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TOP STORIES Camp Bestival future secured by Live Nation deal
LEGAL Labels insist Russian stream-ripping sites can be sued in America
Songwriter wins $44 million in dispute over Usher song
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Research highlights "balancing act" for carers working the in the performing arts
ARTIST NEWS Babymetal announce Yuimetal's departure, release new single
RELEASES Massive Attack reissue Mezzanine album as DNA-encoded spray paint
ONE LINERS Universal, Tove Lo, De Staat
AND FINALLY... Charlie Sloth says ARIAs Edith Bowman rant was "bants", departs BBC two weeks early
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Camp Bestival future secured by Live Nation deal
The future of Camp Bestival has been secured, after its founders announced a deal with Live Nation and SJM.

In a statement, Josie and Rob Da Bank said: "With the help of Live Nation Gaiety and SJM we will really be able to bring more of our creative vision to life with the support structure needed going forward. Our aim has been and will always be to create the best ever family festival. We look forward to sharing this new chapter with you".

This follows uncertainty about the 2019 edition of the Camp Bestival festival. It emerged last month that finance firm the Richmond Group, which loaned the Bestival business £1.6 million last year, was attempting to push the festival company into administration. Richmond Group then announced that it had "made an offer of £1.1 million to purchase the brand and assets of Bestival Group, with the intention of running the successful Camp Bestival going forward".

Although the Da Banks were not involved in that statement, and have never publicly responded to it, the BBC reports that the proposed sale was actually completed last week. The Bestival Group was then seemingly immediately acquired by Live Nation Gaiety - the live industry giant's joint venture with Irish promoter MCD Productions - and the UK-based promoter SJM.

In their statement, the Da Banks said that they are "THRILLED to finally announce today that they are back in control of Camp Bestival". It's not clear if they mean financially or creatively. Live Nation Gaiety has acquired various independent festivals in recent years, generally taking a majority stake. However, the involvement of SJM may split things more equally.

A spokesperson for Live Nation only said, "LN-Gaiety and SJM look forward to working with Rob and Josie on Camp Bestival", so that's not exactly confirmation of anything.

The deal seemingly means that those awaiting refunds relating to the final day of the 2018 Camp Bestival event may now see their money. The last day of the festival was cancelled, as it took place on one of the few weekends this summer with extremely poor weather. Responding to one person asking about this on Twitter after the new deal was announced, Rob Da Bank said that it would be "just a few more days" before refunds are fully paid out.

A question still remains over the future of the main Bestival event, from which Camp Bestival spun off. In its earlier statement, Richmond seemed only to be planning to save the latter, and only that festival is named in the latest statement too. Though that might be because it is Camp Bestival where tickets are already on sale for 2019.


Labels insist Russian stream-ripping sites can be sued in America
The major record companies have insisted that the American courts have jurisdiction to hear a copyright infringement case against two stream-ripping sites based in Russia.

Stream-ripping remains at the top of the music industry's piracy gripe list. A number of sites that allow people to turn temporary streams into permanent downloads have now shut down because of legal action - or the threat of legal action - from the music industry, Germany-based YouTube-MP3 being the highest profile closure to date. However, there are plenty of other sites offering the same service, so the lawsuits continue to be filed.

Russia-based and were sued by the American record industry in the US courts back in August. The man behind the two services then filed a motion to have the case dismissed on the basis the US courts didn't have jurisdiction. He argued that the two sites are entirely managed from Russia and that less than 6% of users are from the US.

However, the Recording Industry Association Of America has now responded, insisting the American courts do have jurisdiction. In a court filing published by Torrentfreak, it argues that 31 million Americans have used the site more 96 million times. Plus, the RIAA claims, at various points and have used US-based servers, domain registrars and advertising networks.

The labels have specifically sued in Virginia, and the RIAA adds that the two stream-ripping sites have been used by 542,000 people in that state alone. And, the labels allege, until recently and used servers based in that state.

The Russian operator of the sites has asked - should his request for outright dismissal be denied - that the case be shifted over to the Californian courts, on the basis the labels have bases in that state and that fighting the litigation there would be easier.

The labels add: "Wherever the case is held, there will be some burden associated with accessing evidence. But defendant does not explain why it will be especially difficult to litigate this case in Virginia, or why transferring the case to the Central District of California will resolve those hypothetical problems".

We now await to see how judges in the Virginia Federal Court respond.


Songwriter wins $44 million in dispute over Usher song
A songwriter in Philadelphia has won $44 million in a dispute over the Usher track 'Bad Girl', which appeared on the 2004 album 'Confessions'.

