TODAY'S TOP STORY: The Official Charts Company has announced that from next month YouTube plays will be included in the data that makes up the UK singles chart. So, good news for fans of complaining that the inclusion of streaming data has ruined the charts. If audio streams have ruined everything already, just imagine what YouTube stats will do... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES YouTube plays to be counted in UK singles chart
LEGAL Tidal lawsuit over Kanye's "never, never, never" tweet proceeds
LIVE BUSINESS New York passes new secondary ticketing laws
MEDIA Radiocentre welcomes Ofcom's new proposals on local radio programming
ARTIST NEWS Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies
RELEASES Underworld and Iggy Pop to release teatime dub EP
Goldie and James Davidson record album as Subjective
Mogwai announce Kin soundtrack album
ONE LINERS Marshmello, Shakira, Gorillaz, more
AND FINALLY... Ed Sheeran stops Cardiff show for toilet break. Twice.
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YouTube plays to be counted in UK singles chart
The Official Charts Company has announced that from next month YouTube plays will be included in the data that makes up the UK singles chart. So, good news for fans of complaining that the inclusion of streaming data has ruined the charts. If audio streams have ruined everything already, just imagine what YouTube stats will do!

Various platforms will actually have their video streaming data counted following the chart rules revamp, including Spotify and Apple Music, but YouTube is obviously the most significant addition. The long-awaited inclusion of data from the Google-owned platform comes after the launch of its new paid subscription service in the UK last week.

Under the new rules, basically all official music videos on YouTube will count oblivious of who uploads them, based on labels claiming said uploads via Content ID. However, audio in user generated videos will not count - meaning it's less likely that viral hits will suddenly race up the charts, as has happened in the US. Views on Vevo-managed YouTube channels will count, but plays on will not.

OCC chief exec Martin Talbot says: "This is a significant step for the UK and ensures The Official Chart continues to be the most comprehensive and trusted chart in the UK, bar none. Consumption of recorded music via more than 15,000 retailers, download stores and streaming services of all kinds contribute to the weekly chart countdown".

"In the modern era, artists are increasingly multi-faceted creators, with a highly developed visual sense running in parallel with their music", he continues. "The addition of video ensures that the Official Singles Chart reflects the creativity of the artist in the broadest way possible - and music fans' engagement with that vision".

Warner Music UK exec Derek Allen, who also acts as non-executive chair of the Official Charts Company, adds: "It's always been important that the Official Charts keep pace with an ever evolving and dynamic market, while also retaining their integrity, something which has set the UK charts apart from many of those operating elsewhere around the world. These latest changes are just another step down that road".

Meanwhile Dua Lipa was given the task of initially announcing this news, in part because the video for her single 'New Rules' was the most streamed video by a female artist in the UK last year. "The response to 'New Rules' was so crazy and I am so grateful for it", she mused. "Video was really important to me in my career - it's another way as artists that we can get our music to our fans".

The first chart to take video streaming data into account will be unveiled by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 at 4pm on 6 Jul.


Tidal lawsuit over Kanye's "never, never, never" tweet proceeds
Great news everybody! One of the best pop lawsuits ever is marching on, despite it looking - at various points since it was filed in April 2016 - like it was all going to fizzle out before any courtroom dramas could occur. The lawsuit, in case you wondered, is the one being pursued by a Kanye West fan over the rapper's Twitter commitment to "never, never, never" make his 'Life Of Pablo' album available to stream anywhere but Tidal. Jay-Z's streaming service then had the exclusive on that record for just six weeks.

You may remember that the release of 'Life Of Pablo' was somewhat confusing, with most people relying on West's Twitter feed for updates. Although it soon became clear Tidal had some kind of exclusive, getting the album not only before any other service, but before West had even finished it. As the hype around the record built, West then tweeted: "My album will never, never, never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale... You can only get it on Tidal".

