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• Robbie performance nearly as big as the traffic jams
• Virgin snap up unknown for new music show
• New Starsailor single
• Cherie big in ibiza
• Live Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ T on the Fringe
• Coral to support blur
• White Stripes screws hand
• Justin Timberlake sexiest man debacle
• Belle & Sebastian live!!!
• BBC profile Shaun Ryder
• Q-tip on TCQ reunion
• Review: Five Deez – Funky
• RIAA taking the piss
• Gatecrasher bold expansion
• Universal downturn
• Review: Makoto – Human Elements
• Pop Idol interactive


Following plenty of play on the old music TV channels Blu’s (the diva not the boy band) little collaboration with Sean Paul has topped the singles chart this week. Her track ‘Breathe’ and Lumide’s ‘Never Leave You’ push Mr Robbie William’s new release down to number three which won’t go down well as EMI – perhaps all his fans were stuck in traffic and couldn’t get out to buy a copy.

But enough of the top three – new entries worthy of your time this week include Kosheen’s ‘All In My Mind at 7 (not anywhere near as good as old Kosheen, but a fine tune anyway), Junior Senior’s ‘Rhythm Bandits’ at 22, the Dandy Warhols’ ‘You Were The Last High’ at 34, and Hot Hot Heat’s ‘No Not Now’ at 38.

Only one bit of album chart news worthy of your time – but it’s great news – The Coral go straight in at 1 with ‘Magic & Medicine’


Robbie Williams played three historic shows in Knebworth this weekend – with three sell out gigs each with a capacity of 125,000 the event together was probably the largest music event in the UK ever.

But the big news of the weekend was the traffic. Reportedly thousands of ticket holders didn't make it to the first night of the gig because of traffic chaos on the roads leading to Knebworth. As 125,000 Robbie fans headed towards the Hertforshire estate tailbacks were reported along the A1 for miles. Such was the disruption that some people were still in a mile-long jam as Williams was finishing off his set with 'Angels'.

And the misery for concert-goers didn't end when Williams left the stage. It took some fans over five hours to get off the Knebworth site.

Things went a little more smoothly on the following days, mainly because police set aside the hard shoulder and inside lane on the A1 specifically for people going to the event. That said some fans still complained of excessive overcrowding on site, and the very long wait to get off the site at the end of the gig.

Those who did make it saw Williams work through a greatest hits set including 'Let Me Entertain You', 'She's The One' and 'Rock DJ'.


Virgin Radio has signed a virtual unknown to present a daily new music show – 26 year-old DJ Kelly will host the new show dedicated to breakthrough bands and cutting-edge music. Insiders hope the recruitment of a relative unknown and the inclusion of a new music programme on their schedules will help them shift their reputation of only playing classic rock.

Announcing the show a spokesman for the station said: "We hope this will finally convince people we're not all about Genesis and Fleetwood Mac. We're focusing our commitment on new bands, something we've been doing for some time but we don't get the credit we deserve for that. People don't realise we were the first to play bands like The Coral and The Thrills before they became known."

Kelly, currently a presenter on Century FM in Nottingham, will host a two-hour show between 7pm and 9pm, but Virgin’s new music show up against the Zane Lowe’s new Radio 1 show, also charged with the task of championing new music.


Starsailor will release the Phil Spector produced ‘Silence Is Easy’ on 1 Sep, the first single to be taken from the band's second album by the same name.

Singer James Walsh said: "We wanted to make the sound as big and wide screen and as open as possible. While everyone was trying to make themselves sound as small and bluesy as possible Spector was great at doing that."

The single will be released on CD (with B-sides ‘Could You Be Mine’ and 'She Understands'), DVD (with the video, a live version of 'Good Souls' and a making-of-the-video bit), and limited edition vinyl (with 'She Understands').

The dates for their forthcoming tour are as follows:
19 Sep: Glasgow Academy
20 Sep: Manchester Apollo
22 Sep: Birmingham Academy
23 Sep: Leeds University
24 Sep: Rock City, Nottingham
26 Sep: Corn Exchange, Cambridge
27 Sep: Cardiff University
28 Sep: Bristol Academy
30 Sep: Guildhall, Southampton
1 Oct: UEA, Norwich
3 Oct: Brixton Academy


An impromptu rendition of The Beatles' hit ‘When I'm 64’ performed by Cherie Blair to a group of Chinese students in Beijing has become a surprise dance hit among British clubbers in Ibiza via a dance bootleg. Now some industry insiders are predicting it could storm the UK's pop charts. A Radio 1 spokesman told the Independent: "The sample has serious novelty value. It's a catchy tune and an eccentric performance. When people realise it's Mrs Blair, it is difficult to know how they will react, but it is set to be red hot this summer."


LIVE REVIEW: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ T on the Fringe in Edinburgh
The atmosphere in the jam-packed Liquid Rooms was electric with support band The Hiss getting the night off to a good start and setting a suitably energetic mood. Energetic enough, at least, to ensure an immediate uproar as the Rebels took to the stage with 'Spread Your Love'. New songs in the set included the promising 'Generation', performed alongside favourites such as 'Love Burns'. The crowd were little subdued midway through, but somehow the energy was rekindled for finale 'Whatever happened to my rock and roll'. Chants of "BRMC" got the band back on stage for a further dose of dirty rock and high fuelled guitars. All in all, a performance as blinding as their strobe lights. CH


The Coral are to support Blur on their upcoming European tour around Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Austria this autumn. The tour follows Blur's five sell-out gigs at the Astoria in May after the release of their latest album ‘Think Tank’. The tour starts on October 10 in Oslo.


