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In today's CMU Daily:
- Ozzy recovers from quad bike crash
- Mean Fiddler expands interests
- Foxy quits chart show
- Doors pay tribute to Morrison
- Channel 4 rely on sitcoms for breakfast slot revamp
- Coke launch download site
- Civil rights icon has right to sue Outkast
- Beatles musical in the pipeline 
- New Jackson docs planned
- Timberlake's one million Harrods spree
- Single Review: Da Lata - Serious 'Seiji Remixes' 
- Jazz FM Manchester goes Smooth
- Linkin Park on the new look live show
- Streisand may lose Grammy nominaiton over timing confusion
- Martin and Paltrow reportedly wed



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Ozzy Osbourne is in hospital here in the UK recovering from a quad bike accident on his Buckinghamshire estate. A spokesman last night said the singer's injuries (he broke his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck) were serious but not life threatening.

Osbourne's US publicist told reporters: "Ozzy is currently undergoing emergency surgery to lift the collarbone which is believed to be resting on a major artery interrupting blood flow to his arm. Surgeons are also working to alleviate some bleeding into his lungs. These injuries are not considered to be life-threatening." 

Ozzy was taking a break from promoting the UK release of his new duet with Kelly Osbourne when the accident occured. No word yet on how the injuries will affect Osbourne's forthcoming promotional and touring schedule. 


Mean Fiddler increased its influence on the live music sector yesterday, bizarrely by selling off some of its stock. MF boss Vince Power sold 16.21% of his stake in the company to Denis Desmond, founder of Irish promoters MCD, for a reported £4.5 million. 

The alliance expands Mean Fiddler's interests in live music venues in London. Desmond has shares in the Brixton Academy and Shepherd's Bush Empire, which will be added to Mean Fiddler's shares in, among others, the Astoria, Mean Fiddler, Jazz Café, Forum, Garage and the recently acquired Borderline.

Perhaps more importantly MCD has a stake in the V Festival, meaning Mean Fiddler now have interests in all of the three major summer music events in England - they already promote the Reading/Leeds Weekend and have a stake in the Glastonbury Festival.

Announcing the deal Power told reporters: "We are very pleased to welcome MCD as a major shareholder in Mean Fiddler. I have known Denis for over twenty years and have always respected him as a competitor. Together we can work to deliver value to Mean Fiddler shareholders through increased bargaining power with both artists and suppliers. Desmond's interests in the Shepherds Bush Empire, Brixton Academy and the V festivals complements our activities with the Astoria, Forum and Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury festivals perfectly and gives us a very strong position in the market."


Neil Fox is leaving the commercial radio chart show - the Woolworths sponsored Hit 40 UK. According to the Sun, producers of the show wanted rid of him because he's "too cheesy" and just too damn old, but Fox says he decided to quit the show so he can concentrate on his TV work. 

Fox told reporters: "Over the past six months I have been juggling my daily radio shows with the chart and Pop Idol. Something just had to give and I decided that, sadly, it had to be the chart show. I really want the success of Hit 40 UK to continue. After 11 years in the job it feels like my baby. Pop Idol has opened some incredible doors for me and has allowed me to set up my own production company." 

Whether jumped or pushed, Fox's departure from the chart show follows his public disappointment at not winning the breakfast slot on Capital FM. Capital insiders said Fox had long assumed breakfast would be his once Tarrant finally quit.

Those who were never struck on Fox's radio presenting style should make the most of it while they can - incredibly irritating T4 presenter June Sarpong is being tipped as his replacement on the chart show.


Doors members Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger yesterday took time off from their European tour as The Doors 21st Century to visit the Paris cemetery where Jim Morrison was laid to rest to pay tribute to the band's former frontman on what would have been his 60th birthday

The duo set light a rose and poem left by fans in reference to the Doors' most famous track 'Light My Fire'. Krieger explained: "We're trying to evoke the spirit of Jim".

Needless to say former Doors drummer John Densmore wasn't there. He fell out with Manzarek and Krieger when he claimed they went ahead with a tour using the Doors name without his permission.