It was bold speaking from one of Tidal's celebrity shareholders. But also inaccurate. One of West's new tracks subsequently popped up on the other streaming services. And then another. And then the rest of the album. But what about those fans of West who, by this point, had gone to the effort of signing up for a silly Tidal free trial, handing over all their personal data in the process, under the impression this was the only way they'd ever get to hear this record? Well, that's what Justin Baker-Rhett wanted to know in his April 2016 lawsuit.

At the time, Baker-Rhett's lawyer alleged that West and his mate Jay-Z had "duped consumers into signing up for Tidal subscriptions - which required handing over troves of valuable personal data including credit card information - under the false pretence that doing so was the only way they would be able to hear 'The Life Of Pablo'. Consequently, Tidal unjustly benefitted in myriad ways from this collection of consumers' personal data and the accompanying increase in its subscriber and streaming numbers".

Which was all good fun for a time. But while we love silly litigation as much as the next silly litigator, would this silly lawsuit actually go the distance? Well, turns out, it's come this far. And while the original legal action was bumped from California to New York and then trimmed down to size, last week a judge concluded that Baker-Rhett's core complaint - that he was misled into signing up for Tidal by West's "never, never, never" tweet - is sufficient to proceed to court.

According to Law 360, Judge Gregory H Woods said on Friday: "Regardless of whether or not Mr West's argument will persuade a jury at a later stage in the case, the court has little difficulty concluding that the complaint plausibly pleads that Mr West's statement that his album would never, never, never be available on Apple Music or for sale was false. These allegations constitute strong circumstantial evidence of conscious misbehaviour".

Whether West will seek to persuade a jury that "never, never, never" never, never, never means "never, never, never" via a tweet remains to be seen. Meanwhile legal reps for Baker-Rhett say they are now "looking forward" to "presenting our case" in court. Will a stupid tweet from a stupid tweeter ever really end up in a courtroom before a jury? Well, like they say, never, never, never say never, never, never.

And so, the case continues. Woo!


New York passes new secondary ticketing laws
The New York State Legislature last week passed a new bill to extend and expand rules regarding the resale of tickets in the state. In the US, most regulation of ticketing happens at a state rather than US-wide federal level.

The new rules in New York will require resellers to state when they are selling tickets which they do not yet possess, which most often happens when brokers list tickets for in-demand events before primary tickets go on sale. Resellers must also gain confirmation from the buyer that they are aware of this. If sellers are unable to provide these tickets, or provide them at the stated price, they must provide a refund within ten days of the buyer requesting their money back.

Other rules parallel those being introduced elsewhere in the world, including in the UK. So, sellers must also provide the full cost of tickets, including all fees, upfront, rather than at the end of the transaction. Secondary ticketing platforms will also be required to make it clear that they are not primary sellers and prices may exceed the original face value of tickets being resold.

The new legislation passed two rounds of voting by New York politicians with overwhelming majorities. One of those who voted against it, Senator Liz Krueger, had previously argued that the new laws weren't strong enough, because they failed to introduce rules providing transparency on the number of tickets being held back from general sale by artists and promoters.

As ever, trying to present itself as the friendly face of secondary ticketing, eBay's resale site StubHub issued a statement to Deadline saying: "As a fan first business, StubHub has always advocated for pro-consumer legislation that supports a competitive, transparent, and safe ticket market for fans. We are proud to have worked closely with the New York Legislature on a legislative package that extends this important statute for another three years and takes comprehensive steps to protect New York fans and ensure they benefit from having choice in a free and open ticket market".

Before it is implemented, the new laws need to be signed off by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


Radiocentre welcomes Ofcom's new proposals on local radio programming
Media regulator Ofcom has published new proposals to change the rules regarding locally-produced content on regional and local radio stations in the UK.

Under the new proposals, the requirements for locally-produced programming on local FM radio stations would be reduced. The rules revamp would also make changes to the areas within which programmes are considered 'locally-made'.

