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In today's CMU Daily:
• Some predict death of the album
• Jam Master Jay nephew arrest
• Goldfrapp remix Manson
• Bowie debuts on the web
• 2003 MTV Video Music Awards
• EMI surround DVD/Audio
• Nelly launched drink
• Stones cancel gig
• EMI WMG bid rumours
• GWR to rebrand Vibe
• New Strokes single
• Download suing saga continues
• Est’elle arrives
• Trans Europe Express Fest
• Elviss’ Krank’d Up tour
• Grapesfest parts 3 & 4
• Graham Massey’s Toolshed & Aidan Smith & special Twisted Nerve headliner
• Shakespeare’s Sister long lost album


Although singles sales have declined on both sides of the Atlantic, some in the US now reckon the success of iTunes’ ‘pay-per-track’ download service means music fans will increasingly want to buy individual tracks rather than whole albums, and that trend will spill over into the CD buying sector. Coupled with the commercial success of some recent single releases and the increasing popularity of EPs some are now talking about the death of the conventional album.

Charles Goldstuck, president of BMG label RCA, told MTV: "The days of releasing an album with 17 or 18 cuts are over. It's difficult to give full quality with such an abundance of music. ... I think we can expect to see more extras in the future instead of additional songs."

Re: the recent success of singles from ‘American Idol’ winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken: "What that told us about the singles market is that with the right repertoire and setup, you can post the kind of numbers we haven't seen in five or six years. I think the success of these songs is causing labels to really look at this area again."

iTunes marketing director Peter Lowe said: "People want albums, too, but there is no question that they go to the store and buy the individual song they're interested in hearing. ... That instant gratification factor of finding the song you want is a big part of it."

Following recent successful online and retail EP releases from Ja Rule, the Libertines, Norah Jones, Beth Orton, Radio 4, Avril Lavigne and Ben Folds some now see the four/five track release as the future.

Goldstuck: "That configuration has been used to tease the marketplace in the past, especially in rock. But I think it will be a stronger trend because it's a lot easier for a fan to buy a five-song EP and get a taste of a band and not spend too much."


Karl Jordan (identified as the son of a friend of Jam Master Jay’s family) has been arrested in connection with the shooting of Jam Master Jay's nephew Boe Skagz in May.

Jordan was taken into custody on 8 Aug charged with second-degree attempted murder, second- and third-degree criminal possession of a firearm and assault in the first degree.

A police statement says that Jordan fired multiple shots at Skagz (Rodney Jones), hitting him once in the leg.


Marilyn Manson's new single, ‘This Is The New Shit’ (1 Sep) has received a brand new hairdo by Goldfrapp. Manson said: “It sounds as if Gary Glitter and Marlene Dietrich turned the Nuremberg rallies into a rave. It’s by far the most creative remix that anyone has done for me."

Goldfrapp’s Alison and Will are set to release their own new single, ‘Twist’ (20 Oct) with remixes of their cover of Baccara’s ‘Yes Sir I Can Boogie’ from Les Rhythmes Digitales/Jacques Lu Cont’s, a live version of ‘Deer Stop’ from their first album, ‘Felt Mountain’ and a remix of ‘Forever’ from the current ‘Black Cherry’ LP by label mates the Mountaineers.

The DVD single features exclusive visuals filmed live and behind the scenes at their Somerset House show in Jul and includes live versions of the singles ‘Train’ and ‘Strict Machine’.


David Bowie debuted six new songs - in a 12 song, 90 minute set - from his upcoming ‘Reality’ album from a nightclub in Ploughkeepsie, NY.

Among the new songs previewed were the first single from the album, ‘New Killer Star’, his version of Jonathan Richman's ‘Pablo Picasso’ and the title track.

The full set was: ‘Reality’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘New Killer Star’, ‘Cactus’, ‘Battle For Britain’, ‘Pablo Picasso’, ‘Afraid’, ‘Fall Dogs’, Iggy Pop’s ‘Sister Midnight’, ‘I'm Afraid of Americans’, ‘She'll Drive the Big Car’, 'Suffragette City’, ‘Fantastic Voyage’, ‘Never Get Old’, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, ‘Rebel Rebel’, ‘Hang Onto Yourself’ and ‘Heathen (The Rays)’.

