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In today's CMU Daily:
• Good night for the BBC at Sony Awards
• Wyclef signs to BMG imprint
• Cream announce Ibiza plans
• Springsteen gig gets go ahead
• Review: Mcclusky - There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson / 1956 And All That
• Cowell doc planned
• Underwater launch compilation with tour
• Ash gig goes ahead despite injury
• Limp Bizkit album delayed, and rename, again
• Madonna thanks France for opposing the war
• Lynch on those parody tracks
• The Streets plans
• Osbourne news
• Review: The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
• Vandross still seriously ill after stroke
• Evans Virgin Radio case closes


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So it was the Sony Awards last night - the annual awards event generally dubbed 'the Oscars of British radio'. And it was the BBC's night. Either the Corporations station's have been producing particularly fine radio this year or the Sony's panel are biased - or perhaps all the commercial radio stations are rubbish - either way, the Beeb took 13 of the 19 awards, with Radio 4 named Station of the Year and new digital station BBC7 taking the Station Sound gong. Radio 2's Jonathan Ross and Paul Gambaccini got awards for best entertainment and music broadcaster respectively, while Radio 1's Bobby Friction and Nihal won an award for their middle-of-the-night Asian music show. On the commercial radio side Xfm took the best breakfast show award (last year won by Radio 2's Terry Wogan) with the Christian O'Connell Show and Virgin got the award for best one off music show for Dominic Mohan's special programme on The Who. The winners in full:

Best daily music show: Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

Best one off music show: Dominic Mohan's The Who Special, Virgin Radio

Best music breakfast show: Christian O'Connell's Breakfast Show, Xfm

Specialist music award: Bobby Friction & Nihal Presents, BBC Radio 1

The entertainment award: The Jonathan Ross Show, Radio 2

The music special award: Axles, Engines, Music And Motown, Radio 4

The music broadcaster award: Paul Gambaccini, BBC Radio 2

News coverage award: Today Programme: Ethiopian Famine, Radio 4

News broadcaster: Mark Murphy, BBC Radio Suffolk

The speech award: Stark Talk: Joe Simpson, BBC Radio Scotland

The comedy award: Just A Minute, Radio 4 & BBC World Service

The drama award: Runt, BBC World Service

Speech broadcaster award: Stephen Nolan, Belfast City Beat

Station sound: BBC 7

Station of the year (under 300,000): FM103 Horizon

Station of the year (300,000 - one million): Pirate FM

Station of the year (one million plus): BBC Radio Ulster

Station of the year (UK): BBC Radio 4

Station of the year (digital terrestrial): Saga Radio


BMG imprint J Records has signed Grammy award winning former Fugee Wyclef Jean. Announcing the deal RCA boss Clive Davis told reporters: "Wyclef is one of those rare cutting edge artists who define an era. He's a young triple threat who has just written some of the best contemporary songs I've heard in years. We've had worldwide hits together before. I can't wait to share many more with him." Jean, never one to mess around, has already begun work on a new album which should be ready for release by the Autumn.


Cream yesterday announced their Ibiza plans for this year - the Liverpool club will return with weekly nights at Amnesia every Thursday from 19 Jun to 18 Sep. Tiesto will act as weekly resident - joined every other week by Paul Van Dyk. Special guests wise Paul Oakenfold is booked for 7 and 28 Aug with sets from Mauro Picotto, Tall Paul and Guy Ornadel also likely. Radio 1 will record the night on 7 Aug for broadcast on 9 Aug.

The night will be accompanied by Cream Balearica on Amnesia's Terrace with regular slots promised from the likes of Jon Carter, Ray Roc and Credence duo MYNC Project.


That Bruce Springsteen open-air gig in Manchester will go ahead after promoters successfully appealed against a local council decision to refuse the show a licence. The gig, Springsteen's first UK performance for ten years, looked like it might be cancelled despite selling 50,000 tickets, but yesterday Trafford Magistrates Court, where SJM Concerts appealed against the council's decision, gave the show the go ahead saying: "We are extremely aware of the predicament of the local residents with regard to the disturbance caused by concerts of this type, sporting events and the growth of other activities in the locality. However, we have given a great deal of consideration to the profile of this particular artist and the maturity of the support which he attracts."