Channel 4 have confirmed earlier indications that they would not launch a new breakfast show to replace the much criticised RI:SE by announcing the early morning slot in the New Year will host an early edition of reality show The Salon, followed by American sitcoms Friends, Bewitched and Everybody Loves Raymond. Some reckon there might be T4 style presenter bits between the shows after C4 boss Mark Thompson said he hoped the block would retain "a live flavour." 


Coca Cola yesterday said they will launch an iTunes-esque music download site giving consumers access to a quarter of a million tracks online. The firm says they are in talks with all major record labels although wouldn't be drawn on specifics, except to say they have the support of the BPI.

Coca-Cola marketing director Julia Goldin told reporters: "We're delighted to bring downloadable music to more people and we are working in close partnership with the music industry to do so. Consumers have told us that downloading music is confusing and complicated and what they want is an easy, simple-to-use downloadable service from a trusted brand."

Coke are still battling criticism following the announcement last week that they will sponsor the main British music charts. Aside from the controversy over Coke's expected namechecks on the BBC, food lobby groups are outraged at the brand's latest sponsorship plans amid recent commitments by the marketing industry to not market sugary foods directly at children - the chart is, of course, of most interest to the teen audience. Coke will be hoping to cover themselves on the new download venture because users need a credit card to buy music - thereby ruling out under-18s as target consumers.

Coke's UK music download service follows announcements in the US that both McDonalds and Pepsi plan to make free music downloads available to their consumers via Apple's iTunes service.


Outkast and BMG label La Face could be facing an embarrassing lawsuit in the US after the Supreme Court there decided that civil-rights icon Rosa Parks could proceed with her legal action against the duo. 

The action relates to Outkast's 1998 track called 'Rosa Parks'. Parks, of course, became an iconic figure in the US civil rights movement after she refused to give up her seat to a white man and move to the back of a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. Outkast's songs didn't really deal with Parks' story, or even name check her in the song. The only real reference to Parks was the line: "Ah, huh, hush that fuss/ Everybody move to the back of the bus." 

Either way, Parks filed a lawsuit against the song in 1999 on two main grounds - first that the song used her name and likeness without her permission, second that it defamed her character. The latter claim was previously rejected by a federal judge - La Face were hoping to have the former similarly thrown out of court on the basis that, given Parks' status as a historical figure, Outkast did not need permission to use her name providing they didn't do so in a derogatory way.

However the Supreme Court yesterday dismissed that plea, meaning 90 year old Parks is now free to continue that component of her original lawsuit in front of a lower federal court judge. 

Neither Parks nor Outkast have commented on the latest decision.


West End producers plan to make a musical based on the Beatles - though don't expect many Beatles songs in it. Cashing in on the success of the Abba, Queen and Rod Stewart 'compilation musicals' producers hope to adapt the movie Backbeat - which traced the early years of the Beatles through the life of the band's original drummer Stuart Sutcliffe - into a stage show. However most of the music will be that played by the Beatles in their very early days - including rock 'n' roll classics like 'Long Tall Sally' and 'Twist and Shout'. The music of Lennon & McCartney is unlikely to appear.

Elsewhere in musicals news, a stage version of the film 'Bend It Like Beckham' is in the pipeline. Talking about that show producer Deepak Nayar told the Telegraph: "The musical will be set in the same place [as the film] but the Punjabi culture that the movie embodies is so full of life and culture and we will bring that more to life in the musical." 


Shine, the TV production company founded by Elisabeth Murdoch, has announced it has produced a new programme about Michael Jackson based around an interview with the singer's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. The company say that in the interview, to be broadcast in the US by ABC on Friday and by ITV next Monday, the Jacksons talk about the recent allegations made against Michael and give an insight into the singer's early life as part of the Jackson Five. Winning the right to screen the programme is a bit of a coup for ITV - given the fall out after ITV's own Martin Bashir documentary earlier this year. Whether the official interview with Joe and Katherine will give any more insights than the mini-interview Louis Theroux managed to conduct with Joe Jackson on his BBC documentary dedicated to Michael remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in Jacko news, US network CBS is reportedly hoping to win a new interview with Michael himself. The network shelved a Jackson documentary just after the latest scandal broke. It seems the network now plans to give that documentary - timed to coincide with the release of Jackson's new greatest hits album - an airing, but wants a new interview to give the show some timeliness, and presumably to make it must-see television. 


