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In today's CMU Daily:
• RIAA issues subpoenas
• EMI Sound + Vision
• Can we save the singles chart?
• Coldblooded coldplay?
• Review: Lounge Conjunction – Give/Nansei Syoto (Sunset Mix)
• Rock the Vote
• Channel Five Sky links
• Ignjatovic moves up at MTV
• Festival for Rome
• New Ben Folds releases
• New Dylan movie
• Sentimental Travis
• Fort Knox studios
• Rock Steady crew are 26
• Robbie back at Albert Hall
• Landmine charity manicures
• Review: Richard X ft Kelis – Finest Dreams
• Distinctive Records at V2003
• Hybrid at Fabric
• Skate To Hell: The Extreme Rock Collection
• From Erick Morillo


Well, when the RIAA said they would be going for individual downloaders big time they really meant it. The RIAA is seeking the identities of 871 file sharers, with 75 new subpoenas being sent to ISPs for such information every each day.

An RIAA spokesperson said: "Filing information subpoenas is part of the evidence-gathering process that we announced a few weeks ago in anticipation of the lawsuits that we will be filing against people who illegally make copyrighted music available on P2P networks. We're doing exactly what we said we'd do."

And those downloaders targeted could find themselves facing huge fines – the RIAA reckon penalties as high as $150,000 may be rewarded per infringement/track. And if Democrats John Conyers and Howard Berman's get their way downloading may become a criminal offence with a prison sentence attached.

But things might not be quite as crazy as initial reports suggest. Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona threw some common sense into the equation: "It's unclear how far the legislation will get, though. I would not support criminal penalties for the person who just shares music files. If there's some kind of organised and orchestrated organisation that does this as a profession to make a profit, then that probably would be appropriate. Look, these artists deserve a return for their talents and their abilities; we've got to try and make that happen. But to throw people in jail because they file-share, in my view, is a terrible overreach."

And there was more common sense from – wait for it – Michael Jackson of all people. Commenting on the proposed prison sentences for downloaders MJ yesterday told reporters: "I am speechless about the idea of putting music fans in jail for downloading music. It is wrong to illegally download, but the answer cannot be jail. Here in America we create new opportunities out of adversity, not punitive laws and we should look to new technologies, like Apple's new Music Store for solutions. This way innovation continues to be the hallmark of America. It is the fans that drive the success of the music business; I wish this would not be forgotten."


Good news for Bowie fans – a 70-track four CD box set called 'Sound + Vision', originally only set for a US release, will get a release over here on EMI this autumn. Although, the final track listing has yet to be confirmed, Bowie's website says that among the rarities proposed to be included is the original demo for 'Space Oddity'. Also expected to be included are 'The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud' (1969), 'London Bye Ta-Ta' (1970), and 'Round And Round' (1971). Meanwhile Bowie is due to release his 26th studio album, 'Reality', in Sep and begins a UK tour in Manchester on 17 Nov.


The Official Chart Company – the people who compile all the key UK retail charts – have released details of some of the ideas put forward by industry players in order to stop the ongoing decline in singles sales over here. Proposals include moving the chart day from Sunday to Friday, moving release day from Monday to Saturday, reducing the window between radio date and release date, and moving towards a two-track CD single. Remains to be seen if any measures are adopted – or if the industry at large actually thinks the loss leading single is worth saving when MP3s are an increasingly effective way to promote albums.


Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, was arrested in Australia on Sunday after allegedly trashing the car of a freelance photographer.

Photographer, John Lister, claims that after taking pictures of the star surfing, Martin came out of the sea and demanded that he delete the photos from his digital camera. When Lister refused Martin allegedly picked up a rock and attempted to smash in the windshield of Lister's Jeep.

The maximum penalty for malicious damage is five years in jail, but police said that they expect the incident will only result in a fine, since the damage only amounts to a few thousand dollars.

Martin is not expected to comment. Those photos, though, appeared in yesterday's Sun.


