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In today's CMU Daily:
• Federal suit placed against Rhode Island club
• Songwriting awards announce nominees
• More Beach Boys legal wranglings
• So Solid Maffia on club shooting
• Review: Ed Harcourt - Watching The Sun Come Up
• Reading Leeds update
• Koch release early Norah tracks
• Springsteen supports Dixie Chicks
• Electric Eel confirmed for Roskilde
• POD Matrix track peforms well
• Viacom post profits
• White Stripes say we're not splitting up yet
• BBBC 3 face criticism after poor performing news show
• Review: Mj Cole - Wondering Why
• Ibiza club launches album
• AMA move ceremony
• Tatu news - "we're not trying to shock"


With Mr Scruff's remixed Sweetsmoke CD out end of May, here's another chance to win Scruff goodies (a mug, t-shirt and some vinyl). Check the 'songs in ads' questions each day and find out how to win on Friday. Last week's
answers and winners at the bottom of the Daily.

Q2: The song - DJ Shadow's Blood On The Motorway, whose ad?


The first federal (as opposed to a state) lawsuit against those involved in the Rhode Island club fire was posted yesterday on behalf of three survivors and the family of one of those killed in the tragic fire that stemmed from a pyro show at a Great White gig. The suit was filed by attorney Ronald Resmini and named as defendants the club's owners, the band, their management company and label, Clear Channel Communications, Luna Tech (who supplied the pyros), American Foam (who supplied the sound proofing that proved particularly flammable), the town of West Warwick, the state of Rhode Island and the real-estate company that owns the land.

By filing a federal suit it means the case will be heard in a federal court rather than a state court. Talking about his decision to go the 'federal route', Resmini told reporters: "We want to see where it's going to end up, state or federal, particularly as it pertains to liability. Somebody's got to do it, and I got tired of waiting on everybody else and did it myself."

Great White's attorney Ed McPherson, who said he was not aware of Resmini's suit, didn't think the difference between state and federal was important: "I don't think it makes much difference in regard to liability or damage. And federal and state courts are pretty equal in how quickly they get to trial. A federal filing does mean the suit will probably circumvent the chief judge in the state court, who has made it clear she would like all of these lawsuits to be coordinated."

McPherson added that he reckoned about a dozen civil suits have been filed at a state level against those involved in the fire. The grand jury investigation into the fire is yet to make any charges, though McPherson added: "I know the grand jury is still impanelled, and they're working very diligently in going over the evidence. Just because no charges have been filed doesn't mean they won't be."


The nominations for this years songwriting awards - the Ivor Novellos - have been released, with songs performed by Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Oasis and David Gray all nominated. Nomination highlights include:

- Two Kylie songs - 'Love At First Sight' and 'In Your Eyes' - will compete with Liberty X's 'Just a Little' for the Most Performed Work award.

- Ms Dynamite's 'It Takes More', The Streets' 'Weak Become Heroes' and Coldplay's 'In My Place' all compete for the Best Contemporary Song award.

- International Hit of the Year nominations go to U2's 'Electrical Storm', Avril Lavigne's 'Complicated' and Robbie Williams' 'Feel'.

- Shy FX's 'Shake UR Body', X-Press 2's 'Lazy' and Tim Deluxe's 'It Just Won't Do' are all up for the Dance

- Cathy Dennis, after her win last year for 'Can't Get You Out of My Head', is nominated again this year for the Will Young performed song 'Anything Is Possible'.

- Oasis' 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out', Aqualung's 'Strange and Beautiful' and David Gray's 'The Other Side' are all competing for the top award, Best Song Musically & Lyrically.

The actual awards take place at the Le Meridien Grosvenor House in London on 22 May.


More on those legal wranglings between former members of the Beach Boys. As you may recall former Beach Boy Mike Love sued fellow former Beach Boy Al Jardine for calling his new band the Beach Boys. According to an agreement between the three surviving Beach Boys (Jardine, Love and Brian Wilson) and the estate of Carl Wilson only Love had a license to use that name. The courts backed that agreement and ordered Jardine to stop using the Beach Boys name. While he plans to appeal against the decision (Jardine claims the agreement was voided when Love refused to let him perform at his Beach Boys shows) he is now performing under a number of different names including Beach Boys Family & Friends; Al Jardine, Beach Boy; and Al Jardine of the Beach Boys.

Now Brother Records - the label jointly owned by the former band members who manage Love's licence to use the name - are demanding Jardine drop the words 'Beach Boy(s)' completely from his shows. They yesterday filed papers at an LA court demanding Jardine change the name of his shows and pay $2 million in court costs and unspecified damages from loss of earnings due to unfair competition pitting Jardine's concert appearances against Love's. Jardine is yet to respond to the latest action.


