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In today's CMU Daily:
• Carling Leeds go go go
• Pirate CD market big
• V Festival sold out
• R Kelly best of due
• Beanie does porridge
• Gottlieb: what goes round…
• Ozzy loses voice
• White Stripes in indie film
• More fileshare sueing
• Emap luvs Clear Channel
• Pixies reunion?
• Live review:
• Dylan won't get sued
• DJs saved my life
• Midweek chart update
• Review: The Veils - Guiding Light
• Bedingfield on tour
• No cool hand flex from Appleton
• Princess Superstar says


Despite trying their best to ruin the fun, West Yorkshire Police yesterday told reporters they have reluctantly decided not to challenge the granting of a licence for the Carling Leeds Festival. Police are still concerned there might be a repeat of last year's violence at the event despite the change of location and £250,000 of extra security measures. But police bosses have decided they would be better off spending their time working with Mean Fiddler on improving security rather than engaging in what might be an unsuccessful attempt to have the festival's licence revoked.

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "The force continues to have serious concerns that public safety cannot be guaranteed at an event that now has a well established culture of disorder. Responsibility for the health and safety of those attending rests with the organisers, however the force is responsible to the wider community in the area. Therefore West Yorkshire Police feels it must work with Leeds City Council and the organisers to ensure that every opportunity is taken to prevent a reoccurrence of previous disorder."

New security measures include non-combustible toilets, and improved lighting and campsite facilities. Campfires have been banned. Around 700 security staff will be on duty over the weekend, with 400 working on the Sunday night - double the number last year.


A report published by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) yesterday revealed that the total number of illegal CDs sold worldwide topped the one billion mark for the first time in 2002, making the illegal music market worth £2.8bn globally. The report postulated that two out of every five CDs or cassettes sold are illegal.

Peter Jamieson, executive director of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), said: "What we have faced in the last three years is an explosion worldwide in the number of unlicensed optical disc plants. If you factor in unlicensed downloads then only one in three music products in the UK is authorised."

Bootlegging is on the increase because the technology to reproduce CDs and cover artwork is better and cheaper. That said as bootlegging increases so does the battle against it – the number of illegal CD copying machines seized from around the world each year went from 4,000 to 7,000 in 2001. The problem is most of the bootlegging happens in countries where the record labels have less influence. The IFPI is calling on countries to aggressively prosecute offenders, seize their equipment and to seek compensation for copyright holders as a deterrent piracy. The ten countries that top the IFPI's list of targets are China, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Spain, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine.


Another festival sell out, this time for the V Festival. Tickets for both the Hyland's Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire bits of the V weekend are all gone and festival organisers are keen to emphasise that there will be no tickets on sale at either site over the weekend.

Festival director Bob Angus said: "The rate at which tickets have sold this year has just been outstanding. The line-up has undoubtedly had a huge influence, plus it seems everyone is simply up for a great summer!"

Coldplay, Foo Fighters, David Gray, The Coral, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Hives and the Super Furry Animals are all due to perform.


R Kelly is to release, his greatest hits collection, 'The 'R' in R&B Collection Volume 1' album in September. The album will also include two new tracks; 'Thoia-Thoing' and 'Ghetto Religion', featuring Wyclef. A limited-edition bonus CD, featuring several previously unreleased remixes, will be included in the first pressing of the compilation.

As well as his own projects, Kelly has been working with acts including the Isley Brothers, Baby of the Cash Money Millionaires, JS and Jaheim on writing and producing. Oh yes, and fighting off those allegations of child sex offences.


Beanie Sigel has been taken into custody in Philadelphia by federal agents working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms – but this has nothing to do with last week's attempted murder allegations and everything to do with firearm charges stemming from a previous arrest on 20 Apr.

Sigel is being held until at least Monday, when he is due to appear at a Philly federal court at a detention hearing. Presumably he is off the bill of Jay-Z's Rock The Mic tour in the meantime.


