TODAY'S TOP STORY: In the latest move to combat ticket touts, Tegan & Sara last night announced an "experiment", whereby they sold seats left empty by tickets remaining unsold on secondary sites on a pay-what-you-want basis shortly before showtime. All money raised from these last minute sales at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco was donated to the duo's Tegan & Sara Foundation charity... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Tegan & Sara offer last minute 'pay-what-you-want' tickets to fill seats left empty by touts
LEGAL Judge denies Jay-Z's request to give deposition off camera, but comes up with novel solution to leak fears
Californian judge says insurers not obliged to compensate concert stabbing victim
LIVE BUSINESS Mumford & Sons' Ben Lovett to open second London music venue
MEDIA Hozier launches podcast asking how to change the world
RELEASES Chvrches release new track for Hideo Kojima game soundtrack
ONE LINERS CTS Eventim, BMG, Nuclear Blast, more
AND FINALLY... Death metal Greta Thunberg gets official release to raise money for Greenpeace
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Tegan & Sara offer last minute 'pay-what-you-want' tickets to fill seats left empty by touts
In the latest move to combat ticket touts, Tegan & Sara last night announced an "experiment" whereby they sold seats left empty by tickets remaining unsold on secondary sites on a pay-what-you-want basis shortly before showtime. All money raised from these last minute sales at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco was donated to the duo's Tegan & Sara Foundation charity.

"It has come to our attention that significant numbers of tickets to our show tonight in San Francisco were unethically gobbled up by secondary ticketing platforms during our tour onsale in July", the pair said in a statement published on social media last night. "While the show tonight is technically sold out, many of these tickets are now being flooded back into the market for resale. Because there is little time to sell and we never ask our fans to go to secondary sites, this will likely result in empty seats tonight in the Sydney Goldstein Theater".

They continued: "Our goal is to ensure that our real fans are in each and every seat and to prevent secondary platforms from hurting our show. As an experiment, tonight in San Francisco we will be offering rush seating for all open seats, at approximately 8.15pm. This means that we will allow any empty seats to be available on a 'first come, first serve[d]' basis in return for a 'pay what you can' cash donation at the door to The Tegan & Sara Foundation, which works to support LGBTQ+ girls and women".

It was estimated that as many as 200 last minute seats might be available to fans willing to turn up and take a chance on getting in.

The move was welcomed by many fans, including those keen to take up last night's offer and others hoping that the same would happen for other shows on the tour. The acclaim was not universal, however. Touts on Twitter claimed that the empty seats were there because people weren't interested in seeing them - an argument that doesn't entirely stand up for a sold out show - and some genuine fans said that they had turned to secondary sites to sell their tickets after they were unable to attend the show.

It's not clear how many people actually took up the cheap ticket offer, but at least one fan on Twitter after the gig complained that the headline performance had been delayed while the empty seats were filled. They also said that they felt hard done by, having paid full price for their tickets, only to find that they could have got in for a fraction of the original ticket price.

Last month, Ed Sheeran promoter Kilimanjaro said that not wanting to annoy fans who paid full price for tickets was the reason it did not allow other fans to sell tickets below face value on its fan-to-fan resale system for the musician's shows. This statement was in response to some fans complaining that they were unable to offload their unwanted tickets through the approved resale channel, especially when tickets remained available on primary sites, because they couldn't discount the price of the tickets.

The system operated by Tegan & Sara last night does, of course, have the potential to alienate people who managed to buy tickets from primary sources. However, turning up at the last minute doesn't guarantee entry to the shows, whereas those that did pay full price enjoyed the benefit of knowing they would definitely get in. And by donating money from these extra sales to charity - albeit their own charity - the duo did avoid any accusations that they are personally benefitting from selling some tickets twice.

All of this highlights the tricky issue of attempting to combat touts and the secondary market, with anti-touting initiatives sometimes annoying a portion of the fans even when the motives behind those initiatives are good.