So Solid Crew's Lisa Maffia has been talking to reporters about a fatal shooting that took place on Easter Sunday at a London club where she was due to perform. Describing the incident as a 'shocking tragedy' she joined fellow Crew members in calling for an end to the growing gun culture in Britain.

Reports suggest violence erupted at the Twice As Nice club night at Farringdon's Turnmills when eight men burst into the club and opened fire. Although at least one club-goer was wounded it was when members of two gangs - including the eight men - spilled out onto the street and carried on shooting that one Michael Trevor Francois was fatally shot.

Maffia yesterday told reporters: "This is a terrible tragedy - and it's a shocking thing when kids who just want to go out and party, to celebrate Easter, are caught up in this senseless violence. Guns should have no place in our society, we should do everything we can to encourage ending this violent culture - which is why I along with others in So Solid Crew are taking part in the 'Disarm' Campaign."

Maffia and other key Crew members will perform at a gig at Ocean in Hackney this Thursday as part of that
anti-guns 'Disarm' initiative.


REVIEW: Ed Harcourt - Watching The Sun Come Up (EMI/Heavenly)
They're gonna love this at the BBC - think of all the TV programmes they can use this as incidental music for - clips of Glasto, holiday shows, Wimbledon: Ker-ching for Mr Harcourt's accountant, then. 'WTSCU', meanwhile, is another fantastic single from Ed, and arguably his finest since 'Something In My Eye'. Here's the script: relentlessly sharp chugging guitars, impassioned vocals (throaty Tom Waits style, with cooing Beach Boys bits) and a quietly jubilant horn section that returns to the party late on, bringing welcomed bursts of joie de vivre. Oh, and, best of all, choruses that lead to choruses that lead to choruses. Result, then. MS
Release date: 12 may
Press contact: EMI IH


More festival news - the latest additions to the Reading and Leeds bill include Jay-Z, Lostprophets and Junior Senior. According to NME Jay Z will precede Placebo on the main stage, Junior Senior will appear early on on Blur's headline night, also on the main stage, while the Lostprophets will open the Leeds leg of the event


Koch Records are sure to cash in with a five track EP from singer/songwriter Peter Malick due for a US release in June, because it features vocals from grammy award winning chart topping Norah Jones, who worked with Malick back in 2000 before making it big as a solo star.

Jones herself is about to embark on a summer tour of the US which includes a headline performance at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and a date at the Joint in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel.


Not sure how middle America will take to this. Bruce Springsteen has come out in favour of the Dixie Chicks
calling those who criticised the band after they made anti-Bush comments un-American.

He told reporters: "The Dixie Chicks have taken a big hit lately for exercising their basic right to express themselves. To me, they're terrific American artists expressing American values by using their American right to free speech. For them to be banished wholesale from radio stations, and even entire radio networks, for speaking out is un-American".

"The pressure coming from the government and big business to enforce conformity of thought concerning the war and politics goes against everything that this country is about - namely freedom. Right now, we are supposedly fighting to create freedom in Iraq, at the same time that some are trying to intimidate and punish people for using that same freedom here at home".

"I don't know what happens next, but I do want to add my voice to those who think that the Dixie Chicks are getting a raw deal, and an un-American one to boot. I send them my support."

It's not the first time Springsteen has expressed an anti-war stand point. At a gig in Australia last month he followed a version of his own 'Born In The USA' with a cover of Edwin Starr's 'War'. Later in the show he dedicated a song to the "innocent victims of Iraq."


CMU favourites Electric Eel Shock have confirmed they will be playing at this year's Roskilde Festival - taking the slot filled last year by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - high up the bill in one of the main tents.

The band are currently touring the UK - CMU caught them at the Metro last week and our man was heard to say "They literally tore the roof down. Sickeningly good". Remaining dates as follows:

23 Apr: Manhattens, Hereford
24 Apr: The Barfly, Liverpool (with Little Hell)
25 Apr: Retro Bar, Manchester
26 Apr: The Zodiac, Oxford (with Eighties Matchbox B-Line.)
28 Apr: The Freebutt, Brighton
29 Apr: SB Walkabout, London (with Regurgitator)
30 Apr: The Horn, St Albans
1 May: London - Metro (Club Fandango with Giddy Motors)
2 May: The Barfly, Cardiff (with Kennedy Soundtrack)
4 May: Fibbers, York (with Regurgitator)
5 May: The Grapes, Sheffield
6 May: Dublin Castle, London (Club Fandango)
8 May: Fred Zepplins, Cork
9 May: High Stool, Limerick (With Ex Girl)
10 May: Ball Room Romance, Dublin
11 May: Jiro's, Belfast
14 May: Fleece, Bristol (With Kennedy Soundtrack)
15 May: London EP Launch Party


POD's new track, 'Sleeping Awake', which appears on the soundtrack to the forthcoming 'The Matrix Reloaded' movie, has become the most 'added' track in US radio. New band member Jason Truby, who had a hand in writing the song, has been talking about what the band are up to via their website:

"I wanted to let you all know how awesome everything is going. The guys and me have been catching up on old times and preparing for the vision ahead. We did the video for 'Sleeping Awake' and are now reviewing the final edits. It is amazing. We have been writing new material and already have 11 songs completed. We are excited for you all to hear them. Thank you for supporting us and me. I am honoured to be apart of this family. POD will never let you down - The biggest days are ahead."


