TODAY'S TOP STORY: Jason Mraz has sued Coors Light over an advert it posted to Instagram earlier this year that featured a clip of him performing at a Californian festival. He says the drinks firm didn't seek permission to include the thirteen second snippet of him singing 2008 hit 'I'm Yours'... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Jason Mraz sues Coors Light over Instagram video
LEGAL Joycelyn Savage denies speaking out against R Kelly in new video statement
Arbitrator sets out agreement to settle feud between Ramone heirs
RELEASES Caribou suddenly announces new album
Aidan Moffat announces instrumental album as Nyx Nótt
Hinds return with new single, Riding Solo
ONE LINERS GEMA, MSG Company, Beatport, more
AND FINALLY... Willie Nelson stops smoking marijuana
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Jason Mraz sues Coors Light over Instagram video
Jason Mraz has sued Coors Light over an advert it posted to Instagram earlier this year that featured a clip of him performing at a Californian festival. He says the drinks firm didn't seek permission to include the thirteen second snippet of him singing 2008 hit 'I'm Yours'.

According to a lawsuit filed with the California federal court yesterday, Mraz performed at the BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach on 4 May this year. Coors Light then posted the clip of his performance to Instagram later that month. The video also contained Coors Light branding and was accompanied by the caption "Kicking off summer with the World's Most Refreshing Beer at the BeachLife Festival".

The musician says that the beer company never asked for permission to include the snippet of his performance in its promotional video. And if it had, he would have declined to provide said permission. "Due to the family friendly nature of the song", the lawsuit states, "Mraz has never licensed the composition for use by alcohol companies or other adult-oriented products and would never do so".

The lawsuit not only accuses Coors Light of copyright infringement - for which he seeks statutory damages of $150,000 per infringement - but also claims various other breaches of the law by the drinks firm, including a violation of his publicity and image rights. All of which would result in a much big damages claim if Mraz was successful in court.

We now await to see how Coors Light owner MillerCoors responds.


Joycelyn Savage denies speaking out against R Kelly in new video statement
One of R Kelly's girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage, has issued a video statement denying that she published any claims against the musician online. But her family says that they still have questions about how whoever did post allegations in Savage's name was able to detail abuse that seemed to confirm what they have uncovered through their own investigations.

Last month, a Patreon account was set up in Savage's name, publishing a number of detailed accounts of abuse by Kelly. The page was subsequently shut down after Patreon was unable to confirm the identity of the person behind it. All monies that had been paid by followers to access the posts were refunded. Prior to that, an Instagram account also said to be operated by Savage indicated that she planned to make a public statement. Her family insists that this was, at least at one time, her personal account on the Instagram platform.

In her new statement, published by TMZ, Savage doesn't actually mention the Patreon account, but does explicitly state that the Instagram posts were not from her. She then denies being a "victim" of Kelly's and discusses other claims that have been made about him and her. She also speaks for Kelly's other girlfriend Azriel Clary. Both Savage and Clary have spoken out in defence of Kelly a number of times.

Initially reading from a pre-prepared statement on her phone, Savage says: "I am truly tired of all the lies that they are saying about the man we love so much and our best friend R Kelly. It has been said that I have left him and that he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I have said before, none of it is true. It is a shame how they are treating him. It is so wrong on so many levels and he does not deserve this".

"I am not going to be part of an assassination of R Kelly's name, music career and his character", she goes on. "How will he ever be able to get a fair trial anywhere in the world with all these lies that are being told on him? Please free him and let him come home in peace. I promise you, he is not the person you guys think he is. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and Azriel. I talk to him every day, and I see him every two weeks".

In the second half of the video, speaking without a script, she goes on: "Please do not believe what you see and hear on social media. That is not my Instagram, someone is impersonating me. I just want everyone to know, we still support him, and we would never betray him. Me and Azriel will forever love him".

"I would never in a million years hurt him like this", she continues. "It's just really, really, really sad that someone would pretend to be me ... and say that I'm a victim, that I am brainwashed, I'm a sex slave ... and that I have Stockholm syndrome. It's just really, really said, and I'm just heartbroken for all of this that is going on".

