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In today's CMU Daily:
• Bertelsmann dismisses charges
• File sharers unite
• Flaming Lips tour
• Limp Bizkit guitarist back injury
• Review: Funky Fresh Few ft Wig – 24/7
• Russell Simmons to stage hiphop summit
• Toronto SARS concert promoter slams critics
• Morillo quits DJing while his Puffy remix rips up Ibiza
• 100 best guitar albums
• The Jackson Five reunion tour
• Busted on live
• goes legit download
• Somerset House summer staple
• Atomic boob job
• Clear Channel sizes up UK market
• Notting Hill carnival
• Sneddon back on telly
• AOL sell Warner Co.s
• Review: Omni Trio – Volume 1993-2003
• They Might Be Giants GAP ad tune
• Exclusive Peter Hook live UK date


No change at the top – Beyonce still dominates both the album and single charts. And singles wise both Wayne Wonder and Evanescene slide back up a few spots, meaning Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction' is the only new entry in the Top 4.

That said, there's some welcome new entries this week. The Coral with 'Pass It One' at 5 for starters. Then there's the Super Furry's back with 'Golden Retriever' at 13, Janes Addiction with 'Just Because' at 14 and the re-release of the Polypohonic Spree's 'Soilder Girl' at number 26.

I'm guessing Polydor were hoping for a higher entry position than 38 for Appleton's new track, while the revamped Inspiral Carpets will probably be a little disappointed with position 43 for 'Come Back Tomorrow'. Where is Vodaphone when you need them?

Albums wise, other than Beyonce, Deltra Goodrem slides up to two (no mentions of sympathy votes please), Kings of Leon move up to three and The Darkness fall two spots to four (cue screams of disgust from across the office).

New entries wise nothing – that's right – nothing but for the Manics rarities album at 11.


Bertelsmann has filed a motion in the New York courts to dismiss three copyright-infringement lawsuits it has been landed with in relationship to its involvement with Napster. The suits in question come from fellow majors Universal and EMI, and a collection of music publishers, who all claim that when BMG made a $60 million loan to Napster in 2000 they bought liability for the download service's copyright violations. With Napster no more they are suing BMG for compensation they claim they are still owed.

But in their motion last week BMG claimed that: "US copyright law does not permit recovery from a third-party lender for damages the plaintiffs failed to recover from Napster." The motion added that Bertelsmann did not profit from any illegal file sharing that occurred, and that its loan was convertible into a controlling equity stake "only if and when" Napster created a "fully licensed file-sharing service." Which, of course, they never did.

But EMI weren't impressed: "By investing both millions of dollars and management resources in Napster - which was an illegal enterprise built on the unlawful distribution of copyrighted works - Bertelsmann enabled and encouraged the wholesale theft of copyrighted music."

Universal added: "Bertelsmann did not merely provide a loan to Napster; nor was it merely a passive investor in Napster. Bertelsmann took control of the Napster system and directly and materially contributed to the infringing activities of the Napster users."


Elsewhere in download news – a new trade body has been set up to represent peer-to-peer networks, and, in particular, to fight their case against the increasingly aggressive Recording Industry Association of America. P2P United counts Blubster, Grokster, BearShare, eDonkey 2000 and LimeWire among its membership. The group has hired lobbyist Adam Eisgrau of DC-based Flanagan Consulting, who has worked with Digital Future Coalition in the past.

Sharman Networks, distributor of the Kazaa network, is not part of the new group – they are spearheading a lobbying effort of their own.


After their rapturously received performances at Glastonbury, T in the Park and Witnness this year, the Flaming Lips are all set top do a UK tour later this year. The dates are as follows:

23 Oct: Plymouth Pavilion
24 Oct: Bournemouth International Centre
26 Oct: Cardiff International Arena
27 Oct: De Montfort Hall, Leicester
28 Oct: Manchester Apollo
29 Oct: Sheffield City Hall
31 Oct: Birmingham Academy
2 Nov: Brighton Centre
3 Nov: Hammersmith Apollo, London
8 Nov: Glasgow Academy
9 Nov: Usher Hall, Edinburgh

They will also support Radiohead on their US tour.


