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In today's CMU Daily:
• Death Row Records drive by
• American festival denied license
• Review: Saian Supa Crew - Give Praise
• Britney cleared of plagiarism
• Foo Fighters play Mean Fiddler for Radio1.
• PJ Harvey sets more dates as she sells out Tate Modern
• Live review: Homelands 2003,
• SARS scare sees Staind warned off
• Minnelli's bedbound performance
• AOL for devolution?
• Capital radio bid
• Jemini still shit
• Review: Various - Darren Emerson & Mutiny Present Underwater Episode 2
• Radio chart set for terrestrial TV
• Reading fest lineup update
• Jackson accused of being brassic


It seems that Suge Knight's notorious hiphop label is rarely far away from violence and controversy. Early yesterday morning the label's offices on Wilshire Blvd in LA were the target of a drive-by shooting. The good news is no one was hurt, though it was a close thing - the office's security guard told reporters that he had to duck to avoid the the seven shots that shattered glass doors and windows.

Commenting on the shooting Suge Knight said: "We've got a lot of artists, like Crooked I, Eastwood and Kurupt, that are currently working on new albums. And because of the hype and media attention associated with these two projects, there have been a lot of girls flocking to them at the studio and at the clubs. The crime was probably committed by a jealous boyfriend or a jealous husband."

The LAPD admitted they have next to no leads.


The Field Day Music Festival - which plans to bring together 50,000 people on the first weekend in June to see the likes of the Beastie Boys, Beck, Radiohead and NERD, was yesterday refused a licence by authorities in Suffolk County, New York. forcing event organisers back into negotiations with the local authorities in an effort to save the concert.

Local Police Chief David Hegermiller said that his department wouldn't be able to patrol the Calverton Enterprise Park and ensure the safety of police and party-goers, and that the licence application came to late to engage extra police forces.

But promoters of the two-day event remain optimistic, and hope that the issue can be resolved in time. A spokesman told reporters: "We are moving ahead with efforts to keep the Field Day Music Festival on track. This notice of denial was premature, and we are continuing to work closely with the town of Riverhead and Riverhead police with ongoing meetings scheduled for this evening. Obviously we are disappointed by this decision, but it appears to be based more on procedural issues than substantive problems. We believe we can resolve this issue quickly."


REVIEW: Saian Supa Crew - Give Praise (Virgin/Source)
From their forthcoming 'XRaisons' LP comes this wicked single featuring Ky-Mani Marley at the mic. The hiphpo ballad comes with punchy down-tempo beats, baroque keys and horn drone, while Marley's dancehall refrains ring throughout the chorus. The single comes with the tough 'XRaisons', 'The Beat' and video of the former. A wicked 12" even if I can't understand what they're saying - I guess that's a sign of great beats. JG
Release date: 26 May
Press Contact: Virgin [CP, CR, RR, NR] APB [RP, NP]


Two Philadelphia songwriters who accused Britney Spears of copying their song 'What You See Is What You Get' for her track 'What U See (Is What U Get)' have lost their court case. A federal judge dismissed the copyright infringement lawsuit against Britney because Michael Cottrill and Lawrence Wnukowski - who claimed they supplied tracks to Britney's people in 1999, one of which included the 'stolen melody' - couldn't provide enough evidence to prove any melody had in fact been stolen.

The four men credited with writing Spears' song testifying that they hadn't heard Cottrill and Wnukowski's track until two months ago, plus the defence reiterated that there just weren't enough similarities between the two songs to prove copyright infringement.

Judge Schiller: "As plaintiffs have not come forward with any affirmative evidence showing access, there is no reasonable possibility that the creators copied plaintiffs' song before November 1999 when the melody of defendants' song was completed."


Radio 1 confirmed yesterday that among the highlights of Zane Lowe's new evening show (which launches on 1 Jul) will be a live broadcast of the Grohl et al from the relatively intimate Mean Fiddler venue in central London on 20 Aug. The band's lead singer and Jo Whiley will be co-hosting a special preview show on the day before the gig.

