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In today's CMU Daily:
• Music fans already arriving at Glastonbury
• Vivendi update
• Mobo's new talent search
• iTunes facing resistance from artists and managers
• Jam Master Jay: no further forward
• Downloaders to be sued
• Hed Kandi in Ibiza
• Acupuncture CD
• MTV US Coke tour
• WMG/BMG merger
• Review: The Rocks - We Got It/The Bomb (Scratchy)
• Eminem Fib
• Snoop In Trouble With The Law Again
• REM pay tribute to London
• 'Real' Robbie autobiog
• Live review: Electric Six – The Monarch, London 20 Jun
• Ellegirl goes bi-monthly
• Tribal Gathering: warehouse party
• Review: Melt-Banana - Cell-Scape (A-Zap/Cargo)
• Digital radio sales rising steadily
• Live review: Mew and OkGo, ULU, London
• Midweek Chart Update


Glastonbury organisers reckon nearly 25,000 festival goers are already at or close to the Festival site in Somerset – with a total of 150,000 expected to be there when the Festival official starts tomorrow.
A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said there had been no problems so far: "A lot of people are coming on site and pitching their tents in a good spot and then leaving the site again. There's a lot of coming and going."

That said, organisers are very prepared. With around 750 uniformed police and support staff on site, police have mounted the largest ever security operation at the festival, including extra CCTV. A help-point has also been set up in the village to give locals a point of contact for any complaints or worries.

Chief Superintendent Mark Thompson said: "Resources for this year's operation have considerably increased and we are hoping to build on the excellent results of last year. Last year saw a serious reduction in the amount of crime within the festival site and a lot of effort has been focused on mirroring this outside of the site. We are doing everything we can to make the festival as safe as possible for everybody attending to enjoy."


Latest reports from Vivdendi indicate three of the people biding to take over the group's entertainment empire, including current favourite Liberty Media, have included a take over of the group's record labels (including Polydor, Mercury, Island, Interscope and Geffen) in their bids. As previously reported Vivendi chief executive Jean-Rene Fourtou initially indicated his record labels weren't for sale, but his position on the music companies has been less clear in recent weeks as potential buyers enter negotiations.

According to insiders, bids received from the previous Universal owners the Bronfman family, oil billionaire Marvin Davis and Liberty Media all include Universal Music in their acquisition plans. Metro Goldwyn-Mayer is believed to have offered to buy the whole company but not the music assets. NBC and MTV owners Viacom are yet to make formal bids.

Many reckon Vivendi may well include the record labels in any deal because it would push the asking price above the £7 billion Vivendi is currently in debt – plus it would fit in with the group's recent mutings that it wants to pull out of America and concentrate on its French businesses.

The Vivendi board are looking at the bids and are set to meet on 1 Jul to discuss the sale. It hopes to conclude a sale by August.


Organisers of the MOBO Awards has officially launched its MOBO Unsung programme searching for new musical talent. There will be four regional heats in a bid to find an exciting new act who will be awarded a record deal with Island Records, a management deal and a car.

The heats are at the following venues:
2 Jul: Sound, London's Leicester Square
4 Jul: Jaks, Leeds
5 Jul: Sugar Club, Dublin
8 Jul: Liberties, Birmingham

For more details visit


More artists and managers are withholding music from Apple's iTunes Music Store as concerns grow over the arbitrary nature of the current 40% Apple, 40% label, 20% artist revenue split, and the concept of allowing music fans to download individual tracks rather than whole albums.

It is likely artists will start to make demands with regards their cut and how music is distributed as the Apple service starts to grow. Apple bosses reckon (and the major labels hope) the service will become huge once it is rolled out to PC users, and then around the world.


Jam Master Jay's childhood friend, Randy Allen, has responded to reports he was back on the suspect list for Jay's murder after the producer's mother told reporters she found it odd that neither Allen or his sister had not been to see her since Jay's murder.

Giving his side Allen told a New York radio station yesterday: "[Days after his death] she made me nervous because she told me, 'Get away from me, don't touch me. Don't come near me, I don't want to talk to you'. From that moment, I felt like she needed space to breathe. She needed air. She needed to get her head together."

Although police originally cleared Allen of any involvement after claims at the time he stood to gain from a life assurance policy after Jay's death made him a suspect, the authorities admitted last week they were re-investigating some facts about Allen after Jay's mother's comments.


Taking the download war into a new phase, labels in the US have announced aggressive new plans to sue hundreds of individuals who illegally share music files over the internet. The Recording Industry Association of America yesterday said they will start to search Internet file-sharing networks to identify users who offer large numbers of filers downloading. Said users will then be issued with lawsuits seeking considerable financial damages.

