TODAY'S TOP STORY: The Content Creators Coalition has accused YouTube of blocking the video it published last week that criticises the Google site for not paying fair royalties to artists. The lobbying group says that YouTube pulled its video within 48 hours of it going live "due to a violation of terms and conditions"... [READ MORE]
As the UK's Music Managers Forum publishes two new guides as part of phase three of its 'Dissecting The Digital Dollar' programme, CMU Trends summarises what we've learned from the project so far in 30 points - ten from part one, ten from part two, and ten from the new guides. Along the way we cover digital licensing, all the key issues with the current streaming business model, and what you need to know about label deals and transparency in the streaming age. [READ MORE]
There has been lots of debate around the music rights data problem in recent years, and a number of initiatives are underway to tackle the issue. Though Spotify's mechanical royalties dispute and the lack of songwriter credits on the streaming platforms shows the problem persists. As Music 4.5 puts the spotlight back on all things data, CMU Trends reviews discussions to date, challenges to be met, and where progress is being made. [READ MORE]
Copyright provides creators with control over that which they create, but what happens when the creators themselves don't own the copyright in their work? Artists and songwriters who are no longer in control of their copyrights do still have some rights, sometimes by contract, and via performer and moral rights. CMU Trends considers what the law says about the rights of artists and songwriters after their copyrights have been assigned. [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES YouTube pulls anti-YouTube video from YouTube
LEGAL Prince heirs request axing of bank administrating his estate
DEALS Hospital Records allies with new YouTube music licensing platform Lickd
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Warner Music relaunches Asylum Records in the US
ARTIST NEWS Elton John and Ed Sheeran front anti-orphanage charity campaign
Ducktails albums disappear from the streaming platforms
RELEASES Björk announces release date for new album
Young Fathers announce new single and tour dates
ONE LINERS Pharrell, Edgar Bronfman Jr, Remy Ma, more
AND FINALLY... Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher to appear on Celebrity Gogglebox
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In this half day masterclass, CMU MD and Business Editor Chris Cooke will look at how the music industry enforces its copyrights, at the long-running battle with online music piracy, and at the controversy around the copyright safe harbour.

YouTube pulls anti-YouTube video from YouTube
The Content Creators Coalition has accused YouTube of blocking the video it published last week that criticises the Google site for not paying fair royalties to artists. The lobbying group says that YouTube pulled its video within 48 hours of it going live "due to a violation of terms and conditions". It was subsequently reinstated.

As previously reported, last week C3 - which has been particularly vocal in the US about the need to reform the copyright safe harbour that benefits sites like YouTube - put out two videos criticising the Google video operation for the way it treats music makers.

One video focused on the disparity between the royalties paid by YouTube and those paid by audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music - ie the so called 'value gap'. The other considered how the safe harbour requires copyright owners to monitor user-upload websites like YouTube and then request that infringing content be removed. Even though it's estimated that about 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

C3 said that it planned to post the two videos in various places online as part of its bid to win public support for safe harbour reform. And that included posting the videos to YouTube itself, thus using YouTube to diss YouTube. Fun times.

It's the first video, called 'Pennies vs Dollars', that was blocked. While it's not clear what terms and conditions the video violated, you can see why YouTube might not want to help with the distribution of a big fat YouTube diss. Though being seen to censor your critics in the artist community isn't an especially good look either, which is possibly why the Google site subsequently reinstated the C3 video.

According to the New York Post, C3 told YouTube after its video was blocked: "After two days of widespread press coverage of our artist-driven campaign to pressure Google into treating artists more fairly you suspended and are now censoring our account".

Perhaps aware of the bad PR censoring the C3 artists might create, YouTube reinstated the video within a few hours. The campaign group received a message stating: "Our specialist team has re-reviewed your account and found no violations of our advertising policies. Your ads are now eligible to run".

Some critics of YouTube in the music community have now contrasted YouTube's proactive removal of the C3 video, due to supposed term violations, with its widely reported slow removal of extremist and violent content. As previously reported, some brands pulled advertising from YouTube earlier this year over concern their ads might appear alongside such content. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki subsequently told ad industry execs "we will do better" in keeping that kind of content off the platform.


Prince heirs request axing of bank administrating his estate
Three of Prince's six heirs have now formally requested that the bank administrating the late musician's estate be removed from that role. The previously reported shift of the Prince recording archives from his former home in Minnesota to a secure storage facility in California is being cited as the many motivation for the request.

As previously reported, there have been various disagreements between Prince's siblings since his untimely death last year. Though all six heirs did agree to Comercia Bank taking over the administration of the estate from the Bremer Trust, which undertook that role on an interim basis until earlier this year.