TVT's Steve Gottlieb may have been laughing when his lawsuit against Lyor Cohen and Universal owned Island Def Jam netted him $132m earlier this year, but he'll be less happy at the news he is being sued by a different UMG rap label, Cash Money.

As previously reported Gottlieb won the huge damages when a court agreed with him that the Universal label had acted corruptly in a bid to stop the independent from releasing a Cash Money Click album featuring Ja Rule, formerly of TVT but now signed to IDJ.

The latest court action by the Louisiana based Cash Money centres on the same album – they are trying to block TVT from using the Cash Money Click name because they say it infringe's their trademark.

Remains to be seen if the action is successful or if any other Universal labels want to have this album banned.


Ozzy Osbourne has been diagnosed with severe laryngitis and had to miss the Wednesday dates of his Ozzfest tour. Tour moved into pole-position and refunds have been offered to anyone who want them.

A tour spokesperson said: "After struggling through his performance in San Francisco the day before, Ozzy was examined by his personal physician this morning and was diagnosed with having severe laryngitis. [He's] been ordered to rest his vocal cords for the next few days."


The White Stripes have confirmed they will appear in the film 'Coffee And Cigarettes', a new project from New York indie director Jim Jarmusch which will also feature Steve Coogan, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Steve Buscemi and Alfred Molina.

Jarmusch has already shot three short films in the 'Coffee and Cigarettes' series and often uses musicians. Jack and Meg are set to play themselves in what is rumoured to be a feature-length collection of self-contained scenes.

Commenting on working with Jarmusch Coogan said: "It's very naturalistic, semi-improvised dialogue. All the people play themselves in it and I play Steve Coogan, this British comedian who's in New York and wants to try and break into America."


The Recording Industry Asssociation of America has filed a $57m lawsuit against the Spanish online music distributor Sakfield Holding Co and their Puretunes website.

The site is accused of both violating copyrights and claiming to be an authorized music distributor without having obtained licenses from the labels. Launched on 20 May, Puretunes lets users download as many song files as they wished for a flat fee - $4 for 8hrs, $25 for a month.

Filed in Washington, the suit contends that Sakfield lacked the right under US law to copy or distribute the labels' music online without their permission.

The Puretunes site vanished from the web in mid-June. No news available on its whereabouts or future plans.


Capital boss David Mansfield may be holding two fingers up at Clear Channel (that is to say he has said he won't be looking to be acquired by the US radio giant even if new legislation allows them to), but Emap bosses have distanced themselves from anti-takeover talk.

Mansfield hopes that when the media ownership rules are relaxed under the communications bill, Capital will be a buyer rather than bought. But Emap finance director, Gary Hughes has said: "It's not our job as a public company to resist things." Though he added: "I'm not sure Clear Channel would be in the bidding for Emap as a whole, and we are certainly not putting our radio business up for sale."


After his performance at the Camden Underworld earlier this week, ex-Pixie, Frank Black has said that he has not ruled out the possibility of a Pixies reunion tour.

Black Said: "I do dream about the Pixies reunion I do have to say. It's like those schoolboy dreams when you don't do your homework and you don't study for the test, but I'm at the gig and we're hanging out, but it's an utter failure and I don't know the songs, and hardly anyone turns up for the gig and people walk out. That's what I'm afraid of, that it'd be a big, big failure. We might. We do get together and have private jams together, but not for public consumption."


Writer Saga Junichi, who recently found out that lines from his book 'Confessions of a Yakuza' were used in a Bob Dylan track, has said he had no intention of suing, and that he is flattered Dylan used his words.

'Floaters' from Dylan's 2001 album included the words: "I'm not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound" and "Sometimes somebody wants you to give something up, And tears or not, it's too much to ask": Saga's book containing the lines "I'm not as cool or forgiving as I might have sounded" and "Tears or not, though, that was too much to ask".

