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In today's CMU Daily:
• BBC vs ITV over pop reality TV
• Jack White's message
• Tatu to split
• Australian CD burners
• The Doors at Wembley
• Victoria Beckham and Damon Dash
• Review: cracker – Countrysides
• Celia Xruz dies aged 77
• Rakim and Dre split
• Hynde arrested in Paris
• Beyonce on the big screen
• Cowell to write book
• Toronto officials soften restrictions on Stones gig
• Cooper Temple Clause getting riled
• Xfm & Playstation club night
• Blondie single and UK tour
• QOTSA new single
• Review: The Stands
- When This River Rolls Over You
• Tribal Gathering gets beer til 4
• Courtney Love's anime
• Orlando Bloom in blue video
• Ron Sexsmith/coldplay
• Trainer exhibition


The BBC has provoked a huge row with ITV and the advertising industry by scheduling Fame Academy in direct competition with Pop Idol. ITV executives are said to be angry the BBC has moved FA to a Saturday night slot seeing it as a cynical scheduling ploy that will deprive viewers of genuine choice.

The decision comes after the failure of last-minute talks between the BBC1 controller, Lorraine Heggessey, and the ITV director of programmes, Nigel Pickard, which in turn followed the accidental slip at a Fame Academy press launch where people involved with the show revealed the Saturday night slot. BBC execs has hoped to keep the scheduling secret until the last minute.

One furious ITV source told Media Guardian: "Once again the BBC is showing its true colours. It's no wonder no one believes them when they claim their motives are anything but competitive. Fame Academy was derivative enough last year, now it's aping Pop Idol's format even more closely. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but unfortunately for the BBC neither Simon Cowell nor Ant and Dec were on the market."

A BBC insider hit back, insisting the Fame Academy move was not "the BBC being aggressive", but an attempt to schedule the programme at the best time for its target audience of 16 to 34-year-olds.


Jack White has spoken about his recent car crash in which his strumming finger was broken, forcing the cancellation of slots at T in the Park, Witnness and their US tour.

He wrote to fans on the band's official website: "Hello candy cane children. I broke my finger, three breaks, car wreck, horrible left turn in front of me, no chance of escape, air bag, the air near my fingers, devil in my left hand, doctors say no way, lot's of pain, typing with one finger, made it through year of rock n' roll death, got off with just a warning. Apologies to those wishing to see my hand live, soon enough I'm sure, now me and Meg can share war stories, I love when we share, like once there was a monkey, and we shared the experience as children do."


Tatu's manager Ivan Shapovalov has suggested that everyone's favourite Russian lip-stick lesbian pop duo may be heading for a split after a bitter power struggle. Word is Julia Volkova and Lena Katina consider each other rivals, and have fallen out over their roles in the band.

Russian newspaper, Pravda, reported that the red-headed Lena is unhappy that Julia has taken on the role of leader of the band, leaving her to be "girl number two". And apparently Julia's new boyfriend Pasha (23-year-old karate black-belt teetotal sports enthusiast) is also causing problems with a jealous Lena.

Shapovalov said: "When things are not working out well people often get the feeling that they want to quit and go. This could happen to Julia. Just because people work together doesn't mean they don't want to do something on their own."


The Australian Record Industry Association (Aria) yesterday said that 3.6m Australians made copies of CDs in the last six months, and a further 3.4m Australians had downloaded tracks illegally, meaning more than 11% of music in Australia is obtained through illegal means.

ARIA chief executive, Stephen Peach, linking the 8.9% drop in record sales last year with the copying/downloading trend, said: "Ultimately, the consumer is the loser. File-sharing and CD burning contributes to the slow but steady weakening of the local and international music industry."

Aria's survey revealed that 80% of respondents said they wouldn't buy an album if they had a pirated copy in their collection. 50% said the same thing about downloaded albums.


The (21st Century) Doors have announced a one-off show at Wembley Arena on 11 Dec.

The reformed band is currently on a world tour following their homecoming gig in LA.