That said, while all six heirs approved the appointment of Comercia, three of them almost immediately raised concerns once the bank had started work. Then last month Prince's half sisters Sharon and Norrine Nelson hit out at the decision to remove master recordings from the vault at their brother's Paisley Park property and to take them to the storage facility in California, claiming that they had not been consulted about the move.

At the time the bank said: "After reviewing the storage conditions at Paisley Park and out of concern regarding the consequences of a fire or other loss at the facility, Comerica determined that it was necessary to transfer the audio and visual content to a secure location". It also claimed that the archive move had been discussed with the heirs on at least four occasions before it took place.

Last week legal reps for Sharon and Norrine Nelson, as well as John Nelson, filed legal documents requesting the dismissal of Comercia. The filing cited the bank's "unilateral decision" to remove the recordings archive as a key reason for their request, though said that the archive move was the "tip of the iceberg" when it came to Comerica's mishandling of the estate's affairs.

Sharon and Norrine Nelson subsequently told Variety: "It is clear there are major problems with how the Prince estate is being handled now. The heirs want respect and the fans want music, both of which are missing. The court will have to make the ruling. No bank or individual alone should control Prince's creative legacy. Comerica and its advisor have inadequate experience for this estate".

The music that is "missing" presumably relates to recordings from the Prince archive that could be posthumously released. Such a project has been delayed by the collapse of the deal between the estate and Universal Music to exploit the musician's recordings catalogue.

That fell apart because of confusion over which of Prince's hits were also covered by the arrangement. Universal execs argued that some of the recordings they thought were part of the deal were already controlled by Warner under its most recent deal with Prince himself.

Comercia's primary music business advisor is one-time artist manager and now Spotify exec Troy Carter. The three heirs complain about the monies the bank has spent on consulting and legal costs, specifically moaning about fees paid to Carter.

For its part, the bank filed its own papers with the court arguing that its removal at this time "would cause substantial harm" to the Prince estate "jeopardising at least five major entertainment deals currently being negotiated".

A spokesperson subsequently told NPR that Comercia was "disappointed that certain heirs of the estate of Prince Rogers Nelson have chosen to file an inaccurate and inflammatory petition seeking Comerica's removal". The bank added that it "stands behind its team and their administration of the estate".


Hospital Records allies with new YouTube music licensing platform Lickd
Hospital Records has allied with Lickd, a start-up business looking to provide music rights owners with a new way to generate revenue on YouTube.

Lickd has been founded by Paul Sampson, who was previously with CueSongs, another company that was seeking to find new licensing opportunities on sites like the Google video platform. The new firm's plan is to allow content creators on YouTube to license commercially released tracks for use in their videos in a simple and cost-effective way.

Under that plan, the label earns an upfront fee and the YouTuber knows that their videos won't be blocked as a result of a copyright claim by a record company. Such concerns about having videos - and ultimately entire channels - blocked by YouTube's Content ID system have led many YouTube creators to use production music rather than commercially released tracks in their videos. And that, Lickd reckons, is lost income to labels.

Sampson says that the long-term goal of his business is "to help the music business close the 'value gap' - the disparity between how much revenue-per-stream it gets from YouTube, a UGC video site, and the revenue-per-stream it gets from the streaming platforms. The fact that YouTube doubles up as the world's largest streaming platform means it's time the music industry made social technology part of the solution, rather than the problem".

Technically speaking, the tricky bit of offering a service of this kind is integrating with YouTube's Content ID rights management system to ensure that videos containing music licensed via Lickd don't get automatically blocked. The start-up says that its "proprietary Vouch software - the first automated solution of its kind - integrates with Content ID and reassures it that the user has a legal licence to use a particular track".

As Lickd launched in beta on Monday, it also announced a deal with Hospital Records, which plans to make most of its back catalogue and new releases available via the new YouTube-focused micro-licensing platform.

The label's Romy Harber confirmed the tie-up, saying: "YouTube creators are becoming huge stars in their own right and Lickd gives us a great way to access that market. It's an exciting prospect, and we look forward to working with them - enabling creators to use upfront music from our artists".


Warner Music relaunches Asylum Records in the US
Warner Music is rebooting Asylum Records in the US. Kenny Weagly - a long-time exec at the mini-major - is charged with the task of leading the latest version of the label, that was originally launched by that David Geffen back in 1970 and which has been through various incarnations in the subsequent decades. Weagly will be joined by producer Dante Ross, who becomes SVP A&R.