Writer Daniel Marino sued two former collaborators - William Guice and Dante Barton - in a dispute over the song. Both Guice and Barton are among the legion of people who get a co-writing credit on the Usher track.

Marino argued that he also made a significant contribution to the original song, which at that point was called 'Club Girl'. His contribution, legal papers argued, included the guitar hook, tempo and chord progression. But he was denied a co-writer credit and his cut of the royalties when Usher recorded his version of the work.

According to the Associated Press, a jury last week ordered Guice to pay $6.75 million in compensatory damages and an additional $20.25 million in punitive damages. Meanwhile Barton, via his company Destro Music Productions, will now pay Marino damages of
$17.35 million, bringing the total pay-out to the rather large $44.35 million figure.

Usher himself was not part of the dispute, despite also being listed as a co-writer on the final version of the song.


Research highlights "balancing act" for carers working the in the performing arts
Campaign group Parents And Carers In Performing Arts has launched new research highlighting the "balancing act" that must be performed by people who work in the arts and who have childcare or other caring responsibilities to meet. The study found that a series of significant career disadvantages were endured by those caring for others.

More than 2500 people working in the performing arts were surveyed for the research, the majority working off stage. Most worked in theatre, although over 500 were working in music. Of those surveyed, over 1000 said they had caring responsibilities. The study found that people with such responsibilities generally faced lower earnings, plus a lack of opportunity and support within the industry.

Over half of the respondents were freelance workers - compared to 15% of the general population - with a higher proportion of carers versus non-carers working in that way. The research also found that many respondents were earning far less than the national average wage, with over a third of all participants saying that what they earn does no cover what they need for their typical expenses, and over two thirds saying that they do not earn enough to deal with any unexpected outgoings.

In order to boost income, 40% of carers said that they would like to increase their working hours, typically by two days per week. However, 76% of carers said that they have had to turn down additional work due to childcare issues. This is most true for freelance and part-time workers, and more for women, who are more likely to be a primary carer.

Over a third of carers said that they had changed their role due to their responsibilities outside work. However, only 19% agreed that they received adequate training for any change in role, and only 21% agreed that they received adequate support.

Professor Almuth McDowall from Birkbeck University of London, which conducted the research, says: "The data points to high job insecurity, career penalties for carers and for women, and an urgent need for flexible and inclusive work practices. A recent job share for a performing artist in the London West End made headlines news - but this is common practice in other sectors. Our data shows that there is urgent need for change".

PIPA founder Cassie Raine adds: "This is a great opportunity to reflect as an industry and investigate more supportive working practices, inclusive of carers and parents, whether they are single parents or caring for sick or elderly relatives. No matter where you start off in life or what happens on the way, as an industry we have to show that we are invested in workforce wellbeing and value their ability to maintain a work-life balance".

As a result of the research, PIPA has set out three recommendations, including for performing arts organisations to adopt more flexible approaches to recruitment, management and staff development. It also calls on employers and industry bodies to establish career development opportunities for carers and parents returning to work, and for annually reviewed equal opportunities monitoring.

The full report will be published in December, but its interim findings are available to read now here.


Approved: KO
East London rapper KO is set to release a new mixtape, 'This Shit's Ments', this Friday. Ahead of it comes 'Intro' and a video for it that continues a story that also features in his two previous track visuals.

'Intro' sees KO again working with producer M1onthebeat who - along with MKtheplug - also worked on previous single '9er Ting'. In total, M1onthebeat has contributed to four of the new mixtape's nine tracks.

On 'Intro' - as with '9er Ting' - the producer's sparse piano-led UK drill sound provides the perfect backing for KO's slick vocals.

Watch the video for 'Intro' here.

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Babymetal announce Yuimetal's departure, release new single
Babymetal have confirmed that band member Yuimetal has left the group, following an absence of several months.

The first fans knew of the singer's absence came when she did not appear at shows on a US tour in May this year. Speaking to Alternative Press, the band's US management company said at the time: "Yuimetal remains a member of the band, but she is not on this current US tour".

However, with a Japanese tour set to commence tomorrow, the band have now confirmed that she will not be returning, citing poor health.

"Yuimetal had expressed her desire to return [to] performing with the group", reads a statement. "During her absence, both [bandmates] Su-metal and Moametal, as well as the entire team, had been preparing for her awaited return".

"However", the statement then goes on, "Yuimetal [has now come] to a decision that she will not be performing at the Babymetal World Tour 2018 in Japan and that she will no longer be a part of Babymetal. We thank her for all of her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavours".

