TODAY'S TOP STORY: The Association For Electronic Music has launched a new support service for people who experience sexual harassment and abuse within the electronic music industry. Set up in partnership with Health Assured, the new service will offer advice and guidance to those who call a dedicated phone line... [READ MORE]
As the UK's Music Managers Forum publishes two new guides as part of phase three of its 'Dissecting The Digital Dollar' programme, CMU Trends summarises what we've learned from the project so far in 30 points - ten from part one, ten from part two, and ten from the new guides. Along the way we cover digital licensing, all the key issues with the current streaming business model, and what you need to know about label deals and transparency in the streaming age. [READ MORE]
There has been lots of debate around the music rights data problem in recent years, and a number of initiatives are underway to tackle the issue. Though Spotify's mechanical royalties dispute and the lack of songwriter credits on the streaming platforms shows the problem persists. As Music 4.5 puts the spotlight back on all things data, CMU Trends reviews discussions to date, challenges to be met, and where progress is being made. [READ MORE]
Copyright provides creators with control over that which they create, but what happens when the creators themselves don't own the copyright in their work? Artists and songwriters who are no longer in control of their copyrights do still have some rights, sometimes by contract, and via performer and moral rights. CMU Trends considers what the law says about the rights of artists and songwriters after their copyrights have been assigned. [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Association For Electronic Music launches helpline for victims of sexual harassment and abuse
LEGAL Now Nelly is sued over rape allegation
LIVE BUSINESS Agent of change campaign steps up ahead of Parliamentary proposal
Boomtown releases drug awareness documentary
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Mixcloud to use Gracenote's music identification system
Bytedance completes acquisition, launches creator fund
MEDIA Variety owner buys Rolling Stone
GIGS & FESTIVALS Lady Gaga confirms Las Vegas residency
ONE LINERS Chilly Gonzales, Gorillaz, Migos, more
AND FINALLY... Lord Buckethead releases Christmas single
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Association For Electronic Music launches helpline for victims of sexual harassment and abuse
The Association For Electronic Music has launched a new support service for people who experience sexual harassment and abuse within the electronic music industry. Set up in partnership with Health Assured, the new service will offer advice and guidance to those who call a dedicated phone line.

"Since its formation, AFEM has championed equality and inclusion as vital foundations of our industry and we unequivocally condemn sexual abuse and harassment of any kind", says AFEM CEO Mark Lawrence. "To step forward as a victim of abuse or harassment takes immense courage and we will support all who need help and guidance".

As previously reported, there has been increased focus on the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the music industry in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood. Various men at differing levels of the industry have been named as serial abusers, while many more have been discussed anonymously, exposing the breadth of sexism and misogyny that still exists in the business.

Last month, nearly 2000 women in the Swedish music industry called for change to the music sector's current corporate culture, a call then echoed by over 300 women working in the Australian industry. Then this week, in the UK, a new campaign called Stop2018 was launched aiming to "end the toxic culture of silence around the issue", and setting out a number of measures that will help begin that process.

While these campaigns are undoubtedly important and highlight the absolute need for wholesale change in the industry, AFEM's new helpline will provide immediate support to those affected by the issues raised.

Speaking about the helpline, Radio 1 presenter B Traits comments: "Without exception, every woman I know has either been the victim of sexual harassment or supported their closest friend through the aftermath. The most difficult thing to do is speak up and report it. If you are someone who has suffered from sexual harassment, I encourage you to call this safe and confidential helpline so that you can begin to heal and those who assault and harass can face the consequences of their actions".

You can speak confidentially to specially trained staff now by calling 0800 030 5182.


Now Nelly is sued over rape allegation
The woman who recently accused Nelly of rape is now suing the rapper. This follows the confirmation that prosecutors are no longer pursuing the case and Nelly's subsequent announcement that he planned to sue his accuser for defamation.

