TODAY'S TOP STORY: R Kelly's legal team has convinced the judge overseeing the musician's most imminent sexual abuse case in New York to delay the start of that particular trial. The lawyers said that they needed more time to prepare in order to properly defend their client... [READ MORE]

TOP STORIES R Kelly's New York trial delayed again, legal team say they need more time
LEGAL Marilyn Manson arrested on charges of assaulting cameraman
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Universal Music Publishing launches new office in Israel
ENTERTAINMENT RETAIL Sainsbury's confirms it is phasing out CDs and DVDs from its stores
MEDIA 50 Cent's TV company developing celebrity rap battle show for ABC
UK edition of Rolling Stone to launch

ONE LINERS Billie Eilish, The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber, Dave, more
AND FINALLY... Jacob Rees-Mogg raps in Parliament
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R Kelly's New York trial delayed again, legal team say they need more time
R Kelly's legal team has convinced the judge overseeing the musician's most imminent sexual abuse case in New York to delay the start of that particular trial. The lawyers said that they needed more time to prepare in order to properly defend their client.

While there have been several delays to the start of this trial already, this latest one puts it back by days rather than months. It is now set to start on 18 Aug, rather than 9 Aug. Jury selection will still take place on 9 Aug.

The lawyers said that they had been unable to meet with Kelly in person as yet, as he was forced to quarantine for fourteen days as a result of the prison system's ongoing COVID rules after being transferred to a jail in Brooklyn from Chicago, where he was previously being held.

The short delay comes a month after key members of Kelly's legal team - including most frequent spokesperson Steve Greenberg - resigned from the case.

Greenberg and his colleague Michael Leonard said that they were withdrawing from Kelly's team due to "significant" reasons, although did not go into detail. According to reports, tensions had been growing between them and other attorneys working on the case. Two of those lawyers, Thomas Farinella and Nicole Becker, later said that Greenberg and Leonard had actually been fired.

Kelly, of course, is currently awaiting trial in New York, Chicago and Minnesota on various charges relating to sexual abuse. He denies any wrongdoing, but has been held in custody for the last two years, due to fears that he is a flight risk and also evidence that he tampered with witnesses in a previous trial.

Three associates of the musician were arrested last year, accused of attempting to pay off or intimidate witnesses. In April, one of those men - Richard Arline Jr - pleaded guilty to offering one of Kelly's accusers money to withdraw her allegations.


Marilyn Manson arrested on charges of assaulting cameraman
Marilyn Manson has been arrested and released on bail, after he turned himself in to police over an outstanding warrant relating to an alleged assault in 2019.

Gilford, New Hampshire Police Chief Tony Bean Burpee confirmed that Manson - real name Brian Warner - had been arrested last Friday, after attending a police station in LA.

"As an agency, we are pleased with Mr Warner's decision to finally address the arrest warrant that has been outstanding since 2019", Bean Burpee said. A court hearing will now be scheduled. "Mr Warner's attorney will know that date once it has been confirmed with him", the police chief added.

Police in Gilford, New Hampshire said in May that they had an outstanding arrest warrant for the musician. The two charges of "simple assault" relate to an incident involving a videographer when Manson played the Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion in August 2019.

According to reports, Manson spat into the lens of a video camera being used to film the show, also spraying the videographer who subsequently pressed charges. It was confirmed that Manson had agreed to turn himself in last month.

Manson's attorney Howard King has previously called the accusations against him in this case "ludicrous", saying: "It is no secret to anyone who has attended a Marilyn Manson concert that he likes to be provocative on stage, especially in front of a camera".

"This misdemeanour claim was pursued after we received a demand from a venue videographer for more than $35,000 after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm", he went on. "After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply".

While all this is going on, of course, Manson is also currently facing four civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault.

Universal Music Publishing launches new office in Israel
The Universal Music Publishing Group has launched a new division in Israel. It's called UMPG Israel. Which, fingers crossed, even the slackest of you out there will be able to remember. If not, stick it on a Post-it note.

The launch makes Universal the only major music publishing firm with an office in Israel. Or so says Universal. So I'm sure that's correct. The new division will be headed up by Itamar Shafrir who has previously worked in various music, TV and film roles, and also had a stint at Universal's sister company (for now) Havas London, the marketing agency.

"We are THRILLED to open our offices in Israel and build on Universal Music Publishing Group's outstanding global network", says he. "UMPG has the most incredible roster of talented writers for whom we will be seeking unique opportunities throughout the region. Furthermore, we will be looking to add to our ever-growing catalogue by discovering and developing local talent".

Universal's music publishing business follows the major's record company in launching an on-the-ground presence in Israel, the Universal labels having set up shop there a year ago.