Bowie's new album and single are both released next month and he begins a world tour in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7 Oct.


Beyoncé, Metallica, Mary J Blige, 50 Cent, Good Charlotte, Coldplay and Christina Aguilera are all confirmed as performers at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards to be hosted this year by Chris Rock.

The show will broadcast live from New York City's Radio City Music Hall on 28 at 8pm.

Other presenters include Britney Spears, Sean Paul, Mya, cast members from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Missy Elliott, Serena Williams, Method Man, Iggy Pop, Comedy Central's ‘Crank Yankers’, and Jay-Z.


EMI Music and DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) are hooking up to create and distribute DVD-Audio surround sound versions of a number of EMI labels’ releases on a worldwide basis.

EMI Digital Distribution and Development Sr. VP Ted Cohen said: "We are excited to work with DTS to develop and evolve this new format. I haven’t been this excited since I converted my Black Oak Arkansas records to eight-tracks."

The company recently released a DVD-Audio surround version of the Beach Boys' legendary ‘Pet Sounds’.


Nelly’s has launched his own vitamin-enriched soft drink called Pimp Juice, made from apple juice, amino acid taurine and the natural stimulant guarana.

Named after his current single and reminiscent of his search for the ultimate apple bottom, the drink is bright green and also contains vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid.

Nelly’s Team Lunatics company is keen to add that Pimp Juice also “mixes perfectly with numerous vodkas”. Nelly’s drink follows in the footsteps of Ice-T's 'Liquid Ice', which came out last month, and Russell Simmons' 'Def Con 3' energy soda, which was unveiled at a beverage convention last month.


The Rolling Stones have cancelled a concert in Amsterdam after Mick Jagger came down with a sore throat, but Mick has assured British fans that he will be well for the band's UK shows beginning this weekend.

Jagger said: "We are sorry to disappoint the fans who were planning to come to the show. We will be back in September to do the gig - and will give you a Stones show you'll not forget. I will be suitably recharged, recovered and fit for Saturday's kick-off of the UK dates at Twickenham stadium, in our home town."


Word is that the remaining majors are getting a bit twitchy about other majors merging because any two merging majors would own a massive majority of the market.

According to US based industry site hitsdailydouble that is one explanation for EMI’s recent offers to acquire Warners – even though Warners are in serious talks with BMG – and might also explain EMI and UMG’s offensive stance in suing BMG over Napster and rumours that at least two of the other majors would try to block a Warners/BMG merger via the US or European competition authorities.


GWR is to rebrand its popular dance show Vibe Nation show to avoid confusion with the dance radio station Vibe – which used to be co-owned by GWR, but which is not wholly owned by Scottish Radio Holdings.

The dance music show will be retitled ‘Ministry of Sound’ following a new deal with the superclub brand; as part of that deal DJs like Roger Sanchez should be performing sets on the show which airs 9pm - 1am Fridays and 6pm - 1am Saturdays on GWR's 31 local stations around the country.

Dirk Anthony, MD of GWR's content arm said: "We needed to take steps to prevent confusion by two sales houses selling the same name. Ministry of Sound will be a powerful tool, generating cut through and increasing emphasis on top music and DJs."


The Strokes' new single '12:51' is due out on 6 Oct. The track is the first to be taken from the band's new as-yet-untitled album, due 20 Oct. It seemed that more people were asking ‘ah, but can they do it again?’ about this band last year than any other band. And now perhaps we will see. Answers on a postcard.


Following a federal judge’s ruling that the companies behind Grokster and Morpheus could not be held responsible for their users' copyright violations, entertainment trade groups including the RIAA and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) yesterday filed an appeal at a San Francisco court.

In a submission they said Judge Stephen Wilson departed from well-established copyright law when he ruled Grokster Ltd and StreamCast Networks - which distributes Morpheus - were not responsible for their users' actions.

RIAA president Cary Sherman said: "This case... is about the conduct of business that intentionally misuse commonly available internet technology to profit from copyrights they do not own. These are businesses that were built for the exclusive reason of illegally exchanging copyrighted works and they make money hand over fist from it. The Court of Appeals should hold them accountable."

Grokster president Wayne Rosso said: "We clearly have the law on our side, something the plaintiffs obviously have a difficult time accepting."


