitar lines that bounce back and forth off each other playfully. Watch the video for the song here.

Stay up to date with all of the artists featured in the CMU Approved column by subscribing to our Spotify playlist.

The Go! Team announce new album, Semicircle
I know you thought The Go! Team were gone forever, but you were very wrong, because they've got a new album coming out next year. The follow-up to 2015's 'The Scene Between', 'Semicircle' will be released through Memphis Industries on 19 Jan.

News of the new record comes accompanied by new music, in the form of 'Semicircle Song', of which band leader Ian Parton says: "With 'Semicircle Song' I was trying to take the technicolour feel of a marching band into a more psychedelic place, reclaiming that sound from patriotic or sporty bullshit and harnessing its toughness and power. Brass which takes your head off, bouncy xylophones, offbeat handclaps and toms hopping in the gaps - I hoped it would be recognisably The Go! Team but unlike any song we'd done before. Something more about the space between the notes. But when the notes hit, you make them count.".

He continues: "Vocals were laid down by a bunch of teenagers in Detroit, which is a musical mecca for me. In the middle eight I thought it would add a kinda interstellar cheekiness if they each introduced themselves and their star sign".

If you're thinking to yourself, 'that all sounds great', you are right to think that, because it's really, really great. Listen here.

Of the album as a whole, Parton adds that it's a cautiously hopeful reflection of our times, saying: "It's about reminding yourself of the good things in life. We don't want to be dumbly optimistic and say, 'Hey, isn't everything great!', but there's something to be said for just getting on with it, for getting organised and not letting the fuckers get you down. Party for your right to fight!"

But will there be tour dates? Yes, there will be tour dates:

9 Feb: Glasgow, Oran Mor
10 Feb: Leeds, Wardrobe
11 Feb: Brighton, Haunt
15 Feb: London, Electric Ballroom
16 Feb: Newcastle, Riverside
17 Feb: Manchester, Gorilla


Marmozets announce new album, Play
Marmozets have announced their return with second album 'Play', which is set for release in January. Don't expect the record to pander to your desires though.

"We created the album for ourselves", says guitarist Sam MacIntyre. "It's not that we don't care about our fans - we absolutely love them - but the reason they like what we do is because of the way we are".

Vocalist Becca MacIntyre adds: "We don't do things because they're cool; we do them because they feel right".

This strategy of being uncool and not listening to fans does seem to have paid off, because first single 'Habits' is brilliant. You can watch the video for that right here.

Later this month, the band begin a UK tour that will see them through to the end of the month. They've also just announced an extra London date for February, their Garage show on 25 Oct having sold right out.

Here are the dates:

17 Oct: Hull, The Welly Club
18 Oct: Middlesbrough, The Empire
19 Oct: Glasgow, Saint Luke's
21 Oct: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
22 Oct: Manchester, Academy 3
23 Oct: Birmingham, Academy 2
25 Oct: London, The Garage
27 Oct: Norwich, Arts Centre
28 Oct: Bristol, The Fleece
29 Oct: Bournemouth, The Old Fire Station
30 Oct: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
7 Feb: London, ULU


Cornbury Music Festival to make swift return after 2017 finale edition
The Cornbury Music Festival will return next summer, which may come as something of a surprise to anyone who attended the final ever edition of the event in July. Having planned to have a quieter life, festival director Hugh Phillimore has said he can't let the event go.

Speaking a year ago, Phillimore said: "We've had a really, really lovely time but it does overwhelm my life. I think it's probably about time we had a huge party at the end, and I was allowed to have a bit of a quieter time... I just won't be taking a huge risk in the middle of an Oxfordshire field. Everyone thinks there's a lot of money in festivals but actually there isn't. It's a very difficult show to do really - a real juggling act".

However, after the finale in July - headlined by Kaiser Chiefs, Bryan Adams and The Pretenders - he says that the correspondence he's had with fans of the event since then has convinced him to keep going.

"Yes... we're coming back", Phillimore said in a statement yesterday. "Many many people have sent me messages since July - literally hundreds of our supporters together with musicians, music business types, local schools and local charities telling me I couldn't let such a jewel in the festival calendar end".

He continued: "The message that finally convinced me to keep going simply pointed out that the festival was not mine but belongs to its audience who have supported the event over the fourteen years. I've been humbled by the strength of feeling for Cornbury and I've realised that I should keep it going as a worthwhile community gathering because it seems to spread quite a lot of joy. I hope you'll forgive my change of heart and I look forward to seeing you next summer".

And so, the 2018 edition of the Cornbury Music Festival will take place at Great Tew Park in Oxfordshire on 13-15 Jul.


Louis Tomlinson, Jamie Hartman, Sufjan Stevens, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Songwriter Jamie Hartman, best known of late for co-writing Rag N Bone Man's 'Human', has signed a new worldwide publishing deal with Reservoir. He has worked with the company since its 2012 acquisition of Reverb Music. "I am delighted", says Reservoir's Annette Barrett. "I'm THRILLED", says Hartman.

• Son Lux have signed to City Slang and will release new album 'Brighter Wounds' on 9 Feb. The band will also play a one-off UK show at The Scala in London on 20 Feb. Here's new single 'Dream State'.

• Punk band Lightyear are crowdfunding a new documentary about the mid-90s UK punk scene, called 'This Music Doesn't Belong To You'. "It was a golden era of innocence, passion and debauchery", say the band. "And it was never truly documented". Put in a few quid here.

• Louis Tomlinson has released a new song, 'Just Like You'. "It's all about this view of celebrities that we're impenetrable and almost not human, but fundamentally we all have the same problems', he says, wealthily.

• Sufjan Stevens will release a compilation of outtakes, remixes and demos from his 'Carrie & Lowell' album, titled 'The Greatest Gift Mixtape', on 24 Nov. From it, this is 'Wallowa Lake Monster'.

• Shamir has released new single 'Straight Boy'. His new album, 'Revelations', is out next month.

• Mabel has announced that she will release her debut mixtape, 'Ivy To Roses', tomorrow. From it, this is 'Begging'.

• New Zealand producer Truth has just released the video for 'Lyrical Murderer', his collaboration with D Double E.

• Recent Secretly Canadian signing Makeness has released new single 'Loud Patterns'.

• Paradise Lost have announced that they will tour the UK and Ireland in February, finishing with a show at Gorilla in Manchester on 23 Feb.

• Check out our weekly Spotify playlist of new music featured in the CMU Daily - updated every Friday.


Tom DeLonge launches alternative arts and science academy
Ex-Blink 182 guitarist and UFO Researcher Of Year 2017 Tom Delonge has announced the launch of a new organisation to explore the "outer edges of science", called the To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science.

The set-up will have science, aerospace and entertainment divisions "intended to provide support to exceptionally gifted researchers with expectations to exponentially yield new concepts and technologies of significance on an accelerated timeline".

It will involve "connected and passionately curious minds from the US intelligence community, including the CIA and Department Of Defense that have been operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades", says the academy's website. The entertainment side comprises DeLonge's existing creative projects.

"Since I was a kid, I have sought answers", says DeLonge. "That search led me to the escape of music, expressing thoughts though my lyrics, my voice and guitar. But music was only part of the search. Over the years my mind constantly swirled with thoughts of the unexplainable and the hope that unlocking these mysteries would possibly be the key to a better future for my kids".

Currently raising funding, the To The Stars Academy has already received over $200,000. Find out more here.


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