The band's current incarnation features founder members, Ray Manzarek on organ and guitarist Robby Krieger. The Line-up also includes Cult frontman Ian Astbury on vocals. This is the first Doors tour since the death of Jim Morrison in 1971, and the band plan to write new material for a new album during the tour.


Victoria Beckham and Roc A Fella records founder Damon Dash have defended their forthcoming single 'It's That Simple' on the BBC's 1Xtra station. Presenters on the station were criticising the white label track, so VB and DD asked to go on air to defend it.

Victoria said: "I think there's been a lot of anticipation for this record, a lot of people wondering what it's gonna be like, when it's gonna come out, because it's good music and I like it. At the end of the day I've been told I should do it this way, I should do it that way, but I'm doing it my way and I'm doing what I like. It's a good record at the end of the day. It shouldn't all be about your celebrity status and whether that opens or closes doors for you - it shouldn't make a difference."

The song may not be released as a single, but Victoria plans to do gigs at hiphop clubs to build up a following once the album is finished.


REVIEW: Cracker – Countrysides (Cooking Vinyl)
Oh Lord, it's got to be the silly season when a spoof country and western album rears its ugly Stetson. Parodying C&W is easier than clubbing paralysed baby seals, and is by far a worse spectacle to behold. Ween nailed the coffin shut for the C&W spoof market when they released the sublime 'Piss Up A Rope' in 1996, so it's a bit of a disappointment to find people who think they can equal that razor sharp paradigm of wit. The checklist of clichés is ticked off remorselessly in the opener 'Truckload Of Art' – the twangy gee-tar, the cowboy wailing and, yes, the strains of a banjo. How utterly hilarious. So quite how my initial and fervent disdain lapsed into grudging enjoyment is something I still haven't worked out. Perhaps it's due to the good-natured approach to the genre that permeates the album or perhaps it's because Cracker never try to be funny and fall flat on their faces. Then again, it could be the refrain in 'Ain't Gonna Suck Itself' that cries, "Virgin Records ain't gonna suck itself", referring to their acrimonious split with their former label. TO
Release date: 28 Jul
Press Contact: Cooking IH [all]


The legendary Cuban 'Queen of Salsa', Celia Cruz died of brain cancer in her New Jersey home yesterday. During her life the five-time Grammy Award winner received honorary doctorates from Yale, Florida International University and Miami University as well as appearing in ten movies.


Rakim has split from Dre's Aftermath Records, just days after he announced that the new album was quickly coming together.

Aftermath/Interscope spokesman Zach Katz said: "He's already shopping for a new deal. They [Katz and Dre] mutually decided to go their separate ways."

A unnamed source at Aftermath was more detailed, admitting that the split was based on musical differences; neither Dre nor Rakim was happy with the direction the tracks were going in. There is still no word yet on where the Rakim album ('Oh My God') will go or whether any of the Dre produced tracks recorded so far will be included.

Rakim signed to Aftermath three years ago after Dr. Dre publicly stated that he wanted to work with him.


Chrissie Hynde and several others were arrested for demonstrating a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in central Paris.

Hynde and twelve others, including leaders of the animal rights group PETA, were briefly detained by police after blocking traffic on a main boulevard and smearing red paint across the windows.

Hynde said: "The protest won't end here."


Beyonce, who appeared in Mike Myers' 'Austin Powers: Goldmember' last year, has said that she's definitely up for appearances on the big screen:

Beyonce said: "I wanna do more. Probably one a year, and I wanna do different types of films from dramas to action. My biggest dream is to do a big musical like 'Moulin Rouge' or 'Chicago'. I've been talking to some producers and I've gotten a couple of scripts and there's one script I really, really want. They're doing it, so I'm kind of preparing for that now."


Simon Cowell has signed a massive book deal with Random House for 'I Don't Mean to Be Rude, but...' The book, due to be written by Cowell and his journalist brother Tony, is due in Dec and will earn Cowell a minimum of $2m.


Organizers of Toronto's massive concert are expected to rethink the rules of admission after a number of fans complained about the restrictions regarding blankets, lawn chairs, umbrellas, coolers, food or drinks (none of which are allowed).

