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In today's CMU Daily:
• Electric Six alumni speaks out
• Radiohead US tour
• Sony catalogue finally online
• Travis back Ron Sexsmith on new album
• Review: Various Artists – Umek presents: Timewarp Compilation 04
• Elvis news
• One True Voice: the saga continues
• Glastonbury's ears are burning
• Review: Blur – Crazy Beat
• US chart news
• Who's gonna get Vivendi?
• Tony Benn's beats
• Evans vs Virgin wrangle to conclude
• Justin Timberlake still god
• A&R Svengali moves on
• Eminem threads
• Pirates in court
• GWR finishes reshuffle
• Blink 183 have childish sense of humour shocker
• BBC channels move
• More TaTu news at last
• The Darkness instore


Former Electric Six member Disco has been suggested the departure of Rock'n'Roll Indian, Surge Joebot and himself from the band last week was less amicable than the PR machine was willing to suggest.

He told reporters yesterday: "The 'we changed because of the pressures of success' jive is hilarious. And we're loathe to stand in the way of a good joke. We know what really happened, those guys know what happened, everyone close to the band knows what happened and everybody in Detroit now knows what happened. They can say whatever they want to the press. It's fine with us. Anyway, who knows? Maybe this new line-up will be interesting. KISS were great after they took the make-up off. And we saw Axl's new 'Chinese Democracy' line-up on the telly and it was great. So who knows?"

Electric Six' debut album 'Fire' is due 30 Jun and the new single, 'Dance Commander' will follow in Aug.


With support from Stephen Malkmus, Radiohead are set to start a 19 date American tour on 13 Aug near Boston. There will be break in the middle with a second leg starting on 23 Sep just outside San Francisco with Supergrass supporting.

The North American tour follows European festival dates, and see them playing in Toronto, New Jersey, Vancouver, LA, San Diego, New Orleans, West Palm Beach, and Atlanta.


With EMI, Universal, Warners and BMG already on board, Sony has finally signed up to legit digital music service OD2, offering access to more than 200,000 songs including material from Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson and the Manic Street Preachers. OD2, which was founded by singer Peter Gabriel, allows people to download music for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Downloaded tracks are only stored while the person remains a paying subscriber.


Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith's has booked Travis's Dougie Payne and Neil Primrose as the backing band for his sixth album.

With the working title 'Sugar Bush Demos' the Scottish bassist and drummer will begin work on the record in early August in London. Sexsmith himself is only just back from a number of American dates with Coldplay.
Travis's own new album is due later this year.

Payne said: "We're just about there, I won't say too much but we're getting there. It's all going very well - we're very happy with it so far."


REVIEW: Various Artists – Umek presents: Timewarp Compilation 04 (Timewarp)
27 year old Slovenian Uros Umek comes to the fore with this mix of hard techno. Mixing up 27 cuts in 68 minutes, he ropes in some big guns: Oliver Ho, Misjah, Phuture 303 and Mark Broom. The race through the tracks is fast paced – a la bit Jeff Mills - and darts in and out with crisp mixing, but none of the tracks make you run down the local vinyl house to buy the 12s". The compo declares that Umek has crafted 2 new tunes for the album – an intro and an outro – both are utter shite, but his 'Jaktion' cut does well – urgency with filtered vocals, and his 'Exorciser' is pretty wicked, with re-looped energy chords, followed by the classic chords in 'Mask' by Jeffed. A blitzkrieg through nu-techno by the one they call 'Voter' One for loves of the genre really. PV
Release date: 14 Jun
Press Contact: Rocketscience Media [all]


Junkie XL has opened Pandora's box, and the Presley Estate seem more than happy to offer out Elvis tracks for people to fiddle about with. Paul Oakenfold has remixed the lesser-known track 'Rubberneckin' – which was originally sung in his 1969 movie 'Change Of Habit' and issued as the b-side on his 1970 hit 'Don't Cry Daddy'. The single's release will be accompanied by yet another hits collection, 'Elvis: Second To None'.

RCA Records are also set to release a four CD set of previously unreleased material 'Elvis Close Up' which will include remastered stereo outtakes of recordings Elvis made in the 1950s including 'Loving You' and 'Jailhouse Rock', tracks from Elvis' first four movies including previously unreleased outtakes and unreleased songs from Elvis' Nashville sessions.


Last week the rumours said that Popstars boy band One True Voice were to split. Those rumours were denied in a GMTV interview. But now One True Voice member Anton Gordon has confirmed that Daniel Pearce will leave the band. Word is the remaining four boys plan to continue, though with disappointing sales and an apparently AWOL manager the safe money is on one more single and then a quiet exit.


The line-up may have been announced, but internet rumours about Glastonbury are still rife.

No 1: Noel Gallagher will act as compare in the New Tent when his favourite bands play in succession - The Hokum Clones, The Basement, The Stands and The Bandits.

No 2: The Chemical Brothers are planning to debut their track that features the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, 'The Golden Path' live at Glasto because the two are somewhat conveniently sharing the bill on the main stage.

No 3: Justin Timberlake will again join The Flaming Lips' on Stage dressed as a dolphin – as he did on a recent Top Of The Pops performance with the band.

No 4: Eurovision megastars Jemini will be making a guest appearance in the Dance Tent.

No 5: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are to appear under a different name on the Other Stage.

Our team will be checking to see if any of these come true the weekend after next.


