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In today's CMU Daily:
• Mottola to bring Casablanca to life for UMG
• Beanie Sigel may face charges yet
• Mogwai on tour
• Live review: the Polyphonic Spree, Brixton Academy
• Kazaa thrown out of court
• Big line up for Radio One Big Sunday
• Puffy wants Snoop
• Review: It’s About Time - Interns Feat. Snowboy
• Suge witnesses
• Willie gets political
• Emap redundancies
• Kraftwerk rush release and name change
• Eminem busy
• Like pop like son: pt 2
• Competition Commission deny they’re done
• Surfs up
• Lovely Lavigne back in the studio
• Review: Impossible Beings - The Stars & Under EP
• The real Jenny Lopez
• Pub Sky prices up
• Bristol DJ wins DMC/Technics UK final
• Cowell wants Prince


Former Sony boss Thomas D Mottola has announced his new music venture – a relaunch of Casablanca Records for the Universal Music Group. Since quitting the top job at Sony the industry has been awaiting Mottola’s promised new venture. Initial indications suggested he’d go into business with Sony but negotiations with his successor, Andrew Lack, quickly fizzled out. Since then Mottola has been courting / courted by other major record companies re some sort of joint venture.

Announcing the partnership Universal Music boss Doug Morris told reporters: “UMG is delighted to be in business with Tommy and his dynamic team at Casablanca… For over a decade, he was the heart and soul of Sony’s creative success. Tommy brings to the company the same innovation and creativity that have been the hallmarks of everything he’s done in his storied career. And he’s got superb taste in Italian food."

Mottola added: "I have looked closely at the many opportunities which have been offered to me over the last several months, but none has had the right combination of elements to attract me like the one from Universal. I could not ask for a better partner than Doug. Our close freidnship began over 20 years ago, and I am thrilled to be working with him now. I am also looking forward to working with Mel, whom I respect greatly, to grow Casablanca into a worldwide success. And I promise not to re-release that ‘Here's Johnny-Magic Moments From the Tonight Show’ album, either."

The until-now-defunct Casablanca Records was originally run by Neil Bogart (RIP) and released the works of Kiss, Donna Summer and the Village People among others.


MC, Beanie Sigel, has been released on bail and has rejoined the Jay-Z headlined Rock the Mic Tour after being arrested on an attempted murder charge last week. Sigel turned himself in after police claimed he was involved in a shooting outside a bar in Philadelphia. As well as the attempted murder charge, Sigel may also faces charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and several weapons violations. Beanie is due in court on July to face the charges.


Mogwai have just announced the details of their forthcoming UK tour.

The dates are:
18 Oct: MDH, Manchester
19 Oct: Barrowland, Glasgow
21 Oct: Sanctuary, Birmingham
22 Oct: Bristol Academy
23 Oct: London Astoria


LIVE REVIEW: The Polyphonic Spree at Brixton Academy on 4 Jul
It's the fourth of July. And given that The Polyphonic Spree are the World's Most American Band (TM), there really ought to be some sort of fireworks tonight. Not real ones, obviously - leave that to Great White - but the sort that The Spree deliver so reliably with their ridiculously oversized band and those oversized songs. There's no understatement here tonight; the staggering showmanship of twenty-odd robed Texans, a busy video screen and a screaming audience is as subtle as an acupuncturist with a sledgehammer. Tim DeLaughter delights in the praise heaped upon him, clawing evermore from the adoring masses, who oblige as if hopeful that their cheers will be turned into bread or fish or whatever it was that Jesus used to do at parties. But tonight is not just a celebration, it's also a test. This is one of the band's biggest headline shows in these parts, and it comes months after the initial hype. They pass, mind you; as DeLaughter leads his choir in a chorus of 'Reach for the sun', the entire crowd - from front to back, young to old - reach their hands in the air and are rewarded by a cascade of falling balloons. It's magical, even if it is predictable. Somehow The Spree have transformed the grimiest of venues into a sparkling oasis of purity, yet again. Fireworks, see. DR


The owner of Kazaa, Sharman Networks, has lost its bid to counter-sue the Recording Industry Association of America, the National Music Publishers' Association and the Motion Picture Association of America for antitrust violations.

Sharman’s started their cheeky legal action after they were thrown copyright infringement suits by RIAA, NMPA and MPAA. It was always an ambitious attack, and nearly all of Sharman’s anti-trust counterclaims were dismissed by Federal district court judge Stephen Wilson last Thursday.

Senior VP, Business and Legal Affairs for the RIAA, Matthew Oppenheim was, needless to say, happy with the result: “Sharman Networks was grasping at straws to distract the court from their own improper behaviour. We are pleased that the court recognised what we have said all along—that these claims lacked any merit."


Victoria Park, Leicester will be the venue for Radio 1´s One Big Sunday to be broadcast live on Radio 1 from 1pm to 4pm, on 20 Jul. Although the show is to be hosted by Chris Moyles, DJ Spoony and Nemone will be on hand to do things proper.

And proper means a line up that includes Mis-teeq, Busted, Big Brovaz, Daniel Bedingfield. Kelly Rowland, Electric Six and Athlete.

