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In today's CMU Daily:
• Plurality test for merging media giants
• Download watchdogs lobby government
• NUS ENTS convention
• Live review: Gary Go
- Cherry Jam, 2 Jul
• Suge Knight could get a year inside
• The Darkness announce tour
• Like pop like son: Ozzy & Jack
• Review: Xample and Sol - Sonic Sleaze / Limiter
• US royalty bill withdrawn
• Jack's new editor
• Download chart launch
• Evans out of pocket
• Live Review: Glastonbury, 27 June
• Limited Coldplay 12"
• Smug BMG Germany
• Kings of Leon instore
• More hiphop feuding
• Fort dance
• Britney is number one
• Review: the Barbs - Massive Crush
• Lil Kim extorted
• Eminem ex pleads not guilty
• Justin likes a mature woman


Culture secretary Tessa Jowell yesterday added extra restrictions to up coming media ownership legislation to placate Lord Puttnam, whose supporters were threatening to stop the bill getting through the Lords over fears the new communications act would pave the way for certain global conglomerates too buy too much control of the British media. New media regulator OfCom will be given powers to test the public interest of major media mergers – even if they satisfy monopoly laws – while the government's culture department will have the right to exercise plurality tests on some mergers if they feel the media is likely to become too dominated by one major.

Minister for media, Lord McIntosh, said: "Plurality is a very subjective notion, it's very much a matter of judgment and what feels right. It's important to recognise that setting artificial limits on markets can make them economically less efficient but we need to protect plurality and recognise there is a minimum level of plurality that we must never go below."

"We propose to extend the scope of the enterprise act so that qualifying mergers can be subject to a media plurality test. In these cases, the secretary of state would be able to intervene. The test would not be 'does the merger lessen plurality?' but whether the merger causes sufficient plurality concerns to be blocked. We propose the power be wide enough to capture all media mergers including cross-media mergers."

Lord McIntosh added that the new plurality tests would 'future-proof' the bill: becoming gradually irrelevant as the number of strong broadcasting voices grew in a multichannel world. He also said that with digital television and radio offering hundreds of channels, there would be less need to apply a plurality test.

Lord McIntosh rounded up by saying that he hoped these measures would see off the rebel Lords and their revolt allowing the bill to pass through parliament, as proposed, this autumn.


US watchdog group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a 'Let the Music Play' campaign supporting albeit legal music downloading. Despite supporting only legitimate file sharing the campaign is seen as a reaction against the Recording Industry Association of America's announcement that it intends to file thousands of lawsuits against individual downloaders.

Launching the campaign EFF senior staff attorney Fred von Lohmann told reporters: "Today, more US citizens use file-sharing software than voted for President Bush. Congress needs to spend less time listening to record industry lobbyists and more time listening to the more than 60m Americans who use file-sharing software today."

Ads from the EFF alludes to the RIAA's suing policy, refers to the major labels as bullies, and proposes the music industry and the government to consider completely different courses of action.

An EFF spokesman adds: "Copyright law is out of step with the views of the American public and the reality of music distribution online. Rather than trying to sue people into submission, we need to find a better alternative that gets artists paid while making file sharing legal."


The NUS has announced line up details for its Ents Convention, the annual conference for everyonee working in student entertainment and marketing which takes place 10 - 11 Jul at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. There are two music showcases, with line ups as follows:

10 Jul: Urban Showcase - Jamelia (MOBO Award Winner), Est'Elle, DJ Format, Terri Walker, DJP, Killa Kella, BBE records, DJP, DJ Woody (Vestax World Champion/Twisted Nerve), Chris Coco (Radio 1)

11 Jul: Live/Pop Showcase - Mark Owen, The Androids, Brighton Beach DJs, Agent Blue, Cass, Electric Eel Shock, Sinead Quinn (Fame Academy), Chikinki (Fierce Panda)