Despite the continuing advertising slump and the costs of covering the war US media giant Viacom, owners of both MTV and VH1 as well as US cable giant CBS and Paramount Pictures, have announced they are back in profit - after making a £710m loss last year they have just posted a £293m profit.
The announcement was followed up by the news that Viacom will buy out struggling entertainment giant AOL Time Warner's stake in Comedy Central - the US based comedy channel most famous for giving birth to South Park - which was a joint venture between the groups. This means Viacom now wholly owns the two big comedy channels - Comedy Central and Paramount.

UK media commentators are speculating the group's good fortunes will put them in a strong position if and when the government's upcoming communications act allows foreign ownership of UK broadcasters. Viacom have already stressed an interest in buying into ITV when media ownership legislation allows.


The White Stripes has been talking to Spin magazine in the US about reports in Mojo that the band would split up after one more album. Jack White told Spin: "It was actually Mojo magazine misquoting us, which is surprising because they are usually on the ball. I only said that the band isn't going to last forever and that maybe we'd just do a couple more albums and that would be it. It wasn't some fake retirement ploy crap - I hate it when people do that."

Meanwhile the The White Stripes have been added to the bill for Radio 1's One Big Weekend which takes place in Manchester on 4 May - they join headliners Stereophonics and Badly Drawn Boy, Feeder, The Coral and Dirty Vegas. Tickets will be distributed to listeners for free this Friday from 9am at Manchester's Albert Square.


More criticism for the BBC's digital youth channel. Viewers to its quirky news show called, erm, The News Show, fell so low on 28 Mar that its official rating figure was zero! The show, which enjoyed 91,000 viewers at launch, was down to about 1000 viewers a day last week. Critics argue that a commitment to current affairs was a key condition of the government allowing BBC 3 to go ahead, and that for a news show to perform so badly during wartime is very poor. However, as the BBC pointed out, it is during a serious news period that you might expect a more flippant / alternative news programme to lose viewers to the more traditional rolling news channels.

"We are realistic. We don't expect people to turn to The News Show during the war. They are going to watch rolling news channels," a BBC3 spokeswoman said. "The News Show has had good figures. We are trying something new with news on the channel and we're the only multichannel entertainment service with a news show. We hope viewing figures will pick up once things get back to normal."


REVIEW: MJ Cole - Wondering Why (Universal/ Talkin' Loud)
A deliciously infectious slice of dancefloor filling poptastic garage, that bounces along, whilst still maintaining a sense of classiness. The return of MJ Cole is a teasingly enticing affair, and if "Wondering Why" is anything to go by then Cole's forthcoming second album, 'Cut To The Chase', will be nothing but a treat for fans of this "underground garage rude bwoy turned soul jazz apostle", who has stretched the appeal of garage based choons out to those of us who aren't hardcore garage bitches. It's sure to be a huge hit in the clubs although commercial chart success doesn't seem quite so likely. MY
Release date: 17 Mar
Press contact: Mercury IH [all]


Manumission's popular Ibiza club Bar M is launching a compilation album on 2 Jun which, the club's promoters promise, will represent their reputation for funky house sounds. Underworld, Stylophonic, DJ Gregory, Bob Sinclair and Liquid People are among the artists who will appear.


Organisers of the American Music Awards - the viewer voted alternative to the Grammys - have announced next year's event will shift from January to November - meaning this year only ten months of music will be up for nomination. The decision follows plans by the Grammys to move their event forward a few weeks, but was probably more motivated by disappointing viewing figures for this year's ceremony despite having the Osbournes as hosts. January and February are a busy time for award events and organisers hope the move will increase their audience share.

No word from the BPI whether they plan to move the Brits, which traditionally precede the Grammys by a few days.


And so on to today's Tatu news. The duo have defended their raunchy videos and stage shows telling Radio 1 that they're not trying to be controversial. Julia Volkova told the station: "We're not just telling people that you should go this way because it's better. We're just showing that it is in this life, and it's nothing strange. It's not a miracle. It's just life. We think everyone has their own head and they should just think for themselves what to do and what not to do." Tatu's new single Not Gonna Get Us is released next month alongside two arena shows - London's Wembley Arena on 2 May and Manchester Evening News Arena on 4 May.

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