Tegan & Sara indicated in their original statement last night that they may apply the offer of cheap last minute tickets to other shows on the tour, although they have not yet confirmed that this is the case.


Judge denies Jay-Z's request to give deposition off camera, but comes up with novel solution to leak fears
Jay-Z's long-awaited deposition in a case brought against him by a perfume company will be filmed, despite his protestations. However, the judge in the case offered an unusual compromise to allay his fears of the video leaking to the press.

Judge Andrew Borrok said that he understood Jay-Z's privacy concerns and the damage leaks could have on his personal brand and business - quoting some of the rapper's own lyrics to prove his point. However, he noted that giving a deposition off camera was unprecedented and that various other celebs - including Mariah Carey, twice - had made filmed depositions for the same New York state court.

Fragrance company Parlux sued Jay-Z - real name Shawn Carter - back in 2016 accusing the rapper of failing to meet his commitments to plug Gold Jay-Z, a perfume that it had launched in partnership with him. Progress towards a trial has been slow, as Jay-Z and his legal team have resisted various requests from the plaintiffs - including to see the rapper's personal diary, in order to track his movements around the time he was supposed to be promoting the perfume.

Jay-Z's deposition - where he would answer questions in relation to the case under oath - was supposed to take place in August but was cancelled. At the court hearing yesterday, the perfume company was seeking sanctions against him and reimbursement for costs incurred when he pulled out of the pre-trial interview. Jay-Z's side, meanwhile, argued that their continued concerns for his privacy legitimately warranted a delay in him being questioned.

The rapper and his lawyers are seemingly particularly anxious about the video of the deposition leaking as the opposing side is likely to ask detailed questions on "sensitive matters about Mr Carter's personal and professional life", including the contents of his personal diary. His attorney Andrew Bart said that there was "genuine concern" that leaks could harm his name and image, which are the things his entire business is based upon.

"I get it. He's not a businessman. He's a business, man", said Borrok, demonstrating his knowledge of the rapper's lyrics, according to Law360. However, the judge denied the request for the deposition not to be filmed, noting that there is a confidentiality agreement in place barring anyone involved from handing over the video to the press (or anyone else).

While each party in the case will receive a watermarked copy of the tape, which would identify any leaker, it is standard practice for the videographer to keep an unwatermarked copy and for a digital version to be held in online storage. It is these versions that Jay-Z is apparently worried about. And on which the judge came up with an unusual solution.

Agreeing that no online version would be created, he then asked: "Why can't the original be destroyed?" He told the lawyers on both sides that after the watermarked copies were created "you should destroy the [original] together".

I'm now imagining some sort of party where they burn it. Or maybe they could throw it into a car crusher. That would be cool. I'm sure they'll think of something.

Borrok also denied Parlux's request for sanctions and reimbursement. With all the issues ironed out, the deposition is now set to take pace - with cameras - this Friday.

Parlux claims that it lost $18 million due to Jay-Z failing to promote the perfume in the manner he had agreed to in their contract. The rapper denies this and counters that he is still owed almost $3 million by the company.


Californian judge says insurers not obliged to compensate concert stabbing victim
A Californian judge has ruled in favour of a group of London-based insurers who said they shouldn't have to pay out damages to a man who was stabbed at a concert they insured.

The legal dispute related to the 2016 edition of an annual concert called Summer Jam, which is staged each summer at the outdoor amphitheatre of the Thunder Valley casino complex in Lincoln, California.

Simon Pantoja was stabbed during an altercation at the concert and subsequently sued the show's promoter, WorldOne Presents, for negligence, arguing that his injuries were the result of event organisers failing to implement proper security measures at the venue.

Pantoja's lawsuit stated: "During the concert a fight broke out between unknown individuals for which security personnel working for defendant WorldOne Presents ... failed to respond. As a result of defendants' security personnel failing to respond to individuals continuing to assault a victim, plaintiff attempted to stop the physical assault of a fellow guest and was stabbed multiple times by one of the perpetrators who had entered the concert with the deadly weapon".

