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In today's CMU Daily:
- Stars join Mandela in fight against AIDS
- LBC join New Year breakfast battle
- Revamped TOTP almost doubles audience
- Live Review: Marilyn Manson @ Alexandra Palace 
- 6Music launch chart show for debuts
- Ozzy talks about sex abuse as a child
- Susanne voted off Pop Idol
- Will Young tops the chart
- Soulja Slim's brother on the killing
- BBC plan city centre screens
- Bowie to headline T in the Park
- Album Review: The Devils - Dark Circles
- Coldplay had planned collaboration with Cash
- Penk returns to the Key
- Bids for historic Lennon album pass £300k
- UK fares well in Pollstar venue survey
- Madonna sees Britney as little sis


More than 30,000 people packed out Cape Town's Greenpoint Stadium this weekend for the long anticipated AIDS benefit hosted by former South African president Nelson Mandela. 

The concert was originally due to take place earlier this year with performances at Robben Island, the prison where Mandela was held for 18 years, and a live link-up to crowds at the Cape Town stadium. Those plans were scuppered when a major funder pulled out. However, the slightly revamped event went ahead hitch-free this weekend with Beyonce, Bono, Brian May, The Corrs, Anastacia, Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel among the artists who took to the stage.

The concert is part of Mandela's 46664 campaign to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa - 46664 being Mandela's number in prison. The former president told the audience at the concert: "For the 18 years that I was in prison on Robben Island I was supposed to be reduced to that number. Millions infected with HIV/AIDS are in danger of being reduced to mere numbers if we don't act now. They are serving a prison sentence for life." 

The concert was broadcast live on South African TV and via the web. A recording of the event will be broadcast globally by MTV today to mark World AIDS Day. All profits from the event and its subsequent screenings will go to Mandela's Foundation which funds research on HIV and AIDS in South Africa and provides support services for sufferers


As if the battle for breakfast show listeners in London wasn't already set to hot up in the New Year (with Capital launching their new Johnny Vaughan show, Radio 1 the Chris Moyles breakfast show and Heart sure to pump more money into the long-standing Jono Coleman show), now Chrysalis owned talk station LBC has announced it too will be relaunching it's prime time programme in January.

The relaunch follows the decision of LBC's Jane Moore to quit the breakfast slot. She is about to take maternity leave but was due to return once her baby is born. Now she's decided that would be impractical (she is likely to return to a different slot in the station's schedule instead). With the departure of her co-presenter John Nicolson also confirmed, that leaves the breakfast slot empty.

LBC are planning to place their current mid-morning presenter - the self-styled motormouth Nick Ferrari - into the prime time slot. 

LBC MD Mark Flanagan told reporters: "Nick Ferrari will be our weapon of mass destruction in the London radio breakfast wars. Forget the hype about Moyles and Vaughan - I guarantee Nick's show will become the most talked about in London next year." 


6.1million people tuned in to the revamped Top of the Pops on Friday - quite a rise on previous average audiences of 3.5 million and no doubt music to BBC bosses' ears.

The challenge facing new producer Andi Peters now is maintaining those kind of audience figures. The relaunch show benefited from much hype, plus performances from the likes of Kylie, Will Young, Elton John and Westlife. 

Whether future weeks will fare so well remains to be seen. General feedback on the revamp has been good, but if the plotlines hot up on Coronation Street - which the show competes with - there could be quite a slide on that peak. 


LIVE REVIEW: Marilyn Manson @ Alexandra Palace on 26 Nov
Manson says, "The Grotesque Burlesque [his latest tour] is about me not boring myself with conventional concert standards at this point in my career - the idea that I have to be standing in this spot, in front of these people, playing music this way." Living up to his word, conventional this show is not. And while support act Peaches doesn't go down well with much of the crowd ("she's a crazy stripping slut who likes to sing about tits and say fuck a lot" they say) you can't deny the electro-punk princess is by no means conventional. Manson too provides a few surprises (his set much better received I should add). People are no longer shocked by a man in suspenders and make-up of course; so with this in mind Manson storms on stage dressed as Mickey Mouse - it's a pretty unnerving figure - an image of the American dream turned into a nightmare. From that point onwards, as you would expect, the show is a visual treat - from Manson's outfits, to the stage set, to the scantily clad girlie dancers. A combination of the old and new are incorporated with classics such as 'Tourniquet', and newer tracks such as 'Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag.' And of course, there's singles a-plenty to be found: 'The Beautiful people', 'Disposable Teens', 'The Dope Show', 'Tainted Love' and recent UK hit 'Mobscene' all feature, encompassing and devouring each individual present. All in all a spectacular show, proving that Marilyn Manson is till going strong: thought provoking, as refreshing as ever, and not just for angsty teen Goths. MY


BBC digital station 6Music launched a new album chart this weekend. The difference between this countdown and the main album chart is that in this survey only debut albums are counted. 