Tickets to the exclusive gig will be given away through competitions run on the station. A Radio 1 spokesman said: "It's brilliant for the station to have a band of the Foo Fighters' stature in such a small venue and to be able to give away all the tickets free through Radio 1. This is a unique and very special event and only Radio 1 could make this happen. If fans don't get to go they can still listen to the full gig live in Zane's show. It's going to be an incredible night."


It only took two hours for all of the available tickets to PH Harvey's headline show to sell out yesterday morning. Due to take place on 1 Sep, the concert will be part the Gallery's series of 'Tate & Egg Live' events.
Harvey has also set dates for the following events:

15 Aug: Cornwall Eden Project
16 Aug: Stafford V2003
17 Aug: Chelmsford V2003
24 Aug: Glasgow Green Festival


LIVE REVIEW: Homelands 2003, 24 May, The Matterley Bowl
The Matterley Bowl near Winchester was again mobbed; allegedly with 38,000 revellers. The weather had been doubtful but the sun shone down on the festival - smaller than in previous years with three less tents - a move that meant more people were outside the tents for the first few hours creating a great festival vibe.

Master entertainers De La Soul came on in the HUGE Muzik Live Arena, causing more stir with their classic tracks from their '89 LP '3ft High & Rising': 'Saturdays', 'Ring, Ring, Ring' and 'Me Myself and I'. The trio had a message too, with 'Bust That Shit' warmly stating that anyone could be into hip-hop from any background, dissing those who sell drugs to children and the perpetrators of gun crime - as well as getting everyone waving their arms in unison.

Mike Skinner's The Streets were in the Live Arena, and the skinny Brummy was shown up by partner in crime Kevin Trail - who's voice is smoother and deeper. The strings of 'Turn the Page' got everything off to a good start, and the crowd seemed to have come down purely to see him. 'Too Late' worked well: the crowd singing his modern day love tale back to him, and the beautiful house-flavoured 'Weak become Heroes' was a treat for all.

The Radio 1 Outdoor stage was packed with the likes of Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine - who's sets were often broadcast live on Radio 1.

Thankfully the Movement tent had a better sound system than last year. The tent saw a lot of hiphop/R&B with the usual drum and bass, with Rodney P and Skitz causing a stir and Photek (aka Rupert Parkes) stepping up with an exclusive live PA of Do or Die project with LA rapper Choc Ty and the lovely female vocalist Chiara. Bristolians Krust and Die did their 'I Kamanchi' project live, with MC Tali opening. Pretty average stuff, and sounded distinctly unfresh. Later MC Dynamite got things rolling with Sweet P. Lemon D and Dillinja then stepped up, producing the true sound of today's drum and bass. Purely the Business.

In Arena 5 the highly entertaining Soulwax (2 many DJs) caused such a stir that it was hard to get into the tent, chopping and slicing beats from Nirvana to Dolly Parton; these boys are developing a cult status.

Definitely proving to be one of the finer dance music festivals. PV


A new outbreak of the SARS virus in Toronto, and responding warnings from the World Health Organisation, has led Staind to cancel their upcoming trip to Canada. The nu-metallers were due to appear for an in-store promotion this week, as well as a concert.

In a statement the band said "A decision was made to not have the band and their crew travel to Toronto after we learned that the World Health Organization returned Toronto to the list of cities where new outbreaks of the disease were detected and a new health alert was issued by the US-based Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advising travellers of a health concern in the city." The band went on to say that the appearances and gigs will be rescheduled.

Staind's new album '14 Shades of Grey' is set to enter the US album chart at number 1 having sold 230,000 already.


Despite being hospitalised after a fall in which she fractured her kneecap Liza Minnelli yesterday still participated in a Italian charity show organised by Luciano Pavarotti to raise money for Iraqi refugees. Bono, Ricky Martin, Queen, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton and opera star Andrea Bocelli all joined Pavarotti in Modena. Minnelli was beamed in via a TV link up where she sang a few lines from Cabaret from her hospital room.