LIVE REVIEW: Gary Go – Cherry Jam, 2 Jul
Even without his backing band, Gary Go is causing quite an A&R stir amongst the majors as he searches for the right deal. The 21 year old Londoner's warm and placid demeanour becomes an energetic and emotional ball of vocal dexterity – going from lilting falsetto a la Robert Plant, to Joe Cocker gravel throat in an instant. With clever and thought provoking lyrics – honest and poignant – and an able backing band Gary's songs become powerful emo cuts with a musical structure lacking from so much of the genre's output – beginnings, middles and ends, all in step with his lyrical twists. There is little doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from the Notting Hill resident, as the word spreads and the deal-offers come thicker and faster. "Go Gary/it's your birthday/go Gary/it's your birthday". JG


According to an Associated Press report Suge Knight could be looking at up to a year in prison following his arrest for allegedly beating a parking valet at a Hollywood club at the end of last month.

While the Death Row Records co-founder' attorney has pooh-poohed the charges, police insiders say Knight's parole could be revoked after allegations Knight punched a valet in the face from behind (eh?). A decision on the current charge is expected within 30 days.


The world's best new band (this is not idle unfounded chat: they ruled Glastonbury) The Darkness have announced details of a UK tour this October. Starting in Dublin on 2 Oct, the band will also join Ash and Kelly Osbourne as support at Robbie Williams' sold out Knebworth concerts on 1, 2 & 3 Aug, and Meat Loaf on his German tour in Oct and Nov.

Their blinding new album, 'Permission To Land', is out on Monday.

The dates are:

2 Oct: Vicar Street, Dublin
4 Oct: Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent
5 Oct: Cardiff University
6 Oct: Carling Academy, Bristol
8 Oct: Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
9 Oct: Leeds Metropolitan University
10 Oct: Sheffield University
12 Oct: Rock City, Nottingham
13 Oct: U.E.A., Norwich
15 Oct: Manchester Academy 2
16 Oct: Newcastle University
17 Oct: Barrowlands, Glasgow
18 Oct: Liverpool Academy 2
20 Oct: Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
21 Oct: Portsmouth Pyramid Centre
22 Oct: Carling Apollo Hammersmith


MTV News has revealed that Jack Osbourne has been in rehab for an addiction to OxyContin. The FDA has warned that the dangerous painkiller (recently a popular party drug) can be as addictive as morphine, can cause respiratory problems and is often fatal when snorted or chewed.

Commenting on the rehab Jack told MTV: "I want to be in control of my life. I was really loaded and I just sat on my mom's bed and I just said, 'I am going to go pack my bags, I'm ready to go. I want to go, I need to go.'


REVIEW: Xample and Sol - Sonic Sleaze / Limiter (Hardleaders)
On Hardleaders 63rd slab comes this drum and bass stormer. Xample, originally from Bristol, relocated to college in Liverpool where he met Sol – a chronic attender of Merseysides cutting edge jungle night Chrome. The pair are now gathering steam, putting out slates on Kenny Ken's label and also working with Aquasky's Sonix imprint. 'Sonic Sleaze' is a fast paced affair with a moderate share of sub bass, and a parity of bleeps and wibblies, and holds itself up well, with good breakdown usage. 'Limiter' is nasty – evil backing chords like a satanic hornet buzzing menacingly amid mid paced tempo, which definitely nods its head to the darkcore days. Hardleaders still are showing some flair in the A+R dept, good on 'em. PV
Release date: 30 Jun
Press Contact: [Kickin IH]


California Senator Kevin Murray has withdrawn his Record-label Accounting bill from the state Assembly. As previously reported the bill aims to make it a legal obligation for record labels to ensure accurate royalty accounting to artists. While the bill was passed by the Senate in May, Murray says that the state budget crisis, inappropriate amendments made to the bill at a committee stage, and lack of artist support during the busy summer touring season means it is impractical to proceed with the bill now – he aims to reintroduce his proposals next year.


Men's magazine Jack, the most recent media creation from Loaded founder James Brown, has appointed a new editor just days after Brown quit his publishing company I Feel Good, just two months after he sold it to Dennis Publishing. Michael Hodges, a former executive editor of Maxim and Maxim Fashion who has also written for the Observer and the Sunday Times, will take over the editor post.