6Music's programme editor John Sugar: "If you want to hear the best new emerging artists tune to 6 Music on Saturday afternoons between 4.00 and 6.00pm. 6 Music prides itself on championing new music and regularly features artists like Sleepy Jackson, Martina Topley Bird, British Sea Power and Pete Yorn. Now we have an opportunity, with the help of The Official UK Charts Company, to give even more new artists a platform for their music."

The show's presenter Vic McGlynn added: "The music in the 6Music Chart will be unique - a snapshot of our musical future. It will focus on real music that people are buying before those artists become established."


Ozzy Osbourne has told the Daily Mirror that he was sexually abused as a child. He tells the paper he was regularly molested by other boys on his way home from school in Birmingham. "Two boys used to wait for me. They would force me to drop my pants and all that shit. They felt me and touched me and... it was terrible. I was afraid to tell my father or mother and it completely fucked me up."

He says the abuse first happened when he was with his sister and then continued at regular intervals and "seemed to go forever". Although he has since "worked through the problem" with a therapist Ozzy adds: "If you have a traumatic experience when you are young it does f*** you up."


Despite the bad press last week, it was surely her mediocre performance of 'Cry Me A River' that ensured Susanne was voted off Pop Idol on Saturday night. There are now just four contestants left on the programme, with Sam still the safe bet to win overall. Next week's programme will feature Christmas songs. Presumably that means a live performance of the Pop Idol finalists' version of 'Merry Xmas (War Is Over)', if only because it's getting harder to fill the show's allotted air time as the number of contestants declines.


Talking of Pop Idols, Will Young tops the chart this week knocking label mates Westlife off the top spot. They slip down to number three with their Manilow cover - Young's 'Leave Right Now' is at one, with Shane Richies' cover of 'I'm Your Man', released in aid of Children In Need, at number two. Michael Jackson's 'One More Chance' - the new song from his best of compilation - goes in at five.


Rapper $krilla has been talking about the murder of his brother, fellow rapper Soulja Slim, in New Orleans last week. Speaking to Aussie music website Undercover $krilla says: "I talked to him moments before it happened. That is what is so shocking. I called him back and got no answer. A friend of ours from Detroit called me and said he had been killed. I didn't speak with his mother or step-father to get their reactions but from what I heard it was as traumatic to them as it was to me. I cried but I held it together like he would say, "Like a big dog is supposed to".

Commenting on his brother's music $krilla' continues: "His new [as yet unreleased] album was the pinnacle of his advancement. I'm proud of the album that ain't even released yet. He was working on an album with our close friend/ family member, B.G. It is called 'Never Seen it Coming.' It is Slim and B.G.'s best work to date. I'm proud of everything he ever did. He was real about everything and that's what makes me proud."


According to the Sunday Times, the BBC is planning to erect large outdoor TV screens in most major cities around the UK which will air public screenings of key BBC programmes - including sport, news, soaps and quizzes. The decision follows a trial in Manchester where the BBC broadcast programmes via a screen in Exchange Square. The Beeb is reportedly in talks with Birmingham, Cardiff and Newcastle to launch screens. 

The Corporation reckons such screens create a "sense of community" by allowing crowds to watch big events en masse. However Val Weedon of the UK Noise Association disagrees: "It seems sick that noise from these giant screens will be forced upon people as they try to go about their daily lives."


Is it that time of year already? Organisers of Scottish music festival T in the Park have announced David Bowie will headline their 2004 line up. 

DF Concerts' Geoff Ellis: "It is testament to the world status of T in the Park that a music legend such as David Bowie is keen to sign up so early for the 2004 festival. Bringing David Bowie to T in the Park fulfils a personal achievement and I know that his performance will become a very special moment in the festival's already rich history. He is a timeless artist who never stops innovating and reinventing himself and his influence will undoubtedly be seen on many of the other artists and bands who will accompany him at T in the Park next year." 