In his usual profound fashion Moyles said: "I want everyone in Leicester to come and see us."


Snoop has admitted to MTV that he and Puffy will be collaborating on more than just one track for his next album, and Puffy has let it be known that wants to executive produce the album. But as would most people – he doesn’t want to tread on Dre’s toes.

Puffy said: "I went to Snoop and I told him I want him to do his next album with Dre. As a fan, I love when him and Dre are together. But at the same time, if that don't work out, I want to get a crack at that next album. I'm trying to put together a movie for [Snoop], a movie on wax. That's what we always loved when Dre and Snoop got together, it was a movie on wax. When me and Biggie did an album together, it was a movie on wax. [Snoop's] an artist that I can get really motivated by to do something historical. Snoop to me is the quintessential version of a rap superstar. His presence, his confidence onstage, in the studio... he's just so special and his energy is so positive. If you know Snoop, he's really a comedian. I get motivated by people that help to make me better and enlighten me to stuff. Whenever we've worked in the studio, which is a couple of times, he's open to taking direction. He doesn't feel he's too big to take direction."


REVIEW: It’s About Time - Interns Feat. Snowboy (Chillifunk)
Some of you out there must think that I take Grobbelaar style back-handers from the Chillifunk crew. But Chilli are on a roll – again doing no wrong. Here we have label boss Bob Jones teaming up with the jazzy latino Snowboy (featured in The Who's Who of Latin Music) who met in the up in the 70’s at The Goldmine. Featuring players from Snowboy’s band, the track is based loosely on house, with REAL JAZZ -suave keys by Neil Angilley, trumpet sections by Sid Gauld - a really relaxed feeling, but more than lounge – this is carnival dancefloor ammo: crank it up to unleash the bass. The best mix is Bob’s Stripped Surgery mix. The Snowboy Alternative mix slants it slower and more left with more latino influenced sections, and the Original is good fare, but there are all pretty similar. There is also a latin percussive ‘Time Beats’ presenting some mad conga action from the above. Album due soon. Big up Chillifunk, but please release a shit tune for me to review soon. PV
Release date: 7 Jul
Press Contact: Velocity PR [all]


It looked as though Suge Knight could be facing more hard time after a parking valet alleged that the label boss punched him from behind (which is against the Deathrow boss’ parole conditions), but eight independent witnesses have come forward and said that he did not ‘sucker-punch’ the valet.

Knight’s attorney Rose Kogeman said: "Unfortunately for Mr. Knight, it appears that he was arrested prior to a full investigation of the allegation."


Willie Nelson plans to stage fundraising concerts in a campaign to support presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

Nelson said: "He stands up for heartland Americans who are too often overlooked and unheard. Big corporations are well represented in Washington, but Dennis Kucinich is a rare Congressman of conscience and bravery who fights for the un-represented. Dennis champions individual privacy, safe food laws and family farmers.

Farms are important to Nelson – he is a co-founder of Farm Aid with Neil Young and John Mellencamp.

"I normally do not get too heavily involved in politics, but this is more about getting involved with America than with politics. I plan to do concerts to benefit the campaign."


Emap is set to make redundancies in its radio and music division as it stops selling advertising on its website, cuts its online content down and refocuses its interactive team.

Websites Kiss 100, the Big City Network, Kerrang! Q, and TV channels including Smash Hits will no longer runs ads. The Kiss and The Big City Network websites will remain largely the same but the Q, Smash Hits and Kiss websites are expected to be scaled down considerably.

The group owner of the titles, Emap Performance is said to be redirecting its interactive team towards on-air sales and promotions, digital radio, mobile phone content and ticketing for events through the website.

A spokesperson said: "The websites will no longer be a profit and loss operation, and will no longer concentrate on the advertising side, but instead on areas we have identified as bigger revenue opportunities."

The spokesperson added that Emap will attempt to house those who are affected elsewhere in the company.


As well as rush releasing it, Kraftwerk are said to be changing the name of their up coming EMI album from ‘Tour de France 03’ to ‘Tour de France Soundtracks’. The release has been rushed in a bid to launch the album during the French bicycle race by the same name – due 21 Jul. But it’s an ambitious turn round. Word is that EMI have yet to receive finished copies of the album which Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider have been working on in their Dusseldorf studio, Kling Klang. The new Kraftwerk single ‘Tour de France 2003’ was released yesterday.


Eminem news. Word is he is busy in the studion working on three projects: his new LP, and new releases from Obie Trice and D12 (both signed to Shady Records)

Shady collaborator Luis Resto (who co-wrote the oscar winning ‘Lose Yourself’) has told reporters: "[he] and I work together every day. A lot of the time we're writing for all three projects. You go in and you're jamming, doing music, and it gets spread here and there. Some stuff goes to Em, some to Obie and some to other artists. We sit down and write and we parcel it out. Marshall takes home CDs and he listens to them, some things intrigue him, some things not as much - you just keep backlogging the ideas and see what comes of it."

