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In today's CMU Daily:
- New US act to protect RIAA
- Jacko update
- Robbie and rock top euro-music survey
- Motley Crue may reunite for tour
- Libertines man takes part in homelessness awareness campaign
- Glen Campbell arrested for drink driving
- Album Review: Aquasky Vs Master Blaster - Stayfresh 
- NME award shows
- Coldplay and Streets collaborate
- OfCom appoint ad man to oversee ad industry's ITV concerns
- Darkness Hawkins influenced by Alcatrez
- Meat Loaf recovering from heart surgery
- Waterman reckons there's a Pop Idol conspiracy
- Single Review: The Raveonettes - Heartbreak Stroll 
- New jukeboxes can access 2 million tracks
- All star line up for TOTP relaunch
- Morrissette to appear off-Broadway
- Virgin relaunch San Fran Megastore
- Timberlake's grandma on his current love interest


According to an American IT website called The Register an American senator is pushing new legislation through Congress that will make the Recording Industry Association of America permanently exempt from antitrust action.

The move follows action earlier this year by a group of independent webcasters who filed an antitrust lawsuit against the industry association complaining that the RIAA had a monopoly over the licensing of major label music, and that it favours major player webcasting outfits like AOL over the independent players. The case hinged on reports that RIAA attorney Gary Greenstein had said he didn't care if 25,000 webcasters went to the wall because AOL would soon offer streaming channels.
The new legislation appears in the Enhancing Federal Obscenity Reporting and Copyright Enforcement Act being sponsored through Congress by Senator Orrin Hatch. The bill extends the powers of copyright bodies, including safeguarding them from antitrust action relating to their role as copyright guardians. Justifying the move Hatch told reporters: "The bill authorises appropriations to ensure that all Department of Justice units that investigate intellectual property crimes have the support of at least one agent specifically trained in the investigation of such crimes."
But Ann Gabriel of the Webcaster Alliance said she was concerned about the new proposals: "Any bill that further increases the RIAA's power over consumers is extremely disconcerting to us."
More from the Jacko camp. Michael Jackson's lawyer has warned the media at large that the singer will "land like a ton of bricks" on anyone who attacks the singer while he awaits the court hearing on the latest child abuse allegations. 
The announcement follows revelations that Jackson was secretly videotaped talking about the allegations while flying on a private jet to Santa Barbara last week. Jackson's people have obtained a temporary court order barring anyone connected to the airline from showing the tapes.
Lawyer Mark Geragos also spoke out in support of his client telling reporters: "If anybody doesn't think, based upon what's happened so far, that the true motivation of these charges and these allegations is anything but money and the seeking of money, is living in their own Neverland".
Meanwhile the press-pack are concerning themselves with the actual allegations made by the assumed victim, cancer sufferer Gavin Arvizo. While authorities haven't said anything about the allegations, or even the actual identity of the accuser, the tabloids are full of rumour as to the circumstances that led to last week's Jacko arrest.
Word is problems began when Arvizo appeared, without his family's permission, on the Martin Bashir documentary earlier this year. Arvizo first met Jackson as part of a scheme that helps young cancer patients by making their dreams come true. The two became friends with regular phone conversations and overnight visits to Jacko's Neverland ranch. During the friendship Arizo's cancer went into remission leading the family to proclaim Jackson was key in their son's recovery. But after his appearance on the Bashir doc holding hands with the singer, Arizo started to be bullied at school. To cope with the upset the bullying caused he received counselling over the summer, and it is during those sessions that he reportedly admitted that there was more to his relationship with Jackson than just holding hands.
Arizo's mother is said to be leading the latest legal action against Jacko - she has also complained to the British Broadcasting Standards Commission about his inclusion in the Bashir programme without her permission. However everything is complicated by the fact Mrs Arizo is currently going through a messy divorce with Gavin's father. He is out of the loop with regards Jackson's arrest, but may have helped the Jackson camp by questioning his wife's motives. Through his lawyer he told the press this week: "Because of a court decision, I'm not allowed to see him [Gavin]. But I do know that my wife shouldn't have left [Gavin] in the position that these allegations could be made. Either they are true - which is just too awful to contemplate - or she has encouraged him to make them up, which is almost as bad."