REVIEW: McClusky - There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson / 1956 And All That (Too Pure)
They come from Cardiff, they say 'pissrag' and they're working with Steve Albini. Let's hope the music can live up to that billing. Well, if they didn't pretend not to be Welsh, and if they gave more time to the music rather than the annoying shouting in rhythm like someone failing to read poetry properly, then they might fall on the right side of the fine line between good and bad. But they don't. Bah. MB
Release date: 19 May
Press contact: Beggars IH [all]


So, a reality TV show following the recording of a reality TV show. It's a winning formula. The producers of the hit documentary 'Being Victoria Beckham' are making 'Being Simon Cowell', following the Pop Idol judge and BMG bigwig as he judges on the second series of American Idol and as he films his cameo in 'Scary Movie 3'. The show will be screened on ITV later this year, and will probably get an airing in America where the TV viewing public are warming to Mr Nasty big time!


Darren Emerson's Underwater label will promote their second compilation album 'Underwater Episode 2' - out 26 May - with a series of live shows around the UK. The album is a double CD, the first mixed by Emerson himself, the second by Mutiny.

Tour dates and line ups:

9 May: Arches, Glasgow Scotland Darren Emerson and Tim Deluxe

10 May: Bed, Sheffield UK with Darren Emerson and Mutiny

17 May: Do This Do That, Edinburgh Scotland with Darren Emerson and Mutiny

22 May: Club Danzatoria, Barcelona Spain with Mutiny

24 May: 4 Elements, Rotterdam Holland - Underwater Tent with Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe, Yousef, Paul Jackson and Terra Deva

25 May: Sankeys Soap, Manchester UK with Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe, Mutiny, Paul Jackson and Paul Woolford

31 May: The End, London UK with Darren Emerson, Timo Maas, Neil Anthony and Medicine 8, Quinn (Different Gear)

7 June: Lush, Portrush N. Ireland with Tim Deluxe and Terra Deva

14 June: Maison, Bournemouth UK with Darren Emerson and Mutiny

21 June: Flanders Expo, Gent Belgium with Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe and Paul Jackson

23 June: Club Danzatoria, Barcelona Spain with Darren Emerson and Tim Deluxe

27 June: Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Denmark with Darren Emerson and Tim Deluxe

28 June: The End, London UK with Darren Emerson, Mutiny, Tim Deluxe and Wally Lopez

5 July: Shindig, Newcastle UK with Darren Emerson and Paul Woolford

11 July: Sugar Shack, Middlesborough UK with Darren and Mutiny

17 July: Club Danzatoria, Barcelona Spain with Tim Deluxe

20 July: 5 Days Off, Amsterdam Holland with Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe and Paul Jackson

26 July: The End, London UK with Darren Emerson, Josh Wink, Jon Carter / Pete Moss and Kid Stuff


Ash's Manchester gig went ahead last night despite concerns earlier in the day that it might be cancelled after front man Tim went into hospital for treatment on the elbow on his guitar playing arm. After checking himself out of hospital he told Radio 1: "My elbow started swelling up a couple of night's ago rehearsing, and it seems to have filled with fluid almost, I couldn't move it and it was getting very painful. I had a scratch on my elbow and I think it had come from that. I spent all night in the hospital taking penicillin and on a drip. I was really freaked out - I was really worried that I was going to miss this gig as it's one of the only shows in the UK at the moment. We're going to America next week, but I think it should be OK."


Another delay, another name - in his latest online rant Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst has said his band's new album, now called 'Panty Sniffer', will not hit the record stores until September. Apparently the delay has come because of the appointment of Mike Smith as a full time replacement for guitarist Wes Borland. The album was more or less complete prior to his appointment, but now the band want to rerecord big sections with their new band member.

Durst writes: "Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of creativity and we're doing just fucking that. The new band is exploding at the seems [sic]. You're not gonna comprehend where we took this one." On Smith he adds, "He's giving me riffs I've always wanted to have. If you're scared of revolution then you'd better run for shelter."