A quick update on one of the year’s most talked about UK hiphop soul R&B rookies, Est’elle, who caused so much talk in the industry and A&R world, and was being compared to artists like Ms Dynamite and Terri Walker.

According to her PR: “Est'elle is about to release a single and mixtape to satisfy everyone who has been waiting to hear some new material. Both are released on True?/Stellarents and will be distributed through Vital. The single ‘Take It Off’ ft Cecile is due 13 Oct and the [promotional] mixtape ‘Da Heat Pt 2’ is also due 13 Oct. Her album is due in Jun 04.”

So now you know – press info from Angela at Shilland


The Trans Europe Express festival is taking place at London's ICA this October – a two-day celebration of European sights and sounds, live acts, visual artists and world-class DJs, including Bjorn Torske, Headman, The Glimmer Twins, Debasser, Transparent Sound, The Executives and Specimin. The organisers say that the event is the first of its kind here in the UK, “bringing together a wealth of European talent in a way that's never been done before - it's also the first of several [Trans Europe Express] events we have planned, with much more to follow in 2004.”

Press contact is Jason Riley at Connective on 07950 400506.


West London-based rockers Elviss have just announced a headline UK tour to promote their forthcoming 5-track EP, cunningly titled, ‘The EP’ (PP Records 15 Sep), having recently finished a national tour as special guests with the Murderdolls and Stone Sour.

The ‘krank’d up’ tour will feature two other ‘hype’ new bands, still to be announced. The dates are:

8 Sep: London Barfly
17 Sep: Cardiff Barfly
18 Sep: Cambridge Boatrace
19 Sep: Northampton Soundhaus
22 Sep: Manchester Roadhouse
23 Sep: Liverpool Barfly
24 Sep: Aberdeen Lava
25 Sep: Glasgow King Tuts
26 Sep: Sheffield Casbah
28 Sep: Leicester Charlotte
29 Sep: Southampton Joiners
30 Sep: London Garage

Press info from Kas/Rosie at Mercenary


In an effort to compete with Leeds festival down the road Sheffield based promoters are staging Grapesfest this weekend - three days of “the best of Sheffield” at the Grapes on 23/25 Aug at 2:30pm.

The event will see performances from: Michael Eden, Skydiva, Silverseed, Almanacs, Richard Masters tbc, Southpaw, Smokers Die Younger, Ian Siddons, Last Hour and Commercial Dual Purpose.

The 25 Aug starts in a similar fashion, but will see thisGIRL tbc, Future Ex-Wife, Motherfuckers, Touch, Ovecia, Faith in Chaos, Skunk-a-ben, Snatchback and Embers Burnt all performing.


13 Sep sees a rare large format performance of Toolshed – 808 State’s Graham Massey’s 14 piece musical juggernaut - taking place on the Saturday night of the ‘In The City’ music conference in the surroundings of Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall.

The Toolshed project started in 1998 as a new kind of club night at Manchester's Night and Day Cafe. It was curated by 808 State's Graham Massey who wanted to create a night out he himself might leave his instruments at home for. In the time since, Toolshed has been hailed as one of the most expansive and ambitious attempts to leave the planet.

A five track Toolshed EP will be released on 15 Sep on Twisted Nerve, and a full album will follow early in 2004.

Supporting on the night will be Aidan Smith, the most recent signing to Twisted Nerve, and a very special Twisted Nerve guest will be headlining.


One Little Indian will be releasing the long lost album by Shakespeares Sister on 17 Nov. The album was recorded in 95/96 after Siobhan ended her musical partnership with Marcella Detroit. Simply titled ‘The Third Album’, the tracklisting is as follows: ‘Go’, ‘I Can Drive’, ’Singles Party’, ’Do I Sacre You’, ’Can U Wait That Long?’, ’Oh Dear’, ’Excuse Me John’, ’Dial F For Freedom’, ’Opportunity Knockers’, ’I Never Could Sing Anyway’

’Do I Scare You’ is a collaboration with the late Billy McEnzie of the Associates, and the album was produced with David Stewart, Alan Moulder, Flood and Steve Lerone.

The pair will also be playing a one off gig @ ICA, London the first week of Nov.

Press Contact: Michelle at One Little Indian Records

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