Earlier this year, Savage and Clary were interviewed together by CBS, where they spoke in favour of Kelly, denying that there had been any abuse or that they were being held against their will. They claimed that their families were making accusations against Kelly in an attempt to extort money from him.

Shortly after the broadcast, in which Kelly was also interviewed, he was arrested on further charges of sexual abuse. He has been held in custody ever since, awaiting trial in Chicago and New York. A further trial is set to take place in Minnesota.

After the Patreon account was set up, Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg initially gave validity to the claim that it was being operated by Savage herself by immediately accusing her of turning on Kelly because he was no longer able to fund her lifestyle.

Meanwhile Savage's family said that they didn't know whether or not the Patreon posts were genuine, but that some of the things they described confirmed some of what their own investigations had uncovered.

Following Savage's new video, her family's attorney, Gerald Griggs, said in a statement: "We're saddened and disappointed to learn that Joycelyn Savage has said that she was not the person operating the Patreon account. We deeply desired to hear her story and in her own voice outside of the presence of Robert Sylvester Kelly or anyone associated with him. For nearly three years, Joycelyn Savage has not been able to speak outside of a controlled environment created by Mr Kelly. Her video today was not any different".

"Although we can now verify that it wasn't her account, the allegations still remain", he went on. "These are allegations that our own independent investigation found to be accurate and closely match the details listed in four indictments against Mr Kelly. We are also concerned about who gained access to Joycelyn's personal Instagram account to mislead the public and her family. But there is no deception in this fact, for three years, Joycelyn's family has spent the holidays without their daughter. They love her and long to embrace her once again".


Arbitrator sets out agreement to settle feud between Ramone heirs
An arbitrator who has been attempting to negotiate a truce between the two owners of Ramone Productions Inc has filed court papers outlining a proposed agreement.

All four founding members of The Ramones have now died, of course. The company that manages the band's brand and likeness is controlled by Mitchel Hyman (aka Mickey Leigh) - brother of Joey Ramone (born Jeffrey Hyman) - and Linda Cummings (aka Linda Cummings-Ramone) - the widow of Johnny Ramone (born Johnny Cummings).

There have been various tensions between Hyman and Cummings over the years that have had a negative impact on the running of the Ramones company and the licensing of its brands. Hyman objected to Cummings changing her name to Linda Cummings-Ramone and naming her LA home Ramones Ranch. That, he said, was Cummings "misappropriating" the company's intellectual property for her own use.

For her part, Cummings argued that Hyman did not act in the best interest of the company, claiming that he would "repeatedly, unreasonably withhold consent and approval for use of Ramones IP". She also accused him of breaching previous agreements about the running of the company and of harassing her through regular litigious proceedings.

According to Billboard, an arbitrator called Bob Donnelly was assigned to the case in a bid to negotiate some sort of settlement between Hyman and Cummings. He said he was convinced that the feud between the two Ramone Productions Inc shareholders was costing them opportunities to better exploit the band's legacy.

In papers filed with the court, the arbitrator outlines a proposed agreement. Cummings would be barred from using the name Ramones Ranch unless Hyman gives his approval at any point in the future. However, she will be able to keep Ramone in her name, is free to trademark Johnny Ramone and/or Linda Ramone, and can rename her home the Johnny Ramone Ranch or the Linda Ramone Ranch.

"Mickey Hyman and Linda Cummings-Ramone have been entrusted with the exceedingly important mission of preserving the legacy of the Ramones for its existing followers, and to grow this iconic brand to a new world-wide group of music fans", Donnelly wrote.

"The only way those goals can be accomplished in my estimation", he added, "is for there to be some radical changes made by Mickey, Linda, and their representatives and the way they all conduct the business of the company".


Approved: Martha Skye Murphy
Just over a year after her debut EP, 'Heroides', Martha Skye Murphy returns with new single 'Black Eye'. A sparsely arranged track with just stripped back piano and vocals, it still manages to sound and feel incredibly full, with power and tension building throughout.

The video for the track follows a character - played by Murphy - through clips captured on CCTV. Her only interactions with the viewer are brief, paranoid glances into the cameras watching over her.