Limp Bizkit guitarist Mike Smith has injured his back in New York. The injury was sustained during a one-off gig last week when he landed badly while partaking in some "onstage hijinx and rock 'n' roll mischief".

Despite being hurt he finished the set before being rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed as suffering from a pinched nerve. Smith was ordered to rest for a couple days, but was back in form for Friday's Summer Sanitarium show in Landover, Maryland.


REVIEW: Funky Fresh Few ft WIg – 24/7 (Grand Central)
The three Blackpool b-boys are back with hiphop how it should be, and dare I say – how it was back in the day: funky beats, funky bass, good rhymes and the perfect amount of cuts ans scratches – you remember those days, Pete Rock and Premiere ruled the production world and hiphop was more than a P-funk loop with Snoop talking about blunts and 40's. The 12" comes with an array of wicked mixes including the instrumentals of the Voltage Mix and the Sun On Your Back Mix (both by Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty). All are proper hiphop cuts from the days of the MPC. JG
Release date: 25 Aug
Press Contact: Darling Dept [NP]


Def Jam founder Russell Simmons will stage his next Hip-Hop Summit in Birmingham, Alabama, the epicentre of the '60s civil rights movement. The event will be held in conjunction with the 13th annual Birmingham Heritage Festival from 1-3 Aug

Among those confirmed to take part at the Summit are Cash Money Millionaires members Lil' Wayne and TQ, the UK's own Floetry, David Banner, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boys, Big Tymers and Lil' Flip.

Simmons said: "I expect the event will be a powerful statement concerning the importance of empowering young people with the rich legacy of our heritage and to push forward to make even greater progress, utilizing the tremendous gifts, talents and energy of the youth of today."

Organisers expect more than 150,000 people to attend the event. Simmons will use the occasion to unveil two new entrepreneurial enterprises: a financial services empowerment vehicle for the disenfranchised called the rush card, and an energy drink called 'Def Con 3'.


Canadian gig promoter Michael Cohl has slammed critics in the Toronto media for questioning whether the Stones fronted benefit gig designed to reinvigorate the city post SARS crisis should take place. The media there have been getting critical since local police chiefs said a number of tight restrictions would have to be put in place to ensure the safety of the 500,000 punters expected to attend.

Speaking backstage at a Stones gig in Stockholm he told reporters: "I'm reading too much of this bullshit in the Toronto press about the concert. What a bunch of assholes - pardon my French. The Toronto Star, are pumping up the whole brouhaha, and now everybody's getting ready to go, 'Oh my God, what a bad idea this was.'"

He continued by making loose threats to pull the Stones out of the gig if the whinging didn't stop: "But what do you think would happen tomorrow if I cancelled? If I called in and said the Stones cancel, I mean they'd have a fit, wouldn't they? But what would you do if you were Jagger? 'I think I might not come after all. It's not what I signed on for.'"

But he finished by throwing his support behind the concert's organisers: "I can't imagine that between Clear Channel Entertainment and House of Blues and Molson's and Dennis Mills and Jerry Grafstein and the Toronto Police and the Toronto Emergency Services and all of the same people who looked after the Pope at Downsview last year, that these people aren't going to get it together. And if I didn't think they were able to get it together, I wouldn't have given them the band in the first place."


With all the modesty of a globally renowned DJ, Erick Morillo has admited that his collaboration with P Diddy from his forthcoming album is fast becoming an Ibizan dancefloor classic.

Over on the island for his residency at Pacha, Morillo he told reporters: "The P-Diddy track on my album is a scorcher, it's like a new sound, it's like a mixture of House, Acid and tech, and he does his old skool chat."

Morillo went on to announce he would be retiring from the DJ line to concentrate on running his label Subliminal, with some vague hopes of pursuing an acting career. Hollyoaks here I come.


