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In today's CMU Daily:
• Scottish radio group look for bigger vibe in England
• Kylie goes to the pub
• Eurovision flops try to pull it back and launch career
• ITV pipped at the post by BBC for Liza Minnelli docu
• Rock alumni back radio outside London
• Lopez says Puffy cheated shocker
• Federal judge opens price fixing case
• Ladytron announce dates
• Big Day Out set up endowment fund for young talent
• Review: K-Os - Exit
• Busta Rhymes charged
• New West London based label
• Led Zepp reunion may happen
• Robbie on the lookout for a video star
• Review: Cinematic Orchestra - Man With a Movie Camera
• DVD review: Cinematic Orchestra
- Man With a Movie Camera (live soundtrack DVD)
• Timberlake plans arena dates
• Macca plays Red Square
• Blue face legal challenge to name


Say what you like about R Kelly (and let's face it, when those child sex charges hit court the media are gonna), but he's got a real hit on his hands with 'Ignition'. Not only is this his third week at the top of the charts, but he managed to beat the mighty Mr Timberlake to stay there, no mean feat.

Justin had to make do with number two for 'Rock Your Body' with the Stereophonics proving their lasting popularity going in at 4 with 'Madame Helga' and TaTu following up their disappointing Eurovision performance with a disappointing new entry position - 'Not Gonna Get Us' goes in at 7.

Elsewhere in the chart the rather excellent Audio Bullys with the equally excellent 'The Things' go in at 22 while the also quite excellent Evan Dando gets a new entry with 'Stop My Head' at 38.

Albums wise it's still Timberlake, Aguilera, White Stripes and Busted who dominate (though Ms Jones is finally slipping down the charts again). The only note worthy entries in the top ten is Evanecence with 'Fallen' which is slowly working its way up the chart, and the Deftones with their eponymously titled album which enters the chart at 7.

Other new entries lower down the chart include Staind with '14 Shades Of Grey', the Dandy Warhols with 'Welcome To The Monkeyhouse' at 20, Cerys Matthews whose 'Cockahoop' goes in at 30 and Less Than Jake who go in with 'Anthem' ay 37. George Harrison gets a post-humous new entry with 'Brainwashed' at 29.


Following his full acquisition of the Vibe FM dance stations in Norfolk and Bristol last week, Scottish Radio Holdings boss Richard Findlay has told the Media Guardian he is looking at "major opportunities" in England. As reported last week radio group GWR was forced by the competition commission to sell its stake in Vibe to co-owner SRH because GWR had too great a share in the Bristol radio sector. Findlay hopes that coupled with another recent acquisition - Wave 105 - his company can now expand its English operations.

Findlay told the paper: "There are still opportunities in Scotland and Ireland, but our aspiration has always been to expand into England - there are major opportunities in England. The competition commission ruling was a disappointment for GWR. But one door closes, another door opens, and we were able to walk through that open door."


Drinkers at the Shakespeare's Head in Islington were pleasantly surprised when they noticed that Kylie Minogue was trying to get served at the bar. The singer was visiting the pub after watching a friend's ballet performance at the nearby Sadler's Wells. Despite her hopes otherwise she was unable to avoid detection and was forced to flee as fans flocked. One drinker told The Sun: "I almost dropped my pint when she walked in. She was good as gold and happy to speak to everyone but had to leave or she would have been mobbed."


The UK's humiliated Eurovision Song Contest entrants Jemini have been advised to change their name to Nil Points in a bid to turn the country's worst ever Eurovision performance into a selling point.

Offering some support for the duo Alex Cooper, drummer with Eurovision's 1997 winners Katrina and the Waves, told reporters: "If you're not going to win, then nil points is probably the best way to go. They are getting much more publicity now than if they had just got an average number of points. You have to take Eurovision with a sense of humour and not take it too seriously: Changing their name to Nil Point might be a great move..."

Elsewhere in Eurovision news (as you probably already know Turkey won, favourites TaTu came in third and we resolutely lost) the European Broadcasting Union, who organise the competition, have said they hope the addition of a qualifying round to next year's Contest will "raise the level of the Contest in general." Organisers will turn the event into a two-day marathon, with forty bands competing on day one for a place in the top 24 on day two.