Hodges said: "I am extremely pleased to be joining what I regard as a unique magazine. Jack has already established an award-winning pedigree, due to its talented and dedicated team. I hope to build on that success by playing to Jack's strengths which, happily, is a matter of continuing to confound expectations."

Sources say that Brown will work alongside Hodges as consultant editorial director, and the pair will be joined by Alan Lewis, who co-launched Loaded and Uncut magazines.

Hodges will be faced with the challenge of increasing readership. While some of the earlier issues sold as many as 50,000 copies, in recent months circulation is thought to have dropped to between 30,000 and 40,000 – barely breaking even.


US music stats company Nielsen SoundScan announced yesterday that it will start to compile statistics for music downloads within what it calls its 'non-traditional' sales category, which also includes internet, mail-order and concert-venue sales of traditional formats.

Data will be based on pay-per-download sales from the key legit download sites including Apple's iTunes Music Store, Pressplay, MusicNet, Liquid Audio and's Rhapsody service.

For the week ending 29 Jun, the top downloaded track was 'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z, which was followed by Kelly Clarkson's 'Miss Independent', Coldplay's 'Clocks', and Matchbox Twenty's 'Unwell'.


Chris Evans is expected to be sued by Virgin Radio to the tune of £5m after his failed lawsuit against the station's owner, Scottish Media Group, for unfair dismissal.

Evans has already been ordered to pay £1m towards Virgin Radio's legal costs after losing his £8.6m damages case.

SMG is expected to demand damages of around £5m after the high court ruling last week that Evans had not been unfairly dismissed and was not entitled to £8.6m share options. Evans own legal bill is expected to be £2m.


LIVE REVIEW: Glastonbury, June 27
My new favourite band Mew (New Band stage) are captivating in their unique and understated way. Jonas' vocals are as uplifting as the sun unexpectedly coming out this afternoon. Mew are Danish and are as sweet as one of those pastries and as intoxicating as Kronenberg. "She Came Home For Christmas" might sound more suited to a landscape of snowy drifts than a smelly field but its delightful all the same.

It seems plain wrong to see Suede (Pyramid stage) in daylight and playing before David Gray: what kind of sick joke is this? But eternal underdogs Suede are never less than inspiring even to an audience wearing sunglasses. Following the bafflingly muted response to last years 'A New Morning album', they continue to battle on. Brett Anderson is equal parts heroic and ridiculous projecting some much needed glamour to the day's entertainment. They have a greatest hits album on the way so they play their 24 carat singles. 'Metal Mickey' and 'Animal Nitrate' snarl like rock pigs. Brett bounces around to 'Beautiful Ones', "Cracked up, stacked up, 22, psycho for sex and glue, lost it to Bostik yeah.' Two new songs are also slipped in, one of which, the instantly addictive 'Love the Way You Love' is a confident start to their set and belies its title by being aggressive and punky.

Meanwhile Idlewild are already on (Other stage). This is the first time I've seen the new line up and their continued blooming is a joy to behold. Bratty early songs like 'When I Argue I See Shapes' meld with more mature tracks from most recent album 'The Remote Part' such as 'Live In A Hiding Place'. We'd been wondering where all the hippies were and here they all are watching Julian Cope (Acoustic tent). The former Teardop Explodes singer titled one of his solo albums 'Fried', we believe this may be a reference to his brain being addled by too many drugs. With his long hair and beard he looks every bit as eccentric as he actually is. But despite some fairly amusing banter and a very pretty collection of guitars his songs aren't actually that good.

I've waited a long time to see REM (Pyramid stage), perhaps I've waited too long. The band inspire good will in everyone (Nicky Wire excepted) but thisrests on their classic 1992 album 'Automatic For The People'. Many of their hits are rolled out 'The One I Love', 'Man On the Moon', 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite' and inevitably 'Everybody Hurts', all good but there's also a lot less familiar material and no 'Near Wild Heaven'. Michael Stipe's American style whooping up of the crowd, ("I want each and everyone of you to take me up into another galaxy") is sweet if somewhat undermined by the black teardrops painted under his eyes. I've never really noticed quite how sombre much of their material is too. And how did a bald guy and a bunch of Geography teachers get to be superstars? Its all very confusing and ultimately rather disappointing.


