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In today's CMU Daily:
• Chart Update
• V Festival 2003
• Album sales all-time high no help
• New Emap celebrity mag
• BB winner to front new TOTP
• Iggy Pop and Stooges blackout
• Cowell quits Pop Idol
• Hives preview new material
• Review: Chris Liebing – Evolution (CL Records)
• Sancho Panza launch party
• Elvis anniversary
• Review: Kid Koala – Basin Street Blues (Ninja Tune)
• Robbie wants to be nobody
• Jack Osbourne on big screen
• Busted add dates


Busted at number one. Kings of Leon at number two. The Bluetones at number three. And so, this week’s top three in my world. In your world Busted’s catchy ballady number ‘Leave The Light On’ is at 3, Kings of Leon’s ‘Mollys Chamber’ is at 20 and The Bluetones only just sneak into the singles chart with ‘Never Going Nowehere’ at 40. Plus, in your world, Blu is still at number one and David Sneddon gets a new entry at 19. I prefer my world.

Albums wise, and Eva Cassidy scores even more posthumous success with new album ‘American Tune’ going straight in at number one. Elsewhere Kosheen go in at 7 with ‘Kokopeki’ and the Cheeky Girls enter at 14 with ‘Party Time’.

Anyone who knows why Abba’s ‘Gold’ compilation suddenly reappears at 30 some 435 weeks after its release – let me know!


This year’s V Festival went off without any major hitches, with thousands of people turning out to see performances from Foo Fighters, the Chilli Peppers, Ash, Moloko, The Hives, Coldplay and CMU faves, Michael Franti & Spearhead.

Essex Police say the Hylands Park festival ran smoothly with only 11 arrests reported by late Sunday, and most of them were drugs related. Similar story up in Staffordshire, though not completely clear whether it was the local police force’s anonymous ‘report a crime by text message’ service that helped keep the peace!


Despite album sales in the UK reaching an all time high in terms of units, music industry revenues are still down. The industry blames CD price wars and the continuing slump in single sales for leaving record label revenues down 4.1% this year to June.

On the upside the latest figures from the BPI show that during the same period album sales grew to 228.3m units; up nearly 3% on the previous 12 months. The report says: "It is clear that cheap retail prices on offer to the consumer combined with strong new release titles are sustaining the UK album market at a high level."

Singles suffered a 26% drop in both volume and value in the first half of the year contributing the the overall revenues fall, and perhaps further aiding the case for scrapping single releases altogether.


Building on the success of its superfluous-celebrity-news weeklies - Heat and Closer - Emap is said to be launching a new title in Sep.

Some rumours suggest it will focus on soap opera celebrities, while others say that it will cover ‘celebrity’ across the board like Closer, but without the ‘real life’ element.

The market may have seen a number of similar mags launch, but Heat is standing its ground, increasing its circulation by to 565,484: 18% year on year. Emap's Sneak, with its teen entertainment gossip angle is also doing well circulation wise.


Kate Lawler, winner of Big Brother 3 - has been signed up to front the all-new, revamped and snazzy Top of the Pops after Andi Peters’ magic wand waving (the more observant of you will remember Kate presents a Capital FM show each Sunday)

Lawler, who has already fronted RI:SE, will become the programme's main presenter as of Oct having been offered a deal worth an estimated £100,000.


The long awaited reunion gig featuring Iggy Pop and two of the original Stooges in their hometown of Detroit was cancelled due to the blackout which hit much of the East Coast and midwest.

Had the show gone ahead, it would have marked the first time Iggy performed with brothers Ron and Scott Asheton in Detroit for three decades.

The concert has been rescheduled for 25 Aug.


Simon Cowell has announced that he is to quit Pop Idol after the current series, saying that the public will be bored of him by the end of the series.

Cowell said: “If there is another series of Pop Idol in the UK I won’t be part of it. I think the British public will get sick and tired of me after this show. I know I would be sick and tired of me, and I don’t want that to happen.”

With regards to the next winner, Cowell said: “I’m not interested in having hollow victories any more. I don’t want a record that will go to No1 by selling 40 or 50,000 copies. I want records that will be No1 across the globe - that’s what I’m aiming for. Of course I’m motivated by money - tell me who isn’t? I’ve always taken the view that nobody should do something for nothing. It’s just a rule I’ve always had for myself — you have to get the best deal for you or for your company.”