The new campaign comes just weeks after that US appeals court ruling requiring Internet providers to identify subscribers suspected of illegally sharing files. Certain users were sent warning letters days after the ruling – talk of lawsuits is the next step in this campaign.

The RIAA's president, Carey Sherman, yesterday told reporters: "After Thursday, tens of millions of internet users of popular file-sharing software will expose themselves to the real risk of having to face the music. It's stealing. It's both wrong and illegal. Users who believe they can hide behind an alias online were mistaken. You are not anonymous: we're going to begin taking names."

Critics warned the RIAA's heavy-handed tactics may back fire – creating resentment among music fans just as legit download services are gaining credibility. Mike Godwin of Public Knowledge, a consumer group that has challenged broad crackdowns on file-sharing networks, said: "I wouldn't be surprised if at least some people engaged in file-trading decide to resist and try to find ways to thwart the litigation strategy."


Hed Kandi return to for their third year in Ibiza to launch their weekly residency on 28 Jun (this Satarday) at Ibiza Town's El Divino with residents Matt Collins and Paul Wilkins.

The club and record label bods will also take on weekly pre-parties at the newly re-located Base Bar and twice weekly (Friday and Monday) daytime parties at the Es Vive Hotel through to 13 Sep.

Organisers have also announced plans for a Hed Kandi Ibiza Weekender, 10-14 Sep.

Hed Kandi's will also be releasing a number of summer compilations: 'Es Vive' due in Jun, 'Beach House' in Jul and 'Base Ibiza' in Aug.

28 Jun: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Mark Doyle, Paul Stevens

5 Jul: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, StoneBridge & Hatty Lovehearts, Paul Stevens

12 Jul: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Mark Doyle, Paul Stevens

19 Jul: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Andy Norman & Mike Van Loon, Paul Stevens

26 Jul: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Stonebridge, Paul Stevens

2 Aug: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Mark Doyle, Paul Stevens

9 Aug: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Andy Norman & John Jones, Paul Stevens

16 Aug: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Stonebridge, Paul Stevens 23 - Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Mark Doyle, Paul Stevens

30 Aug: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Tom De Neef, Paul Stevens

6 Sep: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Stonebridge, Paul Stevens

13 Sep: Paul Wilkins, Matt Collins, Mark Doyle, Paul Stevens

20 Sep: Closing Party: Paul Wilkins & Matt Collins, Paul Stevens


Acupuncture shoes are set to release a promotional compilation CD. Due for Oct, 'Acupuncture Rocks' will be followed by a nationwide tour featuring live performances by The Martini Henry Rifles, The Asleep, The Rocks, Ten Benson and Jackie O.

The 'Acupuncture Rocks' tracklisting so far is: The Martini Henry Rifles - 'Luger 6000', The Black Madonnas - 'White Sands', Motorhead - 'Ace of Spades', The Vines - 'Outtathaway', Blondie - 'Rapture', The Beatings - 'Bad Feeling', The Von Bondies- 'It Came From Japan', The D4 - 'Get Loose', Ikara Colt - 'Basic Instructions', Ten Benson - 'Teenage Tits', The Parkinsons - 'Bad Girls', The Buzzcocks - 'What Do I Get?', Gene Vincent - 'Who Slapped John', Andrew WK -'Don't Ever Stop The Noise', Jerry Lee Lewis - 'High School Confidential', Feeder - 'Helium', Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - 'Psychosis Safari', The Libertines - 'What A Waster', Kill City - 'New York', Primal Scream - 'Shoot Speed Kill Light', The Hives - 'Die All Right!', Young Heart Attacks - 'Tommy Shots', The Dirtbombs - 'I Can't Stop Thinking About It', The Darkness - 'Love On The Rocks', Mclusky - 'Collagen Rock', Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Bang'


MTV is putting its 'You Hear It First' franchise out on the road with a rock tour and a hiphop tour of the US. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the rock tour will kick off 15 Jul in LA, and the hiphop leg will start in NY on 27 Jul. The rock tour includes: Kenna, the Exies and Fiction Plane. The hiphop tour includes: Common, Anthony Hamilton, Bubba Sparxxx and Jin.


Sources at Warner Music have disclosed that AOLTW entertainment head Jeffrey Bewkes and music head Roger Ames are pushing for the merger talks with BMG to continue full throttle. Ongoing talks between Warner Music and BMG went lukewarm earlier this week when a BMG's parent company pulled out of a book publishing deal with one of AOLTW's publishing companies.

Even though some talks have resumed the two labels still need to cross the primary hurdle of asset valuation.