Madonna yesterday told the 200 guests at a private session for a Paris radio station that she was glad France has opposed war on Iraq. Speaking during her 40 minute set, broadcast live by the station, she added: "Here in France I feel at home."


Liam Lynch has told reporters he considers his musical parodies of the likes of Bjork, the Pixies, David Bowie, and Depeche Mode as being "musical valentines". The parodies have been recorded for Lynch's upcoming album 'Fake Songs', which will also include the hit single 'United States of Whatever'.

Lynch explains: "A lot of people get confused by this album. The songs aren't funny. There aren't jokes or punchlines. It's not like I took an existing song and made it about food. The joke is that Depeche Mode is a caricature of itself. So is Bjork. It's amazing these artists are so original but they do have boundaries. For a musician, it's super fun homework to try to say it all in a two-minute song."

Most of the songs on the album have been available via Lynch's website for a couple of years, the idea for an album came after the sudden success of the Whatever song last year. But all the tracks have been remastered, with a new version of 'Rock n Roll Whore' recorded with Jack Black and 'Cuz You Do' and 'Try Me' revamped with Ringo Starr on drums.

As previously reported Lynch is currently writing the script for the long-awaited Tenacious D feature film, 'Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny' which he will also direct. He says shooting will hopefully begin before the end of the year.


Talking of music people making movies, Mike Skinner has joked in Muzik magazine that he is going to follow Eminem into the movies. He said: "People want to listen to what I'm doing. And probably next year they won't. There is no second LP! It's all over, finished. I'm making a film!" Skinner has returned from the US where The Streets are increasingly popular after 'Original Pirate Material' was voted best debut album of 2002 in Rolling Stone magazine. He is booked for a number of festival dates including Homelands, Glastonbury, T in the Park and the Carling Weekend.


MTV have confirmed Jack and Kelly Osbourne will front the annual Isle Of MTV event which this year takes place on an island off the south of France. The main Isle of MTV event will include sets from the likes of Mr C, Rob Da Bank and Tiga with Darren Emerson, Rui Da Silva, Erick Morillo, Todd Terry, Chocolate Puma and Harry Choo Choo Romero among the DJs who will appear on the twelve date Isle of MTV tour that precedes the main date.

Elsewhere chez Osbourne, Ozzy has announced he is parting company with Sony label Epic after 23 years. Talking to People magazine Sharon Osbourne, who manages Ozzy's career, said they had become "bored of their partnership" with the major. Word is Sharon is also trying to negotiate Kelly Osbourne out of her Epic contract.


REVIEW: The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart (Memphis Industries)
Once you've got past being miffed that this isn't, in fact, a rave version of the Junior Kickstart theme millions once knew and loved, this isn't at all bad. And it does sound like a sixties TV theme played by Pavement and their trumpeter mates. And it's a refreshing antidote to the over-producedness of most records. But then it begins to sound like there's fluff on the needle, despite being a CD, and you suspect poncey bars play it to attract Chris Evans. MB
Release date: 26 May
Press contact: Beggars IH


There were reports yesterday that Luther Vandross was breathing on his own again after that stroke he suffered last month - but the singer's publicist Lois Najarian has subsequently said the news was incorrect. Najarian said Vandross' convalescence has been slow, hampered by a bout of pneumonia that caused a buildup of fluid in his lungs and labored breathing. As previously reported the star required a tracheotomy last week, though the operation was undertaken in such as way as to not damage his vocal chords.


That overly long court battle between Chris Evans and Virgin Radio, in which Evans hopes to win the £8.6 million of share options in the station's parent company, the Scottish Media Group, which he reckons he is owed, finally reached its conclusion yesterday. The judge who has heard the case will now consider the cases put by both sides before delivering his verdict on an as yet unspecified date. The judge could side with Evans and agree that Virgin unfairly dismissed the DJ or that the share deal between the station and the presenter was not linked to the share option deal agreed when Evans sold SMG his stake in Virgin Radio. Or he might side with SMG - firstly in that Evans deserved to sacked, secondly that his sacking voided his share options right, and thirdly that Evans behaviour affected the commercial performance of the station and that he should compensate them accordingly. Or perhaps he'll go somewhere in the middle and award neither side any monies. Only time will tell.

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