Pavarotti's 10th annual benefit gig 'Pavarotti and Friends' whish was broadcast to a number of countries, was organised to help the United Nations deal with the humanitarian emergency sparked by the Iraq war. The aim is to help Iraqi families - who fled to neighbouring countries during Saddam Hussein's regime - to return home.


Outgoing AOL Time Warner boss Steve Case has started tongues wagging by talking about de-merging AOL and Time Warner following the mega-conglom's financial misfortunes. Case's power at the company is dwindling of course so just because he is talking about de-merger doesn't mean anything is planned - and he was only recently defending the merged company. But once the demerger word is used who knows how many city analysts will jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck.


The Guardian Media Group yesterday said it wasn't "ruling out" a bid to buy the Capital Radio group. In an article on their own media website they admitted they were earmarking up to £600m to further their radio interests and many see that being spent on acquiring one of the existing radio majors. A spokeswoman for the group said simply: "We have spent £70m on radio and we didn't do that to be in the radio first division - we want to be in radio's Premiership."

Capital saw its shares soar up 8.5% on the London Stock Exchange yesterday.


Despite hopes Eurovision flops Jemini could cash in on the ironic value of scoring nil points at the Contest this weekend, it seems 'Cry Baby', released yesterday and supported by much media hype, has been met with nonchalance from the record buying public.

"The single's just selling by the handful and it's outside the top 20," an HMV spokesperson told reporters, "but in Liverpool, where there's obviously local interest, it's the sixth best seller."


REVIEW: Various - Darren Emerson & Mutiny present Underwater Episode 2 (Underwater)
Darren Emerson may be the big boy label owner, and although his mix is very cool and low key, he is shown up just a tad by South Londoners Mutiny in this 2 CD house work-out. Emerson's CD1 features tracks from Gusgus ('Call of the Wild'), Tim Deluxe ('Less Talk More Action') and the Random House Project featuring vocal legend Robert Owens ('Longing'), but Mutiny really don't mess about with waffty tunes, it's straight in there with some funky house action: 'Piano Thing' from Planets, 'Where You At?' by Derek Carter and their own 'Jack U' and 'Drums' cuts. All in all, this a great mix, with the icing being the underdogs. JG
Release date: 26 May
Press Contact: East 22nd [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


In a challenge to the BBC's Top of the Pops, Capital Radio, Chrysalis, GWR and Scottish Radio Holdings - the companies behind Britain's biggest commercial radio chart countdown Hit 40 UK - are in talks to launch a TV show version next year.

The managing director of the Hit 40 UK, Rob Corlett said: "We are having conversations with all the commercial broadcasters at the moment, who are evaluating the show and investigating their schedules. We want the best partner and the best property that will work on radio and TV in terms of interactivity and cross-promotion. We hope to have a deal in place in time to launch the show this year. We want to make Hit 40 UK one of the UK's biggest entertainment brands".

Of course the Hit 40 UK's predecessors The Network Chart and The Pepsi Chart both had TV incarnations (the former had The Roxy on ITV back in the eighties, the latter a Channel 5 show in the late nineties). Both of these were successful on launch but failed to maintain momentum lacking the heritage of the BBC's flagship pop show.


Latest additions, The Rapture, Ladytron, Kinese and The Applicators will play on the Radio 1 stage at the Reading and Leeds festival on 22 August.

These new additions join the growing line-up now including Alien Ant Farm, OkGo, Mull Historical Society, Godsmack, The Streets, Serafin, Saves The Day, and headliners White Stripes and Metallica.


Michael Jackson's former financial advisers have admitted that the singer is near bankruptcy in a lawsuit set for trial 18 Jun.

Union Finance and Investment Corporation of South Korea filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming Jackson owes the firm $12 million in fees and expenses, on top of an already payed sum of $3 million. The company added that "Jackson's extravagant spending has created a ticking financial time bomb waiting to explode at any moment." Jackson's lawyers have of course jumped to his defence stating that "I see no signs of this impending disaster. I cannot say it for 100% sure because nobody knows his financial statements. But I can say it for a reasonable certainty."

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