After Pantoja had gone legal WorldOne tried to claim on its insurance policy. But the insurers - a group of underwriters affiliated to Lloyd's Of London - argued that an 'assault and battery exclusion' in that policy meant they didn't have to cover any damages Pantoja was due or WorldOne's legal costs in relation to the dispute.

There was then quite a bit of back and forth between Pantoja, WorldOne and the insurers as the case went through the motions. The insurers ultimately sought a summary judgement in their favour.

According to Law360, the judge has now granted that summary judgement, ruling that: "The court finds the language of the assault and battery exclusion ... to be unambiguous as a matter of law".


Mumford & Sons' Ben Lovett to open second London music venue
Mumford & Sons' Ben Lovett has announced plans to launch a second London music venue. Having opened Omeara in Southwark in 2016, Lovett is set to unveil new venture Lafayette in King's Cross early next year.

"A few years ago I embarked on a journey into the unknown with family and friends and launched Omeara at Flat Iron Square", says Lovett. "We weren't entirely clear how to achieve what we ultimately wanted, but we definitely knew what it needed to be and why we were doing it. I have had some of my favourite and most memorable experiences in Omeara since it opened back in late 2016, and I truly believe that the experience it has provided both fans and artists is something so important to London's venue landscape".

He continues: "It is with great pride that I can now share our plans to open Lafayette @ Goods Way which will be in the heart of King's Cross, adjacent to Central St Martins and Coal Drops Yard. I'm forever committed to pushing forward a new era of music venues that truly elevate people's expectations of what that experience should be, and I believe London ought to continually strive to be at the forefront of the entertainment industry on a global stage, as the best city in the world".

"It's still early days in the venue's construction but, this time, not only do we know exactly what it will be and why we're doing it, but we're now extremely confident that we know how to deliver it too", he adds, confidently.

The venue is currently scheduled to open in February and, like Omeara, will be booked by Lovett's music company Communion.


Hozier launches podcast asking how to change the world
Hozier has released a new podcast in partnership with campaigning group Global Citizen. Named 'Cry Power', he will speak to musicians, artists, writers and campaigners about how to take action and change the world. The first episode, out now, features Annie Lennox.

"I've found the making of the 'Cry Power' podcast to be enlightening and inspiring", says Hozier. "Sitting down with people I have such admiration for and hearing the stories of how they sought to make a change with what was available to them has been encouraging and uplifting".

Global Citizen co-founder Simon Moss adds: "Global Citizen is extremely proud to partner with Hozier to find exciting, creative, new ways to spark conversation around the 'global goals for sustainable development' - and inspire more people to join our movement to end extreme poverty. 2020 is a vital year [for this] mission with just ten years left to achieve our goal, and we can't thank Hozier enough for helping drive the necessary action to support the world's most vulnerable people".

Future guests including Mavis Staples - with whom Hozier worked on the song 'Nina Cried Power', from which the podcast takes its name - Marcus Mumford and Bono. Subscribe and listen here.


CMU Insights training - upcoming sessions
The CMU Insights autumn training programme is now well underway with a masterclass coming up next week and then another three-part series of evening seminars.

The 'Digital Dollar' masterclass is a half-day session based on the five years of research CMU Insights has done for the Music Managers Forum dissecting the streaming business. It explains how record labels, music distributors, music publishers and collecting societies license the streaming services, and how digital royalties are calculated each month.

The masterclass takes place on Tuesday 8 Oct at 2pm at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin. Tickets are available here.

The 'Music Marketing & Fan Engagement' seminars talk through the modern music marketing toolkit, explaining the tools and tactics the music industry employs to market its artists, releases and shows. There are also standalone seminars looking in more detail at social/digital channels and music PR.

The marketing seminars take place over three Monday evenings at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin, kicking off on 14 Oct. Book into individual sessions or the full series here.

Chvrches release new track for Hideo Kojima game soundtrack
Chvrches have released new track 'Death Stranding', taken from the soundtrack of the new Hideo Kojima video game of the same name.