The band then said that the upcoming shows "will mark a rebirth in which Su-metal and Moametal form the core of Babymetal". As they made this announcement, they also released a new single called 'Starlight'.


Massive Attack reissue Mezzanine album as DNA-encoded spray paint
Massive Attack have announced that they are releasing a remastered version of their 1998 album 'Mezzanine' as a can of spray paint. This isn't one of those QR code deals though - the album is actually inside the paint itself as audio encoded DNA.

Yeah, that all sounds quite complicated and confusing, doesn't it? Don't worry, it is. Earlier this year, the band announced that they'd encoded the album into DNA. You can try to get your head around that process in this academic paper here.

With that DNA now mixed into the black paint that fills these spray cans, they reckon that each can contains one million copies of the album. Not sure if they're all chart eligible though.

As well as being a mind-bending way to release a record, the unusual piece of merch is also a nod to the frequent rumours that anonymous street artist Banksy is actually Massive Attack's 3D, who says of the new release: "It's a creative way to store your back catalogue, although DNA-encoded spray paint is unlikely to be adopted by street artists seeking anonymity".

The remastered version of 'Mezzanine' is also available in other more traditional, easier to listen to formats.


Universal, Tove Lo, De Staat

Other notable announcements and developments today...

• Universal Music has promoted Jason Ellis to Managing Director of dance label Positiva. He has been the company's Head Of A&R since 1999. Says Virgin EMI boss Ted Cockle: "Even though the parent company has evolved through several guises, Jason has at all times remained focused on identifying the very best records, and alongside the teams that he nurtures so well, has helped deliver hits consistently across the years". Ellis will also remain in his other role as A&R Director for Virgin EMI at large.

• Elsewhere, Universal Music has appointed producer Giles Martin to the newly created role of Head Of Audio & Sound. Based at Abbey Road Studios, he will study new audio formats and consumer technology to see what's actually worth spending time on. "The landscape of the way people listen to music has changed dramatically", he says, getting straight to work.

• Tove Lo has released a new short film, 'Blue Lips'. It features music from her upcoming new album of the same name.

• De Staat have released the video for new single 'Kitty Kitty'. Their new album, 'Bubble Gum', is set for release on 18 Jan.

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Charlie Sloth says ARIAs Edith Bowman rant was "bants", departs BBC two weeks early
Charlie Sloth has departed BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra two weeks earlier than planned, after he made an impromptu appearance on stage at last week's Audio & Radio Industry Awards to hurl insults at Edith Bowman. An incident he now says was "supposed to be a bit of bants" and not intended to be taken seriously.

It's been said that Charlie Sloth 'did a Kanye' when he stormed the ARIA stage, not least by Sloth himself. Although, to be fair to Kanye, when he pulled his "I'mma let you finish" stunt at the 2009 VMAs, at least he was arguing that someone else - ie Beyonce - should have won something.

When Sloth got up on stage last week, he didn't give the impression that he thought anyone other than himself should have taken the Best Specialist Music Show prize, which he'd just lost to Bowman.

"Edith Bowman, fuck your life", he said. "I just wanna say BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Saturday night Rap Show. Fuck your life. God bless".

Bowman received the prize for her 'Soundtracking' podcast, in which she interviews film directors about their music choices in their movies. She was seemingly not in attendance at the ceremony, so wasn't able to immediately respond to Sloth at the time - although she did tweet to enquire about his hangover the next morning. However, immediately afterwards, Radio 1 was announced as the winner of National Station Of The Year.

Receiving that prize, Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper reminded everyone that Sloth had just resigned from the station, saying: "I'd just like to say Charlie Sloth has left the building and is leaving Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Apologies".

On Saturday, Sloth returned to Twitter after a brief absence to explain himself, saying that it had all been a big joke that had backfired. "Soooo the ARIAs...", he began. "It was supposed to be a bit of bants with me jumping on stage, starting with me saying 'OK I'mma let you finish'. It wasn't directed at Edith, I love Edith and, like I said, so does my mum. I've apologised to Edith privately. I'm sorry to anyone I upset".

I'm not exactly sure when he previously said that his mum loves Edith Bowman, but whatever. In another tweet, he wrote: "I've decided not do the remaining the shows on the BBC that I initially agreed".

Despite recently announcing his departure from the BBC, Sloth had been scheduled to continue broadcasting his Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra shows until the beginning of November. But now he's "decided" not to. It's probably not even related to the ARIAs. He probably just wants more time to chat with his mum about how much they both love Edith Bowman.

In his original statement confirming he was exiting Radios 1 and 1Xtra he mused: "I joined the BBC as a boy and I leave as a man". No word on any amendment to that now.


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