As previously reported, Nelly was arrested in connection to the rape allegations in October. He strongly denied the allegations from the off, while a legal representative of the alleged victim subsequently told reporters that her client no longer wished to participate in the criminal investigation because "she believes the system is going to fail her".

In new legal papers filed as part of the accuser's civil action, seen by TMZ, more details about the alleged incident are provided. It's claimed that the alleged victim worked at a club in Auburn, Washington where Nelly had been performing. She was invited by the musician to an after party, but was taken to his tour bus. Once on the bus, it is alleged, Nelly began masturbating, before having sex with the accuser against her will.

She says that she attempted to persuade him to stop, in part by insisting that he needed to use a condom, but that he ignored her pleas and continued to assault her. After the assault she began screaming that she wanted to get off the bus, at which point one of Nelly's entourage pushed her off the vehicle. The rapper then allegedly threw a $100 bill at the woman, before taunting her from the bus while she attempted to call a taxi.

After this, she also called the police who arrested Nelly. His legal rep subsequently issued a strong statement of denial accusing his client's accuser of being "motivated by greed and vindictiveness". The alleged victim then requested that the police investigation be called off because of the process she had endured since reporting the alleged crime, with her lawyer writing at the time: "We do not live in a society where a 21 year old college student can feel safe enough to pursue criminal charges against a celebrity for an alleged rape".

Like Nelly himself, his accuser is also suing for defamation - in addition to seeking damages in relation to the alleged assault itself - because of the statement he put out that she was "motivated by greed and vindictiveness". On launching his defamation action last week, Nelly's attorney said "Nelly has suffered very real damage to his reputation", adding that he was now suing "as the first step in restoring his reputation".

Responding to the news that Nelly was now being sued by his accuser, the same attorney told TMZ: "It comes as no surprise that [his accuser] filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed".


Agent of change campaign steps up ahead of Parliamentary proposal
John Spellar MP's 'ten minute rule' bill attempting to have the agent of change principle introduced into UK planning law will be read in Parliament on 10 Jan, it has been confirmed.

As previously reported, Spellar announced plans to introduce the bill last month, using rules that guarantee backbenchers up to ten minutes to debate proposed legislation in Parliament. The agent of change principle puts the onus of property developers to protect new residential buildings from noise coming from existing venues. Bills introduced into Parliament this way rarely become law, so various MPs and campaign groups have been putting on the pressure on the political and music communities to support the changes.

That includes the Music Venue Trust, whose Strategic Director Beverley Whitrick says of the current situation: "At the moment, UK law says that whoever is making a nuisance is always responsible for that nuisance. If a noise exists, you can deliberately move next to it and demand it be turned off and UK law will support you"

She goes on: "You can build balsa wood huts next door to a music venue and simply wait for your residents to complain and the venue will have to pay all the costs to reduce their noise. This is unfair and unreasonable. John Spellar's bill will stop it, and that's why we are reaching out across the music industry, cultural sector and politics to ask Parliament to act and make agent of change the law".

Among the artists speaking out is ska musician Rhoda Dakar, who adds: "Grassroots music venues and clubs are the lifeblood of an industry in which we, as a nation, punch far above our weight. Our cultural capital is a precious commodity that, once frittered away, could not be replicated. Moving into an area because of what it offers, then colluding in its destruction, is an exercise in absurdity. Agent of change would draw a line under this. It is vital this becomes law!"

As well as lobbying politicians itself, the Music Venue Trust is also calling on the public to support a change in the law on social media and by directly contacting their MPs. Find out more about its Agent Of Change Now campaign here.


Boomtown releases drug awareness documentary
The Boomtown festival is continuing its campaign on drug awareness with the release of a new short documentary on the subject. The film looks at various drug issues, and the steps taken at this year's festival to improve safety.

As previously reported, Boomtown was one of a number of festivals this year to offer free drug testing, via not for profit organisation The Loop, so that festival-goers could find out what drugs they had specifically acquired. The event agreed to increased security on site in order to be allowed to have the drug testing service in place, and also dedicated a section of its website to raising awareness of current dangerous drug trends at festivals.