Sarah Yuen, the EBU's Head of Live Events and Eurovision Song Contest Co-ordinator, told reporters: "The two-day format will make it possible for as many as 40 countries to participate. The addition of the qualifying round will encourage competing members to present very good songs in the hope of qualifying for the grand final, thus raising the level of the contest in general."


ITV has dropped plans for a documentary about Liza Minnelli and husband David Gest after it was announced that the couple will be appearing with the BBC1's Ruby Wax. So TV, Graham Norton's production company (Norton is a close friend of the couple) proposed an hour-long special called 'Life with Liza and David'. But ITV sacked off the idea at the last minute when Minnelli and Gest agreed to appear on BBC1's 'When Ruby Met...' series.

Word is Wax has been filming the couple's visit to London to celebrate Gest's 50th birthday - including the party where guests included EastEnder Jessie Wallace and Liberty X.

As you will remember, the pair's Osbournes-style reality show for VH1 was dropped when the broadcaster claimed that Minnelli and hubby-to-be didn't give it the "co-operation promised", claiming that Gest had refused to go on unless he looked his best.

Gest and Minnelli proved a hit at the beginning of this year when they appeared on Channel 4's V Graham Norton, which was watched by 3.3 million viewers. A spokesman for So TV said: "It was one of a number of programmes in development. We have moved on to the next project."


Following last week's news that Birmingham born Ozzy Osbourne was backing Virgin Radio's bid to win a radio licence in the West Midlands, it has been revealed that Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr is backing a similar bid for a licence his native Glasgow.

Kerr has been appointed to board of digital radio station The Arrow in a bid to help the Chrysalis Radio owned station to win a new independent local radio FM licence for Glasgow and the surrounding west central Scotland. Now operating only as a digital station, The Arrow, plays rock classics from the likes of The Who, REM and the Stones.

The radio authority advertised the Glasgow licence in March with bids due in by July 1. It is one of the three licences the authority will award before it is merged into new media super regulator Ofcom. The new station is expected to cover the area covered by Clyde 1, Glasgow's existing FM service, with an adult listenership of around 1.7 million.

Kerr: "I am convinced the Arrow will not only bring great, real music to listeners in west central Scotland, it will also provide opportunities for new up and coming talent as well. The pop singer added that he wanted to see an extensive programme with a focus on local unsigned bands".

The Arrow is likely to face tough competition from other radio groups keen to grab a rare FM licence in the important area. TV production company Wark Clements is bidding with a radio station called Go FM, and the Scottish Media Group, Scottish Radio Holdings and Guardian Media Group are expected to be among the bidders.

SRH's Clyde 1 is the only commercial FM station in Glasgow, with Clyde 2 operating on the AM wavelength. We can expect the results of the bidding-battle in the late autumn.


In a surprising statement, Jennifer Lopez has revealed that former boyfriend Sean 'Puffy' Coombs' (P Diddy) infidelity and promiscuity made her insanely jealous. Lopez recounted how she would search the hotel rooms of strangers in an effort to locate the hiphop mogul - convinced that he was with girls in the rooms. Though she added that she never managed to catch him.

Jenny from the block - who is now set to marry Ben Affleck - split with Coombs in 2000 over his failure to be faithful, telling the Sun "I never caught him... but I just knew. He'd say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and never come back. It was the first time I was with someone who wasn't faithful. I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts. It really took my whole life in a tailspin."


A federal judge has started hearing testimonies on that case in the US where consumer groups are accusing the majors and main retailers of illegal price fixing. The groups leading the campaign have the support of a massive 3.5 million listed record buyers and are suing for $143 million - which would work out at $12.60 per plaintiff. Though if the courts go the consumer group's way it is likely they will ask for the labels and retailers to pay up in terms of CDs donated to schools and libraries.