"The viewer, a silent onlooker to her misery, subjective and disjointed, is allowed to be placed intimately and judgmentally into her internality with the camera's separating lens - much like my listener who I neither see nor know", she says. "The aim was to subvert and turn the camera's 'male gaze', as identified by scholar Laura Mulvey, onto itself, with the character in the music video slowly acknowledging her voyeur behind the screen".

The song and video both feed into an idea of creating an uneasy journey, and a feeling of attempting to reach something but never quite getting there.

"I was reading a short story by Balzac at the time called 'The Unknown Masterpiece' which inspired this sentiment", she explains. "There was a line in it that read: 'What is missing? Next to nothing, but that nothing is everything'. This was the atmosphere I wanted to be captured in the film. In our film next to nothing is documented but something is brewing. We never get to arrive".

Prior to releasing her own music, Murphy provided backing vocals on Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' 'Push The Sky Away' album. She then toured with the band as they promoted the record. Cave himself has been a champion of her music, saying that she writes "lovely, haunting, lean and spacious songs".

Watch the video for 'Black Eye' here.

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Caribou suddenly announces new album
Caribou has announced that he will release his new album, 'Suddenly', on 28 Feb. He's also released a new single from it, 'You & I'.

"'You and I' was one of the first tracks on the album that I started and one of the last tracks I finished", he says. "It existed in some form or other throughout the whole arc of making the record. It also captures a lot of what the record, and the title of the album, are about - the track changes suddenly and unpredictably and it is about a change in my life that happened out of the blue".

As for the process of making the album as a whole, he goes on: "I record music every day, and I love it - as much or more than I have always done. I feel very lucky - the thrill has never, ever left me. For the last few albums at least, there's been a point about three quarters of the way through where I work late into the night - as usual - but when I try and go to bed, ideas keep forcing me to get up and go back to the studio again".

"It happens over and over in one night", he continues. "I can feel the gears whirring as I lie there trying to sleep and I can't ignore the ideas for fear that they will be gone when I wake up the next morning".

Sounds exhausting. Hopefully now this album's done and dusted he can get a bit of shut-eye. He'll need it before he tours the UK in April. His shows in Glasgow and London are already sold out, by the way. Thought you'd want to know.

Listen to 'You & I' here.


Aidan Moffat announces instrumental album as Nyx Nótt
Aidan Moffat has revealed new project Nyx Nótt, with plans to release an album under that name, titled 'Au Pieds De La Nuit', early next year.

"I'd work on it when everyone else at home was in bed", says Moffat of how the new project began. "I don't sleep very well and I'm very much a nighthawk, so the music I made was naturally nocturnal".

"I originally planned to release the album anonymously and tried to think of a convincing, exotic name that suited the nocturnal themes of the album", he continues. "Nyx and Nótt are two mythical goddesses of night, Nyx from the Greek and Nótt from old Norse".

"It's made with samples, sound effects, keyboards, and the occasional toy", he says of the record. "For me, making instrumental music is like working with your favourite tool missing. It's more of a challenge and a bit more risky. It relies more on instinct than songwriting does, or at least it does for me. It requires a bit more trust in yourself when there's no-one to bounce ideas off - in that way, these sorts of records are probably more personal than those with my voice".

Listen to three tracks from the album in this Radio Nyx presentation here.


Hinds return with new single, Riding Solo
Hinds are back with new single 'Riding Solo', the first track from their upcoming and still to be properly announced third album.

Of the new song, the band say: "Feeling lonely is one of the most common human feelings, right? Well, being a musician doesn't really help. Your whole life is constantly moving and the only thing that remains is yourself. And dealing with yourself, oh gosh, we all know how boring and angering that can be".

"'Riding Solo' is about this", they go on. "About us. Perpetually on the move, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Surrounded by strangers most time of the day, being nine hours time difference from our people and what we call home, living and dying por y para la música".

Watch the video for the track here.



German song rights collecting society GEMA has bought itself a majority stake in music distributor Zebralution because, well, who knows? Berlin-based Zebralution was part of Warner Music for ten years, but became an independent entity again in 2017.



US-based live firm MSG has filed paperwork with the Securities & Exchange Commission to begin the process of splitting itself into two businesses - one focused on venues and entertainment, the other on sport. The company confirmed plans to split into two totally separate entities last month.