Robbie and rock are the winners in a new survey of music tastes across Europe undertaken by cable music channel Music Choice. Robbie Williams came out top when 30,000 people in eight European countries were asked what artist they listen to most. Eminem came second, Metallica third, U2 fourth and Madonna fifth in a survey dominated by both rock and American artists -rock was the preferred listening in six of the eight countries.
UK artists also fared well across Europe. Among the stats, Radiohead and David Bowie were seventh and tenth most popular artists in Sweden, while Travis were ninth in Norway.
Commenting on the survey Music Choice's Simon George pretty much stated the obvious (!): "The music industry will need to start signing and promoting credible and talented acts in order to keep up with changing tastes and reinvigorate interest in the charts. Rock is back and it's packing a punch."
According to Billboard the original line up of Motley Crue may be reuniting for a tour next year, their first since 1999. Bassist Nikki Sixx has told fans via the band's website: "I speak to Tommy [Lee, drummer], Mick [Mars, guitarist] and Vince [Neil, vocalist] quite often, but I know Vince has some resentments that need to be ironed out. But if everybody wants to do a Crue tour, I'm there. At this point for me, a Motley Crue tour is not about the money. I'd really like to go out and give one last kick ass tour where everybody including the band walk away with a smile on their face."
Any tour would be good timing in that it would probably coincide with the release of 'The Dirt' - a film based on the band's 2001 autobiography. And it would be good timing for Sixx in particular - his new band Brides Of Destruction are planning to release an album in March.
How it will compare to prison we're not sure, but the Libertines' Pete Doherty will be sleeping rough on the streets of London on 10 Dec as part of a charity initiative organised by the YMCA. Pete will join Tamara Beckwith, London Mayoral candidate Simon Hughes and the YMCA England staff in sleeping rough for the night - only aided by the advice of four young people who recently made it off the streets and into YMCA accommodation and programmes. Those four people will spend the same night in London's five-star Landmark Hotel. The initiative is part of an upcoming TV campaign to increase awareness of the every present homelessness problem in the UK.
US country singer Glen Campbell - he of 'Rhinestone Cowboy' - has been arrested for drink-driving, hit and run, and assaulting a police officer. The charges follow an incident where Campbell crashed his BMW and then drove off - although no one was hurt in the incident the singer was still legally obligated to stop. A witness followed Campbell to his Arizona home before calling police officers. They found the singer was really rather drunk and arrested him for drink driving and hit and run. The assaulting a police officer bit was added when, while being questioned, Campbell kneed an officer in the thigh. Word is he has been released on a £1200 bond and is now awaiting a court date.
ALBUM REVIEW: Aquasky vs Master Blaster - Stayfresh (Shadow Cryptic)
A welcome return for Bournemouth's special force breaks 'n' beats trio Keiran Bailey, Dave Wallace and Brent Newitt - a 12 tracker with something for everyone which, living up to its name, is pretty fresh. From the rave influenced 'Shadow Breaks' to the high energy Orbital-like tech of 'Ill Method', the trio rock us against the fictional Master Blaster. It's not all high points. The scratch laden 'Take It To the Floor' is a little weak, and 'Seville' sounds like something that Van Dyk would conjure up. But 'Fairlite' is wicked, taking us 'to back in the day' of jump ravecore. The vocals on the dubby 'War' - with legendary Daddy Freddy rhyming about recent world conflicts with the lines: 'Since Bin Laden bomb de world centre, President Bush start panicking America' - are another highlight; political comment has never got this dancehall. Ever. Other pluses: The Ragga Twins collaborate in 'Coffee' with a more light hearted tune complete with smashing high energy beats, and a vocal less version (decaff mix) which has tougher beats and kicks ass. A good selection, not all winners but all original, it is a breath of fresh air. Good work lads. PV
Release date: 17 Nov
Press contact: Trailer PR [all]
NME have announced that The Streets, Hundred Reasons and The Sleepy Jackson will be among the artists to appear at their annual Awards Show programme, which takes place in London prior to the NME Awards in February. The London shows run alongside the NME Awards Tour which will see Funeral For A Friend headlining dates around the country.