Among those to appear in the new documentary are director of The Loop Fiona Measham, Chill Welfare's Katy MacLeod, Ed Morrow from Royal Society Of Public Health, musician Beans On Toast, and the family of Ellie Rowe, who died after taking ketamine at the 2013 edition of Boomtown.

Activities such as this to raise awareness are extremely important right now, says Measham: "In the UK drug related deaths are at their highest rates on record, ever. This isn't just a problem for Boomtown or just for festivals, this is the situation right across the country".

Meanwhile Boomtown Creative Director Lak Mitchell says of initiatives like those implemented at the festival this year: "It feels like a huge evolution in the festival world, all of a sudden things are stepping up and we're progressing. We'd like to use the festival platform to introduce these new harm reduction services and ways of bringing public safety and education towards drugs [to the forefront]".

Services provided by The Loop and Chill Welfare contributed to a 25% reduction of drug-related cases at Boomtown medical facilities this year. Watch the film here.


Mixcloud to use Gracenote's music identification system
Mixcloud has announced a partnership with music data firm Gracenote to employ its song recognition technology in order to get better at reporting music usage on its platform.

The streaming set-up for mixes, radio shows and podcasts will use the Gracenote MusicID system to more accurately identify music contained in the more than twelve million DJ mixes, radio programmes and podcasts in its archive, in order to report better to the collecting societies and rightsholders that it pays royalties to.

"We're living in a world where user-generated content is growing exponentially, but most traditional catalogue streaming services are not focusing on this enormous area", says Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez. "At Mixcloud, we've invested a lot of energy in the technology around user-generated content to properly identify and pay the creators what they're owed, and we're THRILLED to add Gracenote as a new partner to help solve this difficult problem".

Gracenote's Brian Hamilton adds: "Mixcloud has emerged as the destination for both established and emerging radio presenters and DJs to present their shows and mixes to fans around the world. Being a platform that focuses on helping curators breakout and find new audiences, Mixcloud recognises the importance of being able to connect royalty payments to the proper rightsholders and we are confident that Gracenote MusicID can help them address this important issue".

Already used by a number of digital music services, Gracenote MusicID claims to be able to identify over 200 million songs.


Bytedance completes acquisition, launches creator fund
Musically-orientated social network is now officially part of Beijing-based Bytedance, the latter having announced it was buying the former last month. And to celebrate is launching a $50 million fund to "support global users in honing their creative talents and content creation efforts". Good times.

Confirming his company's acquisition of the also China-based, the boss of Bytedance, Yiming Zhang, said yesterday: "We are delighted to formally welcome to the Bytedance family. We are excited to leverage the great synergy between the two companies and explore opportunities to bring an even better content experience to our global users".

He added: "We are impressed by the passion of the user community, whose creativity, humour, and expression of their interests through short videos has made a powerful and engaging platform. Bytedance's leading AI technology and strength in Asian markets will help accelerate this app's innovation in mobile video creation and provide the opportunity for content creators and brands to engage with new markets".

The all-new Creator Fund will invest in various education and training programmes - and "community enrichment" initiatives (whatever ever they are) - in order to support all the people lip syncing and doing other creative stuff along to musical snippets via the app.

Says co-founder Alex Zhu: "Our vision is to inspire the world to create, and we're excited to offer our users the ability to express their creativity, advance their talents, and even make a living on".

He goes on: "From everyday creators to established influencers, our users make a dynamic and entertaining video community for millions of people around the world. The Creator Fund illustrates our commitment to supporting the growth and development of our creators and expanding the opportunities available to the creator community, both inside and beyond the app".


Variety owner buys Rolling Stone
The owner of entertainment industry title Variety has bought a controlling stake in Rolling Stone magazine. Jay Penske's Penske Media Corporation, which bought Variety in 2012, will acquire the 51% of the Rolling Stone company still owned by its founder Jann Wenner.