Trice's Shady Records/Interscope debut, ‘Cheers’, is due in Sep. D12's album is tbc. Eminem’s new LP will not be out until 2004.


Jack Osbourne is out of rehab, and has spoken out for the first time.

Reflecting on his feelings since embarking on his three month stint in rehab, Jack admitted that he originally thought breaking his addiction to the prescription painkiller, OxyContin, would only take a couple of weeks.

He said: "I went in there with the mentality: 'I'll do my time. I'm just going to get out of here and I'll be fine. Give it a week or two’. But I did a lot of soul searching. [You discover] all this stuff you don't really know about your character, like who you really are," Jack added. "For so long, you just don't know because you're so full of chemicals and stuff. You just get thrown off."


Reports the Competition Commission had already decided not to approve the proposed merger of Carlton and Granada to make one big ITV company have been denied. This weekend’s Observer quoted ‘industry sources’ as saying that the commission would reject current proposals from the ITV companies – the sticking point being the merged companies dominance of the advertising industry.

But a spokeswoman for the Commission said yesterday: "The Competition Commission has not decided anything yet. The investigation is ongoing and we'll report to the Secretary of State by the 26 Aug."


Cornwall-based Aphex Twin has joined in the support of Surfers Against Sewage by donating a painted surfboard.

A touring exhibition come auction of customized surfboards aims to raise money for the organisation that campaigns against the 300 million gallons of sewage discharged to sea each day affecting beaches, wildlife and the local population.

Damien Hirst, Jamie Hewlett, Paul Kaye and other celebs have donated surfboards to the tour that culminates in a party in Newquay, Cornwall, on 16 Aug.

More at


CMU’s [editor’s] favourite [for all the wrong reasons] Canadian Avril Lavigne is said to be back in the studio have just completed the world tour behind her multi-platinum 2002 debut ‘Let Go’,

Avril said: “I think I've really come along in my songwriting. I really believe in myself, and I'm going to make a record that really comes from inside, from my feelings. I've had time to grow and become a better writer, a better guitar player, and I've learned more about studio work."

Avril’s live CD and DVD (live, backstage stuff), ‘My World’ is due out 29 Sep. She said: “We do a lot of skateboarding and scootering around in the venues. I felt like I was back in high school."

As regards the film version of her ‘Sk8er Boi’ track, she said: "The movie has nothing to do with me. I don't have any say in it. And no, I won't be in it."


REVIEW: Impossible Beings - The Stars & Under EP (End Recordings)
Downbeat is as as common as chewing gum outside Fabric, but good downbeat (you know the kind, nice beats, instruments, girl singing) is a little rarer. But with their 'Stars...' EP - oddly signed to End Recordings - have made some beautiful downbeat balladry worthy of Aim or DJ Shadow. The sound has a deep electric bass, warm Fender Rhodes and incidental female whispered song-stuff throughout. Nice. JG
Release date: 4 Aug
Press Contact: 9PR


Benny Medina, J-Lo's former manager, says he fully intends on dishing the dirt on Jenny from the Block now that she is taking him to court. As previously reported J Lo is suing Medina using a Californian law which says managers must not acts agents (procuring work) without a licence.


The Office of Fair Trading is due to receive complaints from a number of pub chains who are angered at Sky’s decision to raise TV subscription prices by up to 22%. Pubs who show sports events or MTV on their TVs have to buy a special kind of subscription – and that subscription rate has been hiked up meaning some pubs will have to pay more than £1000 a year.

One chain – the Punch Pub Company – told reporters yesterday: "We find it appalling. Sky's popularity was created by the pubs market and yet now it is creating a stranglehold on the sector."

But Sky responded by saying: "Sky invests a huge amount in its programming and it is extremely good value. And there are many other forms of entertainment that pubs can offer."

Not that we ever want to be seen to be defending Sky, but following yesterday’s news that the Musicians Union are worried live pub music will go in decline because of new licensing legislation, perhaps Sky’s latest price rises are a good thing. Pub chain Scottish & Newcastle, while trying to criticise Sky’s move, told reporters: "These new price rises mean that it can be more economically viable to provide live entertainment rather than show a match."


23 year-old Bristol based DJ Quest has won the UK DMC/Technics Turntablist crown filling the shoes of former DMC champ DJ Skully. Quest set himself apart from the likes of Blakey and Daredevil, who came second and third respectively, at the Shepherd Bush Empire last Friday. Coming through the London heat, Quest is confident of bringing the World Title back to the UK for the first time since Plus One won the title in 2001.

The World Finals take place on the weekend of 13 & 14 Sep at the Brixton Academy.


The ever-modest Simon Cowell says he could turn Prince William into a pop star: “He’d be a huge hit if he were to release a ballad. Prince William would make a great pop idol. He's got the looks and class of a true star. I don't know whether the Prince can sing or not, but let's face it, that's not always a problem. I'd love to see him sing a ballad reflecting on the troubles in his life.”

The royal word is that the Prince likes R&B and hip-hop and pop (maybe Queens of the Stone Age, Princess Superstar, King Geedorah, Prince, Queen, Regal Records and, erm … no more royalty gags)

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