Sainsbury's confirms it is phasing out CDs and DVDs from its stores
Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has confirmed that it is phasing out the sale of CDs and DVDs in its stores because, you know, Spotify and Netflix and all that jazz. Though vinyl will live on in some of the UK supermarket chain's shops, because, you know, the vinyl revival and all that jazz. I don't know why I'm talking about jazz. This won't affect jazz, given that supermarket CD shelves always prioritising the more mainstream artists and releases and all that jazz. By which I mean, not jazz.

Anyway, a spokesperson for Sainsbury's tells the BBC that, with even more mainstream consumers now increasingly getting their music and video entertainment through digital services, it was generally felt that shelves were not being best utilised when plastic discs were placed upon them. Not when they could be filled with crisps and socks and mops and all that jazz. But, alas, still no jazz.

"Our customers increasingly go online for entertainment, so earlier this year we took the decision to gradually phase out the sale of DVDs and CDs, so that we can dedicate extra space to food and popular products like clothing and homewares", Sainsbury's says.

The Beeb notes that Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have no current plans to follow Sainsbury's lead and will continue to stock CDs and DVDs in their larger stores. Which is good news for fans of CDs and DVDs. Less so for fans of crisps and socks and mops and all that jazz. Though, and I can't stress this enough, none of this really affects jazz.

Streaming is, of course, by far the biggest recorded music revenue stream today, although nearly a fifth of the UK record industry's revenues in 2020 still came from selling discs.

However, record industry trade group BPI has optimistically observed, if mainstream retailers like Sainsbury's bail on discs, that's good news for HMV and independent music retailers. And with physical arguably become less a mainstream product and more an enthusiast product - especially with vinyl sales set to outperform CD sales in the UK this year for the first time since the 1980s - maybe it doesn't matter if supermarkets put crisps before discs.

"The CD has proved exceptionally successful for nearly 40 years and remains a format of choice for many music fans who value sound quality, convenience and collectability", says one of those BPI spokespeople. "Although demand has been following a long-term trend as consumers increasingly transition to streaming, resilient demand is likely to continue for many years, enhanced by special editions and other collectible releases".

"If some retailers now see the format as less of a priority", they go on, "this will create a further opportunity for others, such as independent shops and specialist chains such as HMV, to cater to the continuing demand". So hurrah for that. Now go buy some jazz.


50 Cent's TV company developing celebrity rap battle show for ABC
50 Cent is teaming up with US TV network ABC to develop a new celeb-based rap talent show. According to Deadline, the in-development programme is called 'Unrapped' and is being created for ABC by Fiddy's G-Unit Film & Television company and production firm SFO Entertainment.

Format-wise the new show will be pretty standard, in that participating celebs will be coached by mentors from the world of hip hop and will then take part in a series of rap battles until an overall winner is found.

50 Cent and G-Unit Film & Television were recently involved in another show that aired on ABC, the legal drama 'For Life', which had two series last year and is now on Amazon's free streaming service IMDb TV.

Confirming the new project, the rapper said: "I am excited to expand my relationship with ABC. 'Unrapped' brings G-Unit Film & Television’s ability to put incredible music and musical talent on screen to the competition space".


UK edition of Rolling Stone to launch
A UK version of Rolling Stone magazine will launch this autumn, with a print edition and online channels, plus events also planned under the legendary music media brand from next year.

This is all happening via a licensing deal between the US-owner of Rolling Stone - the Penske Media Corporation - and British media firm Sprint Publishing, which is best known as the current publisher of gay lifestyle magazine Attitude.

Says Sprint Publishing boss Darren Styles: "The arrival of Rolling Stone in the UK is not only a hugely exciting development for our brilliant team, but also fantastic news for the UK music and entertainment industries which deserve the showcase and platform that this iconic brand will deliver".

Confirming the UK version of the magazine will do politics as well as music and culture, he goes on: "We are excited to have the opportunity to search out UK talent to commentate on one of the most fascinating political ages this country has seen and have the opportunity to bring to light the kind of long-reads and investigative work made famous by the like of Hunter S Thompson, P J O'Rourke and Tom Wolfe. Rolling Stone UK ... will share the stories that need to be told, shine light into dark corners and yet celebrate, too, that which entertains us. There is no title better suited to these times".

Confirming the deal from the Penske side, Rolling Stone President Gus Wenner adds: "We couldn't be more THRILLED to launch Rolling Stone UK with our partners at Stream Publishing. The opportunity to bring our content to a country we have a longstanding history with and admiration for feels right. The UK is the birthplace of some of the most iconic musicians, many of whom have played a significant role in shaping our legacy. Today is the beginning of another exciting chapter in our evolution".