Senator Jerry Grafstein, who spearheaded the event with Toronto MP Dennis Mills said: "We've listened carefully and quietly to all the concerns. We're trying to balance safety on one hand with a happy, healthy and enjoyable experience on the other hand." He promised an imminent announcement about which restrictions will be lifted.

Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, who outlined the restrictions earlier in the week said; "This is not an attempt to remove fun from the concert. We are prepared to consider any reasonable modifications to the stated restrictions provided public and officer safety is not compromised."


The Cooper Temple Clause are getting cabin fever at their Bleak house studio in which they are holed up recording their second album due 1 Sep.

Bassist, Didz, said: "We were compiling the album when one person suddenly said, 'I don't like this song, it's the worst one on the album', and then someone else chipped in with, 'Actually I really like it - it's one of our strongest tracks. Anyway, we all got involved and had a big argument about artistic direction and that kind of stuff."

The 'fight' ended with the decision to get rid of two songs and replace them with two others originally intended as B-sides for forthcoming single 'Promises Promises'.

Didz said: "When we listened to them again we realised they were too good for B-sides. One's got a working title of 'Tom And Kiz' and sounds like a more electronic Spiritualized and the other, 'In Your Prime', has a late '60s feel to it."

Elsewhere in TCTC news, the band are giving 7-10 fans the chance to have LP preview playbacks in their houses. Volunteers should e-mail:


Xfm and Playstation's Third Place event continues first Sunday of August. Alongside residents Eddy Temple Morris and C. Carlos there will be DJ sets from SI Begg (Mute Records-SI Futures), Fun-Da-Mental/Nation Records Allstars, Pepe Deluxe, Border Crossing featuring. DJ 'AJ' (Renegade Soundwave) + MC's.

Alongside the music will be a programme of cutting edge music documentaries and videos chosen by the people behind the Portobello Film Festival.

And as if that wasn't enough in itself – games wise there will be that extended 20 person ping-pong table, inflatable chill rooms, Playstation2 Pods, the awesome new Playstation 'Eye Toy' (no controller, your body movements control the game) plus old skool board games, Sunday papers, and chillsome furniture…

All that plus there's a proper creche for 2+ toddlers, the Playstation skatepark is next door, and there's an all day brunch menu at Under The Westway restaurant.

Date: Sunday 3rd August 1pm-8pm

Venue: Westbourne Studios, Acklam Road, W10 (behind Westbourne Park tube station)

Free for all kids 8 downwards, for everyone else it's a voluntary £3 donation to children's Music Therapy charity. More at


Blondie will release a new single, 'Good Boys', in Sep ahead of their UK tour.

The single comes from the band's new studio album, 'The Curse of Blondie', due out on Sony/Epic on 6 Oct – their first new material since 1999's 'No Exit' reunion album.

Blondie kick-off an Asian and Australian tour next month appearing at the Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka, Japan, on 2 Aug. The UK leg of their tour begins on 11 Nov.


Queens Of The Stone Age are set to release the third single from their 'Songs For The Deaf' album, 'First It Giveth' on 18 Aug,.

The band's English photographer friend, Nigel Copp, made the video which includes footage collected on the road since the release of the album - their 2002 Glastonbury performance, their recent US tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nick Oliveri's arse.

B-Sides are expected to be a live track and a special cover version.

Currently playing Lollapalooza, the band are down to play V2003 16/17 Aug.


REVIEW: The Stands – When This River Rolls Over You (Echo)
Fantastic. Checking in at under three minutes, this Liverpudlian four piece have produced a slice of West Coast pop that feels deliciously laid back and indolent. You can almost see the surf breaking on Malibu beach, surfers hanging ten and Pamela Anderson running in an extended slow-mo shot. What is it with the resurgence of imaginative Scouse bands? What are they putting in the water up there? This sounds so effortless and natural you'd think these guys have been playing together for years, yet their debut is only due in September. In fact this is so relaxed, you get the impression that if they were told they could rule the world, they probably shrug their shoulders and carry on regardless. TO
Release date: 21 Jul
Press Contact: Coalition [all]


The organisers of the Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party have announced that they have managed to persuade the authorities to let the alcohol flow until 4am, despite Manchester being a 2am late licence city.