Ladytron have announced a series of live dates for the summer. After playing at Sonar, in Barcelona, on Jun 14, the electro-dames will be appearing at a tenth anniversary special for the festival on Friday May 30, at Ocean in Hackney, alongside the likes of Squarepusher and Trevor Jackson. After a short tour in Germany they will be DJing at Glastonbury (27-29 Jun). Ireland bares witness to the foursome on 2 Jul 2, at Dublin's Witness Festival. A tour of Australia precedes their return to the UK, where they will be appearing at the Reading and Leeds Festivals (22-23 Aug). All this is on top of festival dates in Greece and Norway.


Music fan Jessica Michalik, who was crushed to death at a Limp Bizkit performance at the Big Day Out in Sydney in 2001, has had a fund named in her honour by the festival's organisers. The Big Day Out will honour the memory of Jessica with The Jessica Michalik Contemporary Music Endowment which will be funded on an ongoing basis and administered through Australian Performing Right Aassociation - with the aim of helping aspiring songwriters and artists.

A $10,000 grant is being made available to people aged 18-24 years of age. APRA CEO Brett Cottle said "We hope that the endowment will honour Jessica's life in a meaningful way, and are very pleased that her memory will be linked forever to the vibrant musical life of this country."

The award will be presented twice a year. The first recipient will be named at the APRA Professional Development Awards in 2004.


REVIEW:K-Os - Exit (EMI/Virgin)
There's very little that Kevin Brereton doesn't do: he's a singer/songwriter /producer/MC/philosophy (small p) student. While various indie/rock acts use sampled beats; here is a hiphop artist un-afraid of using only a voice and an acoustic guitar. With conscious rhymes and soaring sweet vocals K-Os takes a journey through a number of styles: from contemporary hiphop to analogue soul and spoken word. You can't possibly get bored of this LP, every time you listen to it you get something new. This is progressive hiphop songwriting and production at it's absolute best. Watch the polymath. JG
Release date: 26 May
Press contact: APB/Virgin


Busta Rhymes has been officially charged with assault and battery charges having come to blows with a fan during a performance in a Massachusetts late last year. Busta, aka Trevor Smith Jr, took to the stage at Jake's Twin Saloons in Fall River for an impromptu set. The incident started when a groupie, Celine Giguere, tried to "get too close". Speaking to the New York Post Mark Mechan, the fan's lawyer, said "Rhymes grabbed Giguere, shoved her against a table and growled, 'If you ever touch me again, I will fucking kill you'."
In a statement, Rhymes' lawyer said that Giguere's allegations are false, suggesting that the fan is looking for a quick buck. Giguere was also hit with assault and battery charges for her part in the scene and she will also be appearing in court on her own charges soon.


Jay Hannan (co-founder of deep house night Lazydog) and Dean Zepherin (founder/owner of Xosa Music Group who manage Terri Walker and Vikter Duplaix amongst others, and run a production house with producers like James Yarde) have started a new label, Society Heights.

The label promises that "the ethos of the label is an open-minded music policy giving creativity back to the artist." Jay adds: "All I really want is a label that will promote and release work that inspires me, I believe that creativity can only be achieved through artistic freedom and not by dictating to the artists".

The first release from Society Heights will be from San Fransisco deep house stalwart, Kaskade, with his 'In This Life' 12". For further information on Society Heights or Xosa contact Lisa Lindahl on 020 78541400 or


Speaking to The Sun last week former Led Zep member John Paul Jones has said a reunion of the surviving three members of the legendary hard rock band was more likely now than ever. The interview followed comments in 2001 when Jones said any negotiations between him, Page and Plant were like "hell on earth" and therefore he couldn't see a reunion ever taking place.

But last week he said: "I suppose I feel a bit easier now than I did then. The three of us have got together a lot to discuss the new DVD - to decide cover art and things like that. Everybody's sort of eyeing each other, waiting for someone to say, 'Bring an instrument the next time we see each other.' "

Insiders reckon a full on Led Zep reunion is unlikely but a 'Page, Plant & Jones' show could be on the cards.