Tickets for T in the Park go on sale today.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Devils - Dark Circles (Tape Modern)
The Devils are Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy, and 'Dark Circles' (the pair's first musical collaboration in over twenty years) is very much the record Duran Duran could have made - either now or back then - had Duffy remained as vocalist. For the most part slightly darker and more experimental than Duran's oeuvre, 'Dark Circles' manages to maintain a charm and personality that isn't normally felt so strongly on side/solo projects. Some of these tracks were original Duran Duran songs from the late 70s, others are brand new, and there are ultimately few clues as to which date from when (although I like to think lyric on the achingly beautiful 'Barbarellas' - "We named our first group after Barbarellas" - aw, how sweet - suggests post-modern nostalgia from men now in their forties). It's very much a new wave record though - traces of all the things that influenced them then and still sound great now (Iggy, Bowie, Kraftwerk) can be heard all over the place. That's not to say that the album sounds dated, derivative or tries to evoke a generically retro cool - the production is very much 21st century, and, anyway, pop music as glacially perfect as this is timeless. MS
Release date: 1 Dec
Press contact: Ian Cheek [CP, RP]


Coldplay's Chris Martin has told the band's fans they were hoping to collaborate with Johnny Cash. Shortly before his death the legendary singer had agreed to record the vocals to a song written by the band.

Writing on the band's website Martin says: "We did a song for Johnny Cash. We recorded it with Rick Rubin and everything and all that was missing was his vocals. He was going to fly out to LA the week after he died. It's really sad."


It's been fashionable in recent years to slag off radio presenter Steve Penk who, despite being tipped by everyone as 'the next big thing', flopped as the breakfast show replacement for Chris Evans on Virgin Radio and failed to build a loyal audience on his subsequent late night show for the Capital network. But he once shone as the mid-morning, and later breakfast show, host on Manchester's Key 103. Penk and bosses at the EMAP owned station will now be hoping that magic can be rediscovered following the news Steve is to return to the North West station in the New Year. 

Confirming the appointment Penk told reporters: "My heart has always belonged to Manchester. It's where my career began and it's where I was given the most freedom to do what I enjoy most - funny, lively and at-the-edge radio. I wanted to return to Key 103 and Emap because I love the way they know how to properly use creative talent. Key 103 is my spiritual home."


If you've got a spare £312,500.50 then you too could bid for the copy of John Lennon's 'Double Fantasy' LP which was signed by the singer for fanatical fan Mark Chapman just hours before the latter shot the former. The autographed album, which was found near the entrance of New York's Dakota apartment building shortly after Lennon was gunned down by Chapman on 8 Dec 1980, is being auctioned off via the Moments in Time website. As of this weekend bids at passed the £300K mark.

Moments In Time's president Gary Zimet told reporters: "The man selling this album found it on the day Lennon was shot. A Beatle fan all of his life, this gentleman wrestled for 18 years before coming to the decision to sell the album. The album bears the signature of John Lennon and is dated 1980. The cover and dust jacket contain forensically enhanced fingerprints of Chapman. This piece of crucial evidence against Chapman was turned into police and then returned to the owner with a letter of extreme gratitude from the District Attorney."

Bob Zafian, also of Moments in Time, added: "We are very excited to bring such a historically significant piece to the market. I have never come across a piece with such provenance; police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the District Attorney, it goes on and on."


US music industry magazine Pollstar has revealed details of its chart of the best venues in the world, and the UK fares very well with the Brixton Academy, MEN Arena and Royal Albert Hall all appearing in the Top 10. The magazine has rated venues around the world on a range of criteria and will officially award the best at a ceremony in LA in Feb.

Heading up the survey of global venues are the following:

1. Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City) 
2. Brixton Academy (London) 
3. Color Line Arena (Hamburg) 
4. Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) 
5. Manchester Evening News Arena (Manchester) 


Madonna has told US talk show host Jay Leno that Britney Spears frequently comes to her for career advice, adding that she treats the younger singer like her little sister. 

Madonna: "I see her as my little sister. She asks me (for) career advice. For the most part I try to make her understand this isn't real life and she can't take everything people say seriously. I can understand some of the stuff she's going through. I help her with that."

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