REVIEW: Blur – Crazy Beat (EMI/Parlophone)
Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur. As anyone who saw the recent Astoria shows or have the latest album 'Think Tank' can testify Blur are still utterly and brilliantly fantastic. Yes, Graham may of left and rumours of world music may of put you off but this is innovation within the perfect form of pop music that only Blur can provide. Its definitely no 'Song 2', and it may not be the strongest track off 'Think Tank' by a long way, but producer Norman Cook only adds to the equation and it will keep us all happy over drunken summer days. DR
Release date: 7 Jul
Press Contact: EMI IH [CP, CR, RR, NR] APB [RP] RMP [NP]


Luther Vandross may be in a semi-conscious coma, but his new album is about to reach the top spot in the US. 'Dance With My Father' - Luther's debut for J Records - has sold 410,000 and is set to knock Metallica's 'St Anger' from number one.

Word is Metallica will be at 2 and Radiohead's 'Hail To The Thief' will debut at 3 with sales of around 290,000. Other predictions include country singer George Strait getting to 4 with 'Honeytonkville' and Annie Lennox making the 5 spot with 'Bare'.


More on Liberty Media's attempts to buy Vivendi Universal's entertainment assets. They are in talks with Viacom to make a joint bid. It is unclear how exactly any joint bid would be organised – though word is Viacom are only interested Vivendi's cable TV assets. If Viacom decide to join forces with Liberty it will be a knock back to MGM, who approached Viacom about making a similar joint bid for the Universal empire earlier in the month.

Meanwhile reports from the US suggest Vivendi have allowed Liberty to side step clauses in a past contract between the two media companies that forbid the latter from pursuing a total take over of the latter's entertainment business.


Former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn and MC/producer Charles Bailey are releasing a collection of his speeches set to hiphop. The album, inspired by an anti-war speech given by Mr Benn at Hyde Park, is almost finished and will be released at the end of the summer.

Benn said: "We need to connect the people to the political process - otherwise democracy itself will be at risk. I have made hundreds and hundreds of speeches in my life in the House of Commons that my constituents have never heard."

Bailey said: "Tony Benn touched me with his speech about the Iraq War in Hyde Park - and I wanted to meet him and do something with him. I am trying to make politics interesting for people who don't usually vote. I want to make politics sexy - that's what I am into."

Mr Benn said: "He is a talented producer and has a good record in making videos about black people joining the police and gun crime and voting in the referendum - if it gets through to people that is what it is all about. We live in a dangerous world and if we don't talk things out we are going to be trouble."

'Tony Benn's Greatest Hits' will be available on the internet at in Aug.


Chris Evans will be in court next week to find out whether he has won his battle with former employer Virgin Radio.

As previously reported at length, Evans claims that Virgin Radio withheld £8.6m in share options after unfairly terminating his breakfast show contract. Virgin claim Evans broke his contract on several counts before being fired, in doing so forgoing his share options and making himself liable to pay compensation because the station suffered an advertising slump after the debackle.

Mr Justice Lightman will hand down his ruling at the high court next Thursday.


Justin Timberlake is God for a reason, and Monday night was evidence enough: the ex-N'SYNC member took to the intimate stage at the House of Blues in Chicago with a funk group with which he freestyled entire songs and played guitar.

It was only announced that JT was going to perform three days beforehand. His six-track, 45-minute show included no pre-programmed tracks, rehearsed choreography or ostentatious stage props. King.


Tom Sarig, founder of the Shortlist Music Prize (something of a US version of the Mercury Music Prize) has left his post as VP A&R at MCA Records following the label's recent restructuring. He oversaw The Roots, Mos Def, Dan the Automator, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow and Eagle-Eye Cherry amongst others. Sarig has promised that he will announce his future plans, including an expansion of the Shortlist, in the near future.


eFashion Consulting, who look after online clothing brands for Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z, have confirmed they will be making Eminem's clothing line 'Shady Ltd' available via the net.

According to Steve Feiner who produces the urban clothing labels XOXO and BabyPhat talked up the eFashion system: "eFashion operates like a dream retailer come true. They built us an excellent, award-winning site; we provide them with the inventory then they take over from there. It's a very smart, profitable, and growing business for us."


Recording Industry of America Association boss Cary Sherman has been talking about the lawsuit his association filed last month against 18 small retailers for selling pirated CDs, in Texas, Florida and New York. He told reporters this week: "The stores were trying to make a quick buck by selling pirated music on the side. We appreciate that these are tough economic times for many small businesses, but selling pirated music on the side cannot be the answer."


Following that run in with competition chiefs that led to the dumping of the Vibe radio brand, GWR chief executive Patrick Taylor has quit his post at the top of the radio major. Word is Classic FM managing director Roger Lewis and Steve Orchard, GWR's head of local radio, will take over the day-to-day running of the UK radio group short term.


Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, has announced that his band are set to release their next album 'Use Your Erection I and II' in November.

On the music front he said a rumoured collaboration with the Neptunes was still in the 'talks' stage, but that they are definitely working with DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator and singer Robert Smith of the Cure on tracks for the album.


From 18 Jun BBC Three, BBC Four, and digital radio station BBC 6Music will be moving to new positions on the Sky Electronic Programme Guide: BBC Three to 115, BBC Four to 116, and BBC 6Music to 860.


Everyone's favourite Russian lesbian pop duo, Tatu, are again under fire from TV watchdogs after simulating sex with an audience member on a German kids' show. The show's presenter told the girls that the aforementioned boy was a virgin and in need of some sex tips. The pair then dragged him to a nearby sofa and pretended 'get jiggy'. Yes please.


CMU (all time) favourites, The Darkness will be playing live at HMV, 150 Oxford Street on Mon 7 Jul at 6pm. They will be promoting the release of their debut album 'Permission To Land' released on the same day. For more info contact: Caroline Monk on 020 8987 0123

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