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In today's CMU Daily:
• Kelly ousted from Classic FM
• On the way from Ol Dirty and Neptunes
• Metallica track torture
• Review: David Guetta vs Bowie - (Heroes) Just For One Day
• Sex Pistols to tour US
• Bennington better
• New Orbit LP
• AFI apologise for pressing plant f***-up
• The Family Stone in the studio again - but where's Sly?
• Palm Pictures and directors launch DVD series
• Vandross on the up
• Mrs Mathers busted for coke (again)
• MTV Ibiza festival
• Review: Ben Harper - Diamonds On the Inside
• MusicNet bids to proliferate software
• Adam Ant goes insane
• Jennifer Lopez fires more staff


As previously reported, Classic FM presenter Henry Kelly had disappeared from the air-waves of the breakfast show. The station announced yesterday that Kelly has left the station, and will be replaced by Simon Bates, ending days of speculation.

Although last week station chiefs were in discussions to find another slot for Kelly, this announcement sees him leave altogether.

Classic FM said: "After 11 successful years at Classic FM, Henry Kelly has decided to embrace new challenges elsewhere. His departure comes with some inevitable sadness on both sides. Henry wishes Classic FM continued success in the future. Classic FM would like to thank Henry for his passion and commitment to the station and classical music in general and to wish him well as he embarks on to the next stage of his career."

The move has led fans to inundate the station's website with protest messages.


A new compilation from the Neptunes/NERD includes the first release from Ol Dirty Bastard following his release from prison, 'Operator'. The MC laid down the track with Pharrell Williams in ninety-eight minutes in line with his midnight parole curfew. Ol Dirty will be recording as Dirt McGirt after signing to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records.

Pharrell Williams of Neptunes said: "When I first heard he was gettin' out I ran to the studio and hooked this [track] up. It had his name written all over it. One side of me is so happy that he's out and we're making music... but, at the same time I'm so mad that we didn't get a chance to sign him. Dirty is such a fuckin' star!"

'Star Trak Presents... Clones' (5 Aug) will feature tracks produced for the Clipse, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Kelis and their own NERD project.


'Enter Sandman' is reportedly being used by the US military to intimidate Iraqi prisoners to divulge information. Metallica have expressed their disapproval.

Drummer Lars Ulrich: "I feel horrible about this. No one in Iraq has ever done anything to hurt me."

It comes as a surprise that they aren't using NSYNC tracks - it is not known whether a male over the age of 14 has ever survived a whole album.


REVIEW: David Guetta vs Bowie - (Heroes) Just For One Day (Virgin/Heroes)
Holy Mother of God this is the worst thing I've heard in my life. Basically Parisian club DJ Guetta has taken one of the best written and produced songs ever and massacred it. "It was never meant to be released," says the press release. If only it wasn't. If you can listen to it for longer than two seconds, get your ears tested. JW
Release date: 30 June
Press contact: APB


Minus bassist Sid Vicious (RIP), The Sex Pistols are set to tour North America this summer.

With two shows booked - 21 Aug in New York and 25 Aug in Toronto - the band are expected to announce more dates in the coming weeks.

John Lydon: "For the first ten years after the Pistols broke up, I didn't want to go back there. I put it right out of my mind, but then I came round to realise that there's nothing to be ashamed of. I love what I did, and I love what I do. The reason I do the Pistols is that's where I started and that makes things clear how I have not changed. In any kind of different music I go into, the spirit is the same... but you won't get me doing any new Pistols stuff. I think one album is all we ever needed. There's no point after that."


Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington does not need surgery, is feeling much better, and is expected to be ready to join the band at a warm-up show for the Summer Sanitarium Tour in Las Vegas on 27 Jun.
Bennington post on the band's site reads: "I plan on ripping everyone's face off this summer on Summer Sanitarium,"

"Right now it seems like it was some bacteria or virus that spread throughout my intestines and body, putting me in intense pain. It also would not let me eat for a week. We are working on when we will be making up the missed European headline dates, and I am really bummed we had to miss the festivals."


William Orbit is currently compiling tracks for his forthcoming album, has said that he has fifty to choose from.

Following 'Pieces In A Modern Style' (2000) the LP is set to include music with Damon Albarn, Beth Orton, Finley Quaye and Nappy Roots.

It has not been suggested that he release it as three double albums.


AFI have apologised to fans, after a mix-up in the pressing plant led to a two part CD single having the same tracks on both CDs.

Released on Monday, 'Girl's Not Grey', the have band said that the faulty disc can be exchanged for the proper discs.