Confirming his new role, Weagly said: "Asylum was founded with artistic freedom as its guiding principle and the new Asylum expands on that ideal by believing in and supporting our artists' visions for their music, as well as when and how they want to release it. Our mantra is nimbleness and flexibility - the ability to tailor-make deals, from singles projects to multi-album careers - for original artists across a spectrum of genres".

Meanwhile the mini-major's recorded music boss man Max Lousada added: "We're committed to encouraging entrepreneurship and nurturing diverse musical cultures within the WMG family. Asylum is one of the most revered brands in the music industry, and by relaunching it in the US as a label that's all about musical independence and flexibility, we are opening another avenue for fresh, innovative artistry to thrive".

All hail the thriving of fresh innovative artistry, I say. Get thee to the Asylum. The American Asylum, I mean. Asylum Records was rebooted in the UK nearly a decade ago, and the British version of the label - although also part of Warner - will continue to operate independently from the all-new look US version. Though fresh innovative artistry thrives there as well, I'm sure.


Approved: Molly
Post-rock duo Molly are set to release their latest EP, 'Glimpse', on 1 Dec, through indie label Dalliance Recordings. Clearing a path for said EP is a newly released video for the title track.

Molly do a good job of finding an interesting route through a well-trodden genre, playing dark and light against each other. This near nine minute track opens ominously, with layers of abstract howls and screams, before giving way to shiny dream-pop synths. As the track's guitars slowly build in intensity, they eventually give way to a roaring wall of sound and tightly controlled whips of distortion.

"'Glimpse', as well as the two other songs on the EP, paint a picture about how it feels to grow up in this time and age, and the nostalgia, anxiety and questions that might come with it", Molly recently told The Line Of Best Fit.

Watch the video for 'Glimpse' here.

Stay up to date with all of the artists featured in the CMU Approved column by subscribing to our Spotify playlist.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran front anti-orphanage charity campaign
Elton John and Ed Sheeran are among several musicians backing a new campaign from UK-based charity Hope And Homes For Children, aiming to help 120,000 children out of African orphanages and into families.

The 'End The Silence' campaign calls on people to share music-based childhood memories via videos on YouTube, with John, Sheeran, Mark Ronson, Emeli Sande, Paloma Faith and Paul Weller among the first to do so. The campaign aims to raise £1.5 million in donations by 27 Dec, which will be doubled by the UK government's UKAid Match scheme.

"When a baby in an orphanage cries and nobody comes to comfort them, they learn not to cry", says charity CEO Mark Waddington. "By internalising their pain, they suffer lifelong mental and physical damage. Deprived of love, life, and hope, these children grow up in silence. They never hear laughter or music. These children will never experience the love and protection only a family can offer".

He continues: "The idea of a childhood of silence and neglect in an orphanage - without love, family and music - is unacceptable. By joining the world's top musicians in sharing your most precious childhood musical memory, you can help us to end the silence".

Further videos are set to be released by Damon Albarn, Bastille's Dan Smith, The Clash's Paul Simonon, Rudimental's Amir Amor, Hozier and Anne-Marie. For more information on the campaign, go to


Ducktails albums disappear from the streaming platforms
A number of releases by Matt Mondanile's Ducktails project have seemingly been removed from key streaming services in the US in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct made against the musician. Pitchfork reports that the Domino released 'The Flower Lane' and 'St Catherine', and the recently self-released 'Jersey Devil', are no longer streaming. The albums remain on Spotify in the UK.

As previously reported, Mondanile's former band Real Estate recently revealed that they had fired the guitarist last year "when allegations of unacceptable treatment of women were brought to our attention".

Although he initially insisted he had "done nothing wrong at all", Mondanile subsequently issued a statement in which he said: "I am endlessly sorry for my inappropriate behaviour. I took advantage of my position as a musician, though I never intended to hurt anyone emotionally or otherwise. I've been an insensitive creep and again I apologise to everyone and anyone who was affected by this".

Pitchfork reckons that the Ducktails albums have been removed from services like Spotify and Tidal by distributor The Orchard, though it's not clear who initiated the takedown.


Björk announces release date for new album
Björk has announced that she will release new album, 'Utopia', on 24 Nov.

Unveiling the artwork for the record on Instagram, she wrote: "I am so overwhelmingly humble while announcing my album 'Utopia' is coming out end of November. I can't wait for you to hear it ... Jupiter gratitudes to [the] magical Arca for making the music of this album with me - what a profound and nourishing trip this has been! Thousandfold appreciation and head-bowing".