REVIEW: Lounge Conjunction – Give/Nansei Syoto (Sunset Mix) (Airtight)
The Amsterdam-based LC are back after a short break to bring us a deep groovy cut of soft female whisperings and Balearic breakdowns. The flip side is a smooth atmospheric dance cut set to a house tempo Balearic rhythm. The breakdown is a little disappointing but the 4/4 kicks in and the distant reverberating tinkles of Hooj/Airtight take over. JG
Release date: Aug tbc
Press Contact: Bobby M @ Airtight IH


The Dixie Chicks are joining the latest Rock the Vote campaign in the US. RTV is a nationwide campaign to motivate young people, and especially young women, to register and vote. And presumably to speak their


Five have enabled a Sky Digital technology on some of their programmes which means viewers can receive onscreen reminders when editions of their favourite series are airing – Sky+ viewers can set their machines to record them. Programmes viewers can set for remind or record include 'Home and Away', 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigators', 'Family Affairs' and the 'Terry and Gabby Show'.


Jesse Ignjatovic has been named Vice President Music and Talent Development for MTV in the US. He is the man behind such popular US MTV shows like mtvJAMMED, Diary and Snoop's 'Doggy Fizzle Televizzle'.


The UK's Dedbeat festival and Surphase, who have been responsible for some of the biggest underground parties in Italy over the last five years, have hooked up to produce the Bitz [bitza] Festival, which will take place in Rome, 26 - 28 Sep.

Daytime events will be held at the Circolo degli Artisti, a 2000 year old, 2800 capacity Roman aqueduct system in the centre of the Rome, and will see the party rock from 1pm-9pm on 27 Sep and 1pm-11pm on 28 Sep.

The evening programme will take place in the ultra modern 4000 capacity venue, Le Cirque: 11pm-6am on 26 and 27 Sep.

Mute, Warp, Fatcat and Trevor Jackson's (Playgroup) Output will all be showcasing talent.


While working on his sixth studio album – due for release next year – Ben Folds is releasing the first of three Eps online today. The first EP, 'Speed Graphic', is available now at Folds' Web site, and features a cover of the Cure's 'In Between Days' as well as four new songs, 'Protection', 'Dog', 'Wandering' and 'Give Judy My Notice'.

The second EP, called 'Sunny 16', will be ready in Sep, and the third, yet-to- be-titled set is scheduled for Nov.

Folds said: "I have twenty-four hour access to a studio now, so I'm using it. Quietly releasing my music as EPs allows me to get it out there as I finish it, with a minimum of hype. It won't be sold in the big-ass chains, because that puts the price up and starts the big-ass machinery - press, radio etc. Then I have to pose naked at the piano, and really, I'm not a piece of meat, you know."

Folds will also sell the EPs at stops on the Lottapianos tour, which kicks off 26 Jul outside Seattle and also features Tori Amos. The two have confirmed dates through a 5 Sep stop in Oklahoma City.


Bob Dylan's new movie 'Masked and Anonymous' is due to open in New York tomorrow, and in LA on Wednesday. The movie, also starring Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, John Goodman, Jessica Lange and Luke Wilson, marks Dylan's return to the big screen and his first major starring role since 'Renaldo and Clara' in 1978.

Dylan wrote the script with Larry Charles, best known for his work as a scriptwriter on 'Seinfeld' and 'Mad About You'. He plays a singer whose career is on a downward spiral and is forced to make a comeback at a benefit concert after Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney are suddenly unavailable. Backstage before the performance, he is handed a list of other people's song he is told to sing including 'Revolution', 'Won't Get Fooled Again' and 'Ohio' but goes out and does his own thing anyway. Right on.

The soundtrack features 14 Dylan songs, four of which are performed in the movie. 'Dixie' and 'Diamond Joe' are traditional songs recorded and performed for the first time. 'Cold Irons Bound' and 'Down In The Flood' are new performances.


Travis frontman Fran Healey says drummer Neil Primrose's near-death experience last summer has changed the band and inspired their new album.

Healey reckons the band came close to splitting up after Primose injured his neck in a diving accident. But a year on he says the doubt over the band's future freed him from the pressure of expectation and allowed him to write what he views as the band's best work to date.

Healey said: "After Neil's accident, we thought the band was finished. We came to the edge of the precipice. We had eight months off and it felt like being on the dole, but with cash, so I just sat around writing songs like I did when there was no pressure. It was the most creative time we've ever had as a band."

As yet untitled, the new album, is due out in Sep and was largely recorded in the north of Scotland with former Crowded House producer Tchad Blake.


US recording studios are bumping up security in an attempt to stop leaks of albums before their release because many demos are stolen or 'borrowed' by people who then leak rough-cuts and even finished copies onto the web. According to Reuters most studios have had safes put in for the overnight storage of tapes, and some bands are employing teams to keep guard while they record.