Justin Timberlake reportedly spent £1 million during a late night shopping spree in Harrods last week. According to the Daily Express, Timberlake paid a late night Christmas shopping visit to the store after his recent London concerts. 

A spokesman for the store told the paper: "He arrived at 11pm after playing a concert and spent around four-and-a-half hours in the shop with 80 friends and members of his entourage. I can't tell you exactly what he purchased, but he had a good look around and bought a lot of stuff. He was very nice to our staff and he would certainly be welcome to come again."


SINGLE REVIEW: Da Lata - Serious 'Seiji Remixes' (Palm Beats) 
The title track from Da Lata's second album gets a 12" release, complete with a remix from Bugz In The Attic beatmeister Paul Dolby (aka Seiji). First up you get the original - Chris Franck and Patrick Forge's collaboration with Latin legend Bembe Segue whose vocals are accompanied by accordion, horn and Latin percussives. This track teams with life, which leaves Seiji with quite a challenge - how the hell do you remix this? He's decided to slow it down a tad, to take out the hectic percussion, adding a not too deadly broken beat bassline instead. There's a couple of electronic tweaks, though Segue remains in all her glory. To be honest, I'm still not taken with the remix yet, though that may be because I expected more from a genius like Dolby. PV 
Release date: 26 Jan 
Press contact: Zzonked [all] 


The Guardian Media Group yesterday announced it will rebrand the Manchester branch of its Jazz FM outfit because the 'jazz' word was proving a turn off. The station's bosses claim that while the station was popular with existing listeners research found new listeners were in short supply because people were put off by word Jazz in the title. The station will be re-launched as Smooth FM.

However it seems the rebrand is more than just a name change. Station bosses admitted there would be playlist changes too - with the likes of Rod Stewart and Norah Jones reportedly among the kind of artists due to be added to the station's musical line up.

GMG said the changes in Manchester would mean an increase in employees there, because the station would share less output with its London namesake. However the change in musical focus will inevitably mean a change in on-air talent.

Some argue the rebrand is a cynical attempt to get GMG's digital easy listening station - also called Smooth - onto an analogue service, after the group failed to win the recently awarded Glasgow analogue licence. If that's the case the new station is likely to share as much content with its new digital namesake as it currently does with London's Jazz FM. 


Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda has been speaking to Billboard about his band's up coming US tour. He says: "I'm really excited about the tour. We're playing an all-new set and we've added some songs that people haven't heard us play live before and some songs we haven't played live in a long time. So, even though I know a lot of our fans are going to check out the 'Live in Texas' CD - the set that we will be playing in January and February is longer, has more songs and it has a lot of stuff that people haven't heard."

UK fans should be able to see the new show with a planned European tour in Spring 2004.


According to Matt Drudge's website there is some doubt over whether Barbara Streisand is actually eligible for the Grammy she has been short listed for. According to Drudge, Streisand's 'The Movie Album' wasn't released until 14 Oct - only music released by 30 Sep is meant to be shortlisted for the awards. The album's inclusion is based on the grounds that downloads from the album were available online in September - but Drudge argues the site's archive doesn't show the presence of any downloads, and that there was no press coverage to the affect at the time. If proved right Streisand may be stripped of her Grammy nomination. A similar thing happened to Lauryn Hill in 2000 when it was determined the Grammy nominated track 'Everything Is Everything' wasn't released in the right time period.


Media reports in the US suggest Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay's Chris Martin have married in secret in California. Word is the couple wed in a simple 10-minute ceremony at the Santa Barbara registry office on Friday, with only the legally required witnesses in attendance. Some reports say the couple will now stage a lavish blessing of their wedding later this week for family and friends.

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