As previously reported, Wenner Media, facing the same challenges as most traditional magazine owners in the digital age, last year sold a 49% stake in the title to Singapore-based company BandLab Technologies.

It then sold two other titles it also owned to help pay off some long-term debts, before indicating in September that it was now considering bids for the other 51% of the business.

Wenner and his son Gus will continue to oversee the operations of Rolling Stone, the former as Editorial Director and the latter as President. A new Editor In Chief will also be appointed.

The Wenners are spinning the sale as a major investment in Rolling Stone that will enable it to evolve and expand. Certainly, for his part, Penske says he is committed to the music title for the longhaul, stating that: "Like all of our investments, our holding period is a very long time. It's forever".

Gus Wenner added: "Rolling Stone's past, present and future is in great storytelling and that's where we want to put our investment. Jay has shown repeatedly that he has a deep belief in investing in content and investing in the product. This will allow us to do that in a way we haven't been able to do over the last couple of years".

BandLab will seemingly remain a partner in the Rolling Stone business, and PMC says it has already met with the Singapore company's founder to discuss the nature of that partnership.


Approved 2017: Kelala
Every day this week, we'll be looking at the last twelve months for one of our favourite artists of 2017. Today, Kelela...

When Kelela released her hugely acclaimed mixtape - 'Cut 4 Me' - in 2013, it placed her high upon a wave of new artists shifting R&B into new places.

Listening back to it now, compared to her 2017 debut album proper 'Take Me Apart', it's remarkable how rough it sounds. Not that it wasn't (and still isn't) a slick, innovative piece of work, but 'Take Me Apart' is so meticulous, and takes her ideas so much further.

'Take Me Apart' was not an album made quickly. Coming four years after 'Cut 4 Me', initial drafts of some of its songs date back to before that mixtape came out.

It's not really the done thing for an artist so early in their career to work at such a leisurely pace. Especially when Kelela had already worried, before even working on her first songs, that she'd left it too late to pursue a career in music.

However, the proof that her instinct to work, rework and finesse the finished LP was the right one is right there in the music.

The Jam City-produced opening track, 'Frontline', immediately sets a futuristic tone for the album with a looping synth line and gentle bass notes. Then comes the first wave of Kelela's vocals, and you know straight away that you're in safe hands. As methodically crafted as the music on the record is, it never overshadows that voice.

"Everybody [who worked on the album] has a track, or more than one track, that makes them feel like 'this is my shit' and 'this is home to me'", she recently told Vulture. "This is what I consider to be zero. For me, this record has been hard to make because I don't have a singular zero, meaning, there's not a song where I'm not stretching".

She adds: "The vocals are a constant - no matter what I sing over, I sing the way that I sing, and it comes from this R&B space. That is the anchor".

Lyrically, the songs on the album are arranged to follow the end of one relationship through to the beginning of another. Throughout, there's a pleasing balance of confidence and vulnerability - of knowing what you want and still being unsure of it at times. It's Kelela's fragility that ultimately feeds the sense of power felt in her presentation of herself.

For all the positive effects of making this album slowly, Kelela feels like an artist who has now really hit her stride. And she herself has said she wants to find a quicker way of working in the future. If she can do that without losing her grasp on what makes her music so good, then her prompt return will be most welcome.

Watch the video for 'Blue Light' here.

Listen to (almost) ever artist featured in the CMU Approved column in 2017 on this Spotify playlist.

Lady Gaga confirms Las Vegas residency
Lady Gaga has confirmed plans to embark on one of those Las Vegas residencies that all the kids like. Kicking off at the MGM Park Theater, the shows will commence in December 2018 and run for two years.

"It's the land of Elvis, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, Elton John, Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli", the musician declared earlier this week. "It has been a life-long dream of mine to play Las Vegas".