Jimi Hendrix's 1967 album 'Are You Experienced', has been named the greatest guitar album of all time by 'music experts' from Mojo magazine.

Unsurprisingly, The Beatles failed to make the top 20 although the experimental 'Revolver' LP (1966) made the top 100. The Stones reached 11 with 'Exile On Main Street', while The Who got the number 2 spot for 'My Generation' (1965), followed by Howlin' Wolf's eponymous LP from 1962.

Mojo writer Ritchie Unterberger said: "It's impossible to cram all the innovative ways of playing an electric guitar that Hendrix pioneered on his first album into one paragraph."


Jermaine Jackson has told BBC Three's Liquid News that not only will there be a Jackson Five reformation and reunion tour, but a new album is planned as well. And what's more Michael would be involved.

Jermaine said: "Michael turned into this beautiful entertainer because of the foundation of the Jackson Five."

He added that the tour would take in the UK.


The Datsuns have said that the follow-up to last year's eponymous album will see the band moving in a new direction. They are due in the studio in Sep and have apparently already written all the tunes – including 'Cherry Lane', 'Messin' Around', and 'Girl's Best Friend', which have all been showcased at recent live shows. Despite that, they're still to pick a studio to record in.

Frontman Dolf Datsun said: "There's a bunch of residential studios outside London where you can live and hang out and just make records and not worry about what's going on. We're (also) thinking about going to Stockholm, I think that sounds fantastic. It's a beautiful city… but it has distractions."

"We know we have an audience now - we can be slightly more self-indulgent, and do things that maybe will work better on record than live... like slow songs."


Speaking to Radio 1 at their One Big Sunday weekend, CMU's favourite boy band Busted have been talking about that trademark stage feature of jumping in the air with their guitars slung at knee height. And they don't seem too keen…

Matt: "It's become a bit of an albatross."
Charlie: "It's not really a trademark…"
Matt: "The thing is, we didn't intend to do this thing, you know…"
James: "In case you hadn't noticed, loads of bands jump…"
Charlie: "Yeah that's what I'm saying! It's been done for so long, it's just a pop band hasn't done it before', it's like 'oh, let's catch on to that', but actually, that's bullshit."


US etailer, previously a budget version of Amazon, is launching a download service similar to iTunes, but for PC users, at a big media event at Times Square this Tuesday.

Word is the service will offer downloads of individual tracks and full albums, has all the major music companies on board and features an interface that insiders are said to be raving about.


Drinks brand Grolsch are sponsoring Metropolis Music's trilogy of gigis at London's Somerset House next month. The Golsch sponsorship will cover three gigs under the umbrella heading of The Summer Set - Morcheeba on 6 Aug, Ash on 7 Aug and Gotan Project 8 Aug.


There are reports circulating that Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton has had a boob job. It is believed that Hamilton has gone from a B to a D, and showed them off during a night on the tiles with fellow band-members Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost. In a profound statement she said: "I'm really pleased with the results." Nice.


The boss of US media giant Clear Channel – Roger Parry – has responded to comments made by Capital Radio chief exec David Mansfield last week. Mansfield told the Radio Festival he wouldn't consider an acquisition offer from the US conglom, even once up coming changes in media ownership laws will allow it.

Parry hit back by saying "For David to say he'd rebuff Clear Channel is a bit like Ann Widdecombe putting out a press release saying she's going to turn down a date with Brad Pitt. She should be so lucky. The invitation's got to come in the first place. I'm delighted that David doesn't want a date with us, but as it happens it wasn't on offer."

What seems to have annoyed Parry most is Mansfield's claim the US group's approach wouldn't work in the UK: "How does he know? If we were to be involved in UK radio we could only do it through the medium of UK management. We're not going to ship over a bunch of Americans to run UK radio stations. We would hire the best local talent who almost certainly would come with the business when we bought it."