Dance music focused digital platform Beatport has launched a new editorial website, Beatportal, providing articles and interviews on electronic music with a "heavy emphasis on community, diversity and education". Check out the site here.

After more than two years, Jay-Z has returned his full catalogue to Spotify. Apparently this is to mark his 50th birthday. Although maybe he's finally conceded that it really wasn't helping his Tidal streaming service to gain any ground on it much bigger rival.



BBC Radio 1 has announced a new roster of presenters to take over shows on the station over the festive period. Emerging presenters were invited to apply earlier this year. The winners include a YouTuber, a podcaster, a tattoo artist, and the station's first blind presenter. Full details of the 35 guest hosts are here.



The Association Of Independent Music's annual conference AIM Connected will take place on 4 Feb next year at Kings Place in London and will be "totally panel-less", with a programme of "quick-fire strong opinions", case studies, practical workshops and speed networking sessions. Info and tickets here.



Billie Eilish will release her live acoustic EP, recorded at and released through Third Man Records, this Friday. Here she is creating the artwork for one of the two limited edition pressings (plus a little preview of the acoustic version of 'Bad Guy').

Ellie Goulding has released the video for her cover of Joni Mitchell's 'River'. "I have always loved Joni Mitchell, she was one of the first female artists that made me want to be a singer", says Goulding. "She is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and I just truly hope that I have done this song some justice".

The Weeknd has released the video for new single 'Heartless'.

Efterklang have released a new four track EP, 'Lyset'. It's available in various formats, including socks. Just in time for Christmas.

Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli has announced that he will release his first ever solo album, 'Random Desire', on 21 Feb. He'll be touring in March too. Here's new single 'Pantomima'.

Poliça have released new single 'Forget Me Now'. "'Forget Me Now' is letting off some steam", says vocalist Channy Leaneagh. "It's about recognising a pattern of choosing people who can't love you how you wish to be loved".

Kali Uchis has released her first bilingual single, 'Solita'. "I'd rather dance alone than with the devil", she says. "This song is about healing, freedom and embracing the mixed emotions that come with that. I hope my fans feel sexy when they listen to it. I'm so excited to share more".

Foreign Beggars will release their final album before splitting up, 'Matriarchy', on 13 Dec. "We thought it important to release [the album] this side of the year to give our fans one last gift, and set a clean slate for the New Year and new life", say the trio. From it, this is 'Young Kings & Queens', featuring Maverick Sabre and Mali Hayes.

Soccer Mommy has released new track 'Feed', taken from the soundtrack of upcoming movie 'The Turning'. "I've always wanted to do a song for a horror movie so I loved getting to write 'Feed'", she says. "It's a song about letting a demon feed off your body. It was really fun to get to write something a little more imaginative than my other songs".

The Darkness have released the video for 'How Can I Lose Your Love' from their 'Easter Is Cancelled' album.

Envy have released the video for new single 'A Step In the Morning Glow'. Their new album, 'The Fallen Crimson', is out on 7 Feb.

Ashnikko has released the video for new single 'Working Bitch'. "I felt like an alien cowgirl writing this song so you bet your ass I'm gonna be an alien cowgirl in the music video", she says. Catch her live at a secret London location on 12 Dec. Details here.



The 30th anniversary of The Stone Roses' legendary Spike Island show is being marked with another show on the same site on 16 May next year. The line-up will be filled by an assortment of Manchester band tribute acts, with The Clone Roses topping the bill. Info here.

Aldous Harding has announced that she will play The Barbican in London on 20 May. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

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Willie Nelson stops smoking marijuana
Willie Nelson has given up smoking marijuana, aged 86, over concerns it's affecting his health.

"I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful", he tells KSAT-TV. "I started smoking cedar bark, went from that to cigarettes to whatever. And that almost killed me. [So] I don't smoke anymore. I take better care of myself".

In August this year Nelson was forced to cancel tour dates because he was experiencing breathing difficulties. Asked about rumours he's in a poor state of health in general, he said: "I don't give a fuck. I'm here, I'm glad to be here. I'm lucky to be here".

He now has US tour dates scheduled from the beginning of January through to April next year. Also, don't worry, the other rumour is that he's still using marijuana via means other than smoking.


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