She went on: "I am humbled to be a part of a historical line-up of performers, and to have the honour of creating a new show unlike anything Vegas has ever seen before. I'll tell you exactly what I told my MGM and Park Theater partners - you can count on this performer always for one thing... I'll leave my heart on the stage every single night. Thank you to my fans for always believing in me. Meet me in Las Vegas baby, we did it!"

Attempting to match Gaga's overblown enthusiasm, MGM Resorts International President Bill Hornbuckle adds: "Our announcement today of Lady Gaga joining an amazing line-up of talent at Park Theater is monumental for Lady Gaga fans, MGM Resorts and the Park MGM brand".

He goes on: "We have all been wowed by Lady Gaga's raw talent, but the passion, commitment and creativity she is prepared to bring to this engagement will truly be transformational... Las Vegas, get ready to become the entertainment capital of the universe".

That bit about the universe at the end was good, but I think Gaga ultimately won in the OTT stakes there. Dates for the performances are due to be announced early next year.


Chilly Gonzales, Gorillaz, Migos, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Two accountancy firms with music and creative industry specialisms will become one in the new year. NWN Blue Squared is merging itself with Raffingers. The former says the merger will "boost the scale of services currently provided to its portfolio of creative sector clients".

• Chilly Gonzales has selected nineteen artists who will be whittled down to six to join his previously reported eight day music performance workshop - The Gonservatory - next year. They are: Aitua, Alain Legagneur, Andrés Landon, Dadalú, Dalebi, Frida Split, Isla Ratcliff, Jean Despax, Justin Guzzwell, Kasera, Kato Change, Maal, Natalia Spiner, Ramataupia, Raphael Meinhart, Rose Ford, Russell Louder, Van Ludo, Yuliano Acri. Here are Gonzales, Jarvis Cocker, Peaches and Socalled working their way through 700 audition videos.

• When will Gorillaz release another album? Next year, reckons Jamie Hewlett.

• Migos have released new Pharrell-produced track 'Stir Fry'. It'll feature on their forthcoming new album, 'Culture II'.

• Lil Peep's mother Liza Womack has paid tribute to her son, who died last month, by releasing a new music video for his track, 'Save That Shit'.

• Imagine Dragons and Khalid have teamed up to record a medley of their songs 'Thunder' and 'Young, Dumb & Broke'.

• Panic! At The Disco have released a Christmas song, 'Feels Like Christmas'.

• Dashboard Confessional have released new single 'We Fight'. The song is taken from new album 'Crooked Shadows', out on 9 Feb.

• Check out our weekly Spotify playlist of new music featured in the CMU Daily - updated every Friday.


Lord Buckethead releases Christmas single
Theresa May's having a tough time. She's struggling to keep someone, anyone, with a friendly face in her cabinet. Meanwhile, she's ultimately in charge of those Brexit negotiations, which David Davis is making a right pigs ear of on her behalf. And then there's Parliament fighting to protect the sovereignty of Parliament, a principle all her pro-Brexit ministers are much less keen on now than they were before the EU referendum.

With all that to think about, it's perhaps unsurprising that the PM has completely forgotten to record a Christmas single. Never mind though, the hero of her stupid snap General Election from earlier this year - Lord Buckethead - has just released one.

As you must surely remember, Lord Buckethead was one of the candidates to stand against May for the parliamentary seat in Maidenhead. Pictures of her standing next to or near him as the votes came in were one of the daft highlights of a very daft election.

Making the most of his return to politics, and the public eye, 25 years after standing against John Major in Huntingdon in 1992, Lord Buckethead has now released a Christmas single, called 'A Bucketful Of Happiness'. Avoiding focussing too much on politics, the song aims to spread festive goodwill and cheer, with lines like "joy to the whole human race, I'd smile if I had a face".

If you want something a little more acerbic, you'll need to go back to Captain's Ska's song about Theresa May, 'Liar Liar', which went to number four in the charts the week of the disastrous election. She later said that she "doesn't much like" that song. No idea what she thinks of Lord Buckethead's Christmas effort.

If she's not yet heard it, she can watch the video here (as can you).


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