Also on Instagram, the there mentioned Arca added: "The soft merge that yielded this album has been one of the most oxygenating experiences I've had in my lifetime. Can I be a little sentimental? I cherish every single moment in the 2+ year journey of this album ... This album truly carries a piece of utopia for me - one that is already smilingly real".

So basically, they're both pretty chuffed with their work.


Young Fathers announce new single and tour dates
Young Fathers have released the first track from a new album, which I assume is earmarked for a Q1-2018 release.

Announcing the new single, the trio said in a statement: "We've just finished a new album, and it's about fucking time. Anyway, here's a song from it, a song called 'Lord'". The artwork for the single also warns that "you can't dance to it".

If, like me, you like a challenge and don't like being told what you can and can't dance to, get up out of your seat and listen to the track here.

There will be tour dates too. Because who are you these days without tour dates? These are those dates:

20 Mar: Birmingham, Institute
21 Mar: London, Roundhouse
22 Mar: Bristol, Trinity Centre
23 Mar: Manchester, Ritz
24 Mar: Glasgow, Barrowland


Pharrell, Edgar Bronfman Jr, Remy Ma, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Remy Ma has signed a record deal with Sony's Columbia label in the US. She released her last album, 'There's Something About Remy', in 2006, and subsequently spent six years in prison for assault.

• Universal Music's Republic Records in the US has hired Kerri Mackar, most recently with Rolling Stone, to be SVP Of Brand Partnerships. Republic Group President Charlie Walk is "THRILLED" about the appointment.

• The people behind the Just So Festival are partnering with the National Forest Company on a new event called the Timber Festival, which will take place in the National Forest in the Midlands. The festival will bring together "music, art, philosophy and sustainability". And about time too.

• Having moved to a new site this year, Bestival has announced it will move to a new slot in the calendar in 2018. The festival has traditionally come at the end of the summer festival season, but will now take place from 2-5 Aug.

• Former Warner Music boss man Edgar Bronfman Jr has launched a new venture capital firm focused on media businesses. Called Waverley Capital, the company hopes to raise about $100 million to invest in media start-ups.

• Pharrell is making a film about a group of women being killed one by one during a Halloween warehouse party, thus continuing the theme of misogyny that runs throughout his work.

• Little Mix are going to release a documentary later this month, called 'Glory Days: The Documentary'. They'll also re-release last year's 'Glory Days' album at the same time.

• Gorillaz have released a new track, 'Garage Palace', featuring Little Simz, taken from the new deluxe vinyl edition of their 'Humanz' album.

• Skepta marked Halloween by surprise releasing new EP 'Vicious', which features contributions from A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast, Lil B and Section Boyz.

• The Mark Lanegan Band have released the video for 'Emperor', from latest album 'Gargoyle'. The band will be on tour in the UK in November and December.

• Converge have squeezed in one more single release before their new album, 'The Dusk In Us', is released this Friday. This is 'A Single Tear'.

• Godflesh have released the title track to new album 'Post Self', which is out on 17 Nov.

• Eera has released new single 'Reflection Of Youth', the title track from her upcoming debut album.

• Rita Ora's only gone and announced UK tour dates for May next year. Here's her latest single, 'Anywhere'.

• Marmozets have announced yet more UK tour dates for February next year, including a show at ULU in London.

• Check out our weekly Spotify playlist of new music featured in the CMU Daily - updated every Friday.


Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher to appear on Celebrity Gogglebox
A special episode of 'Celebrity Gogglebox' - the famous person spin-off of that show where you watch people watching TV, for some reason - will feature Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher, as well as other musicians.

Due to air this Friday, Sheeran will sit on a sofa and literally just talk about the TV programme he's watching with Example and Big Narstie. Gallagher, meanwhile, will appear with his mum Peggy and son Gene, and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne will do a bit of watching and talking too. Also sort of music related (but not really), Jeremy Corbyn will be one of the celebrity TV watchers.

I know that being incredulous about 'Gogglebox' is old hat by now, but I genuinely don't get it. I shouldn't be too hard on this special edition though, because it'll all happening to raise money for Cancer Research UK's 'Stand Up To Cancer' campaign - a fundraising exercise usually fronted by comedians who are standing up, rather than musicians who are sitting down. Maybe that's the joke. As I said, I don't really understand any of this.

"I'm such a huge fan of 'Gogglebox'", says Sheeran, inexplicably. "It's going to be weirdly surreal to actually be part of it".

Gallagher adds: "It's an honour and privilege to be invited on one of my favourite TV shows, the mighty 'Gogglebox' - especially with my fam and for such a great cause as Stand Up To Cancer".

If any of this makes any sense to you at all, tune in to Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday. Or don't, I don't care.


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