REVIEW: The Rocks - We Got It/The Bomb (Scratchy)
Any band with a member specifically for "shouting" are all right by us. Particularly when it's as falsetto as this... "We've got it, do you want it baby" is a great rock refrain too. This, The Rocks' second single, and the first that went down a treat, are heartening proof that there will always be bands that sound like this. 'We Got It' is endearingly retro geetar-punk, but a touch plodding. 'The Bomb' is much more fun: sounds like it should be played on synths and is probably played on cheap red wine. Bet they're superb live, particularly if you like getting bruised. MB
Release date: 7 Jul
Press contact: Impressive [CP, RP, NP] Stuart Emery [CR, RR] Alan James PR [NR]


Eminem has spoofed that Michael Jackson balcony incident by appearing on the balcony of his Glasgow hotel wearing a white surgical mask and carrying a baby doll. Shady was in Glasgow for the Scottish date of his Anger Management tour.

Elsewhere in Eminem world – more on the necklace Eminem handed a female fan at his Milton Keynes Bowl gig. It has emerged that, although he said it cost £275,000, it in fact only cost £500. Ah well.


It has been revealed that Snoop Dogg could face charges following the arrests of three men who drove him to the BET Awards in LA on Tuesday. After being arrested by authorities outside of the Los Angeles Kodak Theatre for unidentified misdemeanour crimes, the three men in question identified themselves as Snoop Dogg's security. Snoop was not detained but charges would be presented to federal prosecutors that could involve him. Possible charges include associating with armed men, which carries a penalty of up to ten years in a federal prison.

In 1990 Snoop was convicted of 'possession of cocaine for sale'.


At their London show on Tuesday, REM paid tribute to the city where they recorded their 1985 album 'Fables Of The Reconstruction'. Brixton Academy witnessed the band playing a host of songs from the album that they recorded in the capital. The band, playing the first of two sell-out gigs, performed the first four songs on the album.

Michael Stipe said: "We recorded this album in London, so it's very special to be playing these songs here tonight."

REM headline the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival tomorrow.


Robbie Williams is said to be writing a no-holes-bared autobiography in an effort to "set the record straight". The singer will talk about his romance with Rachel Hunter, his fight to beat depression, and his battles against drug and drink addiction. He had hooked up with his friend and journalist Chris Heath to pen the official book.

Elsewhere in Robbie world – UNICEF yesterday announced Williams will appear in a United Nations film aimed at raising awareness in Britain about international child trafficking. The short film will feature Robbie reading a poem describing the sale of children into prostitution as if they were an exotic fruit. UNICEF estimated thousands of children were trafficked to Britain each year, mainly from West Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, adding that it wanted the UK government to provide specialist care and protection for the victims.


LIVE REVIEW: Electric Six – The Monarch, London 20 Jun
When bands play live, they are essentially luring you into a false sense of security – it's Friday, the beer flows, a hundred or more people are leaping around and you leave wondering why The Upside-Down Lobster Fan Cakes haven't had a top five hit. It's bands like Electric Six that makes you realize why: because by comparison The Upside-Down Lobster Fan Cakes look like three seven year olds on stylophones. With their new line-up (performing with six members) the Six stole the tiny venue with blinding renditions of 'Danger High Voltage', 'Pictures Of Your Mother', 'Gay Bar' and forthcoming single 'Dance Commander'. Finishing with their own version of Queen's 'Radio Ga Ga' the Six and their sectionable frontman Tyler Spencer displayed a combination missing in too much guitar music today: they exploded on stage, and the musicianship was second to none – with the new guitarist playing a solo behind his head. I hope these guys survive – they deserve to for the best reasons. JG


In a bid to take on rival title Cosmo Girl, teen mag Ellegirl is going bi-monthly from July. The fashion and beauty title launched in autumn 2001 for older teenage girls is currently quarterly, but publisher Hachette Filipacchi, is keen to boost the brand, having taken complete control of the title last year. The end goal is to take the mag monthly.

Hachette's UK chairman, Kevin Hand said: "It has always been our intention, from the moment we took sole control of the UK Elle brands last autumn, to fully develop the Ellegirl title. This is the right time to begin that process."


Groove Armada have confirmed that they will deliver a special 'semi-live' performance at the forthcoming Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party, which has been specially designed for the Manchester event on the August Bank holiday. The 16-hour warehouse bash, which will take place in a pair of adjoining Victorian warehouses, 23 Aug, marks the 10th Anniversary of Tribal Gathering.

Line up so far:
Groove Armada, A Guy Called Gerald – Live, Deep Dish, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, DJ Yoda, DJ Marky + MC Stamina, Gilles Peterson, Greg Vickers, Jeff Mills, Krafty Kuts, Krysko, Laurent Garnier, LFO – Live, Photek Featuring Do Or Die, Scratch Perverts, The Rapture - Live
Groove Armada are also performing on Clapham Common this Weekend.