Saga said: "I'm ecstatic that such an influential singer was inspired by what I wrote. Why would I sue? To take something that made people around the world happy and try to exploit it for money - that's poverty."


Amnesty International and London's ICA have joined together to host an exhibition called 'DJ Saved My Life'. The event which will feature five top national radio DJs, from 14-18 Oct, will see DJs curate their own installation for one night only, filling their allocated space with the cultural influences that best suit their taste(s). Organisers have promised guest appearances by leading artists throughout the series.

The event aims to recruit new members to Amnesty International and raise funds and to raise awareness of the major arms industry issues that the charity has been highlighting via its International Arms Campaign with Oxfam and the International Action Network on Small Arms.

More at and


The midweeks suggest that Beyonce will keep Madonna off the top spot – 'Crazy In Love' is expected to stay at number one beating 'Hollywood'.

More bad news for the Shady after 50 Cent failed to go top five this week - Eminem is expected to only reach number 6 with 'Business'. Evanescence should hang in their 3, Pink's 'Feel Good Time' is due for 4 and Javine's 'Real Things' for 5.

Kym Marsh's 'Come On Over' is expected to make the top ten, and new tracks from Blur ('Crazy Beat') and Kraftwerk ('Tour De France 2003') are expected in the top 20.

Let's hope that the Darkness's 'Growing On Me' climbs up from 20-odd after their cracking performances at Guilfest, and their packed-out instore launch of their LP 'Permission To Land' at HMV on Oxford St on Monday.


REVIEW: The Veils - Guiding Light (Rough Trade)
Make no mistake: this is a strapping young man of a debut single. Produced by Bernard Butler, it achieves a widescreen feel (despite an absence of Butler's favoured orchestra, five minute coda and layers of guitar tracks) yet succeeds in being admirably succinct, clocking in at under three minutes. It's dominated by a nagging guitar riff (which actually recalls early Suede) and insistent vocals from singer Finn Andrews, who sounds slightly too hoary for my liking – especially for a 20 year old – but, don't worry: his voice carries far more gravitas than, say, Kelly Jones. Think The Libertines, only if they were simply much, much better. Impressive, then, and the accompanying b-sides aren't bad too, suggesting a songwriter of real depth and promise. MS
Release date: 28 Jul
Press contact: Rough Trade IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


Daniel Bedingfield has announced details of a six-date UK tour in November.

The full dates are:
19 Nov: Apollo Theatre, Manchester
20 Nov: Guildhall, Portsmouth
21 Nov: Carling Academy, Birmingham
23 Nov: Carling Academy, Bristol
24 Nov: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
26 Nov: Hammersmith Apollo, London.

Bedingfield is also due to perform at T4's Pop Beach concert in Great Yarmouth on Sunday, July 13, Radio 1's One Big Sunday, Leicester, July 20, and the SRH Roadshow, Glasgow, on July 27.

His new single, 'Never Gonna Leave Your Side' is due on 21 Jul on Polydor.


Natalie Appleton has said that she's worried she won't be that lively on stage at T in the Park this weekend because her hand is still in a cast after cutting it on glass.

Natalie: "Sometimes I get frozen! Since I hurt my hand, I've been a bit static. I've cut my wrist so I've got no feeling in my hand so it's made me feel a bit like 'don't move'. So, I try and move around if I can."


Bad Babysitter, Princess Superstar, who has just netted herself a no holes barred radio show on Kiss FM spoke to CMU about her future plans:

"It's going to be totally crazy. I am working with everyone from LRD to Junior to Tommie Sunshine and more. It will be a fusion of hiphop/electro/punk on some future shit!"

"I might do something with the Prodigy- also I just did something for Gonzales' new record. Alexander Technique and I also have a banging mix CD coming out."

You can hear Princess' radio show on Friday night on Kiss 100FM between 10-midnight (so your gonna have to tape The Remix and The Rinse on Xfm – or tape Princess' show – why are all the decent dance shows on at the same time?)

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