Commercial radio trade body Radiocentre welcomed the proposals as they were announced last week. Its CEO Siobhan Kenny said in a statement: "These proposals from Ofcom are a welcome first step towards implementing the plans announced last year by government to reform the pre-internet rules that still govern commercial radio".

"Radio stations need to be able to address and embrace technological change, not be shackled to an outdated regulatory system", she continued. "Once enacted these changes will help unlock the potential of commercial radio, giving stations greater flexibility in how they operate and the ability to provide an even better service for listeners".

Ofcom is now holding a consultation on the proposals and will be accepting submissions until 3 Aug. Further details here.


Approved: Our Girl
Following a handful of single and EP releases over the last eighteen months, Our Girl are set to release their debut album, 'Stranger Today', on 17 Aug.

Ahead of that, they've just released new single 'In My Head'. Its swirling, shoegazey feel turned out to be a big influence on the whole album's sound, recalls guitarist and vocalist Soph Nathan: "I wrote this song during a big time of change in my life which informed a lot of the record. I was feeling particularly confused and regretful about it all one day and the lyrics just came out in one go".

"Musically it took a bit longer", she continues. "The bass and vocals were there from the start so it was just figuring out how to build the rest on top. We gave up on it for a while, and about a year after that we played it in a soundcheck in Leeds without thinking, and it all just came out right! It's one of our favourites to play live now".

Listen to 'In My Head' here.

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Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies
Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has died, it was confirmed over the weekend. He was 54.

A statement on the band's Facebook page reads: "Vincent Paul Abbott, aka Vinnie Paul, has passed away. Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the bands Pantera and Hellyeah. No further details are available at this time. The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time".

Paul formed Pantera with his guitarist brother Dimebag Darrell Abbott in 1981. After the band split in 2003, the brothers formed new band Damageplan and released an album the following year. However, in 2004, Darrell was shot and killed on stage at a show in Ohio.

More recently, Vinnie Paul had been performing with Hellyeah, a band also featuring Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray and Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell.

In a post on the Hellyeah Facebook page, Maxwell writes: "Just so broken hearted and in shock. I'm struggling to write this but we want to thank you all for your kind words and support in this tragic time. We don't have much info to give you other then Vinnie is now with Dime and they are together in a better place".

The message goes on: "Sadness, shock, confusion, anger, despair. We feel it all together. Hug your loved ones and keep them close. Thank you all again for all your love. Vinnie will be and is greatly loved and missed but his music will live forever. Crank it loud today and scream to the heavens so he can hear you".

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Vinnie Paul died in his sleep following a heart attack, although there has been no official confirmation of this as yet.


Underworld and Iggy Pop to release teatime dub EP
Underworld and Iggy Pop have announced that they will release an EP together, titled 'Teatime Dub Encounters', next month.

"Iggy was staying at The Savoy and graciously said, 'Yeah, you know, we can meet and talk about something' because we both felt a strong connection to 'Trainspotting' and to Danny [Boyle]", says Underworld's Rick Smith of how the project came together. "I turned up thinking I've got one chance here to convince this gentleman that we should work together. So I turned up with basically half my studio, hired a hotel room, set up and sat waiting".

Iggy Pop adds: "When you are confronted with somebody who has a whole bloody studio there in the hotel room, a Skyped director who has won the Oscar recently and a fucking microphone in front of you and 30 finished pieces of very polished music, you don't want to be the wimp that goes 'uh uhhh', so my mind was racing".

The EP is set for release on 27 Jul. Listen to 'I'll See Big' here.


Goldie and James Davidson record album as Subjective
Goldie has announced a new collaboration with producer James Davidson, under the name Subjective.

Davidson is an "exceptional engineer and an unsung producer in his own right", says Goldie, adding the their collaboration was born out of "following the water as opposed to a strict concept".

Also a member of MetalHeadz-released duo Ulterior Motive, Davidson adds: "This album isn't just Ulterior Motive and Goldie, it's a vision of Subjective. It was really exciting to have no boundaries on what we were writing, not restricted by the BPM or anything else - we just went wherever the smiles were".