Following Michael Jackson's sick note that got him out of a court appearance in Indianapolis last week Judge Philip P. Simon has ordered Jacko reappear within the next three weeks. As reported last week Jackson was due to give evidence to a copyright lawsuit, but he was hospitalized before he could attend with a stress related illness.


After TaTu asked their female fans to show up dressed in school uniforms to appear in their upcoming video, Robbie Williams is now holding auditions for fans to appear in the video of his next single 'Something Beautiful'. Given Robbie's last video (banned from daytime MTV because of its raunchy content) his fan recruitment could have been as controversial as TaTu's, except we're assured this video will be of a more innocent nature. The video's makers say they are looking for one person who doesn't necessarily look like Robbie but has his "charisma, energy and attitude", whatever that means. Auditions will take place at the Excel Centre in Docklands on Saturday - more info at


REVIEW: Cinematic Orchestra - Man With a Movie Camera (Ninja Tune)
It's always interesting to hear music put in a context other than a band on a stage or record in a club. Things that dare to veer from the tried and tested path of the musical missionary position invariably fit into the pretentious novelty section, but the Cinematic Orchestra have not only proved that 'different' doesn't have to be contrived or affected, but surpassed all expectations with the launch of their 'Man With A Movie Camera' tour. Taking Dziga Vertov's seminal silent 1929 Russian docu-film about a day in the life of a cameraman, and writing a soundtrack, Jason Swinscoe succeeded in creating a sublime aural and visual experience - and this is the soundtrack album. While the film and the music form a glib symbiosis, the music stand alone as an audio narrative, ranging in mood from the humorous through the light-hearted to the dark and harrowing. As well as being an apposite live show the 17-track longplayer is utterly utterly beautiful. In the running for LP of the year. JG
Release date: 26 May
Press contact: Ninja Tune IH [all]

DVD REVIEW: Cinematic Orchestra - Man With A Movie Camera (Live Soundtrack DVD) (Ninja Tune)
This is the soundtrack DVD: the music accompanying the film. Extras include a documentary on the CO ft interviews with founder Jason Swinscoe and bassist PJ France, the video to 'All That You give' ft Fontella Bass and their live performance at Cargo last year. (To my knowledge) no one has attempted such a project: an album that is a DVD - a 74 minute video. Should anyone try, they have a hard act to follow. Never has there been a music DVD *this* worth buying. JG
Release date: 26 May
Press contact: Ninja Tune IH [all]


The unstoppable Justin Timberlake (well, R Kelly stopped him getting to number one I suppose) has followed up those hugely successful live shows with the news he is planning eight arena dates in December. Announcing the mini-tour Timberlake commented on the eclectic nature of his booming fan base over here: "If I had to assume the ages of the people [coming to his shows], they looked to me like 26 to 27, like couples, and then another percentage of them obviously, you know, mothers and daughters and sons and fathers. It's nice to have so many different cultures and so many different ages and generations in one room."

Those dates:
1 - 2 Dec: NEC, Birmingham
5 - 6 Dec: Earls Court, London
10 - 11 Dec: Manchester Evening News Arena)
14 - 15 Dec: Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield


While Russia's favourite lesbians entertained the Eurovision crowds this weekend, our very own Paul McCartney entertained the Russians with his first ever gig in the former Soviet Republic. As previously reported hardline politicians had called for a ban to the concert in Moscow's Red Square, shocked a rock 'n' roll gig should be staged so close the tombs of the great, good and truly evil from the country's communist days. But their protests were unsuccessful and didn't stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from giving Macca a personally-guided tour of the Kremlin, or thousands of Russians flocking to see the show. Reporting back to the BBC Nikolai Gorshkov said people in the audience wept and hugged each other at the thrill of listening to Macca's reportoire (presumably the weeping came during the Wings bit) while many called their friends on mobile phones to let them hear the concert.


Word is boy band Blue are facing legal action from another band who claim they have been using the name longer, and they want £5 million compensation for being there first. Whether Blue's label, the Virgin pop imprint Innocent, will make a pay out deal, rebrand as Blue X or throw down the 'see you in court' gauntlet remains to be seen. Dulux gloss paints are yet to comment on the band's use of the colour.

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