The band said: "As some of you may already have discovered, there has been a manufacturing error with one of the formats of our new single, whereby CD1 was pressed with the tracks intended for CD2. CD2 is unaffected by this, and contains the correct tracks."

"We love coming to the UK and want all our British fans to know how much we appreciate your support."


The funk and soul band responsible for 'Dance To The Music' and 'Everyday People', The Family Stone, is back in the studio for the first time in 32 years. Sadly its iconic frontman, Sly Stone is absent.

Drummer Greg Errico said: "I'll put it like this, the Hammond is on and running and idling, and the seat's warm, and whenever [Sly] wants to come sit in it, he's more than welcome. But he's been a recluse for the last 20 years or so... I don't understand it."

Stone, 59, the innovative producer, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist behind the band has not recorded since 1982 due to drug-related legal and medical problems.

The seeds of reunion were planted 18 months ago after the Family Stone gathered in New York to accept an R&B Foundation Pioneer Award.


Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham have teamed up with Palm Pictures to launch The Directors Label, a director-created and compiled DVD series featuring music videos, shorts, commercials and special features including interviews, alternate versions, short films, documentaries and behind the scenes footage.

The first in the series will feature work from Spike Jonze's and be available from 26 Aug. The second will be from Chris Cunningham and the third Michel Gondry.


As previously reported, Luther Vandross was in a coma after suffering a stroke in April. We can now report that with an album in the racks - he was moved out of intensive care and upgraded to stable condition yesterday - but remains in hospital.

A label source said: "Luther is more and more responsive each day, I feel as though I am watching a modern day miracle. Doctors are still unsure if [he] has suffered any long-term damage from the stroke. When his condition improves, he will be moved to a rehabilitation facility.

Family and friends last week told The Associated Press that he was beginning to mouth words and had started light therapy. He also no longer needs a respirator to breathe.


Eminem's ex-wife was arrested on Tuesday for possession of cocaine.
28-year-old Kimberly Mathers was pulled over near Detroit and arrested for driving without a license and may now be facing charges.

A search yielded two small bags of what the police believe to be cocaine, but the powder is still being tested by the Michigan State Police crime lab.

Mathers was arrested on felony cocaine possession in Jul last year, only months before the Eminem and she divorced, no charges were brought.


MTV have announced that they are to host a one off dance festival in the Ibizan hills.
'MTV Aqua Sonic' will take place on 16 Aug and boasts being the largest outdoor festival ion Ibiza this year. The event will be filmed by MTV UK for a special on MTV Dance, to be aired on August 31 at 8pm, and on MTV UK on September 6 at 7pm.

MTV Arena:
2 Many DJs (Soulwax), Audio Bullys, Stanton Warriors, Plump DJ's, Cuban Brothers, Alex P, Doug Villeneuve, Audio Drive

Garlands: Dave Booth, Huey, Rob Tissera

Hed Kandi: Matt Collins, Paul Wilkins, Stonebridge, Mike Van Loon

DC10/Organised Kaos: Jo Mills, Nic Fanciulli, James Fierce, Jim Breeze, Silicone Soul, Paulo Paulette, DJ Cirillo, MJ

More DJ's to be confirmed.


REVIEW: Ben Harper - Diamonds On the Inside (EMI/Virgin)
This single is the title track of an album which has gone top twenty in Harpers native US. It's unassuming folk rock, a genre which isn't exactly setting the charts alight in this country. Its simple earthiness is difficult to find fault with. If you like Evan Dando and his twangy guitar when he's having a Simon and Garfunkel moment then you'll probably like this too. JW
Release date: 7 July
Press contact: APB


RealNetworks Inc.'s MusicNet has teamed up with Bertlesmann, EMI and WMG to offer songs in the Windows
Media format created by its rival, Microsoft Corp.

MusicNet is counting on the addition of Windows Media to help it win distribution deals from companies that don't want to use Real's format. This is also an opportunity for MusicNet's main distributor, AOL, to shift its version of MusicNet to Windows Media.


Adam Ant has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage on Wednesday. The star allegedly hurled rocks through his neighbour's windows in London.

Ant, 49, was ordered to report back in July for a hearing.

After posting bail, Ant was taken to a secure hospital psychiatric ward. The Sun reported allegations such as, shouting unintelligibly about children and scrawling messages on a kitchen towel, and running into the local Curly Dog Café, dropping his pants and going to the cafe's basement saying he needed a rest.


Having just sacked her publicist and her agent, J-Lo continues her firing rampage by sacking her long-term manager Bunny Medina. Reports suggest the sackings occurred because J-Lo was unhappy about publicity branding her a diva. Terrible. Try being John Leslie.


Have a lovely weekend everyone - and don't forget those hayfever tablets.

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