They will release their first album as Subjective, titled 'Act One - Music For Inanimate Objects', on 21.

Of the record, Goldie says: "I've always been a fighter with music and gone way ahead of the curve in a lot of respects. I've come from an era that's spanned three decades from the 80s to now, and I think I've always pushed a progressive drum n bass, sound. But this is a refined album, one that you can really fall into, immerse yourself in, or just play in the background - and it still works".

Listen to first single 'Inkolelo', here.


Mogwai announce Kin soundtrack album
Mogwai have announced the release of their soundtrack for upcoming sci-fi movie 'Kin'.

"We were really excited to be asked to record the original score for Jonathan and Josh Baker's debut movie 'Kin'", says the band's Stuart Braithwaite. "It was amazing to do a project that was so different to anything we've done before and see how our music fits in a totally different environment to how it's been used before. The music in the film is some of my favourite Mogwai has ever made and we can't wait for people to hear it".

The soundtrack album will be released by Mogwai's own Rock Action label on 31 Aug. From it, this is 'We're Not Done (End Title)'.

Having played Robert Smith's Meltdown festival in London last week, Mogwai are next set to play the UK when they perform a two night run at the Leith Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Festival on 22-23 Aug.


Marshmello, Shakira, Gorillaz, more

Other notable announcements and developments today...

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• Marshmello has signed a new publishing deal with Kobalt. "It was important for us to find a home where our vision and goals for the project could be supported", says the producer's manager Moe Shalizi.

• Live Nation has apologised after it was pointed out that a necklace being sold on Shakira's current tour resembled Nazi imagery. "The necklace Live Nation designed for Shakira's 'El Dorado World Tour' was based on Pre-Columbian imagery", says the company. "However, some fans have expressed concern that the design bears an unintentional resemblance to Neo-Nazi imagery. We sincerely apologise for this inadvertent similarity and have permanently pulled the item from the tour collection".

• You can watch Gorillaz performing new album 'The Now Now' live on YouTube. Hurry though, there are only a few hours left before it's taken offline.

• Kriss Kross Amsterdam have released a new single 'Whenever', featuring Connor Maynard and The Boy Next Door. It also features a sample of Shakira's 'Whenever, Wherever'.

• Jaden Smith has released the video for new track, 'Ghost', featuring Christian Rich.

• 6lack is back with new single 'Switch'. He's also been confirmed to play this year's Wireless Festival in London.

• Sleep Party People have released two new singles, 'Fourth Drawer Down' and 'The Mind Still Travels'.

• Peluché have released new single 'To Be A Bird'. Their debut album, 'Unforgettable', will be out on 21 Sep.

• Childish Gambino has announced that he will headline the O2 Arena in London on 4 Nov. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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Ed Sheeran stops Cardiff show for toilet break. Twice.
One of the impressive things about Ed Sheeran's career is that as his audiences have grown, he's managed to continue to engagingly perform a show that involves just him and a loop pedal. On the negative side, it means that when he urgently needs to go to the toilet, he can't just let someone play an extended bongo solo until he gets back. As fans in Cardiff discovered on Saturday. Twice.

Sheeran was playing the third of four nights at Cardiff's Principality Stadium when he announced after playing 'Galway Girl' that he "needed a pee". When he returned, he apologised, telling the audience: "I've been gigging since I was fourteen and I've never done that. And now I do it in front of 60,000 people".

Well, once you've done something once, it's easier the next time. And so, three songs later, Sheeran threw down his guitar in the middle of performing 'Photograph' and legged it to the loo again. When he returned, he picked up his instrument and started playing again exactly where he'd left off.

In news I am sure is unrelated (Sheeran insisted he was urinating, after all), Lily Allen was asked during a Twitter Q&A on Saturday what her "most awkward bout of diarrhoea" had been. "In the toilet just before an encore in Seattle", she said. "It still gives me nightmares. Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, LILY, LILY".


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