The Hives previewed one of their new songs from next year’s new album at the V Festival this weekend.

Before performing ‘State Control’ Howlin' Pelle Almqvist said to the crowd: "Have your leaders been up to any funny business recently…? This is a new song called 'State Control'."

When interviewed back stage by NME hacks, the band refused to reveal anything more about the new album.


REVIEW: Chris Liebing – Evolution (CL Records)
Pour me a stiff drink – it’s a concept techno album. According to the press release, the backdrop to this album is the future of human evolution. Forgive the short paraphrase, but the explanation (read excuse) for this work bangs on and on about over-population, the possibility of descending into barbarism and the rise of a giant race of beings genetically engineered to look like Bobby Davro. Or something. I’ll paint a more simple picture: it’s the kind of directionless and jarring bass bothering nonsense that fans off The Matrix would probably enjoy pleasuring themselves to. If you’re in a club and someone suddenly dropped “American Madness” or “Fires Of Hell?”, everyone would go mad. And quite right too. But listening to it at home is as dark and moody as Marilyn Manson insisting on wearing his prosthesis and slap while he takes tea with his Nan. Apparently this album set out to answer some of life’s toughest questions. I’m left with only one at the end: Why? TO
Release date: 29 Sep
Press Contact: Rocketscience Media [all]


Sancho Panza are holding an outdoor sound system fuelled launch party in Kingley Ct (Carnaby St) on 17 Aug to celebrate the release of their mix compilation ‘Float’ (due 18 Aug).

The sound system and bar will be situated outside Carbon Records, between 2pm-8pm and describe the afternoon as a “mini urban picnic festival launch party event thing.”

The word is that there will also be an after party – with tix available on the day.

More at


Thousands of fans gathered at Elvis Presley's grave to mark the 26th anniversary of his death on Saturday, lighting candles at the gates to Presley's Graceland home and carrying them up the drive to his burial place.

Elsewhere in Elvis news, the newly discovered Elvis song, ‘I'm a Roustabout’ is set to be released on that October compilation we reported on last week..


REVIEW: Kid Koala – Basin Street Blues (Ninja Tune)
Kid Koala did for decks what Hendrix did to the guitar. People who had always had guitars/decks were just gutted that they never thought of using it like that. And the little Canadian returns after the success of his ‘Carpel Tunnel Syndrome’ LP to release another turntable symphony – this time a rendition of the early jazz standard, which harks back to KK’s ‘Drunken Trumpet’: juggled bass and a pitch-control-bent solo/loop of trumpet. The track is taken from his forthcoming ‘Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs’ album due soon – and promises to be another blinding journey into a world of exploited, warped and twisted use of the technics 1210. JG
Release date: 26 Aug
Press Contact: Ninja IH [all]


According to The Sun Robbie Williams is threatening to quit pop music.

Robbie told the paper: "I can't leave the house without being hassled, without people coming up to me bothering me all the time. I am seriously thinking about giving it all up, about not putting out any more records. I'm loaded, I can buy anything I want and everyone thinks I must have such a brilliant life but it's actually horrible. Robbie is reported to have spent £200,000 on a Ferrari and friend Jonathan Wilkes has been teaching Robbie to drive in the grounds of the star's home.”


Jack Osbourne will be starring in a movie with the Olsen twins. Word is he has been taken on to play a band manager in 'New York Minute', a new movie from director Dennie Gordon ('What A Girl Wants', 'Joe Dirt', 'Dawson's Creek', 'The Practice', 'Ally McBeal'.). Mary-Kate Olsen will play Roxanne, the 17 year old punk star of the Osbourne-managed band, and Ashley will play her twin sister Jane. The movie will premiere in 2004.


Busted have added a third date to the Wembley Arena run of their UK tour in March. Playing the arena on 12 and 13 Mar, the boys will also play the 14 Mar, and tix are now on sale.

The full dates are:
2 Mar: Newcastle Telewest Arena;
3 Mar: Nottingham Arena;
5 & 6 Mar: Birmingham NEC;
7 Mar: Hallam FM Arena Sheffield;
9 & 10 Mar: Cardiff International Arena;
12, 13 & 14 Mar: Wembley Arena, London;
16 & 17 Mar: Glasgow SECC;
19 Mar: Manchester Evening News Arena.

The band will also perform at CBBC’s Prom In the Park in Hyde Park, on 14 Sep.

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