The Clear Channel man rounded off his attack by pointing out his group wouldn't want Capital – even if the law allowed him to buy it – arguing recent commercial performance means Capital isn't an exciting acquisition proposition.

But Parry didn't rule out making a bid for another UK radio group when the law allows, though he added he would wait for a first round of consolidation among UK radio groups - and a fall in current prices - before buying stations.


The [Big Beat] Boutique have hooked up with Infantile for a Notting Hill Carnival soundsystem outside Time Bar on Woodfield Rd. Already confirmed to DJ are Audio Bullys, Jon Carter, Freq Nasty, The Stanton Warriors and Organic Audio.

Carnival takes place on the August Bank Holiday Weekend, and the soundsystem will be in effect on the Monday (25 Aug. Bar: 3pm-11pm).


Fame Academy winner David Sneddon will be standing in for Simon Grant to present BBC 1's kids programme The Saturday Show. Sneddon will join Fearne Cotton on presenting duties while Grant takes a holiday.

Sneddon said: "I just intend to have a laugh and I'm willing to do anything. Come Saturday morning, I'm going to be nervous. I'm really looking forward to it though, it's not something I ever thought I would do. It's live and it's the biggest kids' Saturday show so it's all a bit daunting."

Sneddon's next single, 'Best of Order', is on 11 Aug.


AOL Time Warner have announced that they have finally struck a deal to sell Warner Music Group's DVD and CD manufacturing businesses. The companies will go to Cinram International, one of the world's largest independent providers of multimedia services and products, as part of a $1bn deal. The sale is part of AOL Time Warner's bid to tackle its current financial problems.

Roger Ames, chairman and CEO Warner Music Group said: "We're in a period of rapid change in the music business and are working to make Warner Music Group as streamlined, efficient and agile as possible. The agreement we are announcing today is part of that evolution."

Elsewhere in Warner-world, Chappell Music, have made more than a dozen US employees redundant including New York-based VP A&R International Patrick Conseil, Nashville office head Tim Wipperman and L.A.-based VP Int'l A&R Affairs Barbara Quinn. The move comes among rumours that Chappell Music will go up for sale if and when a WMG-BMG merger goes ahead. Word has it Freddy Bienstock – boss of rival publisher Carlin Music and the guy who ran Chappell before its acquisition by Warner – is interested in buying it.


REVIEW: Omni Trio Volume 1993-2003
Moving Shadow This collection of Trio's hits spanning the decade takes us back – making the point that jungle morphed from hardcore all them moons ago [getting a bit misty eyed]. One anthem here is 'Renegade Snares' and yep that uplifting breakdown still makes the hair on the back of me neck stand up. Pure energy. 'Feel Better' sounds dated – but check the bassline and breaks- perfectly put together, back to the darkcore. 'Thru the Vibe' that breakdown shows us what d and b lacks – that spirituality of the 'hands in the air now' of yesteryear. 'Byte Size Life' from '99 is moody with an abstract electronic edge. 'Revolver' is a pulsating edgy number with its heavy high-end tympanics. The mellow peaceful 'Higher Ground' could be seen as trite, but is chill out of the highest calibre, Rob Haigh's been doing this for time - he made a 'Gothic Ambient' LP back in 1983. 'Nu Birth' is an average vocal outing, a bit dull, and 'Who are You' chugs along a bit too much, until the Rhodes kicks in, a mellow roller. This disc is a lesson and an experience all in one. A mix CD will also be included in the package – details unavailable, but a ride through 22 cuts. Very Tasty. PV
Release date: 21 Jul
Press Contact: Electric PR [all]


'Clap Your Hands' from They Might Be Giants' 2002 children's album 'No!' (Idlewild/Rounder), is to become the soundtrack to an upcoming TV ad for GapKids.

The news comes a week after the retailer announced that both Missy and Madonna would be appearing in forthcoming GAP ads.


London's Fabric will play host to an exclusive live gig from New Order's Peter Hook on 15 Aug. Press Contact: Excess Press

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