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In today's CMU Daily:
• Hyde Park concerts cancelled
• Glastonbury: no problem
• Bang editors move on
• Lenny Kravitz' new label
• Review: Gangstarr – Ownerz
• Blue #2 sued by Blue #1
• Vivendi update
• Cat Stevens vs Flamings Lips wrangle over
• Destiny's Child +1
• Luther Vandross speaks
• Download litigation debate rages
• DMX rude words shocker
• NTL Radio Awards
• Princess of the airwaves
• Suge disses Snoop and Daz
• Roots Manuva to play at Gosh
• Review: Kym Marsh - Come On Over
• Distinctive at V
• Only Child in HMV
• Tatu refuse to sing
• Jaga Jazzist live
• Japanese Electric Eel Shock hits the UK
• Karaoke idols


My colleague reckons it's the windy video that does it. Personally I think it's the grammar gods stopping a record called 'We Just Be Dreamin' from getting to number one. And the good-taste gods keeping a 'Fast Food Song' from going top. Come to think of it, given their Christian ways, perhaps the, erm, God god is involved. Either way Evanescence are still number one this week, with the Fast Food Rockers at two and highest new entry, the Blazin Squad, at three.

New entries wise this week and it's the old timers who are doing well – Metallica go in at 9 with 'St Anger' and Gary Numan has a new entry with 'Crazier' at 13. Lower down and from more recent times Moloko go in at 17 with 'Forever More', Flaming Lips go in at 28 with the contentious 'Fight Test', the Yeah Yeah Yeahs go in at 29 with 'Pin' and the Cosmic Rough Riders are back at 34 with 'Measures'.

Albums wise and while the top spot is filled with a new entry from Beyonce Knowles it's not a week where new music dominates. George Benson goes in at 4, Jim Reeves at 21 and Tony Bennett at 33.

More interesting albums wise is the re-entry of NERD's 'In Search Of' nearly six months after release and The Streets' 'Original Pirate Material' at 28 and 34 respectively. Not sure what promotional events have led to that sudden sales resurgence but it's good to see them back in the chart.


Following reporters on Friday that promoter Triple A were having problems with their proposed series of events in Hyde Park, it was confirmed this weekend that all concerts, in the Route of Kings programme - including Blue, Simply Red, Roxy Music, Jools Holland, Yes and Paul Weller – have been cancelled as the promoter is forced into administration.

As reported on Friday, the concerts were in doubt after Triple A failed to pay the first down payment to Royal Parks who are responsible for events in London's parks. Since then Triple A have said unsuccessful attempts to secure the £5 million they are currently owed by their debtors has made trading impossible meaning this summer's concert programme will have to be cancelled.

Despite the announcement, the three founding directors of Triple A - Dennis Arnold, Pete Wilson and Martyn Stanger - have found investment for a new venture under the moniker 3A. The new company will continue to operate as an independent concert promoter with Blue, Paul Weller and Daniel Bedingfield are some of the artists to stay on the books.

Arnold told reporters: "We are obviously extremely disappointed that we have had to put Triple A into administration, particularly as we have enjoyed some great successes and have worked with a fantastic range of artists, agents, managers, venues and suppliers. We very much hope to continue working with them as part of our new venture and are extremely thankful to have received so much support from clients and suppliers across the industry."


Speaking backstage yesterday, Michael Eavis expressed relief that this year's Glastonbury seemed to be running so smoothly – a "million miles from 2000's worst possible situation". With the two main issues that have threatened the event in the past – fence-jumpers and people causing a disturbance in nearby Pilton – seemingly successfully tackled Eavis reckons Glastonbury has a bright future.

As 133,000 people filled the festival site at its peak yesterday Eavis told reporters: "After 33 years we've finally got it right! Last year was the fence, this year was the security, and there's nobody lingering outside the site. People have taken all the messages and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best festival we have ever had."

"The spirit is as good as ever. There has been a lot less crime, robberies and no trespassing off-site. I never would have believed we would have got this far. We've got out of what I thought was the worst possible situation in 2000."


More on the departure of the Gloom Brothers (Crispin Parry & Danny Ford) as editors of Future Publishing's popular new music magazine Bang! As reported on Friday Parry and Ford have left the title to make way for ex-Kerrang! man Dan Silver – the official line is that the 'Brothers' were hired as launch editors and always expected to hand over the reigns a few issues in.

A spokesman for Future told CMU: "There's not that much to say about Dan and Crispin moving on having completed the launch of Bang. Crispin and Dan have both put their heart and soul into the project of getting Bang off the ground and the team are now building on this foundation. I wish both the guys all the best for the future."