Talking of The Streets, Mike Skinner has recorded a track with Coldplay which may feature on the band's third album, currently in production. That said - the band have 60 tracks to choose from for that album so there's no guarantee it will appear.
Talking about the album Chris Martin told The Sun: "We've been writing songs for this next record for 18 months now and we've probably written about 60. As soon as we finished our huge world tour last year, we went straight into the studio to get these ideas down in case we died or something before they were recorded. We've completed enough songs to make sure that if our plane goes down, they can be finished. I'm gonna die one day so I want to have written lots of songs."
The new media regulator OfCom has made one of their first appointments - David Connolly, formerly of media-buying company Starcom, will be in charge of adjudicating any fall out between Carlton, Granada and the advertising industry as the ITV merger comes into effect. As previously reported the ad industry was less than impressed when the government allowed the two ITV companies to merge their sales house operations as well as their production and broadcastings divisions - giving them control over half of the UK advertising market. OfCom hopes that by having a former ad man overseeing the sales side of the merger the ad industry's concerns will be suitably addressed.
Confirming his appointment Connolly pledged to act quickly to resolve any disputes between advertisers and ITV - adding that the complex formula governing ITV's advertising sales would limit the number of complaints. "I believe the breadth and depth of those protections are likely to ensure that disagreements are few in number. However, when I am asked to intervene, I will do so quickly and on the basis of the detailed technical facts presented by each party,. This is an important and stimulating role and I welcome the opportunity."
The Darkness' Justin Hawkins has said he will pen a track about Alcatraz prison after visiting the empty jail during a recent stay in San Francisco. Hawkins told The Sun: "I might write a song about the prison called You Should Get Out More."
Meat Loaf has confirmed he underwent heart surgery last week after doctors discovered he was suffering from a minor heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. As previously reported Meat Loaf collapsed on stage during a London gig last week. He cancelled his next London date and, despite hopes he would be back on stage last weekend, ended up having to postpone dates in Newcastle, Brighton, Glasgow and Sheffield.
Explaining his medical situation Meat Loaf yesterday told fans via his website that he had undergone heart surgery and was now recovering at his hotel, awaiting the OK from doctors to continue with his tour. He writes: "The prognosis is excellent as the procedure's success rate is over 95%. I was in surgery for around two hours, out of the hospital and back at the hotel."
Word is the singer hopes to be in fit-health for his Manchester date this weekend.
He might be past his prime when it comes to producing chart topping pop music - but you have to hand it to Pete Waterman - he's good at getting himself in the papers. He's back in the tabloids today spouting Pop Idol conspiracy theories - he reckons there's a campaign to get finalist Susanne Manning out of the competition. He says there have been a string of tabloid stories about the singer which paint her in a bad light - and he reckons most the stories have been created by someone trying to get her voted off the show.
Waterman: "I think there may be a campaign against Susanne. I saw a story about Susanne wanting bodyguards and I thought 'Mmm - somebody is trying to put about bad stories for political reasons'. I see Susanne every Saturday night. I've talked to her and I don't see that kind of girl but I'm seeing all these negative stories. I'm sorry I'm cynical. I put two and two together and somebody wants her out."
Kudos to Waterman for sticking up for one of the Pop Idol contestants - less so for his description of other Pop Idol finalist Chris as "brilliant" - he is clearly the weakest of the contestants left on the show.