Over the years there have been many international editions of Rolling Stone - usually as a result of licensing deals of this kind - some of which ran for a relatively short time, others of which stuck around much longer. Other markets where Penske has relatively recently entered into new licensing deals regarding Rolling Stone include Australia and South Korea.


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Concord Music Publishing has signed Imanbek to a global publishing deal. "The publishing deal is a major step for any professional producer or writer, so I was extremely selective in choosing the right partner - I'm very happy to announce my first publishing deal ever with Concord", he says. "I'm so proud to join the team which has such a diverse roster of talent which is very inspiring".



Concord has promoted Justin Prakash to CFO of Concord Music Publishing and Concord Theatricals. He replaces Kent Hoskins, who became CFO of the whole group in March. "I have worked closely with Justin for over fifteen years and his dedication and forensic understanding of our business is second to none", says Hoskins. "He is a finance executive that marries the rare ability to work collaboratively with a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders, while delivering top notch financial reporting and analysis".



Billie Eilish has released new single 'NDA'. Her new album, 'Happier Than Ever', will be here on 30 Jul.

The Kid Laroi has released new single 'Stay', featuring Justin Bieber.

Dave has released 'Clash', featuring Stormzy. The track is taken from his upcoming second album, 'We're All Alone In This Together'.

Post Malone is back with new single 'Motley Crew'.

Fredo has released new track, 'Wandsworth To Bullingdon', featuring Headie One. His new album, 'Independence Day', will be out on 6 Aug.

Will Young has released a cover of Muna's 'Crying On The Bathroom Floor'. The single is also the title track of his upcoming covers album, which will be out on 6 Aug.

Arlo Parks has released the video for 'Too Good'.

Laura Mvula has released a video for her reworked version of 'Green Garden'.

Deafheaven have released new single 'The Gnashing'. Their new album, 'Infinite Granite', is out on 20 Aug.

Little Simz has released new single 'I Love You, I Hate You'.

Angel Olsen has announced that she will release an EP of 80s covers on 24 Sep. To kick things off, here's her version of Laura Branigan's 'Gloria'.

Sneaker Pimps are back with their first new music for almost 20 years. There are two tracks - 'Squaring The Circle' and 'Fighter'. A new album is on the way too.

The Boo Radleys have reunited and released their first new song for 23 years, 'A Full Syringe And Memories Of You'. Frontman Simon Rowbottom says: "'A Full Syringe And Memories Of You' tackles the religious hypocrisy that privileges the longevity of life above all other measures of worth and seeks to redress the distorted view that life is always worth living whatever the cost".

Django Django and Denai Moore have released the video for their single 'Say Something'.

Mei has released new single 'Happy Man'. "This song is straight from the deepest part of my heart to whoever has reached a place of acceptance after losing someone", she says. "I'm really grateful to the incredibly talented women that helped me bring this song to life with their gifts. I hope it moves you".

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Jacob Rees-Mogg raps in Parliament
Well, here's a thing. Earlier this week we heard rejected versions of the rapped verse on New Order's 'World In Motion' by footballers Paul Gascoigne and Peter Beardsley. Now, cartoonish Victorian politician Jacob Rees-Mogg has delivered the same lyrics from the England football team's official 1990 World Cup track to the British parliament.

Marking England's win against Denmark in the semi-finals of the Euros this week, the Brexit-loving MP said in the House Of Commons: "Everyone I think is rejoicing at the football success, and I think the line to take, Mr Speaker, is from Mr Barnes: 'You've got to hold and give/But do it at the right time/You can be slow or fast/But you must get to the line'".

"And can I reassure you, Mr Speaker", he went on, "that 'We ain't no hooligans/This ain't a football song/Three lions on my chest/I know we can't go wrong'".

And then, because Rees-Mogg is unable to say anything without referencing a war or a 17th century poet (the latter in this case), he added: "Or as another John put it - John Dryden - 'For they can conquer who believe they can'. And I think, for the record, that Dryden was translating Virgil in those comments. But the point is exactly the same".

Rees-Mogg is not the first MP to quote rap lyrics in Parliament. Back in 2017, Croydon MP Sarah Jones quoted her constituent Stormzy in her maiden speech. The same year, another Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, quoted - or rather misquoted - Big Shaq's 'Man's Not Hot'.

Speaking of misquoting lyrics, while failed Prime Minister David Cameron never rapped in Parliament, he did once recite some of the most famous lyrics by his supposedly favourite band The Smiths, albeit incorrectly. And I think that is probably the reason why Morrissey is the way he is today.

Anyway, long story short, Jacob Rees-Mogg is a better rapper than Peter Beardsley.


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