Whether or not rumours of Parry & Ford's departure causing upset at the magazine are true remains to be seen. Meantime you can read an interview with the Gloom Brothers about their ambitions for Bang shortly before their departure in this week's CMU Weekly.


Lenny Kravitz has launched a new record label called Roxie Records, named after his late mother, Roxie Roker. The imprint will be distributed through Warner Bros, though Kravitz himself will remain signed to Virgin Records where is set to release his new studio album, 'Funk', later this year.

Jeff Ayeroff of Warner Bros (who worked with Kravitz when he was co-chairman of Virgin Records America) said: "Lenny and I have a long-term relationship. We've always talked about the next phase of his career. This is what I call his Quincy Jones phase."

Among the first signees to Roxie is vocalist Dan Dyer, who is at work with engineer Matt Knobel on his debut album. Knobel worked behind the scenes on Kravitz's 2002 album, 'Lenny'.


REVIEW: Gangstarr – Ownerz (Virgin)
In 1990 Gangstarr were key players in the burgeoning hiphop scene. Guru's rhymes struck chords for their honesty – un-self-righteous positivity and perceptive observations, and DJ Premiere's distinctive beats are back with another deep and poetic urban epic. As well as the singles 'Nice Girl Wrong Place' and 'Rite Where U Stand' the album includes collaborations with Snoop, Big Boy and Jadakiss – Primo's beats always there and always wicked. The CD album also comes with enhanced content including Gangstarr in concert and interviews. Another feather in the legends' hat. JG
Release date: 7 Jul
Press Contact: Virgin IH [CP, CR, RR, NR] APB [RP, NP]


Seventies rock group Blue and record entrepreneur Matt Nicholson are suing the boy band of the same name and their record company EMI/Virgin for £5m over the use of the word. The case reached court on Friday. Mr Justice Hugh Laddie was told by Charles Purle QC that the confusion about the names has damaged Blue #1's recording career and reputation. Blue #2 say there is "no merit" in the case.

What is a standard 'name use' case may become more interesting if, as expected, Blue #1 call one Elton John as a witness. John, or his representative, may be asked to confirm that the veteran band were signed his Rocket record label thirty years ago and that he produced their album 'Another Night Time Flight'. Elton, of course, recorded a duet with the new Blue earlier this year and was said to be quite taken with the boy band – so how keen he will be to support the case for the prosecution remains to be seen.

Meantime Friday's court room entertainment came from the judge's surprising appreciation of pop music:

Judge: "Are you seriously saying that fans of one group would mistake one for the other? There is somewhat a difference of appearance. One is aged like you and me, the other is a boy band."

Mr Purle: "My clients were a boy band in the 1970s…"

Judge: "Oh no. Boy band is a style of music that is a bit more recent than the Charleston."


Latest word on the bids to buy Vivendi's entertainment assets. Reports suggest that the bid by studio MGM includes the option of $8-9bn in cash and $2-3bn in stock. This increases the value of a possible deal and might make it more attractive to Vivendi bosses.

Crucially MGM haven't, at this stage, bid to take over Vivendi's music companies. Despite talking about pulling out of America altogether Vivendi's board is said to be less keen of off loading their record labels. Three of the current bidders for the group want the music company to be included in the takeover package – meaning MGM's offer might be even more attractive.

If successful in their bid the merged MGM-Universal would boast the largest film library in existence, roughly twice as big as that of the number two spot holders, Warner Bros.

Vivendi bosses are now considering all offers – though MTV owner Viacom is yet to submit their promised bid.


A recent posting on Yusuf Islam's (better known as Cat Stevens) website confirms that The Flaming Lips have been forced to turn over publishing royalties to Islam as part of a settlement over allegations that the Lips stole music from his early '70s track 'Father and Son' for their latest single 'Fight Test'.

The site read: "It was confirmed today that an agreement has been reached between Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Yusuf Islam) and EMI Music Publishing (Flaming Lips) over the single 'Fight Test' and its close resemblance to the Cat Stevens classic, 'Father and Son'. Royalties from the sale of 'Fight Test' will now be divided between both parties according to the agreed settlement."

Speaking to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 this weekend Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne apologised for any similarities between his song and 'Father and Son', though he assured Islam the similarities were coincidental.


Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are set to regroup next year, and might be joined by Destiny's Child manager, Mathew Knowles' other daughter, Solange.

Solange filled in after Rowland broke two toes in 2000, has opened for Destiny's Child as a solo act and collaborated with Beyoncé and Rowland in the studio.