A limited-edition 12-inch of Coldplay's latest single 'Clocks' has been remixed by Royksopp, and will be released on 21 Jul with only 850 copies available in the UK and a further 1,500 worldwide.

It will also include a B-side of 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' featuring Mr Thing from Grand Central's Fingathing. 100 copies will be available through the band's official website


Despite German record sales being down some 20% for the first half of the year, BMG Germany has said that it expects to post a profit in line with last year's $274m. Insiders admit the label's good fortunes have a lot to do with the Pop Idol machine. BMG have the rights to sign the winners of the reality pop show.


The Kings of Leon have scheduled a 6.30 signing session to promote their debut album, 'Youth And Young Manhood' at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street on 11 Jul prior to their London Astoria gig across the road.


The Murder Inc and Shady/Aftermath squabble goes on. On the new Obie Trice track 'Shit Hits the Fan' he says: "This little nigga Ja Rule talking 'bout he gonna slap me/ Nigga please, you gotta run and jump and swing up to hit me in the knees/ I laugh at these magazines when they talk to him/ All they do is make fake threats to us through him… Quit trying to be tough, nigga, you look like an asshole."

The track will appear on Obie's debut LP, 'Cheers', due in Sep.

Not to be outdone, Ja Rule and former Outlawz member Fatal Hussein have a new dis record aimed at 50 Cent and Eminem on DJ Big Mike's Cruel Summer 2K3 mixtape.


Now here's a festival. On 26 Jul 'Fort Dance 2003' will take place in an 18th century fort in the Gulf of Finland – only reachable by boat or chopper. Aimed at the people of St Petersburg in celebration of the city's 300th birthday the event features DJ Tiga, Sander Kleinenberg, Lottie, Mark Spoon, ex-Prodigy Leeroy Thornhill and local talent, DJ Ivan Roudik (Russia's first professional DJ).

The event will also be screened on MTV at a future date.


A poll for music channel VH1 has named Britney Spears as the number one teenage idol, beating Leonardo DiCaprio, David Cassidy, Nsync, Tom Cruise, The Jackson Five, the Spice Girls and New Kids On The Block.

50 Teen Idols will be shown in full on VH1 on July 9 at 9pm.


REVIEW: The Barbs - Massive Crush (Mother Tongue)
Shouty man and shouty lady, RAAAAH. This is a simple, two-minute buzzsaw popsong about two singers with a massive crush on each other. 'I've got a massive crush on you/And there's no limit to what I'll let you do' and then it's over, more or less. Isn't this what's pop was always meant to be about? 'It may be massive but it don't mean much/'Cause after all, it's only a crush'. MB
Release date: 4 Aug
Press contact: Impressive


Following the news that Lil Kim had had her jewellery returned to her after it was stolen from a US airport, a man has now been charged with the theft.

Apparently the man in question initially called Lil Kim's lawyers and demanded £15,400 for the safe return of the stolen jewellery. But he subsequently handed himself over to the police.

As previously reported the missing jewels were found last week by a United Airlines employee, wrapped in rags in a staff locker at the airport.


Kimberly Mathers, has pleaded not guilty to those drug charges and driving offences reported in yesterday's Daily. Eminem's ex wife, is accused of unsafe driving, possessing up to 25 grams of cocaine and driving with a suspended licence. The drug charge alone could get her up to five years if convicted.


Justin Timberlake's granny has told reporters her famous grandson is dating Cameron Diaz - eight years his senior - because she is older and more mature than Britney Spears.

Sadie Bomar, 69, told Closer magazine: "Justin is on the phone to her quite a bit as he isn't always able to be there for her in person because of his tour. The good thing about Cameron is that she is older and more mature and she can deal with that. He likes her because she is more settled down and sure of herself than Britney was. She is more emotionally settled."

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