"We were really excited about the opportunity to work with Kojima because we have been fans of his work for a long time", say the band. "He has always been such a visionary in the gaming world and we were honoured to be involved in the project. The concept of 'Death Stranding' is so unique and really felt to us like it was challenging people to care about the world they create - in the game and otherwise. We wrote this song specifically for 'Death Stranding', thinking of the themes of the game and what it is trying to say to people".

This and other music inspired by the game - including tracks by Major Lazer with Khalid, Bring Me The Horizon and The SLP - will feature on soundtrack album 'Death Stranding: Timefall', which is out on 7 Nov.

Listen to 'Death Stranding' by Chvrches here.



German live music firm CTS Eventim has acquired a majority stake in Russian promoter Talent Concert International. "The Russian market is very important to a growing number of internationally popular artists - and few companies bring as many acts from abroad to Russia as TCI", says CTS Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg.



BMG has promoted Sylvain Gazaignes to General Manager of its French business. "It is my goal to further expand our activities in the local market as well as promoting our French signings to an international audience using the BMG network", he says.

Nuclear Blast has announced it has hired Jens Prueter as A&R for Europe and Antje Lange as Chief Operating Officer. "Prueter and Lange will help us steer the careers of new, cutting-edge and up-and-coming talent who join the world's top heavy-music artists and legends such as Slayer, Nightwish and Meshuggah", says Thorsten Freese, MD of Believe Germany, the metal label's parent company.



'Frozen 2' is coming out soon. It's all very exciting, I'm sure we can all agree. Now Disney has announced that Kacey Musgraves, Panic! At The Disco and Weezer have recorded their own versions of songs from the film for the soundtrack release. So soon you can be disappointed by those, alongside Demi Lovato's inferior version of 'Let It Go' from the first one.

King Princess and Mark Ronson have released a cover of The Turtles' 'Happy Together'. Set to release her debut album, 'Cheap Queen', on 25 Oct, King Princess is signed to Ronson's Sony/Columbia imprint Zelig Records.

Mark Ronson has also released the video for 'Don't Leave Me Lonely', featuring Yebba, from his recently 'Late Night Feelings' album.

Foals have released the video for recent single 'The Runner'.

Kim Petras has release new Halloween-themed album 'Turn Off The Light'.

UK drill duo Skengdo & AM have announced that they will release new mixtape, 'Back Like We Never Left', this Friday. From it, here's new track 'Tugg'.

Burna Boy has released the video for 'Another Story', featuring M.anifest, from his 'African Giant' album.

Having revived their Karenn project earlier this year, Blawan and Pariah have announced their debut album under the name. 'Grapefruit Regret' will be released on 4 Nov. From it, this is 'Crush The Mushrooms'.

Kathryn Joseph has released new single 'Whole'. Joseph will be touring the UK in November.

Liza Anne has released new single 'Devotion'.

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Death metal Greta Thunberg gets official release to raise money for Greenpeace
Sweden's Despotz Records has signed and released the death metal version of Greta Thunberg's UN speech, which went viral last week. Retitled 'How Dare You', the label will donate all of its profits from the release to Greenpeace.

"Greta says it better than ... we on this label [or] any other adult so far has been able to say it, so one of the best things we can do is to use our platform for spreading her own words", says the label. "We stand united with her in her quest and are grateful for a chance to contribute in any way".

On transforming Thunberg's words into a metal track, the label continues: "Greta embodies rock music in its full meaning. "She is uncompromising, tough as hell and doesn't give a shit about what people think of her. She is not afraid to tell you about the scariest things imaginable without beautifying it a bit, and that is what metal is about".

The track was created by Suaka drummer John Mollusk, who told Rolling Stone last week: "When I saw her speech, I was very impressed by her passion and outrage. The words she chose just evoked the darkness of the metal music I love".

Buy the track on Bandcamp here, or find it via your download or streaming platform of choice.


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