Mathew Knowles said that the girls would test the waters with Solange by collaborating on a song for a soundtrack later this year.

In the meantime, Solange is recording her second solo album, which is due early next year, and Williams is doing a gospel album.

Beyoncé said: "The point is I love Kelly and I love Michelle, and we're friends and I love performing with them on the stage. We support each other. And I love being in Destiny's Child. That's why I've been in Destiny's Child for nine years. I don't care how many records I sell. I'm still doing another album with them because I enjoy being in the group and I enjoy being in the studio. And the only way I won't [record with them] is if we aren't friends anymore, and I don't see that happening."


More on Luther Vandross, still recovering after suffering a stroke in April.

His business manager Carmen Romano told reporters this weekend: "I am happy to report that Luther Vandross continues to improve and he is more and more responsive each day. Perhaps most significantly, he is no longer in the Intensive Care unit. I feel as though I am watching a modern day miracle."

His latest album, 'Dance With My Father' went in at number one in the US album charts on the day that he came out of the coma – it currently sits at number two.


Critics have slammed The Recording Industry Association of America's plan to sue individuals for distributing large amounts of music files on peer-to-peer networks, saying that it isn't likely to change consumer behaviour.

Wayne Rosso, president of P2P service Grokster, told attendees of an event sponsored by the Copyright Society of the USA last week that attempts by the recording industry to thwart file sharing through litigation are bound to fail. Rosso added that lawsuits could never hope to keep up with technological innovation and development.

An RIAA attorney Dean Garfield came back at critics by saying that lawsuits against consumers are just one tactic in a multi-faceted strategy the industry is using to combat piracy.

The RIAA reports that an estimated 2.6bn copyrighted files are traded over P2P networks every month. Leading the pack is KaZaA with more than 230m users as of May 2003 (up from 100 million in July 2002). Rosso pointed at distribution deals with P2P networks as the only real solution. He added that the RIAA's litigation initiatives are stifling negotiations.


DMX (Earl Simmons) has been arrested for swearing during a gig on the Caribbean island, St Kitts and Nevis. DMX was performing before an enthusiastic crowd of about 3,000 at the island's annual music festival. Although organisers said they warned DMX he would not be allowed to use obscenities on stage because swearing is a crime there, his road manager, Ali Samii, said that DMX never agreed to tone down his language and that his fans could expect nothing less than his full performance. DMX was released on bail until Monday, when he is due to appear at Basseterre Magistrates Court.


NTL staged their annual Commercial Radio Awards in London last Thursday night. Organised by the Commercial Radio Companies Association, the trade body for commercial radio in the UK, the CRAs are a little like the Sonys without the BBC Competition. And the winners are…

Award for Marketing Excellence: Gareth Roberts, Century 106
National Sales Team of the Year: Capital Radio Group
Local Sales Team of the Year: 107.4 The Quay Sales Team
Commercial Station of the Year (under 300,000 TSA): Compass FM
Commercial Station of the Year (300,000 - 1m TSA): Belfast City Beat
Commercial Station of the Year (over 1m TSA): Juice 107.6
Commercial Radio Programmer of the Year: Alan Carruthers, 100.7 Heart FM
Commercial Radio Presentation Newcomer of the Year: Saffron, Galaxy 105-106
Commercial Radio Presenter of the Year: Nick Ferrari, LBC 97.3
Commerical Radio ID Liner, Jingle, Sting or Sweeper of the Year: Andrew Fewster, Leicester Sound
Commercial Radio News Award: Real Radio News Team, Yorkshire
Commercial Radio Programme or Feature of the Year: The Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music, Classic FM
Social Action Initiative Award: 96.9 Viking FM Creative with Hull City Safe and Hull Women's Aid
Commercial Radio Technical Innovation Award: CORE
Commercial Radio Digital Station of the Year: Oneword Radio
Neil Robinson Memorial Award: Steve Parkinson, Chrysalis Radio
Commercial Radio Gold Award: Emap Big City Network
Commercial Radio Special Award: Douglas Cameron


CMU's favourite booty queen and the first lady of ghetto tech, Princess Superstar, is all set to present a new Friday night slot of hip hop, electro, house and everything in between, for Kiss 100. The show will air every Friday between 10-12pm, with DJ Alexander Technique assisting with exclusive mixes.

Princess said: "I am extremely excited about joining Kiss 100 since as a little girl I used to talk crazily into a mic, broadcasting to no-one but my little tape recorder!"