White Stripes guitarist Jack White has had a screw put in his hand to help the healing of that compound fracture sustained in a car accident. A post by Jack at the band's website reads: "A bone in the index finger of my fretting hand was shattered in an automobile accident. making it absolutely impossible to play guitar, especially since I've been instructed by doctor's that there is no way I can move my wrist until it is completely healed. The break did not heal properly, and surgery had to be performed. Three screws were placed in my finger to set the bones and insure complete recovery, three screws that will remain in my hand for life".

Keen to show how serious the injury is, White has also posted a web link to video footage of his op. Nice. Next we will have Meatloaf’s appendectomy.


Company magazine's annual 100 Sexiest Men survey sees Justin Timberlake move up 46 places to take the top spot above David Beckham, who plays football. Other music type people in the top ten include Blue’s Duncan James at 4 and Robbie Williams at 5.

For some odd reason, Shane Ritchie is in there at #17 after his role as EastEnders' Alfie turned him into a heart-throb. Who the fuck is voting for this shit?


While it is news that Scotland’s Belle & Sebastian will release their new album, produced by Trevor Horn (Seal/Rod Stewart), ‘Step Into My Office’ on 7 Oct on Rough Trade, the real news is that the studio stalwarts have promised us some live shows. Unfortunately these rare shows will all take place in the US. A DVD, ‘Fans Only’, is due for later this Autumn on Matador. It will include music videos, live footage and TV appearances, among other features.


Shaun Ryder is to be the subject of a forthcoming BBC3 documentary by Richard Macer who has been granted a four month period of access to the former Happy Mondays frontman.

Macer – who’s doc will air later this year - said: "Ryder is one of the great characters of modern rock 'n' roll. He is a living legend but most people wonder why he is still alive."


Q-Tip has confirmed that despite wrangles with their label Jive, A Tribe Called Quest will reunite for a new album – the first TCQ album since 1998's ‘The Love Movement’.


REVIEW: Five Deez – Funky (!K7)
When I heard the album I prayed that this would be the 12”. It’s a house tempo jazz/funk break with speed lyrics about rude things and dancing, a female chorus refrain and a cowbell. This track from the Cincinnatti four-piece, is like Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s ‘The Creator’ bumping fast funky hiphop with tight rhymes and genius cuts. This track can rock a conscious floor or a booty bar, just wicked. JG
Release date: 11 Aug
Press Contact: Shilland [all]


A Republican Senator has asked to see copies of the 900 subpoenas that have been issued to various universities and ISPs by the Recording Industry Association of America. Norm Coleman of Minnesota is worried innocent members of the public may be hit during the US record industry’s ‘summer of litigation.

Coleman, chair of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, told reporters last week: "The industry has legitimate concerns about copyright infringement. We are dealing with stealing recording artists' songs and the industry's profits. Yet, the industry seems to have adopted a 'shotgun' approach that could potentially cause injury and harm to innocent people who may have simply been victims of circumstance or [who don't know] the rules related to digital sharing of files."

As well as requesting copies of all subpoenas by 14 Aug, Coleman also asked for a description of the standards the RIAA use to file an application for a subpoena as well as details of how the group is collecting evidence against alleged file swappers.

The RIAA said: “We will be pleased to respond to the senator's request for information. It will confirm that our actions are entirely consistent with the law as enacted by the U.S. Congress and interpreted by the courts. It will demonstrate that our enforcement program, one part of a multi-pronged strategy, is an appropriate and measured response to the very serious problem of blatant copyright infringement confronting the entire music community."


Gatecrasher has announced a five-year expansion plan costing £15m.

The expansions begin with the unveiling of their £1.5m refurbishment at their spiritual home, Republic in Sheffield on 2 Sep. The new club – to be called Gatecrasher One – will include a sound system and DJ booth specifically made for Gatecrasher. That sound system will then be replicated in nine new club venues around the UK.

Gatecrasher founder and MD, Simon Raine told reporters: "Gatecrasher One will be the first in a series of ten unique signature led nightclubs that will become synonymous with high quality.”


With all those major label sales and mergers on the table more interest that normal in the financial performance of each major in the first half of 2003. The news from Universal Music Group is that while they still have the biggest market share, overall business is down – 23% from last year. They blame continued weakness in the global music market and a lack of superstar releases. The news shouldn’t affect the sale of Universal’s entertainment operations though because Vivenidi didn’t include the record labels in the sale.


REVIEW: Makoto – Human Elements (Good Looking)
This album may not be Peshay’s ‘Miles From Home’ but it encapsulates so much of the smooth and deep jazz and soul that people have tried to bring to future dance music – textured svelte instrumentation from guitars, Rhodes and strings, soulful vocal refrains and a musicality that halts at the noodly; but all the time holds that 4/4/drum & bass/breakbeat loop that drives the sound. This is organic future dance music from the Japanese producer that brought us last year’s wicked ‘Trust In Music’, a dancefloor classic. Beautiful. JG
Release date: 28 Jul
Press Contact: Rocketscience [all]


A new ITV interactive service available on digital satellite will launch alongside the new series of Pop Idol on 9 Aug, meaning people will this time be able to vote on the series via their remote control as well as by phone, SMS or web.

Jane Marshall, ITV Interactive Controller, said: "Our new service will be easy to use and give fans as much Pop Idol information as they could want or need, at any time of day. Voting will be simple, and viewers don’t have to leave their sofas or miss any of the show, as well as enjoying all the extra games whenever they want to. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Interactive was a huge success earlier this year, with over 1m people voting via their remote control, and we hope that Pop Idol-Interactive will be just as popular."

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