Tribal Gathering's Sacha Lord Marchionne said: "We'd like to thank the magistrates, Town Hall and police forall there support in making this the most unbelievable, legendary event that Manchester has ever seen. With only six weeks to go I can't wait."

The line-up includes Groove Armada, LFO, A Guy Called Gerald and Photek.


Courtney Love has teamed up with publishers Tokyopop Inc to create a fantasy Manga series called 'Princess Ai', fuelled by the singer's passion for the cartoon animation genre.

Following the story of a smart and talented, yet controversial young woman, 'Princess Ai' uses the public stage not only for self-expression but to also hide from her assailants. The princess of an unknown and mysterious land, she has escaped to Earth and takes refuge in the nightclubs of Kabushiki-Cho.

Love said: "I have always loved the Japanese culture and the people. Princess Ai is a great character because she feels like my alter-ego, but in a fantasy setting." She added, "I'm very excited to work with Tokyopop, a company that is truly innovative in its approach towards crossing creative boundaries."

Tokyopop CEO and CCO, Stuart Levy said: "We are very pleased that we could team up with one of the most influential rock stars of our generation and certainly one of the most colorful personalities. Manga is just the start. Look for animation projects, merchandise and other evolutions of 'Princess Ai' in the near future."

Thanks, but we'll stick to Cowboy Bebop and Ranma 1/2.


Lord of The Rings actor Orlando Bloom (Legolas) has agreed to appear for free in an upcoming Blue video after being asked by the boy band's Duncan James to cameo.

James and Bloom became friends after bumping into each other on the London party scene. They got chatting about Blue's future projects - and the singer asked if he would consider helping them out.

James said: "I was talking with the boys and we decided that the new video needs a star to feature in the song. I wrote the track so it is very personal to me. It's not a huge bit but Orlando didn't seem at all bothered. I told him it was only a cameo but it was the whole point of the song and he jumped at it."


Ron Sexsmith is said to have mixed feelings about Coldplay's Chris Martin and his performance on his new album. Martin sings vocals on Ron's 'Gold In Them Hills' – but Ron wasn't present when the recording was made.

Ron said: "I got a call when I was in Vienna from [producer] Martin [Terefe] to say Chris Martin was coming down to the studio and wanted to hear it. Coldplay were in LA doing their record. I asked if he could see if he would play piano on 'Gold In Them Hills' because my piano playing isn't very good. So Martin asked him. A few weeks later I'm back home and get this package in the mail saying 'Gold In Them Hills' remix. I put it on expecting to hear some new piano and it is my piano. Then his voice comes on in the second verse. It was one of those moments where I had mixed feelings. I thought 'no-one asked me about that'. I'm a purist and he sang it beautifully but it is actually my favourite verse on the whole record' he says. 'I thought I really sang it well. It became a dilemma. I was excited he was on it and the label people were excited he was on it. I had this happen once before where the label is really excited so I asked if there was any way we could keep both. So we have my version first and at the end in comes the new version so everybody is happy. He has got a better voice than I do and everyone was thinking with Chris it was my in with radio, but it didn't turn out to be. It is the closest I have ever come to having a hit song. Even at the Coldplay shows when we were opening for them I knew we had something there'."

Despite Ron's reservations with the recording, the pair have performed the song live.


The Foot Locker Unlocked Exhibition, a huge exhibition celebrating trainer culture, opens in Glasgow this week with Craig David among the contributors.

The exhibition will showcase some of the best-loved trainers from the past thirty years including pairs worn by several stars. The exhibition aims to provoke debate about the ultimate top 20 trainers of all time. There will also be a number of customised Adidas Stan Smith's trainers on show, as designed by local creative hotshots.

Foot Locker Unlocked opens on 17 Jul at Glasgow's Argyle Street branch of Foot Locker, and runs to 31 Jul.

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