REVIEW: Melt-Banana - Cell-Scape (A-Zap/Cargo)
This could have been a terrible album. Melt-Banana, previously known for extreme speed metal tracks that were over before you'd let go of the Play button, were last heard on 2000's 'Teeny Shiny' LP, where they'd refined their super-fast sound and added excellent melodic tunes. But these were often still too fast to fully appreciate, and now Melt-Banana have made the logical progression with 'Cell-Scape', an album of ruthless experimentation, amazing driving basslines and fast-but-not-so-fast-you-feel-sick rhythms. On top of the swirling guitar workout that so closely apes a space station under fire at lightspeed, singer Yasuko yelps incomprehensibly about an eyeless bat called Pain ('What a name he's got!') and so on. The wordcount-cripplingly-titled tracks are amazingly diverse, with speedcore, punk and dub rhythms, and even an acoustic guitar and 'proper' singing creeping in on 'If it is the Deep Sea, I Can See You There'. It could have been a terrible album but 'Cell-Scape' is better than I had dared to dream. DR
Release date: 23 Jun
Press contact: Cargo distribution or A-Zap label


The latest industry projections say that the number of digital radio sets sold could hit 500,000 by the end of the year.

Ian Dickens, chief executive of the Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB), a joint body set up by the BBC and commercial radio companies to promote the new medium, have revealed that there are now around 175,000 digital radio sets in the market - up by 25,000 since the beginning of the year.

Mr Dickens said: "This time last year there were 600 digital radio outlets, mainly independent retailers. Now there are 3,000, including many of the biggest high street electrical chains, such as Currys and Dixons. Because of the success of digital radio last Christmas there are now many more manufacturers and more sets available. Roberts, the brand leader in analogue radio sets in the UK, has four new digital radio models coming out next week. Our target for the year in total is to reach between 350,000 and 500,000, which would be 6% of total radio set sales for 2003."

The BBC are planning to invest £2m in 47 new digital radio transmitters that will extend the technology's coverage from 65% to 85% of the UK population with the service available for the first time to listeners in areas of central England, East Anglia, the south east, the south west, the north and Scotland. They are also building 47 new digital radio transmitters between now and May next year, with work already begun at 20 sites, the total number of BBC digital radio transmitters going from 31 to 78.

The BBC is hoping further to stimulate digital radio sales with its new campaign promoting its own digital radio stations, 1Xtra, Five Live Sports Extra, 6 Music, BBC7 and the Asian Network.

Uptake of digital radio has been slow because very few sets were in the shops and those that were available were very expensive. But sales picked up last Christmas, due largely to the fact that much cheaper £100 digital radios became more widely available.


LIVE REVIEW: Mew and OkGo, ULU, London
Mew hail from beautiful Copenhagen and (discounting the plastic pop of Aqua) we know what to expect from our Scandanavian bands, otherworldly, unearthly, moody. Mew are all these things and more. Their dreamy, atmospheric sounds are as sweet as icing sugar but iceberg cool. Jonas Bjerres' vocals are so fragile he makes JJ72's Mark Greaney sound like Tom Waits. The singer is a cute and kooky blonde, he looks like Mark Owen after he won Celebrity Big Brother (ie overwhelmed and on the verge on tears at any moment). He's the only member of the band to be illuminated on stage and for most of the performance he stands motionless at the mic as his band mates wrestle with their guitars in the shadows while flickering images of skulls and angels serve as a backdrop. The unusual, cryptic lyrics of songs like 'Am I Wry?No?' adds to the magic. OkGo bring us back down to earth with a bump, they are as brash and extrovert as Mew are subtle and alluring. OK Go literally leap on stage, jumping and hollering. I've heard their single 'Get Over It' on the radio so many times now, I've gone beyond being bored of it to some other dimension, although new single 'You're So Damn Hot' is a fresher sounding chunk of power pop. They're scarily slick and well rehearsed which is entertaining up to a point - but they're a bit to keen to slip into S Club's shoes for my liking. However tonight's audience of (mainly) drunk students lap it up. Then again, asked to choose between a cover of Elvis Costello's 'Oliver's Army' and the Smiths' 'Panic' they choose the former, so not the most discerning of punters. JW


Oh joy. Blazin Squad are likely to get their second number one in the UK singles chart this Sunday with their new single 'We Just Be Dreamin'.

Current sales figures suggest top twenty new entries for Metallica, Gary Numan, Foo Fighters, Siobhan Donaghy, Tommi, Scooter and Flaming Lips.

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