Studio manager at NRG Recording Services in LA, Kelly Garver, told reporters: "There's a safe now in every studio, and eventually we're going to build those safes into the walls. We are designing a new studio with safes built right into the floor. It really became an issue with the Linkin Park album, because they were so concerned about security. It brought it to our attention. This is clearly very important now, and we need to take steps for all of the artists that are coming in."


The legendary 80s hiphop outfit and breaking team, Rock Steady Crew – home of the world famous Crazy Legs - are set to celebrate their 26th Anniversary this weekend with four days of festivities across New York.

The events will include a film festival, celebrity basketball game, DJ battle, free concert, and a special Rock Steady Crew performance plus appearances from MOP, Brand Nubian, The Jungle Brothers and a whole bunch more.

The Rock Steady Anniversary has been an annual event since 1991 – aiming to honour the deceased members of the Crew, and to celebrate all of the elements of hip hop culture. Every year Crazy Legs, hosts and organises the event which draws over 20,000 people.

Crazy Legs said: "In today's cultural landscape the B-boy is an amalgamation. Rock Steady has all kinds of people regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture. It's about being passionate and self-expressive."


Robbie Williams is to return to the Royal Albert Hall to headline a show for The Prince Of Wales's charity, alongside Victoria Beckham, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Sir Elton John. The fashion and music event called 'Fashion Rocks' for the Prince's Trust, will be hosted by Liz Hurley on 15 Oct. The idea is to fuse catwalk and concert - and Robbie will be strutting his stuff for the designers as well as performing.

Robbie last appeared at the venue in October 2001 when he premiered tracks from 'Swing When You're Winning' saying that it was a dream come true.

Designers taking part include Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Julien Macdonald, Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney and Versace.


A UK charity will be giving manicures to both stars and punters at this year's V Festival to raise awareness on the dangers of landmines.

The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) will launch the 'Gotcha Hands 'n' Feet?' service in both the public and VIP areas, offering five-star pampering to the sounds of Fat City and Off The Tracks DJs - all for a donation to the charity.

The Manchester-based organisation, a co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, is involved in mine clearance across the globe including extensive work in Iraq, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. MAG will be the first charity ever allowed in the VIP area.

V Festival, already sold out, takes place at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire on 16-17 Aug.


REVIEW: Richard X ft Kelis – Finest Dreams (Virgin)
"Who let this guy in?" it appears that there is someone in the studio making vaguely interesting pop records. I thought only Kylie was that privileged. Richard X takes a pop artist and a potentially chart-worthy hit and stuffs it with booty rhythms Miami bass beats, dirty bass, vocoder ices it with a chartable star. Genius. A dope electro pop cut with R&B's angriest woman. JG
Release date: 11 Aug
Press Contact: Virgin/APB


Distinctive Records will be hosting the dance arena at this years VFestival. The label behind the Y4K nights and compilation series, and releases from the likes of Hybrid, Chris Coco, Dub Pistols, FreQ Nasty, Way Out West and more, will be teaming up with Strongbow to host the Arena. Artists confirmed for the arena are: Way Out West, Dub Pistols, FreQ Nasty, The Freestylers and Tayo.


The Welsh dance-combo's latest album, 'Morning Sci-Fi', is set to be released on 15 Sep. The album features bass and co-production on the track 'True To Form' from Peter Hook from New Order. Hybrid will playing live at Fabric on 15 Aug and will be accompanied by Hook.


The Extreme Sports Channel have released an album of music "that skateboarding wouldn't have been the same without". Called 'Skate to Hell : The Extreme Skate Rock Collection' and billed as 'a celebration of skate culture and a chronicle of the music that has underpinned and inspired it through the years" the compilation will include Gang Green, CKY, Devo, Fenix TX, Rancid, The Faction, Black Sabbath, Drunk Injuns, Glassjaw, Simple Plan, OPM, A, The Stooges, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Public Enemy & Anthrax, JFA, Millencolin, (hed) PE, Goldfinger, The D4, MC5 and The Darkness. Press info from the Extreme Group


A quick email from Erick Morillo following those reports yesterday that the DJ was giving up the decks to focus on his label Subliminal, as well as think about a career in acting. From the horses mouth: "This is stupid and getting out of hand. All I said was when I turn 35 I am going to stop DJing to start a family and one of my interests is acting."

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