SINGLE REVIEW: The Raveonettes - Heartbreak Stroll (Sony Music)
Danish duo Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner's 'Heartbreak Stroll' is a grimy pop delight. Like the White Stripes, a fondness for self-limited, instinctive and unadulterated recordings have won them a legion of uber-cool worshippers, and comparisons to the technical Puritanisms of the Dogme film movement (probably to do with their country of origin, and the fact that their first EP was all in B flat.) On the evidence of the title single then, which manages to be catchy, familiar, yet also fresh, all attention well-deserved. Their attempt at a Spector-esque Xmas number, 'I Wish That I Could Stay' is less fun, though, lapsing into sub-Lou Reed simple/crap lyrics: 'all the trees are on display now/ and it's co-o-o-o-old now' and sounds only half-heartedly festive. Stick to the dirty pop! RN
Release Date: 1 Dec
Press Contact: Sony IH [all]
Inspired Broadcast Networks yesterday announced they are launching a new broadband-enabled jukebox system in pubs across the UK which will enable drinkers to choose from a library of 2 million tracks - more or less every rock and pop song available on CD in the UK. The system will also carry pre-release music. The actual music is held on a central server and downloaded to the local jukebox on demand. Users will also be able to use the jukebox system to buy the tracks they are listening - they can opt to have the track sent to their home on CD, emailed as an MP3 or send to their mobiles as a ringtone.
The pub industry hope the new system will revitalise the jukebox market - formerly a good earner for pub owners jukeboxes have become less popular of late.
The new look Top Of The Pops launches Friday with an all star line up. As previously reported Victoria Beckham will give viewers the chance to choose which of the two tracks on her double a-side single gets pushed by her label. Also lined up for the programme are:
- Elton John, who will appear live from Atlanta singing one of the first songs he ever performed on TOTP.
- An "exclusive" recording of Robbie Williams performing one of his songs at one of his Knebworth concerts from earlier this year.
- Kylie, who will perform a track from her new album.
- The Darkness, who will give the first TV performance of their Christmas single.
Performances are also expected from Nelly, Lisa Mafia, Mis-teeq, Will Young, Gareth Gates, Blazin Squad and current chart toppers Westlife.
Those reports that Margherita Taylor would front the new look show are kinda true, even though MTV presenter Tim Kash was subsequently confirmed as the show's main frontman. It turns out Taylor will co-host a TOTP extra programme with Richard Bacon, which will air on BBC 3 immediately after the main programme. Bonus performances from Lemar, Starsailor, Dizzee Rascal, The Lost Prophet, The Black Eyed Peas and Mis-teeq are expected on that show.
Alanis Morissette has confirmed she will be acting again with a starring role in an off-Broadway play called The Exonerated. The play is based on real life death row stories - Alanis will play prisoner Sunny Jacobs.
Jacobs was on death row for five years before new evidence exonerated her. However that evidence did not arrive in time to prove her husband's innocence - he had already been executed. Ever since Sunny has lectured across the States on injustice in the American judicial system.
The play only has a one week run - from 2 - 7 Dec at New York's 45 Bleecker Theater.
Following the relaunch of their main London store last week, Richard Branson will be in San Francisco next week to unveil the new look Virgin Megastore there. Word is the revamped store includes the largest concert stage in a North American retail store and a free download kiosk where shoppers can download 30 of Virgin's favourite songs to special portable listening devices. Those devices can also be used to preview any music on sale in the store. Word is the store will also have a number of CD and DVD vending machines which can be accessed 24/7 - just in case you're suddenly desperate to hear the new Britney Spears album in the middle of the night.
And finally... Justin Timberlake's grandmother has apparently said Cameron Diaz - currently linked to her grandson - isn't the right woman for him. According to the Sun, 70 year old Sadie Bomar told reporters: "I don't think she is ready for marriage. She isn't that mature. Justin isn't thinking about her in that way. When I saw them they didn't seem that much in love. The two of them just didn't seem connected."

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