Tha Row's Suge Knight has posted a short Flash animation dissing Snoop and Daz on the Tha Row Records website. 'Kowards in Kali' is basically a picture of Snoop and Daz with speech bubbles that spoofs their run in with the police at last week's BET Awards, when the pair arrived in an armoured van.

Suge Knight is really taking to this internet espionage lark. In April he made the whole of Daz's album 'DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin Up', available for download for free.

Meanwhile, insider sources say Snoop will never face any charges for said incident (when three of his entourage were arrested outside the BET awards for "unidentified misdemeanour crimes") because of the number of LAPD cops he keeps on his payroll as security.


In association with Big Dada Records, London's Premier 'Bouncement' spot Gosh will be bringing a very special "exclusive MC set" from Roots Manuva and long time label mates and associates Juice Aleem and Wayne Bennett (who produced tracks for his two Big Dada albums) on 10 Jul. Gosh is held at Plastic People on Curtain Road, Shoreditch. The night also features a free CD for the first 50 in. Press info from Zzonked


REVIEW: Kym Marsh - Come On Over (Universal/Island)
How Kym must wish she'd not done so well at the auditions. She could have been happily making money for someone with Liberty X, instead of having to worry about a solo career. Ah well. 'Cry' got to number two, and this will no doubt follow it into the top ten. Life can't be all bad. But she needs to decide who she wants to be: is it Kylie or Texas? Probably Texas, on balance. Gentle guitar pop, this is possibly the least specific record I've ever heard. It could speak to anyone, and fit in any genre, and have been released in any year since about 1980. If you listen to it with headphones, you become completely disorientated. HELP! MB
Release date: 7 Jul
Press contact: Universal IH [all]


V Festival will this year be treated to its own Distinct'ive Y4K Dance Arena. The label behind the Y4K nights, and releases from Hybrid, Chris Coco, Dub Pistols, FreQ Nasty and so on, have so far confirmed Way Out West, Dub Pistols, FreQ Nasty, The Freestylers and Tayo.


To promote the release of the album 'Solitaire' this week, Only Child will be DJing at HMV 150, Oxford Street on 4 Jul from 6pm. More press info from Coalition.


TaTu caused a stir on Friday night, when the pair refused to sing during a TV programme. The duo were expected to sing during the Music Station programme on TV Asahi in Tokyo, but at the last minute the two girls and their manager told TV Asahi staff members that they "didn't want to appear on TV anymore." The duo and their manager didn't (and still won't) say why they had refused.

Universal, who organised the event in Tokyo, announced that the show was cancelled, due to a "difference in opinions between the promoter and TaTu."


Norwegian future-jazz ten-piece Jaga Jazzist will be appearing at the Big Chill Festival at Eastnor Castle on 3 Aug. This will be Jaga Jazzist's only UK festival appearance.

More at:,,


Electric Eel Shock are on a crusade to save your soul through Japanese metal – or so they say. EES are on tour in the UK having played at last week's GameOn Festival, and with a new LP, 'Go America!', pending. Dates:

4 Jul: Town Mill (with Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster) Mansfield
5 Jul: Breeze Festival, Leeds
11 Jul: Willow Festival, Peterborough
12 Jul: Pioneer, St Albans
13 Jul: Mid Summer Festival, Exeter
14 Jul: Louisiana, Bristol
17 Jul: The Peel, Kingston
19 Jul: Wakestock Festival, Gwynedd
20 Jul: Truck Festival, Oxford
21 Jul: Bar Academy, Birmingham
25 Jul: The Vic, Widnes
26 Jul: Clarence Park Festival, Wakefield
30 Jul: Dog & Parrot, Newcastle
31 Jul: Nice‚n‚Sleazy, Glasgow
1 Aug: The Punk All Day Fest, Stockton
2 Aug: Uxfest, Uxbridge
5 Aug: Barfly, Liverpool
6 Aug: Fibbers, York
7 Aug: Night & Day, Manchester
8 Aug: Leopard, Doncaster
9 Aug: Beached Festival, Scarborough
13 Aug: Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
14 Aug: Fat Sams, Dundee
15 Aug: Somwar Else, Shetland Islands
16 Aug: The Loft, Forres
17 Aug: The Raigmore, Inverness
Press Contact: Mercenary PR


A poll of 1,000 Century FM listeners revealed that Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera are the country's top karaoke idols.

They were chosen as the stars with the most enviable singing voices, with Liam Gallagher coming second from the boys and Madonna for the girls.

The poll revealed that veteran stars like Rod Stewart and Annie Lennox were still popular choices, alongside more recent chart acts such as Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Knowles.

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